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“Just let them be.
It’ll become a part of their precious memories.
These are their school years and they probably have no good memories of them.”


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After the hug there was awkwardness in the air and Yeon Doo expressed her gratitude towards Ha Joon for appearing while she was scared. Ha Joon urged Yeon Doo to sit on the back of the bicycle and they started going back.

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Kim Yeol kept pressuring Soo Ah in order to find out what happened. Once again she lied pretending that she misunderstood Yeon Doo’s words and thought that she should return back first. Kim Yeol didn’t believe her, especially after she mentioned that Yeon Doo gave Soo Ah her bag willingly. He informed her that Yeon Doo had nothing to do with the video and if something happens to her she’ll be in serious trouble. Teacher Yang reported that Yeon Doo was missing and Kim Yeol didn’t inform him on what was going on with Soo Ah.

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Ha Joon was so happy riding the bicycle with Yeon Doo, but they fell and he put his handkerchief around her wound! The bicycle’s chain went off and Ha Joon let Yeon Doo sit on it while he was pushing it on their way back to the camping location. As for what happened, Yeon Doo doesn’t have a proper answer for now.

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Kim Yeol and teacher Yang were inside a car trying to find her. Teacher Yang had noticed the tension between Kim Yeol and Soo Ah and asked him if there’s a problem between Soo Ah and Yeon Doo but Kim Yeol didn’t invest in details for the time being.


Back at the camping everyone was trying to find Yeon Doo. Coach Nam arrived and she was overly worried about what was going on! Teacher Im urged everyone to calm down and stay together, but he noticed that Soo Ah was missing as well. She couldn’t help it but keep recalling Kim Yeol’s words.


Teacher Yang and Kim Yeol found Ha Joon and Yeon Doo. Kim Yeol was so concerned about Yeon Doo he couldn’t hide it. The moment he witnessed that her knee was wounded he lost the world underneath his feet and put all the fault on Yeon Doo.

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They’re back at the camping and Yeon Doo reassured them that she’s fine by now. Teacher Im was his usual self and Yeon Doo had to reassure him that she wasn’t playing around. She didn’t invest in details since she wanted to sort things out first.


Kim Yeol informed Soo Ah that Yeon Doo was back, but she kept insisting that Yeon Doo was the one who told her to go first. Kim Yeol urged her to talk about what really happened around the campfire, but she kept insisting that she has nothing to do with Yeon Doo and the USB. Kim Yeol emphasized on the fact that he can’t keep pretending that nothing happened and declared the beginning of the end. He was the one who acquired the CCTV footage, the only mistake he did was to borrow Yeon Doo’s pink post-it stickers.


Yeon Doo appeared and demanded explanations. She can’t stand Soo Ah’s attitude anymore since she deeply believes that she will never change. Yeon Doo emphasized on the fact that Soo Ah framed Kim Yeol because the teachers would have found out who had stolen the midterm exam questions. She can’t accept the fact that she doesn’t show any remorse about her actions and let her know that everything she’s done will come to the surface. Soo Ah simply warned Yeon Doo that she’ll never suffer because of someone like her.

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Kim Yeol was once again worried about Yeon Doo who wasn’t like her usual self. It’s just that she couldn’t endure Soo Ah’s wrongdoings anymore even though she was planning to let them slide. Yeon Doo will deal with Soo Ah in her own way and Kim Yeol will do the same from his own point of view, but he doesn’t want Yeon Doo to work on things she’s uncomfortable with.


Everyone’s around the campfire with teacher Yang playing the guitar and singing. Not everyone liked the song, but soon enough the overall mood became more playful! Only Soo Ah was missing, but she arrived eventually. The Real King members started performing their own choreography and shortly after the Baek Ho members followed them! Teacher Im wasn’t positive the way things were progressing, but teacher Yang wanted this to become a part of their memories.

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The truth game around the campfire was about to take place! However, the students weren’t that comfortable with the teachers’ presence! Even though teacher Im was ready to speak the truth and only the truth coach Nam and teacher Yang took him with them!


Teacher Im wasn’t satisfied since he wanted to partake in the game and teacher Nam wanted to drink some beer, but as a teacher she shouldn’t! Even though she doesn’t consider herself a teacher she truly is whereas teacher Yang was concerned for not being irreplaceable in his position. However, it’s not so easy for full-timers either and teacher Im unveiled his painful experiences with the headmistress and how much he hates her!


