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Siren Episode # 5 Recap [and if you built a Model Home]

siren0500001(just burn it to the ground.)

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only; if you see it anywhere else, it’s stolen and that tires me out because it forces me to write that disclaimer each time ugh –


Yuki is surprised to see Satomi and Kara together in the elevator; she says to Kara that she sent the text to the wrong person, meaning that Satomi was supposed to receive it but she did instead, but she was curious herself and decided to see if it was true. Kara acts as if she doesn’t know what Yuki is talking about and is ready to follow her but Satomi stops her- Yuki upon seeing Satomi doing that, leaves and Kara warns him with a decisive expression not to follow her again.

Satomi returns home and doesn’t find Yuki there; she has gone off to her parents’ house and when he calls her she dismisses his call. Satomi wonders if it is at his limit chasing around Kara’s whereabouts all by himself.


The following morning, in the police station Satomi greets Yuki who greets him back in an indifferent way. The chief calls Yuki and announces her that she will be promoted to the First Division since her evaluation was quite high from her recent accomplishments. Yuki thinks back to what Satomi once told her, about if one of them transferred to the First Division they should marry, and tells Chief that she needs some time to consider it. Chibideka learns about Yuki’s possible promotion.

Satomi rushes to Maya’s hospital room, after having been informed that someone visited her, only to find the girls from Tsukimoto’s club. He asks her for help, to track down a person, that was involved with their boss and they happily accept.


Chitose notices that Yuki is a bit off and ask her to go to the wrestle room; after some wrestling, Yuki tells her that she is suspecting Satomi might be cheating on her. Chitose remarks that he is not that kind of person and urges her to reconsider.  Mean while, Satomi is giving more info about Kara to the club girls and they decide the best way to approach that matter if one of them enters the cabaret Kara is working at, and find anything they can.

Rena gets a job at the cabaret while Ai tracks Kara’s address from an old acquaintance of hers in the club, that delivered the company’s documents to her when she got appointed as a manager.


Chibideka meets Kara and ask her if she is Yuki’s informant, since she was involved in all her recent cases and asks her to share the info she knows with him too. Kara avoids the question by telling him she has customers waiting for her. Yuki, thinking of what Chitose told her about maybe not knowing Satomi as much as she thinks she does, decides to look up the first case he was involved and read his report. Learning more about that case, she finds it is an unclosed one, and involved a seemingly regular guy in a liquor store that was stabbed brutally many times.

Satomi goes to search Kara’s apartment with Ai, and they find it is completely empty- apart from a box with pills and another with police books and cuffs. Satomi wonders if Kara has a grudge against police but is interrupted when Rena sends Ai a text that Kara has left the cabaret. Satomi puts everything back in place and leaves the apartment.


Yuki decides to purse the liquor case and re-asks a person who knew him, a lady working at a bar. The lady tells her that he was a polite nice guy, nothing out of the ordinary when the murder happened. She does remember though, that he was happy those days as he had found himself a girlfriend. Rena, meets a guy that has known Kara for many years and asks him about her- the guy tells her he doesn’t know much about Kara’s past or her, but she used to date someone when she was working in a previous club- that was 8 years ago, and that boyfriend is long dead since then.


Watari readies himself to ask Kara to sleep with him and prepares the whole setting. After she returns, he tells her he loves her and asks her to sleep together. She is reluctant at first, but eventually gives in. The chief meets with Yuki’s dad, and tells him that while Yuki wanted to get promoted, when he told her the news, she told him she had to think- they both wonder why that would be.


Rena tells Satomi about her finding out that Kara used to date a customer from the old club she worked 8 years ago but that boyfriend died- they connect the dots and strongly suspect that her boyfriend was the liquor store guy, Tooru. Satomi wonders if Kara’s motive is resentment towards the police for not having captured the killer and since he was the first to respond to the call back then, if that is the reason he has approached both Yuki and him. Kara, at the same time, after having gone to her apartment and find out that someone was there, is later seen to enter Satomi’s place and search around.


Yuki visits Tooru’s san home and talks with his father- his father insists that he never hanged around with dangerous people or got into trouble so the brutal murder wouldn’t make sense. After looking together at some old photos, Yuki discovers Kara in one of them and  is nearly sure that she was indeed his girlfriend at the time. When she leaves the house, she thinks she won’t forgive the murderer for still being on the loose and promises to catch him.


She visits Satomi and tells him what she discovered about that case- Satomi is at first surprised why she would go near that old case but when she shows him the photo of Tooru and Kara and tells him they should ask Kara if she was his girlfriend at the time to make sure, he is getting defensive; Yuki is angry that is being left out and mistakes Satomi’s immense interest as a romantic one. Satomi tells her that she is the only woman he has romantic feelings for but then Yuki reveals that she sent a text to Kara. Satomi is pissed because that meddles with his strategy but Yuki doesn’t know what that means and is again furious that Satomi is operating on his own. She decides to leave so they can talk some other time when things are calmer.


Kara is revealed to have put a bug in Satomi’s apartment and has listened to their conversation- she thinks to herself if it is about time to use Watari.

Reflection Corner :

Ugh ugh ugh

Satomi, you need to start telling the truth YESTERDAY, not now, that you didn’t even do that too. What do you expect Yuki to do when you get defensive everytime she mentions Kara, mate? To Yuki’s credit, whatever she found out about the liquor case and Kara, she relayed everything to him. Satomi though, acting as a “noble protect-you idiot”, is still hiding things from her. And the situation is getting shittier by the minute.


Not even his romantic lines can save the day, can they? (..that was a romantic line though, in midst of all that yelling and mutual blaming. Love is a battlefield afterall!)

Miscommunication for a couple that was so communicative at first, ah what an irony. Then again, you’ve gotta give credit to Kara as well, for having put out the seeds of doubt that get multiplied by every flawless act she executes.


When she put that measuring toll out, I clapped at my laptop’s screen and said “she’s my favorite crazy bitch of the season!” I mean come on, what kind of deranged mind would think of something like this? Can someone beat her? I don’t think so. She’s like Shikamaru from Naruto (my favorite Naruto character btw), so, so freaking intelligent. Nobody could ever beat Shikamaru if he put his mind to something, it’s the same for Kara. Was she the one that killed Tooru though, or was it someone else? It must have been her huh, poor guy.  I also wonder how she’s gonna use Watari, who by the way, had another smooth line this episode:


The preview for episode 6 is ugly for our PoPo couple; seems like Satomi fell into another Kara’s trap and Yuki officially breaks up with him. Her and Kara going out to a field trip in Watari’s villa, does Kara plan to off Yuki then and there? Isn’t it a bit early, the prey game has just started, but then again you can never know.


Kara continues to slay people and couples though, so onwards to episode 6 and let’s see what other tools Kara has hidden in her hat. Because you just know there has to be a tool there!

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  1. Mohammed
    November 22, 2015 at 1:33 am — Reply

    Ugh ugh indeed the last scene made me angry at both and ruined a great ep before that.

    Sure Satomi is noble idiot lying to Yuki about Kara. But the much bigger problem for me that i cant believe is how can Yuki be a good cop who found out about the old case and not have instincts at all about why Kara is involved in 5-6 CASES Yuki has worked on from the first one 8 years to all the other ones. That is just stupid, ruins the story at times….how she is never thinking never Kara is a suspect like its Kara she has known much longer than 8 years.

    Kara has her brilliant moments but she would be in a jail weeks ago if Yuki wasnt childlike stupid around her and Satomi wasnt lying to protect Yuki for noble idiot reasons. She is scary,strong, well planner villain but she has tons of help from Po Po couple…..

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