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Yong Pal ~ Episode 13 Recap [TriAngle]


“Home is where you go when you feel that way.
You’ll get used to it soon.
And before long, you’ll get very comfortable.
And later on, it’ll become a place that you can never give up.”


∠ ~ A sense of righteousness and grandeur.


Tae Hyun arrived right on time with detectives Lee and Kim by his side while Do Joon’s men had already started taking Yeo Jin away. Do Joon urged the commissioner to arrest Tae Hyun right away since he was the doctor who pronounced Yeo Jin dead and took her away, but Tae Hyun informs him that he’s no longer Yeo Jin’s legal guardian! The official papers prove it and Do Joon should file a suit to nullify the marriage if he wants to move on as her legal guardian. The commissioner accepts Yeo Jin’s request for protection measures and Do Joon maintains his rage after president Go urged him to step back for a while since they have the USB.

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Do Joon indirectly threatened Tae Hyun’s sister’s life and Yeo Jin took the lead. Yeo Jin pointed out that if he had just taken care of Tae Hyun’s sister’s treatment then they would live quietly anywhere. Had Do Joon asked her to let him manage the company she wouldn’t hesitate replying positively but Do Joon tries to cover it up emphasizing that this is exactly what she did! Yeo Jin refers to their father’s last words and opinion on Do Joon and she also lets him know that she’s aware of his secret promise with Sung Hoon. It’s something that made Do Joon’s distress come to the surface.

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Do Joon wants Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin arrested and he relies on the information he wields through the USB to enforce his orders, but the information Do Joon had received wasn’t the one he was expecting! On top of that, secretary Min had sent a threatening message from Do Joon’s cell phone. He made his move by handing over the cell phone to the police force and positioned himself by Yeo Jin’s side after bowing in front of her. Do Joon’s enraged at secretary Min but it didn’t last for long since he got arrested and left the place handcuffed! The security chief requested security measures on Tae Hyun’s sister at the US and detective Lee arrested president Go as an accomplice to murder. Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin can be at ease for now.

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The bus arrived and the protesters took care of the security so that Young Mi’s father would pass with his daughter’s memorial picture. Everyone pledges allegiance to Yeo Jin as the Chairwoman of Hanshin Group and she orders everyone to let the protesters proceed. Yeo Jin bows in front of the memorial picture and the girl’s father. He places the picture at its rightful place and Yeo Jin announces Young Mi’s proper funeral while still being thankful towards her since impersonating her was the reason why she could survive. Yeo Jin was apologetic on Hanshin Group’s behalf towards Young Mi’s family. Her status will be restored as a full-time employee and Yeo Jin herself will provide remuneration for her family even though it would never be enough for the loss of her life. All the employees who were treated unjustly will be rehired and Hanshin Electric won’t be sold. Yeo Jin bows in front of Young Mi’s picture and she reassures her that she will avenge her death.

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Yeo Jin’s inside the car with Chae Young who thinks she’s become a beggar, but she congratulates Yeo Jin on her victory while still being curious on whether the marriage was fake or not. Yeo Jin doesn’t want to talk about it right now and she recalls all the people that played their own part in her life within the glass prison’s walls. The moment Yeo Jin arrived at the household everyone paid their respects towards her face. Chae Young’s power has been diminished and Yeo Jin’s in charge of everything from now on. Since she’s no longer needed for now Yeo Jin kicked her out. In the meantime, the emergency x-ray nurse was by Chief Surgeon Lee’s side and the Head Nurse informed her that Yeo Jin became the Chairwoman while Do Joon was kicked out. Chief Surgeon Lee couldn’t believe what had just happened and he freaked out in a desperate attempt to escape!

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∠ ~ What goes around comes around.


Detective Kim interrogates president Go who doesn’t intend to cooperate, but detective Lee’s already aware that he was the one to have ordered the director’s and nurse Hwang’s deaths, but they need to find out president Go’s motives to progress. Detective Lee almost referred to Tae Hyun as Yong Pal, but he changed it right away! Detective Lee and Tae Hyun saved one another’s lives last night and the afterlife feels so distant at this very moment! If president Go won’t confess they will have to hand him over to the prosecutor’s office. As for now, the text message on the phone proves the intention of murder, but if he won’t confess he will be set free eventually.


