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“I wonder if it’s okay to feel as if i want to turn back time this much.
Do i really want to take a ride in a time machine
Even though it doesn’t exist in real life?”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


Meeting John Kim in person entranced Joo Eun who was ready to start shouting out of happiness, but Young Ho shut her mouth and “kidnapped” her! Of course, everyone started acting according to plan and she acknowledged Ji Woong as John Kim!

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In addition, she was well aware of the reasons why she was there! Following all the circumstantial evidence she found along the way and emphasizing on the fact that Hyun Woo’s ex-husband hosts a celebrity news show she made clear that they should definitely help her out!

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Ji Woong tried to convince her that he’s not John Kim, but Joon Sung who received the ongoing vibes “kidnapped” him and Young Ho progressed with his own plans by stating that Ji Woong is actually John Kim!


Ji Woong’s punishment began and he apologized, but he would never believe that they would reach that point! Young Ho acknowledged that punishing him won’t really help them whereas Joo Eun was celebrating in the meantime as she was deeply thankful for the present she received!

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Her mother called her on the phone and Joo Eun informed her that she found the champion that would lead her towards the future! She could easily imagine herself embracing her new look while appearing in front of her ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend! Of course, she would show off her most powerful weapon, her seductive dimples!

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Young Ho was well aware that Joo Eun would never give and he reminded Ji Woong that from this moment and on he has become John Kim! Young Ho became John Kim’s team doctor, but also the one who delivers all the necessary messages since John Kim’s Korean isn’t that fluent. Ji Woong started talking in English in order to live up to his new identity’s expectations! Young Ho, Ji Woong and Joo Sung will be Joo Eun’s team from this moment and on and she was so glad about it!

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She was so happy she started devouring her food as a part of her very own last supper! She didn’t inform Hyun Woo on what was really going on and she urged her to wait and witness the outcome in the future!


Young Ho and Joon Sung were practicing together and as expected Young Ho owned him for one more time! After the training was over secretary Min informed Young Ho on what he should do.

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The next morning Joo Eun lessened the amount of sugar in her coffee and Hyung Jung couldn’t believe what was going on! Joo Eun was about to say everything about John Kim, but she restrained herself since it must remain a secret!


Soo Jin was enjoying her massage and she was receiving all the praise she was craving for, but she didn’t look that pleased. Later on she met Woo Shik, she was envious of Joo Eun being an important part of his past, but he urged her not to think that way.


An accident had occurred and the director along with the chauffeur had passed away, as for Young Ho, his father thought that the right time for him to be exposed to the outside world hadn’t arrived yet since he couldn’t bow to his deceased mother’s photo.


Young Ho met his father and he wanted back his US management position even though it would go against his grandmother’s desires. His father urged him to accept the flow of events and realize that life isn’t that easy even though he had everything since birth. However, Young Ho emphasized on the fact that up to this moment he wasn’t swimming in oceans of happiness. He also informed his father that he’ll agree to any forthcoming arranged marriage option.


Young Ho informed secretary Min that he intends to receive his help and pace with his grandmother’s flow, so she should start answering his calls.


Hye Ran prepared the chairwoman’s meal and she received the latest news concerning Young Ho whose solitude was embracing him.

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Joon Sung informed him that they found the proper place where Joo Eun’s training will begin and Ji Woong had already prepared his John Kim t-shirt, J to the K, ugh!

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Soo Jin had blocked Joo Eun’s car and their conversation wasn’t the most pleasant one, but Soo Jin couldn’t really take her car off the parking position and Joo Eun took care of everything for her even though she had to lay her hand on her rich car in the first place! Of course, Soo Jin wasn’t thankful and she completely ignored Joo Eun!


Young Ho was hoping that Joo Eun would keep their secret and there she was full of excitement! While she was changing, Joon Sung was urging Ji Woong to be tough on her so that she would quit faster than expected! Joo Eun would like John Kim to train her personally, but since his Korean isn’t that fluent he will need both Young Ho and Joon Sung!


