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“Love is timing.
No matter how much you love each other, you can miss each other.
If we had crossed paths at a different time and location,
Would our fate have been different as well?”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung for
The original Because It’s the First Time recaps can be found only here.


Tae Oh was frustrated with Song Yi running barefoot in the rain and before Tae Oh bidding Se Hyun farewell Song Yi had already started running back home.

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She was trying to gather her belongings from her tent which was all wet and she was so disheartened she eventually gave up. She couldn’t stop recalling Tae Oh with Se Hyun and there he was trying to protect her from the rain with his umbrella. He handed her over the umbrella and he was the one to take care of her belongings.


Inside Tae Oh’s house Song Yi had already started feeling better and he took care of her wound. He wasn’t pleased with the fact that she chose to protect her shoes instead of her feet, but she couldn’t do otherwise! Just because she has a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend it’s not like their friendship is over, but Se Hyun has become Tae Oh’s priority and Song Yi’s priority should become her boyfriend too. It’s not like he won’t do his best to reach her every time she calls him because they’re friends, but he can’t guarantee anything in the future no matter how awry things may get for Song Yi. Tae Oh wasn’t feeling well about what happened and he chose to sleep on the sofa while Song Yi will occupy his bed.


The guys were playing basketball while Song Yi was cheering for Ji Ahn and Ga In for Tae Oh making Choi Hoon jealous!


Once again the fact that Ga In likes Tae Oh came to the surface making both Tae Oh and Choi Hoon feel quite awkward! Choi Hoon informed everyone on the forthcoming Wednesday’s picnic and even though all of them had something else to do he made them understand the importance of that picnic in his very own way. Tae Oh will also have to steal his father’s car!

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Tae Oh managed to steal his father’s car in quite a hilarious way after informing him on his intentions and his father reached the conclusion that he became that way because of his friends!

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Ga In prepared the food and once she got ready she went out to meet her friends who were waiting for her. All of them were properly dressed for the occasion and Choi Hoon urged her to come with them since it was the first anniversary of her father’s death. Ga In couldn’t hold back her tears and even if she knew that her father had passed away she kept pretending that he was still around. She was aware of the fact that her friends were pretending along with her, but she was glad that everything would reach the end since she would start living in the real world.

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Choi Hoon was singing Ga In’s father’s favorite song and Ga In with Song Yi were taking care of everything else. Both Tae Oh and Ji Ahn were potential sons-in-law and Song Yi got slightly jealous! Ga In’s father was the one who was taking care of their hair and he even taught Ji Ahn and Tae Oh how to shave themselves! However, Song Yi doesn’t think that Ga In has her father’s talent and everyone agreed! Back in the days, Choi Hoon intended to run away from home, but Ga In’s father prevented him and thanks to him he was able to graduate from high school. The day the guys would join the army Ga In’s father would be the one to cut their hair, as for now, Ga In will complete his task once that moment arrives. All of them paid their respects and Ga In could finally bid her father farewell.

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Picnic time had arrived and Song Yi and Ga In took precaution measures in order to be able to change their clothes without the guys staring at them! Ji Ahn was curious about Song Yi’s body, Choi Hoon about Ga In’s while Tae Oh was indifferent! However, Choi Hoon and Tae Oh were curious about their underwear back in high school days and their task was successful. It’s something that made Ji Ahn frustrated and he just couldn’t let Song Yi to keep living with Tae Oh, but Tae Oh reassured him that he’s not doing that anymore! Neither Tae Oh nor Choi Hoon could understand his explosion, but Ji Ahn wanted Choi Hoon to live with Tae Oh and Song Yi with Ga In and he warned Song Yi on how dangerous Tae Oh can be!

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They couldn’t stand still in front of the sea and they marched forward having fun altogether!


Se Hyun was checking all of the information Tae Oh gathered for her and she noticed one of his post-it stickers in which he was expressing the power of timing when it comes to love by presenting their recent past as a sense of ongoing timing which led them at the point they are at the present. The movie club guys were amazed at Tae Oh’s writing skills and they thought that they could make a movie based on “timing is fate!” Once they got the pieces together they asked Se Hyun if she’s going out with Tae Oh and she urged them to mind their own business! Tae Oh called her on the phone with a video call and while he was asking her if she’s missing him and if she can hear the sound of the waves the club members were making fun of him! Se Hyun told him that she was missing him and urged him to call her at night in order to listen to the waves anew making the club members wonder if she’s the Se Hyun they knew!

