30 Nov 2015

Golden Rec – One Million Stars Falling from the Sky Review [This World Is Only Gonna Break Your Heart]

Second stop of my Kimutaku re-marathon is One Million Stars Falling From The Sky; a suspenseful, mysterious drama written by the brilliant Kitagawa Eriko, who never fails to deliver a commanding-attention script, be it a simple story or a much more complex one; in this case, it is a mix

30 Nov 2015

Sweet Savage Family ~ Episode 4 Review ~ Dramajjang

“We are lovers from now on. It means i am your owner and you are my servant. If you understand, say yes.”

29 Nov 2015

Okitegami Kyoko No Biboroku Episode # 7 Review [Because You Saved My Life Once]

(so know I’m gonna stay right here, I’ll sit by your side.)

28 Nov 2015

Sweet Savage Family ~ Episode 3 Review ~ Dramajjang

“You spill soup and i get messy. It happens all the time, so i’m fine with that. But if it involves my family it’s a different story.”

27 Nov 2015

Siren Episode # 6 Recap [My Echo is the Only Voice Coming Back]

(my shadow is the only friend that I have.)

26 Nov 2015

Sweet Savage Family ~ Episode 2 Review ~ Dramajjang

“A bad movie can be made with a good script, But a good movie can’t be made with a bad script.”

25 Nov 2015

Golden Rec – Pride Review [I Get Up and Nothing Gets Me Down]

Pride follows the story of Haru (Halu) Satonaka, captain and star player of Blue Scorpions Hockey Team, as he tries to cope with the sport’s demands, friendship, love and his constant craving for lollipops.