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Yong Pal ~ Episode 14 Recap [TriAngle]


“If there is no revenge, there is no justice either.
But you will never understand me.
Because you weren’t locked in darkness for three years.
No matter how much i tried i couldn’t move a finger or an eyelid.
You were never locked in that body.
You’ve never prayed to be allowed to die.”


∠ ~ A mental asylum in progress.


Tae Hyun has arrived at the hospital, he’s already a VIP by now and all the necessary measures have been taken care of! The moment Tae Hyun notices the security chief along with doctors coming to greet him properly he ordered the driver to take him to the basement parking lot, but the driver/guard informed everyone on Tae Hyun’s new destination! He thought he would escape, but the security chief and the Interim Director of the hospital came to greet him! Of course, the director would like to talk to Tae Hyun in private in order to get along with him for future plans and ambitions! Nurse Song informs the Head Nurse on the latest events and Tae Hyun’s arrival and she thinks that she ignored everyone, but the Head Nurse tends to differ even though nurse Song is losing herself in her own hallucinations!

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Tae Hyun tries to avoid the director for the time being and his guard serves his purpose well by keeping the director away from Tae Hyun and he must have taken his role too seriously since he intends to take care of him if Tae Hyun gives him the okay! Tae Hyun’s at the 12th floor and everyone greets him with due respect! The moment he notices what was going on he rushed back inside the elevator to run away! The guard intends to take care of everyone for Tae Hyun’s sake and follows him closely in case something happens! And there he is in front of the Head Nurse and nurse Song who stares at him in her own weird way! The Surgery Department Chief appeared and Tae Hyun bowed in front of him, everyone’s at ease in front of Tae Hyun and the moment the chief bows he urges everyone to do the same, including Tae Yong! Tae Hyun’s hell rages on!

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Tae Hyun’s having a conversation with the Head Nurse, nurse Kang, and she’s happy things have turned out great for him. He’s thankful towards her for her help. He also talked to his sister this morning and everything seems to be flowing well! Tae Hyun’s so lucky it worries him. The fact that everyone knew about his desire for money might make Yeo Jin look like a joke to everyone now that she’s by his side and turned him into someone with power. Nurse Kang urges him to not take into consideration what others think of him, all he should think of is himself and his future as a doctor! Tae Hyun can’t set aside what others think of him, especially since his guard follows him everywhere all the time! The emergency x-ray nurse tried to join their company, but the guard prevented her for a while! She’s glad everything turned out well for him and she thinks that naughty things were taking place all night long since he looks exhausted with dark circles! Tae Hyun calls her noona and she’s glad she has a younger brother who came back as a rich man! There wasn’t a wedding’s first night since the wedding hasn’t taken place and the whole mood becomes playful somewhere between marriage, Tae Hyun’s approach on romance, etc.

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Tae Hyun goes to see the housemaid and the good part of the story is that the tumor hasn’t progressed that much, after the surgery everything will be fine! The tormenting part of the story is that Tae Hyun receives way too many compliments from the doctor, something that makes him feel uneasy for one more time! The housemaid can only be thankful towards Tae Hyun and he asked for her precious help on what rings Yeo Jin would like!

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∠ ~ The poison within.


Chae Young arrives at the household to find out all of the presidents who were loyal to Do Joon have formed a new line waiting to meet Yeo Jin! The whole sight is amusing, until she notices her father as well! Yeo Jin’s inside her office reading the newspaper and she lets Chae Young appear in front of her! This time her slapping attempts won’t work in front of Yeo Jin’s guard and Chae Young can’t believe Yeo Jin keeps her father in line along with the others. Yeo Jin orders the guard to take her out, but Chae Young leaves on her own. Yeo Jin’s transformation progresses while Chae Young urges her father to leave with her, but he won’t comply to her requests.

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Chief Surgeon Lee’s anxiety grows as time passes by but he felt relieved to see Tae Hyun and begged him to save his life! Secretary Min informed Yeo Jin that Tae Hyun met Chief Surgeon Lee and the secretary will take care of him on his own. Tae Hyun reassures him that after Do Joon getting locked up and president Go ending up dead nobody will harm him, but president Go’s death made him even more afraid. Tae Hyun informs him on his suicide as he’s unaware of what really happened, but Chief Surgeon Lee tells him that president Go wasn’t a person that would commit suicide and thinks that Yeo Jin was behind his death. Chief Surgeon Lee freaks out even more and pleas Tae Hyun to inform Yeo Jin that he was only following orders, but Tae Hyun tells him that Yeo Jin would never harm him. At that point Chief Surgeon Lee’s trust deteriorates as he thinks that Tae Hyun’s there to take him out of the picture after soothing his tension, but Tae Hyun reassures him with the fact that he was the one to operate on him. Guilt and fear overrun Chief Surgeon Lee who can’t take out of his head that Yeo Jin will eventually kill him as he still remembers her stare inside the restricted area. Chief Surgeon Lee points out that Do Joon will be out soon and neither him nor Yeo Jin will leave justice to the legal system.

Me, waiting for Yong Pal’s next episodes.

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Yeo Jin receives a phone call from the prosecutor who wonders whether he should keep Do Joon for a few more days or just let him go! Even though president Go left for a journey to hell, Yeo Jin points out that there are still people willing to greet Do Joon properly once he’s out and she lets the prosecutor know that when he starts his own firm she will send “flowers” to his new office!


Chief Surgeon Lee regrets going to the OR to operate on Yeo Jin instead of Tae Hyun’s mother and Tae Hyun became aware that the VIP who prevented his mother from living was no other than Yeo Jin. Tae Hyun has dressed his guard as a nurser to make things less uncomfortable for him, but Tae Hyun’s lost in his own thoughts. Everyone wanted to be present at Yeo Jin’s surgery and there wasn’t any doctor available to perform on Tae Hyun’s mother. One after the other all doctors were parading in front of Yeo Jin’s operating table and Chief Surgeon Lee was ordered to go to Tae Hyun’s mother, but his skills were needed immediately while Tae Hyun’s mother was passing away in front of Tae Hyun’s eyes who can’t hold back his tears at the present.

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The plaster cast fake patient gets transferred with a police car but they got attacked by a jeep on their way. Of course, the plaster cast fake patient was kidnapped! Detectives Lee and Kim are at the accident scene and something smells fishy with all of these incidents happening one after the other and they intend to investigate more on the case. In the meantime, the fake patient’s ex-underlings dag his grave and threw him in there never to see the light of day again in front of secretary Min’s sleepless stare.

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Tae Hyun’s back at the household to witness a line of people bowing in front of him! He goes to meet Yeo Jin right away and he overhears a conversation where one of them informs Yeo Jin that he wasn’t aware of president Go’s plans and that he intended to rescue Yeo Jin from Do Joon in order to serve her as the one and only Chairwoman. She’s already aware that he was the first one to light incense while wearing his gray tie at her funeral and once again he puts all the blame on president Go. President Go can’t talk anymore and Yeo Jin wonders if she silenced too soon, making Tae Hyun aware of her intentions. Yeo Jin gives president Han one last chance as he begs her to save him, she wants him to bring her all the ledgers by tomorrow and then she will make her final decision. On his way out he couldn’t stop bowing in front of Tae Hyun who bowed back and he still can’t believe that Yeo Jin progresses this way. He walks with his guard following him closely and he finds himself in a forgotten garden within the household’s garden.

