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Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 15 Recap


The 15th episode was one of these bright examples which resemble perfection to my eyes. It had concrete flow, but most and above everything else, all feels beamed like laser right through my forehead pulverizing my remaining brain cells. The 15th episode achieved Oh My Ghost’s second best ratings to date (5.339%) and it proved for yet another time why this drama deserves, receives and reflects back so much love.


Soon Ae informs Bong Sun right away that the car plate number belonged to Sung Jae and she wants her to let Sun Woo know the whole truth! Sung Jae overheard her conversation and grabbed officer Kang from her neck asking her who she really is! Soon Ae could finally recall that he was the one who hit Eun Hee with his car and she actually remembers herself unconscious in his bathroom. The moment he took care of officer Kang he stared right behind her to witness Soon Ae and he was actually happy she finally appeared! Soon Ae informs him that she remembers everything and asks him why did he do that to her. It’s all because she saw something she shouldn’t have, but she still can’t believe he did that. Soon Ae’s enraged shouting at him that everything will get revealed soon and that he’s going to pay for his crimes! He tries to grab her from the neck, but he can’t since she’s a ghost and she escapes! He runs after her and for one more time she escapes by bus!

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We go back 3 years ago and during a police checkpoint Sung Jae saw his father who still couldn’t forget the way Sung Jae was staring at their newborn son! His father’s words were degrading nevertheless and Sung Jae’s not in the finest mood! Soon Ae was thinking of him working hard and she prepared his favorite dish! His parents along with their son returned back home and Sung Jae was keeping an eye on them. He tried to kill his father, but he couldn’t do it and left with tears in his eyes. As he was lost in his own thoughts he didn’t see Eun Hee and hit her with the car. The evil spirit made its appearance in this dark moment and Sung Jae decided to leave passing over her feet! She may had been fine if he hadn’t done that!

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Soon Ae appeared at that moment, she witnessed Eun Hee on the road and called 911. She went back to the restaurant and wrote down the car plate number. Unaware of what was going on, she called Sung Jae on the phone and he appeared right away. She informed him on the incident and he’s glad she didn’t call the police first! At some point she noticed his car plate number and got frightened. She found an excuse to run away, he followed her and eventually Sung Jae caught her. Inside his car she tried to call her father but since she couldn’t speak she sent him the sound message that was completing the car plate number. Sung Jae drowned her in the bathtub and left her lifeless inside the bathroom to enjoy his juice while Soon Ae’s ringtone was making the whole ambiance more sickening. I never thought Dmitri Shostakovich’s Waltz No.2 would sound so gruesome! Sung Jae eventually threw her lifeless body from the bridge and we got to witness her brother’s and father’s threnody in motion.

bscap1900 bscap1905bscap1904bscap1908 bscap1907bscap1906 bscap1909

Soon Ae realized she wasn’t a virgin ghost, she was a ghost with a deep and unresolved grudge. She was unable to go to the plains above since she died so suddenly and she wanders around the streets in woe. She returns back to Suhbingo who witnesses her emotional collapse after finding out the whole truth. After crying her heart out she could finally calm down a bit. Suhbingo urges her to be strong since the evil spirit knows her face and it won’t let it go.

bscap1911 bscap1913bscap1914

Sung Jae’s still searching around and he met Soon Ae’s father! He becomes aware of Bong Sun’s presence at the restaurant and at that point she calls Sun Woo to inform him. He urges her to wait there for him. Soon Ae’s father is back at the restaurant and Sun Woo’s on his way to meet her. Bong Sun’s waiting for him out of the restaurant, but Sung Jae kidnaps her! Sun Woo can’t reach her on the phone, all he could find was her shoe on the ground.


Suhbingo requests from the great spirit to entrust her the power to punish evil spirits. These magic words were priceless! Sun Woo couldn’t find Bong Sun and went there right away to inform Suhbingo that both Bong Sun and Sung Jae have gone missing. The whole truth had been revealed and Sun Woo knows that Sung Jae hit his sister with the car, killed Soon Ae who was going to report it to the police and that he’s possessed by an evil spirit.