Hyo Sik asked Ha Joon about his first love, but he didn’t reply and he was punished with a heart on his cheek! Yeon Doo was enjoying the moment making Kim Yeol jealous!

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Ha Joon asked Dong Jae about his dream which was no other than overcoming his physical contact trauma. The girl he had pushed was Yeon Doo who was unconscious for three days. He’s not afraid that someone will get hurt by him, he’s afraid of hurting someone if he gets provoked. Even though he tried to get rid of his trauma it didn’t flow well up to this moment.


Soo Ah tried to leave, but Kim Yeol asked her why did she leave Yeon Doo behind. Soo Ah could hardly explain what happened, but Yeon Doo informed everyone that it must had been a misunderstanding.


Yeon Doo had already started feeling better thanks to Kim Yeol. She didn’t reveal the truth because she took everyone into consideration while trying to figure out how they’d feel. She’s well aware that Soo Ah did something very wrong, but Yeon Doo didn’t want to humiliate her in front of everyone. Kim Yeol thought that Yeon Doo made him feel like the bad guy in this story, but she was well aware that he’s not enjoying what he’s up to either. This one has to be Kim Yeol’s last chance towards Soo Ah.


Kim Yeol wanted to find out Soo Ah’s decision, but she was curious about why they didn’t reveal the whole truth. Kim Yeol emphasized on the fact that even though Soo Ah abandoned Yeon Doo she still protected her, but Soo Ah’s actual concern was whether Kim Yeol would continue or not. The answer was positive and Soo Ah started crying, but her tears would never be enough to resolve everything in front of Kim Yeol. She told him that she was scared because if she went back to the 2nd place her mother wouldn’t stand still. She acknowledged that she was wrong, but she couldn’t act otherwise because she was scared. All Soo Ah wanted was some time to talk to her mother in order to reveal everything and apologize to Yeon Doo. Kim Yeol gave her 3 days with the hope that she will take care of everything.

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Yeon Doo and Ha Joon’s scene was more than alive in Kim Yeol’s mind whereas Ha Joon couldn’t forget the moment Yeon Doo fell in his embrace! Kim Yeol, Yeon Doo and Ha Joon were out for a walk and she found Kim Yeol! He wondered if Yeon Doo couldn’t sleep because she was thinking of him him and the overall atmosphere became more playful However, this was the first time out of the campus after a long time and starting tomorrow they’ll be back at the school’s asphyxiating environment.


Kim Yeol informed her that he wanted to have fun with her but the flow of events had a different opinion! Kim Yeol was eagerly waiting to spend some time with her, but instead he was shocked in her absence. The moment he saw her safe and sound he felt guilty and he apologized for being upset with her instead of being angry at himself. Yeon Doo acknowledged that he was worried about her and Kim Yeol confessed that he wanted to be the first one to find her and hug her. He doesn’t want to secretly worry about her and he confessed that he likes her. There was awkwardness in the air while Kim Yeol was waiting for her answer but Ha Joon arrived and urged them to eat with him!

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The next morning had arrived and everyone was practicing! Soo Ah was missing, but teacher Im informed them that she was resting because she didn’t feel well while she was trying to have access to Kim Yeol’s tablet. The trip had reached the end and all of them were happy they were a part of it! Even though some incidents occurred it wasn’t all that bad and teacher Yang hoped that they will treasure these memories in the future. Kim Yeol became aware that Soo Ah was searching his belongings and all he did was to smile at her!


Soo Ah tried to reveal the whole truth in front of her mother who thought that Soo Ah was being overran by fear now that Kim Yeol was back at school. The conversation reached the end as her mother urged her to keep the first place at all costs. The instructor had already found out that Kim Yeol is the one who had the CCTV footage in his possession, but she didn’t inform Soo Ah’s mother. She will do so under urgent circumstances and she became aware that Kim Yeol threatens Soo Ah with the CCTV footage in order for her to reveal the whole truth. The instructor can’t let that happen since it would ruin Soo Ah’s Ivy League application in case she got punished for stealing the exam and unjustly accusing a classmate. Soo Ah wants to take care of everything within these three days by vanishing Kim Yeol’s video.

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Yeon Doo’s mother and Kim Yeol’s father are out for a walk and he can’t get marriage out of his mind! Yeon Doo’s mother wanted to simply keep dating him, but breaking up would never be an option for these two. Yeon Doo’s mother made him a better person after him helping realize what Kim Yeol had to go through all these years. However, he urged her to eat altogether with Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo this weekend!


