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Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 16 Recap ~ END


Oh My Ghost closed its curtains with its swansong episode placing everyone inside a cloud of bliss. It bid us farewell with an imperial 7.337% in terms of ratings and the audience was rewarded with a masterpiece of an ending episode. Both the journey and the destination were worth each and every second watching and writing about Oh My Ghost and i have to admit that it’s one of the finest dramas this year, a sparkling jewel between the world of the living and the well of souls.


Suhbingo’s cleaning her house from the dust and deep within she knows it’s the day Soon Ae has to depart peacefully. Soon Ae feels calmer after solving her grudge, but she still has some lingering attachments! She hugs Soon Ae and both of them get emotional having to say goodbye to each other after all these multifaceted interactions.

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Soon Ae’s father and brother are getting ready for Soon Ae’s memorial. Her father receives a phone call and he goes to the police station to find out the whole truth about her murder. He’s devastated as he thinks how afraid she must had been. He can’t believe he was so kind to Sung Jae who murdered his own daughter and he collapses eventually.


Bong Sun tells Sun Woo that her grandmother can’t recognize her due to the changes she went through, she thought Bong Sun had been possessed by the ghost again! It was tough for Sun Woo to accept the whole truth on the recent events and he has to be there for Eun Hee and his mother. Of course, Bong Sun will be by his side, she’s so cute and all over the place he thinks he’d been raising a baby tiger all this time! Bong Sun receives a phone call from Soon Ae’s brother while Soon Ae’s at the restaurant to find out her father had passed out.


Kyung Mo keeps accusing himself for not following his father to the police station and Sun Woo tries to comfort him. The doctor informs them that the shock Soon Ae’s father went through was immense and the hepatic cirrhosis made things even worse along with the cerebral hemorrhage. Everyone should start getting ready for the worst and Kyung Mo collapses while Soon Ae can’t hold back her tears.


She stands by her father’s side and accuses herself for the pain she keeps inflicting upon him even after she passed away. He goes through a cardiac arrest and as the doctor tries to bring him back Soon Ae cries her heart out. She witnesses her father’s spirit departing and she tries to block his way. She urges him to stay behind for Kyung Mo, she wants him to see her brother happy and getting married as both of them are cry in each other’s arms. Soon Ae changes his course and her father eventually woke up.

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Kyung Mo doesn’t intend to leave his side! He was thinking Soon Ae was taking their father away just because she was bored by herself and their father informs him that Soon Ae was the one who sent him back. He’s not certain whether it was a dream or not, but it felt so real. He feels better both physically and emotionally after seeing her face for the first time in 3 years, but he’s a bit disheartened being in this condition since he can’t prepare the ancestral rites. Kyung Mo points out Soon Ae would understand and he informs his father that he intends to change and become a better son! Bong Sun’s there too and Soon Ae’s glad to see her.

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She informs Bong Sun that the day to leave this world behind has arrived. Soon Ae’s thankful and apologetic at the same time. Bong Sun thinks that Soon Ae’s presence in her life was fated, Soon Ae found out the mystery behind her death but she also helped Bong Sun to get closer to Sun Woo who found out the truth about his sister’s accident. Soon Ae is glad Bong Sun became stronger and urges her to live well while Bong Sun would like Soon Ae to watch over her from time to time. Soon Ae’s last wish is for Bong Sun to keep reflecting love. Soon Ae intends to meet someone much better than Sun Woo and live with him for thousands of years in heaven! Bong Sun would like her to say one last farewell to Sun Woo and she wants Soon Ae to possess her one last time so that Sun Woo will be able to “see” and listen to her. Soon Ae doesn’t think this is right, but Bong Sun pushes her into her body.

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Sun Woo’s having a conversation with Seo Hyeong on the phone and he intends to send Eun Hee and his mother to the US for some time as Seo Hyeong intends to remain by his side as a friend whenever he needs her. Soon Ae through Bong Sun appears and once he notices her hand is colder he realizes it’s Soon Ae standing in front of him. He’s at loss for words and Soon Ae’s thankful for all the gifts she received from him All these experiences and feelings she never had the chance to cherish while she was alive became a part of her thanks to him. Sun Woo’s thankful too for helping him find the whole truth behind his sister’s accident and he’s apologetic she had to die because of that.