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Chae Young intends to work on a press conference to uncover the whole truth about Hanshin Group and even though everyone was informed nobody appears except for secretary Min and his men! He wants her out of the Hanshin Group Hotel and urges her to leave right away if she doesn’t want to see her family going bankrupt and her father committing suicide like the man she loved. Without Do Joon she can’t exist either.

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Inside the forgotten garden Tae Hyun witnessed the lavenders and he was glad to see them. The housemaid informed him that it used to be a lavender garden. The late chairman used to hate it so he got rid of it. Tae Hyun’s curious about how Yeo Jin used to be as a child to find out she was a scary kid. The next day after she got hit in the eye and Do Joon got scolded by their father she forced herself to give up tennis even though she loved it in order to punish her father for scolding Do Joon since she knew that her father was an avid tennis fan. Tae Hyun doesn’t find her reaction scary, but cute. However, Yeo Jin being too honest was scaring everyone since nobody would ever imagine that a child would punish the late chairman this way. Tae Hyun acknowledges how lonely she must had been having to bear the weight of a family’s wealth while having to live among adults who were afraid of her childish explosions. Seeing Yeo Jin’s latest actions, the housemaid wonders if Tae Hyun is afraid of her, but he’s not, he just feels bad about her and she acknowledges how much he loves her.

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The dinner’s ready and Tae Hyun will be sitting where the head of the household should sit, it’s something that made him wonder if Yeo Jin’s a Joseon era woman! Tae Hyun finds it quite awkward and Yeo Jin points out that their future children should see their father sitting there! Tae Hyun informs her that he likes children and he emphasizes on the fact that he’s happy! Yeo Jin spoke to his sister and she became aware of what dishes he likes! Her condition only gets better and her surgery will take place in a month’s time if everything goes well! Yeo Jin’s more than happy, but Tae Hyun doesn’t seem to share her happiness. He has a favor to ask and it’s no other than Yeo Jin stopping her revenge.

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He wouldn’t like her to harm Chief Surgeon Lee and she tries to hide her plan, but she can’t from Tae Hyun. Yeo Jin points out it’s for the best of both of them, but Tae Hyun tends to differ. Yeo Jin’s brightness has vanished and she doesn’t think she can forgive Chief Surgeon Lee for everything he did to her. Tae Hyun doesn’t think Yeo Jin serves justice, especially when she resembles a murderer as time passes by, but she doesn’t intend to leave the case to the legal system since she would have to expose her medical background inside the court. As the queen of crocodiles, Yeo Jin thinks that if there’s no revenge then there’s no justice either and she doesn’t intend to show her weaknesses in order to remain safe. That’s the reason why she infuses fear in their lives in order to prevent the worst from happening, especially now that Tae Hyun shares the same fate as her as her heir.

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Tae Hyun thinks that she can change everything at this point because even if she forgives them they won’t dare taking her lightly. Revenge only leads to revenge and that’s why he begs her to forgive them. Yeo Jin points out that Tae Hyun is a good person and that’s the reason why she likes him, but she thinks that he will never understand everything she went through while being locked up in the darkness for 3 years. She couldn’t even move a finger or an eyelid while being locked up inside her body and she emphasizes on the fact that Tae Hyun doesn’t know how it feels like since he never prayed to be allowed to die. Yeo Jin intends to punish everyone and the only thing that bothers her is the fact that she never had the chance to kill nurse Hwang and the director herself.

 bscap0736bscap0735 bscap0731

The security chief is inside Chief Surgeon Lee’s room and they transfer him with the emergency x-ray nurse being unable to do anything, all she could do was to inform Tae Hyun who asks her if she’s willing to punish everyone who locked her up. He points out that it was her father and Do Joon who locked her up and that Chief Surgeon Lee was a pathetic prison guard and an executioner who sold his soul for money. Tae Hyun thinks that she’s taking out her anger on a puppet and he emphasizes on the fact that he was a prison guard she bought off as well. He acknowledges that Chief Surgeon Lee did horrible things to her, but he informs Yeo Jin that he’s already suffered enough and that she shouldn’t kill him, but Yeo Jin insists on killing him since she can’t forgive him. Tae Hyun asks her how he can forgive her people, but Yeo Jin thinks that she never did anything to him that would require his forgiveness. Tae Hyun doesn’t reveal anything else, but he begs her to stop her revenge as his last request. Yeo Jin’s in tears and started breaking things, but Tae Hyun didn’t return. Chief Surgeon Lee was getting transferred to the operating room, but the security chief received a message asking him to stop for now.

bscap0740 bscap0745bscap0747 bscap0750

∠ ~ Misery loves company.


Do Joon is free to go for now and he doesn’t get informed on president Go’s death right away, instead he gets informed that everything went well! On his way out nobody was waiting for him and he tries to call secretary Min until he recalled that he betrayed him. He tries to call president Go, but he can’t reach him and leaves on his own. President Go’s number called him back and it was his son informing him that his father passed away as fear and uncertainty started overrunning Do Joon.

bscap0752 bscap0753bscap0756 bscap0757

Chae Young was staring at him from a safe distance and Do Joon tried to call secretary Min but he couldn’t reach him. Nobody picks up his calls, but Chae Young was the only one to call him on her own. One way or another she’s still his family and once she asked him if someone came to pick him up he reassured her that he’s on his way to drink with the presidents who came for him. The moment she asked him if he’s waiting for a taxi he sees her on the other side of the road. He’s apologetic towards her and even if she wonders if he knows how it is to be apologetic he reassures her he does and he accepts her proposal for a drink.

bscap0760  bscap0768bscap0769bscap0765

It’s the first time Chae Young will come to him and he’s thankful, but a car hit him and he urged Chae Young to hold her position. After he got beaten up with an iron blackjack Chae Young ran to his aid to find out he’s unconscious and bleeding. An ambulance had already arrived to pick him up and once she noticed that they are from Hanshin Hospital she became aware that things can only get more dangerous.

bscap0772 bscap0775bscap0776 bscap0779 bscap0781bscap0780 bscap0786

◎ ~ Circular view.


Yong Pal’s 7th airing week was its most powerful one in terms of ratings. Right after the marvelous 21.5% it managed to achieve its second best ratings to date with 20.9%. No Wednesday-Thursday drama seems to be bothering Yong Pal and Yong Pal doesn’t care about anyone else except for itself, that’s why it only moves forward.


The 14th one was the episode which turned the tables upside down. We had already received the vibes which were pointing towards Yeo Jin’s transformation, but i wasn’t expecting her to reach such depths in the darkness she chose to embrace. But then again, she never made clear that she’d set aside revenge and the moment she left the church the urge was there. It never truly left her mind, it kept lurking in the dark side of the moon longing for the right moment to overshadow everyone with a pompous epiphany of horror.


Tae hyun found himself inside a terrifying amusement park, everything is ridiculously frightening ever since he acquired his new status. Everyone wants to greet him, meet him, protect and take advantage of him and that’s why his prior urge for money troubles him. He’s afraid of finding himself in misunderstandings and the least thing he would like to happen is to make Yeo Jin look like a clown he took advantage of while everyone’s after him for their own ambitions!


No matter how hard was the time Tae Hyun was having at the hospital, it was more than amusing for us and we definitely needed this episode opening since the darkness lying ahead and the feels accompanying it were tremendous. The purest people by Tae Hyun’s side have to be the emergency x-ray nurse and nurse Kang who acknowledge Tae Hyun’s real essence and try to help him hang in there in their own uplifting way! The driver/guard is such a hilarious figure taking himself too seriously as opposed to Tae Hyun’s harmless nature! I couldn’t stop laughing every time he was eager to take care of anyone bothering Tae Hyun to the extent of Tae Hyun dressing him up as a nurser in order not to feel so uncomfortable around him since he would follow him everywhere. I hope that the restroom could grant him some moments of heartfelt privacy!


