Bubblegum Episode #5 Recap (aka I’m On The Outside of Love)


“always under or above, I can’t find my way in, I try again and again..”

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bubbl005001Haeng Ah breaks the kiss looking surprised. Seok Joon gives her her phone telling her he will call her tomorrow. Haeng Ah tells Ri Hwan that they didn’t apparently convince Seok Joon with their kiss. Ri Hwan tries to approach her but she pulls away and tells him that she will go to Tae Hee’s place so he shouldn’t call her or worry about her. She grabs a taxi and leaves.Ri Hwan stays still on the street while Yi Seul is watching him.

bubbl005003 Ri Hwan calls Tae Hee to ask if Haeng Ah has arrived yet and she tells him she hasn’t- Ri Hwan wonders aloud why she hasn’t calling Haeng Ah’s name many times and Tae Hee tells him “Are you going to die calling her name?”

At that time Haeng Ah arrives at her place and Tae Hee hangs up the phone after telling Ri Hwan to go and kill Ji Hoon.bubbl005004Tae Hee figures out something happened when she notices that Haeng Ah is eating her spicy food like crazy, and asks her if she slept together with Ri Hwan. Haeng Ah replies it was only a show kiss in front of Seok Joon but Tae Hee is not convinced. “If it wasn’t a real kiss, then were his lips on the bottom of you feet?” she asks her and then going into more details asking about the kiss.

Haeng Ah asks her to stop asking those questions but Tae Hee continues and asks her if she was grossed out because it might have felt like incest. Haeng Ah immediately replies “Why would it be incest, we’re not real siblings- we kissed like normal people do” to which Tae Hee remarks “Do you see the truth now? That’s how you truly feel” She then tells Haeng Ah that now they’ve kissed they’re all entangled together and someone will get their heart cut into shreds. She hopes that it’s Ri Hwan.
bubbl005005 The following morning, while Ri Hwan drives a truck ahead of him drops small oranges. He helps them carry them back and they give him a bag of them as a thank you.

He waits at the park to meet Haeng Ah who soon arrives heading to sit on the swings without looking at him.bubbl005006 He tries to give her his coat since it’s cold outside but she refuses to take it; he asks her if it was because of the kiss, and she says that’s not it, that was just playing around. Ri Hwan keeps using the word kiss and that bothers Haeng Ah who tells him to stop using that word and pretend it never happened.bubbl005007 He tells her she’s the one that called him early in the morning to talk about it and she says it is exactly because she figured out he would act like this. “By this you mean the kiss?” he asks playfully, and she says “Is this a joke to you?”.  Ri Hwan’s expression becomes serious and he tells her that it wasn’t a joke to him at all. He knows exactly how he feels. Haeng Ah tells him to re-think those feelings but Ri Hwan replies he should think about hers.

bubbl005008Tae Hee asks Haeng Ah what did Ri Hwan tell her. “Weird stuff” replies Haeng Ah and then asks her how come she said the other night that she hopes it’s Ri Hwan she hopes is hurt in the end. Tae Hee tells her if Ri Hwan doesn’t get hurt, that means she will be the one hurting in the end.

Ri Hwan goes to visit his mom who is organizing some of her clothes. He asks her if anyone will be moving to the third floor and she doesn’t think anyone will do. Ji Hoon comes to pick up Ri Hwan and asks Ri Hwan’s mom if he can take the yogurt from outside. He says that the yogurt from other day is left there too, something that surprises her.
bubbl005009Ji Hoon tells Ri Hwan he will give up on drinking and he better get used to the morning doughnuts instead of the hangover soup. Ri Hwan asks him why one side of his face is puffy and Ji Hoon tells him it is because Tae Hee slapped him the other day.

Ri Hwan talks about the kiss and how he thought he would think it might have felt strange but he actually liked it.bubbl0050010 Haeng Ah goes to visit Yi Seul who doesn’t want to see her and leaves her waiting outside- after a while she finally lets her in the office. Haeng Ah tells her she replace her bag and Yi Seul replies that she indeed should.

Haeng Ah brought her macarons and opens them up to share one but Yi Seul tells her she doesn’t really eat things that others have touched. Haeng Ah can see that Yi Seul is not in a good mood and leaves after leaving her small oranges that Ri Hwan gave her.
bubbl0050011 Haeng Ah meets Se Yeong and Joo soo who are on their way to the dentist. Haeng Ah asks why is Joo Soo with her and Se Yeong says it is her stylist on demand since she will be meeting clothing sponsors for a TV drama. Haeng Ah gives them oranges and leaves and they wonder why she looks so happy.