Tae Hyun has already admitted his wrongdoings, but he doesn’t need the Hanshin Group’s lawyer’s help to get released and detective Lee accompanies him out of the police department. He informs him on the fine he will get and the mood is playful, as soon as he won’t find himself in the gangsters’ world he can still make house calls! Detective Lee called him Yong Pal one last time in his own ecstatic way! Secretary Min is apologetic for his attitude towards Tae Hyun all this time and he will take him back home, Yeo Jin’s household is his too! Tae Hyun feels quite uneasy every time secretary Min calls him Sir, but it’s not something that can get abolished overnight since the board of directors decided on it. After all Tae Hyun has become one of the core members of the Hanshin Group as the heir to the shareholder with the largest stake.

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Tae Hyun wonders when did secretary Min switched to Yeo Jin’s side and he informed him on last night’s events. Tae Hyun thinks of going to the hospital, but he’s too exhausted at this very moment and secretary Min informs him that home is the right place to be under these conditions, a home he will get used to and he won’t be able to abandon as time will be passing by. In front of the house Tae Hyun gets informed on the guard that will be protecting him and even though he doesn’t want protection he will have to pace with the flow of his new status’ rules and regulations. Secretary Min talks to the doctor Kim Tae Hyun for the last time before starting treating him as a Sir and he congratulates him on becoming one of the most powerful men in Korea, but no matter how powerful he may be he will always be weaker to someone else. He urges Tae Hyun to be weak at least in front of Yeo Jin, then he will be truly powerful, but Tae Hyun doesn’t want to wield power over others.

bscap0294 bscap0312bscap0309bscap0295

Do Joon receives special treatment and he’s more than glad to find out his secret slush fund book was fake, even though he couldn’t believe it, since this is the best way to cover up the whole incident. He’s well aware that Yeo Jin is quite smart, but he doesn’t think she will be able to manage Hanshin Group all alone by herself even though she has lots of shares. Do Joon thinks he’ll be able to reclaim everything while detective Lee keeps up with president Go’s interrogation. He still won’t cooperate and things appear to have become tougher for him since his attorneys haven’t arrived yet.


Chae Young keeps drinking alone and while she was leaving she broke a glass on someone’s feet! She was apologetic but the moment he called her ahjumma unleased Chae Young’s wrath by throwing alcohol on his face! She tries to enforce her power by trying to utter who she is, but she doesn’t know who she is anymore and her status isn’t the same it used to be.

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President Go keeps talking about anything except for the case and his words don’t possess the same grandeur anymore. Even though he went through many hardships in construction business throughout all these years, he’s still here doing just fine like the mice which are forced out of their holes, but they eventually return after the disaster has passed. President Go’s attorney has arrived, but he indirectly threatened president Go by referring to his family’s members’ wellbeing, unless he makes the right decision! Before handing him over to the prosecutor’s office he wants to eat beef soup, but he broke the bowl and cut his own neck after witnessing his son’s handwriting urging him to save him.

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∠ ~ Bliss and expanding fear.


Tae Hyun witnesses Yeo Jin’s portrait and the housemaid greets him at the household. He finds out Yeo Jin was cooking and his eyes are dripping honey once again by simply staring at her! He wants the cook to keep his presence a secret and once she leaves Tae Hyun offers a heartfelt back hug to Yeo Jin who welcomed him by putting her head on his chest! Tae Hyun couldn’t resist but kiss her on the forehead!

bscap0315 bscap0318bscap0320bscap0319  bscap0325bscap0326bscap0321 bscap0327bscap0328

Tae Hyun cooks in order for Yeo Jin to taste his mother’s soy bean stew. After she finishes her physical therapy Tae Hyun will finally let her cook it for him! The house personnel are entranced seeing them together! Setting the table at this hour isn’t required and Yeo Jin can finally say that Tae Hyun has manners! He wants her to taste the soy bean stew first and he feeds her to find out it’s really good! He even cleaned the dishes so that the kitchen personnel won’t feel overburdened the moment they’ll arrive at the kitchen tomorrow! As for a wedding ceremony, Tae Hyun wouldn’t like them to spend so much money about it, but he eventually complies to Yeo Jin’s request. She’s willing to wear her wedding dress at all costs!


