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Bubblegum Episode # 8 Recap (aka And you Kissed me like You meant It)


(and I knew that you meant it.)

[disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only]

bubbl0801Ri Hwan leaves after telling his mother she shouldn’t oppose to him and Haeng Ah, and she shouldn’t blame Haeng Ah for the hardships she went through when “Uncle” died.

Haeng Ah comes out of hiding and Seon Yeong explains to her about her disease. She wants Ri Hwan to marry into a big family because they will take care of him if he ends up having the disease, as opposed to her who is the only remaining member of her family. Haeng Ah wants to stay the night to take care of her but Seon Yeong orders her to leave leaving no room for that.


Haeng Ah walks the streets in the rain, when Seok Joon drives there and sees her. When she falls down he pickes her up and gets her to her apartment.bubbl0803He calls Ri Hwan, who at the time is picking up a dead pigeon with Ji Hoon from the streets and informs him of Haeng Ah’s situation.

Ri Hwan gets there immediately and demands to know why Seok Joon is still there- Seok Joon tells him he called him for his doctor abilities and he implies that he won’t back down from pursuing Haeng Ah if she shows signs of wanting him back.

Ri Hwan calls Tae Hee to find out if Haeng Ah met anyone that upset her, and Tae Hee replies “Is there anyone else in the world that would make her feel like that, except your mom?”

bubbl0804The following morning, Haeng Ah wakes up and immediately tells Ri Hwan she is alright now. He doesn’t push her to tell her what caused her that, even if he thinks to himself that she’s suffering in silence and he wished he would do something about it.

“What a way to start off your birthday!” he tells her and he asks her if she has to go to work. She tells him she can’t skip work since everyone knows it’s her birthday cause of Se Yeong announcing it the day prior but she will see him at home when she returns- she has decided to move to the third floor.

bubbl0805Haeng Ah brings her stuff and is ready to start unpacking when she sees Auntie entering the third floor- she tells Haeng Ah she should leave before Seon Yeong sees her and gets upset. Haeng Ah doesn’t want to leave as she wants to take care of her Aunt but eventually she does leave.

Seon Yeong, later, tells Auntie that she must not forget, not matter what happens that her father is sick and should apologize to him, that Ri Hwan should be with someone he doesn’t need to protect but they need to protect him and for that one particular day she was the happiest in the entire world.

bubbl0806Seok Joon calls Haeng Ah and ask her to meet because he wants to talk to her about something.

Seon Yeong meets Yi Seul’s mother and has made notes on her cellphone not to forget what she has to tell her. Yi Seul’s mom makes it clear that she won’t let anyone marry Yi Seul and then dump her and use her money but Seon Yeong clarifies that her son doesn’t care about money at all. Yi Seul’s mom is not really happy with that either, since they’re not on par in status but she implies she will think about it.

bubbl0807Seon Yeong meets Yi Seul and asks her if her feelings for Ri Hwan are genuine. Yi Seul says she does care about him but that won’t lead anywhere as Ri Hwan is with Haeng Ah. Seon Yeong says that they don’t have a future together and she would much prefer her for her son- she wonders how she must come across to her, but Yi Seul reassures her that she is used to that behavior and it is not that strange, since sometimes that is the role of a mother.

Seon Yeong tells her about her disease and Yi Seul promises she will do anything to help her.

bubbl0808Jeong Woo calls his mother to tell her to stop looking for groom candidates anymore and recalls what Yi Seul told him about Ri Hwan- he wants Yi Seul to get her share of true happiness.

bubbl0809Seok Joon apologizes to Haeng Ah about the times she were sick and wasn’t there for her- he tells her if she is ever in a difficult situation, or needs him he will be there for her. He would like a second chance to make up for all the lost time. She thanks him but she turns him down.

bubbl08010Tae Hee asks Jo Dong to give her an answer to her question if she likes her but screams from another room interrupt him- Se Yeong is going through her drama lines with Joon Soo and admits that even if the role wasn’t to her liking at first, she warms up to it.

bubbl08011It is now her aim to become the most hated in the nation and she won’t stop until they kick her out of a restaurant!

Tae Hee insists on asking Jo Dong about a reply and he finally tells her he will reply to her but it is not revealed what he told her.

bubbl08012Ri Hwan goes to visit his mom but finds out that she has taken a leave- His mom’s colleague doctor finally reveals the truth to him which shakes Ri Hwan- he also finds out that his mother attempted to kill her life more than once and he wonders if that was when she was pregnant with him.

bubbl08013Ji Hoon is trying to track down Ri Hwan who hasn’t been at his clinic at all, all day and doesn’t answer his phone either- he calls Tae Hee to ask if Haeng Ah knows where he is.

