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Bubblegum Episode #4 Recap [aka tonight you arrested my mind when you came to my defense]

bubble040000001“Belief makes things true; things like you, you and I.”

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bubbl0401Continuing from the punch last episode, the scene opens just a bit before the punch- Haeng Ah wonders why Seok Joon closed the door behind them and if anyone saw them; “I tried so hard to keep our relatonship secret, it wouldn’t be fair if they saw us now” she says and he replies she has no reason to worry right now, that it wouldn’t be like the past where her work would be under scrutiny. The alarm rings and they both go out where Ri Hwan punches Seok Joon- Seok Joon punches him back.

Ri Hwan asks Haeng Ah if she is okay- “You are the one that’s not alright” Seok Joon tells him before he leaves the room. Jo Dong accompanies him and tells him he is surprised that Ri Hwan would cause a ruckus since “he seems like a nice church boy.” He says if the company bothers him, he could have his chaebol girlfriend buy it; Seok Joon asks him if Ri Hwan is indeed going out with someone and Jo Dong is positive he’s going out with Taeyang’s Group daughter who last year broke up with her fiance because he was cheating on her.
bubbl0402Ri Hwan tells Haeng Ah they should head for Tae Hee’s place, so she can stay there tonight because Seok Joon knows her apartment- he then asks her if she did anything to her but she says “he’s not like that.” Ri Hwan repeats twice how much he hates him and then thinks to himself “Hating a person I don’t even know well to this extent, means he is not the problem. That means there is a problem within my own heart” as he looks over to Haeng Ah.
bubbl0403Seok Joon calls Haeng Ah to no avail; Ri Hwan returns to his apartment and finds Ji Hoon awake.
“What are you doing awake at this hour, are you a zombie?” he asks him but Ji Hoon says he was thirsty for a water but turned out to be beer. Ri Hwan takes his beer and drinks it which prompts Ji Hoon to ask him what happened.

In Tae Hee’s place Haeng Ah is worried about what happened and Tae Hee tells her “Ri Hwan shouldn’t be alone tonight”. Haeng Ah gets up from the floor but Tae Hee tells her to sit down since Ji Hoon is still living with him he should be okay. Haeng Ah wonders if the incident will be reported to the president but Tae Hee tells her to calm down.bubbl0404 Ri Hwan tells to Ji Hoon how much he hates that “bar” that “he” goes- “they don’t even give you free food on your birthday” he says and Ji Hoon yells “bring the owner out!”. When Ji Hoon picks up on the fact that Ri Hwan is making parallels between the bar and Seok Joon he asks Ri Hwan “does Haeng Ah knows you’re like this?” He tries to make him feel better by proposing they go to battle cages or brush their teeth till their gums bleed but Ri Hwan decides he has to see Haeng Ah and make things right so he’s off to see her.
bubbl0405 Ri Hwan tells her what he did must have startled her but she tells him she’s fine and he shouldn’t worry; “I said I hated the guy, but if you like him..” Ri Hwan is interrupted before he completes his sentence when Haeng Ah reassures him she really wants to break up with Seok Joon and she thought about it thoroughly. Still, Ri Hwan reluctantly insists on that, but she says if she’d go after everything she wanted without caring about consequences she would end up ruined and possibly alone- without having him, even. Ri Hwan tells her that will never happen.

Haeng Ah says she wish she could go back to a simpler era- Ri Hwan wonders if he can help her on that and she says if she needs his help she will ask him for sure, like he did once back in school; they recount together an incident where they played the couple so an older scary girl would leave him alone.
bubbl0406 Haeng Ah says after the incident she felt stuffed on the chest so she tried pressing down on her palm on the spot he showed her once; Ri Hwan says that this is for indigestion and shows her the proper spot she has to stroke that is related to her heart and how many breaths she needs to take in order to calm down.bubbl0407 The following morning Haeng Ah tries to call Yi Seul but she doesn’t reply when she sees it’s her that’s calling.

In the station, Se Yeong complains about the humidifiers and how these days the heater is strong she’s getting wrinkles. Joon Soo tells her there’s no such thing as wrinkles in her face and she is amused by that. They enter the elevator and when Se Yeong sees Seok Joon in there she bluntly asks him to visit their program since they now changed their approach and want to invite people that they have an air of mystery around them. “There are rumours you beat up people when you were in school” she tells him and much to her surprise and Joon Soo’s, he tells her she might consider it if he meets with the producer, Haeng Ah.bubbl0408 In the hospital, Ri Hwan is waiting for his mother to go out to eat; they meet another doctor on their way that asks of her to bring back the chart of a patient she took. She goes back to her office to retrieve it and she’s having some visual problems along with a memory lapse as she can’t remember where she put the chart.