Calling her honey is something she’s heard before, but it possesses a different type of dynamics this time and “my dear” comes out of his mouth shortly after and it sent shivers down her spine! It’s time for them to rest and once Tae Hyun mentioned their room Yeo Jin started thinking that Tae Hyun’s mind has started walking upon a naughty pathway! But that’s not the case here, her therapy isn’t over yet and he wants her to get over her painful past to the fullest. He’s neither in a rush nor he’s forceful, but Yeo Jin points out that her painful past has already disappeared! He takes her in his arms and places her to the wheelchair.

 bscap0374bscap0373bscap0372  bscap0375 bscap0382bscap0381bscap0377

The housemaid will lead Tae Hyun to his room at the East Building, a place for guests, and once she hit her leg he noticed that something wasn’t right. After examining her he informed her on pituitary gland’s abnormalities which shortens vision if there’s a tumor. That’s the reason why she can’t see things in her peripheral area and gets hurt. He urges her to go to the hospital and undergo surgery in order to get treated. The security checking his own vision to make sure he doesn’t suffer from the same disease was hilarious!

bscap0384 bscap0394bscap0393 bscap0397

Yeo Jin was worrying that Tae Hyun may have not slept well, but the housemaid reassured her that his snoring was highly representative of how well he slept! The other housemaid informed Tae Hyun that he should eat breakfast if he doesn’t want to disappoint the kitchen personnel and he couldn’t believe his eyes with all these dishes awaiting for him! Even Yeo Jin couldn’t believe they prepared all these dishes for her… husband! He gave her a hug and left for the hospital! Sitting on the front seat doesn’t comply to a Sir’s position in a car and the security guard intends to get a bigger car tomorrow to make things more comfortable for Tae Hyun who loses himself in this torrent of sudden luxury unable to conceive what’s going on!

bscap0405bscap0408 bscap0409 bscap0412bscap0411

The meeting of the board of directors takes place with Yeo Jin heading towards her seat on her own. Even though she’s still weak after being in bed for three years she intends to move forward. Everyone lowered his head once Yeo Jin mentioned that nobody woke her up all these years and even when she tried to end her own life her atrophied muscles wouldn’t let her cut her own throat. After checking Do Joon’s restructuring plan she can tell why everyone of them is at the meeting, but one of them stated that everyone in that room supports her to the fullest. However, if she keeps pressuring them this way she won’t be able to abolish president Go and Do Joon’s influence in the future. Everyone would like her to forget about the past and start working with them on the future. At that point everyone received a message informing them that president Go died at the police station and Yeo Jin made fun of the overall ambiance inside the room. Yeo Jin showed off by presenting the royal seal USB and  wondered who could be the next president Go! Her smile was highly representative of her intentions and secretary Min took the wheelchair out of the room!

bscap0421 bscap0435bscap0434 bscap0436bscap0439 bscap0440

◎ ~ Circular view.


Yong Pal doesn’t intend to surrender, on the contrary, it only reaches new peaks and 21.5% has to be its best ratings to date! I can’t even imagine what it may achieve before it reaches the end as we’re 4 episodes before the end since the 14th one has already aired!


Tae Hyun’s appearance with the marriage registration changed everything and everything started flowing according to Yeo Jin’s plan to humiliate and uncover Do Joon in front of everyone wielding power in a way that wouldn’t let him escape so easily in order for her to reclaim her life and protect Tae Hyun. Even though he tried to maintain his calmness so as to prove Yeo Jin wrong and ease the forthcoming tension Yeo Jin kept provoking his temper to come to the surface.


The ongoing menacing signals Do Joon was receiving from Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun were questioning his ego and arrogance and he couldn’t let it slide. Threatening Tae Hyun’s sister’s life was the greatest opportunity for Yeo Jin to take a brave step forward, always in front of Tae Hyun, to show in front of everyone that she will protect him and his family at all costs and that nobody should mess with him because they will find her in front of them in a not so pleasant way.


Secretary Min positioning himself by Yeo Jin’s side was the final blow Do Joon could receive at that point and after completely losing his temper both him and president Go found themselves handcuffed. Both Tae Hyun and his sister’s safety have been secured and Yeo Jin can be at ease since a part of the details have been taken care of in order to start plotting her next steps. All this time she was moving methodically, but the most crucial part of her plan was Tae Hyun’s appearance, with him she could have everything, but without him she would find herself in the afterlife or yet another nightmare.

Who’s the beach now?!


