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Yong Pal ~ Episode 15 Recap [TriAngle]


“Just like i said i don’t want to have power over anyone,
I don’t want to be weak in front of anyone either.”


∠ ~ Nightmare in reverse.


Nighttime flows in a thoughtful tone as Tae Hyun recalls Yeo Jin’s words on everything vengeful that derives from the fact that she’s the queen of crocodiles. He stares at the ring he bought for her and at this very moment it doesn’t possess the majestic vibes it used to. Yeo Jin can’t sleep either while Tae Hyun’s words urging her to set aside revenge echo in her mind. Just like Tae Hyun wanted to call her but didn’t, Yeo Jin tried to message him asking him to come to her room but didn’t proceed. The moment she decided to call him he was already talking to Chae Young who desperately needed his help. Yeo Jin called a security guard to get informed that Tae Hyun was talking to Chae Young on the phone and that he just left the mansion.

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Tae Hyun rushed to Chae Young’s aid to witness her devastation. Do Joon was undergoing surgery and Tae Hyun reassured her that everything will be fine since the surgeon is a talented one. Her behavior is different this time and she acknowledges that she was herself when she was the chairman’s wife while still mocking and teasing him. Even though things turned out the way she wanted to, everything feels so unfamiliar all of a sudden and she feels bad for Do Joon. Tae Hyun feels the same way under these circumstances and Chae Young thinks that she won’t be able to forgive Yeo Jin if something bad happens to Do Joon. Tae Hyun points out that if things turn out this way Yeo Jin will feel bad as well. At that point Tae Hyun got informed that everything happened in front of her very eyes and it was Yeo Jin’s plan. In the meantime, secretary Min was informing Yeo Jin on everything going on between Chae Young and Tae Hyun.

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The surgeon informed them that everything went well and both Chae Young and Tae Hyun were relieved, but it didn’t last long since Do Joon was transferred elsewhere. Everything started pointing towards the 12th floor and both of them found out that he’s inside the restricted area. The bodyguards won’t let them pass and all of a sudden Chief Surgeon Lee came out and greeted Tae Hyun properly! The security chief informed Chae Young that Do Joon doesn’t want to see her and that he also agreed on progressing with the divorce. Chae Young eventually fainted and she was in Tae Hyun’s arms the moment Yeo Jin arrived.

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Do Joon’s on the nightmare bed where Yeo Jin used to lie and she wants Chief Surgeon Lee to make him able to to listen to everything she has to say while Tae Hyun takes care of Chae Young’s condition. Yeo Jin knows the required amount of time for Do Joon to be conscious and her approach is ironic paying him back with the same coin while laughing at Chae Young’s growing emotions towards his face. Yeo Jin intends to keep him inside the restricted area for three years and then she will cut his carotid artery. At that point Chief Surgeon Lee is apologetic and Yeo Jin lets him know that it’s thanks to Tae Hyun that he’s still alive.

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While leaving Yeo Jin stood still for a while to witness Tae Hyun by Chae Young’s side. Chief Surgeon Lee can finally smile and he’s deeply thankful towards Tae Hyun for everything he did for him despite their awry past. He pledges allegiance to both Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin, but Tae Hyun notices that nothing really changed in Chief Surgeon Lee’s approach.

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∠ ~ Rays of awakening.


Yeo Jin arrives at Hanshin Group and everyone greets her properly. She stands in front of her father’s memorial picture informing him on her return. At the general shareholders’ meeting there’s no need for voting to take place and Yeo Jin’s official enthronement takes place inside a sea of smiles, flashlights and applause! Tae Hyun arrived on time to witness the peak of the scene and shortly after he followed her inside her office.

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Tae Hyun refers to his 12th floor office which was nothing more than a client service room and a smoker’s area. Tae Hyun’s glad he didn’t receive an office on his own since he would had been obliged to partake in more crimes. He emphasizes on the fact that the 12th floor is an ongoing crime scene by creating upstanding men and cleaning up crimes, helping white-collar criminals with a fake doctor’s opinion and helping rich youngsters pass drugs and alcohol tests by all means necessary. It’s a part of everything he used to do on the 12th floor as a pawn of the Hanshin Group and not as a surgeon. Yeo Jin thinks that if he hated it that much he could have quit anytime, but it wasn’t really a matter of choice even though it looked like one. Having his medical license taken away, letting his sister die and being chased by loan sharks wasn’t really an option.