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The last farewell was with her wanting him to be happy and she was more than glad he called her with her real name for the first time. Sun Woo took her in his arms after that beautiful handshake. That was the moment Soon Ae left Bong Sun’s body and the tears in both of our girls’ eyes were highly representative of the emotional charge of the moment. Soon Ae could finally leave towards the utmost light. Suhbingo’s farewell was heartrending and in her own way as reassuring Soon Ae that she lived a good life. It’s time for her to meet Sun Woo’s mother to drown their sorrows in soju!

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Min Woo’s back to his renowned attitude ordering everyone around, but he’s brighter nevertheless and everyone’s having fun! Min Woo greets Bong Sun as if he was a Joseon Era eunuch at the palace and everyone’s glad she’s with them again! Sun Woo finally bought a vacuum cleaner from his friend! Min Woo gets overran by waves of pervert vibes and chases Sun Woo around! Soon the kitchen’s on fire and everyone’s working hard and Shrek pasta has found its way in the menu, but also Bong Sun cooks for the restaurant as well! She’s more than glad noticing the customers enjoying her dish and she receives 5 heroic thumbs up in a row! The director calls Sun Woo asking him If he wants to be a critic in a cooking competition and he’s not interested, but he registered Bong Sun as a contestant! He also bought for her a present, Bong Sun’s own knife with the arch letters of her name a heart carved on it!

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The day of the competition has arrived and the kitchen personnel try to encourage her in their own way! Sun Woo’s more stressed than Bong Sun and they sing to make the whole ambiance brighter! Sun Woo’s still more anxious and Bong Sun tries to calm him down, as for her… inner peace! Sun Woo’s watching her from a distance and he’s glad she’s doing well while Bong Sun was impressing one of the critics with her unique cooking approach! Overripe cucumber cream pasta and Na Bong Sun earned the third place and she’s so surprised while Sun Woo so excited! Bong Sun’s explosive happiness comes to the foreground and both of them dance in a cloud of bliss!


Back at the restaurant, it’s congratulations time and cream accidents can happen! Sun Woo’s jealousy comes to the foreground and he doesn’t want them to touch her that much as he pulls Seo Joon from the hair! Except for the prize money the competition will pay for the winners’ abroad studies, but Bong Sun wasn’t aware of that. Sun Woo didn’t want to tell her right away but he will respect any decision she makes as he intends to support her all along the way no matter what. Bong Sun wants to go abroad and it’s not because she wants to improve her resume, she wants to experience the whole thing and Sun Woo’s quirky jealousy strikes again! He places around her neck the couple necklace while Bong Sun’s sitting on his feet and she caresses his hands with Sun Woo who’s already missing her!


Two years later Stalker has become a father! Suhbingo maintains her quirky shaman activities in order to make a living! She’s got her own TV show based on paranormal activities and most and above all, she’s got her devout followers by her side! Bingo Bingo Suhbingo exorcism is her specialty and it costs more money! Min Woo has become a Chef! His good old self got upgraded and he’s countless times stronger by now! And here comes the new Sous Chef, Seo In Guk; Edward Seo! Min Woo tries to tame him but it’s inevitable as he acknowledges Sun Woo as the real Chef and Min Woo as a Chef on salary! Edward Seo is quite the player and he’s instantly hitting on the girl covering up for Eun Hee’s position! He brings a fresh and modern air in the kitchen and the female customers are astonished by his looks and passion! He’s stealing all the impressions and Min Woo doesn’t feel well about it!


Sun Woo opened his own fusion Korean restaurant and he’s training Kyung Mo! Seo Hyeong passed by and she’s loving the new place! She’s not alone though, she’s got a man by her side, Yoon Chang Seob, who looks like Chang Kyu, her boyfriend who passed away who was also Sun Woo’s friend. Eun Hee has become a florist and her mother is dating professor Park, a man Eun Hee approves! Eun Hee tries hard to walk again and she’s doing her best. Sung Jae has survived and she went to see him, the cockscomb bouquet was for him since these flowers are supposed to brighten people’s mood. He doesn’t recall anything related to the past and Eun Hee tries to hide every dark aspect of it leading him towards the light. He wishes he could remember and he hopes that everything was fine in the past, but Eun Hee wouldn’t like him to remember everything lying in the past in a fast pace.

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Sun Woo’s spending some time with Stalker, his girlfriend and their puppy wondering whether Bong Sun’s cheating on him or not! The more he keeps staring at her picture the more he’s jealous and wishes he shouldn’t have sent her abroad! He plays his guitar singing how much he misses her and how badly he’d like her to contact him! What a hilarious scene!