Tae Hee goes to the editing room and tells Haeng Ah that she revealed to Ri Hwan that she met with her Aunt. He advises her to get out of the relationship, admitting defeat because the whole thing will hurt her more. Haeng Ah tells her that her Aunt is sick and Tae Hee tells her that is all the more reason to end things with Ri Hwan before she gets her heart broken.

bubbl08014Ri Hwan is still in still in shock sitting at the same spot, and recalls all the clues he didn’t notice that pointed to his mom’s disease. He then recounts the moments he shared with Haeng Ah in the patio the previous day.

They agreed to go on vacation together but Haeng Ah said she wanted to invite her Aunt too, as she would like to see her smile and happy for once. Ri Hwan tells her that he is the happiest right now when he is with her and Haeng Ah seems to think the same thing.

bubbl08015After Haeng Ah blows a bubble Ri Hwan kisses her- she returns the kiss and then initiates another one before she embarassingly cover herself with her shirt.

Ri Hwan is silently happy and he blows the bubble he stole from her during their kiss.

bubbl08016Ri Hwan texts Haeng Ah to ask her if they should meet but she says she has to stay with her colleagues some more- he wishes her happy birthday and she thanks him but their text are opposites of their sad expressions.

bubbl08017Ri Hwan recalls a childhood memory where he wanted to see his mom but she couldn’t leave her work behind- she advises to start counting to 10 when he feels  a bit scared which is what Ri Hwan is doing at the moment.

bubbl08018Haeng Ah returns to the radio room and finds out that there is a surprise birthday party for her. She breaks down crying, which surprises everyone but she reassures them it is because she feels happy. Tae Hee understands and comfors her.

bubbl08019Ri Hwan is out drinking his pain away with Ji Hoon by his side- as they’re ready to return Ri Hwan is starting to feel dizzy but manages to see Haeng Ah at the opposite end. He rushes to her and they hug each other.

bubbl08020Seon Yeong reminisces about her happiest day- she meets Haeng Ah’s father and tells him he will wait for him as he has said earlier that when the time is right, they will be together.

They’re interrupted when Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah return from school arguing about each other’s “crushes”.

The last scene shows Seon Yeong going to meet Haeng Ah’s father after he sent for her through her pager.

Reflection Corner :

First of all, Ri Hwan must have really wanted that bubble, huh?


Well, that was some kiss. And a double one at that! Yep, they’re officially in love and their hearts are racing for each other and everything else that comes with it! (that pic can read HAPPY TOGETHER and imagine me and you and you and me etc etc etc)


But of course, it wouldn’t be so easy, would it?

Here’s the deal, I can get a bit from where Seon Yeong comes- she does want the best for her son, that is for sure. But, what the ffff, how can she not listen to him, when he, himself tells her he is the happiest with Haeng Ah? Not just good with her, not  just content with her, but the happiest with her! I didn’t really like that she “led on” Haeng Ah to think that she wouldn’t be enough for Ri Hwan, and the way she worded the whole thing, clearly got into Haeng Ah’s head; because yes, in theory if Ri Hwan would go through the disease, he would need many people with him that would care for their image too, and would have to take care of him. But what about Haeng Ah, Ji Hoon, his Secret Garden “family”? Shouldn’t it be someone that loves and cares for Ri Hwan (not that Yi Seul wouldn’t but that was not his mom’s point) and who has/have been there for his whole life? Eh.

It is a mother’s role to take difficult calls when she thinks that is in the best interest of her children but Seon Yeong is stubbornly project her own unhappiness and sad ending with Haeng Ah’s father to both Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah- and that is not fair to them.


That hug at the end was a killer- I was thinking “oh crap, please don’t do that noble idiocy thing and tell her to go away, that would be uncharacteristic at this point ugh ugh ugh” but I’m so glad that Ri Hwan initiated the hug. It’s a shitty situation they’re both in at the moment, but it seems like they will stick together and work through all the issues so I’m hopeful about them.


Se Yeong’s life goals are unreal, couldn’t stop laughing! The episode was quite heave at some parts so it needed that comic relief. I do wonder what Jo Dong said to Tae Hee though.


Oh, my ultimate old school bias sneaking in his “Love in your Embrace” glory; sadly I couldn’t find that particular scene where he pointed out his finger and everyone fell in love with him but here’s a swag picture of him just cause.

Onwards to episode 9 then!