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Yeo Jin acknowledges how different he is from Chief Surgeon Lee, but Tae Hyun thinks differently and acknowledges the fact that Yeo Jin’s still alive thanks to Chief Surgeon Lee and the late director more than anyone else. He refers to the past and how all the professors from each and every department gathered inside her operating room to save her due to the complexity of her wounds. The director was the main supervisor and all doctors were parading in front of her operating table under the director’s insightful orders, but the one who truly shone was Chief Surgeon Lee and regained his status and confidence after a medical malpractice case. Chief Surgeon Lee entered the operating room the most crucial moment and succeeded in fixing the damage to her liver, spleen and pancreas and successfully completed the Whipple in a one of a kind surgical performance while Yeo Jin was almost a lost case.


During the trial nothing was flowing well until the hospital reconsidered and sent him a lawyer along with the lawyers of Hanshin Group’s counsel team. Chief Surgeon Lee’s tears were all over the place after all the fear he went through! Tae Hyun resembles Chief Surgeon’s desperation to his own and Tae Hyun can understand why he was distressed about taking him inside the restricted area. Tae Hyun didn’t know anything and tried to enter her room at all costs. The fact that she’s still alive isn’t only because of her rich father, but also because of all the effort of many people inside the operating room. He points out that doctors are humans too and they have their own pride that can’t be bought off even though they want to be successful and make money. He also let her know that other patients lost their lives because everyone was inside her operating room, but he didn’t inform her on the very specific patient who was no other than his mother.


Tae Hyun indicated that the moment Chief Surgeon Lee entered the 12th floor he started living in a prison which was worse than death for a surgeon. He urged her to stop trying to murder Chief Surgeon Lee’s soul to a wider extent since he doesn’t consider him a doctor anymore, but Yeo Jin doesn’t consider him a doctor anyway since he locked her inside the restricted area. Yeo Jin thinks it’s the price for the crime he committed, but Tae Hyun asked her back what price is she willing to pay for the crimes she’s committing at the present. Yeo Jin wanting to tear down the 12th floor prison and turning it into a normal hospital was the reason why Tae Hyun wanted to see her back to her throne. That place was a prison to him as well and urged her to release Do Joon from the restricted area since she became the chairwoman of Hanshin Group and Do Joon lost everything without standing a chance to acquire it back.

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Yeo Jin can’t forgive him for everything he did to her and Tae Hyun asks her to stop her revenge and come to him as the woman he loves. Yeo Jin points out that she’s always been by his side, but Tae Hyun emphasizes on the fact that her anger pushes him away. Yeo Jin wants him to give in and come closer to her, but Tae Hyun told her that the one with power is capable of giving in while the powerless one surrenders. After putting his trust in her and congratulating her for becoming Hanshin Group’s chairwoman he left while Yeo Jin was about to lose herself in tears.


On his way out, secretary Min urged Tae Hyun to take into consideration his words and appear weak in front of Yeo Jin, but just like Tae Hyun doesn’t want to have power over anyone he doesn’t intend to be weak in front of anyone either. Secretary Min informed Yeo Jin on the signing ceremony with the Hanshin Electric labor union and she will have to be present since she left a good impression during Young Mi’s funeral and it will help the stock price eventually. Yeo Jin wants him to check if anyone died on the day she had her surgery.

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Tae Hyun visited Chae Young and he doesn’t want her to worry since he will be able to change Yeo Jin’s mind even though she’s angry for the time being. Forgiveness isn’t easy as an option every time Chae Young thinks of everything Do Joon has done, but she currently feels bad for him. The moment she asked Tae Hyun if he can forgive Do Joon the answer was a positive one. Secretary Min is aware that Yeo Jin is wavering about what to do with Do Joon and Tae Hyun’s approach isn’t helpful. The fact that he will have to wait 3 years to see Do Joon dead is already making him nervous since the fear of getting harmed by Do Joon in case he wakes up hasn’t subsided. Taking him out of the picture as soon as possible feels like the only option and he intends to borrow someone else’s hands to achieve it.

