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Bubblegum Episode#6 Recap [aka We Watch the Season Pull up Its Own Stakes]

bubbl06001001“and catch the last weekend of the last week.”

[this post was originally written by kipzizz from dramajjang.co]


Haeng Ah tells Ri Hwan that she thought about it and she had some strange feelings, more than friendship ones, for him too. “Are we supposed to date now?” she asks him and he replies “Suppose we do date, then. I would ask you if you’re hungry.” They go to eat and they continure with their “supposed” mantra doing things for each other, like feeding each other, exchanging their coats and keep doing silly stuff.bubbl06002

They stop when they see a motel ahead of them, to which Ri Hwan remarks “Suppose we’re dating, then we would probably go to places like this.” They quickly dismiss this but before they’re ready to return home, Haeng Ah says that it was nice. Ri Hwan is certain that this is how it will be if they officially date- “It will be nice.”bubbl06003

Ri Hwan uses as an excuse the kimchi container he has to carry back to spend more time with Haeng Ah in her apartment; He says he’s hungry for ramen but Haeng Ah is trying to eat it quickly so he leaves.

He gets inside her room and she says he can’t do that- Ri Hwan says he has been there a few times, killing bugs and such and suddenly the light of the apartment complex goes off. Haeng Ah says she’s scared of the dark but most of all she’s scared of him- Ri Hhwan tells her to explain exactly to him why she’s scared and see how they will go from there. They plan to spend the next day together.
bubbl06004The following morning Tae-Hee finds Ji Hoon passed out outside her place. She ignores him and he follows her around telling her he has changed and he only drank the previous night because he wanted to meet her but he was scared. “Don’t you think it was scary being together with you, afraid I will end up like my mother” she tells him and he says he knows he messed up but he will be good to her from now on. It’s too late for them now, she says.

bubbl06005Yi Seul’s mother scolds her for having gone to her grandfather along with Ri Hwan. She’s scared he might spread rumours but Yi Seul says he’s not that kind of person. Her mother is furious as her ex-fiance “didn’t seem that kind of person either until he was” but Jeong Woo calms her telling her he will meet Ri Hwan and settle things.

He asks his sister to arrange a meeting with him but she says it might be sudden. She will notify him though.

bubbl06006Ri Hwan goes to visit his mother but she’s on her way to attend something. He sees Ji Hoon returning and tells him that since he will be spending the day with Haeng Ah, he should treat Aunt with her bad wrist. He invites him to Secret Garden where they will be making kimchi and Ji Hoon initially rejects the proposal but accepts it when he finds out that Tae Hee will be there too.


Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan meet each other on the beach and they uncover stuff from the sand, remarking on them. Haeng Ah says that they’re basically sitting on top of garbage but Ri Hwan has a different opinion “We sit on top of someone’s memories.”

Haeng Ah grabs the chance from his line and says what if they are like that too- on the outside it might be peaceful but if you dig deeper there are things that one might not wanna find. “We’ll keep digging till it becomes clean” he replies and then asks her to tell him what is she really afraid of. She avoids his question by putting a song on her cellphone, saying it is a habit she picked from her job.

After a while, they go to feed the seagulls. At the same time, Yi Seul is waiting for a reply to the text she sent Ri Hwan to call her when he has the time.


In Secret Garden, Ji Hoon treats Aunt and she asks if Ri Hwan is sick. He says he’s completely fine, in fact “after 33 years, he popped the champagne.” Aunt figures out he means that there’s something going on between Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah and asks Ji Hoon not to tell anyone, and most importantly not to tell Ri Hwan’s mom. Ji Hoon says that he will keep it a secret.bubbl060010

Haeng Ah removes a pebble from her shoe and tells Ri Hwan that she sent a letter to a radio DJ once explaining how she felt like a pebble in someone’s life; Ri Hwan understands that what truly scares Haeng Ah, is his mother.

Haeng Ah says that she wouldn’t be scared if she actually didn’t like her- she might be a difficult person but she is precious to her and doesn’t want to jeopardize that. She’s afraid “she might do that again..”bubbl060011

In a school flashback it is revealed that Ri Hwan’s mom took a lot of sleeping pills and ended up in the hospital. Ri Hwan wonders why she would do that since he’s there with her.

Haeng Ah’s phobia of hospitals is explained as while she was waiting for her Aunt she saw a man bleeding out. Ri Hwan rushes to her and then asks her if she is alright.

Haeng Ah tells Ri Hwan that she likes the world she’s in right now- she says she doesn’t want to gamble with losing either him or his mother. Ri Hwan says he should just follow her heart but she says it’s not that easy. She’s comfortable where she is right now and doesn’t want to risk anything more.bubbl060014

The flashback of Haeng Ah listening to Aunt saying to someone on the phone she will never let anything happen between Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan and she would kick her out of the house, reveals that Ri Hwan actually witnessed the whole incident.

