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“Two women invaded my heart in one day.
My sensitive heart.”


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Tae Oh ordered Ji Ahn and Song Yi to get out of the car immediately and Ji Ahn thought that he was acting this way because both of them deceived him. Tae Oh thought that it must be true and the solution was for both of them to not sit so close to each other.


Tae Oh returned the car and he was eager to receive any short of punishment! Tae Oh’s father was thinking of cutting off his allowance, but his stepmother considered his friends a more urgent matter. Tae Oh became aware that Ji Ahn’s in big trouble since his father used his credit card. Tae Oh’s stepmother was always leading the conversation indirectly by fueling his father’s mind and the outcome was that Tae Oh should stop seeing his friends, including Song Yi whose mother’s in debt and has an affair without caring about her children.

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Tae Oh noticed that Song Yi was trying to contact her mother and reassure her that everything was fine, but of course, she couldn’t reach her on the phone and left a message. Song Yi prepared breakfast and let Tae Oh know that she used his mother’s recipe notebook. It’s been a long time since he tasted his mother’s cooking, but after tasting the dishes one after the other there was something missing all the time! Even though he doesn’t recall his mother’s cooking skills the food Song Yi prepared for him was still edible and he was glad about it!

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Inside the classroom Tae Oh couldn’t take out of his mind Ji Ahn’s condition and everything was gradually making sense. Ji Ahn thought that Tae Oh was staring at him because he liked him and Tae Oh expressed his love towards Ji Ahn’s face, but also his intentions to protect both him and Song Yi!

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Tae Oh invited Se Hyun to his house and he left a map for her in order not to lose her way! There were also hints on everything going on around the neighborhood and he informed her that the guy working at the convenience store is one of his friends, Ji Ahn, who smiles to all the customers and he’s handsome, but not as much as himself! He also informed her on Ji Ahn’s father’s chicken restaurant quality and Ga In’s house where the strange figures of Choi Hoon and Ga In live!

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Choi Hoon didn’t pass the audition and he was enraged with the fact that they didn’t contact him in the first place to inform him! Ga In wanted to brighten his mood and once he tried to stare at her his eyes stopped at her breasts and he got slapped! Ga In wanted to work on an experiment and put the earphones into Choi Hoon’s nostrils to find out if the music would come out of his mouth! Of course, it didn’t work, but Se Hyun witnessed the moment! Tae Oh also warned her to never cut her hair at Ga In’s place!

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Se Hyun arrived and she pretty much enjoyed Tae Oh’s navigation! She was amazed at how clean the house was and Tae Oh was curious why she wasn’t so shy while visiting her boyfriend’s house for the first time! Se Hyun was checking his camera collection, but once she mentioned the tent she noticed at the rooftop Tae Oh said that it was a storage place! Se Hyun was curious about where Song Yi’s lives and Tae Oh informed her that she’s living with a friend, Ji Ahn.


While watching a movie for the seminar Tae Oh was quite nervous and he tried to put his arm around her shoulders but it didn’t work well! Then he tried to find an excuse to lie his head on her thighs and then on her shoulders, but the outcome was an unsuccessful kiss! Later on, Tae Oh was quite happy holding her hand and she let him caress her, but once he tried to kiss her she urged him to focus on the movie, something Tae Oh couldn’t do since she was next to him! Tae Oh informed her that he had already watched the movie twice and had worked on the editing too. The reason why he wanted her to come to his house was because he wanted to see her and be with her on their own!

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Se Hyun started approaching him and Tae Oh was feeling uneasy, but once she kissed him he took the lead and proceeded with yet another kiss, but Se Hyun laid him down on the sofa and cast a spell on him with her kiss! Tae Oh untied his shirt and urged her to do anything she wants to and soon enough his shirt was on the floor!

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Song Yi arrived and wondered why her tent was at the rooftop after Tae Oh had removed all of her belongings, but she witnessed Tae Oh shirtless and Se Hyun nearby! He had forgotten to tell Song Yi not to appear and awkward moments are awkward!