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∠ ~ Clouds of war.


Tae Hyun’s back at the mansion where the housemaid informs him on the importance of his presence at the forthcoming celebration of Yeo Jin’s coronation! Tae Hyun’s not the greatest party animal and he would feel uncomfortable there, but even though he won’t know anyone he will get to introduce himself to all the important people! If the main guest won’t appear Yeo Jin will be humiliated and only if he passes away he will be able to avoid it! The good part of the story is that he can call anyone he wants to even though he thinks he doesn’t have any friends! That message-watch is the new hipster item of dramas? However, he received a message from the priest asking him if Sophia is doing well informing him know that Ali misses her, what a timing!

Joo Won’s facial expressions in a smiley approach.

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Tae Hyun’s plan progresses! By the moment he arrived the Head Nurse, the emergency x-ray nurse and nurse Song had already arrived and they are special VIPs! Shortly after, Ali, the priest and the sister arrived making Yeo Jin more than happy and who couldn’t be missing?! Doo Chul and his underling with yet another gift, but the trunk gift was more than enough for a wedding gift! Tae Hyun’s here and there and the overall mood is playful, but Yeo Jin’s more than happy having him by her side at this very moment. Tae Hyun’s shining too and the emergency x-ray nurse had already noticed how happy he looks by Yeo Jin’s side even though he hasn’t given her the ring yet! Everything was flowing well until chairman Choi of Daejung Group appeared! His seemingly bight face is just a mask and a private conversation is unavoidable.

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Chairman Choi points out that had Sung Hoon been alive he would had been happier on a day like this. Yeo Jin appears sharp emphasizing on the fact that he used his own son to mock her and steal company secrets, so he should be more than satisfied by now. He intends to give her back the company he founded by using the secrets Sung Hoon, but she will have to give him back his son. Chairman Choi heard something about Do Joon’s possible involvement in Sung Hoon’s death and he would like to ask Do Joon himself and take care of everything on his own. Yeo Jin thinks he doesn’t have the right to request something like that, but he can’t accept the fact that she survived while his son passed away. The day of the accident his wife lost her mind and he kept it as a family secret. His rage comes to the surface and Yeo Jin is apologetic for being unable to hand Do Joon over.

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Chairman Choi threatens her with a forthcoming war and Yeo Jin urges him to do anything he wants to. He informs her on Hanshin Group’s current situation which isn’t the finest, but Yeo Jin emphasizes on the fact that everything will change since she wields the royal seal. She also let him know that Do Joon has to die by her own hands and chairman Choi found back his laughter! He agrees, but he wants a piece of Do Joon’s flesh so he can gnaw on it! He also wants to receive the obituary within three days since patience is the only thing he lacks. In case he won’t, the war will begin after the deadline’s over. Tae Hyun noticed the menacing vibes on the horizon the moment chairman Choi left and Yeo Jin’s anger was immense since it will be harder for her to achieve her plans the way she wants to.

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◎ ~ Circular view.


Yong Pal’s 8th airing week greeted us with a straight 20% during Wednesday’s episode and it clearly shows that the ratings storm hasn’t passed, not at all! The 15th episode was one of the most multifaceted ones of the drama when it comes to facial expressions as they were revealing a lot, but they were hiding so much more. Yong Pal progresses with a more strategic approach on its very own drama chessboard with the camps becoming more specific and everyone’s intentions are gradually getting revealed while the queen’s in confusion.


The conversation Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin had during the previous episode left its own impact upon both of them as it was seen through opposing angles. Tae Hyun was concerned about her since she’s not willing to set revenge aside while Yeo Jin was thoughtful as his words possessed a different weight at that point even though she appeared absolute in proceeding at all costs. It was yet another meaningful presentation of their nighttime, but at this point the fairytale factor has surrendered to the dreadful whispers of the dark side.


