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5-ji kara 9-ji made Episode 6 Recap | From Five To Nine (aka And Suddenly You’re All I Need)

5jiyamapisatomi006(the reason why I smile.)

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only. if you see it anywhere else it’s stolen etc etc-

5ji0602Takane asks Junko if she loves him, and when she doesn’t reply he tells her that he will wait for her until she is ready to- a dejected Junko returns to her home and sleeps.

5ji0603The next morning, Takane is at her place again- her family has asked him to do the memorial service of Junko’s grandma that passed away 17 years ago. Takane and Junko are quite shy around each other after last night’s incident and they don’t talk much.

5ji0604In ELA, they’re gonna hold a wedding reception for a couple that met there, and Junko is decided to co ordinate it.

Takane’s grandma allows him to hold the memorial for Junko’s grandma, something that surprises Takane a bit but he accepts it happily.

5ji0605Arthur wants to combine with Momoe to make a film about the newly weds and while Momoe is reluctant at first, she accepts it.

Makoto asks Junko to have lunch together, but she quickly dismisses it saying she has work to do. He wonders if he did something wrong the other night, but can’t think of anything.

5ji0606Momoe asks Junko what is wrong, and she tells her that Makoto is married and his wife is in NY- Momoe tells her to make sure that is the case, but Junko says she would rather not verify it as she wouldn’t recover from it.

Junko finds Takane at her place, who apologizes for the hotel incident but she tells him she was the one to take him to the hotel in the first place- her father returns from an early shift and he wants to tell his family what he heard but Takane and Junko stop him.

5ji0607While they sit to eat, Junko’s father puts on an old VHS tape where there are segments from her childhoord recorded, where her Grandma was present. Junko feels embarassed but Takane wants to know more about Grandma, since that will be useful for his memorial.

He then grabs the old video recorder to record Junko and her family, but they all realize it’s old and needs new batteries.

Makoto finds Junko’s earring near his wife photo’s and figures out she must have misunderstood what she saw.

5ji0609The next day, everyone at ELA is up and running preparing for the reception while Takane won’t stop filming Junko everywhere.

Makoto wants to talk to her, but she avoids him again.

5ji06010Arthur tells the truth about Makoto’s wife to Momoe and she wants to tell Junko, but can’t find the right words to do it. They meet Masako there who complains that her love life is a failure this year compared to Momoe’s, who has Arthur liking her.

Arthur takes Makoto and Takane into a public bath, as he considers it a great place to vent off their feelings for each other but he soon regrets it, as they both are silent and refuse to go out till one of them goes out first.

5ji06011Takane ended up winning the battle and goes to Junko’s place to rest- she wonders why he would go there as if it is the natural thing to do, and he explains to her that he still has stuff he wants to tidy up for the upcoming memorial.

5ji06012Masako ends up going out with Renji who is surprised she called him to eat ramen instead of something expensive. He ends up liking it, though.

Junko can’t sleep and goes to the kitchen only to find Takane watching the old VHS tapes- he has noticed that Junko’s grandma wasn’t the smiling type, and Junko remarks that she was like he is.

5ji06013He tells her that he smiles around her and they end up watching the tapes together, that include funny moments of the first Christmas her sister Nene was born.

Takane’s grandpa visits Junko’s place as he has known both her Grandma and her parents since long ago.

5ji06014He says that Takane has changed since meeting Junko who is different than all the other girls he has dated- he starts narrating about all the girls he dated back in college, something that surprises and then annoys Junko a bit.

5ji06015She takes her annoyance to Takane in the class, when she insists on asking him about different ways to apologize for something. Takane doesn’t understand why she’s angry but she tells him to go home since lessons have ended for the day. Mishima tells Junko that her actions contradict her words as she is still seeing Takane but tells him it’s only for the memorial preparations.

Masako tells Mishima that she liked him and she’s relieved she said it aloud even once. He thanks her and she leaves.

5ji06016Makoto tries to explain to Junko about what happened when he was in NY but she doesn’t want to listen to it.

