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5-Ji Kara 9-Ji Made Episode 7 Recap | From Five to Nine (Breathe in for Luck, Breathe in So Deep)


(this air is blessed, you share with me.)

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only-


Junko wakes up on the aftermath of the wedding reception and is having second thoughts about holding hands with Takane- on one hand she likes it, on the other hand she is not sure about anything anymore,  except her dream to NY.

She finds Takane in the kitchen with her family who are celebrating their upcoming wedding- Junko is taken aback but Takane is already marking down the anniversaries they’re gonna have to celebrate which include pretty much every thing they have done so far.

5ji0703Junko avoids Makoto at work again- after that a mysterious guy is lurking around her and is revealed to be Takane’s younger brother, Amane. After he makes some snarky remarks towards Junko, he leaves. Takane tells her that his brother has been training at the Kyoto temple since he was young and has recently returned; he has no idea why he wanted to meet her though.


Amane talks with Grandma who promises to make him chief of the temple, if he breaks the relationship between his brother and Junko- Amane is surprised why she would go that far but seems like he will follow her instructions.

In ELA class, they’re discussing the origins of Christmas but only Takane seems to know a lot about it and he makes it a point to conclude as the ending phrase to anything he replies, that married couples always hold hands which makes Junko a bit uncomfortable.


Takane asks Junko if she is being a bit cold to him which doesn’t make sense as they shared a moment the other day- before Junko replies, she bumps to her sister who informs her that Hachiya and Yuki will prepare her 17th birthday party together. Junko says they should keep it low key since they’re just kids but Takane interrupts saying he has booked a luxurious hotel and famous artists. Junko tells him to stop with this festive mood but Takane promises her own birthday will be much bigger!

Junko thinks about Takane and can’t sleep- how different their worlds are and if a relationship would be possible; she thenk thinks how he would be if he was drunk, how he would look in normal clothes, and laughs at the thought of monk underwear. At the same time, Takane talks to a crab like it’s Junko and how much he would want to be with her at the moment.


Masako tells Junko that she shouldn’t get tangled up in love like this- she can’t hold on to Takane for safety while “teasing” Makoto and should make herself clear. Junko thinks she’s right and she needs to fix that.

Takane’s Grandma says that his place as Chief Priest is not set in stone and if he fails there might not be a place for him there; Takane replies that he’s not going anywhere implying that he won’t fail something that reassures her.


Junko apologizes to Makoto for avoiding him all this time- she did the same 2 years ago when she liked him but hesitated to find him in NY in fear of being rejected. She now wants to go to NY through her own effort and work. Makoto tells her that’s the right attitude and if she needs anything he is there for her.

Amane meets Junko and tells her she should reconsider about marrying Takane; before she has a chance to explain, he goes on about all the “disadvantages” she will have to face if she marries afterall which basically amount to live in the temple without being able to do anything else. Junko says that this doesn’t happen in this time and age but he replies that it is their temple’s way.


Arthur tells Makoto that he’s not smart at all when it comes to love and Makoto says that it’s how he does things and doesn’t know how to do it otherwise. Arthur thinks about his own efforts towards Momoe that haven’t reached her. At the same time Momoe is listening to a BL audio CD and sees Mishima- she confuses reality with her dreams and ends up getting embarrassed while Arthur sees her in a “hug” with Mishima.


Masako wants to talk to Hachiya but after seeing him surrounded with girls she gives up. Junko is surprised not to find Takane at her apartment but realizes it’s not like he’s gonna be there everyday. She can’t sleep again thinking about him, and how she might be actually missing him.


Junko dreams of Takane and wakes up after kissing the air feeling embarrassed she calls him to meet to buy a gift for Nene and she is impressed at his knowledge of clothes. He tells her studied that, and then orders to buy the whole line of clothes but Junko says one outfit is enough since she’s still a highschool student.


While waiting in line, Takane asks Junko if she was at Makoto’s house that night- she says she was but nothing happened. Takane tells her that is irrelevant and she has “sinned” for recklessly wandering into another man’s house. She is too attractive for that- Junko doesn’t know if he tries to fight fight with her or complimenting her. Takane says it is the latter!