Yeo Jin’s well aware that Tae Hyun is the only person she can’t control simply because he’s the one and only person she trusts and loves regardless of everything she has in mind for others. However, checking with whom he talks on the phone and being aware of his every move is a sign of her growing paranoia on her soul-corrupting journey towards absolute power. If she can’t control him, she can do at least that much in order to know everything he does, as for everything he thinks, Tae Hyun’s not afraid to reveal it in front of her simply because his feelings are sincere and pure.


Tae Hyun would never turn his back on Chae Young, he doesn’t forget the people who helped him and it’s in his nature to help others. Referring to him as Dr. Kim proves how suddenly Chae Young matured overnight under the overburdening circumstances. The veil of wealth has subsided and reality has revealed its rawest contours right in front of her very eyes for one more time after she lost her loved one and entered a world that would ruin her very soul and essence. Even so, she had already accepted her fate the moment she married Do Joon and she became someone she would acknowledge as herself every time she would tease or look down on him; not anymore. She’s well aware of the crimes Do Joon has committed, but she can’t help it but feel sympathy for everything he’s currently going through which are no other than the reflection of his actions. However, going through this martyrdom is not the way to pay for his crimes and the more time passes by the more devastated she appears.


Tae Hyun sitting with her at the hospital chairs was proving for one more time his real nature as a doctor as he was treating her as a patient’s wife with him being the doctor willing to inform her on his condition. Tae Hyun became her psychologist for a while trying to chase away her fears and ease her concerns since he intends to change Yeo Jin’s point of view. It was quite an insightful conversation which made Tae Hyun realize to a wider extent Yeo Jin’s approach on Do Joon since Chae Young explained to him everything that happened before coming to the hospital.


Yeo Jin’s approach is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and she preserves it to the fullest. Not only did she forbid everyone from visiting Do Joon just like he had condemned her in solitude, she also put him in a technical coma inside the restricted area on the exact same bed that kept nurturing her nightmare. The glass prison has a new inmate and Yeo Jin approached Do Joon full of irony in the exact same way he did back in the days. She wanted him to be conscious in order to acknowledge everything she had to say and become fully aware of what awaits for him in the near and far future. While Yeo Jin was unaware of what would happen to her for the most part of her imprisonment, she let Do Joon know beforehand of what will happen to him which is no other than everything she had to go through. Mocking Chae Young’s awakening feelings in front of his conscious mind yet comatose body was the greatest torment she could offer him at this very moment. Just like she was living in a nightmare by reliving Sung Hoon’s death, she wants him to know that he will never treasure the blooming feelings of the woman he was craving for all these years.


Yeo Jin can’t accept the fact that Tae Hyun is the only one who doesn’t follow her highness’ lead, but exactly because he’s Tae Hyun, the man she loves and the one who brought her to the throne, she can’t approach him differently. Seeing him by the side of another woman that had feelings for him at some point in her life must had been the most gruesome sight at that very moment. The fact that she didn’t tell them anything was highly representative of the fact that had she opened her mouth at that very moment she would have probably uttered words she wouldn’t mean. However, staring at Chae Young with disgust and with a sense of a broken ego at Tae Hyun possessed its own dynamics. Tae Hyun’s pure stare was enough to harm her ill-natured pride while he was supporting to the fullest everything he preserves as a human being while Yeo Jin refuses to see the truth in front of her very eyes even though she silently acknowledges it.


Their lengthy conversation was a powerful scene full of insights concerning the past, but it was also filled with all the necessary vibes which possessed the lurking dynamics to potentially awaken Yeo Jin in time from reality’s nightmare in this violent pursuit for revenge. The more she progresses her own plans the more specific Tae Hyun becomes with everything he wants to convey. He tries to show her that people aren’t as one-dimensional as they appear to be in front of her very eyes. They are human beings and this is the reason why they can be at fault anytime because people make mistakes. He doesn’t believe people like Chief Surgeon Lee should be devoid of punishment, but these crimes aren’t the only aspects of their lives that define them. It’s true that he tried to take her out of the picture, but it’s also true that he surpassed himself to keep her alive back in the days.


