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“There’s no such thing as always being okay in this world.”

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The post-cheerleading message was delivered and the whole team along with coach Nam and teacher Yang are celebrating even though some slight mistakes occurred! Everyone’s celebrating except for Soo Ah while teacher Yang is concerned about his students getting harmed. The scene got quite emotional, but coach Nam managed to bring the bright mood back to the surface!

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Jae Young and Na Yeon had their chance to apologize for their wrongdoings and teacher Yang was thankful towards them, but also to everyone for their performance. Only Soo Ah had nothing to say to the teacher, but she had something to say to Yeon Doo and it was no other than her belief that Yeon Doo won’t be triumphant up to the very end. The headmistress accompanied by teacher Im entered the Baek Ho library and she expressed her discomfort for teacher Yang’s presence right away.

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The headmistress called Yeon Doo, Jae Young and Na Yeon to her office and Yeon Doo urged them to say that she made them to do it. Before arriving at the office Ha Joon, Kim Yeol and eventually the rest of the team appeared and took full responsibility since they took part in the plan. As expected, there was everyone except for Soo Ah. The headmistress would be unable to transfer so many students and her intentions were set aside for the time being while the Education Office will work on teacher Yang’s case’s re-investigation.

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Ha Joon still has the medicine Yeon Doo gave to him and he’s actually happy about it. Kim Yeol was surprised that Ha Joon was that brave even though chances were high the headmistress would call his father. As for why he did it, just because since he couldn’t step back while having already witnessed Yeon Doo’s righteous course so far. It’s something that left Kim Yeol speechless and quite thoughtful dare I say.

bscap3129 bscap3132bscap3133

The re-investigation is in progress and Jae Young told the whole truth and Na Yeon agreed. Only Soo Ah had nothing to say, but the outcome was that teacher Yang was declared innocent! Even though he returned back to school, there are only two months left for him and the headmistress imposed her power upon him. However, now that teacher Yang’s contract is about to end he feels even stronger in progressing his just cause as opposed to the way he was feeling when he wanted to renew his contract and he wasn’t that courageous! Until his contract is over, teacher Yang reassured the headmistress that he won’t let her progress her unjust decisions such as transferring Yeon Doo.

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Yeon Doo, Kim Yeol and Ha Joon greeted back teacher Yang and the ambiance got brighter as he got invited to their personal party! Kim Yeol kept eating from Yeon Doo’s dish, teacher Yang was hilariously declaring his and Ha Joon’s solo status in front of Kim Yeol’s flirting attempts whereas Ha Joon was silently hanging in there!

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Somebody ruined Tae Pyung’s notebooks and his sanity went on a trip while Yeon Doo couldn’t accept the fact that some students put to ruin others’ efforts in such a despicable way! Kim Yeol appeared right away and handed over to Yeon Doo and Dong Jae his personal notes! All Yeon Doo has to do is treat him to food!


Kim Yeol was helping Yeon Doo study, but sleep was one of her strong allies in these attempts! Kim Yeol asked her why did she come to this school even though she knew it would be tough for her and she did that because it was her mother’s wish since she raised her on her own. In a manner of speaking, Yeon Doo regrets granting her that wish because her mother keeps paying for the tuition while she’s constantly on the 196th place. Kim Yeol strictly believes that Yeon Doo will climb up the grade ladder with his help and her lucky charm, a cat with a heart on her cellphone, will be by her side during the exams! Jae Young arrived to study as well whereas Soo Ah had occupied the whole bathroom for her studying process and nosebleed made its appearance!

bscap3152 bscap3151bscap3150 bscap3154

Midterm exams are gradually approaching and helping teams have been forged! Kim Yeol is actually glad they are all together even though they don’t have to practice and everyone’s enjoying the overall ambiance except for Soo Ah who wants them to remain silent! She eventually left the room once Kim Yeol’s name and the fact that he’s number one became a part of the conversation!


Nosebleed was there once again and teacher Yang rushed to her aid and urged her to think of her health as well. Soo Ah’s attitude didn’t change, but teacher Yang was already aware of how lonely she is and urged her to see him whenever she’s having a hard time. However, even if she needed his help there’s no time for something like that.