Young Ho wasn’t pleased with Ji Woong’s training and he urged Joon Sung to show how it’s done leaving Joo Eun speechless! Of course, she will have to do everything Joon Sung did! It doesn’t matter if she wasn’t that successful, she gave it a shot and she almost passed out!


Even though time machines don’t exist, Joo Eun wondered if it was okay wanting to turn back time, but getting started is half the battle and since she already began she should go on until she accomplishes her mission.


Woo Shik was at the swimming pool and Soo Jin arrived! He intended to teach her how to swim, but Joo Eun became a part of the conversation unintentionally. However, Soo Jin presented a different approach, instead of forcing themselves to not talk about her they should accept the past in order to take care of it. Woo Shik tried to kiss her and she threw him inside the swimming pool simply because she wasn’t happy with the fact that he mentioned Joo Eun!


Late at night Joo Eun was exhausted, but her dream kept her strong! Woo Shik was probably the one stalking her!


The next morning her jogging practice began and Ji Woong was cheering for her while Joon Sung was running with him on his back! They also helped her walk up the stairs which were a major obstacle! Young Ho would never give her to drink some water and pushed her away from his car!

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Ji Woong brought with him a big stuffed animal and Young Ho informed her that it weights the same as her; heavy bag training! Joo Eun started beating it up and she threw it on Joon Sung while he was training with Ji Woong! Of course, she kept beating it up until she knocked down herself on her own, but was able to deliver the final blow!

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Woo Shik was teaching Soo Jin how to swim and she was so happy about it! Their playful mood reached completion with a beautiful pool kiss!


Ji Woong kept training Joo Eun whereas Joon Sung was training with Young Ho until she collapsed due to a leg cramp and all three rushed to her aid!

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The training trio is disheartened since Joo Eun doesn’t seem to be losing any weight. On top of that, Anna Sue and John Kim’s scandal hasn’t vanished yet! Joo Eun informed Ji Woong on her training progress!

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Due to an interview, Ji Woong and Joon Sung were unable to be present and Young Ho was there to help Joo Eun! But she had to train on her own since Young Ho had to attend his blind date! She will have to practice until she can’t practice anymore!


Young Ho apologized for being late and we all realized how burdensome it would be for him to be there! Soo Jin and Woo Shik were watching a movie and the popcorn was tempting her, but she denied it, she even denied Woo Shik’s feeding proposal and she fed it back to him! I am not sure if she would had been able to say not to his popcorn kiss, but his phone didn’t let it happen!

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Shortly after, Woo Shik called Joo Eun and urged her to meet him and her mother who was unaware of the fact that they had broken up! Joo Eun tried to leave with her mother but since she went there Woo Shik would like them to eat altogether first! Joo Eun’s brother along with his fiancée appeared but they were forced to leave! Joo Eun informed her mother that they broke up and she lost the world underneath her feet! Joo Eun’s mother urged Woo Shik to change his mind since Joo Eun was working hard all this time to support her and her brother. Woo Shik couldn’t comply to her request and he had to leave. Young Ho became aware of everything, he couldn’t help it but feel concerned about her.


Joo Eun’s mother was utterly disheartened, she was so lost she kept asking Joo Eun to leave her at the bus terminal. Meanwhile, Young Ho kept recalling recent memories with Joo Eun and Ji Woong informed him that Joon Sung wanted to train with him.


When he returned he found out that Joo Eun was training to the sounds of I Wil Survive! She had already passed her limit, but she wanted to keep practicing. Young Ho told her that wanting to believe and being able to achieve something are two different things, but Joo Eun informed him that she can do it if she keeps believing. He had noticed that her hand was shaking and urged her to stop before harming herself.


Young Ho called a driver to get her back home and asked her to cease thinking for the night and have a warm shower before going to bed. Joon Sung was amazed at how dedicated she was and Young Ho acknowledged how straight forward and brave she is! Young Ho was no longer in the mood for training.