Since Yeo Jin is a Christian, Tae Hyun unveils the teachings of Christ in his own way through palpable examples. Everything derives from the well-known parable in which Christ said “the one without sin among you should be the first one to throw a stone at her” when the crowd was ready to flagellate a woman accused of adultery. Her Christian name is also Sophia which means “wisdom” in Greek, it’s the wisdom Yeo Jin has put in deep slumber and Tae Hyun tries to awaken anew. At first he awakened her body, now he has to awaken her soul and among his examples he doesn’t set himself aside.


He’s glad that he didn’t have his own office at the 12th floor because, even though he found himself in a maelstrom of crimes, he had more “freedoms” and he could preserve his humane side up to an extent as opposed to others’ actions. The 12th floor was successfully presented as an ongoing crime scene where all this insuperable stench remains hidden underneath a shining veil. Everyone on the 12th floor was a pawn and Tae Hyun himself was no different. It’s true that he could have left anytime, but who would really want to let his sister pass away, get chased by loan sharks and lose his medical license? If it was only the latest one i am pretty certain that Tae Hyun would make the sacrifice even at the cost of losing something he deeply loves, but losing his own sister would never be an option. Given the circumstances, Tae Hyun never really had an option but to remain on the 12th floor with everything that derives from this “decision.”


It’s true that Chief Surgeon Lee could finally smile anew, but nothing really changed. His attitude remains the same and even though his gratitude towards Tae Hyun’s face is sincere he still maintains a master-slave attitude, only the face of the master has changed. Tae Hyun may not see himself as someone wielding power, but to Chief Surgeon Lee’s eyes he’s the one he should obey now, alongside Yeo Jin. Tae Hyun doesn’t differentiate himself from Chief Surgeon Lee, their personal experiences and levels of crimes may differ, but the fact that both of them had to make compromises and eventually sacrifice an essential part of themselves is the core that makes them so different yet so much alike.


Chief Surgeon Lee was well aware of how skillful Tae Hyun was and that’s the reason why he tried to dishearten him from entering the restricted area since it would mean the end of his humane and medical essence. Chief Surgeon Lee’s background proves it to a wider extent and Tae Hyun can finally understand that, but back then all he could stare at was the restricted area where the sleeping beauty was lying. Her father may had the money that played their own part in her remaining alive, but it was the effort of so many people that kept her alive at the end of the day, even at the cost of other patients losing their lives. He used his final card up to an extent since he still wants to see how she will progress, but he also wanted to let her find out on her own who passed away that night so that she will be alive at the present. Tae Hyun’s family has played its own part in Yeo Jin’s well-being, indirectly with his mother’s death and directly with Tae Hyun helping her sit on the throne anew.


The 12th floor was a prison for everyone, not only for Yeo Jin. Tae Hyun urging Yeo Jin to stop murdering Chief Surgeon Lee’s soul after he sacrificed his surgical skills as a 12th floor inmate was pointing out that Yeo Jin aims at others’ souls in the first place in order to achieve emotional death before the physical one just like her soul was dying everyday inside the glass prison. Yeo Jin thinks that she serves justice and she refuses to see that she keeps committing crimes one after the other and that’s why Tae Hyun emphasizes on the the word “crime” throughout their conversation and asks her what price she’s willing to pay for everything she’s done.


Even though she promised to shatter everything the 12th floor preserved she keeps nurturing it as a part of her vengeful plans, but still, Tae Hyun won’t regret awakening her. He’s just disappointed and devastated at the sudden turn of events while the prison maintains its ill-natured purpose of existence. Do Joon is no longer a threat and he would never have enough power to oppose Yeo Jin. Letting him live and pay for his crimes by the laws of the state is the most logical thing she can do, but she’s focused on her own point of view and that’s the reason why she’s mainly at loss for words throughout the conversation and keeps repeating similar phrases. Deep within, Tae Hyun’s words hurt her with love.


Tae Hyun apparently loves her and he’s put his trust in her, but the hateful torrent she found herself in pushes him away as it severely traumatizes everything they preserve together. Yeo Jin doesn’t pressure him, but the answer to her question if he could just give in and get closer to her anew could only be negative since it would give her the okay to do just anything and would counter in a blink of an eye everything Tae Hyun was trying to prevent her from doing. Tae Hyun would sacrifice himself for love anytime, he’s proven it countless times, but he can’t sacrifice something so sincere and pure to a sickening transformation. Tae Hyun’s not after power, but he’s not under anyone either, it’s all about the humane balance within where everyone is equal.