In the station, Jo Dong tells Tae Hee they have been recording a lot lately and she says that is because the guests’ schedule doesn’t fit with theirs. He asks her where Haeng Ah is and she tells him “should I open the pod B if she’s not in the pod A?” He wonders how she and Haeng Ah became friends in the first place anyway.


Tae Hee asks him to help her staple some papers and tells him that Haeng Ah was her dorm roomate. She didnt like her in the beginning as she was over friendly but once she injured her leg and wouldn’t have it treated. In the end when they arrived to the hospital Haeng Ah fainted and Tae Hee asked what her parents’ number was to call them. Haeng Ah told her she doesn’t have any, she smiled and apologized for the trouble. “How could I not be friends with her?” Jo Dong says that indeed Haeng Ah smiles even at times when she doesn’t have to.

In Yi Seul’s office Se Yeong asks her how she knows Haeng Ah. Yi Seul says it’s because of Ri Hwan. That reminds her of a drama where there was a similar situation that two people where pretending to be siblings but ended up dating in the end.

bubbl0050013In the hospital, Ri Hwan’s mom colleague asks her if she has any confusion lately or memory lapses. She tells him it is normal for her age and it’s not anything serious.

In her office she calls Haeng Ah because she wants to talk to her but when a nurse gives her a patient chart, she forgets about the call she made- when Haeng Ah texts her about the call being interrupted if she was busy she understands it’s time to get the test.

bubbl0050014Ri Hwan tells Ji Hoon he will go to see his Aunt in Secret Garden and possibly meet Haeng Ah; “You must be happy then” tells Ji Hoon.

In Secret Garden Haeng Ah gives Dong Hwa a lipstick gift she got from a department store she went to buy Yi Seul’s bag. Dong Hwa says how pretty Ri Hwan’s lips look, like they’re on constant lipstick. Haeng Ah says she doesn’t notice those things, as they have nothing to do with her.

bubbl0050015 Ri Hwan calls Haeng Ah but she doesn’t pick up the phone; her Aunt asks her if he bothers her being intrusive or anything but she says it’s fine. Dong Hwa gives her own cellphone to Haeng Ah who thinks it is her Aunt calling her but it turns out to be Ri Hwan.

He tells not to hang up because he will get inside. His feelings might have hit her sudden but it’s been a while since he’s been feeling like that. He will wait for her but he hopes it won’t be that long.bubbl0050016

Haeng Ah tells him that when she was young she had a dream she kissed Woo Bin. And because of that dream, she felt strange everytime she met him, thinking she liked him. It’s the same thing he’s going through right now.

Ri Hwan says this is not a dream- if anything, everything was a dream before he kissed her but now that he did, he woke up. And she should, too.bubbl0050017

In the station, Tae Hee tells Haeng Ah she should help with the advice section, writing a couple letters on her own, since the letters they have do not suffice.

“Worries are better off short” section starts and after some real letters being read, Tae Hee’s letters are read concerning both Ji Hoon and Jo Dong.bubbl0050018

Haeng Ah’s letter about Ri Hwan gets the response that if those two were friends they wouldn’t have kissed. Se Yeong argues that maybe it was because of alcohol and the advisor says then they should kiss again to make sure. “They’re probably dating anyway as we speak” he says.bubbl0050019Tae Hee sees Haeng Ah putting on some lipstick and asks her where she is heading- Haeng Ah says she’s going home and Tae Hee tells her if she has become aware of her lips since kissing Ri Hwan. Jo Dong grabs two oranges and goes to Seok Joon’s office to share them with him.


Yi Seul goes to see Ri Hwan. He’s glad he’s all healed now and she says she should buy him a meal to thank him. He doesn’t want it since it’s because of him that she was hurt but she insists.bubbl0050021

Ri Hwan says it’s about time he tells her the truth about his feelings for Haeng Ah but she interrupts him. He wonders if she got the wrong idea or he led her on but it is because he thought she wouldn’t like him that he was being kind to her like this- she says “why wouldn’t she get the wrong idea”? Is it because she’s not as good as Haeng Ah that she wouldn’t dare to like him?

Ri Hwan feels sorry and tells her that she ought to meet someone worthy of her. She replies that she doesn’t think they will be seeing each other anymore but then she gets a call that her grandpa is in critical condition.

Ri Hwan drives her there and she rushes to him but fortunately he’s not in such a bad shape as she initially thought.

Haeng Ah is going around circles in her apartment and seeing the things that Ri Hwan brought to her from Seok Joon’s place back to her she thinks of him.bubbl0050023

Ri Hwan tries calling her but she doesn’t pick up- instead she sends her a message that says “if I take a u-turn it’s my house; a left turn would be your house but if i go straight it’s the station. I’m gonna go straight.” implying he will wait for her there.bubbl0050024

Yi Seul’s mom ridicules her once more about her choice of clothing and Yi Seul yells at her saying this is not the time to be doing that.