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Tae Oh wanted to go bicycling with Ji Ahn or Song Yi, but Ji Ahn was negative and urged Song Yi to do the same! Then he asked Ga In and Choi Hoon who wanted her to reply negatively as well and he even moved her head in a like-minded way! Tae Oh’s attempts weren’t successful and he left on his own with his bike! He wasn’t pleased with the fact they turned down his proposal and he couldn’t help it but recall that he was always positive on everything they wanted to do even though he didn’t really want to.

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After witnessing a couple and some others he said that he’s got a girlfriend and friends too, but he was all alone at that point! Then he noticed Choi Hoon and Ga In bicycling together and he was enraged!

 bscap2408bscap2406 bscap2407

Then they noticed Ji Ahn trying to teach Song Yi how to bicycle and Tae Oh couldn’t help it but think that all of them betrayed him! Song Yi was so happy she was learning fast  but she eventually fell! Ji Ahn couldn’t help it but proceed with a kiss, the first kiss Song Yi was always dreaming of! Song Yi was so shy afterwards while Ji Ahn was trying to make her stare at him and he kissed her again!

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The rest of the rooftop company witnessed the moment and they couldn’t believe what had just happened. Ji Ahn informed them that they are a couple and Tae Oh simply couldn’t approve!

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Se Hyun was treasuring Tae Oh’s post-it note and she wrote in her diary that this was the first time she ever told a guy that she was missing him and it was the one and only truth.


Later on that night they were eating altogether and the rest of them were feeling weird seeing Ji Ahn and Song Yi acting like a couple for the first time in front of them! Tae Oh couldn’t believe that all this time they were referring to one another about the person they liked and in fact they didn’t care about the others at that point! Ji Ahn informed them that they are no longer friends, but a couple, so they should stare at them as two people in love! Choi Hoon was very curious on how does a first kiss feel like and Ga In was curious about why Tae Oh didn’t approve of their relationship, but he couldn’t offer a proper answer!

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Tae Oh went to the beach all alone and he couldn’t get out of his mind the kiss scene while wondering why he felt like that during that moment. Se Hyun called him on the phone and she could hear the waves anew! Se Hyun was sitting on the spot where she had found him along with Song Yi. Tae Oh was curious about why Se Hyun had thought that Song Yi was his first love and she pointed out all the vibes she was receiving. Tae Oh wondered if all these signs were enough to make Song Yi his first love since he would be like that towards her as her friend anyway. As for what first love should be like, Tae Oh thought that one should cry at least once for someone else either for heartbreak or longing. It’s important for him to become someone else when love comes into play. Tae Oh and Se Hyun never had such a deep relationship before and she urged him to progress things with her in a like-minded way in order for both of them to experience the grandeur of a first love. She also informed him via messages that her first love journey had already began and that it was the first time she told a guy she was missing him making Tae Oh happy.

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Choi Hoon sat next to Tae Oh because he didn’t want Ga In to do so and he urged him to never accept her feelings! On their way back home all of them were partying until Song Yi urged Tae Oh to lower the volume because her Ji Ahn had fallen asleep! Tae Oh kept hating the vibes around Song Yi and Ji Ahn even though he didn’t know the reason why. His driving became more careless and Song Yi’s only concern was the fact that Ji Ahn woke up! He kept going faster and faster as the previous moments were still all over the place for him. He stopped the car and ordered Song Yi and Ji Ahn to get out of the car!

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~ Thoughts ~


Witnessing Song Yi in the rain and in this condition in front of his very eyes was an apocalyptic event for Tae Oh whose decision not to run towards her anymore every time she’d call him on the phone was very recent. It’s not like he didn’t start progressing his decision, but the flow of events was ahead of him this time and he could only comply eventually. His emotional shock must had been immense because he was able to see the outcome of his decision right away, had he gone to pick her up nothing like that would have happened and in a manner of speaking he felt guilty. He wasn’t the only one though, Song Yi must have found herself in an awkward situation as well and she didn’t wait for him in order not to ruin his date.


