Last ~ Episode 12 Review [TriAngle]


“If you’re willing to help others rise up, you should be willing to get on your knees.”


∠ ~Escaping the factory.


Tae Ho kidnapped Se Hoon’s adoptive father the moment he arrived, but Heung Sam doesn’t quite believe his story. Tae Ho gives him Se Hoon’s father’s address and shoots towards the window. Heung Sam’s men catch Tae Ho while Praying Mantis will be checking if he tells the truth. After the whole truth had been exposed Heung Sam let Tae Ho go after considering him an enigma, but he will have to visit Heung Sam tomorrow to finish their conversation. Tae Ho left like a boss without pleasing Poison Snake’s curiosity concerning what happened between himself and Heung Sam!

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Heung Sam informed Se Hoon that Tae Ho doesn’t seem to know about chairman Yoon, but he does know they’re brothers and sooner or later he will find out more. Even though Jung Min seemed unaware of what’s going on in the background, Heung Sam urged him to not trust anyone until everything’s over. Se Hoon wants Tae Ho out of the picture, but Heung Sam emphasizes on the fact that Tae Ho actually protected him and prove his loyalty. Heung Sam doesn’t want Se Hoon to keep instructing him on what to do and he can’t do otherwise but obey his brother’s orders.


Tae Ho arrives at the penthouse to get informed by Praying Mantis that Se Hoon’s adoptive father returned to Canada after taking care of him with money under the condition to never contact him again. Tae Ho’s jealous of Praying Mantis’ loyalty and the fact that he knows everything about Heung Sam, but he’s glad he didn’t take care of the aforementioned situation with his jackknife and it’s because he only uses it whenever Heung Sam considers it essential.


Heung Sam has three questions and he wants short and accurate answers. The first thing he wants to know is if there was any other information on Straw Cutter’s letter and Tae Ho told him the truth. As for if there’s anyone else who’s aware of the fact that Se Hoon is his brother the answer is negative, Jong Goo only gave him the key without knowing anything else. The last thing he wants to know is how did Tae Ho find Se Hoon’s adoptive father and Tae Ho informed him that it was through emails, etc, but he found out about his arrival the last moment and improvised. Heung Sam’s favorite vinyl echoes again and he’s glad Tae Ho escaped the operating table. Tae Ho wants to know the motive behind changing his brother’s identity and doing anything required to keep it a secret. The answer lies in the song’s melodies as it encrypts the reasons why he went through all these struggles all this time.


In the meantime, chairman Yoon wants Jae Sung to perform a secret investigation on Heung Sam since the information Se Hoon brought was too good to be true. Heung Sam wants to expose chairman Yoon’s murderous nature as Tae Ho gradually becomes aware that Heung Sam wants to get his revenge and reclaim what was violently stolen from their father’s hands. Tae Ho doesn’t approve of Heung Sam’s plan since the opponent is too strong to be taken down in a rush and forceful way whereas Heung Sam strictly believes that if you know where to strike during each step things get easier along the way. Now that Se Hoon is in charge of the blueprint all that remains is to succeed at one blow, but Tae Ho thinks Heung Sam has lost his mind and his laughter was utterly representative! Tae Ho has to make a decision, he will either stick to Heung Sam to the very end or he will drop out immediately. He wouldn’t dispose Tae Ho right away, but nobody knows when this urge would come to the surface while he will be crawling at the bottom of the Seoul Seven hierarchy.


∠ ~Non-compromising.


Jong Goo woke up everyone in the morning, but he didn’t force them to follow him at the construction site, only whoever wants to work will do so! Foreman Oh convinced Hae Jin and Young Chil as well even if they’re not in the right mood! Everyone left with the van and Crocodile who was passing by foresaw easy money on the horizon! President Jo understands more than he appears to conceive and he’s well aware that Na Ra likes Tae Ho even though she denies it, but she’s actually happy and blushes like a little girl! However, due to fund shortage the health center is bound to close and she tries to find a way out.

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Heung Sam isn’t pleased with the overall lower income and Mi Joo points out it’s due to the economic situation. Well, Heung Sam doesn’t really care since he intends to make it to the top and he sounds like the successor of Han Joong Group in front of Mi Joo! He wants to know about Jong Goo’s moves but Mi Joo doesn’t approve of Heung Sam’s tactics since he’s already aware of everything going on in Seoul Station. The reason why he keeps asking her is because she has more accurate information about him and Mi Joo emphasizes on the fact that Jong Goo would never go against Heung Sam. Until everything’s over Heung Sam wants her to take into consideration his proposal as she will have to give him her final answer.