Tae Hyun’s love for Yeo Jin is strong and the housemaid’s help was precious when it comes to choosing the rings that will grace their marriage. However, Yeo Jin’s descent into darkness was progressing rapidly and Chae Young found out how powerless she was in front of her and how relentless Yeo Jin had become. Seeing her father waiting in line devastated her and she couldn’t do anything. Attempting to strike Hanshin Group inside the wolves’ lair was a grandiose attempt, but it would never reach the press since secretary Min is Yeo Jin’s right hand and if he was a puppet in Do Joon’s eyes, he’s a weapon of mass destruction under Yeo Jin’s command. Directly threatening Chae Young and her father’s well-being while awakening painful memories from the heartrending past was the easiest way to dishearten her in a blink of an eye.


Chief Surgeon Lee’s devastation through guilt and fear was immense. He has already started losing his mind and logic has subsided to the threshold of panic. He begged Tae Hyun to save him and no matter how much Tae Hyun was trying to calm him down his ongoing distress was inevitable, especially after finding out that president Go had been silenced and that he’s one of those who are next in line. He can still trust Tae Hyun since he was the one to save his life and even if he regrets everything he can’t change his wrongdoings. Tae Hyun doesn’t set aside his crimes, but he would like him to pay for them inside the court and not with his life.


It was a mind awakening conversation which let Tae Hyun know that Yeo Jin had actually started evolving her revenge plan without him being aware of it. She was hiding it under all these layers of love she always preserves for Tae Hyun. The plaster cast fake patient had already been silenced and Yeo Jin had already arranged with the prosecutor to let Do Joon out in the wilderness in order for his “friends” to greet him and she will pay him back accordingly in the future. Tae Hyun found out that the reason why his mother passed away was no other than Yeo Jin who was the VIP who prevented any surgeon to keep his mother alive since everyone was needed at Yeo Jin’s operating room in case anything went wrong. At the same time, everyone wanted to be there for their own ambitions. Tae Hyun’s tears were bitter ones, but they would never question his love for Yeo Jin since her father was the one to make the decision to have each and every doctor by her side.


Tae Hyun overhearing Yeo Jin saying that she was the one who took president Go out of the picture was the most palpable proof he needed after witnessing Yeo Jin infusing fear and uncertainty through an even more uncertain and unreliable sense of hope to enforce everyone’s loyalty towards her face. It was a side of Yeo Jin he wasn’t aware of and he needed his own time to think and try to understand her to a wider extent before appearing in front of her.


Tae Hyun finding himself inside the barren garden within a garden felt like a forgotten fairytale. And indeed, it’s the place which beheld Yeo Jin’s childhood’s most precious memories which were always related to lavenders. It’s the place which is haunted by Yeo Jin’s long lost innocence and it was probably the place Yeo Jin used to love and the late chairman used to hate for everything that happened in the past and shook their relationship.


The way both Yeo Jin and Do Joon progressed as characters is their common father’s “masterpiece.” He raised two potentially vengeful children that could unleash all this hate they were keeping in slumber deep within under very specific circumstances that would trigger the explosion. Do Joon’s explosion already took place and we got to see his intentions and actions episode by episode. Yeo Jin has just erupted in full grandeur and we’re witnessing the nurturing of her personal beast. Both Do Joon and Yeo Jin are their father’s victims, but they are responsible for their actions at the present.


Yeo Jin couldn’t stand seeing Do Joon getting abused by their own father and she knew that she was the rightful heiress to the throne and that she was her father’s weakness. That’s why she could hard him anytime by simply hitting his soft spots, one strike at a time. Both Yeo Jin and her father loved tennis, the moment he scolded Do Joon for her getting hit by a baseball she ruined the pleasure both herself and her father were finding in tennis. She was willing to sacrifice something she loved in order to harm someone else. Sacrificing one’s happiness for another one’s sadness was too much of a burden for a child’s fragile soul.


Yeo Jin being too honest since her childhood days was scaring everyone since nobody could predict her reactions as nobody was imagining that a child would be able to punish an adult in such ways. Tae Hyun was able to read through the lines by finding out how lonely she must had been. A whole family’s wealth and power had fallen upon her shoulders and all this weight could only lead to her vengeful childhood tactics. Tae Hyun would never be afraid of her since he loves her way too much and this is the reason why he can’t stand seeing her feeding the beast within without remorse. Just like Do Joon intended to silence the workers of the pyramid, she intends to bury both the architects and the remaining workers in order to soothe the curse that was breathing inside these walls for 3 years.


Yeo Jin’s twofold world is masterfully being depicted through Kim Tae Hee’s acting. Whenever she’s not around Tae Hyun we get to witness her vengeful side in full grander, but whenever Tae Hyun’s by her side she’s the one we met throughout the episodes as if nothing negative ever happened and as if she didn’t commit any crime recently. The way she moves back and forth from one state of both heart and mind to the other is exceptional. The way she maneuvers on both sides of the same coin during the same scene is kind of marvelous dare i say.


Tae Hyun informing her that he’s aware of her plans overshadowed the arch happiness that was blooming in the air over the lurking shadows. The thought of children and Tae Hyun sitting on the throne of the head of the household had been set aside and Tae Hyun presented his point of view that revenge can only lead to revenge and an ill-natured scenery in the making won’t benefit anyone in the end. Yeo Jin gradually becomes the female version of Do Joon under a new perspective and through the opposing prism. She’s already become a murderer and Tae Hyun tries to prevent her from proceeding even further in this stench of bloodshed.


While Tae Hyun is a person saving lives, Yeo Jin becomes a person who ostracizes them from the world of the living. Yeo Jin doesn’t intend to look weak in front of anyone and since she found herself in her crocodile environment and enthroned herself as the rightful queen with revenge in mind she can only progress her own plans in order for justice to be served, not by human laws, but by the rapier that will fall upon those who kept her inside a nightmare for 3 years. Tae Hyun acknowledges that these people are guilty, but they don’t deserve death either since nobody has the right to take human lives.


Yeo Jin doesn’t intend to stand in front of Chief Surgeon Lee or anyone else inside a court since she would have to reveal everything that happened to her throughout the years. Tae Hyun tries to make her believe that forgiving doesn’t reflect weakness or senseless magnanimity. She can still forgive without looking weak while still maintaining her grandeur without a single wound. But her wounds are too deep to step back. Since the dance has progressed she intends to keep dancing to the very end until all these eyes that looked down on her while she was comatose will never see the light of day again.


Regretting only that she didn’t have the chance to kill nurse Hwang and the director herself proves the imposing aura of her hate. Yeo Jin thinks that Tae Hyun will never understand her since his body never became the personification of absence of life while still living. Praying to be allowed to die was too much of a sacrifice of her humane side and it could only lead to far greater sins at the present. She wasn’t allowed to do at least that much; taking her own life.


Tae Hyun asking her how he can forgive people around her and even Yeo Jin could only make her think that she never did anything to him that would require his forgiveness. Tae Hyun didn’t reveal anything else, but he did beg her to not progress her revenge as his last request. He clearly loves her and he doesn’t want to use the card of his mother’s death for the time being. If she stops now he intends to keep it to himself once and for all, but if she progresses with her murderous plans he won’t have any other choice but let her know that the first time they indirectly met was when his mother was passing away in order for Yeo Jin to embrace life anew. Chief Surgeon Lee was saved for now, but their relationship was traumatized by Yeo Jin’s ongoing sickening thoughts.