Eun Hee’s worried since she can’t reach Sung Jae on the phone. She noticed Sung Jae’s suitcase and she asked her mother to bring it down. Inside the suitcase and found officer Han’s wallet, Soon Ae’s cellphone and a wide variety of items. Sun Woo appeared and tried to cover the whole truth because he doesn’t want to reveal anything yet.


The police force is searching for Sung Jae at the basement to find out he’s not there, but they found his cellphone. Sung Jae, along with Bong Sun inside the car trunk, is heading towards a new direction. Sun Woo’s not at the restaurant and the kitchen personnel does its best to keep the work flowing. Min Woo found the opportunity to promote his Shrek pasta and shows off pretending to be someone great with others working under him! Min Woo’s friend noticed Dong Cheol and slapped Min Woo urging him to be respectful towards his seniors! Things are going to change inside the kitchen personnel’s seniority!


Suhbingo tries to figure out the evil spirit’s location to find out it’s still inside Seoul’s vicinity where the sound of children is strong! Sung Jae’s at the orphanage where he grew up and plays with the children as if nothing happened! He keeps Bong Sun inside a nearby room and he lets her know he won’t harm her yet since it wouldn’t be fun! A child ghost who was there got scared and ran away once it noticed Sung Jae! Bong Sun tries to find a way out and she noticed a familiar scent. It’s rosemary and she got to recall it through Sun Woo’s teachings!

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Sun Woo’s at the police station trying to convince the officers to continue their investigation in children-oriented areas, but they don’t want to follow the lead of a shaman’s insights! Apparently, they care more about their food and Sun Woo takes the situation in his own hands and starts searching around. The same applies to Soon Ae, she finds all of her ghost-friends and urges them to find Bong Sun! The ghost world will be more helpful than the police itself! Her goth-ghost friend found Sung Jae who kept staring at her and she ran away. Suhbingo’s apologetic towards the great spirit for neglecting her duties, she begs for mercy and pleas for one last chance to stand against the evil spirit. Soon Ae searches around and passes by the playground she used to hang out with Bong Sun and she can only be apologetic towards her. Soon Ae’s goth-ghost friend informed her that she found someone with strong qi energy who could see her.

 bscap1937bscap1936bscap1942 bscap1939bscap1940 bscap1943

Sung Jae’s back and even though he’s going to get rid of her he brought her some food. Bong Sun urges him to turn himself in since it’s not too late. It’s something he should do for Eun Hee’s sake, but he gets enraged as Bong Sun can’t hold back her tears and he grabs her from the neck! The nun from the orphanage needed his help and Bong Sun got lucky this time. She talks to the child ghost asking him to try kicking the cellphone towards her direction and with a few tries he achieves it.

 bscap1947bscap1946 bscap1949

Sun Woo’s back at the restaurant and he’s not in the mood for anything. He receives a phone call from Bong Sun but she can’t talk and he asks her to text him her location. Sung Jae’s on his way back, but she managed to send the message and throw away the cellphone. The only thing she could send was “rosemary” and at that point Eun Hee’s rosemary, the one Sung Jae had brought, pointed towards a specific direction, the Haneul orphanage! Sun Woo, Suhbingo, Soon Ae and the police force are on their way!


Eun Hee who keeps worrying about Sung Jae finally receives a phone call from him. He tells her nothing’s wrong and asks her if Sun Woo said something about him, but that’s not the case, she’s just worried about him. She doesn’t know what’s going on but she lets him know she’ll be on his side no matter what since he’s a good person. Sung Jae couldn’t stand all this kindness and ended the phone cal.

bscap1957bscap1956 bscap1953

The police arrives at the orphanage and they start searching all over the place. Sung Jae noticed them and he managed to leave along with Bong Sun. Sun Woo witnessed his escape and started following him with his car and the same applies to Suhbingo and Soon Ae inside the taxi! A car chase and maneuvers take place. Bong Sun’s tries to untie herself until she finds Sung Jae’s knife and stabs him! Bong Sun escapes and Sung Jae runs away! Sun Woo rushes to her aid taking the tape off her mouth, untying her and taking her in his embrace as she can’t stop crying now that the worst is over! Suhbingo gets Sun Woo’s car and with Soon Ae by her side they try to find Sung Jae! Suhbingo’s not the best driver, but she managed to find his car and they started following his blood trails.