Tae Ho’s at the grandmother’s restaurant and he recalls Heung Sam’s words that he wields everything he wants within his palms and his firest days at Seoul Station float all over the place. The grandmothers wakes him up from his deep thoughts and he found out that the rest working at the construction site and that he will have to face her wrath if he ever makes Na Ra cry!

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After working hard amid relaxing breaks the time to call it a day had arrived and the homeless wanted to pay Jong Goo for finding them a job, but he can’t accept the money they earned through their own efforts! Tae Ho found Jong Goo sleeping at his “office” and he’s curious abuot the evidence Straw Cutter left behind, but Tae Ho reassured him that it was all about money switching hands. Even though Tae Ho thinks that everything’s flowing well Jong Goo tends to differ since Tae Ho doesn’t really know that much and he’s blinded by the money Heung Sam throws at him. Even though he can’t go back to his old life Jong Goo doesn’t want to ruin him any further and Tae Ho applauds his decision. As for himself, Tae Ho intends to survive even if he ruins himself whereas Jong Goo points out that being at the top doesn’t mean that much if there’s a single crack that will make everything come crashing down.

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Crocodile went to collect the money from Jong Goo’s hardworking company and a fight erupted with foreman Oh taking his men down one after the other and even though he found himself on the ground he put an end by headbutting Crocodile! Heung Sam can’t accept the fact that he got beaten up by them and on top of that, the amount of money he brought feels like a joke! Poison Snake’s factory doesn’t seem that prosperous either and he says that everything’s a mess because of Jong Goo. Poison Snake asks for a chance to duel with him as he’s confident he will eventually win. What’s important for now is that they have to get the money from everyone even if it has to be the violent way. Na Ra found foreman Oh, Hae Jin and Young Chil wounded at the backyard , but she can’t tell them what’s going on with the health center. While searching for medicine she found her grandmother’s savings for her wedding and she can’t hold back her tears.

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Heung Sam is at Mi Joo’s bar with Tae Ho and if they don’t succeed this time it will be the end of them. If Heung Sam gets trampled on Tae Ho will be crushed as well, it’s the fate of those who share the same boat after all. Breaking into Han Joong Group will be the last step, for now they will have to increase their firepower. Heung Sam points out that 99% is complete and all that remains is to increase the organization’s funds and that’s the reason why he asked Jong Goo to appear. The three musketeers of the penthouse are back together, but the ambiance isn’t entrancing. What really troubles Heung Sam is the fact that Jong Goo got more active and the money collection equals to nothing lately. Jong Goo emphasizes that they earned their money by working hard and wants Heung Sam to extract them from money collection, but if he does that now he will have to do it over and over again in the future. Tae Ho points out that they could adjust the collection ratio or get another source of income, but Jong Goo doesn’t want those who try to stand on their feet anew to get kicked back down. Once Mi Joo appears Heung Sam wants Jong Goo to kneel before him and beg for his magnanimity!

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Jong Goo chose to leave and Tae Ho ran after him asking him to apologize and try to resolve the issue since he doesn’t intend to fight Heung Sam. He feels quite uneasy and he understands that he looks pathetic in front of Jong Goo but he’s willing to be Heung Sam’s loyal underling if that’s what it takes to achieve his own goals. However, he doesn’t want Jong Goo to find himself in trouble, but Jong warns Tae Ho that if the two of them end up fighting he will see it to the very end.


Tae Ho’s with Se Hoon who brought him more information on the project and he’s curious why Tae Ho never asked him anything about Jung Min and why he helped him even though she’s his ex-girlfriend. Tae Ho’ couldn’t let Heung Sam’s plans fail since he would go down as well, he can’t afford to ruin his life just because of a woman he used to date, but he also points out that Jung Min can’t be easily fooled. Had Je Hoon not been serious about her she wouldn’t even stare at him. Tae Ho emphasizes that if Se Hoon acquires Han Joong Group she will become a queen and it’s something she would never refuse, but he should never betray. Even though he thought Tae Ho realized his sincere feelings he was actually doubting him, but whether Se Hoon decides to support or betray Jung Min it’s up to him.


∠ ~Shards of humanity.