Do Joon found himself all alone. Nobody was out there waiting for him and he couldn’t reach anyone on the phone either. Had he not called president Go on the phone he would still think everything was flowing fine, but the moment he found out he had passed away the whole world collapsed underneath his feet. Every plan of reclaiming everything he lost in a blink of an eye suddenly felt so distant and the ambiance had already started getting colder.


The only one to care about him was Chae Young who didn’t directly appear in front of him, but she called him on the phone to listen to everything he has to say. Do Joon tried to hide the truth from her, but his white lies that everything was fine were being countered in front of her very eyes. The moment she let him know she was there waiting for him he was both apologetic and thankful. We could sense his love for her for the first time now that his dreadful plans had been halted. All this time we knew it was there, but we couldn’t see beyond his one-sided love’s despair.


It was also the first time Chae Young sincerely cared for him and a sparkle that could fuel her feelings for him could also be there. At this point, after Do Joon having lost everything, he resembles her loved one in a manner of speaking and if she won’t be there for him nobody else will and Do Joon will end up dead one way or another. It was Do Joon’s most humane moment in the recent years, but it was also one of Chae Young most sincere aspects too. Acknowledging that he was in danger and that it was the first time she would go to him on her own was an emotional revelation for both of them.


Seeing him getting hit by a car and Do Joon urging her to maintain her position in order not to get hurt was heartfelt in its own way. She could only rush to his aid once the danger had passed, but the ambulance came too fast and the realization that it was from Hanshin Hospital made things more threatening. Yeo Jin doesn’t intend to lose time and she didn’t let Do Joon breathe the air of freedom for too long.


I never thought i would sympathize with Do Joon, but i did, even though i wanted Yeo Jin to have her revenge for a welcome amount of episodes. However, now that she progresses her plans she gets alienated too much and the cost will be much more than she will be able to handle if Tae Hyun won’t prevent her from proceeding. Do Joon found himself in a glass prison without glass walls and he will probably get transferred inside the restricted area with Yeo Jin preserving to the fullest the an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth “teachings.” Chae Young and Do Joon’s only hope at this very moment is Tae Hyun and he will be the first and only person she will contact. The 14th episode was such a multifaceted one and it proves that Yong Pal only gets better.


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  2. September 18, 2015 at 7:27 am — Reply

    Your recaps are brilliant, I have been checking every minute/hour and it’s a double bonus. Thank you, Kwon.

    Scary. Shivers running up and down my spine. From sleeping beauty to darth vader. YJ is going over to the dark side. Let’s hope that unlike Anakin who thought he lost everything, YJ still has TH.

    I am quite conflicted here. First of all I can understanding her need to assert control and loyalty. Second, if she didn’t incapacitate her enemies, they will retaliate and bite her. Third,she has to subdue her enemies to protect herself and TH. However, I am with TH 100 percent on this. Revenge begets revenge.

    Sorry. I am sure all of us feel bad for TH’s predicament and CY’s mistreatment. Hmmm, why would YJ throw her out? Because CY wanted TH?

    I am with you on DJ. “His love for her was always there…” And his first reaction was to apologize and I think it was meant for her dead bf and unborn child even though he played no part in her past. I liked the way you pointed out that she reminded him of her ex bf who lost everything. So finally, she sees him as simply a guy who loved her senseless and without condition.

    I can foresee Yong pal doing his best to save DJ. DJ deserves to be punished by the law, but I would like to see DJ as a broken man who will finally repent of his wicked desires and ways.

    For now, we will be on the edge of our seats – to see what will it take to halt YJ’s descent to hell.

    • September 18, 2015 at 1:45 pm — Reply

      I didn’t think i would be able to do it yesterday, i was in hangover mode because of a birthday party, but worked on both recaps in a row, started the 14th one somewhere around 2am! XD You are very welcome and thanks a lot for one more time!! 🙂
      “From sleeping beauty to darth vader.” That was SO awesome! XD Even her hair could be the hair equivalent of Darth Vader’s helmet in combination with her black clothing! XD I definitely agree and i am on Tae Hyun’s side as well, revenge will only lead to more revenge, both on her behalf but also on others who would like to fight back her methods. It’s probably due to jealousy because she’s aware Chae Young wanted Tae Hyun for herself, but she’s also Do Joon’s wife and all these years she maintained her silence and left Yeo Jin on her own. If only ONE had talked then things could had been different, but Chae Young chose silence, plus her attitude was something Yeo Jin wouldn’t tolerate, especially now that she wants utter control. Everything that causes disharmony to her plans and her ears eventually should be kept far away.
      The fact that he told her that indeed he knows how to apologize felt so sincere at that moment. Do Joon has nothing right now, just like he used to before his father passing away. His ambitions no longer work and he doesn’t have the means to purchase them, all that’s left behind is an empty shell of a human being having nothing else except for re-embracing his humane side. And unexpectedly for him, he also has Chae Young who was the only one to care about him in his darkest hour while he still was the reason for her ongoing darkest and meaningless hours.
      Do Joon definitely deserves to get punished, but not by the way Yeo Jin wants to and something tells me that Yong Pal will work with detective Lee on this. I am also curious what role Chief Surgeon Lee will play on this since he will stay alive for now. If that’s the case, both Yong Pal and detective Lee will need his testimony both for Do Joon and Yeo Jin since both of them tried to kill him, but also the whole truth so that he will finally be able to pay for his own crimes.
      Am i the only one or i suddenly need the 20-24 ep extension? Only two more weeks? 🙁

      • September 18, 2015 at 6:31 pm — Reply

        Hi Kwon,

        I supposed to reply to this thread but I accidentally pasted my reply to your second comment below.

        “…..And unexpectedly for him, he also has Chae Young who was the only one to care about him in his darkest hour while he still was the reason for her ongoing darkest and meaningless hours…”

        Indeed, an unexpectedly for Chae Young that very person she tried to run away from was the only person who would never turn her away. What a discovery for both of them.

        Maybe as an inmate, chief surgeon lee can become a prison medical surgeon provided he is allowed to hold the scalpel etc. Or maybe they can send him off to a war torn country. Who knows he might run away and become a gangster yongpal.

        Yes I do like the unexpectedly quick truce on the detective’s part regarding TH. He appeared to be petty but now it’s obvious he was just trying to do his job. These are the people who commit crimes behind the scenes and he is gonna help a lot more people by catching the big guys:crocodiles.