bscap1958 bscap1959bscap1960 bscap1962

Back at the restaurant Sun Woo cooks Bong Sun’s favorite porridge. She had already fallen asleep and he can’t stop staring at her, even while sleeping you could sense on her exhausted face everything she went through. Sun Woo is thankful towards her for coming back safe. He lays back by her side staring at her with so much love as he pats her gently on the shoulder.

 bscap1964 bscap1969bscap1970bscap1965

Suhbingo and Soon Ae keep searching for him. They witnessed an abandoned place with a strong vibe and the scent of blood. Eun Hee was sleeping and her wedding picture along with a picture of Sung Jae shattered on the floor. Sung Jae attacked Suhbingo but Soon Ae saved her by pushing her away. He tries to attack Soon Ae but Suhbingo threw magical seeds on him and he ended up on the ground. The evil spirit finally made its appearance!

 bscap1974bscap1973 bscap1971bscap2005bscap2006 bscap1975

The evil spirit stared back at Sung Jae who didn’t know what was going on. He could only recall memories filled with Eun Hee and Soon Ae. Sung Jae’s world collapsed underneath his feet as he was losing himself in tears. The evil spirit laughed at his demise and entered once again his body. The internal fight that took place was immense. The melody of Soon Ae’s ringtone plays once again as he can’t hold back his tears. Sung Jae stands at the edge and with a sigh of relief decides to jump. Soon Ae’s in tears in front of this fatal closure and violent cleansing.

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Thoughts: Soon Ae’s greatest “why?” was answered, she witnessed things she shouldn’t have and hence she had to get silenced. However, the answer will never be enough to measure her life’s weight, the one she didn’t get the chance to treasure among the living. The more Soon Ae was accusing Sung Jae the more enraged he got and tried to kill her for a second time.


Sung Jae’s past is traumatic, ever since his parents’ son was born Sung Jae found himself in a corner and he was getting physically abused by his father every time he was being close to the child. Even years later his father was degrading him and he couldn’t even believe he became a police officer. This ongoing rejection and absence of parental love, even though they had adopted him, was shattering Sung Jae who never forgot his overburdened childhood years.


The urge to kill his father was forging a core of negativity deep within, but even though he tried he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t cross the thin red line that would turn him into a beast because deep within he couldn’t hurt the person who raised him after the orphanage simply because there was still hope of being loved by his father.


Absentminded and lost in his own thoughts, Sung Jae didn’t see Eun Hee and hit her with the car. Even though it wasn’t his intention, the moment something like that happened the evil spirit could enter his body in his darkest hour. It was the crucial point in Sung Jae’s life when the evil spirit stopped lurking around him and started boiling deep within. Passing over Eun Hee’s body was gruesome, chances are high she would had been able to walk again if things hadn’t progressed this way.


The urge to kill was there, the evil spirit poisoned him and turned this urge into palpable action and most and above all desire. Soon Ae’s trust towards him was lethal. Drowning her in the bathtub with such a cold and lifeless stare as if nothing heinous was going on was so sickening. The whole apartment was exhaling dissonance with Sung Jae drinking his juice while the whole ambiance was being adorned by Dmitri Shostakovich’s Waltz No. 2. The evil spirit delivered all the necessary exculpation for his actions as he would never feel guilt or remorse, only a horrifying sense of pleasure.


Soon Ae’s emotional collapse was immense. Not only did she relive the moment of her death, she also realized why she remained in the chasm between the living and the deceased in order to cleanse the grudge of her sudden and violent death. The news that Bong Sun and Sung Jae were nowhere to be found made the whole atmosphere more threatening and Suhbingo could point towards a very specific children-oriented direction.


Even though he was dying on the inside since Bong Sun had gone missing, Sun Woo tried to hide the whole truth from Eun Hee in order not to hurt her even more while she was already worried about Sung Jae. The moment she will find out everything will be traumatic, there’s always a chance of Sun Woo trying to keep it a secret for her and telling her that Sung Jae fell while he was on duty. Min Woo was the only ray of light during the episode with his renowned sense of quirkiness, he was taught a few lessons as well!


