Last ~ Episode 11 Review [TriAngle]


“I’m neither extorting you nor trying to make a deal with you.
It’s a dream that i have harbored in my heart for a very long time;
Something akin to greed.”


∠ ~ Flames of revenge.


While Tae Ho was finding Straw Cutter’s backup letter with Se Hoon’s information Heung Sam was wearing his new suit and had already replaced his favorite vinyl which is filled with melodies that derive from his childhood past. Chairman Yoon was the one to force Heung Sam’s father out of his own company while his wife was bedridden. In order to hide the fact that he was embezzling money, chairman Yoon played his own part in Heung Sam’s father passing away once the cardiac arrest made its appearance by kicking away the medicine. Heung Sam’s father passed away in his son’s arms and later on chairman Yoon appeared full of hypocrisy to express his condolences. Heung Sam ate his card as he never intended to ask for his help and he let his brother know that chairman Yoon was the one who killed their father.

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Heung Sam decided to appear in front of chairman Yoon and reintroduced himself as his father’s son in front of everyone. He seemingly praises chairman Yoon, but he carefully unveils his intentions to preserve his father’s legacy. Chairman Yoon’s hypocrisy about the past reigns supreme and Heung Sam made it look like his brother passed away in a car accident in the US years ago. Se Hoon tries to conceal chairman Yoon’s suspicions, but he wants him to conduct further background research on Heung Sam since something just doesn’t feel right.

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Se Hoon was at the penthouse and that’s why Praying Mantis didn’t let Tae Ho pass the gates. Heung Sam was working on a mini celebration now that the first part of the project was finalized. Se Hoon demanded some explanations from his brother concerning his appearance in front of chairman Yoon, but Heung Sam is glad that Se Hoon will do the background research on him, so it’s not really a problem. The nightmares that will be visiting chairman Yoon’s nighttime will make their appearance in reality as well. Once Se Hoon left Tae Ho was hiding at the parking lot and noticed him. It’s Young Chil’s turn to do his own research on Heung Sam’s family and relatives!

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Heung Sam had already sent Mi Joo to invade chairman Yoon’s son’s world and he fell for her charms! Tae Ho’s at the penthouse and he definitely enjoys teasing Praying Manti’s blind loyalty! Heung Sam forced a vacation bonus on Tae Ho, he wants him to rest for a while since he will be working like there’s no tomorrow in a few days. Tae Ho’s curious about Heideröslein, the musical piece Heung Sam treasures so much, and he unearths some interesting information. It was his father’s favorite song and everything feels more apparent.

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Heung Sam wants Se Hoon to finish the blueprint by the end of the next week and when Tae Ho comes back everything must be ready to start their next move. Success or failure depends on Se Hoon who’s more thoughtful by pointing out that they should adjust their own speed on the aspects of the plan that keep moving. Heung Sam doesn’t want him to worry about Jae Sung since he’s taking care of him in his own way, all he has to do is to focus on the plan without getting emotionally involved with Jung Min. He wants Se Hoon to keep in mind why he studied so hard all this time while Heung Sam was persevering in that hellhole.


∠ ~ Nurturing the change.


Na Ra arrived at Jong Goo’s place to find out he took under his protection the homeless who couldn’t stay at the subway anymore! She gave him Eun Ji’s address, all Na Ra wants from him is to find his daughter and apologize to Mi Joo. He changes the subject by referring to Tae Ho as an idiot even though he looks smart! Na Ra points out that Tae Ho’s indeed an idiot, but the idiot of all idiots has to be Jong Goo himself! He agrees he’s the worst, but if she wants to shout at someone then Tae Ho’s the right person!

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Hae Jin got scammed by a site and he wanted Young Chil to hack it, it’s something that made things tense and Young Chil decided to leave the “company.” Tae Ho noticed that Hae Jin’s gambling addiction started to resurface, but Hae Jin’s fed up with all these teachings and left as well. Back at the subway, Young Chil was beaten up by Crocodile who managed to get his personal documents. Jong Goo wouldn’t stand still and took Young Chil with him to demand from Crocodile his papers back. He got beaten up again and Hae Jin rushed to his aid. Since things didn’t work out as planned Jong Goo played his own part and Young Chil got his papers back.