The kitchen personnel’s working hard under Min Woo’s command and “Alfred,” Edward Seo, is nowhere to be found while Min Woo wants to find a new Sous Chef! A new customer appeared and she’s no other than Bong Sun who’s astonishing! Everyone forgets about the kitchen and they greet her with utter enjoyment! No congratulations this time, just Bong, Bong, Bong, Bong! Soon Ae’s father is fine by now and he’s maintaining his humble restaurant. Bong Sun went to see him and she’s glad he quit drinking! She won’t stay for long but she’ll be passing by to see him quite often! She wants him to hire her as part-time helper and the answer could only be positive!

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Kyung Mo’s chemistry with Sun Woo doesn’t blossom and he quits for one more time and always at 3:30 pm! Kyung Mo hopes that Sun Woo will try to stop him, but Bong Sun arrives and he’s glad to see her! Sun Woo was on his way out to find him, but the one he found was Bong Sun! Sun Woo’s in slight discomfort she appeared out of nowhere after months of silence! Bong Sun’s critique on the food proves how hard she was studying all this time! Bong Sun lets him know how much she missed him. The reason why she didn’t call him was because if she listened to his voice she was afraid she’d want to run back to him and leave behind her studies. Sun Woo’s no longer upset and his emotional side comes to the surface as he’s unable to hide how much he missed her! He takes her in his arms and Bong Sun leads a beautiful floating kiss! So many kisses in a row with so much passion and happiness is bliss!

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If she doesn’t have any plans Sun Woo would like her to work with him! Bong Sun’s more than glad Stalker became a father and Sun Woo’s jealous once again. The more he’s like that the more she wants to do it with him making Sun Woo wonder if she’s really Bong Sun! The siege goes on and Sun Woo declares the arrival of D-Day by taking her in his arms and heading towards his room! The man of vitality got into action!

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Everyone’s at the restaurant is working hard and they’re on fire! Soon Ae’s father’s restaurant is bright and blissful once again and Bong Sun did her own wonders working for him! She’s his second daughter and the whole ambiance is just like the way it used to be when Soon Ae was around! Sun Woo keeps working hard with Kyung Mo by his side! Bong Sun resembles Soon Ae’s presence in their lives to a summer night dream leading them there where love lies. Bong Sun got to appreciate people and relationships and she continues to love both herself and Sun Woo to the fullest. Sun Woo and Bong Sun are bicycling and Oh My Ghost reached the end with our beloved couple in a bright mood!


Thoughts: Soon Ae’s farewells to all the people she loved were heartrending and possessed by tremendous amounts of feels. Each and every farewell had the potential to bring tears to the foreground, but they were tears of relief since Soon Ae would embrace a far better place after having resolved her grudge. The moment of everlasting peace and utter bliss in the afterlife had arrived.


It wasn’t easy biding Suhbingo farewell as their relationship progressed quite a lot all along the way. What started as an ongoing runaway chase transformed itself into a mother-daughter relationship. Both Soon Ae and Suhbingo emerged in tears the moment they had to part ways, but Suhbingo’s last farewell the night Soon Ae left this world behind was sending shivers down my spine. She could finally let Soon Ae go as she had found completion as a spirit in this life.


Soon Ae’s father finding the truth behind his daughter’s death was a devastating moment. He couldn’t imagine how lonely she must had felt before passing away in such a violent way, but he couldn’t withstand the burden of all of his acts of kindness towards Sung Jae who took Soon Ae away from him so heartlessly. His collapse was omnipresent and it was a mind-awakening moment for Kyung Mo as well since sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. And his father had already started moving towards the point of no return.


Soon Ae’s tears were flowing like lava on her face the moment her father started departing from this world, but she became a barricade of love and hope for him preventing him from entering the afterlife. Soon Ae can wait for him forever in the blissful plains, but she wanted her father to be happy alongside Kyung Mo and treasure everything he couldn’t with her. Witnessing Kyung Mo getting married and becoming a grandfather were Soon Ae’s last wishes as she reversed her father’s direction back to life.


Soon Ae finding out her father had loving people around him was more than enough before closing the last chapter in her life. People like her brother who swore to become a better son and person, Bong Sun who had already started forging a father-daughter relationship with him and even Sun Woo who’s a responsible figure were the right signs that she could be at ease before leaving.