Tae Hyun didn’t only want to make the environment user-friendly for him since he couldn’t avoid the celebration, he also wanted to remind Yeo Jin how human beings are by calling common mortals amid the almighty crocodiles. Ali, the priest, the sister, Doo Chul and his underling, the emergency x-ray nurse, the Head Nurse, Nurse Song and Tae Hyun’s colleague were there to make the whole glamorous scenery breathe a different air. Tae Hyun’s facial expressions were reflecting emotions ranging from unawareness and stiffness to brightness and restrained bliss. His smiles were enigmatic as they were sincere yet uncertain. The mood may had been quite playful and Yeo Jin was happy and thankful for having Tae Hyun by her side, but chairman Choi’s presence overshadowed any heartwarming attempt.


Even comatose, Do Joon still frightens secretary Min who has already started showing his real face. He didn’t have to wait for too long and the signs prove that he already borrowed someone’s else hand, a hand powerful enough to take Do Joon out of the picture. Chairman Choi and especially his wife never got over their son’s death. He appears rough and raw as a person and he’s the personification of emotional indigestion. He clearly depicts how Yeo Jin can become if she keeps up with her vengeful plans. Even though their interaction was a frightening one, it could be the sparkle that could fully awaken Yeo Jin along with the fact that she’s bound to find out that Tae Hyun’s mother passed away that night in order for her to keep on living.


As expected, Yeo Jin wants to take care of Do Joon by herself and she would never let anyone else fulfill this task of nocturnal completion. Chairman Choi becoming aware of her intentions to silence Do Joon he could only let her proceed, but the deadline he offered was opposing Yeo Jin’s vengeful and tormenting approach. Killing Do Joon within three days would feel like heaven to Do Joon if one compares it to three years of an ongoing nightmare that would lead to the inevitable end after counting the days one after the other to finally cease living. Chairman Choi wanting to gnaw a piece of Do Joon’s flesh portrays to the fullest his bloodthirsty character and proves for one more time that revenge isn’t a healthy option as it alienates people to the fullest. The fact that he lost his son after using the secrets he acquired made him forget that he played his own part in Sung Hoo’s death regardless of the fact that Do Joon was behind the murderous plan. A war is at its birth pangs and i am eager to find out how Tae Hyun will approach the overall subject in order for logic to prevail!


Concluding, there was a specific part of the episode that left me confused. It was when Tae Hyun said that he doesn’t want to go to that house, but home. Did he mean that he wanted to find himself at the warmth of the house he grew up or go to the household which he craves to start feeling like home but the circumstances prevent him? One thing is for certain, Tae Hyun needs a place he could call home in order to finally feel that home is where the heart is.


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  1. mrdimples
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    Thank you for the recaps. Wonderful insights as always 😀

    For the question you posed at the end, my guess is that Tae Hyun doesn’t find Han Manor a home yet. A house is not a home. A home is complete only when it’s filled with love. Not that Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun doesn’t love each other. It’s just that at this moment, vengeance and hate overwhelms everything else. How could they be happy when Yeo Jin still harbors bitterness? It will be schizophrenic to continue behaving in this manner.

    • September 24, 2015 at 8:17 pm — Reply

      You’re very welcome and thank you so much for one more time!! 😀
      That’s what i believe too, he craves for the household to become a place he could actually feel like home and not just a house where he will rest, eat, etc. It had the potential to become one, but Yeo Jin’s vengeful approach ruined everything in the process. Nothing’s over yet and he tries hard to chase away the darkness and bitterness! I SO agree, she’s already paranoid checking on Tae Hyun’s phone records and being aware of everywhere he goes! She’s definitely gonna become schizophrenic if she keeps progressing this way, especially now that chairman Choi, that bloody beast lol, has appeared! Come on subs, come to the surface! 😀

  2. YP fan
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    Perfect recap. Brilliantly said. Thanks so much for the recap.