After Haeng Ah left the house, she kept wandering around until he found her and told her to go home together.bubbl060015

“Let’s go” recounts Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan assures her she won’t lose him or anything else in her life. She tells him not to talk like that, because her father told her she wouldn’t be alone and he left her. “You’re not alone now” he tells her and if she doesn’t like him they can go back to how they were before. But if it is because of fear solely, she has nothing to worry about.bubbl060016

They go to Haeng Ah’s father “grave” and Ri Hwan says they are doing well and they will continue to do well.

Ri Hwan’s mother has been revealed to have visited a little before too- she says that she wanted to forget him and even thought about taking pills to “sleep forever” but now that there’s a huge chance she will be ill and she might indeed actually forget, she’s scared. She wants to remember that time when she was happy because of him.bubbl060017

Ri Hwan drives Haeng Ah to the station and tells her he will call her later- she tells him to leave as it’s cold outside but Ri Hwan just stands outside looking at her smiling.

In the station Haeng Ah is ready to get into the elevator when she sees that Seok Joon is there already- she’s reluctant to get in at first but then she does so in a composed state.

Yi Seul at her office, still waits for Ri Hwan’s reply while looking at the painting she bought and then at the world globe.


A driver Yi Seul’s brother sent, comes to pick up Ri Hwan who says he will drive on his own car to meet Jeong Woo.

In the station, there’s a crisis as Seo Yeong refuses to accept any calls and hasn’t appeared yet for her live show. The announcer’s room doesnt reply either and Tae Hee heads to Jo Dong’s place to report while Heang Ah heads for the announcer’s room. Joon Soo goes to check on Seo Yeong .bubbl060019

Tae Hee tells Jo Dong to help them with the console until they find a replacement but Seok Joon appears and seems to get ready to save the program himself.bubbl060020

Joon Soo tries to console Se Yeong who got a minor role in the TV drama and a mistress one at that; she says this whole situation is beneath her and Joon Soo tells her she should keep acting and was her fan from a long time ago. He mentions a movie that startles Se Yeong as “that movie” is not even on the internet and wonders how he could find it.

Ri Hwan meets Yi Seul who is surprised to see him there, but he explains that his brother sent for him. He says he didn’t reply to his message because he was busy and has actually a lot more he needs to apologize to her for. She says he shouldn’t, as he did nothing wrong- him being kind to her is not something he should say sorry for, and if she got the wrong idea, it’s all on her. He doesn’t need to feel burden at all. At that time, Yi Seul’s ex fiance appears who ridicules her and “advices” Ri Hwan to keep his other girlfriends in secret because he might get in trouble like he did. Ri Hwan tells him to leave because he makes Yi Seul uncomfortable.


Jeong Woo arrives and starts hitting him telling him to sue him for that, and punches him once more. Ri Hwan stops him asking him why he wanted to speak to him.

Seok Joon takes Se Yeong’s place and announce her absence on the live program. Haeng Ah is surprised but she doesn’t ask him anything.

Ri Hwan tells Jeong Woo he doesnt need to worry as he won’t say anything concerning his grandfather. Jeong Woo then asks him why he became an Eastern Medicine doctor and Ri Hwan replies it is because someone close to him has a phobia of hospitals.

Jeong Woo explains the reason why Yi Seul became a dentist- she thinks she’s ugly and since most of dentists’ patients don’t look at the dentists as they do with regular doctors, she became one for that reason. He mentions his mother is giving Yi Seul a hard time, because Yi Seul looks like her grandmother that gave his mother a difficult time too. He wants to take care of his sister and won’t object to the man she wants to marry but Ri Hwan makes it clear that their relationship is not like that.bubbl060023

Haeng Ah tells Seok Joon that the kiss she shared with Ri Hwan wasn’t an act; Seok Joon argues that her heart couldn’t change that easy from one day to another.

She explains that all her life she has been with men that didn’t know her that well; she was more comfortable being with someone that wasn’t aware of her true personality. This is why all her loves ended with her wanting more but not being able to reveal her true colors. But now, she wants to be with someone that knows her completely- everything before the kiss might have been a facade, but the moment she kissed Ri Hwan everything came undone.

Seok Joon doesn’t reply, instead he puts another song and listens in silence.bubbl060024

Joon Soo tells Se Yeong that all he could remember from that old movie, was her beautiful face even though she appeared briefly on that. She’s happy to hear that and says that she will return to the station- Joon Soo says that the director is in her place and she thinks he wants to take jer job urging Joon Soo to leave asap for the station.