In the restaurant, his mom asks him if he met Yi Seul the other day- Ri Hwan says it was because she had a problem with her ankle and his mom tells him that he’s not the only Eastern Med doctor and she keeps visiting him because she likes him. Ri Hwan doesn’t pay attention to what his mom says and keeps bring up Haeng Ah and how she went to the hospital the other day something that infuriates his mother who blurts out “I thought she would get married at some point and would leave already; she’s like a dark shadow over you all the time.” Ri Hwan asks his mom if he has told anything similar to Haeng Ah, and brought up her painful past again, and she says “so what if I did?” Ri Hwan tells her that would make him not wanna see her again but his mom replies “That won’t happen, cause I am your mother; she practically has no relation to you.”

bubbl0409Yi Seul shops an expensive couples watch for her and Ri Hwan, the only one available in Korea.

In the station, Haeng Ah says how she keeps in touch with the girl that tried to jump off the roof and she’s doing alright and getting therapy having her mom by her side. Joon Soo interrupts their meeting to tell them that Seok Joon wants to see Haeng Ah and Tae Hee in his office something that makes Se Yeong ecstatic since she feels like she is the one that saved the programme. She tells Haeng Ah to rush and bring him to the program as soon as possible.
bubbl04010Seok Joon releases Tae Hee and Jo Dong and says he wants to talk to Haeng Ah in private; Haeng Ah tells him to follow her on the rooftop if he wants to talk alone with her.

Tae Hee asks Jo Dong why is Seok Joon behaving like that, when it’s over between him and Haeng Ah. Jo Dong says he’s a bit troubled because the union is targeting him while he is cleaning the president’s shortcomings and might seem uncaring and rude but he’s not bad. Surprisingly Tae Hee says she used to be his fan, he’s sexy afterall; Jo Dong tells her he’s nowhere near that and it’s just the suit and the hair something that makes Tae Hee smile.
bubbl04011Seok Joon asks Haeng Ah why she never really told him that she was lonely- she says she could never tell him since he first told her that he likes her because she understands how busy he can be. “Now that I know, things can change” he says but Haeng Ah replies that is unlikely to happen; he will keep on being busy, she will keep on needing him, he will get tired and the cycle will never end. At that time Seok Joon’s phone rings and he picks it up as Haeng Ah leaves him; he tries to hold her, but he removes his hand and goes away after telling him “Thank you and be well.”
bubbl04012In Ri Hwan’s clinic, Ri Hwan tells Yi Seul that he must be losing his ability to treat if her ankle is still bothering her; she tells him it’s not a bother, but rather a slight discomfort. He tells her she should keep visiting him till she feels completely healed- she should also accept Haeng Ah’s apology for her and the new bag she wants to buy her. Yi Seul says that’s not necessary but Ri Hwan says it is; she asks him if her drunk habits are usually that bad and he says they are and he is afraid one day she might find her in her washing machine.

At the same time, Ji Hoon is drunk and an indepedent designated driver offers to take him home- he gives him his keys happily.
bubbl04013 Haeng Ah starts chatting with a taxi driver after a bump, when the police is doing check points. The driver says it’s nice to see her smiley because usually customers are pouting when there are check points which makes it harder for the drivers. She picks her stuff that fell from the bump, but forgets her cellphone inside the taxi.

Ji Hoon wakes up to find his designated driver has left the scene and he is alone inside his car- the trafic policeman doesn’t really believe his story and is bringing him back to the station to confirm if he’s telling the truth.bubbl04014Ji Hoon calls Ri Hwan to act as his guarantor but he thinks that Ji Hoon is drunk or is playing a prank on him and tells him to be careful when returning home tonight. Ji Hoon calls Haeng Ah but a policeman picks up her cellphone instead.

Yi Seul asks Ri Hwan if he likes watches; he says they’re uncomfortable for him, since he has to use his hands all the time. This discourages her from telling him about the gift she got and that time Ji Hoon calls Ri Hwan again to tell him that Haeng Ah’s phone is in the police station.bubbl04015Yi Seul offers to drive Ri Hwan in the police department, since his car was taken by Ji Hoon- Ri Hwan says it’s fine but Yi Seul insists on driving him herself.

