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“You spill soup and i get messy.
It happens all the time, so i’m fine with that.
But if it involves my family it’s a different story.”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


Sweet Savage Family’s 3rd episode achieved slightly better ratings than the 2nd one and it reached 7.6%. It was the natural continuation of the drama’s storyline as it was questioning human relations in the middle of a storm that just began, but it was also bringing people closer together. The 3rd episode preserved strength through unity amid explosive chasms while ambitions, sincerity, trust and everything which derives from them became a part of Sweet Savage Family’s quirky chessboard.


Tae Soo and Eun Ok transformed themselves into an outstanding couple preserving justice to the fullest by helping the army and the police capture the armed deserter! Not bad for a gangster, but not really a gangster, and his wife! He didn’t only manage to prevent Se Woon’s lifeless body from coming to the surface during the interview through Eun Ok’s characteristic signals, the brave citizen award would also become a part of his life in a tree planting ceremony for the righteous Tae Soo!

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They hid Se Woon’s body inside the pit they dug, well, it was mainly Eun Ok’s effort, but okay! However, Gi Bum was one step ahead for one more time and his Tae Soo accusation gallery was becoming stronger with all the pictures he had gathered! Bringing Tae Soo to ruin was his one and only plan since the very beginning and he was eagerly trying to force the flow of events while Tae Soo was unsuccessfully trying to utter the whole truth in front of the chairman. The chairman was definitive, he wanted to meet Se Woon at all costs and Tae Soo requested Gi Bum’s help as he was unaware that he was the one behind Se Woon’s murder even though it was an accident at first. The fact that he tried to put all the blame on Tae Soo was what made things complicated; willingly.

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Tae Soo and Eun Ok’s lives changed as they found themselves entwined in a dreadful torrent. Even though he was devastated, he was trying to hide it in front of his wife as she was the one who should forget about everything in order to remain strong. If anything happened to Tae Soo, Eun Ok would be the one to care about their children. Her outburst at that moment was highly representative of her internal struggle. Even though she knew that her husband was a gangster she was never directly involved in his underworld life. All this increasing burden which had just become more palpable had reached a new climax and she could only erupt. Their bedtime wasn’t bound to be at peace either and after hitting him at the motel they reached a point inside their bedroom when Tae Soo wanted to get closer to her, but he found himself on the floor!

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The impact of the latest events was omnipresent during One Heart’s meeting. Eun Ok was unlike her usual self, but she was trying to maintain the smiling mask upon her face. It broke to pieces once Do Kyung mentioned that she had met Tae Soo! Back in the days, Tae Soo and Do Kyung were one another’s first love and even though Tae Soo appears unaffected at the present, it’s a card which still haunts the rest of our main figures.


Do Kyung pretends that her feelings have ceased existing, but the sparkle was there the moment she saw Tae Soo after all these years. Eun Ok, even though she tried to hide it, she was concerned about Do Kyung’s past with Tae Soo, it must had been quite a struggle for her to acquire his love in the process while her own feelings were one-sided. The major problem emerges from Gi Bum and among a wide variety of reasons why he would hate him, being Do Kyung’s first love appears to be the most important one along with his father’s trust towards Tae Soo.


Selling her mother-in-law’s house and giving Tae Soo all of their savings wasn’t the last helpful measure Eun Ok would take. Se Woon’s presence was essential and since Tae Soo was unable to change the chairman’s mind she tried to convince him that Tae Soo shouldn’t receive any help from the congressman in order for him to spread his wings on his own. She had almost convinced him, but Joo Ran’s influence upon the chairman is immense, it’s always about prestige and the congressman lending them a helping hand would make her world even more radiant. The chairman would never say no to her and Eun Ok’s silent plea didn’t blossom.


Gi Bum didn’t only progress Tae Soo’s condemnation, he also gave Do Kyung more reasons to hate him and justify their divorce. Thinking that she was enamored by Tae Soo’s ongoing success and keeping a close eye on her enraged her even more. Even so, she’s a wonderful and strong woman, she doesn’t intend to prevent him from seeing his daughter. Unlike Gi Bum who didn’t recognize his own daughter, Hyun Ji became aware of who he was even though she hadn’t seen him for 9 years and 3 months. The fact that she could remember the exact space between them was reflecting her craving for paternal love. Gi Bum was overly apologetic, but Hyun Ji wanted a more heartfelt approach, not a cliche one.


The moment Gi Bum sent Tae Soo the photos he also received a message from Soo Min asking him to bring some ice cream, it was something that shattered him to pieces. Returning back home and pretending as if everything was okay was a difficult task as he was being disturbed by everything. However, his mother was unexpectedly helpful since she had seen Se Woon with Gi Bum and Tae Soo found out that he was the one behind everything even though he didn’t want to believe it.


Tae Soo’s meeting with Gi Bum was highly representative of his current feelings. Under any other circumstances he wouldn’t mind anything, but since his family is being directly affected by the flow of events he would never stand still and watch them suffer because of Gi Bum’s violent whims and one-sided power struggle. He believed that Gi Bum would make things right after Tae Soo explained himself, but the thoughtless sparkle had already turned into a raging fire and there was no turning back.

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After Tae Soo revealed the whole truth in front of the chairman Gi Bum urged him to stop lying. The chairman had already noticed that something wasn’t making sense and he was keeping an eye on both of them. His trust towards Tae Soo was immense, but he could easily notice that Gi Bum was more than ecstatic in his efforts to accuse Tae Soo. However, 3 billion won were involved and the chairman did his own investigation. In one hand, Young Il was sincere in front of him and was undeviating on Tae Soo’s innocence. On the other hand, Sung Goo beat up Bub Gyoo in order to make him confess, but Gi Bum tried to use the incident to his advantage and create a fearful ambiance in the chairman’s life.


Tae Soo found himself in front of the chairman anew, but the atmosphere was threatening this time. He would have to bring back the money and leaving the room wasn’t an easy option. Eun Ok had already received the negative vibes and she didn’t stand still, she rushed to her husband’s aid. Things are bound to get more complicated, but also more hilarious and heartfelt at the same time, especially now that Sung Min and Hyun Ji will get involved to a wider extent between their families!


On a side note, i love every time Tae Soo returns back home late at night and reveals his loving and caring side towards Eun Ok and his children. Every time he stares at the picture on the wall it feels like a silent prayer for everything to flow well, if not for him, for his loved ones.

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The 3rd episode was definitely darker than its predecessors, but it managed to maintain its hilarious aspects through its slapstick humor and makjang underlays which were silently turning some emotionally fortified scenes into shards of laughter! It was all about who you truly are, faith, trust and what happens when it gets shattered in a blink of an eye. However, something tells me that the chairman’s trust towards Tae Soo wouldn’t stagger that easily in front of the first obstacle even though it involves 3 billion won. Behind every great man there’s a great woman and Sweet Savage Family lives up to the line’s very soul and essence!


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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


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