Yi Seul asks her brother why he had to behave like that in front of Ri Hwan and he says he will do anything she asks him to.

Seok Joon is ready to tell Haeng Ah something, but he gets interrupted by Se Yeong arriving to close the last minutes of the show.

Ri Hwan’s mom is diagnosed with dementia and her colleague says he will treat her the best he can; she asks him early familial alzheimer is hereditary and he says that the chance is 50-50.bubbl060026

Ri Hwan calls Haeng Ah to ask her about random things and then ends up telling him that the real reason he called her is because he missed her; that catches Haeng Ah by surprise, who lets her cellphone slide and pretends in a funny way, that the call was disconnected.bubbl060027

Ri Hwan goes to picks him mom up as a surprise and when she sees him so happy she breaks down after the news she received for her disease and what might affect him too.

Reflection Corner :

That last scene was heart-wrenching; to know that you might start forgeting your son and worse, that your son himself might have to go through that painful ordeal as well, of slowly having the memories of your loved ones taken away, is heartbreaking and Ri Hwan’s mom expression when she saw him, delivered all those powerful feelings of grief for the not so unforeseeable future. Ri Hwan hasn’t shown any signs yet of anything like this, so hopefully he won’t have to go through that. Damn, that would suck especially when he’s so happy right now. Whatever, I’m dismissing those thoughts for now, so yeah.

I still wonder though, what was her exact relationship with Haeng Ah’s father? Were they lovers at some point? It doesn’t seem to be a simple friendship bond that they had, but we will see.


This episode was filled with Bubblegum fluff duo for several weeks to come. I think my favorite scene of them was when they exchanged their jackets/coats, that was hilarious. They do act child-like when they’re together and that’s like a revitalizing potion for them; they do need to have their carefree moments and grab that naive pure era and relive it again.


But when the time to be serious came, they were serious; I am glad Haeng Ah laid her fear of being abandoned open to Ri Hwan; as illogical as it might seem since she has spent her whole life with him, it is a valid fear for her; romance can mess up a good friendship and that incident with his mom on the phone has been hunting her.


I liked the fact that Ri Hwan instead of laughing it off  like “geez, how that could be! we’ve spent years and years together that would never happen!” did respond to her in a way that would’t leave any doubt or uncertainty. He is there for her, whether as a lover or a good friend- it is her choice.


So yep, that slow progress was shown in a realistic way and we had both of their POVs and actually understanding and listening to each other. Haeng Ah doesn’t have to pretend to be anything less or more around Ri Hwan, and it is the same for him. Slowly but surely, they will enter that so called “desperate kingdom of love” and they will enter it together at their own pace.


Tae Hee treating Ji Hoon like garbage was a bit funny (in the sense of the way she ignored him and her yet again venomous-hilarious lines) but ultimately sad; his addiction drove them apart and while he’s trying to get her back, lines like “date us both!”, I mean, come on Ji Hoon, that is not the way pal.

(this is a great pick-up line if you think about it!)

(this is a great pick-up line if you think about it!)

Yi Seul telling Ri Hwan he’s not at fault was nicely done; it was obvious she was hurt when she kept telling him he’s not to blame, but her hurting because he didn’t reciprocate her feelings, isn’t a burden he should bear and I’m glad she “set him free” on that front.

Se Yeong and Joon Soo are so adorable together;  they might be a secondary/third couple but they do have their heartfelt moments and it is nice to see them encouraging each other!

There’s few things that are better than riding a bike in the middle of the night in a highway street, getting fresh (albeit, cold) air on your face, trust me I’ve done it quite a few times! Just remember to wear your helmet and preferably wear something a bit more than a blanket and pyjamas lol.


Onwards to episode 7!

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  1. November 11, 2015 at 12:52 pm — Reply

    LES FEELS! that is all. i can’t be coherent about this show anymore.i just embrace and enjoy everything. These feels feel so good.

    • Mohammed
      November 11, 2015 at 1:05 pm — Reply

      Thanks for the great recap. I enjoyed this drama for the characters in the first 5 eps, the mood but it got seriously good in ep 6. I loved to bits the down to earth, natural pace RW, HA took to go from friends to more. They had fun, played around like kids when they should and they didnt avoid the serious talks with the fears of Haeng Ah losing the aunt, Ri Hwan that is so important to her world.

      I loved the lines she said about the facade of being with someone who doesnt know well came down after the kiss, she wants to be with someone who knows her well. Ri Hwan is such a great guy that i fear something will happen to shock,destroy his nice personality.