Haeng Ah drinks the medicine Ri Hwan got her and, contemplating what to do while Ri Hwan waits at the car and Seok Joon tries calling her.bubbl0050025

Yi Seul tells her grandpa that she actually wants something; she thinks about earlier when Ri Hwan drove her there, that he was again kind to her and it is him that she actually wants.bubbl0050026Seok Joon goes to Haeng Ah’s apartment and rings her doorbell but it is revealed in the end that Haeng Ah had already departed for the station to find Ri Hwan waiting for her.

Reflection corner :

First of all, Ri Hwan-angelito’s face when he sees that Haeng Ah is right there though :


He wouldn’t light up like this if he had travelled the whole word as he says he wants to- but I guess this is the point. All those great things he wants to do, he wants to do them with Haeng Ah, otherwise they don’t matter to him.

Thank God, he didn’t beat around the bush and he stood firm and told her his feelings, crystal clear. “Meet me halfway” was his message and I think it got across to her in the end. He’s obviously much more clear and open about his feelings than Haeng Ah is, but you can pick a few subtle things concerning hers as well, that could be colored as romantic; her being in the apartment and noticing the things around her that were all connected somehow to Ri Hwan and being bothered (the kind of bothered that oozes from “ahhh, I really don’t wanna feel this but I actually kinda do!”) about it, her being self-aware about her lips and jumping when other people mentioned things relating to lips. It’s those kind of stuff that start to show us that Haeng Ah slowly tracks down the origin of what she now feels about Ri Hwan and how she can either develop it to something more or halt it completely.

That kiss changed everything in their dynamic, so let’s see how things will progress from now on, when both took that leap of romantic faith in their own way.


Yi Seul was jealous this episode, but I sorta get it; there is this guy that she opened herself up to, that is honest and nice to her (and initially a prospect marriage, even if that was tossed aside from both of them in the first meeting, still) and suddenly she sees him kissing another woman; the woman that is supposed to be his friend as both of them have confirmed for her.

I guess deep down inside she always knew that there was something more there, but it hurts much more when you confirm it and your wishful thinking dissolves like that.

But, what I don’t get is WHY THROW AWAY THE MACARONS, Sophia (I might actually start using my Sophia pics to show my absolute contempt about certain scenes from now in different dramas) is judging you for that.


Tae Hee’s lines were top hilarious in this episode once more- generally, I thought this episode was the funniest so far, it was effortesly very amusing. From the dialogues down to the setting of some scenes, to the advisor, to Ji Hoon singing, to Se Yeong’s face in the dentist. (we all have had that expression in the dentist office at least once, you know that pain!)


Onwards to episode 6, nearly halfway there!

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  1. Liera
    November 10, 2015 at 1:19 pm — Reply

    Thanks for recapping this drama. I enjoy your style of recapping.

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      You’re welcome and thank you!

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    The dentist was so darn scary into his episode. .thank God I did not have an appointment with her. Our poor radio host.

    The initial trailer made it look like their transition from friends to lover would be awkward buts things are moving quite smooth. I wonder what took them sooo long to realize their feeling for one another.

    Thanks for the recap…keep them coming 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    They really should go easy on the pink lipstick for LDW. Combined with the pink coat he looks like fluffy cotton candy on two sticks. 😛

  5. mary bethany
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    Regarding the scarred, scared and shaken HA, a very strong hint that she liked him already, will be when he went in for the first kiss. Her eyes was wide opened, but she didn’t pushed him away, she just sink into that moment. But when he went for the second and covered her eyes, she didn’t shoved him off immediately. She just allowed him to cover her eyes, she looked likes she has stopped breathing, frozen. When she spoke to Taehee right after, it’s still about defending “it’s not an incest thing… we are not real brothers sister-thingy”… not a single bit of worrying whether will Suk-joon BE MISTAKENED? I guessed it’s another story about the Main female Lead not knowing her heart which has already been given to the Main Male Lead while she gotten busy with waiting-waiting-waiting for Suk-joon. Even more tell tales signs when she was all alone in her apartment… that was when she discovered she can’t stop thinking about RH. Everything around her reminded her not of what she left behind at Sukjoon’s house, not the owner of that house she left, but the other person who helped to bring back her stuffs… LOL… and she laughed herself silly over her own obsession with every single object reminding her of RH. If he is just a brother, she won’t be so hard to face him, wouldn’t even look into his eyes. She will just showered him upside down with “dare you touch me again” threats and punches.

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