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  1. Mohammed
    November 18, 2015 at 12:50 pm — Reply

    The mother i almost hate after this ep. She is so selfish that i dont understand anymore her wantng RW to be happy with someone after she is gone. She is using the fact she didnt get to be with HA father selfishly destroy the life of her only son that has always been loyal to her. Frankly i would despise her if she was my mother and tried to kill herself twice for another mans sake when you are only a kid, in her belly.

    Thats is way too selfish. I also dont like Suk Jong anymore he doesnt understand, respect Haeng Ah at all, she is clear about how happy she is with Ri Hwan but he is lying himself in the preview for ep 9 and in ep 8 thinking he has a chance like HA isnt already gone for many years in her feelings for RW. Suk Jong thinks he has claim to her because of their superficial relationship of old. I look forward to HA clearly being so in love with RW before his own eyes 🙂

  2. November 19, 2015 at 8:52 am — Reply

    […] Episode 08   Episode 07   Episode 06   Episode 05  Episode 04  Episode 03  Episode 02  Episode 01 […]

  3. November 19, 2015 at 2:27 pm — Reply

    I actually really enjoyed this episode despite the tears that I shed because of it (maybe it’s because im a sucker for tragedy) and I didn’t think this was unnecessary angst/noble idiocy (yet…if this goes on for the next few eps zzz) rather this opposition needs to be resolved and i’m super thankful that ri hwan found out about his mom’s disease so soon! it’s breaking my heart to see what the disease has reduced her to even though i don’t particularly like her but all the sadness/guilt that the two leads are feeling seems believable. also Ri hwan’s counting to 10 seriously killed me ahhh and i’m so proud of yi seul that she chose to let go! it made me cry but i respected her for that…suk joon on the other hand…happy that he chose to go for the lawsuit thingy but urgh stop trying with haeng ah already

  4. November 19, 2015 at 11:08 pm — Reply

    Thanks for recap! Heh, I think Ri Hwan is not so innocent as it seems from some his chindish actions (like being shy sometimes). That bubblekiss and bubble transfer from RH to HA was masterpiece. My heart was racing.
    Regarding our angst stuff..well, I think RiHwan won’t reject HA, at least next episode, but not sure about HA. She seems to be influenced a lot by “aunt’s” words and she loves RH to that point that she’ll probably be thinking that he’ll be safier without her…what a bulshit…but so typical for kdrama leads. I really hope that writer will continue to ruin those typical kdrama cliches. For now I’m completely satisfied with her script.

  5. November 21, 2015 at 11:01 am — Reply

    Thanks for continuing to recap and love this underrated gem.

    Anyway, Im a little bit annoyed of his mother. I get the motherly love and everything. BUT SHes not listening to him when he said he is happiest when his with HA. Whats the point of having many people around you when you are sick but they dont mean to you AT ALL .Surrounded by crowd dont chased away loneliness. Sick or not, the best thing can happen in a person life is to loved and be loved. All he need in his life is HA, mom, secret garden friends etc.

  6. November 21, 2015 at 5:13 pm — Reply

    “What hurts more than hearing “Why did you hurt me?” is: someone who cannot even say she is hurt. And not being able to say anything but “Do Not Be in Pain.”
    First I think HA is so pitiful, not being able to say she felt hurt…. But to act nothing happened. And continued cheer everyone on besides her, to smile, and say encouraging words, knowing RA will be thorn between the two person whom he loved most. A slight look of the eyes, a word of displeasure, a hand gesture… will make RH felt the hurt of not been able to protect her, or the guilt of hurting his mom by speaking up for her, …..
    but we all know, RH’s pain is never lesser than HA? But how much more painful?
    to see your loved one’s pain, a normal KDland hunk will bang his way thru, spoke to the parent, refuse to eat or sleep, so much that the parents will give in just to spared their son of prolong pain, demanding respect for his beloved girl…
    but RH didn’t do all these. Why did he stay in silent, not even allowed HA to know he knew her pain? For HA, the reason she hid her pain, was not to spread her worries and sadness to RH, if HA knew that RH was wounded like her, she may blame herself. Before he can find a solution, and heal both woman in his life, he cannot do useless acts like confronting and demanding useless talking or words of assurances which all 3 knew will not be meaningful. Mom has to accept HA, before that. He can’t even tell her not to worry, whatever comforts are temporary.
    Real hurts cannot be weigh, of who is more hurt than who…. To each who is hurting, only the ones hurts knows the depth. It just take more courage to allow your loved one to bear her hurt alone, when it helps her more.

  7. November 22, 2015 at 1:59 am — Reply

    Love these recaps. Really appreciate them. I don’t really have anything to add. I’m ready and scared for ep 9.

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