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Tae Ho arrives at foreman Oh’s birthday party and they are already noisy having fun! There was awkwardness between him and Na Ra, but you could sense her longing. Once he left she ran after him to give him another chance to show his humane side. She intends to meet Eun Ji herself and check if the location’s correct, but Tae Ho doesn’t want her to interfere in Jong Goo’s personal matters. She will be leaving on Saturday, it’s up to Tae Ho whether he will accompany her or not. Mi Joo went to find Jong Goo and she can’t believe a person like him took under his care all of these homeless people. He intends to change but he also notices that she’s not like usual herself. Mi Joo informed him that she seduced a rich guy she met at the golf club, she just wanted to brag pointlessly about it.


Jong Goo with president Jo’s help convinces foreman Oh to take a few homeless with him to work at the construction site, but once he arrives at his place he finds out everyone was eating and drinking. They demanded their personal documents from Crocodile who just gave them some money. Jong Goo got enraged and informed them that selling their personal information this way their records are being filled with criminal activities. The ones who look down on them the most are no other than themselves. It doesn’t matter about the quality of food they’re eating or if they sleep on the streets and they don’t bathe, they are still human beings.

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Mi Joo was drinking alone until Heung Sam arrived and she informed him that things are flowing well with Jae Sung. She became a part of the plan in exchange for Eun Ji’s address and she acknowledges the way Heung Sam works. He makes it look like it’s a deal or a decision but it’s closer to extortion. Heung Sam became aware that Jong Goo tore apart the address while a change takes place. Mi Joo wonders in tears when Heung Sam will finally let her go, but he points out she has nowhere to go. Even if she refers to him as the devil he’s well aware of it since they are living in hell.

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On their way back he used his hand as her pillow inside the car and when she woke up she found herself at the place where Heung Sam was born, the same place where both of his parents died. He believes that one doesn’t become an orphan when his parents die, but when his home is lost as well. He bought back the house 3 years ago because it’s valuable to him and once everything has been resolved he intends to let her go. If she can’t find a place to stay she could join him and his home could become hers too and this time he doesn’t try to make a deal with her, it’s something he was keeping in his heart for a long time and he resembles it to greed.


And a song for all these lonely hearts in Last.

∠ ~ Twists of fate.


Tae Ho gets informed on Heung Sam’s brother passing away and Stephen Kim’s “business” and the fact that he never left Korea. He went right away to the orphanage to find out more about Heung Soo and Tae Ho showed a picture of Se Hoon to find out that’s exactly how Heung Soo would look like nowadays had he been alive! All the pieces make perfect sense, now he wants to find out the reason why Heung Sam did all this. In the meantime, Heung Sam became aware of Jong Goo’s change to a more palpable extent since some of Crocodile’s money were missing, but he also got informed by the orphanage director that Tae Ho was doing background research on him and his brother.


Tae Ho met Jung Min in order to find out who approached who first in her relationship, but she wants to know the reason why it’s so important for him to know that. Nobody intends to open up more cards and Tae Ho becomes aware that Se Hoon’s father from Canada will be arriving shortly. Se Hoon arrives and Tae Ho lets him know that the end will be arriving soon as he refers to him with his real name. On his way back Tae Ho was captured by Poison Snake and his men and once he woke up he found himself in front of Heung Sam.

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He started the background research after Straw Cutter left behind valuable information and once he got curious he couldn’t stop making Heung Sam point out that curiosity killed the cat! Even though Tae Ho insists he did that to know Heung Sam better in order to protect him Heung Sam is definitive that he shouldn’t have opened up that box. He wants Tae Ho to kill himself with the pistol he intended to kill Man Chool, but Tae Ho emphasizes on the fact that he could easily kill Heung Sam instead of taking his own life even though Heung Sam’s men will take care of him. Tae Ho asks him if he trusts him, what Heung Sam really trusts is Tae Ho’s pride and the fact that he would never beg for his life, all he wants from him is to end it with his own hands in one take.  He thinks that the pistol is empty and that Heung Sam was just curious to find out if he would point the gun at himself or Heung Sam who gives him the bullet he needed. At first Tae Ho points the gun at himself, but soon enough he changes the direction and points the gun at Heung Sam!

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◎ ~ Circular view.


Just because it doesn’t have any action it doesn’t mean that it’s not interesting, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t drag a bit at times either. The 11th episode was the first time it made me feel that Last was slowing down its pace after 10 magnificent episodes one way or another.


However, it was progressing the storyline and it was insightful on a few secrets of the past both for our figures but also for the audience as well. The characters also progress and start leaning towards the direction they will follow as the drama gradually reaches the end.