Soo Ah kept searching for the video but Kim Yeol appeared and she simply had to leave the Baek Ho library since she was nervous! Yeon Doo appeared and Soo Ah pretended that she wasn’t feeling well. Yeon Doo simply couldn’t believe her since she can study with nosebleed all night long and be fine the next day and she would never let Soo Ah out of the game during a day when they would pick their positions.


Some members of the cheerleading team entered the library and they were trying to figure out what was going on. Yeon Doo informed Soo Ah that even though she’s got two more days everything can change based on what she does. Coach Nam and teacher Yang arrived and Yeon Doo informed them that Soo Ah will practice with them! One of the figures didn’t go well, but Yeon Doo reassured everyone that she was fine.


Kim Yeol recognized that Yeon Doo pretended to have threatened Soo Ah in order to make her practice. All Yeon Doo wants is to stop Soo Ah from what she’s up to as she’s well aware of how much she must be suffering. Kim Yeol complied and the moment to talk about themselves had arrived! He was jealous of her being close with the other guys while practicing, but she emphasized on the fact that things like that happen while cheerleading! Kim Yeol wanted her to keep her distance from them and the only one she can touch from now on is himself!

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Kim Yeol thought that she was playing hard to get whereas Yeon Doo was amused with the fact that he was actually jealous! Soo Ah appeared and urged Yeon Doo to keep everything a secret for the remaining two days despite the fact that Yeon Doo thought that she should start reflecting before confessing everything.

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Teacher Im’s teaching approach seems to have changed after the camping trip and Soo Ah asked him to let her go to the infirmary since she wasn’t feeling well! Teacher Yang asked another teacher to be more lenient towards the students partaking in the competition even if he will receive complaints from their parents in case their grades drop a bit.

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On his way out teacher Yang noticed Soo Ah in the typical high school villain uniform and followed her. She went inside Kim Yeol’s room and she found the USB, but teacher Yang arrived and witnessed the video. He didn’t get to see it as a whole since the USB fell on the bed and teacher Yang asked her to talk to him about it later on.


Soo Ah went to find her cigarettes, but she was nowhere to be found once teacher Yang entered the classroom. Now that teacher Yang noticed the video things just got more difficult and it will get tougher for her to keep it a secret from her mother if everyone finds out what happened. The instructor urged Soo Ah to go back to school and apologize to teacher Yang, but she should also find out what Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo are up to.


Ha Joon went to meet Kim Yeol whereas Dong Jae and Hyo Sik had already noticed that Ha Joon was becoming more interested in cheerleading after the camping! Hyo Sik sat on the USB and once he watched it he found out what really happened and took it with him. He watched the video along with Da Mi on Yeon Doo’s laptop and everything started making more sense.

bscap0754bscap0750bscap0751 bscap0756

Soo Ah’s back at school and she apologized once teacher Yang appeared in front of her. Da Mi had uploaded the video and everyone started talking about it, but the fact that it was uploaded from Yeon Doo’s account made things more complicated! Da Mi was apologetic for using Yeon Doo’s account, but she didn’t regret uploading the video and everyone started taking her side one after the other.

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Yeon Doo went to find Soo Ah who slapped her right away! Yeon Doo informed her that she wasn’t the one who uploaded the video and Soo Ah started screaming since Yeon Doo didn’t keep her promise! Soo Ah grabbed Yeon Doo from the shirt and threw her down the stairs, but Kim Yeol managed to grab her. He did save Yeon Doo, but he was unconscious and bleeding on the floor.

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~ Thoughts ~

Despite its 3% in terms of ratings, Sassy Go Go was gradually preparing us for its first grandiose emotional climax which hit us at the very end of the 9th episode. Things are bound to get even more tense as the drama steadily reaches the end and the preview of the 10th episode was leaning towards that direction. I deeply hope that the heartache will cease existing by the end of the 10th episode and moments of bliss will start unveiling themselves during Sassy Go Go’s last airing week.


Ha Joon was happy finding Yeon Doo safe, but she was also glad and thankful towards him for making her lonely fears finally reach an end. We could also witness his silent bliss which was carved on his face while riding the bicycle with Yeon Doo on the back! However, he was mainly daydreaming in the middle of the night rather than paying attention to bicycling and they fell!