Soon Ae would never be able to leave without sharing a few heartfelt moments with Bong Sun. Eventually, Soon Ae became Bong Sun’s one and only friend since she was the only one she could unveil her concerns and her body became the vehicle for both of them to achieve their own goals which were seemingly related at first. Through Soon Ae, Bong Sun got to love herself for who see is and eventually evolved into a brighter person who was finally ready to embrace life. Bong Sun could only be thankful towards Soon Ae who urged her to keep the flames of love burning.


Right before leaving, Bong Sun’s most precious gift towards Soon Ae was a chance for her to bid Sun Woo farewell. Bong Sun recognized Soon Ae’s importance in her life, but she was also well aware of Soon Ae’s feelings towards Sun Woo. Forcing Soon Ae into her body could offer a more palpable interaction between the ghost and Sun Woo, a last chance for her to be “visible” in front of him in order to listen to everything she has to say.


Soon Ae wanted to be thankful towards Sun Woo for all the feelings he offered her wholeheartedly even though he wasn’t aware of who she really was. Soon Ae got to love and feel loved through Bong Sun’s body and turn the chasms in her heart into blooming gardens for a short-lived amount of time which felt like an eternity simply because all these beautiful memories would accompany her forever in her final destination. Vanishing into the warmth of the absolute light before Sun Woo and Bong Sun’s very eyes was Soon Ae’s utter fulfillment as she got to interact one way or another with everyone she loved in her very own way. When Soon Ae was leaving it felt as if I had to say goodbye to a friend.


Bong Sun’s skills got recognized to a wider extent in the restaurant’s kitchen, but the real reward was earning the 3rd place in the competition. Sun Woo knew she had the potential to acquire one of the first 3 positions and he was well aware of the award. Even though he couldn’t afford losing her for a welcome amount of time while she would be studying abroad he was already prepared to support her all along the way and respect her final decision. His acts of jealousy were a healthy part of his love but also a part of the way he expresses his feelings sometimes! Even before leaving, he had already started missing her as he had to prepare himself for the times of longing that were lying ahead.


Two years later Stalker became a proud husband and father and solitude left once and for all! Min Soo became the restaurant’s explosive dictator and his ego got fueled to a wider extent with the kitchen personnel being his humble servants! Seo In Guk’s fans were also happy to witness the poseur and player Edward Seo in action! Eun Hee didn’t only surpass herself trying to walk again, she also kept her promise alive. Sung Jae didn’t pass away that night, he’s in an amnesiac state and even though he struggles to recall the past some secrets are better left unknown as his sins would return to visit him with an unbearable emotional cost. I got the impression that he’s inside some sort of medical prison/mental institution or something since he would never be able to evade law. Even though it was the evil spirit’s wrongdoings and Sung Jae’s body was the vehicle for such gruesome acts, he would never be able to explain everything that happened back in the days.


Seo Hyeong met a man who looks like her deceased boyfriend and she remains Sun Woo’s friend. Sun Woo opened a new restaurant in which he can experiment with different dishes and his employee is no other than Kyung Mo who’s under Sun Woo’s sleepless stare! Soon Ae’s father found in Bong Sun’s eyes another daughter which brought back the ambiance the restaurant possessed when Soon Ae was around. It was the least she could do for Soon Ae, but it wasn’t something she did because she felt obliged to do so, it was something heartfelt and sincere. Before Bong Sun returning back to Korea Sun Woo’s quirky agony in her absence was all over the place! But even after she came back, the first moments with Sun Woo were obscure as he was losing himself in a wide variety of thoughts because he was desperately missing her. She was desperately missing him too, but she wanted to focus on her studies and emerge victorious. Had she called him on the phone the urge to come back and leave her studies behind would be even greater!


Oh My Ghost blessed us with some truly passionate and blissful kiss scenes as it was approaching the end! Sun Woo taking Bong Sun in his arms with her taking the lead when it came to the floating kisses was the greatest reward both for our beloved couple and the audience! Loving herself, Bong Sun could finally embrace the world around her and most and above all the people she wanted to keep close to her, always with love.


