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“If I am 20 years old, this is my youth, right?
What kind of youth is this?
What’s going to happen to my life from now on?
You must have had a plan if you brought me into this world.
You have nothing to say, right?”


Tae Oh informs his friends that he will go on yet another blind date and even though he’s filming their reactions he doesn’t receive the encouraging feedback he’d want to by Song Yi, Ji Ahn and Ga Ιn! The mood is playful though and it gets even brighter the moment Song Yi informs them that Choi Hoon’s parents kicked him out of the house and he was left alone in the streets in his underwear; again!


Just like good friends do, they didn’t shelter him and he’s still out there in a chaotic world! The only help he received was from a woman who gave him a flowery orange dress and he also got filmed by Tae Oh eventually! The reason behind his parents’ attitude was the fact that his grades can only get worse!

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Tae Oh got ready and his personal vibes point towards the direction that his 10th blind date will be a blast! His standards aren’t that humble though, his ideal woman would be someone who resembles Miranda Kerr, but with a literature degree! However, despite the blind dates, there’s a girl who’s a childhood friend and she gently trespasses his mind’s harmony! Tae Oh didn’t leave alone, he took Song Yi to her workplace and a flashback emerged.


Song Yi and her little sister, Song Ah, had lost their father and she had to move out of the house since the family went bankrupt. The day she would move out of the house Tae Oh tried to brighten her mood, but she was too devastated to follow his pace and she eventually erupted. They made a deal, he would never laugh until she said so and she would never cry until Tae Oh would let her to do so, but she was unable to prevent her tears from flowing and Tae Oh pretended that it was raining. Exactly three years ago his mother had passed away and he wanted to let her know that she will get used to her father’s absence with time.

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Inside the classroom they had found a different method to deliver messages through plastic pipes and a ball! A message from Song Yi asking Tae Oh to buy her sausage pastry arrived and since he had just woken up he complied immediately and made the teacher punish him!


Once the class was over he ran to fulfill Song Yi’s temptation and he found himself in a romantic confrontation with Yoon Ah who had a crush on him and asked him out! He turned down her offer and ran to buy sausage pastry! Back at the present and while on his scooter with Song Yi, he witnessed Yoon Ah’s advertisement and realized how much he’s ruined his life because of Song Yi!

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Tae Oh finds the world filled with so many beautiful women, they are so many that he can’t afford to cling to his first love! The moment he noticed Se Hyun he ran towards her table and he started his straight forward flirt-attack! They have two things in common, they like capturing things on video and they also live in the same neighborhood! So much honesty on his behalf made her believe that he’s either a player or a fool, but he supported the essence of a fool to the fullest!

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He went to order coffee and Song Yi was a bit jealous, but Tae Oh noticed that her relationship with her boss isn’t the finest one. He always forces her do things for him, the first time she wrote his grad school report and now he wants her to write his boyfriend’s paper! He threatened to fire her and she agreed to write the paper, but it was too late and Tae Oh who became aware of their conversation entered the game and headbutted him! All hell broke loose and in order for Tae Oh to support his interference he stated that he was Song Yi’s boyfriend! It was that very specific moment when Se Hyun left! Of course, Song Yi got fired and even though Tae Oh was waiting for her she wanted to be alone!


Song Yi wanted to wear high heels and wear pretty clothes once she turned 20, but even though she doesn’t have the money to do so her imagination runs wild! She imagined herself in pretty clothing while tormenting her former boss! Then again, her perfect date on a beautiful day would be with Ji Ahn, but multiple part-time jobs have devoured her life!

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Back home, it’s time for Song Yi to have a haircut and Choi Hoon’s teasing her while still wearing that dress! If he goes back home today they’ll kick him out again, if he goes there tomorrow his parents will beat him up and if he returns the day after tomorrow everything will be fine on the third day of his exile! Ji Ahn arrived for a while and urged Song Yi to stay the way she is since she finds her perfect with her current haircut! It was a reaction that made her shyly happy!