Actually, their scenes together were cuteness overload! It was all over the place from Ha Joon tying his handkerchief around her wound to Yeon Doo’s trembling voice and Ha Joon’s sincere smile along with the safe zone he formed for her by simply being with her! I am shipping Yeon Doo and Ha Joon in a parallel universe while my main ship remains Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo! Sassy Go Go, why are you doing this to us? This is emotional terrorism!

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Once again, Soo Ah tried to hide herself in her chamber of lies, but Kim Yeol could read through the lines. Soo Ah always manages to betray everything she’s done because she’s got certain facial expressions every time she’s done something wrong and Kim Yeol’s mind is sharp enough to keep pacing with the flow of events.


The moment Kim Yeol found Yeon Doo his mind had stopped spinning. He had already lost the world underneath his feet while worrying about her and his outburst was just the opposite reflection of how he was actually feeling. Uttering that the reason why she went missing was Yeon Doo’s fault made everyone stare at him since they couldn’t conceive how this accusation could ever be true. He apologized later on and one who’s been in such a worried and stressful state of mind would understand that he couldn’t have meant everything he said back then. The only one he could accuse eventually was no other than himself.


Soo Ah had a face to face confrontation with Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo in a row. She didn’t only become aware that Kim Yeol was behind the post-it stickers, he also informed her that he was willing to see it to the very end. Yeon Doo had also reached the assumption that someone like Soo Ah wasn’t bound to change no matter how hard she was trying to turn a blind eye on Soo Ah’s wrongdoings. The fact that Soo Ah was only progressing her own plans in an even more harmful and remorseless way made Yeon Doo start her own crusade to bring this ill-natured reign to an end.


Kim Yeol realized that Yeon Doo acted differently this time, but everything that was going on kept piling in deep within and she eventually erupted once Soo Ah passed the point of no return; for one more time. Kim Yeol knows himself, but he knows Yeon Doo as well. He’s willing to deal with Soo Ah in his very own way, but he urged Yeon Doo to face her in any way she wants to as soon as she won’t feel uncomfortable with it. It was an indirect whisper of something like “keep being yourself and i’ll be the one to progress the righteous but burdening part of the story since i can handle it for both of us.”


Teacher Im was a humble revelation throughout the 9th episode! At first he was like his usual self, but as time was passing by he was surrendering to the vibes of the surrounding environment! I bet he doesn’t even recall the last time he felt so lively in order to try to partake in the truth game at all costs with so much passion! I don’t sympathize with his attitude up to recently, but we got to see that he’s not just the headmistress’ right hand. He’s a common full-timer who tries to maintain his position by being closer to the one wielding the power at his work environment. He didn’t only express how much he hates the headmistress, but he also revealed a part of her daily habits! After they went back to school we could witness a change in his attitude and i deeply hope that the camping trip was a mind-awakening experience that will keep him hilarious, but in a more positive tone!


The truth game was intriguing and we could easily witness that its climax would be with the revelations around Soo Ah. Ha Joon may not have answered about his first love, but it was omnipresent that it was Yeon Doo. The heart on his cheek was making him feel awkward, but once Yeon Doo smiled at him and gave him the thumbs up he could actually smile! One way or another, the truth game was Yeon Doo oriented even though she wasn’t directly questioned. She was always a part of the answers and we found out that the girl Dong Jae had pushed back in the days was no other than Yeon Doo. He may not had been able to mend his trauma, but he’s got the support of his classmates and that’s essential for his condition. There’s the will to treat himself, but there’s also the acceptance of his condition by the people around him. All that remains is for him to walk steadily in the path lying ahead without the fear of others getting hurt.


The moment Kim Yeol urged Soo Ah to unveil the whole truth her glass empire started shattering as she was unable to utter a complete sentence that would make sense. The end had arrived, but Yeon Doo managed to offer her a helping hand for the time being. It may had seemed like noble idiocy and it kind of was to be honest, they could have dealt with Soo Ah once and for all, but this isn’t what Yeon Doo stands for and Kim Yeol paced with her flow remaining loyal to his advice.