Se Hyun became aware that Song Yi was living with him and she couldn’t understand the reasons why, but Tae Oh couldn’t tell her the truth. He could only be apologetic since he couldn’t say anything about what was going on. Se Hyun was happy seeing his friends while she was heading towards his house and thought that everything would be fine, but she thought that she was wrong and chose to leave. Song Yi urged Tae Oh to run after her, but he didn’t do so, it’s something Se Hyun would appreciate at that point!

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Song Yi would like Tae Oh to tell Se Hyun the whole truth in order to shatter the misunderstanding, but Tae Oh informed her that this is her house as well. He acknowledged that it must had been uncomfortable for her the moment she entered and he even threw out of the house all of her belongings, but Song Yi wasn’t enraged. Tae Oh was apologetic and told her that he intends to inform her the next time Se Hyun will be coming over. He also urged her to pay attention to Ji Ahn who’s not pleased with the fact that they live together. Song Yi buttoned his shirt properly and declared his manhood!

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Tae Oh kept recalling the moments he shared with Se Hyun and he was so happy but once Song Yi appeared in his sleep he woke up! She was sleeping on the floor amid her belongings and she was snoring! Tae Oh was so ecstatic with the fact that two women invaded his sensitive heart in one day, but once he recalled Se Hyun’s explosion things became awry again.

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Choi Hoon was at an audition and he was amazed once again by another guy’s performance! It wasn’t the day of his own audition, but he wanted to see the others’ performances and he left a good impression with his passion! He met Ga In and expressed his concerns since he found out that many others were better than him. A woman who was following Ga In arrived and she wanted her to become a model! Of course, she informed everyone and everyone started supporting her even though they thought otherwise!

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Se Hyun went to Tae Oh’s classroom and gave Ji Ahn the coffee she wanted to give to Tae Oh! Ji Ahn told Tae Oh how much he loved him, but soon enough he informed him that it was from his Miranda Kerr! He rushed to find her but she wasn’t that pleasant anymore! Se Hyun pretended that she wasn’t the one behind the coffee and the heart and Tae Oh paced with her flow until things got brighter!


Earlier that morning Song Yi met Se Hyun and she told her the whole truth and the reason why she’s leaving with Tae Oh. Tae Oh didn’t tell anything to Se Hyun because he didn’t want to talk about someone else’s problems.

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Song Yi noticed her teacher’s couple ring and she urged her to meet a nice guy and buy something like that for her as well! Ji Ahn wasn’t feeling well witnessing this conversation since he would be unable to afford something like that, but the hairpin was more than fine for her. However, she couldn’t say that she lost it, but Ji Ahn informed her that he had picked it up for her that day! It was the moment Ji Ahn found out that Song Yi was running in the rain trying to find her hairpin and he was quite certain that she had called Tae Oh! Song Yi had to leave right away because of Song Ah, but she didn’t invest in more details.

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Tae Oh was helping Se Hyun with the projector, etc. Soon enough he received a message from Song Yi informing him that her sister had found their mother’s location and that she was going to meet her. Tae Oh recalled that her mother was living with another man and he was apologetic towards Se Hyun for being unable to help her with the seminar. Se Hyun could easily realize that it was because of Song Yi and she urged him not to go just like he had told her to do in moments like this, but Tae Oh couldn’t comply. Se Hyun wrist-grabbed him and informed Tae Oh that he would be unable to explain everything after coming back since she knows why he’s acting this way whereas Tae Oh doesn’t. He eventually left while Se Hyun was certain that Tae Oh really liked Song Yi.

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~ Thoughts ~


The 7th episode of Because It’s the First Time literally belonged to Tae Oh who was gradually marching towards his emotional realization which will take place during the next episode. It was a pathway he was trying to uncover step by step throughout the drama and things were becoming more apparent as episodes were passing by. Even though he was leaning towards Se Hyun’s direction his emotional compass was pointing towards Song Yi’s direction, the most familiar figure in his life and his heart respectively.