Young Mi’s proper funeral was essential to both Yeo Jin and the deceased girl. After Tae Hyun’s help, Yeo Jin could only survive by impersonating Young Mi and she should do at least that much in order for her to finally rest in peace. The whole incident of her unjust death had been uncovered and Yeo Jin could rebuild the trust between the company and the employees by financially helping Young Mi’s family, restoring her status and rehiring the employees that had been treated unjustly. It’s a new state of reassurance and sincerity everyone needed.


While the board of directors bowed in front of her, Yeo Jin was already aware that they had been on Do Joon’s side all this time and that they were guilty for Young Mi’s death one way or another. Promising revenge in front of her memorial picture could only give more means to her forthcoming plans of massive revenge.


Chae Young was properly used to the extent she’s no longer needed for the time being, she was ostracized from the household and in case Yeo Jin needs her services she will cal her back. Yeo Jin is raw with everyone having been a part of her 3-year glass prison nightmare, whether it was through words, actions or silence. Chief Surgeon Lee finding out the news of Yeo Jins “resurrection” and Do Joon’s dethronement raised walls of fear around him. If Do Joon could take him out of the picture, Chief Surgeon Lee knew what to expect. But Yeo Jin won’t let it slide either and the consequences are unknown for now. The fear of the unknown is what makes the whole ambiance even more menacing for the remaining workers of the pyramid now that the curse of the tomb is gradually taking shape in front of their very eyes.


President Go thought he would escape and that he would have Do Joon’s backup, but nothing was flowing as expected. The more his attorney was being late the more his arrogance was growing to get shattered in a blink of an eye the moment he thought he would receive help, but it was nothing less than his own demise. He was one of the architects of the pyramid, but he didn’t die in order to get silenced, it was his sins that came back to visit him and the rapier of revenge fell upon him mercilessly. He had that much dignity in order to protect his own son with his own life. You won’t be missed, president Go, enjoy your everlasting vacation in the cauldrons of hell.


Detective Lee acknowledged that Tae Hyun saved his life, but it was him who saved Tae Hyun as well! The whole atmosphere around them has changed and they talk in a more friendly tone! Detective Lee’s squad leader can finally be at ease since things have started flowing well in his police department after all the scolding everyone had to go through during the previous episodes and Tae Hyun paid for helping criminals. Detective Lee could finally call him Yong Pal in his renowned ecstatic way, but without the longing to catch him this time!


Tae Hyun entered a brand new world, a world foreign to him, but he should comply to all the rules and regulations which derive from his newly acquired status as the legal heir to the greatest shareholder of Hanshin Group! He has to get used to being called Sir, but most and above all he should get used to being treated in a like-minded way! Even though he has a way of becoming more powerful by pretending to be at Yeo Jin’s feet and preserving his own weakness towards her superiority would never suit a person like Tae Hyun. He’s not after power after all, had he chosen that pathway he wouldn’t be any different from Sung Hoon. Saving his sister and Yeo Jin was the only things he ever wanted and since everything flows well he doesn’t intend to ask for more. The informal conversation between him and secretary Min could be a way for him to test Tae Hyun’s intentions, but the answers he received were the ones everyone on Yeo Jin’s side would like to hear.


Do Joon’s well aware of Yeo Jin’s capabilities if she could achieve that much in such a short period of time after she had awakened from her slumber! However, he doesn’t think she will be able to manage Hanshin Group on her own, being the greatest shareholder means nothing if she won’t be able to prove her worth and take by her side everyone who was supporting Do Joon all this time. Do Joon hasn’t given up, on the contrary, the latest events feel like a great challenge for him in order to reclaim everything he lost so suddenly and his connections will be one of his weapons.


Chae Young’s internal world was shattered to pieces to the extent of not knowing who she has become. Her prior status as a chairman’s wife is no longer valid since Do Joon was dethroned, but she was also thrown away by Yeo Jin. She has nothing but her broken reflection in the mirror and most and above all, it doesn’t seem like she will be acquiring Tae Hyun’s presence by her side; not in this life.


Once again, Joo Won’s eyes through his Tae Hyun presentation were dripping honey all over the place at Yeo Jin’s very presence! Offering her a soothing back hug, Yeo Jin placing her head on his chest, Tae Hyun kissing her on the forehead, cooking for her his favorite dish in the exact same way his mother used to cook it for him and feeding her were moments which possessed so much love and affection! So many smiles, so many hugs, so much love, so much desire for her to wear her wedding dress and then he was calling honey! It’s something she had heard from Sung Hoon’s mouth, but then again, at this very moment it was possessing more vibrant and heartwarming dynamics, its sound was so different and so beautiful!