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Tae Oh left a phone message to Se Hyun to conceal the misunderstanding since she won’t contact him and he was startled by Ji Ahn and Ga In since he was in his underwear. However, she’s trained since Choi Hoon’s always in his underwear as he always gets kicked out of his house and finds refuge at their rooftop! Everyone in the neighborhood knows about him running around in his underwear and Tae Oh made sure the whole world would find out and posted his pictures on the internet!


Once again, life wasn’t fair to Song Yi and her mother ran away leaving her two daughters behind. Song Yi will have to accompany Song Ah to their aunt’s house and Tae Oh found an excuse to be with her even though something bad happens every time he gets involved in Song Yi’s life! However, every time a beautiful woman appears in sight he loses himself in the bliss of the moment until everything’s about Song Yi again! Things are difficult for her, but little Song Ah encouraged her in her own heartfelt way!

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Her aunt isn’t really willing to help that much and she embedded tremendous amounts of reality in Song Yi’s life by letting her know that she should stop thinking of continuing her college lessons in order to start finding ways to make a living for her and her little sister. Tae Oh was nearby and witnessed what was going on and he eventually followed her. It felt like revisiting the past and he eventually treated her to food.

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Song Yi’s mother had borrowed money from her friends’ parents and Ji Ahn urged his father to keep it a secret from Song Yi. Since she didn’t reply to his phone call, Tae Oh went to find Song Yi but he was unable to do so and he was waiting for Ji Ahn to appear at his father’s restaurant. Tae Oh informed him on the situation and they were trying to figure out where could she be.

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Choi Hoon refuses to attend private school, but his parents aren’t curious about why he’s running around in his underwear while everyone else is, including Ga In. That’s what hurts him the most, his parents either hit him or kick him out of the house, but never ask him anything, especially concerning his views on his own future.


Song Yi keeps wandering around and the questions on the bridge aren’t really helpful. She called an SOS lifeline and kept asking the woman on the other side of the line if she believes that life and the world are beautiful and whether there’s hope or not. The woman asked her to take deep breaths and stare at the sky while thinking of the people she cares about. Even though her little sister passed by her mind she can’t forget how hard life was on her.


She entered college but nobody was happy with her, she worked hard during the whole semester but nobody praised her, her mother ran away and she had to leave her sister at her aunt’s house and now she has nowhere to go. Since she’s 20 years old, she wondered if this is her youth since she can’t accept this kind of youth that was given to her.


She doesn’t know what will happen to her from now on and she wonders why she came into this world, but she deeply hopes that there must be a plan. As if this wasn’t enough, the police arrived and Song Yi had already started surrendering!


~ Thoughts ~


I was presuming that Because It’s the First Time would be yet another high school oriented drama for some weird reason, but that’s not the case here. On top of that, it’s so much more than it appeared to be and it definitely isn’t just a young actor/actress parade. It’s actually more thoughtful and you don’t have to dig its surface to notice it, the hardships of young people at the dawn of their 20s are all over the place.


Because It’s the First Time is the brainchild of director Lee Jung Hyo (I Need Romance 2, Witch’s Romance, Cruel City) and screenwriter Jung Hyun Jung (I Need Romance, I Need Romance 2, I Need Romance 3, Discovery of Romance) and even though there will be romance, it won’t be the drama’s one and only factor. Time shall tell about the drama’s storyline, but it felt really promising during the first episode as it maintained a golden balance between humor and real life’s struggles. The cinematography is natural and it paces really well with the more pragmatic aspect of a drama depicting the daily lives of people who could actually be your neighbors.


Even though the drama focuses on its main characters, there’s plenty of space for the secondary part of the main cast to breathe and i have to admit that i like the more natural approach of fresh actors and actresses that paces well with the drama’s environment. Choi Min Ho of SHINee is the male leading figure of the drama and he gives life to Yoon Tae Oh. He’s actually quite hilarious in such a role! The world if filled with beautiful women for him, women he’d like to meet and work on a proper relationship with one of them. So far so good, but the parasite of a lurking first love is there and even though he tries to move on he simply can’t! Once there’s a first love parameter in the world of dramas, well, it’s an axiom! Not everything’s filled with honey and hot air balloons though and when things get awry and real life unfolds its veil that’s when we’ll get to witness his real acting skills. The first signals are positive and i am looking forward to his progress through his character’s development.