        • September 18, 2015 at 7:16 pm — Reply

          Nah, that’s okay, as long as i can see the comment it doesn’t matter where it was supposed to be and where it found itself! XD
          “unexpectedly for Chae Young that very person she tried to run away from was the only person who would never turn her away. What a discovery for both of them. ” Definitely agree, it was like discovering a lost treasure while redefining themselves in the outcome of the darkness both of them created for themselves solely and “together” in advance.
          I can easily imagine Chief Surgeon Lee as a gangster Yong Pal, he’s got the face, the attitude and the potential! XD But i can easily imagine him drawing butterflies, flowers and bees on the wall of his room inside a mental asylum haha!
          It’s a win-win situation for both detective Lee and Tae Hyun, the first one could finally appear as a combative police officer and not as a joke due to Yong Pal’s connections and the second one decided to pay for his Yong Pal past. Crocodiles! You can’t even imagine how much i laughed when Yeo Jin said she’s the queen of crocodiles! XD Suddenly Yeo Jin had green skin, raptor eyes and huge teeth! XD

      • September 18, 2015 at 6:39 pm — Reply

        I agree with everything you said about Do Joon and Chae Hyun. 🙂 And yes! Now I think they need at least 20 episodes to clear all this up. 18 is always a messy number for Kdramas, at least I’ve come to learn. :p Hopefully Writer Jang paces himself and doesn’t start rushing with nonsense. I think the pressure might start rolling in to scale back on Yeo Jin’s evilness. But, if my idea of her dying is correct, then I think it works very well in ways. She took out all the trash from Hanshin group for Tae Hyun, a pure, good soul, to take over.

        • September 18, 2015 at 7:24 pm — Reply

          Highly agree, i can’t see 18 favorably in terms of drama episodes, it kind of looks mediocre in a manner of speaking! It usually depicts something that should have ended 2 episodes ago or got forced to end 2 episodes before the end. But yup, the writer progresses the storyline masterfully, everything feels so natural with all the necessary cliffhangers! Yup, the pressure will probably start appearing during the 16th episode i presume and it will be Yeo Jin oriented indeed. “Tae Hyun, a pure, good soul, to take over.” and someone with nothing found himself with everything for a righteous cause, making this world a better place as much as possible.

  3. September 18, 2015 at 7:35 am — Reply

    This episode was stunning! So much to talk about. But you hit the nail on every head. I notice some viewers are disturbed by Yeo Jin’s actions. It’s disturbing for sure, and she’s wrong, “sin is crouching at the entrance” but she can’t get a hold of it. but what did viewers expect of her? She’s raving mad and she has the power to do something about it. Which is why Tae Hyun’s loving plea is so poignant. She also has the power to stop it.

    I feel sorry for her too. This is a revenge drama, but sometimes the protagonists don’t make it. Notice how YJ brought up the fact that Tae Hyun was her Heir if anything happens to her? What If she does die by the end? She’s cleared a path Tae Hyun to take over Hanshin group with a full clean start. It’s just a thought that occurred to me now.

    I posted these thoughts in the FB group:
    I also have to note the beautiful and meaningful use of clothing in this drama episode. 1st with Yeo Jin. When she was locked in her glass prison and innocent and helpless she wore all white. Now that revenge is eating her heart she sits in her dark office dressed in all black. When she’s eating dinner with Tae Hyun she’s wearing a white top speckled with black, which represents the conflict she’s having of being a kind, good wife and woman and a wicked chairwoman.

    Tae Hyun as the hero wears white because of his doctor uniform, but when he went home he was wearing a black suit and white shirt. His heart is still pure, but he’s surrounded by darkness.

    Chae Young wore red when she blazed into YJ’s office about her father. And at the end, she’s wearing an all white coat! Very telling. Like she’s starting from scratch.

    Wonderful recap and review. And love the screen grabs!

    • September 18, 2015 at 1:50 pm — Reply

      It was one of my favorite Yong Pal episodes! I can understand Yeo Jin’s progress even though i don’t agree with it, she could find other ways to punish those guilty for everything in a Tae Hyun oriented way. But she chose darkness and that’s the only way for her to progress her plans. I am not disturbed in the way the storyline progresses, it makes perfect sense and keeps the story flowing in a more intriguing tone!
      Yeo Jin wants to protect Tae Hyun at all costs indeed, he was the only one who cared for her unconditionally and there were times he wasn’t expecting anything back. Deciding to save her at the cost of his sister’s life in case things went so wrong proves his purity of character. She would never let him down or leave him unprotected. In a manner of speaking, she reminds him of his father’s starting point, he really loved her mother even though everyone believed he married her for her wealth and power.
      Great insight! A white and minimal dress inside the glass prison, but inside her office she’s pitch black, even her stare is sickening! When they are together i think that the director plays a yin yang clothing presentation with both of them being in black and white! “His heart is still pure, but he’s surrounded by darkness.” So true!

      • September 18, 2015 at 5:47 pm — Reply

        Hi kwon,
        Hope u recovered completely with lots of water. I believe they should have gone for 20 episodes in the first place. And then extend at least 2-4 more episodes….sigh

        “Acknowledging that he was in danger and that it was the first time she would go to him on her own was an emotional revelation for both of them”

        How true. The saddest thing was that he didn’t even call her. It was her who called him and it’s such a poignant moment. In all likelihood, she may have gone to him to secure back her position. But seeing him all alone and yet trying not to make her worry made her realize that he truly cared for her when all the while she thought he wanted to own her for his own selfish reason.

        “Seeing him getting hit by a car and Do Joon urging her to maintain her position in order not to get hurt was heartfelt in its own way”

        Yes shockingly sad. I am glad you discussed quite a bit on this second OTP and especially on this surprising outcome. For the second time, she saw how his love for her was truly genuine. It was heartbreaking that this couple lost so much opportunities due to family intrigues and largely DJ’s faults. But CY also played a part in this whole misery. Had she come clean with DJ prior to their marriage, she wouldn’t store such resentment and things might have gone differently.

        I also noticed that CY and DJ appeared stronger than they actually are. Even though CY knew Pres Go tried to kill her, she didn’t do anything to retaliate unlike YJ. And DJ allowed anger to mask his true love and regrets when she revealed her past.

        In any case, it’s always small and sincere gestures that matter like just saying sorry and thank you. It’s strange that this fake couple ended up as true couple by being there for each other during the worst times.

        • September 18, 2015 at 7:08 pm — Reply

          I think i have recovered, but the heat, the humidity and probably that chili burger aren’t that helpful! XD Yup, 20 eps would be a fair deal for our eyes, minds and feels!
          Indeed, she was the only person he didn’t even dare to call and all of a sudden BOOM her phone call appeared when he didn’t know what to do as he was penniless too. It’s a strong possibility going out there to find him in order to secure her position or at least save as much as she could, but finding out he was too lost but sincere to her was a sudden mind-awakening in progress throughout the whole scene.
          “It was heartbreaking that this couple lost so much opportunities due to family intrigues and largely DJ’s faults.” They lost precious time they could have worked on their own feelings, but the background of their relationship was ill-natured from the very beginning, but what was even more disheartening was the way it progressed. One-sided on Do Joon’s behalf, non-existent on Chae Young’s behalf, they couldn’t meet even at a single crossroad.
          “In any case, it’s always small and sincere gestures that matter like just saying sorry and thank you. It’s strange that this fake couple ended up as true couple by being there for each other during the worst times.”
          Indeed, no matter how small a word is (sorry, thanks), if it’s sincere it possesses so many dynamics and this is the occasion here coming from such figures. No matter how much time it may take for Do Joon to pay for his crimes, i really do hope they will end up a real couple in the end no matter how hard it may be ^-^ They turned out the secret ship of the drama lol

      • September 18, 2015 at 6:49 pm — Reply

        Yin Yang! (head smack!) Why didn’t I think of that? My brain was not thinking “Eastern” enough. lol. I also think that everything Yeo Jin does now is for the benefit of Tae Hyun too. And it’s hard to convey that I’m not so deeply disturbed by her actions without sounding like i approve of her revenge and murder. Gulp! But this isn’t about my approval. I’m watching a cautionary, morality tale and I’m going with the flow of the characters and their behavior and past experiences. Of course it’s absolutely wrong, and it’s hard to put myself in the situation, so I’m not, I’m trying to understand HER situation and why she chose that path. Even if I don’t agree with it. I still like her character and want to believe she can come out okay from all this. (I’m going have to take this defense to FB. ahaha.)