He was definitely jealous after finding out that Song Yi and Ji Ahn were a couple, but Ji Ahn’s explanation and unawareness of Tae Oh’s feelings presented a palpable reason why Tae Oh could have reacted that way. Both Ji Ahn and Song Yi were always talking about one another to Tae Oh who didn’t know what was going on in the background and he was always trying to soothe Song Yi’s emotional tension in order to make her smile and chase away the tearful clouds that were darkening her horizon. Even though Tae Oh knew the reason why he was behaving that way and wanted them out of the car, Ji Ahn’s explanation was just perfect at that point in order for Tae Oh to keep lying to himself about what was going on internally.


We became aware of how powerful his stepmother is inside their household and she’s probably the reason why his father urged him to live on his own. She takes advantage of everything and everything moves according to her own will as she always plays her own part in the way the circumstances will turn into events. Setting aside the abhorrent fact that she considers Tae Oh’s friends as an obstacle and misfortune in his life, Tae Oh became aware of Song Yi and Ji Ahn’s struggles in a more palpable way. He showed his love towards Song Yi and Ji Ahn in his very own way by setting aside his renowned quirky self-praising attitude. Despite the fact that Song Yi’s cooking attempts weren’t that successful even though she used his mother’s cooking notebook Tae Oh kept his thoughts on the inside, especially after witnessing her trying to reach her mother on the phone. He also delivered signals of love towards Ji Ahn who keeps his problems to himself and Tae Oh swore to protect both of them.


Se Hyun always understands more than she reveals and she could easily notice that all of his friends were on the map Tae Oh drew for her, expect for Song Yi. However, Tae Oh honestly tried to make Se Hyun feel like a newborn explorer of his neighborhood life, but he kept Song Yi’s condition a secret since he knew that he would be unable to explain what was going on without investing in details. Tae Oh had worked on everything needed for the seminar and he didn’t have to pay attention to anything, his eyesight and senses were strictly limited to Se Hyun and he was trying to approach her at all costs without stepping back every time she was cutely preventing him from proceeding! It was such a hilarious scene, until Se Hyun took the lead and showed Tae Oh how it’s done and feels emerged! It was such a naturally beautiful and playful scene filled with love after Tae Oh’s desperate attempts and the kisses lived up to any expectations with their vivid and passionate presentation!


The moment Song Yi appeared the universe of heartfelt pleasures collapsed and Tae Oh could only apologize towards Se Hyun. In a manner of speaking, it was good that Se Hyun found out that Song Yi was living with him, she would have found out anyway at some point and if they had progressed more it could had been more painful for everyone. It’s not something Tae Oh could have kept as a secret forever. Se Hyun couldn’t possibly understand why he lied to her at that point and Tae Oh would never reveal Song Yi’s struggles.


Running after Se Hyun would have been great in an attempt to partially clear up the misunderstanding and conceal the forging tension between them, but he wanted to be there for Song Yi at that point and explain himself. Informing her that his house is her own as well was a grand declaration of his friendship and lurking love. Tae Oh made Song Yi feel welcome to a place she could feel like home, a place where she could be safe and feel at ease. It was one of Tae Oh’s most mature and powerful moments along with the fact that he advised her to not neglect Ji Ahn who can’t digest that they’re living together, something which could put their relationship in trouble.


The moment Song Yi buttoned his shirt was filled with emotional weakness on Tae Oh’s behalf, he had found himself among two storms, the one he tries to inflame and the one he tries to quench. And his dream time could only flow in a like-minded way as it was filled with the sparkles of passion he treasured and the feelings he shouldn’t keep nurturing for everyone’s well-being! The ecstasy and the fear were there on each case respectively and Tae Oh was simply hilarious! His sensitive heart definitely received more signals than it could bear within a single day!