Tae Hyun’s winning her over and over again with every passing second, but he’s also being considerate of everyone around him without losing his mind in this luxurious household he suddenly found himself in! The kitchen personnel, the housemaid, the driver/guard, he takes care of them in his own way and he receives their gratitude back in multiple ways Tae Hyun can neither resist nor conceive because it’s too early for him to get used to everything that started going on within just a few hours!


That breakfast was too vast, especially for a person who doesn’t eat breakfast at all! If Yeo Jin couldn’t believe what had just happened, then imagine what Tae Hyun must had thought when he stared at the table for the first time! I can’t even imagine how much they may had suffered under Do Joon’s reign and they suddenly found themselves in heaven with Tae Hyun’s kindhearted presence! He’s a real gentleman and days like when Yeo Jin’s father was still around and before Do Joon started progressing his own plans have started dawning anew inside the household!


The board of directors thought they could easily manipulate Yeo Jin and it clearly shows what “values” such “people” preserve. Yeo Jin being a woman in the first place and a weak one in addition due to her loss of physical strength made them believe that if they pressured her a bit she would step back. However, Yeo Jin exactly because she’s a woman and a combative one managed to show them yet another glimpse of her grandeur. At first she made them believe they would eventually take the upper hand and then she shattered that frail hand by referring to her past. Just because she was unable to take her own life because she lacked physical strength it doesn’t mean that she won’t be able to be in charge of everything when it comes to Hanshin Group. If she can’t have their loyalty, she will enforce their allegiance and the first part of the plan had already progressed.


President Go’s death was the first step and the presence of the royal seal in her possession was the second one in a row. Secretary Min taking the wheelchair out of the room while Yeo Jin was wondering who would be the next president Go as the secretary was closing the doors had a sense of a forthcoming civilized bloodshed! Yeo Jin raises a new state of fear in front of everyone who looked down on her and played his/her own part in her ongoing nightmare for three years. They are unaware of what Yeo Jin’s capable of, but they receive all the necessary signals, one lethal step at a time and her smile is the instrument conducting this violent melody of dissonance. Yeo Jin’s transformation has began and the only one to preserve her humane side in order for her to not get absorbed by the beast within is Tae Hyun.


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. Charlene
    September 18, 2015 at 1:01 am — Reply

    Fabulous review as always.

  2. September 18, 2015 at 7:05 am — Reply

    Be our guest! Be our guest! Put our service to the test, tie your napkin ’round your neck Tae Hyun, and we’ll provide the rest!!….

    I couldn’t resist singing when I saw that breakfast! I think eventually he’s going to ask them to tone it down, thinking of the hungry orphans at the church. But gee, knowing Tae Hyun, he’d invite them all over for a massive pool party and lunch! I’d write that into,the last episode of the drama. And they all get toys, lots of toys and books, and a bike! Woohoo! Wouldn’t that be soon cute!?

    This show is unstoppable. I’ve been feeling Meh about most of the Kdramas this year, wow, I think the only other new ones I really loved were Mr. baek and Missing Noir M. From the beginning of the year. But Yong Pal is now a favorite of all time too. And if I ever get around to making a favorite K drama lead male list, Tae Hyun will be near the top.

    Wonderful review! Yeo Jin has crossed to the dark side with her revenge. And Tae Hyun will be the only one to pull her out for sure.

    • September 18, 2015 at 1:35 pm — Reply

      I wanted to be on that table so badly, i’d eat like there would be no tomorrow! It would be awesome the priest, the sister and the kiddos making yet another appearance, the one you presented would be the best case scenario and it’s more than welcome!
      Mr Baek… i think it’s one of the most underrated dramas of 2014 and a personal favorite, so many feels, so much laughter, so many great meanings, it’s a shame it didn’t have the audience it deserved. Missing Noir M, it is in my plan to watch list! Tae Hyun is a great male lead! I even finished Bridal Mask and i’m working on a review! XD Never thought it would be that addictive and marathonable!
      Thanks a lot LadyG for sharing your thoughts and for your words!!