  2. November 11, 2015 at 1:35 pm — Reply

    Thanks for the recap! I love how everyone is really frank with each other. In other dramas they probably would take more time before confessing/avoiding being together due to fears instead of communicating. Also I enjoyed Yi Seul’s conversation with RH, it felt very in character for her given how her mother treats her.

  3. Newbie
    November 11, 2015 at 7:41 pm — Reply

    Will they pull the incest card? The mother said, that she was really happy one day. Also she absolutely abhors the idea of her son and Haeng Ah becoming a couple. Could only the fear of some possible hereditary disease (stomach cancer) be the reason? I don’t think so.

    • November 11, 2015 at 7:52 pm — Reply

      But would Haeng Ah’s father ask Ri Hwan to take care of Haeng Ah like that, if that was the case? I don’t know, there is certainly something fishy there but I’m pretty sure while they lead us on to think there might be something like that, there will be some other explanation in the end.

  4. Liera
    November 12, 2015 at 1:08 am — Reply

    I like this drama more and more. Simple but so spot on. I love most of the lines and song choices as well.

    I am pretty sure RH and HA are no siblings. One might be adopted or either parents marry their spouse who already has a son/daughter.

    With so many things that has been laid openly in front of us, I just wish that this drama won’t turn into melodrama with the makjang surrounded.

    Last, nice recap..enjoy reading it.

  5. November 12, 2015 at 7:51 am — Reply

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  6. mary bethany
    November 14, 2015 at 2:27 pm — Reply

    RH: “…If you don’t like me, you can tell me that. We can go back to the way things used to be. But if you’re just scared, let’s be together.”
    After all, the only thing matters is “… If you don’t like me …. (or) you’re just scared.” That was the thing, as long as its only fear, they shall weather thru everything “digging in” together, however hard to dig, however long to dig, however fruitless at beginning. Its rather hard to yearn for something for a long long time, once you have something you desired for a long period, then suddenly you are faced with dilemma of losing it. Not many has the integrity to face the truth and ask the girl, is it him that she wants. Not that he doesn’t value her which he earned so hard, actually he has been fighting damn hard to stay, encouraging her not to fear. But he is willing to go back to the ways things used to be, if only she felt nothing. So selfless is he, not exactly what many fans were saying that he impose on her, or that he decide for her, or try to run her life… no, he is far from that. He basically took a off-hand role until he found her hiding the fact that she was wounded and broke off, carrying her things all by herself in the rain… he was passive until this moment. Even so, he still wants to know one thing, namely her heart. Somewhat I believe he knew she kept her heart closed for him, cutting her feeling off for him partly because of that fear of being cut-off by his mom. While he allows himself to watch her wander off to “love someone”, while keeping his heart unknown to her, for it is “already for some times”, I believed he knew his own answer for a long long time, not some short time. Yet, he keep a low profile for her, thinking one day she will “wake up”, waking up means you are not aware of your own true feeling right?

  7. November 14, 2015 at 2:55 pm — Reply

    In just a few short ep, RH surprised us constantly with a unfailing quiet perseverance assurance that he will weathered any storm come what may. He is one that will fight on and doesn’t give up even if seeing the first hurts, followed by more disappointments, then the never-ending objections or troubles… Still, he will dig it in, by night fall leave not, dig till the first light, dig till the noon sun, even till next sunset sunrise, till the sand become crystal white un-spoilt clean.
    Is he naïve enough to think that as long as he won her heart, it’s happily ever after. No, I think the lad knows there will be problems ahead, one of which is his own mom… since from teens, he has witnessed the saga whereby HA overheard Mom’s conversation about willingness to “throw HA away” if they are found together. And RH being an understanding lad, he knew not to defend HA by harshly bang in and trash-out with Mom. Knowing that both of them were still highly depending on Mom whether is it financially or emotionally, knowing HA treasured Mom so much that she felt the pain even deeper.
    RH, is the kind that do expect dirt and ugliness and pains under the sand-castles that couples always build. Unless both lovers just naively lives their life building sand-castles, and not dig deep foundation enough to the core/root to build a secure House. He knew he will dig together with her. Unlike Sukjoon which most of the times just take it as face value, that HA preferred digging by herself, and allowed her to guard her sand-castles alone in the night, thru’ birthdays.
    loved a guy who tells you, we will keep digging, “we’ll keep digging” together. You won’t end up digging alone.

    • November 15, 2015 at 11:16 am — Reply

      Yep, what you said; Ri Hwan doesn’t think they reached the end of the road now that Haeng Ah decided to give a chance to a romantic relationship with him. He’s there to tell her they will overcome any obstacles together instead of brushing off her troubling thoughts.

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