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Kounodori : First Impressions/Review [How To Save A Life]


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I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch (and really my time is hella limited these days) a medical drama but when I saw the cast and that it has to do with Obstetrics Department, I thought “Hey, at least I will be seeing cute babies each episode!” because let me tell you, I adore babies. (probably has to do with the fact that I have four younger sisters, even though two of them are nearly my age so I don’t remember them well as babies.. but wait I digress again!) Well, I got the babies part right but I wasn’t expecting  such a deep and profound series, and I’m really, really glad that I gave it a shot- and I’m still on fourth episode at the moment, gotta (very much happily) catch up with the latest ones. (made me curious about wanting to read the manga too.)

The main character, Sakura Konotori (Ayano Go) is the very much respected and skilled Obstetrics Department leader; he has a deep love for his work, as he considers not one single birth guaranteed and give his best to deliver every single baby. He is also a brilliant pianist, called BABY, but hides that identity from most people.


You can’t help but quickly grow attached to Konotori; he has a painful past, as he grew up in an orphanage because his mother died shortly after giving him birth. However, that only drove him to become the amazing doctor that he is, caring and compassionate toward the patients and the babies, but also very effective and quick thinking when things get tough. His escapism since he was a kid, lies in playing the piano where his talent is outstanding.


Other notable characters include Shimoya (Matsuoka Mayu) a resident in Ob-Gyn who has a feisty, lively personality and her reflex when someone insults her is to throw a punch, literally! (usually that “someone” is Shirakawa, (Sakaguchi Kentaro) a wanna be neonatologist who teases her about everything; goes without saying that I ship it! And yes, my shipping radar is always present, even in a medical drama, heck yes!)


Shinomiya Haruki, a highly focused OB doctor, whose methods might come across strict but that mostly stems from since an incident on his early days.


Ichi the Killer..eer, I mean Imahashi Takayuki (Nao Omori- will never be able to unsee him as anything else but Ichi lol!) is the gentle, calm Neonatology Department leader that admires Konotori and helps him everytime the two departments need to co-operate.



Komatsu Rumiko (Yo Yoshida) is an easy-going midwife that used to know Shinomiya and Konotori from their early resident days- she’s the only one that knows BABY’s identity and usually teases him about it.


I like how all the characters interact with each other and how greatly each weekly case is handled (every week there are different patients and cases) to the point you sympathize with every guest character- like I said, the writing gets you hooked and invested even for trivial characters, it is that good.


Last but not least, the music is exceptional– a few piano pieces are already engraved in my heart and mind and every single theme used, propels the already emotional scenes to constantly-tear-welled-up-heights in your eyes. Of course the great and on-point acting acts as an amplifier for that too.


So be prepared for an emotional journey when you watch Kounodori- you will laugh, and you will shed a few tears. You will also start appreciating the hard work the doctors put in delivering a baby to the world. Nothing is granted,  everyone needs to put their best selves in order to bring a new life ready to explore the world.

I will try really hard to cover the remaining episodes weekly, mostly for my pleasure and my own archive collection, because darn, Kounodori deserves it.


Onwards to next episode then!


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