Kim Yeol keeps helping Yeon Doo, but sleep’s always on the horizon and things aren’t flowing as expected! Seeing her asleep, Kim Yeol could only smile and hide the sun from her face with his notebook! He created a fortress of notebooks and left a post-it sticker on her forehead asking her out to see a movie with him after the exams!

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Inside the classroom, Kim Yeol messaged Yeon Doo asking her why she didn’t reply to his invitation and teacher Yang took her cellphone! She will get it back after the midterm exams and he didn’t want to listen to anything she had to say!

 bscap3165bscap3164 bscap3166

Yeon Doo can’t sit for the exam without her lucky charm and once the teachers left for lunch Kim Yeol entered their office and took it back! However, one of the teachers caught him and he had to leave it there! Hyo Sik found Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo together again and he interviewed them about their relationship with the overall ambiance becoming playful!

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It’s teacher Im’s hour and he made fun of Yeon Doo studying hard! The moment to give them the results of the essay exam had arrived and once again Kim Yeol got the highest score! Soo Ah wouldn’t let it slide and she asked teacher Im what she did so wrong to get the second place to receive the answer that she shouldn’t worry even though Kim Yeol’s essay was magnificent! She wanted to see Kim Yeol’s essay, but once Hyo Sik and his friend pushed teacher Im by mistake he left his belongings on the ground and started chasing after them.

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Soo Ah found the chance to steal his USB with the midterm exam questions and teacher Im lost his mind! The teacher who had caught Kim Yeol inside the office informed teacher Im on the incident. Teacher Yang urged him to try to remember when he lost it, but teacher Im didn’t want to listen to anything. Soo Ah copied the questions to her laptop and threw the USB in the trash can.

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Once she became aware of the teachers’ conversation she took the USB anew and put it inside Kim Yeol’s schoolbag. Teacher Im appeared and once he searched his bag he found the USB. Even though Kim Yeol denied the accusations a further investigation will take place and Kim Yeol’s father has to be present.


Soon, everyone started talking about it and Kim Yeol’s first place was getting questioned. Ha Joon tried to take his side, but Yeon Doo was the first one to do so. She referred to the fact that they can only talk behind his back and wondered if they’d be happy if their grades would get higher with less competition. She reminded them that he may not be the most pleasant person on earth, but he wouldn’t do anything like that. She asked them to trust him for the team’s sake while everyone else was criticizing.

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Kim Yeol’s father arrived and the investigation has began. His father asked for proof and the headmistress referred to Kim Yeol being the only one inside the office while teacher Im added that the USB was found in his schoolbag. The headmistress proposed a 20-day suspension, but his father proposed a 30-day community service. Kim Yeol started laughing since they didn’t even ask him a single question and wondered the reason of his presence inside the room. Kim Yeol asked his father to build the school’s rear gate in exchange for the community service and left the room.

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Kim Yeol eventually left and after Ha Joon saw him out Yeon Doo ran after him. She was apologetic since everything happened because of her. He handed her over her lucky charm and wished her good luck on the forthcoming exams.

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Back home, Kim Yeol rushed to his room, but his father followed him and informed him that he did the best he could to avoid the worst case scenario. Kim Yeol may have avoided suspension, but he wants to stay all alone for now. Kim Yeol revisited the past when he was a little child and his parents were getting into fights. His mother ran away and after two days had passed Kim Yeol convinced himself to stop waiting for his parents to return. That’s when his trust towards others ceased existing.

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Yeon Doo’s mother became aware that Kim Yeon’s father hadn’t eaten with his son yet. Even though he was excited he’d see his son again things didn’t flow as expected. Yeon Doo’s mother emphasized on the fact that Kim Yeol’s father didn’t let his son know that he believed in his innocence.


The midterm exam has began and Kim Yeol’s absence was distinctive towards Ha Joon and Yeon Doo who wrote his name on the exam paper. Yeon Doo’s concerned about him since Kim Yeol didn’t text her all this time! Kim Yeol was busy with community service and once he found out that Yeon Doo was singing for the grandmothers he got really excited!