Tae Oh didn’t only shelter her from the rain, he also gathered all of her belongings and took care of her wound. He would sacrifice himself anytime for her, but both of them had reached a point in their lives when priorities were bound to change, not so much, but still a change was in the air and Tae Oh wanted to make things clear with her. Their friendship wouldn’t get ruined by the fact that both of them had found a boyfriend and a girlfriend respectively, it’s just that the frequency of Tae Oh running towards Song Yi every time she needed him would change.


The day of realization and acceptance was gradually arriving and Choi Hoon orchestrated everything perfectly well in order for Ga In to move on. Witnessing all of them dressed for the occasion devastated Ga In since her safe haven would soon lie shattered in order for her to recollect her own pieces and grow stronger by embracing reality. It’s not like she didn’t know that her father had passed away and it’s not like she wasn’t aware of the fact that her friends kept pacing with her flow, it was the denial of bidding farewell her beloved father once and for all that made the need to keep him alive in her daily routine essential. The moment for her to conceal her heartfelt illusion had arrived and after her arch emotional shock everything was progressing step by step.


Ga In wasn’t the only one who needed to send her father off properly, it was something her friends needed to do as well, especially Choi Hoon whose relationship with Ga In’s father was exceptional. Even though we never got to know him, we understood that he was a kind person all of them loved and that he was passionate about his work and considerate of Ga In’s friends’ problems. Maybe now that Ga In found a proper closure to this issue that had been keeping her imprisoned in her own crystal tower for a year’s time she will pour heart and soul in her hairdressing activities and she will be able to live up to her father’s talent.


Was Ji Ahn’s frustration in front of Choi Hoon and Tae Oh while they were unaware of the fact that he was in a relationship with Song Yi and they were talking about Song Yi and Ga In’s underwear during their high school days? In a manner of speaking yes, but not necessarily, one thing is for certain, he couldn’t explain why he was exploding in front of them. They were the high school boys within Choi Hoon and Tae Oh talking and i am pretty certain they wouldn’t have proceeded with this conversation had Ji Ahn been sincere with them on his feelings towards Song Yi. The whole misunderstanding would be nothing compared to the whirlwind that would gradually start nurturing itself after the couple’s revelation.


I love how they cleanse their inner demons in a water-oriented way every time things get awry for one or all of them. It breathes happiness in their lives and takes away their concerns for a while in a refreshing sense of renewal in order to keep going on. We had already witnessed Ji Ahn and Tae Oh playing with water once Ji Ahn decided to clean the building instead of his father’s rent getting raised, we had also witnessed the whole company invading the fountains after Choi Hoon’s heartfelt confession and Song Yi chose to stay in the rain after getting all wet while Tae Oh helped her out and protected her. This time it was the sea and all of them had fun during the calm before the storm.


There are many times when love evolves around timing, it’s always about that very specific “when” and under which circumstances you will get to meet the person that will captivate your interest in the vast crossroads of life. The moment Tae Oh met Se Hyun was major enthusiasm on first sight for both sides and it was the outcome of a flow of events in the background that made them talk in the first place and eventually keep meeting until things became more palpable. I like the way Tae Oh evolves his approach towards Se Hyun, it is sincere while at the same time he may be a bit dishonest towards his own feelings when it comes to Song Yi simply because he hasn’t shorted things out internally. However, he tries to solely focus on Se Hyun whose feelings have become very specific and the fact that she already misses Tae Oh’s presence in her life means a lot.


Tae Oh thought that after Ga In’s father’s first death anniversary and their blissful ruckus at the sea everything would keep flowing the rooftop company way, but he was wrong! There was a couple ambiance in the air and Ji Ahn and Song Yi wanted to treasure their own moments and Choi Hoon wanted some time alone with Ga In and that’s why Tae Oh was left all alone and he was a bit disheartened to be honest! After witnessing both couples in the horizon his stare was so bleak, but it was nothing compared to his confusing “surprise” the moment he, along with Choi Hoon and Ga In, found out that Song Yi and Ji Ahn were a couple! He looked as if someone stole his favorite toy, played with it and then threw in the sewer!