Heung Sam wonders whether Mi Joo waits for Jong Goo at the train station at the end of every month, but she has stopped doing that. If Heung Sam gives her a chance to run away with Jong Goo they must make sure to never get caught by him, but Mi Joo intends to keep her promise and Heung Sam’s quite relieved. Jong Goo recalls the past through his champion belt, Tae Ho walks around lost in his own thoughts and notices that the health center is temporarily closed while Na Ra lays back by her grandmother’s side.

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The next morning Jong Goo brought more people willing to work, but Hae Jin is worried about the previous incident and what may happen next. Even if they ask Tae Ho’s help he won’t be able to do much. Na Ra went to find Tae Ho at his “office” and she’s there because of the health center’s problems. No many people are willing to fund the clinic because they don’t find meaning in treating alcoholics or lazy homeless people for free. The time for Tae Ho to keep his promise has arrived and he intends to do his best. Her beautiful adorns her face anew! Na Ra didn’t go to find Jong Goo’s daughter since she took into consideration Tae Ho’s point of view and even though she cares about so many people she can’t believe that she can’t fulfill her grandmother’s wish. She didn’t say it was about getting married, but she left in utter awkwardness and she was so cute!

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Crocodile and his men were beating up people at the subway while president Jo among others were being kidnapped by Poison Snake who was more than glad to have brought one of Tae Ho’s men a the factory. Tae Ho informs Heung Sam that he will use the same team from the Man Chool operation and he’s got the okay to do as he pleases! He also has a separate request, he would like him to fund the health center which treats homeless people for free. Tae Ho owes his life to that clinic and since it’s a small clinic he won’t have to invest much money, on top of that t would help his prestige. Heung Sam believes that if he helps people in need he will have to keep helping them over and over again in the future. Charity is a type of hypocrisy and becoming happier by sharing a part of his property is complete nonsense. However, since it’s a request from Tae Ho he will take it into consideration. Once Tae Ho left Praying Mantis supported his request since he was born at that clinic.


Na Ra’s colleague is worried about the whole situation, but Na Ra keeps hoping since hope is like an egg, it needs to be embraced in order to give life! A homeless informed her that president Jo and others have been taken to the factory and she’s in a chaotic emotional condition since she can’t find them anywhere. Tae Ho wants her to calm down and wait for him at her grandmother’s restaurant reassuring her that everything will be fine. After coming back from the construction site Jong Goo got informed about everything. His boxing self is back and the rest are ready to fight with him even though he warns them that they could end up dead or handicapped. Hae Jin points out they are already handicapped while being treated as subhumans and that they don’t intend to continue being treated his way despite being the lowest of the low. “Let’s go!”

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◎ ~ Circular view.


Tae Ho didn’t only find out valuable information he could use in the future, he also managed to save his life and prove his loyalty towards Heung Sam on a brand new level by protecting his own brother. He also tried to restrain Heung Sam from his rushed and blinded by revenge decisions.


Along with Se Hoon who can’t go against his brother’s decisions, Tae Ho is the only person who can foresee the upcoming disaster or success of a plan. However, he can neither go against Heung Sam’s fast forward pace nor back down since he could find himself on the operating table whenever Heung Sam’s epiphany would spin his mind.


Tae Ho can only stick by Heung Sam’s side while not neglecting his own ambitions who move silently in the background as he’s the indirect Number Two of the Seoul Seven hierarchy at this very moment. He can’t afford to find himself at the bottom of the barrel once again with death’s caress being visible anytime as it awaits in the corner.


It’s all about being on the shame boat going through the same wave, seeing the shame shores and drowning together if that’s the occasion. Whoever is on the same boat will either succeed or disappear and i am referring to Tae Ho. Whoever isn’t, he simply plays his own part in making the boat sink faster. Jong Goo wants to make Seoul Station a better place, but his intentions don’t pace with Heung Sam’s vengeful and ambitious plan.


Jong Goo tried to protect the hardworking people he took under his care, the people who started finding out anew how it feels to stand on their own feet without any shame or fear. Every time Mi Joo is around Heung Sam always tries to humiliate Jong Goo in front of her as he appears more pompous and that’s why he wanted Jong Goo to kneel in front of him and beg for forgiveness. It’s something he would never do as Seoul Seven was a brotherhood above everything else and not a monarchy like nowadays.


Even though Tae Ho is Heung Sam’s underling he would never want to see Jong Goo getting hurt as he is the most sincere person he met in Seoul Station. However, Jong Goo is determined to see it to the very end now that the change within has blossomed. It’s the only way to feel human in order to be able to see his daughter again and protect Mi Joo.