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Her exam didn’t go well since Kim Yeol wasn’t by her side. She thought that Kim Yeol would uncover the real culprit, something that didn’t happen since he’s not detective Conan! Nobody would believe him after the false accusations and Yeon Doo informed him that she will keep believing in him even though he’s not in the first place anymore. Kim Yeol could only be thankful.

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During nighttime Yeon Doo began her own investigation and she entered the CCTV room to find Ha Joon in there who was searching as well! They wanted to check the CCTV footage and once the security noticed that someone was inside the room Yeon Doo and Ha Joon were trying to keep one another safe, but they eventually hid themselves until the security left!

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Ha Joon urged Yeon Doo to watch the CCTV footage with him! Once Yeon Doo fell asleep he tried to take the pen off her hands and she woke up! Soon, hunger arrived and she brought some food for both of them!

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The picnic takes place inside the laundry room and we found out that loneliness was what brought Kim Yeol and Ha Joon together back in the days when their parents were working. Soon enough their chopsticks crossed paths and a yellow radish chopstick fight erupted!

bscap3258bscap3259 bscap3260

The grades are out and Soo Ah finally reached the first place! She’s having lunch with her mother who is more than pleased and bought her a limited edition bag! Jae Young and Na Yeon were excited with the bag, but they also informed Soo Ah that she won’t be in the first place for too long since Kim Yeoll will be back. She also got informed that Yeon Doo was checking the CCTV footage and she has already found out that Kim Yeol had been framed.

bscap3262 bscap3264bscap3266 bscap3269

Soo Ah went to the corridor where she stole the USB to witness the camera nearby. She rushed to her room where she found Yeon Doo talking to Ha Joon on the phone and being sure that they’ll find more evidence on Kim Yeol’s innocence.


Yeon Doo received a message from Hyo Sik who was aware how lonely she may be feeling now that Kim Yeol was away! He even referred to him as her boyfriend and sent her the video from the school’s cafeteria in which Yeon Doo noticed the USB on teacher Im’s cellphone! The moment she shouted that she found proper evidence that Kim Yeol is innocent fear trespassed Soo Ah’s harmony!

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~ Thoughts ~


Sassy Go Go surpassed the 4% barrier for the first time with its 7th episode by reaching 4.3%. At this point, if it manages to go over 5% at some point before it reaches the end i will be more than satisfied. It’s not like the ratings Sassy Go Go receives are representative of the drama itself and everything it preserves, but it will be some sort of personal consolation.


The 7th episode was the one where everything started becoming way more specific about everyone. It’s something that will reach some sort of completion during the 8th episode i presume since by then we’ll be 4 episodes before the end. Even though he was happy with the fact that his students took his side in a more palpable way, teacher Yang who’s always caring towards them may had wished that they wouldn’t have come forward. Even though everything happened recently coach Nam came forward and emphasized at the happiness of the present and urged everyone to leave the past behind.


It’s not something that can happen overnight and Yeon Doo tried to bring some proper closure and succeeded in it even though Soo Ah wasn’t apologetic. The happiness coach Nam infused in the overall ambiance required tighter bonds and Yeon Doo was successful not only because she helped Jae Young and Na Yeon sincerely apologize, but also because they took the lead and asked for Soo Ah to come forward for the part she played. Her shattered plan and flaming ambitions prevented her from saying anything, her blinders could only let her see Yeon Doo’s approach as the attitude of someone feeling triumphant. Soo Ah was utterly lost in her own nonsensical translation.


Once again, we got to witness how great teacher Yang is. Not everyone is thankful towards one’s apology, but teacher Yang was and it wasn’t only because they spoke the truth and eventually saved him for something he never did. It was mainly because, as his students, they recognized their mistake and he witnessed their progress as human beings in the first place.


The headmistress was bombastic and she wasn’t intending to let it slide after her humiliation in front of everyone. Her ego was lying wounded on the floor and she was willing to put an end to everything in full force. Yeon Doo wanted to take full responsibility for everything that happened and she would get transferred instantly, but Ha Joon paved the way for everyone to stand for their classmates as partners in crime. Sassy Go Go gradually transforms itself in the drama equivalent of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In the Wall. What was supposed to be a well-conceived execution became a righteous confrontation based on strength through unity.