Since it started as a means to Ga In’s renewal and proceeded as a company road trip it should have remained as such at least for Tae Oh’s sake, but i loved the writer’s realistic approach on that aspect since such things can happen any time, especially when a couple is at its birth pangs and another one craves to be born, at least from Choi Hoon’s side for the time being! The kiss scene, even though it was simplistic and fast forward, was an adorable and utterly cute one. Ji Ahn took the lead and Song Yi was eagerly waiting for her dream to come true.


The very first kiss with Ji Ahn was the way she was expecting it to be and her shyness was all over the place! The second kiss sealed the whole emotional process and made things less awkwardly cute for Song Yi! Ga In and Choi Hoon were surprised and they couldn’t believe what was going on, but the impact the whole scene left upon Tae Oh was grandiose, he simply couldn’t accept it as his feelings were still in the process, a multi-process dare i say! Sooner or later the rest of the company would have found out what was going on between them and it would be easier for them to do so the way it happened rather than Ji Ahn and Song Yi revealing the whole truth in a conversation-oriented environment.


While dining altogether it was the first time the rest of the rooftop company would witness Ji Ahn and Song Yi as a couple as they didn’t have to hide it anymore and they wanted to take advantage of their newly acquired freedom! The thing is, all of them were a company at that point and the young couple was monopolizing the interest not only between themselves but also when it comes to the others who were feeling as if they weren’t there.


I don’t know how much future lies ahead of Ji Ahn and Song Yi, but the fact that he declared the end of his friendship with Song Yi and the beginning of their relationship was highly representative of the way i see this couple. There is the emotional depth, but they lack a concrete background that would make them the ideal couple, two friends in love. And that’s always the part of the game when Tae Oh appears every time Song Yi needs help, the depth of their background is tremendous since he had always been there every time her horizon was darkening. He’s essential for her, but she’s also emotionally important to him even though he tries to run away from his feelings.


Tae Oh was trying to define first love through his conversation with Se Hyun while taking into consideration his background with Song Yi and the way he approaches the first love factor in his mind. It’s always related to heartbreak or longing and the tears that embrace such states of the heart and the fact that his tears haven’t come to the surface throughout the years makes him think that his approach towards Song Yi would be the same even if he could turn back time a hundred times. However, we have already witnessed him keeping his tears successfully on the inside the moment Song Yi was sleep talking. The friendship veil is too strong, but his approach on first love is too idealist as well as it’s being seen through a poetic point of view which embeds heartache and/or heartbeat.


It’s something he tries to approach through Se Hyun and the sparkle is there, but as i’ve already stated enthusiasm alone, even an excessive one, isn’t enough to build a proper relationship while Se Hyun has utterly fallen for Tae Oh and that’s why she’s gradually taking the upper hand in expressing her feelings since she has put her trust in Tae Oh’s brave efforts. She wants to treasure the grandeur of the one and only first love with him and Tae Oh craves the same thing, it’s something he deeply wants to cherish and he said the same thing he had told Song Yi during his indirect confession. He wants to become another Tae Oh once he falls deeply in love and the fact that Ji Ahn and Song Yi are together at this point makes him want to progress in a faster pace.


On their way back home i found Song Yi’s reaction quite selfish by ruining the car-party in order for Ji Ahn to keep sleeping. She wasn’t taking into consideration that Tae Oh had put himself in trouble in order to take his father’s car and that he was the one driving after a road trip in which he was mainly alone. Her line of vision was strictly limited to Ji Ahn and this was driving Tae Oh crazy and that’s why he was driving like crazy! He couldn’t afford all this cuteness as if nobody else existed inside the car and the only way for him to keep remaining stable would be to kick Ji Ahn and Song Yi out of the car. His emotional world is in a turmoil as he tries to access his twofold heart on an ongoing emotional crossroad that craves to become a one-way road.