No matter how hard the circumstances that cross one’s path, loving yourself is the key to hanging in there and not getting carried away by the tide of the events. We can’t always surpass any obstacle that appears, but preserving our love for ourselves is essential and most and above all, it’s not egoistic. If you don’t love yourself how can you expect someone else to love you? And if you don’t love yourself how can you expect yourself to offer love? It’s all about emotional intelligence and Oh My Ghost preserved it to the fullest. It was the main theme of the drama and it was an immense part of our main figures’ lives as we got to know their background and the way they progressed.


The acting was exemplary and the whole cast poured heart and soul into their figures. The presentation of the drama’s characters was never pretentious and with every airing episode it was getting more vibrant, natural and lively to the extent of being unable to think the drama with someone replacing any of the actresses and actors which turned to life Oh My Ghost’s storyline. I loved the warm and darkening cinematography, depending on the occasion it was highly representative of the characters’ progress and interactions. The writer did an exceptional work on building the characters and placing them in the script’s puzzle with the pieces coming together one after the other. Except for the cast’s chemistry which was resonating all over the place, Oh My Ghost was giving me the impression of a wider sense of chemistry which was deriving from everyone who worked hard for this drama to reach our screens. There was a certain warmth which was proving that everyone worked hard with love for the outcome and it was something the overall vibes were reflecting back.


Everyone did an exceptional work, Cho Jung Seok brought to life Sun Woo’s tough shell but fragile core in an exemplary way, you could sense it as the character was evolving. My adorable Kim Seul Gi was shining through her quirky presentation of Soon Ae, but she poured heart and soul in her character’s darkest moments. The whole kitchen personnel was giving me the impression as if they had been friends for years and their chemistry was shining all over the place! Lee Jung Eun as Bingo Bingo Suhbingo was one of a kind! And i loved for one more time Shin Hye Sun since School 2013 whereas Park Jung Ah was reflecting a certain boiling balance through Seo Hyeong’s character!


However, there’s an actress and an actor who were more than stellar. Lim Ju Hwan preserved Sung Jae’s dual world to the fullest and he was literally shining in the darkness as he was reflecting a sense of an eerie light. I can’t imagine anyone else presenting in a more representative way Sun Jae’s angelic veil and sickening core. I kept Park Bo Young as the last one i would talk about because she offered a soulful testimony through Bong Sun’s introvert yet progressing character. She turned her character’s evolution into a vivid piece of art before our very eyes. She didn’t only have to depict a gradual progress with every airing episode, there were moments she had to act as if she was Kim Seul Gi inside Park Bo Young’s body and just like Bong Sun was being possessed by Soon Ae’s spirit it felt as if Bo Young’s body was being inhabited by Seul Gi’s temperament at the same time!


After an exemplary 15th episode adorned with emotional quality and a wide variety of feels we were rewarded with an excessive sense of positivity and brightness through the whole duration of Oh My Ghost’s last episode. After an ongoing journey somewhere between reality, fairytale, quirkiness, emotionalism and darkness we found the light at the end of this multifaceted tunnel inside an explosion of bliss that was more than required. A heartfelt thanks goes to everyone who worked hard so that our eyes could witness Oh My Ghost’s precious universe enclosed inside a screen’s boundaries!


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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. Charlene
    August 24, 2015 at 12:32 am — Reply

    Chef made the last episode for me. He missed his Bong Sun so much, he was driving himself crazy. Lovely review. Took me a while to get into the show, but I ended up loving it.

    • August 24, 2015 at 9:11 pm — Reply

      Chef was pretty strong in the last ep, just like throughout the whole drama! His whole reactions in Bong Sun’s absence were totally priceless! XD Thanks a lo! 🙂 So glad Oh My Ghost eventually captivated you even though it took some time! 😀

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  3. September 5, 2015 at 11:00 pm — Reply

    “My adorable Kim Seul Gi was shining through her quirky presentation of Soon Ae, but she poured heart and soul in her character’s darkest moments.” – you just expressed exactly how I feel about that actress and her character in the drama! I will miss Soo Ae!

    I loved it when she was man-crazy and the way she called “Chef, Chef” 🙂

    • September 6, 2015 at 7:47 pm — Reply

      Thanks a lot for one more time! I will miss Soon Ae too, too quirky, sweet and adorable in her own way!
      Yup, she was all over the place chasing after him! I think that “chefi” sounded like the cutest thing i heard lately! 😀

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    do you know the song the sous chef and the other sing to Bong Son before go to competition?

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      Sadly nope :/ But if i find the answer to your question i will definitely let you know! 🙂

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