Sung Jae playing with children as if nothing happened was sickening. Lim Ju Hwan was exceptional in presenting this twofold personality consisting of the angel externally and the demon within that was only making its appearance when the kindhearted mask was no longer needed on the surface. Playing around with Bong Sun’s devastated feelings and diminishing her hope was just another glimpse of his utter enjoyment.


The ghost-world was more helpful than the renowned and so useless drama police and Soon Ae’s goth-ghost friend was quite insightful. In the meantime Sun Woo and Soon Ae never stopped searching around and Soon Ae’s sincere and apologetic attitude towards Bong Sun the moment she witnessed the swings was representative of the deeper bond between them.


Nobody wants food under such circumstances and Bong Sun got lucky this time since Sung Jae had to wear the kindhearted mask once again. You could sense the horror electrifying Bong Sun’s very soul and essence, it was carved all over her face and her tears were the bitterest ones. Even in her darkest hour she never gave up and tried to find a way out.


Until recently and with Soon Ae’s exception, the world of ghosts was a horrifying place that was disorganizing Bong Sun’s life to a wider extent, this time the ghost-child was the most important deus ex machina in Oh My Ghost. Sun Woo’s teachings were also of utter importance and the fact that Bong Sun was cherishing his knowledge and never forgot the scent of ingredients was crucial; rosemary.


Sung Jae’s most humane moment in the thick darkness was when he called Eun Hee on the phone to hear her voice. It wasn’t only to find out how much do they know about him, there was also a sense of longing. In a way, he didn’t want to disappoint her. However, so much kindness coming straight from Eun Hee’s mouth was “polluting” his sickening darkness and he had to end the phone call.


Nobody can accuse Bong Sun for stabbing such a source of negativity in order to survive. It’s something she would never do under any other circumstances and the ever-expanding shock of having harmed someone and having escaped hell could get depicted through Park Bo Young’s exceptional acting. Crying as if there’s no tomorrow while Sun Woo was helping and taking her in his embrace possessed so many feels i can’t even express it.


While Bong Sun had fallen asleep as she was both physically and emotionally exhausted you could sense everything she went through, it was painted all over her face. She had found some peace of mind, but the contours of all these frightening events were still there. Cooking her favorite porridge, caressing her with love and being thankful for coming back safe were a part of Sun Woo’s declaration of love towards her face. Patting her on the shoulder felt like a relieving lullaby.


The moment the picture shattered was the moment that started channeling the inevitable end. Sung Jae’s last forceful attempts didn’t blossom since he was wounded. Suhbingo’s protective but also offensive stasis brought the evil spirit to the surface. All this swamp that was plaguing Sung Jae’s body and soul was standing in front of Sung Jae’s blurred mind as he was unable to conceive what was going on.


The evil spirit, after he mocked Sung Jae’s weakness, reentered his body to continue its legacy. Sung Jae suffocating was the visual presentation of the internal fight in order not to get devoured by darkness anew. They say that your whole life passes before your very eyes before dying. In Sung Jae’s occasion it was all about these acts of kindness he received in his life and they were always Eun Hee and Soon Ae oriented.


His silence was gold after the sudden realization of everything, it was more than apparent that a vast apology was carved all over his face for everything he did. Going to jail or spending his remaining life in a mental institution would never be an option, the evil spirit would overrun him over and over again and it would be much more of a torment.


Within his last moment, Sung Jae silently repented and his tears could lead only to a very specific outcome, taking his own life to end this ill-natured host-parasite relationship that was eating him up alive along with the people around him. His sigh of relief right before leaving this world behind was utterly representative of his longing for everything to be over. What was martyrdom for the people he traumatized or murdered and their families, it was also a torment for Sung Jae, the one before the evil spirit devoured him, the one he would never be again, the one who found relief through this fatal closure and violent cleansing.


Sung Jae was the type of villain you would hate all along the way through his never-ending acts of ever-expanding negativity. In the end, he was the type of villain you can’t hate, not because of his background since nothing could ever justify his actions, but because of his own struggle that eventually led him to find the courage to silence the beast within. All this time we never witnessed the real Sung Jae, we were able to see his face, but it was the evil spirit acting. Sung Jae appeared in the end to bring closure to this kindhearted mask covering the face of utter dissonance. This drama had a great course from the very beginning, it never slowed down its pace and with the hand placed there where my heart lies, i am more than ready for the last episode!


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