Tae Hee comes through to act as guarantor for Ji Hoon who tells her that he’s really innocent and the black box confirmed that. The policeman asks her if she is his girlfriend, she denies it but Ji Hoon says ” We did date though.”
bubbl04016 Tae Hee tells Ji Hoon that she actually came because she’s over him now, and seeing him won’t make her angry anymore. He asks her who’s the new guy she likes and she replies that it is a divorcee whose wife took his kids abroad  to study while she cheated on him; he doesn’t do stupid things, like getting drunk and going to different bars flirting with women every day. Ji Hoon asks Tae Hee if she slept with the divorcee guy and she slaps him telling him never to call her again.bubbl04017 Ri Hwan arrives to the police station and waves goodbye to Yi Seul who is dissatisfied about not being able to give him the watch. She drives back but sees Haeng Ah on the streets and decides to follow her.

The policeman asks Ri Hwan what is his relationship with Haeng Ah and he tells him it’s his little sister- the policeman says they have different last names and Ri Hwan explains that she’s not actually his sister but they grew up together since kids so it is the same thing. The policeman is not persuaded and at that time Seok Joon arrives and he claims to know Haeng Ah and he will deliver it to her; the policeman asks him to fill the forms before being able to give him the phone and then asks him for a handshake too.
bubbl04018 Ri Hwan asks Seok Joon to give him Haeng Ah’s phone; Seok Joon tells him to quit acting like his brother since he’s clearly not. Ri Hwan replies that that’s fine by him, he’s gonna be acting as a man around her from that day, so he should give him her phone then. Seok Joon asks him “Aren’t you seeing someone anyway?”, but Ri Hwan replies “Yeah, that is Haeng Ah.”

Haeng Ah arrives at that time and tells Seok Joon there’s nothing between them anymore and he should give her the phone back and that’s it. Seok Joon keeps holding the phone and she says he can keep it. Ri Hwan asks him to give it again, and Seok Joon says “You say you’re man to her then?” Haeng Ah says that they’re dating and he is a man to her and takes Ri Hwan to leave in order to avoid another fight. “Don’t lose your temper and don’t fight with him” she tells him.bubbl04019Seok Joon keeps calling Haeng Ah’s name as they get away and she tells Ri Hwan he should do something couple-ish so Seok Joon won’t have the pride to pursue her. Ri Hwan holds her hand but Seok Joon still calls to her.
bubbl04020Ri Hwan asks Haeng Ah if she was really serious about not wanting to be with Seon Jook anymore. She’s positive and Ri Hwan says “Then don’t be surprised by that” before he grabs and kiss her. And then kisses her again. Both Seok Joon and Yi Seol are surprised at the sight of the kiss.

Reflection Corner : 

Alright, should we talk about that kiss first? It was a pretty good darn kiss for a “fake”, wasn’t it? It went from “uum, what? —-> we should have done this a long time ago but I’ll take right now!”

Angelito took his chance, and even if it caught Haeng Ah by surprise in the beginning, she didn’t seem to object at all; in fact, it was quite the opposite. They both went for it; I am not sure if Ri Hwan thought “oh well, you asked me to help you didn’t you?” or “This is it!”, probably a mixture of both. Haeng Ah was all non chalant prior to the kiss, like “oh touch my hands, heck my butt even if that makes Seok Joon go away” but when kiss hit the fan, that all dissolved and it became their moment- they didn’t care about the place, the people looking at them, it was just them and that’s it. Has the romantic beast awakened from this? Probably, we will have to see how they will deal with it next episode. It wasn’t just a smooch, it was a full blown kiss, so it’s not something you can shrug off in a second.

But what I loved the most in this episode concerning the Bubblegum duo, wasn’t the kiss, but the fact that Haeng Ah was protective of Ri Hwan-angelito in a subtle yet strong way; up until now, we have seen Ri Hwan doing things for her (even exagerrated at times, granted) but this episode, it was her. The fact that she walked away from Saek Joon and dismissed his calls so blatantly [except the rooftop scene that was supposed to be a closure one] so she could avoid seeing him in order not to rile up Ri Hwan, speaks volumes; make no mistake, she didn’t just do that because Ri Hwan dislikes him that much, she has decided herself she wants to break up with Saek Joon cause of all the reasons she listed in the previous rooftop meeting (srsly what is up with that rooftop lol) but she stayed firm in her decision and avoided any mishaps because of that; she was even willing to let her cellphone there with Saek Joon so another fight wouldn’t break out between him and Ri Hwan. I just really liked that resolve of hers, that was fueled by her caring towards Ri Hwan.

Yi Seul started to really compete for Ri Hwan’s affection, seeing her from her insistence to drive him in the police station, picking a gift for him, trying to be around him altogether; her avoiding Haeng Ah is a bit confusing though. Is it because she doesn’t like her as she caused problems the last time they met, is it because she’s afraid that she actually might figure out that she’s really important to Ri Hwan, more than it shows, and that might hurt her? I am not sure at this point, but her following Haeng Ah in the end, came off a bit weird.