Judging from the preview, the 7th episode will be a turbulent one. I am curious to find out why Choi Hoon and Ga In will follow Tae Oh’s lead in order for Song Yi and Ji Ahn to get out of the car. It will be probably because they were ignored as well alongside Tae Oh. Tae Oh will take out of his house Song Yi’s tent and belongings and he will try to hide the fact that Song Yi was living with him while his relationship with Se Hyun will be progressing as she’ll find herself at his place. They will get closer together and Se Hyun will take the lead with her fast and accurate sniper kiss! Will Song Yi witness it? Se Hyun will probably find out, somehow, that Song Yi is living with her boyfriend and there will be a misunderstanding when it comes to Tae Oh and things will get awry. Someone will probably approach Ga In in order for her to work as a model. The most important factor will be Song Yi’s sister’s problem and as expected she will ask for Tae Oh’s help. It’s something that will progress Se Hyun’s mistrust since Tae Oh will help Song Yi at all costs since it’s about Song Ah, but at the same time Ji Ahn will appear helpless since Song Yi won’t even discuss with him what’s going on and she will leave him behind in order to receive Tae Oh’s help. I am so looking forward to that episode and it’s not that far away!


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung for
The original Because It’s the First Time recaps can be found only here.


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

elles viennent
autres et pareilles
avec chacune c'est autre et c'est pareille
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est autre
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-

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  1. bmore
    November 16, 2015 at 1:37 pm — Reply

    Enormous amount of “feels” in this episode. I am definitely watching it again before the next one. So glad I picked this one up…though I hate the one episode a week thing. It’s torture.

    I’m all over the place on the relationships in this. It seems destined that it should be Song Yi with Tae-Oh, but I like her with Ji-An so much. The fact that she seems to have very little feelings of jealousy where Tae-oh and Se-Hyun are concerned is telling. She feels uncomfortable, but it doesn’t seem to be in the sense of any form of jealousy. More to me, it seems she senses Se-Hyun’s uncomfortable feelings about how close Song-Yi is with Tae-Oh and wants to remove herself from that.

    I’m just unsure where Song-Yi is as far as her feelings about Tae-Oh. On the other hand she seems to be sincerely head over heels with Ji-An; to the point of being completely oblivious about Tae-Oh as a man. It’s the complete opposite with’s not just his toy/friend he sees being taken away, he reacted as a man when he saw her kissing Ji-An, it seems to me. And he is torn by his conflicting feelings, where as Song-Yi does not seem to be at all. Rather she seems to resent Tae-Oh’s increasing possessiveness.

    Also, why is is that these 2 being together is upsetting the other 3 so much when the relationship between Hoon and Ga-In will cause hardly a ripple? Instinctively or subconsciously there seems to have been a feeling, I think, that, perhaps, a relationship between Tae-Oh and Song-Yi might not have caused this amount of upset? It’s likely also that no one’s thought that far anyway, yet it is telling that this pairing is causing not just Tae-Oh, but Hoon and Ga-In to sense something they are not comfortable with.

    Finally, I love the casting in this. All of these young people (with the exception of Cho Hye-Jung perhaps) show good talent and I look forward to watching our main 3 for sure in future projects, I was impressed with Kim Min-Jae in Twenty Again and this drama has only increased my interest. He seems to have appeared out of nowhere. With that rich voice one would think he has to be a singer, yet nothing like that is on his resume. It’s a bit unusual to see someone of his age, who is not already an idol, getting main actor parts so quickly…but deservedly. Park So-Dam is in FIVE movies in 2015!! Her star is rising quickly. I need to get to Silenced soon and Veteran, The Throne, and The Priests are all on my list. Min-Ho is adorable, but has the ability to show subtlety in his acting..a vital talent. I liked him in To the Beautiful You, he did a good job in Medical Top Team, but he got a great part in this production. I hope it means more jobs for him in the future.