Ha Joon’s lurking feelings, the way it progresses and shyly comes to the foreground, may not be just admiration towards Yeon Doo’s inspiring presence as opposed to Ha Joon’s oppressed state of heart under his father’s lead. There’s affection towards her, a deeper one and Kim Yeol started witnessing the changes on Ha Joon’s face. It was in the way he was talking about her and Kim Yeol is someone who knows Ha Joon more than anyone else just like Ha Joon had noticed the dawn of newborn facial expressions upon Kim Yeol’s face in the recent past.


Soo Ah refused to change her arch statement even when the main “victim” uttered teacher Yang’s innocence. Even though he was wounded, teacher Yang emerged stronger from the maelstrom he found himself in and he doesn’t only see things clearly now, he’s become more specific and fearless in what he wants to do. The remaining two months will be the peak of his support towards his students, especially now that he doesn’t feel pressured by the contract’s renewal and he can come forward anytime since the chessboard is more visible and the opposing teams have become more specific. The concrete fellowship teacher Yang, Yeon Doo, Kim Yeol and Ha Joon have forged will shine twice as brightly in the near future.


I used to think that the one who tore apart Tae Pyung’s notebooks was Soo Ah as a slight act of revenge for partaking in the confrontation with the headmistress, but since the drama didn’t emphasize more on that i will conceive it as yet another act on how far one can reach while paving his/her own road to success. Tae Pyung is one of the strong students at school, ruining his hard work would mean less competition for someone else and it simply proves how despicable acts tarnish a place where education was supposed to shine.


Kim Yeol would never leave Yeon Doo alone and he deeply wanted to help her with the forthcoming midterm exams. He knows that she would be unable to study on her own, but with his help she would achieve a better position. It’s not something that would happen instantly, but through hard work, Kim Yeol’s personal knowledge evocations and a war against sleep! Yeon Doo’s lucky charm’s presence was the key to the door which would show how the episode would progress, but it was also insightful on the reasons why Yeon Doo chose to attend Sevit High School.


We didn’t get a reference to Yeon Doo’s father, but we got to know that her mother raised her with love on her own all these years. It was a moment which indirectly praised motherhood and the struggles of a single mother without investing in details. Since it was her mother’s wish, Yeon Doo could only do at least that much in a humbly thankful approach for everything her mother went through to raise her without imposing her ambitions and unfulfilled desires upon her daughter. There’s only one reason why Yeon Doo would regret attending Sevit High School even though it was her mother’s wish, it’s because her mother pays tuition and Yeon Doo can’t achieve something since studying isn’t her strong point. But we have already witnessed the mutual understanding and caring between mother and daughter with the first one not pressuring her daughter to study and the second one being emotionally aware of what’s going on.


As the midterm exams were viciously approaching the studying was becoming more excessive. It was more than apparent in Jae Young’s attempts to find a proper place to study in the middle of the night, but it was also visible through Soo Ah’s nosebleed as she chose to study in the bathroom, probably in case she would feel nauseous again, but also to have the silence she was craving for too.


Gradually, the Baek Ho and Real King collaboration is becoming a team and the bonds become tighter as time passes by. Except for Soo Ah of course and even though she played her own part in teacher Yang’s unjust almost-condemnation he was there for her. He would never give up on one of his students no matter what. He can see through her loneliness and asked her to see him right way every time she feels like talking to someone even though she wouldn’t comply to his request. It was a great contrast of unconditional and selfish approaches respectively.


There’s no end to the alluring cuteness between Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo. Creating a fortress of notebooks for her to be able to sleep without others witnessing her and being directly unaffected by the sunlight was yet another adorable and sincere act. The sticker on her forehead was progressing his intentions to be alone with her out of the high school’s gray walls!


When things get more straight forward on Kim Yeol’s behalf Yeon Doo is renowned for the awkward shell she keeps herself “safe” and her lucky charm flew away just a few steps before the exam! Kim Yeol could only invade the teachers’ office to get it back so that she would at least maintain the 196th position! Getting caught was just the beginning of yet another awful situation filled with injustice.


