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“How can you protect me when you can’t even dodge tissues?”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung for dramajjang.wordpress.com.
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Alright, the 2nd episode introduced more characters who are either related to our main duet already or they gradually become essential for the flow of the storyline! The occult police officer Fuyuno (Yuta Hiraoka) was priceless and more of a superstitious figure rather than someone who would seriously investigate a crime! I was also glad to witness Mei Nagano for one more time after her heartwarming interpretation in Platonic. In Teddy Go! she portrays Ann, Yasuo’s daughter.


The man who followed Kazuko was no other than the police officer Fuyuno who had noticed Riku’s teddy bear! Yasuo wanted to communicate with him but so did Fuyuno, but Kazuko was the only one to hear Yasuo’s voice! After melting at Fuyuno’s presence, Kazuko had to follow him to meet Riku who neither speaks nor smiles/cries after the death of his parents.

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Yasuo thought that they must find out the motive of the culprit and the Takai Cram School teachers were the most suspicious of all. On their way out they noticed teacher Ohashi who was about to meet Riku and shortly after they started keeping an eye on teacher Furuya. Only Yasuo and Kazuko were spying on him because Fuyuno was concerned because he couldn’t hear Yasuo’s voice! Yasuo’s assumption was that teacher Furuya owed money to the murdered couple.


Fuyuno informed Kazuko on Yasuo’s daughter, Ann. Every time Yasuo was on stakeouts he would listen to her favorite music, but he would also attend her concerts even though he was pretending he was unable to do so because he was working. The moment Fuyuno thought that Yasuo was a great father Kazuko cast a spell on him since she thought that Fuyuno would become an even better one! Their romantic encounter was interrupted by a phone call and Fuyuno had to leave!

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Yasuo and Kazuko followed teacher Furuya inside the Museum of Sexuality and there were pixels everywhere for obvious reasons! Being alone in there with a teddy bear in her hands would make Kazuko look weird and she left immediately. That’s when they noticed Ann with a boy at a nearby cafeteria! Yasuo got overly crazy the moment Kazuko thought that they’d visit the museum!

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Teacher Furuya was indeed in debt and the loan sharks were beating him up! Kazuko pretended that the police had arrived in order to save him and everything started pointing towards Yasuo’s arch assumption even more.


Later on that night Kazuko gave up after the latest incident. She was afraid that she could eventually get hurt and Yasuo would be unable to protect her. She gave Teddy to Fuyuno who promised to continue her task while still trying to listen to Yasuo’s voice!

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All of a sudden, Ann sat next to Kazuko who started talking to her about her father, Yasuo! However, Ann was thinking that Yasuo was a workaholic who never took into consideration his own daughter. She believes that almost nothing has changed at home after he passed away. In the meantime, Fuyuno was trying to summon Yasuo’s voice through his own ritual!

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Kazuko started considering her uncle’s offer, but she found teacher Sumiyoshi on her way to the restaurant. She mentioned the admissions brokerage and he admitted it. Teacher Furuya was threatening the murdered couple and once teacher Ohashi, who keeps visiting Riku out of guilt, found out everything he wanted a further explanation, but two days later the couple was found dead.


Fuyuno referred to a USB with important information and Kazuko emphasized on Yasuo’s thoughts that nobody commits suicide after buying a new and expensive pair of shoes! Fuyuno urged Kazuko to join him in the investigation for Riku who is catatonic ever since his parents died because he thinks that their moneymaking method was illegal.


They must uncover the whole truth and if Kazuko finds herself in danger Fuyuno will be the one to protect her! She temporarily exchanged her own teddy bear with Riku’s Teddy in order to obtain Yasuo’s help and she promised to work hard to clean his parents’ name.


All they have to do is to find the USB and Yasuo became aware of the fact that his daughter keeps misunderstanding him and that her CD player is broken anew, but he can’t fix it this time! The moment Teddy fell off the stairs Fuyuno caught it, but Yasuo asked for Kazuko’s help since his previous experience with Fuyuno’s occult ritual wasn’t the most pleasant one!


Fuyuno had promised to protect Kazuko, right? He gave her a charm and tried to cleanse Teddy’s body! He sensed a power spot and started singing as a part of his ritual while urging Kazuko to do the same, but all she could think of is that life can be hard sometimes for some people!

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Truth be told, not many things can happen within 19 minutes. However, Teddy Go! flows pleasantly as if it was presenting a regular drama through particular shortcuts but with surgical precision. Its fast forward pace won’t let you get tired, it keeps remaining hilarious and every now and then it either embeds slight feels or strengthens its quirky mystery!


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung for dramajjang.wordpress.com.
The original Teddy Go! reviews can be found only here:


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