      • September 18, 2015 at 6:20 pm — Reply

        Oooh, Bridal Mask! I watched that one with my sister last year. She loved it! I was engrossed, but at the same time I thought it was too brutal for my tastes. Like, brutality for the sake of showing brutality. However, the performances were so riveting! Joo Won, Han Chae Ah, and the severely underrated actor, Park Ki-Woong. My sister is in love with him and can’t wait for him to come back to dramas. I like him a lot too. They were a gold trio. My sister is demanding to know when she can watch “Made in China” with Han Chae Ah and PKW. It’s only just being released this year. Probably timed for his return. I really want to see that too.

        Oh, And then Han Chae Ah’s bodyguard in BM who doesn’t say a word, somehow he became my favorite character! LOLOL. I’ll have to read your thoughts on it and share the blog post with her.

        I’d love to rewatch Mr. Baek some time. That drama made me laugh like crazy for a lot of it and cry and make me feel all sweet inside.

        With all the food in this part of the drama, I hope the cast and crew ate well on the side. XD

        I’m glad you like my idea. 😀 Or, if they don’t come raid the mansion, Tae Hyun can bring the army of toys and food to the orphanage and they can all go on a picnic in that same spot, kind of like coming full circle.

        • September 18, 2015 at 7:12 pm — Reply

          Haha! You’re a drama family then, that is so awesome! 😀 I loved the drama, it was a vicious marathon! XD Ki Woon was exceptional, but since his character turned into a fascist i could only hate him by nature! XD I have Made In China in mind too, but something tells me your sister will have to maintain her patience for it to come out and then wait for subs!
          Han Chae Ah was LOVE! Her bodyguard Katsuyama was the king of second leads even though he was just a supporting role, he was putting to shame all of the desolate second leads with his attitude and more than silent love! XD
          Mr Baek had so much laughter and so many feels alongside great acting and intriguing storyline that it certainly deserves a re-watch session!
          They definitely devoured all that table! XD Aye, either at the household or at the orphanage there should be a new meeting! I hope Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin will meet again at the hill of wind too ^-^

  3. September 18, 2015 at 7:12 am — Reply

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  4. September 18, 2015 at 10:20 pm — Reply

    Oh I turned my sis into a drama fan. And likes Japanese dramas a lot too. We’ve watch a bunch together already. It was fun for me because I did some re-watches, which I rarely do. And my other sister occasionally likes a Kdrama too. But she says she can only handle one a time. She promised to watch Chuno this weekend. lol. My enthusiasm for it all wore them down in the last few years.

    Oh yeah, Ki Woong became so wicked. But I sort of pitied him, to see his brother shot point black in the head like that by the Bridal Mask was a bit hard to stomach for me. Even though that brother of his was very wicked too. He made Joo Won do the ugly cry! That’s unforgivable.

    I felt terrible when Han Chae Ah sent her bodyguard on his way 🙁 But I still imagine a future for them, he’s not going anywhere. LOL. I think he will always shadow her for the rest of their lives, ready to protect, fight, and die for her. Ahh, what a guy! lol

    And yes, they should definitely go back to the Hill top. That scene was just beautiful. They should end it on the hill top.

    • September 19, 2015 at 12:38 am — Reply

      You’re strong! You took one sister as a drama hostage and the other sister is a drama peasant! XD Well done! XD Ah, wanna watch Chuno too because Lee Da Hae is LOVE and Jang Hyuk is one of my hyungs, so it will be win-win!
      I was happy with the way his father and brother died and i was glad the drama ended this way for him! XD THE UGLY CRY! XD I think i have a screencap of it, will send it to you on twitter to tell me if i was right! XD
      We all know he would never go away, he will always be her shadow putting to shame forever all second leads XD I was shipping them! But i was also shipping her with Joo Won’s character! And i was loving her at the same time! I think i am becoming too much of a fanboy lately.
      If Yong Pal ends at the hill top i will kiss my screen!

      • September 19, 2015 at 3:21 am — Reply

        That screencap was so sadly funny! Yes, that was the ugly cry. whaaaaaa!!
        I shipped her with Ki Woong! LOL. You are really fanboying. But that’s cool. There’s far too many of us fangirling all over the place. xD

        I’m so glad they didn’t kill him off. He was just the best. Sigh!


        • September 22, 2015 at 8:34 pm — Reply

          The ugly cry will haunt us forever Lady G! “You are really fanboying. But that’s cool. There’s far too many of us fangirling all over the place.” XD *feels fueled and rejuvenated* XD

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