Koinaka ep 6 ~ review

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I know I’m a bit late for this, but here you have it, “Koinaka’s” episode 6 review.

In the last episode we were left, where everything got cleared. Akari and Aoi spent some precious time by the sea and even Aoi gave a sweet kiss to his first love.

Like in episode 5, in this episode the redemption of Shota continues. He confesses to Aoi, that he stole the manga and the letter. He went to his place to meet Akari and because of that they ended up together. Aoi is pretty much startled, his kind soul can’t accept someone could do something like that, still he leaves him be, since he is the better person.

He then continues with his second victim Akari. Admitting his terrible actions and trying out his new good self he wishes her good luck with her teacher’s exam.

Am I buying Shota’s new version? I don’t. If the writers wanted to sell me the new improved Shota, then they shouldn’t have made him so bad to begin with. No matter how much he regrets it, what he did was terrible and he kept it for so many years. Plus he is the one who brought Aoi back to their lives just to reassure Akari wants him and to show off his relationship. 

There is another character that gets improved in this episode and that is Aoi. Finally he becomes determined going after the things he wants. In the last episodes I was a bit annoyed of how Aoi would always keep his feelings back. Now he wants Akari and does something for it.

Akari seems to want the same thing, it’s just for the time she needs to focus on the teacher’s exam, where she succeeds and because of that Aoi says he will prepare dinner at his house to celebrate.

Akari meets Kouhei and he tells her, that despite the things Shota has done, he was the one who supported her for this exam all these years and he should know the results. Akari decides to go meet Shota before going to Aoi’s house. He calls Aoi tells him the truth and that she is going to make it on time for their dinner.

Akari has some things to say to Shota. It feels like the last words from her side. It’s understandable, I told you what I think of Shota earlier. But from Akari’s  side, she was with that person for five years if I’m correct. We didn’t witness the relationship in the drama, since we started five years later, but they were together for all this time and Shota was by her side, it was a sick love still it was love.

And because we are still on episode 6 and this drama has 9 episodes, things can’t keep going smoothly. Akari being at the hospital goes to visit the little girl she has been teaching and at that time she gets worse. Akari leaves her bag in her room where the doctors are and they tell her to wait outside. Her mobile is in the bag, she doesn’t take Aoi’s calls, who has been waiting. The episode ends with a worried Akari for her student in the hospital and a disappointed Aoi who had prepared wonderful food and cake for her.

What is going to happen next, what do you want to happen?

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