Choi Hoon wanted to get informed if he failed in order to make his next moves more specific, his rage was justified, but what is really special is his attraction towards Ga In which progresses more and more as episodes pass by. He’s well aware of his capabilities and that there are many people around who are more talented than him, but he loves what he’s doing and he never gives up, he always tries hard in order to prove his worth. His passion was vibrant during the audition even though he didn’t get on stage and the production team acknowledged it. Something tells me he will get this role while at the same time Ga In’s modeling star has shyly started shining on the horizon. Choi Hoon noticed that their friends weren’t really expressing their sincere opinion and he tried to keep Ga In’s mind in a safe zone in case something wrong happened. He would never want her to escape reality anew, especially after accepting her father’s death.


Song Yi lived up to any friendship expectations, she couldn’t bear seeing Tae Oh’s relationship getting ruined because of her and even though her story was quite personal she revealed it partially in front of Se Hyun in order to make things right and deconstruct the misunderstanding between her and Tae Oh. She was successful and Se Hyun wanted to re-approach Tae Oh, but she didn’t want to reveal that she knew what was going on. She used her own indirect methods that would help her maintain the upper hand even though she understood the reasons why Tae Oh was living with Song Yi!


Everything had started flowing well for everyone, or at least it seemed so since the weather forecast drastically changed with a single phone call! Ji Ahn’s inability to buy Song Yi a ring was shattering him on the inside, but she understood Ji Ahn’s condition and she had personal experience from like-minded events in her life. She would treasure her hairpin to the fullest and Ji Ahn brought it to her possession anew! Calling Tae Oh every time she needs help whatever the reason may be is bound to cause tension between Ji Ahn and Song Yi. It’s not like she doesn’t trust Ji Ahn, but Tae Oh had always been there for her and he’s the one who successfully progresses her healing process every time she needs help. He knows her like the palm of his hand whereas Song Yi feels safe whenever Tae Oh’s there for her.


Even though he had promised Se Hyun that he wouldn’t run after Song Yi every time she called him he couldn’t step back this time. He had also promised to be there for Ji Ahn and Song Yi after finding out what they were going through to a wider extent and he couldn’t leave Song Yi defenseless in front of the truth he already knew. Song Yi finding out that her mother wasn’t struggling to survive but she was with a man who was the reason why she left her two daughters behind would shatter her and Tae Oh had to be there no matter how heartrending it would be for Se Hyun. She knew that Tae Oh would inevitably reach the point of no return if he left at that point. Se Hyun could read between the lines and she recognized his feelings which keep burning for Song Yi. The closer he gets to Song Yi the closer he gets to the realization of his feelings inside this multifaceted restricted area of love he’s found himself in.


According to the preview, Tae Oh will inform Ji Ahn that they’re going to meet Song Yi’s mother and that they won’t make it back home on the same day. He wouldn’t like to keep it a secret from his friend in order not to create yet another misunderstanding. Choi Hoon wondered why did Tae Oh go with Song Yi instead of Ji Ahn, but Ga In was well aware of their special relationship since Song Yi’s father passed away. Song Yi will erupt in tears in front of Tae Oh since she will become aware of the fact that he knew everything and kept it to himself. Nevertheless, she wants to appear in front of her mother and let her know that she found out everything. Ji Ahn will be upset and things will get tense during a basketball match where Tae Oh will let him know that he was trying so hard not to cross the line he was craving for. Se Hyun’s heart will get shattered whereas Ji Ahn will try to re-approach Song Yi. Tae Oh will acknowledge that he shouldn’t have acted this way towards Se Hyun, Ji Ahn and Song Yi and he will probably confess his feelings for Song Yi to Ji Ahn and Song Yi will wonder if it’s true. Come forth, 8th episode!

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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for
The original Because It’s the First Time recaps can be found only here.


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