    • November 17, 2015 at 3:57 am — Reply

      Sorry for having not replied in many previous comments, there are things going on and i’m focusing on the articles, but i will try to maintain a balance. I am always thankful towards your insightful comments, you know it, right? 🙂
      I am glad i started this drama as well, it’s unexpectedly great and definitely not a firework, at least so far! ” It seems destined that it should be Song Yi with Tae-Oh, but I like her with Ji-An so much.” I agree on that, but with the last two episodes, especially the 6th one i ship both couples lol!
      “I’m just unsure where Song-Yi is as far as her feelings about Tae-Oh.” Same here, we haven’t received direct vibes on her feelings, just an ongoing uncertainty every time she wonders why it has to be Tae Oh when things go dark which could either be translated as extreme security and sense of communication or a state of the heart similar to Tae Oh’s, just even more uncertain especially since it leans towards Ji Ahn’s direction so badly; with love! “it’s not just his toy/friend he sees being taken away,” Didn’t mean that as if Song Yi was his toy/friend, his face just resembled the face of a child who just lost his/her favorite time and will never have it back XD
      I am really confused about why the other two couldn’t stand what was going on, with Tae Oh i could, it’s probably because the company could no longer be a company and the power of 5 wouldn’t be the same? Or maybe they were just enraged at the fact that Song Yi and Ji Ahn had eyes only for one another and had set the rest aside and they simply followed Tae Oh’s lead at that point? One thing is for certain, it exploded like a bomb, that relationship XD ” I think, that, perhaps, a relationship between Tae-Oh and Song-Yi might not have caused this amount of upset?” Somehow i tend to think alike! Choi Hoon would be happy since it would be easier for him, Ga In would probably be enraged at first, but she would start hating Tae Oh and it would be over, Ji Ahn would the “problem” since things would get more tense i presume!
      The case is so awesome and natural in the acting the drama craves for, true though, Hye Jung hasn’t convinced me totally yet, but she receives lots of hate the imaginary cat forthcoming drama. I thought that Minho would be just another idol acting, but he’s actually really good, i laugh so much with his variety of facial expressions! I also thought that Kim Min Jae would be a flower boy, but he’s not, he can act! Park So Dam is awesome as well and once again, i will have to agree, i want to watch all these movies as well! Except for The Throne though. I wish it was two eps per week >.<

  2. bmore
    November 17, 2015 at 4:39 am — Reply

    when you don’t respond I already know it is because life is throwing Life at you…but the bushel basket loads I’m sure. Not to worry. I don’t think a thing of it because I know you are reading my responses. I feel badly sometimes that I don’t participate more, but some dramas just don’t trip that yakking trigger in me. I read some of your other postings and don’t respond, so you are more than justified for the same with me!!!! 🙂

    Yes, I too am surprised at Min-Ho. He has a ‘rubber face’! His expressions are priceless. There might as well be printing across them they are so obvious!

    Will wait on Oh My Venus until more episodes are up. I am really enjoying Bubblegum! Nothing life altering…just a really fun romance. So nice to see Lee Dong-Wook in something good for a change. Six Flying Dragons has blown me away. I dislike sageuk with a passion, finding all of them carbon copies of one another and every single one of them populated by the same actors playing the same characters. Even that bastion of purported excellence Queen Seonduk…did not a thing for me and I found the Mis-Sil character one dimensional as all hell! Blasphemous I know!! I only made it through 17 episodes. Everyone keeps telling me to go back, but I swear, they will have to drug me…I’ll have to grit my teeth I guess. I promised I would try! Sigh. 🙁 But, this one! Wow. What an eye opener. Gorgeous too…and not just the cast. The production itself is just top notch.

    If you are not watching Awl YOU MUST!!! Misaeng and Assembly and now Awl. Kdrama on crack and I’m addicted! Awl is awlmazing! Everything about it. It has opened my eyes like no other drama I have seen as far as unions and workers are concerned. Ahn Nae Sang is amazing (NEVER thought I would say that about him) and Ji Hyun Woo occupies his character like a fist in glove. YOU MUST WATCH!

    Will be starting Reply 1988 and Riders maybe later this week. I’ll still be under 20 currently watching….so I’m good.

    Just finished watching Set Me Free. 🙁 As a mom, and a mom of a son, I am already ashamed of the world in which I will leave my child. When I watch movies like this it makes me feel guilty that I love my son so much…there are so many children out there who need love, desperately. The need someone to believe in them, cherish them, tell them it is going to be okay! Why do so many people have children they cannot begin to take care of? I need to not watch movies like this. Not as bleak as Bleak Night, but still, pretty bleak. I have a headache. Probably from crying so much. 🙁

    I don’t want to watch The Throne either…talk about a story beaten to death…how many versions do we have to see? The whole thing is so depressing, why continue to torture us?

    Take care of yourself. Stop burning that candle at both ends. Stand still, look up at the sky. Breathe. Close your eyes and know you are an amazing person. I know you will do and are doing great things! Always I am struck by your insight when I read your writings. And your command of vocabulary would put most college students here to shame (like my friend Park ChoHwa!!) 🙂

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