        I think it’s just disturbing people more because this OTP is messed up. hahahaaha. It breaks the Kdrama mold. And I love that! Tae Hyun is not your typical Kdrama guy either. He’s so chill. I have no other word for him but chill. And I think that’s due mostly to Joo Won.

        • September 18, 2015 at 7:28 pm — Reply

          (I had yin and yang in mind from Bridal Mask and it fitted perfectly well here once you mentioned the clothing colors!)
          I don’t like Yeo Jin’s actions either, but i do understand them even though i’m on Tae Hyun’s side when it comes to his point of view. I still like her character too and i deeply want her to come out of this torrent sane, safe and sound and cherish life by Tae Hyun’s side. (already sees LadyG’s FB Yong Pal cannons in a line of defense lol)
          Our OTP is messed up in the best possible way, it’s a delightful mess! XD
          “Tae Hyun is not your typical Kdrama guy either. He’s so chill. I have no other word for him but chill. And I think that’s due mostly to Joo Won.” Tae Hyun is THE guy, a prototype to be followed lol

  4. September 18, 2015 at 7:38 am — Reply

    I’d throw Chae Young out too. She cannot be trusted and she lists after Tae Hyun. She really needed to be brought down many pegs.

    • September 18, 2015 at 7:40 am — Reply

      She *lusts* after Tae Hyun. Ughh, lousy auto correct, it writes things I didn’t Nintendo. 😆😉

      • September 18, 2015 at 12:27 pm — Reply

        @lady g

        Very interesting observation on the wardrobe. They are always sharp on stuff like that.

        Its a difficult topic to swallow. For her to get her revenge and yet we don’t want her to succumb to the darkness.

        It’s also very observant of you to point out the heir part. She clearly wanted to make sure that TH is protected at all cost. There is a precedent – her mom made the same choice. If anything happened to her, she would want to leave the wealth to him (and her children).

        I still feel sorry for CY. Maybe it’s the actress who is playing her so well, eliciting sympathy for her past and present self. I guess if CY had not appeared haughty, ambitious and demanding, YJ may show some mercy.
        It’s strange that her true moments of vulnerability were revealed to the “husband” she wanna leave whereas she has always put on the spoilt persona in front of others.

        • September 18, 2015 at 1:59 pm — Reply

          “Its a difficult topic to swallow. For her to get her revenge and yet we don’t want her to succumb to the darkness. ” Highly agree, in one hand revenge is a dish best serve cold and she serves as cold as death can be, one the other hand it makes her lose her righteousness by becoming someone like the perpetrators she punishes and she eventually loses her humane side.
          “There is a precedent – her mom made the same choice.” Indeed, her father loved her mother even though everyone believed he married her for her money, Tae Hyun loves Yeo Jin even though everyone has already started thinking the same way because of his past. Her father expressed it in his final video before passing away, Tae Hyun mentioned it to nurse Kang who can understand him more than anyone else in that occasion since she was by the late chairman’s side and she’s by Tae Hyun’s side as well and she can relate to both stories.
          My noona is doing a great work on Chae Young and i feel sorry about her too. “I guess if CY had not appeared haughty, ambitious and demanding, YJ may show some mercy.” I agree, she can’t tolerate such attitudes, especially now that she wants utter control. + the jealousy factor since Chae Young had her eyes staring at Tae Hyun! XD
          “It’s strange that her true moments of vulnerability were revealed to the “husband” she wanna leave whereas she has always put on the spoilt persona in front of others.” OMG, that was a great point, it makes them look like -we can’t be together, but we can’t live apart either-! There’s no other person that knows each other’s weaknesses better than themselves. Chae Young knows everything about Do Joon and Do Joon is aware of all the emptiness Chae Young has been through all these years. They are two empty shells filling one another’s void with some sort of sympathy which is deeper than sympathy, love and hate at the same time since both of them have invested in the later two in different ways.

        • September 18, 2015 at 6:33 pm — Reply

          Thank you Shuerei. Yes, they had beautiful clothes in this drama.

          You’re right, I almost forgot about the Mom. It would be interesting if Yeo Jin does die, she’ll leave the money to Tae Hyun and also request he help their “children” from the orphanage that they got attached to.

          Yes, I don’t hate Chae Young. And I even got emotional during her phone scene with Do Joon! I actually wanted them to reconcile and get a drink. Great acting in that scene. All along I sort of pitied Do Joon as this big puffed up, misunderstood villain. But Mr. Kwon said it in his last review I think – they’re grown and made their own life choices.
          I felt they both became true equals at that moment. They had nothing but each other.
          But then we needed that cliffhanger. I don’t think YJ is completely on the dark side yet either and somehow she will show mercy. I think once she learns about Tae Hyun’s mother.

          • September 18, 2015 at 7:21 pm

            Thanks SO much to both LadyG and Shuerei for bringing insightful life in my Yong Pal recaps, you can’t imagine how much i appreciate! 🙂
            Yeo Jin dying is an option and Tae Hyun would bring justice to Hanshin Group once and for all! I like how you’re stuck in the idea of the children of the orphanage and the more you unfold it the more i like it! I can easily imagine Tae Hyu sitting on the head seat of the table and all the children around him eating at the table!
            I wanted them to get a drink too! XD My hangover was deteriorating at that point so a drink for these broken figures was essential, Yeo Jin should have let them do at least that much!
            ” They had nothing but each other.
            But then we needed that cliffhanger.” So true! Yeo Jin’s not totally in the dark side for sure, Tae Hyun is a strong “weapon” maintaining her humanity. Without him she wouldn’t be standing there in an almighty tone, but IN CASE she was out there without Tae Hyun she would have already executed everyone waiting in line lol I like how Tae Hyun didn’t tell her about his mother, he keeps it as his last card in order to convince Yeo Jin to change.

      • September 18, 2015 at 1:52 pm — Reply

        “it writes things I didn’t Nintendo” LOOOOOOL that was SO hilarious! XD

    • September 18, 2015 at 1:51 pm — Reply

      I wouldn’t throw her out because she’s my noona! XD But i definitely understand why Yeo Jin showed her the way out in multiple ways! XD

      • September 18, 2015 at 6:57 pm — Reply

        Hi Kwon
        Oh yeah CY is an interesting character but she stops short of being ruthless and that’s the irony. Because while we dun want YJ to end up this way, being ruthless is the only way to handle the alligators in the wild swamp.

        To throw someone out, YJ has to really harden her heart. But at least she didn’t try to kill CY. *cough*

        Originally, I wanted ji sung to win the daesang but now I want joo won. His role as tae hyun aka Yong pal is bigger than just acting, than just a role, than just an individual. It’s about a role model that this society so desperately need. He is someone who was marginalized and maligned by people, power and politics but he stood apart and focused on saving lives.

        Yes like you said he is a pure soul. And while he is too good to be true, millions in S. Korea and many others around the world are drawn to this character. Perhaps it’s their good too that in a world where there is so much of self centeredness and wickedness, love and goodness must continue to exist.

        Fighting! Yong palyi !!!