Jong Goo, with every passing day, awakens more homeless people’s spirits without pressuring them to follow his lead or do something they don’t want to, he leaves each and every decision to them. The impact he leaves upon those people is immense since he’s the very first person inside Seoul Station that truly cared for them to the extent of putting his life on the line for them. If they were feeling insignificant and easily replaceable before, at this very moment their life starts becoming meaningful again despite the difficult circumstances they live in.


Even though Heung Sam can easily find out everything about everyone in Seoul Station Jong Goo still remains the most unpredictable one. That’s why he always asks Mi Joo’s opinion on him, to receive more accurate information that would portray Jong Goo’s intentions, but it’s something that overburdens Mi Joo who tries to reassure Heung Sam that everything will be fine and that Jong Goo won’t cause any problems. She even played yet another sacrificial card after Jong Goo left her bar, the one of keeping her promise and following Heung Sam no matter what, setting aside this way the chance of being free of Heung Sam’s chains once everything’s over.


The 12th episode was the one of realizations and promises, everyone walks upon a specific path and promises from the past resurface in order to be fulfilled. Na Ra’s struggles to find a solution concerning the health center, after all these closed doors, could only point towards Tae Ho’s direction. He’s the only one she could turn to as he was the only one who would try to keep his word.


Heung Sam is always negative when it comes to charities and good deeds since he doesn’t trust people. He’s pretty certain that once he helps someone he will have to do it over and over again to a wider extent in the future and he’s not there to make the world a happier place or ease the burdens of everyone in need. His goals are very specific and self-centered and he can’t afford to sacrifice his own ambitions. Once his humane side awakens his plans will be over as he will find himself in many unwelcome crossroads instead of a straight forward course, all he has to do is to remain ruthless.


Tae Ho’s approach was masterful, he tried to make Heung Sam remember that he was homeless once and by helping the homeless people who have nowhere else to turn to except for the health clinic would favor his image. After all he doesn’t have to invest lots of money in a small health center and despite all the disagreements he will take it into consideration. The turning point in Heung Sam’s decision was Praying Mantis who was born at that clinic, it’s the only place which feels like home and something tells me that he met Heung Sam when he was a little child and Praying Mantis found himself under Heung Sam’s care. He’s like the paternal figure he never met and he would do just anything to support Heung Sam in the most representative way by putting his life on the line anytime. This is my assumption of course.


I simply adore Seo Ye Ji’s presence so far and her character is adorable; along with Seo Ye Ji! Throughout the episode we witnessed all the cuteness and all the devastation! Cuteness when it comes to her feelings and the way she tries to hide them when she really can’t and devastation for everything going on when it comes to the homeless people and the health clinic. While she cares about so many people she still can’t fulfill her grandmother’s one and only wish which is no other than seeing her getting married.


Crocodile and Poison Snake use their own economical disadvantage to their advantage to take Jong Goo out of the picture. His righteousness puts their status and pride in danger every time they do something he would never approve. Steadily and methodically they create discomfort in Heung Sam’s mind concerning Jong Goo since less money don’t pace with Heung Sam’s ambitions as an option.


Se Hoon’s feelings towards Jung Min appear sincere and an internal collision takes place between his feelings and Heung Sam’s orders. He has promised to make Jung Min a queen inside her father’s company, but he can’t let himself ultimately fall for her since he can’t disobey Heung Sam. The relieving part of the story is that Tae Ho doesn’t want to invest emotionally in Jung Min.


Once again the nighttime presentation of our characters’ concerns was exceptional. I simply fall for all these nightly scenes where their souls lies naked in front of our very eyes while during daytime they nurture their own shells as much as possible, as much as the circumstances and their humane side permit.


The ending of the episode shattered me in one hand, on the other hand it made me roar like a chieftain! Na Ra’s emotional tension and heartrending turmoil as she was shaking in fear of what could happen to president Jo and the rest was all over the place. She couldn’t even utter a few words in the beginning and Tae Ho had to reassure her that everything would flow well. Once again i fell for Seo Ye Ji, but it’s something you already know, right?


Jong Goo tried to make it a one man’s fight unaware of the fact that Tae Ho was heading towards the same direction as well. He was well aware that Poison Snake’s men are quite skilled and he tried to protect the people that found shelter at the junkyard. Hae Jin’s speech was inspiring, full of sincerity, hope and danger awareness. Anyone could find himself at the factory anytime and if they don’t stand up for their rights as human beings and not as breathing substitutes they will get devoured by the scalpel eventually. After that speech Jong Goo could only say “let’s go” and the combat is going to severe. Something tells me it’s going to be the last time we’ll see some of our beloved secondary figures, but there will be consequences or more conflicts lying ahead for the surviving ones for a wide variety of reasons and depending on the side they belong to.