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      You are very welcome and thanks a lot for your words, they are very much appreciated!! 🙂

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    Kwon, you are a superman. Thanks for the great recap.
    I’ve yet to see the subtitled version so I was really lost while watching a rather heavy dialogue episode so your recap helps to fill in all the blanks.

    I think KTH is getting better. Just like you highlighted, her expressions and reactions are varied within a single conversation (fear, anxiety, anger, cynicism, hurt….) and I am really convinced by her performance. While joo won is still amazing, I think KTH is playing a very challenging role. From a vengeance centered character in ep 13 to 14, her conflicted vibes are coming through in ep 15. And I really can’t wait to see what she is gonna do for the next 3 episodes.

    • September 24, 2015 at 8:12 pm — Reply

      I am a superman hit by cryptonite! XD I finished the recap at 9.30 in the morning and i was like an owl who went through a stroke lol I hope i can pull an all-nighter tonight as well and i hope the episode will be awesome without having too much to think >.<
      I guess you will have already seen the subbed episode by now! But i am glad the recap could be helpful since you had watched it subless 🙂
      Yup, KMH's performance convinces me as well, she has such a wide variety of facial expressions, especially during the same scene! And the more the storyline progresses the more complex her character becomes and she unveils more aspects of her talent! Aish, i am so curious of what will happen during the 16th episode, i can't wait for the subs to come out! Something tells me it will leave us with a huge cliffhanger trying to gather our pieces for a whole week until the last eps air!

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      Maina chingu! 🙂
      I failed one exam, but i am waiting for the re-exam date to be announced and i am waiting for the grades of the second one to come out, nothing over yet, everything remains hopeful! 😀
      I didn’t resume the Last recaps :/ Some time has passed since then so i am thinking of writing a full review about the drama.

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        oh! poor Sang-seung, I am very sorry for you, very sad, I send you a lot of courage from France and a big sunshine from Paris, we have a nice autumn here… don’t worry too much please, life is full of surprise dear chingu, your are so brillant with your reviews, you seems a very nice person with a bright brain!
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          That’s okay, no need to be sorry or sad, nothing’s over yet ^-^ *gladly accepts the courage from France and Paris’ sunshine*
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  6. September 25, 2015 at 7:27 am — Reply

    Wow, what a complete and thorough recap! And this drama makes you chew on themes the way Chairman Choi wants to chew on DJ’s flesh! Monstrous!! Emotional indigestion indeed.

    A lot of yin yang in the clothing this time. And it really suits the episode. Particularly with Tae Hyun, his sweater with black, white and a huge shade of grey, and later his white dressy shirt with these jagged black pieces. And reds, Yeo Jin now wearing sharp reds, her lipstick, even her hair is full on red. She’s in bloodthirsty mode now.

    I can already sense a lot of people suddenly feeling bored with this episode. But I thought it was amazing. Joo Won’s long speech, filled with metaphors and similes and life examples, you are right about it being very Christ like. With a humble and soft, even toned delivery. There was no trace of anger or bitterness at her. I loved it. When do you ever get a male lead in a Kdrama that sits down and actually talks this way? It’s rare as a unicorn. We need to see more male leads communicating.

    And I think Kim Tae Hee is doing a fine job with all those nuances in emotions that Yeo Jin is going through. You can especially see it in her eyes.

    I had a thought that it’d be funny if Do Joon was the one to get amnesia and wakes up all sweet and kind. Lol but thank you Internet, Ep. 16 got slightly spoiled for me. 😠😒 haven’t had a chance to watch yet.

    • September 25, 2015 at 8:04 pm — Reply

      Thank you once again LadyG!! Chairman Choi is so monstrous indeed, you rarely see such raw “people” in dramas, his facial expressions were proving it all along the way and he never hid anything! He was as raw as he could get! Gnawing flesh, aish! XD
      Definitely agree on the bloodthirsty mode! Yeo Jin got upgraded while Tae Hyun tries to maintain a balance!
      I found the episode amazing too! There were so many things to notice, to talk about, to think, etc! I finished this recap at 9:30 in the morning >..< Especially since you love Yong Pal so much!!! Hope you've watched it already b now though!

