23 Oct 2015

Golden Rec : Dokushin Kizoku Review [aka We’re After The Same Rainbow’s End]

Hoshino Mamoru [Kusanagi Tsuyoshi] the president of Kinema Etoile, a film production company, and his younger brother Hoshino Susumu [Ito Hideaki] the manager of the company, find themselves in crossroads as a project they’ve been planning for some time comes to a sudden halt and are in desperate need of

23 Oct 2015

#1st Epi Glance/Review : Siren [aka Every Breath You Take]

And that beautiful lady with the death stare right there is Kara Tachibana [Arai Nanao] who is basically doing what the popular Police song says- watching every move of Inokuma Yuki [Kimura Fumino] and by default her beau Satomi Shinobu [Matsuzaka Tori]. But make no mistake, she could care less