Ji Hoon and Tae Hee were fleshed out a bit more this episode, rather than just mere friends of the main duo; I am starting to like Ji Hoon, he was being a true friend when he realized that Ri Hwan is suffering, proposing all those crazy ideas lol (the gum thing, like whut?)


So Tae Hee really did take a liking to Jo Dong or she said that to Ji Hoon to spite him? Huh, I can’t tell.


Se Yeong was adorable as always, I always laugh out loud with her mannerisms and her amusing lines, she’s such a joy to watch.

Not sure what is going on with Ri Hwan’s mother though, is that a serious problem? Guess we’ll see. She’s gotta stop trying to dictate both Ri Hwan’s and Haeng Ah’s feelings though. If they want to love each other, let them love each other, what’s wrong with that? Unless there’s a family secret we don’t know as of yet, huuum. Nah, don’t think so. There couldn’t be right?

Anyways, great episode. There was a huge step towards the romantic route, so let us see how that will be ruined next week, cause you can’t expect it to be easy that early.


Onwards to episode 5!

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  1. Shuerei
    November 4, 2015 at 4:09 pm — Reply

    I thought it was a kiss worthy of Healer swoony. The whole thing was such a delight to watch. Hilarious and Hot. And he followed that with a bonus kiss. Wookie!!!!

    And I love HA – her anxious prodding: don’t look, don’t fight….quick grab my hand, my shoulder, my butt, take charge … hahaha and he certainly took charge. For a while I thought he was gonna continue to be dumb. But glad he turned around fast enough.

    • November 4, 2015 at 4:58 pm — Reply

      “It’s a beautiful feeeeeeling, what we’ve got deep insiiiide”
      Ah, Healer- I can’t express with words how much I love this drama. Definitely on my top-5 dramas of all time.

      Hehe, it definitely escalated from there; it was nice to see Haeng Ah taking care of Ri Hwan in her own way.
      And yep, I guess he was tired of all that waiting, found his opening and he went for a home run!

  2. Shuerei
    November 4, 2015 at 5:54 pm — Reply

    Home run! Yes! Finally. After years of playing goldfish and acting brother. I am glad the police is not around to witness the kiss otherwise he may arrest poor RW – from elder brother to younger brother to no brother to kissy brother.

    It’s also great to see that HA is not completely immune to RH as evident from the short therapy at the swings.

    It’s certainly easy to see why YS/LS is checking out HA constantly. She is plain and clumsy whereas HA is effortlessly gorgeous and graceful.

    I am wondering whether our chaebol lady is gonna end up making a deal with SJ to break up our couple….

  3. November 5, 2015 at 1:31 pm — Reply

    as of now, we clearly see that HA is not indifferent about RH, she has romantic feeling toward him, though it’s not that clear as RH’s feeling toward her. I love this drama, I love the way you write about How HA is protective over RH too, in her own way :))))

  4. Aigoo aigoo
    November 6, 2015 at 2:15 pm — Reply

    I am soo happy I found your website. I will continue to read your post and recap on bubblegum. Fighting 😆😆

  5. Shuerei
    November 8, 2015 at 7:13 pm — Reply

    Overall it’s Great great episode. The final scene was magical and I can’t wait for tonight’s episode….

    I wonder if by this time RH already knows the real problem of his heart? Or is he still wondering?

  6. November 10, 2015 at 2:28 pm — Reply

    so much feels. I cannot deal. Show keeps delivering the sweet and the fluff and the hurt and my heart can’t deal.I really like that I feel I understand every character. Not that my interpretation is right, but I don’t feel the need to come up with my own explanations for the characters” actions. Everything looks logical to me because they’re all very-well fleshed out as we keep finding out more about them.

    I was so scared during the last scene, though. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET? I know it was like midnight or 2 in the morning, so not a lot of traffic, but K-dramas have a long history of making characters getting hit by a car. I always hold my breath whenever a character crosses a street.

    I really like how Show deals with alcoholism. I’m even more surprised that it doesn’t burden the story. Show is just awesome.

  7. November 10, 2015 at 2:33 pm — Reply

    Ugh I pressed post before I finished. From what I understand about Yi Seul. I think she followed Haeng Ah to see if she would meet Ri Hwan. YS is falling for him, but she’s trying to figure out Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan’s relationship too. I don’t think… At keast I hope they won’t turn her into the petty and cliché evil 2nd lead.

  8. November 11, 2015 at 8:31 am — Reply

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