        • September 18, 2015 at 7:35 pm — Reply

          “But at least she didn’t try to kill CY.” *lights a cigarette of relief* I am so glad she didn’t try to kill my noona, but while talking about this tragic couple, Do Joon-Chae Young, i just had a weird idea. That Chae Young could actually give her life to protect Do Joon under tense circumstances to find relief from her empty life. Stop thinking, brain!
          Hm, that’s a pretty tough question Shuerei chingu, Ji Sung and Joo Won, it’s a really tough one! “It’s about a role model that this society so desperately need. He is someone who was marginalized and maligned by people, power and politics but he stood apart and focused on saving lives. ” I highly agree here, society needs such people but sadly enough such people are being considered heroes or lunatics whereas they are simply being human, nothing less nothing more!
          Tae Hyun’s character is exceptional and we need more like him both in real life and the world of dramas! Palyi Palyi YongPalyi!

      • September 18, 2015 at 7:07 pm — Reply

        @ lady G,
        I hope that YJ doesn’t die… That’s why I hate melodramas…
        My hope is that she would find it possible to forgive her enemies. And I would really like her to go back to the nice little church to have her wedding.
        While yongpal is a decent and smart guy, I think he does want to run the company. Anyway I hope the writer has something good in store for us. Just two more weeks we will have the ending. I do hate bad endings but since I have enjoyed it so far I will stick with it.
        That reminds me I cried buckets at the rooftop dying scene in Blood. So I hope we would have a beautiful conclusion in Yong pal.

        • September 18, 2015 at 7:40 pm — Reply

          I hope that this will lead Yeo Jin and Do Joon to the relationship they had during their childhood but through the prism of an adult at the present. Before Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun getting married at that church, i want to seal the marriage with a kiss at the wind of hill to fulfill the promise that hill possesses for lovers ^-^
          Bad endings have the potential to ruin a whole drama journey which was awesome! Let’s hope this won’t be the occasion here! 😀

      • September 18, 2015 at 10:04 pm — Reply

        I wish I’d originally thought of the ‘Nintendo’ joke tho! I gotta stop it with these memes. XD They’re too funny! It was perfect to add it to my comment.

        I would’ve been thrilled CY and DJ got a drink, found a room, started kissing like an actual Husband and wife then wham! Yeo Jin’s little crocs could’ve came in and dragged him away.

        • September 19, 2015 at 12:25 am — Reply

          It doesn’t matter, you taught me the Nintendo joke and it owns! XD
          This would had been actually much better than the rushed Han Shin ambulance!

          • September 19, 2015 at 3:34 am

            If we had our original 24 episodes, dang, I could imagine Do Joon and Chae Young rising from the ashes to try again to bring Yeo Jin down. lol

          • September 22, 2015 at 8:37 pm

            Nothing has ended yet, we can still hope for an extension, a good extension though, not ongoing nonsense! And it would be awesome to see both of them as a real couple trying to reclaim everything with all the necessary twists!

  5. kiki
    September 18, 2015 at 3:22 pm — Reply

    and the sleeping beauty change into Snow queen

    • September 18, 2015 at 3:33 pm — Reply

      Definitely! I laughed so much though when she said that she is the queen of crocodiles, i was imagining her all green with huge teeth! XD

      • September 18, 2015 at 9:58 pm — Reply

        With that dark plum lipstick and those gleaming white big straight teeth ya, Kim Tae Hee was looking very crocodile like!! LOL Tae Hyun needs to shake some sense into her. Like jeesh, I married a woman and a human being! Not a reptile! Snap out of it already!

        You know, evil minded Yeo Jin is starting to resemble Nurse Hwang!

        • September 19, 2015 at 12:24 am — Reply

          Indeed, the resemblance is too stronK! XD All she needs is a kiss and the honey will start floating in her veins once again! XD Hahaha, they could be best friends with Nurse Hwang under different circumstances! XD

          • September 19, 2015 at 3:35 am

            The honey that drips from Tae Hyun’s eyes whenever he sees her. LOL. I loved that line you wrote. I forgot to mention it.
            Nurse Hwang would love that!

          • September 22, 2015 at 8:38 pm

            In his previous life Tae Hyun must had been a bee or something! XD

  6. September 18, 2015 at 8:28 pm — Reply

    Sorry one typo and one omission above;

    1. Perhaps it’s their “hope” too that in a world where there is so much of self centeredness and wickedness, love and goodness must continue to exist.

    2. While yongpal is a decent and smart guy, I “don’t” think he wants to run the company.

    • September 18, 2015 at 9:23 pm — Reply

      Yup, Yong Pal doesn’t seem to be interested in running the company at all, the only part of the company he would be interested in running, i presume, has to be Hanshin Hospital ONLY to save [more] lives.

      • September 18, 2015 at 9:56 pm — Reply

        I understood Shuerei meant Yong Pal DOESN’T want the company. That is true. I can see definitely see him taking over the hospital though. Because it’s filled with shady, corrupt doctors on every level.

        • September 19, 2015 at 12:22 am — Reply

          You understood it because it wasn’t Nintendo! XD

          • September 19, 2015 at 3:35 am

            haahahahhaa!!! Great comeback!

  7. September 18, 2015 at 8:30 pm — Reply

    1. “One-sided on Do Joon’s behalf, non-existent on Chae Young’s behalf, they couldn’t meet even at a single crossroad.”

    Ahh loved this phrase. Incidentally your phrase rhymes with the final scene. Though not exactly a crossroad, they finally see each other along the same path where all pretensions and prejudice are non existent. Now they see each other on a common ground. Just two persons who suffered through an arranged marriage only to find out they are both able to meet halfway after all.

    2. “They turned out the secret ship of the drama.”

    I am certainly shipping them together and I hope the drama will give us living people and living couples from now on instead of killing people in each episode.

    3. “They are two empty shells filling one another’s void with some sort of sympathy which is deeper than sympathy, love and hate at the same time since both of them have invested in the later two in different ways.”

    It’s strange that DJ made the right choice after all. For him to invest so much in a girl out of love from him and none from her seemed like a ridiculous decision. This episode affirmed his choice. He certainly knows how to pick a girl.

    • September 18, 2015 at 9:28 pm — Reply

      Do Joon and Chae Young’s relationship could easily be a painful Davichi ballad anytime! XD
      “Though not exactly a crossroad, they finally see each other along the same path where all pretensions and prejudice are non existent. Now they see each other on a common ground. Just two persons who suffered through an arranged marriage only to find out they are both able to meet halfway after all. ” Your lines possessed tremendous amounts of truth! If i had to write again my recaps after these YongPal-crusade Shuerei-LadyG-Kwon-versations they would be more than 10000 words lol!
      I hope so too, i want cleansed personalities and proper couples at the end of the drama and not emotionally traumatized individuals 6 feet under or moving on one way or another xP
      Yup, it seemed like the one-sided and obsessive typical drama cliche, but the 14th episode certainly took it to a brand new level!

  8. September 18, 2015 at 9:52 pm — Reply

    “I still like her character too and i deeply want her to come out of this torrent sane, safe and sound and cherish life by Tae Hyun’s side. (already sees LadyG’s FB Yong Pal cannons in a line of defense lol)”

    Yes, yes, and yes! I want her to live too and make the best of her life and money with Tae Hyun. And my Yong Pal cannons were firing all night. I had so much insomnia. :p But I don’t really battle, I just post my thoughts and enjoy reading other’s thoughts and responses. It’s on the tip of my fingertips to write, well for goodness sakes, at least she’s not murdering GOOD PEOPLE! LOL. The people she’s getting revenge on are heartless, greedy killers themselves! gahh! Okay, I did post one comment because i was getting antsy, I basically asked, Does anyone really care what happens to scarface? Even though the method in which he was disposed of was so cruel! However, he tried to kill her man.