Back home, Joo Eun fell asleep after deleting Woo Shik’s contact and informing John Kim that she intends to work harder, but she was wondering if she’ll be able to change. Ji Woong was sleeping and Young Ho read the messages. He kept practicing throughout the night to ease his emotional tension.


After practicing so much, Joo Eun wasn’t at her finest the next morning and if this wasn’t enough, Soo Jin visited her and informed her that she will appear on a live news program since she was the only option at that point! Joo Eun couldn’t help it but think that Soo Jin was trying to get even with her even though she kept denying it!


After getting ready for the broadcast she informed John Kim that she won’t make it! Young Ho witnessed her on the news, but he also became aware of the fact that she collapsed!

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Soo Jin called Woo Shik on the phone to inform him on what had happened, but he was in a hurry and ended the phone call right away.


Joo Eun was taken to the hospital and the first person she witnessed after she woke up was Young Ho who informed her that he wasn’t the one who cut off her clothes this time! While in his car she informed him that it wasn’t her happiest day on earth and he was curious why she wanted to lose weight. Joon Eun thought that he was asking whatever because he thought that they would never end up together, but Young Ho informed her that nobody knows what the future may bring.

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He brought her back home and it felt like a déjà vu! Young Ho told her that they should start doing it properly if she intends to lose weight and informed her that he’s the real John Kim!

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~ Thoughts ~


After the first week’s 7.4% and 8.2% Oh My Venus managed to reach 8.4% in terms of ratings with its 3rd episode. Truth be told, it deserved it even though it was only a small step upwards. The 3rd episode managed to maintain a golden balance between laughter and feels. Every time you were thinking that it was starting to lean towards one of the aforementioned directions the compass was drastically changing towards the other one.


Oh no, it wasn’t only the overall ambiance that got way better. The magic ingredient that was responsible for this major boost was the acting factor as everyone started getting closer to their characters! I will emphasize more on So Ji Sub, Shin Min Ah, Henry and Yoo In Young since they were the ones who kept my interest at the highest levels.


So Ji Sub became one with his role during this episode to a wider extent. Pretending not to be John Kim, but keeping a close eye on everything, while Ji Woong was pretending to be someone he never was was utterly hilarious, especially when Young Ho was trying to talk like Ji Woong! We also witnessed Young Ho’s darkest moments, but also his concerns about Joo Eun. Of course, So Ji Sub’s renowned tranquility while acting but still delivering perfectly well everything he wants to present couldn’t be missing! The 3rd one was a multifaceted episode when it comes to So Ji Sub’s character and he prove it to the fullest. Is it just me or years pass by and So Ji Sub looks younger?! He spits on time’s face and smiles back at the clock!


He wasn’t the only one who shone though, Henry always manages to steal the impressions every time he appears! His English are fluent, but the most hilarious part was when he was trying to speak Korean in a not so fluent way; like me for example! His enthusiasm every time Ji Woong is around Joo Eun is all over the place and he doesn’t only try to help her in his own quirky way, he’s always there to cheer her up every time fatigue embraces her! Henry is a humble highlight himself and dives deep into each and every scene he appears, instantly becoming an irreplaceable part of the drama. I’ll keep a close eye on Sung Hoon whenever his character’s background will start unveiling itself, but he’s doing a good job so far and was pretty strong in the training parts! J to the K, ma’am!


Ah, Shin Min Ah! She was exceptional in this episode through Joo Eun’s struggle to remain faithful to the pathway she chose to walk upon, but she was also more than priceless every time she was so ecstatic while training! Beating up the stuffed animal felt as if she was discovering a new planet! Her concerns were there along with the internal collision between believing in being able to achieve something and actually being able to, but also the realization that she shouldn’t be trying to re-embrace the past while trying to move towards the future. Showing off her dimple, one of her aspects Woo Shik deeply fell for, while hallucinating was the cutest weapon of mass destruction!