      • September 25, 2015 at 11:54 pm — Reply

        There’s a ton of Yeo Jin hate going around right now and I can’t justify to anyone why I like her as a character. It’s a fan base of Chairman Choi’s! LOL. And they want her either to be miserable forever or to die. As long as she can’t have a happy ever after with Tae Hyun. Ouch. But I countered that Tae Hyun made his choice, whether he feels he deserves her or not. With only 2 more episode left, I feel a sense of doom for her. Now I wish it were 24 eps.But if she comes to her tragic end, and through her love for Tae Hyun, saved his life, his sister, and put the keys to the castle in his hands, I can be satisfied.

        I guess I just understand her and sympathize, that’s all. Would I like her in real life? Probably not, she’d just be another one of those mysterious 1%ers. But if I learned her tragic story my mind would think, well, – those wicked people reaped what they’ve sown, she did it for revenge.

        And they’re just mad that the OTP didn’t flow along the way OTP’s always do and that they rushed their romance too much too soon. I’m a little stuck with that. I want to say yes, but I don’t feel like it was rushed. People can and do fall in love that fast, but do they look at all the ins and outs and consequences? Do they really know the person? Probably not, they’re just going more based on emotion and passion. And in Tae Hyun’s case, he pitied her too.

        I’ve been busy today and haven’t watched ep. 16! I stayed off the internet until now (7:53pm) so I avoided spoilers. And it wasn’t your blog that spoiled it, btw. I get email notifications of your posts so I know what’s coming up. You are just too fast. ;D

        • September 27, 2015 at 10:49 pm — Reply

          There shouldn’t be that much hate about her! I like her as a character to even though i don’t necessarily agree with her vengeful plan which eventually shattered her on the inside but it managed to save both herself and Tae Hyun. Chairman Choi’s fanbase? XD Is there such a thing? XD I neither want her to be miserable forever nor die! XD There’s either a sense of doom for her or a sense of doom for a period of time and after a time jump a sense of release or even a rewarding one! You also know that i would love the drama to be 24 eps, there are many things than can be done and said in 8 more episodes instead of 2 😀 If that’s the case, a tragic end i mean, i will be on your side if she secured Tae Hyun’s life to the fullest 🙂
          I wouldn’t like her in real life either for the reasons you have explained yourself, but i always keep watching Yong Pal as a modern fairytale and fairytales always make you feel differently. So i sympathize with her and i understand her motives.
          I guess people will always be mad at something, i am neither mad with the reasons why the OTP broke up at this point nor with the fact that they came together so fast. Everything felt natural to my eyes given the characters’ backgrounds and the circumstances. Love isn’t something you program to happen after 15 episodes!
          I am so glad i didn’t get to spoil anything for you! 😀 But spoilers are tough to keep hiding from them, you have to remain off the internet to feel secure, but then again, once you enter the internet world you might get spoiled right after you started watching! XD

  7. September 25, 2015 at 1:34 pm — Reply

    Kwon sorry about your exam…. Are the recaps posing problems for you?
    All the best for your upcoming exams!

    • September 25, 2015 at 8:12 pm — Reply

      That’s okay, there’s nothing to be sorry, i have yet another chance to sit for the 2nd one while i believe that i will pass the one i’m waiting for its grades ^-^ Thanks a lot for the wishes, they are very much appreciated! The recaps are an addiction, i could do less during the exams, that’s what hurt me the most! XD

      • Maina
        September 25, 2015 at 11:25 pm — Reply

        please, take care of your exams first, we won’t leave you and your wonderful reviews either, promise! 🙂

  8. October 6, 2015 at 1:08 am — Reply

    All the online medical references say the whipple is for pancreatic cancer or benign tumors. It makes me wonder if the writers were playing fast and loose with medical jargon. Same with the poison generating liver cancer. Could have used some Sherlock Holmes sleuthing to explain.

    • October 6, 2015 at 1:20 am — Reply

      Thanks for the insight, truth be told never really bothered to check on these aspects since i neither necessarily believe medical kdrama aspects nor have great expectations in the first place! 😀 As long as it looks kinda real then it’s fine for me. The only thing i searched for was ethionine lol

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