Kaori asks Takane why it can’t be her that she loves, but he tells her has preparations to do for the memorial. She asks him why should go in that much trouble for a simple memorial and he explains that every and each memorial is important.

5ji06017The following morning, everyone is gathered at the Sakuraba house for the memorial- Takane says he has a few words to tell before he starts chanting; he says that everyone he asked told him that Sachie-san would never smile but in her way, she actually did- in all her videos, when she would see the happiness of others, she would let out a little laugh of her and that was a happy person taking happiness from other’s joy. His speech moves everyone in the house, who start remembering Grandma and how Takane is right, and she was indeed a very kind person.

5ji06018In the wedding reception everyone is ready to welcome the bride and the groom- Makoto tells Junko to talk after the reception is over.

Momoe and Arthur are having problems with the dvd they were supposed to prepare and Takane offers his video camera footage as the thinks that will suffice.

5ji06019Everyone watches happily the tape that Takane filmed, and how they all played a big part on making the reception work.

5ji06020Junko is the one to grab the bouquet and they all gather for a “family”-photo.

She then tells Takane how she realized it actually bothered her that the girls he dated might have seen him smiling before she did, but since she saw him smiling today, then that is fine. Takane makes a play on words and smiles again to her.

5ji06021She grabs his hand and then she locks fingers with him, something that surprises him at first but he smiles again after that.

5ji06022Momoe tells Arthur that she didn’t tell the truth about Makoto’s wife and he wonders aloud how she still doesn’t know that she’s the only woman that Makoto has fallen for, after his wife passed away.

An unknown person arrives at the temple and Takane’s grandma tells him that Takane has failed as the thext chief priest.


Reflection Corner :

Junko, girl, you got bed-stood up! jk jk (well technically she did lol)

Takane well done for walking away from Junko’s advances because darn straight, that was the right thing to do. (and he didn’t even need waterfall to…well, de-titillate himself, that’s some character development righ there hehe!)

Here’s the thing about Takane- his heart has always been in the right place, but his ways of expressing his feelings were off. Like, way off, off from the off-ballpark even! But he has finally found a way to synchronize his heart and mind, that were probably singing “the first time ever I saw your face, I thought the sun rose in your eyes” with his actions that, up until now, were like “1, 2, 3 take my hand and come with me because you look so fine and I really wanna make you mine!” (and yes, apparently I can dive into Takane’s psyche- ohh lol maybe I should put in “self proclaimed psychologist of fictional characters” on my bio loool) But yeah, Takane has made huge progress and is slowly revealing his sensitive heart, instead of acting on impulse and putting Junko in discomfort. (well, most of the time anyway!)


Junko was an emotional mess after fleeing Makoto’s place (I wonder what’s gonna happen when she finds out the truth about his wife, though) and headed straight to find comfort in Takane’s unwavering feelings- it was sort of expected but still kind of low. Thankfully Takane “rejected” her and came to her senses and from that moment, she started to notice him in a new light. It was nice to see them bonding watching the tapes of her Grandma and how hard he tried for her sake and her family’s to deliver a great memorial ceremony.


The ending scene, was the exact opposite from the beginning one- the latter was supposed to be a passionate but false moment, while them locking fingers was simple, tender but genuine. Now that is a proper beginning!


I do feel kind of sad about Makoto not getting a proper chance, but he should have told Junko the truth upfront instead of her finding out that way- hum, wonder how that will play out next episode.

Momoe and her BL aspirations had me rolling, as did Arthur’s “jealousy” towards Momoe getting all excited about connecting Mishima to her BL fantasies lol. I love those two, both together and as individuals.


Onwards to episode 7 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only. if you see it anywhere else it’s stolen etc etc-

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    I dont feel bad for Makoto at all, he had years to tell the truth when Junko actually still had feelings. He is too late now with the way she looks at Takane now. I dont care for his tragic wife story because he still had time to tell his feelings earlier.

    Takane is much better now as you said, he is waiting for Junko patiently. I want the story to get past the lame Makoto part and them having other real struggles like Takane losing his place in the tempel like the preview shows.

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