Once Soo Ah laid her hands on teacher Im’s USB the world stopped spinning as she would be able to get the questions of the exam and she succeeded in it! The world started turning anew the moment she found out that Kim Yeol was the main suspect and she did what she did more than intentionally. Bringing down the number one student would be the only way for her to acquire the throne after her ego got shattered for one more time during the essay grades.


Everything Kim Yeol had built all this time was cracked and suddenly everyone forgot who he was and why he was in the first place. Just like with teacher Yang, everyone rushed to accuse him of a crime he didn’t commit and he found himself in the spotlight through the opposite prism. If the others wouldn’t believe in Kim Yeol’s innocence Yeon Doo wanted at least their team to be by his side since they were fully aware of who Kim Yeol is. Talking behind someone else’s back is easy and it’s the easiest thing to do when it’s about Kim Yeol whose sharp mind would always be one step ahead of others in a face to face conversation. Yeon Doo tried to remind them who he is through the fact that they have finally become a team; except for Soo Ah.


Just like with teacher Yang’s “trial,” the investigation on Kim Yeol’s incident was yet another parody. The outcome was preset, but his father could achieve a lighter punishment. Kim Yeol’s laughter was highly representative of what was going on. He was the one who was being unjustly accused yet he was the one who was never asked to express his opinion on the subject. Even his father wasn’t aware of his own son’s opinion and i personally conceived Kim Yeol’s “proposal” on his father to build the school’s rear gate as an ironic statement. Something like “since you’re here to settle everything just do what you know doing best in such circumstances, compromise as soon as possible in order for me to get out of here as what’s going on is meaningless.” Even in his darkest hour, Kim Yeol gave back to Yeon Doo her lucky charm since he knew how essential it was for her.


Kim Yeol’s childhood was turbulent and he never received the love he was craving for. Instead, he lost his peace of mind and eventually his trust in this world of adults where children like him can’t grow up like children should. In one hand his mother was seeing another man, or at least that’s the way i saw from her desperate phone call. It could be a relative or a friend, but Kim Yeol’s childish eyes definitely saw it the same way i did. On the other hand, the fights at home had become a routine and he even heard his father hitting his mother. Kim Yeol’s mother ran away whereas his father focused on work to set aside the past while forgetting his own son. Kim Yeol was alone without all the love and caring he deserved and once trust ceased existing in his universe he became someone who would overcome everything without relying on others.


It’s more than apparent that Kim Yeol’s father wants to re-approach his son, but he doesn’t know how. Even though he embraces Yeon Doo’s mother’s heartfelt advice he always finds himself two steps back during the flow of events. He wanted to see his son all this time, but he wasn’t proceeding and the circumstances forced their meeting which definitely wasn’t the way he’d like it to be. But even then, he tried to handle everything on his own in the way only he knows without taking into consideration the most important factor, Kim Yeol.


Yeon Doo and Ha Joon would never leave Kim Yeol on his own. Yeon Doo visited him before proceeding with her own plan and her very presence brightened his life at that very moment. Kim Yeol needed to listen to someone saying he/she believed in him and Yeon Doo was that person. She also took it to a wider extent by saying that the loss of the first place doesn’t change anything in the way she sees Kim Yeol as a person. She was his tower of strength in a moment when he was so disheartened he wouldn’t even try to prove his innocence.


Since Kim Yeol was unlike his usual self Yeon Doo and Ha Joon took the lead and took the CCTV footage to find palpable proof! The chemistry between Eun Ji and Ji Soo was immense and “fighting” on who will get caught and who will help the other one to escape was hilarious! While they were watching the CCTV footage and Yeon Doo fell asleep Ha Joon’s feelings became more apparent. It may seem a bit misleading in the drama’s course and especially ship-wise it may feel wrong, but Yeon Doo is probably the first girl who really cared about Ha Joon who’s not a person who would betray his friendship with Kim Yeol. The laundry room scene wasn’t only cute, but also insightful. It was loneliness that brought Kim Yeol and Ha Joon together and forged such a strong friendship in the absence of familial love and in the presence of their fragile young souls.


