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This summer was so hot, it even gave me fever, literally. Coming back from the beach and having my bones hurt, was not expected. But when you try to make the good out of the bad. I have to say I slept really well, during the days I was sick. The worst thing about this summer is that I didn’t have enough time to watch the dramas I wanted, but at least I watched the last two episodes of Koinaka.

On episode three, Aoi and Akari make up for the time they were apart. It was really nice, since I understand and I have felt it too, when you get back with a friend and it feels like all this time you lost didn’t get in your way and you can go back to where you were. That is why they start being the usual Aoi and Akari, fighting over everything and having this refreshing childhood friendship.

Of course that means their feeling for each other, are coming back. Evil Aoi reveals in the fourth episode to Akari, he wanted her to meet with Aoi, because he wanted to reassure Akari would choose him over him. He really has issues. Are you dumb? What is exactly that you want to reassure? You steal Aoi’s manga with the letter, you have everything planned so you can meet Akari and get her to be your girlfriend. You know from the start she doesn’t loved you and that if you weren’t so evil to plan all this, she wouldn’t even look at you. What is exactly that you want to test? His inferiority shows once again, when he forces him self to Akari, after she is back from meeting with Aoi. But this time he goes even further, trying to get Akari’s father out of her life. He wants to isolate her and have her all to himself,that’s not love as he claims to Akari on episode four.

Fortunately his evil self gets revealed. That annoying college of his out of nowhere reveals everything to Akari about her father and that adds up to Akari finding the manga and the letter.

As usual for a jdrama they go on a summer barbeque.with Saeki’s car and at her house by the sea. All this happens because Kanazawa is in love with Aoi’s sister, Nanami and decides to become her pet.

Akari brings up the letter to Aoi, realises he never got it. When Aoi asks her what the letter wrote she says something random. Akari sees Aoi has moved on and it would be hard for everyone to bring up the past after so long. It makes sense how she decides not to say what the letter wrote.

Aoi and Saeki. My second lead syndrome strikes back. I ship those two. Saeki knows what she wants and she is clear to Aoi, asking him to have a second chance with him. Aoi seems to want to let go of his love for Akari. His talk with evil Aoi, makes him realise he has to move on. He gives Saeki hope, only to get it back, form what it seems in the next episode. In the ending of episode four Akari disappears and Aoi will look for her. Poo Saeki, Aoi gives you that beautiful smile and then he is gonna be like, “I’m sorry but my first lovebroke up with her boyfriend, so I’m thinking of going out with her, bye”.

What do you thing guys, how are things going to turn out in the next episodes?

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  1. August 21, 2015 at 5:28 am — Reply

    Agreed that Shota has an inferiority complex. It sorta explains why he reintroduced Aoi to Akari..just so he could one-up Aoi. Ironically he just stirred up old feelings between Aoi & Akari instead. T_T” I’m interested in seeing some flashbacks to the earlier times in Shota & Akari’s relationship. We keep on hearing about how Shota ‘saved’ Akari but we never get to see what he actually did.

    And I also agree about the 2nd female lead! I like her too!

    • August 21, 2015 at 8:56 am — Reply

      I don’t think we’ll be getting flashbacks of how Akari and evil Aoi became a couple. Maybe Akari will think about the past, when she will have to decide what to do with him. I mean despite all these, they have been together for so long. But the thing with her father was too much. What I like about this drama, is that the feelings are realistic. Yeah let’s make a Saeki team o/

  2. dmohican14
    August 24, 2015 at 1:11 am — Reply

    Team Saeki here too! I’ve always liked the actress Ichikawa Yui, but Saeki’s so cool and level-headed, unlike most second female leads that it’s hard to not like her. I like Akari too, but I think I’m more invested in her getting her life together first before hooking up with Aoi.

    • August 24, 2015 at 8:49 am — Reply

      Akari is nice, but Saeki knows what she wants and I like that more.

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