Yeon Doo’s definitely not a selfish person and she always takes others into consideration. Even in Soo Ah’s case she tried to put herself in her position to find out how she would feel and it wouldn’t had been the most pleasant experience had she revealed the whole truth in front of everyone. The campfire company would have turned into a people’s court ready to announce Soo Ah’s guilt in a blink of an eye, but this is not what Yeon Doo was looking forward to. All Yeon Doo wants is to witness if she’ll be able to help Soo Ah repent for her wrongdoings and why not, become a better person.


Soo Ah isn’t a person one should trust and she put up yet another act in front of Kim Yeol. What’s truly remarkable is the fact that once someone demands explanations from her or accuses her she doesn’t really answer, she presents yet another question to find out more information that could help her in her ongoing plan. The fact that Yeon Doo helped her entered from her right ear and exited from the left one right away, what she really wanted to know was if Kim Yeol’s still willing to see it to the very end. Once she received a positive answer i have to admit that her tears weren’t full of lies, but her attitude was.


Kim Yeol would never step back and the most he could do was to give her three days in order to resolve everything with her mother and reveal the whole truth on her own. Through her tears one could witness the fear that was overrunning her even at the thought of her mother finding out everything. It’s a relationship based on absolute decisions on her mother’s behalf while Soo Ah’s in a constant state of fear trying to accomplish her mother’s tasks one after the other. This is how she was raised and this is how she was taught and based on the monstrous way her mother kept nurturing her she eventually became a monster herself. The thing is, even though she’s a victim herself, her personal line of victims grows in numbers. Her full of negativity and conspiracy face after Kim Yeol left was highly representative of the fact that her tears were only living up to her fear’s expectations.


The nighttime was filled with a wide variety of feelings for our beloved triangle. Kim Yeol was lost in his own jealous thoughts, Ha Joon was sailing in his silent oceans of bliss and Yeon Doo was trying to maintain herself in this maelstrom.


  1. Kim Yeol stated that this was their first day but last night at the same time.
  2. Yeon Doo mentioned that this was the first time they left the campus after a long time and one day later they’d go back to the school’s asphyxiating environment.
  3. Teacher Yang wanted them to treasure all these memories since their days at school are quite blurry while they were supposed to be filled with brightness.


The aforementioned statements prove the harsh and gray face of education which keeps creating tomorrow’s working slaves and leading figures without taking into consideration their own dreams and the fact that they deserve to live like vibrant adolescents at the present. Even if their present gets erased as a sacrifice to an even more uncertain future one day for them to breathe was more than welcome.


There was a heartfelt confession on Kim Yeol’s behalf. He was craving for the camping trip in order to be able to spend some time by Yeon Doo’s side out of these many four walls they have found themselves imprisoned at school. It was the most sincere moment of his feelings and he didn’t only reveal his longing which was overshadowed by the sudden turn of events, he also unveiled the fact that he usually expresses himself through the opposing prism even though he sees things differently. He wants his caring attitude and affection to be directly addressed towards Yeon Doo from now on and he finally told her that he likes her.


We all know how much he wanted to find her first and take her in his embrace, something Ha Joon did, but the fact that he mentioned it made his confession even more powerful. I liked Lee Won Geun’s presentation of a confession through Kim Yeol’s prism, he was being himself with his very own facial expressions while being overly sincere at the same time! He may not have received an answer from Yeon Doo, but he probably filled his stomach after Ha Joon’s proposal which ruined Kim Yeol’s confession and cleansed Yeon Doo’s awkwardness respectively!


Truth be told, Soo Ah tried to inform her mother on everything that had happened, but her mother’s translation was always being led by her very specific blinders and she conceived Soo Ah’s failed confession as a weakness she must overcome in order to maintain the first place. Soo Ah could only set aside any glimpse of remorse that may had started appearing and she thought that the only harmless way out for her was to find the video and vanish it once and for all.


I sincerely don’t get Kim Yeol’s father. It’s true that Yeon Doo’s mother made him a better person with her insightful approach on how a parent should be and helped him see what Kim Yeol was going through all these years, but this doesn’t mean that he immediately got to know his son. On top of that, he neither apologized while admitting how wrong he was was nor he tried to palpably approach his son and work on their relationship. He’s still at the starting point for me while he thinks that he solved all of his problems, but honestly, he gives me the impression that he uses his past with his son in order to get married to Yeon Doo’s mother at all costs. I really can’t help it but see him as a facile adult who doesn’t really put an effort in getting to know Kim Yeol while he’s doing his best to get married as he enforces the steps Yeon Doo’s mother should walk upon while she’s still taking into consideration Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol on her own.