The moment the grades came out was highly representative of Soo Ah’s great mood swings. There was the ecstasy of finally reaching the first place by any means necessary, it was a moment when nothing else mattered. Then there was the reward of her accomplishment, but there was also the well hidden pressure for higher peaks. In the end, there was the fear of losing everything she acquired after ruining so many lives. The higher the cliff the greater the fall and Soo Ah’s plastic throne already crumbles.


Yeon Doo’s proof will reveal the truth, not all of it but the fact that Kim Yeol is innocent and his father will take the lead with his lawyers to turn the world upside down! Of course, it’s something the headmistress won’t enjoy and teacher Im will be in a very difficult position not only because he rushed to accuse Kim Yeol, but also because he caused troubles in the headmistress’ crystal tower! Soo Ah’s mother won’t stand still, she doesn’t want her daughter to lose her newly acquired first place now that she finally reached it! Kim Yeol will probably step back from the re-examination, but he will ask for a favor instead. Even though things will flow according to Soo Ah’s desires her own demise hasn’t subsided and i am really curious about what teacher Im has in mind in his sporty outfit! Soo Ah will try to hide as much evidence as she can and teacher Yang has probably understood what happened. He indirectly urged Soo Ah to tell the whole truth and he will be there by her side at that very moment. I am really curious about why Yeon Doo was wandering alone in the cold, could it be because she found out that her mother is seeing Kim Yeol’s father or could it be something Soo Ah related? Of course, all these are personal assumptions judging from the preview of the 8th episode! We’re just a few hours away from it so let’s be patient, the real struggle begins after the 8th episode’s end!


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung for dramajjang.wordpress.com.
The original Sassy Go Go recaps can be found only here:


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  1. October 27, 2015 at 6:22 am — Reply

    I finally figured out who Yeon Doo’s mom is.

    She’s the island doctor in Dae Jang Geum who wouldn’t teach Jang Geum at first cos her heart was full of revenge.

    (Sorry for the off-topic it was bothering me so much. Haha)

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    great recap and insightful thoughts thank you.

  3. bmore
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    Everything is moving on to its inevitable conclusion. It’s hard to see Ha Joon begin to fall in love with Yeon Doo. He is such a damaged young man and having an unrequited first love with his best friend’s first love will only cause him more hurt in too many ways. Both Yeol and Yeon Doo will also be hurting since their love will be a direct stab in their friend’s heart, and he will know this and try to bury his feelings and hurt to protect them. I wish the story had not gone there, that there could have been another girl written in to the story with the devotion to Ha Joon he needs. Sadly, this scenario is all too real, too common, which is why it’s shown so often in dramas. It’s been the end of countless friendships for centuries. They won’t let it happen here, but that doesn’t make it any less painful to watch. That poor boy has endured too much already to add this to his load.

    On another (odd) note… Soo Ah’s mom. I believe it was in the last episode she was sitting at the head of the table with the mom’s weaving plots? I suddenly pictured Ursula the Sea Witch and her tentacles reaching out to pet her minions or strangle her enemies! 😉 That woman actually kinda looks like an octopus as she’s sitting there. It was such a random thought. I had to share it. 🙂

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  5. November 4, 2015 at 10:56 am — Reply

    i’m so conflicted with this drama… I’m not in sync at all. When I want the cute and the fluff, it gives me the angst and the emotional and vice versa. It’s like… I like pizza, I like pasta. However, today I’m in a mood for pizza and you give me pasta. Sure I will eat it, I will enjoy it, but the satisfaction isn’t fully complete because it’s not what I was craving for on that particular day. I agree wuh everything you say, though.