Yoo In Young is Oh My Venus’ hidden card. She’s brilliant for a character like Soo Jin. Even though she welcomed beauty in her life the way she wanted it to be she doesn’t seem that pleased with the overall outcome. She constantly struggles to maintain her current image by restraining herself from earthly daily pleasures such as popcorn or food in general because she’s afraid she’ll lose everything she struggled to acquire. The way Yoo In Young uses her facial expressions in order to depict everything she stands for, but also everything she tries to hide, are more than spot on!


I am really curious about Young Ho’s relationship with his father and the reasons why it’s colder than Antarctica. We received the first hints and for hell’s burning rivers’ sake, he didn’t let his son mourn his own mother because he couldn’t walk at that point? Young Ho was unable to attend his mother’s funeral because his inability to bow would ruin the family’s image, this is what i understood and it was an abhorrent act that traumatized his fragile soul. It’s something that still haunts Young Ho and even though he’s successful as a personal trainer and has wonderful friends by his side he hasn’t resolved everything that keeps tying him to the past. Emphasizing on the fact that his life wasn’t a blissful torrent even though he had everything was depicting the emptiness within. The fact that he decided to walk upon the pathway his grandmother paved for him keeps nurturing even greater amounts of emptiness for the future to come, but Joo Eun entered his life all of a sudden and the more he’s around her the more he wants to be there for her; with her.


Woo Shik tries hard to get closer to Soo Jin and he actually likes her, but he can’t forget about Joo Eun. Feelings aren’t being abolished that easily and even if they do, the guilt of leaving her in that shameless way keeps lurking in the corner and strikes back indirectly every time Soo Jin’s around. She may have pretended that the best way to deal with the past is to accept it, but deep within she knows that the roots Joo Eun planted in Woo Shik’s heart keep growing in a way he can’t control. Nobody’s done with the past in Oh My Venus whether they pretend they have forgotten or they try to forget about it. I loved the swimming pool kiss scene though, it felt so natural and Soo Jin looked exceptionally happy.


The meeting with Joo Eun’s mother was a huge shock for everyone. Woo Shik found himself in an awkward situation and for one more time he was almost at loss for words, all he could do was to be apologetic. Joo Eun didn’t want her mother to find out the whole truth this way, but since things turned out this way she dealt with the overall matter the way she should. Of course, her mother lost the world underneath her feet and her mind eventually, but it’s her daughter’s life, not her own. Young Ho also became aware of a part of Joo Eun’s past and how hard she worked to support her family and that her reward was Woo Shik leaving her behind.


Finding her training on her own after the emotional tension at the restaurant made him aware that she was trying to soothe her heart by surpassing her limit to the extent of almost collapsing. Starting something is half the road Joo Eun has to walk upon and believing in succeeding is essential, but knowing her powers is also important and that’s what Young Ho was trying to infuse in her confused mind. She’s strong-willed, straight forward, sincere and brave, but achieving something is far away from believing in acquiring it and Young Ho didn’t want her to get disappointed in the process since the road is uphill and it’s not adorned with roses. Deleting Woo Shik’s contact was a powerful step ahead.


Even though Soo Jin denies it, she’s definitely out there for revenge and if she doesn’t want to believe that this is what she’s doing, subconsciously she craves to have everything Joo Eun cherished in the past, but she wants it at the present to get even with her and eventually surpass her beyond repair. Making her appear at a live news program brought pleasure to Soo Jin as she probably wanted to see Joo Eun getting ridiculed. The fact that she collapsed infused fear in Soo Jin’s life, not for Joo Eun’s health, but because she was well aware that Woo Shik would be concerned about her. The phone call Joo Eun didn’t answer at the hospital was probably from him who was on his way there, this is what i think.


Young Ho could only rush to her aid, they attract one another like metals are attracted to magnets with both of them being the magnet or the metal, depending on the occasion. Revealing his real identity in front of her was Young Ho’s most sincere moment as he wanted to be there for her in full force without pretending to be someone else. It’s about time for things to get real and the preview of the 4th episode gave promises of tons of humor, but there was also a sense of fear at drunken Woo Shik’s sight; probably! Come forth, next episode!


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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


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