Heung Sam is preparing for the final assault and he wants to strike in full force, but he’s in a rush and this could lead to his own demise. Se Hoon appears more cautious, but even though he warns his brother the only thing he can do is to obey Heung Sam’s lead.


Heung Sam’s appearance in front of chairman Yoon was to enforce the background research on Se Hoon so that everything will be fine, but he also wanted to turn chairman Yoon’s nighttime into a nightmare which will be just a glimpse of what will follow in real life once everything has been completed. The flames of revenge are roaring and even though Heung Sam didn’t show chairman Yoon his direct intentions he delivered the message in his own indirect way in his father’s name.


Heung Sam and Heung Soo had been working hard throughout all these years to reach this point, but greed was never a great consultant and Heung Sam’s speed just a few steps before the end may put the struggle of all these years in danger. Even though he can’t afford to fail, the closer he gets to his opponent the more careless he becomes as his personal feelings come to the surface.


Everyone notices Jong Goo is changing. Na Ra, Mi Joo and eventually Heung Sam have already witnessed the contours of what’s going in his mind and his heart. Jong Goo cares about the homeless and wants them to get rid of their bad habits in order respect themselves more. If they won’t nobody else will if they look down on themselves more than anyone else does. Just because they are at a disadvantage it doesn’t mean they are not humans anymore. He tries to awaken the human flame within in an attempt to make them appreciate life more and gradually become the owners of their own lives once again.


He still won’t meet his daughter, he doesn’t intend to do so until his change has been completed. We also became aware of how things work inside Seoul Station and how all these homeless people are being used so that Heung Sam will live long and prosper. Everything related to underground business gets inflicted upon them since they are homeless without any property and nobody will ever get something from them.


Na Ra’s longing was all over the place once Tae Ho appeared at the birthday party, i couldn’t help it but fall for Seo Ye Ji’s stare at that moment, every nanosecond was precious. She eventually followed him to give him a second chance to show his humane side and leave behind the dark world he’s gradually embracing. She also wanted to know if he would become her partner in that heartfelt crime to find Eun Ji since Jong Goo doesn’t intend to do so for the time being. This could affect her negatively once Jong Goo finds out she intervened in his own matters, but eventually he will be thankful for Na Ra’s initiative.


I enjoy so much Tae Ho’s attitude towards Praying Mantis’ blind loyalty! He loves teasing him while Praying Mantis can’t do anything because he doesn’t have Heung Sam’s consent! It feels like he’s Tae Ho’s new toy and the playground is quirky enough to make me burst into tears of laughter!


Heung Sam has his own way in forcing people to do everything he wants them to and makes it look like an inevitable decision they have to make given the circumstances. Mi Joo’s internal world lies shattered, she can’t keep doing anymore everything she’s been doing all this time and tries to find a way out.


The two people Heung Sam likes the most are the people he hurts the most in this heavily influenced by the past ill-natured love triangle in which Heung Sam is the one losing the most while Mi Joo and Jong Goo attract one another as he tries to push them away. Even though his love feels real in a manner of speaking, the way he progressed as a character throughout the years used her to make money and progress his own plans.


It feels like since he can’t have her he will just use her even though it kind of hurts while still trying to keep her apart fron Jong Goo, that’s why he refers to his dream as something which resembles greed. However, despite their whole background story, she’s probably the first person he brought to his house and once everything’s over he wants her to make her own decisions. If she wants to, she can leave and if there’s no place to go his home can become hers anytime. It’s probably Heung Sam’s deep urge to leave behind his sickening self and change once the revenge vow has been fulfilled.


Tae Ho made all the necessary connections in his mind with palpable proof and now he knows the whole truth behind Heung Sam and Heung Soo. It’s something that should have remained in the shadows forever and Tae Ho’s life is on the line as the end is just one bullet away. Tae Ho would never take his own life, but he wouldn’t take Heung Sam out of the picture either, at least not now since the timing doesn’t feel right.


He will probably fire in the air and he will leave the rest to his own capabilities and how important he is to Heung Sam at this very moment. Pointing the gun at himself first and then at Heung Sam’s direction meant that there can be only one in the end, but for now they still have to work together. It’s all about an ill-natured form of trust in the realms of the underworld that can get forged under circumstances, but for the exact same reason it can get ruined overnight.


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