Kim Yeol knew that Yeon Doo would never threaten anyone even if that person was Soo Ah. Once again, he could read through the lines and acknowledged that Yeon Doo did it for the team’s well-being at a turning point where not everything was flowing well whereas at the same time all of their efforts could get ruined in a blink of an eye right before the team would present a more specific formation.


And it was about time he would openly unveil his jealousy which had been overrunning him for quite a few episodes! He didn’t only think that she was flirting, she wanted her to stay away from the team’s guys since he doesn’t approve of her being so close to them! Kim Yeol wants the privilege of skinship for himself without taking into consideration that cheerleading unavoidably brings people closer together! It was hilarious how Kim Yeol thought that Yeon Doo was acting hard to get while she couldn’t stop laughing at the thought of Kim Yeol feeling jealousy since it’s not like himself!


Soo Ah had entered a maniacal mode in a search and destroy mission under her instructor’s lead so that her mother wouldn’t find out everything. She may had been able to find the USB, but she hadn’t taken into consideration that she’s not alone inside the school and someone could actually notice her! While the USB was lying on the bed and teacher Yang had started realizing that something was very wrong the flow of events were ahead of Soo Ah for the very first time. The video was out there for everyone to see and since Da Mi had uploaded it from Yeon Doo’s account things got perplexed a bit more.


Soo Ah succumbed to violence the moment she saw Yeon Doo and the fact that she didn’t take into consideration her warning made her lose control to the extent of not paying attention to everything Yeon Doo had to say. Everything had collapsed and the sickening urge to kill someone we had already witnessed before became more palpable as she threw Yeon Doo down the stairs. Kim Yeol was there for her once again and he was faster than Ha Joon this time. While the school was already a crime scene with everything remaining in the shadows, Kim Yeol being unconscious and bleeding on the floor was an incident which had the potential to shake the school’s foundations with justice. He always puts his life on the line for her, always unconditionally, always with love without taking himself into consideration.


Judging from the preview, all of the students will be against Soo Ah since the truth has been revealed and she tried to kill Yeon Doo and ended up harming Kim Yeol. Yeon Doo and Ha Joon’s concerns over Kim Yeol’s health will devour them and Kim Yeol’s father and Yeon Doo’s mother won’t have to wait for the weekend to eat with their children since the circumstances brought them at the hospital. It could be a palpable chance for Kim Yeol’s father to get closer to his son.


The only person who will be by Soo Ah’s side will be Dong Jae, not because he applauds of her actions, but because he understands what she’s going through. She will feel alive for the very first time doing things she had never imagined. Her mother will reassure her that she’ll keep everything that happened a secret in order to protect her credentials, but not her daughter herself. Even when Soo Ah was craving for her to appear as her mother for the very first time, this didn’t happen and she will probably attempt to end her own life. Sadly, such “parents” understand only when the “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” factor takes place. Come forth, 10th episode!


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung for dramajjang.wordpress.com.
The original Sassy Go Go recaps can be found only here:


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  1. November 3, 2015 at 5:38 pm — Reply

    you are so kind! i was sooo annoyed with this episode and i’m frankly scared to watch 10! from what my tl on twitter says i may throw things! we can now add theft, cheating, running scams, and last but not least, attempted murder (!!!) to the other light story arcs of self harm, suicide, physical & psychological abuse, molestation, trauma, deceit, corruption & greed. not to mention that the sociopath is obviously gonna get redemption; there’s an unnecessary love triangle AND the possibility of the parents marrying thus ruining the lovely otp; the best part of this story by far. arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.
    that said, still adore the actors in this so i will stick with it for them. but a pox of the writers’ houses.

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      You should watch it ^^ I guarantee you, it’s actually not that bad since I already watched it on Viki. It’s actually a positive effect on Soo Ah’s side. I can give you three spoilers. Yeol’s dad got to meet Yeon Doo face to face in Yeol’s hospital room, but unfortunately, Yeon Doo’s mom didn’t get to meet the three of them together. Two is that Dong Jae got to overcome his fear of physical contact now 🙂 And three is Yeon Doo and Yeol kissed in this episode 🙂

      • November 3, 2015 at 11:40 pm — Reply

        Haha! I will…..i have to be in the right frame of mind with comfort food or at least good coffee 😊 tres annoyed with the so called writer tho and i know some of whats coming!

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