Our female lead is Park So Dam (The Silenced) who reminded me of Gouriki Ayame with her latest haircut in Because It’s the First Time as Han Song Yi! I like her character, she’s kind of silently neurotic in her own cute way, but she has to face her own demons even though they never were hers in the first place. Despite being a lively person, the shades of the past and the flow of events in the ongoing present make the future quite uncertain and the present even more desolate. Having found herself between college and an excessive sense of duty, overburdened work shifts and the urge to live and fall in love she’s a character i’m highly looking forward to.


Kim Min Jae‘s presence as Seo Ji Ahn completes the love triangle of Because It’s the First Time‘s universe and from the very beginning we have already received the vibes that things are going to get complicated in this fellowship where friendship and caring start burning brighter as they lean towards the outskirts of love and beyond. There are some familiar figures in here and i am glad to see Jeong Eugene whose presence i enjoyed in Heard It Through the Grapevine and she brings to life Ryoo Se Hyun who is Tae Oh’s latest blind date! Another one has to be Lee Yi Kyung whom i recently witnessed in School 2013 and he’s the quirky but with his own problems Choi Hoon! Last but not least has to be Cho Hye Jung as Oh Ga In who progresses her skills as a hairdresser!


One of the drama’s attributes have to be the cameos and during the first episode my heart did bungee jumping upwards the moment Yoona of SNSD appeared. I dearly miss her excessive cuteness from drama land and her presence here was of utter importance for me! I was also glad to witness Lee Seung Yeon whom i recently adored in My Beautiful Bride and loved to hate in Seonam Girls’ High School Investigators. I shouldn’t forget to mention the veteran actress Yang Hee Kyung who has appeared in countless dramas!


So, why does Because It’s the First Time feel interesting and what am i looking forward to? The presence of parents through their absence is one strong card since we gradually get to know them through the impact they leave upon their children’s lives and it’s one of the aspects that will help us understand the main figures to a wider extent, always in combination with their very own characteristics. There’s craving for familial love, the one that’s being presented through the loss of a parent whether it has to do with death or a runaway given the circumstances. And that’s a key part since it automatically makes the world of Song Yi a difficult place to be.


Even though i’ve only watched the first episode, the fact that Song Yi will be the upper corner of the love triangle and the story seems to be evolving around her struggles and the way they affect her own life and everyone around her it makes be believe that she will leave the greatest impact in the storyline. Not in a way that she will overshadow the other figures, but as a leading plot device among leading figures.


Having to take care of her younger sister instead of their mother automatically raises her responsibilities to insuperable heights. It’s not like life was brighter before that, but it was bearable. Given all the sacrifices she has to make, the craving for another life in which she would be able to cherish the simple joys of life makes things more devastating.


There’s an ongoing sense of void, but the rooftop is a glade where this fellowship can actually breathe. We have yet to find out more about Tae Oh who has felt the sense of loss before, Ji Ahn, Se Hyun and Ga In, but we’ve already become aware that Choi Hoon isn’t just a quirky figure. His parents won’t even listen to him and they will end up beating him up or kicking him out of the house as he desperately tries to catch their attention in order for them to dig deeper into their son’s world. I am really curious about how Because It’s the First Time will flow and i am looking forward to watching the next episodes. All i know for now is that the drama has delivered the right vibes for me to keep watching and witness what will happen to the rooftop company who used to be classmates, but now adulthood has imposed itself upon them!


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Kwon Sang Seung

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    I don’t believe it. I decided some time ago I was going to check out this drama because of the actors and the director and screenwriter. However, I really had 0 expectations and really thought one episode and I would be out. But, Like you!, I find myself fully involved in the story, enjoying the performances, the writing, the entire look and feel of this drama. I watched the first 2 episodes back to back and came to bed to watch the final one before sleep, log in and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but this review in my in box! Surely this must be a sign of great minds thinking alike. Or something! 😉 Anyway, I agree with your thoughts. There is a good balance of light and heavy in this without going too far either way. I’m fully engaged with the story behind these young people and looking forward in these few short episodes to seeing how they work through the difficulties life is throwing at them. I love the cameos! Ep 2 has a great one! Look forward to it!

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