    Show deals with some serious issues, but I feel like the resolution… or maybe it’s more like the execution isn’t always going to the bottom of things. Like physical abuse isn’t just a trope to make the stiuation dramatic and make the viewers care. I am confused. Are we supposed to sympathize and be compassionate with Yeol’s father or not? How can Show have baby Yeol listening to his father hit his mom while all we were shown all this time was his somehow cute relationship with Yeon Doo’s mom? I mean, things are clear with Ha Joon’s father. He believes it’s okay to beat up his son to make him get better grades (and I really wish Show will adress this before the end. Like having Lee Mi Do teaching him a lesson or something). So we hate Ha Joon’s father. But Yeol’s father, I am confused. I get that he regrets neglecting his son back then, but is he someone violent or not? Did he hit Yeol’s mom just once or was this normal behavior for him and now he has changed? Regardless of Yeon Doo and Yeol possible faux-step-cest, should we think Yeon Doo’s mom and Yeol’s father make a great couple and will have a great marriage?

    Anyway, I’ve been thinking about what really stops me from being “YAAAAAAAS, Show, YAAAAAS” and what makes me go just “yaas” (and it’s just only for the fluff and the cute). And I think episode 7 gave me the answer. It’s Yeon Doo. Granted Eun Ji is likeable and portrays her with the right emotional dimension, but the character itself lacks the layers other characters have been showing since the beginning. Like Ha Joon, Yeol are changing for the good, Soo Ah is walking down the evil path step by step, but Yeon Doo feels stagnant (just like Ha Jae, btw, but he’s a supportive character who has faded away in the back, so it’s okay for him to be stagnant). All the teen characters made me wondering at the beginning “why is he/she this way?”. And they were all pretty consistent as Show unveiled their past step by step. She’s the lead character, though, and I’m failing to see real character’s development for her. Her character starts off as someone brave, loyal to her friends, to her convictions. These are very great qualities, not everyone has them, and the twists and turns give her the opportunity to display these qualities. Yet, as time goes by, the writing makes her look like not smart enough to care of things herself when dancing/cheerleading isn’t involved. I give Show props for finally telling us why she wants to attend Sevit, but her behavior since the beginning makes me even more confused. I get that studying isn’t her strong point. Some people (Ha Joon) study hard, but it’s not enough for their goals. Some people (Yeol) look like they never study and pass every exam with flying colors. Some people (Soo Ah) study hard, they do get results but they’re not first. I believe Show wanted to put Yeon Doo in the category “some people can study hard and still faill” (her voice over introduction in the very first episode). However, there is the category of people who don’t study and just fail. And it feels to me that most of her scenes place Yeon Doo in that last category. She’s either shown “lauging” about ranking 196th place or whining about it… She never studies properly, and when she does, she’s either whining about it or falling asleep. If her reason for attending Sevit High is because she wants to make her mom proud, Show really doesn’t make her look like she’s even trying while making her aware that the school fees are high and her mother doesn’t even force her to attend this school. I mean, are we supposed to sympathize with her and be all “aww she’s doing this for her mom?” when all she does is getting knowingly into trouble and breaking common rules that can get her kicked out? Yeon Doo could still be that girl who screams for justice, who defies the rules and fights for what she believes in and still manages to look like she at least TRIES to study. I feel that episode 7 wanted to give her this image, but giving me that when we’ve passed the half-way mark is a bit late when the plot focuses on Yeol and Soo Ah. I mean, since episode 3 or 4 Soo Ah’s actions make the plot moving forward and Yeon Doo isn’t even her target, so it makes Yeon Doo just following along or interfering after things happened. 9 times out of 10 meaningful discussions that make us know more about the characters happen when she isn’t there. Ha Joon – Soo Ah, Teacher Tae Bum – Soo Ah, Dong Jae – Soo Ah, Ha Joon – Yeol. She’s basically here to point out people’s mistakes, be the cause of their problems. Yes, then she helps to resolve their problems, but she never does it on her own and she’s always with a boy. First it was Dong Jae, then it was Yeol and now Ha Joon is in the mix. Can’t a girl get credit for once for doing something right without her plan backfiring on her or without the help of a boy?

    Maybe I should just write my own review instead of essay commenting that makes you not want to read xD xD To sum up, I feel like all the originality “Sassy Go Go” could have shown with the cheerleading setting is lost in the cliché teen angst over school grades with the ranking obssession from students and parents, and the cliché K-drama love triangle trope.

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