Amane invites Takane to play chess for old times’ sake- he tells him that he has two options; either abandon Junko and inherit the Temple, or marry Junko and abandon the Temple. Takane says he will both marry Junko and inherit the Temple and Amane says that can’t happen, and parallels the story about the cat and Zodiac but later says he’s joking and he will support him.


The following morning, Junko’s family are watching the horoscope and everyone is taking it serously except Junko; she does check later Takane’s sign though, Saggitarius, which apparently today will be the day that has high synch with her own, Libra.

Grandpa and Amane tell Grandma to reconsider her decision about not letting Takane inherit the temple and after some though, she tells them to bring Takane at 8 o’clock to talk to him about it. Amane later meets Kaori who asks him what is he planning but he’s coy about it. Takane is ready to depart for Nene’s birthday, and Amane tells him that Grandma wants to tell him something.


Everyone surprises Nene at her home; Momoe-Arthur, Masako-Hachiya clear the bad air between them while Junko wraps a sushi roll for Takane; he tries to keep it as a memoir but Junko feeds him. He finds it delicious. In the meantime, his Grandma is waiting for him but to no avail, while Amane lets it “slip” that he is at Junko’s sister party.


Everyone at the party is heading for karaoke but Junko and Takane stay behind to clean- Junko tells Takane he should have told him it was his birthday instead of finding it out when she checked his zodiac sign on ELA. Takane says he forgot because he was busy preparing Nene’s birthday. Junko laughs but wants to the know the real reason.


Takane narrates about the last birthday he had as a kid- his Grandma and the chief priest asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he replied to them, that he wanted his parents. Despite the many gifts they got for him afterwards, he couldn’t forget their expression when he asked for his parents and since then nobody celebrated a birthday in the temple.

But because of her, he now will associate his birthday with appy memories again- he remarks he has to write down about the sushi roll anniversary and all the other things they did together again; Junko thinks about all their moments together so far, and finally realizes she likes him. He tells him she wants to be his lover and they’re ready to kiss but they’re interrupted from their family asking them to go to karaoke again. “I hate karaoke” says Takane again.


After the karaoke night, Takane returns to the temple, only to find that his brother tricked him and he got the position of chief priest instead- Amane says he won him for the first time and plans to destroy him even more.

Reflection Corner :


Okay, From Five to Nine might not be even in my fav top-10 of all the dramas I’ve watched this season, but HANDS DOWN (anyone got the reference with this particular line? ; p ) this episode, was the funniest episode I’ve watched all freaking year from every freaking show. I couldn’t stop laughing, there wasn’t a moment to rest!

From Takane’s (he was the MVP this episode) hilarious anniversaries and serious insults-compliments, Junko’s all nighters thoughts, Junko’s family’s horoscope moments, Momoe’s BL muses with Mishima etc etc it was awesomely great. I will always remember this particular episode fondly and I will make sure to re-watch it everytime I feel down.


As for the temple duo, we had a game-changer moment; Junko confessing her feelings both to herself and to Takane. I thought that was a great moment, because it happened after another Takane genuine moment, that washed away Junko’s doubts about him, and strengthened her feelings for him; she fell for his honesty and straightforward way.

What a shitty brother Amane is- it wasn’t enough that took Takane’s spot with cheating, he apparently wants to take him down completely. lol, Takane can eat him whole if he gets his mind to it, so I want to see how he will restore his rightful place and how Junko and her family will help him along the way.

Onwards to episode 8 then!

btw, this reads life:


and this reads school life:


disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only-

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  1. November 30, 2015 at 10:49 pm — Reply

    Thank you for the recap! Btw who is the actor who plays Amane?

    • November 30, 2015 at 11:49 pm — Reply

      It’s Shison Jun! ; )

  2. Bonnie
    December 1, 2015 at 11:02 pm — Reply

    Love this show, thanks for recap…:) and you’re right I couldn’t stop laughing at this ep.. and when he keeps walking his chair forward in class… hilarious..
    I came to see if you had recap for 8 yet as I just watched raw without eng subs… and just found your site.. I will bookmark and try to come back for recap. thanks so much !!

  3. Jaseza
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    Please recap next ep..

  4. Jaseza
    December 10, 2015 at 5:54 am — Reply

    Please recap next episode..

    • December 10, 2015 at 2:36 pm — Reply

      I’m on the process right now actually! It should be up in a couple hours, if not less.

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