    Another I had was, what if Yeo Jin is not really killing anyone? She’s just threatening them to the point of torture and then stopping it? Like she did with Dr. Lee, But we’re not seeing that yet? That would be awesome. Really. And then another thought was – Yeo Jin never actually told the assistant to murder anyone, she basically covered her tracks and said, “take care of it.” :p So she can get away with it. He’s the one picking these cruel methods. It seems that way. But who knows what she’s saying in that dark room on the phone all day?

    • September 19, 2015 at 12:32 am — Reply

      Insomnia is a drama addict’s best friend, so you were happy by your cannons’ side i guess! XD Hahahaha, yes, that’s the good part of the story, she doesn’t annihilate innocent ones! XD
      That would be the most trolling aspect of the story if she doesn’t kill them but frightens them and then makes them disappear on their own in order to live! XD Or she places them inside a container to give them all together to the police lol But we all know what taking care of something means under these circumstances XD I think she’s talking to idols she just found out they appeared during these 3 years of absence lol

  9. September 18, 2015 at 10:07 pm — Reply

    “I hope that YJ doesn’t die… That’s why I hate melodramas…
    My hope is that she would find it possible to forgive her enemies. And I would really like her to go back to the nice little church to have her wedding.”

    Yes, Shuerei, I don’t like melos much for that reason too. I love happy endings. And I can imagine her going back to have the wedding she dreamed of with Tae Hyun.

    And then…there’s always AMNESIA!!!!

    • September 19, 2015 at 12:27 am — Reply

      I don’t hate melodramas, if the pain is severely well-expressed at the end then it’s bliss for me! XD *dramasochism deriving from the fact that 1 Litre of Tears was my first drama and it still remains my favorite to date*
      But i also love happy endings too and this is what i want for Yeo Jinah and Yong Pali!
      Hahahaha, amnesia would ruin my mind if it made a sudden appearance even for one episode! XD

      • September 19, 2015 at 3:32 am — Reply

        Melos…hmm…was Thank You a melo? I really liked that. I know I saw a few more. Maybe, Single dad in love, which was really funny then turned all melo. I still loved it, even though I cried every episode. I did for Thank You also. I call those dramas – hard watches, and even though my favorite guys are in them, I can’t go through that pain again. lol

        And Amnesia would blow everybody’s mind and I think infuriate almost every fan. Though it would be a major twist if Tae Hyun got it! lol

        • September 22, 2015 at 8:36 pm — Reply

          Haven’t finished it yet, have about 6 episodes to the end, but it has its fair share of pain, but it’s also humorous enough to counter the pain for now! 😀 Haha, i love going through pain in dramas, especially if it’s well-conceived and well-presented pain! 😀 *dramasochism*
          Hahaha, if Tae Hyun got amnesia would explode everything that had happened throughout all these episodes! XD

      • Qy
        September 20, 2015 at 4:39 pm — Reply

        I remember watching 1LoT when I was in junior high and I can’t help but crying buckets for this. Such heartbreaking but beautiful drama.

        • September 22, 2015 at 8:55 pm — Reply

          “Such heartbreaking but beautiful drama.” SO TRUE! The drama definitely lives up to its title expectations! 😀

      • September 21, 2015 at 8:01 pm — Reply

        Kwon, Lady g
        Amnesia would be good but she has to start all over again with DJ. And surely we can get Yong Pal part 2!!!

        Lol lol lol….
        Dark room conversations?
        Taking to new idols? Who would that be….

        • September 22, 2015 at 9:01 pm — Reply

          It would troll everyone had amnesia entered the game! But Tae Hyun would inject her with a new memory recollection medicine that would make her come back as soon as possible lol
          Yong Pal part 2 would be more than welcome! The 2nd part of the dreary fairytale for our eyes only! 😀
          The dark room is a new idol industry in the making XD

      • September 21, 2015 at 8:13 pm — Reply

        Melos….I seldom watch…
        I know Tamra island is not melo but I cried when Park Kyu (Im Joo Hwan) was sobbing inside the room…
        I also cried when Dr Park (Ahn Jae Hyun) and Rita (Ku Hye Sun) were at the rooftop on blood.
        Sorry sidetracked….

        My favorite scene in Yong pal was at the party, the scene where CY and TH were having a discussion about SH. Then TH silently thought to himself how much YJ loved SH. And going back to bring her out.
        I thought that scene was poignant coz it was probably that moment he realized his feelings for YJ….

        Sorry it’s not related to this episode but I just thought that very first moment is special and just like CY seeing DJ’s sincerity for the first time.

        • September 22, 2015 at 9:04 pm — Reply

          Omo, thanks for reminding me of that scene! It was such an awesome one and very insightful about Yeo Jin’s past and Tae Hyun’s feelings at the present! It was a small apocalypse at that time!
          Nah, no need to be sorry about anything, just talk about anything you want to, Yong Pal related or not! XD Are you ready for tomorrow’s episode?! 😀 I am curious about what will happen while preparing myself for yet another all-nighter mission! 😀

  10. Qy
    September 20, 2015 at 4:36 pm — Reply

    Ah thank you so much again for your review! I enjoyed reading this thoroughly. I just hope that Yeo Jin will stop her revenge already because seeing OTP in such state really hurts me deeply (although I love those dinner scene so much, I held my breath while watching it). And yes! Same with you, I can empathize with Do Joon in this episode finally. The scene with Chae Young is beautifully done! I really applaud for writernim and of course Jo Hyun Jae & Chae Jung Ahn for nailing it.

    • September 22, 2015 at 8:58 pm — Reply

      You are very welcome and thanks as well for passing by and sharing your thoughts Qy! 🙂
      I hope so too that Yeo Jin will read through the lines and Tae Hyun’s words and she will eventually stop her revenge plan. But something tells me that Tae Hyun will have to reveal the fact that his mother died when all the doctors were inside her operating room… He tries to hide it for now in case Yeo Jin stops, but he will eventually have to reveal this secret to force her to stop.. It’s sad seeing our beloved couple being this way indeed.. It was about time we would empathize with Do Joon, i was either pitying or hating him all along the way! XD But the sudden turn of events made me feel differently about his character. Chae Jung Ahn noona was so brilliant :3

      • September 23, 2015 at 7:39 pm — Reply

        Hi kwon
        Just wanna share my theories on another site that I posted a few days ago;

        1. Daesang group might be behind Pres Go who may have been promised something big beyond his current portfolio. There’s the police interrogation scene in Ep 13 that TH couldn’t figure out Pres Go’s motives.

        2. Likely daesung group instigated DJ to conspire against YJ. They would have stoked his insecurity until he decided to betray YJ. So, somehow somewhere things went wrong.

        3. The way president Go aligned his rescue stealth team, buying up Hanshin shares, attempting to sell Hanshin factory and gathering of the presidents are rather suspicious. Where does he get all his resources? He may own a thriving construction company under Hanshin group but he is no chaebol.

        4. Pres. Go may have been threatened by both sec kim and daesung group. Since his attorney should be on his side, he may be relaying the message from daesung. But it’s also possible Sec Kim threatened Pres Go and Sec kim would have alerted YJ on his murderous “pyramid” schemes

        Just some outlandish theories so I can’t wait for your next recap to find out. It would be another 10 hours before the eng subtitled video ep 15 would be released.

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