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  1. bmore
    September 4, 2015 at 3:04 pm — Reply

    So much made clear…er in these 2 episodes. The story has progressed and we are getting closer…too close…to the end of our time with these people. It’s depressing. It still seems like we are barely getting to know them! Is this the writer or me? Probably me being greedy. I’d be thrilled if they added at least 4 more to this one. There are so many people I want to know more of, but I too have a feeling we are going to lose some of them before this show ends, so it will make the loss of those characters even more poignant. It also feels like we are getting short shrift on Na Ra and Tae Ho, but I do have to remind myself that this is not, primarily, a romance story after all. Still. I fear an ending where Tae Ho becomes #1…or in some way stays trapped in the world of the Seven, because I don’t think it’s possible to clean it up all neat and tidy as Kdrama has a wont to do and I don’t want him to be a bad guy at the end of this. There are so many possibilities, shades of different endings, running through my head. Like I said, I’m dreading the end of this and anxious for it at the same time.

    • September 6, 2015 at 7:21 pm — Reply

      Yup, as episodes pass by everything becomes more apparent on the crossroad between the past and the present as we eagerly wait of what will happen in the near future during the Last 4 eps :/ I feel your struggle, i want more episodes, i want more of everyone’s story even though i am pleased of what i’ve seen so far, it’s the greedy drama addict inside of us! Aye, it’s not easy leaving the Seoul Station and it won’t be easy for Tae Ho during the next episodes whether he chooses to stay or leaves.. Both decisions will have their own impact upon him.. I can’t imagine him as a bad guy in the end, he’s not too ruthless to maintain such a status, his heart still pounds!
      “but I too have a feeling we are going to lose some of them before this show ends” i am curious who they will be and how it will end for them… Aish, probably tomorrow night we will have the subs 😀

  2. Maina
    September 5, 2015 at 10:59 am — Reply

    A great episode and great review as usual 🙂
    you see! Praying Mantis… Surprise ! this guy is “human somewhere deeply”!
    Yes, as you said if Kim Hyung-Kyu is in “My Love Eun-Dong”, but like you I also even didn’t notice him (I can’t simply remember his presence), and I have “My Heart Twinkle Twinkle” but I didn’t watch it yet.
    ooops…. Na-ra’s tee-shirt made me smile… ;p

    • September 6, 2015 at 7:28 pm — Reply

      Thanks a lot once again Maina chingu!
      Yush, he’s got a heart hiding somewhere in there! XD Last was one of these dramas which give Hyung Kyu the opportunity to shine in his own way! I laughed too at Na Ra’s t-shirt, it had a certain… vibe! XD

      • Maina
        September 8, 2015 at 12:48 pm — Reply

        hi there 🙂
        hahaha… about the tee-shirt: I was really wondering what’s happened in the director’s brain??? It was so weird on this girl/character…. but in French we say “Be careful to the sleeping water…” 😀
        I am just going to watch the 13th and 14th episodes this evening… ARGH!
        I wait for your reviews chingu! 🙂

        • September 10, 2015 at 2:06 pm — Reply

          Indeed, it was out of space when it comes to Na Ra’s character, the t-shirt was priceless though, it popped up out of nowhere! XD “Be careful to the sleeping water…” interesting saying Maina chingu!
          I have only watched the 13th ep and i have the recap part ready, but i don’t know when i will be able to finish it because i have a few exams the next week and i decided to focus a bit on Yong Pal as soon as time slightly permits it :/

          • Maina
            September 10, 2015 at 5:19 pm

            noooOOOooo… you haven’t watched the 14th yet? THE ONE!
            But I keep my mouth closed! I keep it under my hat (like english people say… 😉

            A lot of courage dear, exams are important everywhere in the world, but especially in South Korea (the director Leesong Hee-il (that I LOVE) said that the Korean system school creates “monsters” (we can see that in a lot of lovies and dramas : predominancy of money for schools, acts of intimidation, violence, extrem competition, no time to breathe, no time for leisures, etc…), I hope you are still a human chingu and not a killer chingu 😀 😀 😀

            The last OECD’s report just went out of print and the South Korea is still the first modern country for the eleventh year for…. youth suicide 🙁 🙁 🙁

            Take care 😉

  3. September 5, 2015 at 1:27 pm — Reply

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