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First Impressions/Review: Mrs. Cop ~ Episodes 1-4


The first 4 episodes deliver a pretty concrete resume of what to expect when it comes to a drama. It’s not a universal truth or an axiom, but it usually works. Just like with Last, i wanted to start Mrs. Cop for some time now, but my deteriorating drama condition and the fact that i wanted to watch the first 4 episodes in a row didn’t let me start it earlier. The cast itself was a tempting and strong enough reason to find myself in the world of Mrs. Cop and the expressive and diverse acting is the strongest card that will keep me on board. The arch diagnosis is positive, i enjoy Mrs. Cop’s journey so far even though it gets on my nerves sometimes and it’s not the cast’s fault! It has humor, feels and action, but it also has an immense sense of the “renowned” South Korean drama police.


One day you wake up and you find out that Kim Hee Ae who doesn’t require any further introductions will be the leading figure in another drama. It’s the day you decide that you will definitely watch that drama no matter what and here i am. You also become aware that Son Ho Jun will be there as well and Reply 1994 memories instantly woke up! Shin So Yul too? A little bit of Reply 1997 reminiscence never hurt anyone!


Heo Jung Do whose teacher role in Heard It Through the Grapevine is recent is more than welcome! Lee Da Hee whom i loved in I Hear Your Voice is a part of Mrs. Cop‘s world too and last but not least, Kim Min Jong. I am not that familiar with him and that’s the reason why i didn’t mention him earlier, but Mrs. Cop will be a good chance for me to get closer to his acting skills. The fans of BEAST will be pleased to find Lee Gi Kwang acting here and i shouldn’t forget mentioning Jung Soo Young whom i recently witnessed in School 2015 and Discovery of Romance!


The cast itself makes you have high expectations, it’s something good when the drama rewards you when it comes to the journey and the destination, but sometimes things don’t flow as expected and disappointment always awaits in a corner. The storyline is simple, it’s about a single mother and combative police officer, Choi Young Jin (Kim Hee Ae). It’s all about the ups and downs in her competitive work life, it’s something that always affects her role as a mother and the amount of time she devotes to her daughter, Ha Eun. And that’s when her sister, Choi Nam Jin (Shin So Yul), comes into play as the responsibilities of a mother have fallen upon her shoulders.


Detective Park Jong Ho (Kim Min Jong) is always by Young Jin’s side and tries to assist her whenever she finds herself in trouble. It’s something that happens quite often dare i say as she’s willing to see each and every case to the very end regardless of the impact it will have upon her or the pressure she may go through! Jo Jae Deok (Heo Jung Do) is Young Jin’s devout friend and quirky colleague who follows her career’s ups and downs, always accompanied by his wife, Hong Ban Jang (Jung Soo Young). Both of them are hilarious figures and they were born to be together in their own universe!


Young Jin gets demoted after a serial killer case which ruined her emotional world and her career eventually, but she remained faithful to her ethics by always preserving the value of truth in her life. As a common police officer she didn’t fail to show her potential and she was accepted anew in the violent crimes division. The new team is being forged under Jong Ho’s command, but the one who’s really in charge is Young Jin! They are being accompanied by Jae Deok who returned alongside Young Jin and detective Lee Se Won (Lee Gi Kwang). The team gets completed by Min Do Young (Lee Da Hee) and Han Ji Woo (Son Ho Jun) whose relationship with Young Jin began with misunderstandings!


Thoughts: Should i start with the complaints or the positive aspects and expectations? Well, i will let it flow in the aforementioned order since my complaints are not many. It’s actually only one and it has to do with the first two episodes to be more precise. It’s all about the renowned South Korean drama police force, i guess we’re kind of fed up with this very specific presentation of a useless police department being unable to catch a single criminal.

bscap0926bscap0925 bscap0739

The writer managed to present a sinister and arrogant criminal devoid of human feelings and consciousness and it was something more than positive, but the whole investigation process and action was leaning towards the direction of someone toying around with a whole police department. It felt like watching someone play Grand Theft Auto and had the story not reached the end by the end of the second episode they would have to call the army during the third one!


You surround a whole block, the whole regional police force is in an uproar and nobody’s able to catch a single criminal? And when Jae Deok finally corners him, Young Jin who’s the chief of the team finally relaxes and checks her cellphone to finally get alerted by the gunfire? And it’s not like the criminal escaped once, it was happening over and over again turning it into a makjang bloodshed.


Ι will say it once again because i don’t want to be misunderstood, it’s not the cast’s fault at all. If the writer wanted to keep the very specific sub-story flowing for 2 episodes, even in a more quirky or serious tone, there were many possible pathways the writing could have walked upon, but presenting a useless police force for yet another time was the easy way out.


Police officers are not enlightened superheroes, but they are not that worthless either, it felt as if each and every one of them was lacking principal training and equipment in a serial killer case that was plaguing society. I am not condemning the writer though, there were many feels in between and thanks to the exceptional acting they were delivered to the fullest in front of our very eyes.

 bscap0901bscap0902 bscap0899

Had Mrs. Cop been one of my first action/crime dramas i admit i would had been thrilled by the amounts of feels and the whole chasing, but the whole process was ill-natured and it was based on fundamental weaknesses that were never supposed to be there in the first place, but they were and Mrs. Cop isn’t my first action/crime drama to be so lenient.

 bscap0898bscap0897 bscap0880

The first two episodes failed to deliver executive consistency, but they managed to preserve the emotional background of the drama to the fullest. What was learning to walk during the first two episodes finally found a representative presentation in the world of adults during the 3rd and 4th episodes.


I would never refer to the corrupted police department chief and the armchair equivalent of people who are no other than the internal affairs department. I refer to our main figures and the characters around them and i hope that the team that’s about to be completed will be combative and representative of the circumstances story-wise. Okay, i ranted a bit and i let it all out, but i couldn’t keep it inside.


However, i have a thought flow in my mind which could do justice to the aforementioned malfunctions. Young Jin had to divide herself into a hardworking policewoman and an exemplary mother, but the first parameter wouldn’t let her become the second one due to lack of time. The more she was struggling to be with her daughter the more difficult it would get and all this internal struggle had its own impact in the whole case regardless of the corrupted police department chief’s presence.

 bscap1006bscap1005 bscap0914

Her overall approach and further emotional involvement, but also her inability to conceive whether she truly wants to resign or not, were aspects that led to her demotion since lying isn’t a part of her dictionary. At that point in her life she could value the time she would spend with her daughter. Ha Eun stealing to be with her mother and Young Jin realizing she was no longer in pictures with her daughter had devoured her and when you take into consideration her work’s pressure it must had been unbearable.

 bscap0923bscap0922 bscap1026

Young Jin would also work on her mind’s consistency in order to remember her good old self which was presented all along the way during the second case in the 3rd and 4th episodes, something that would lead to her promotion back to where she belongs. After taking Ha Eun’s heartrending yet kindhearted approval was a ray of light that could actually point towards the exemplary and combative Young Jin who doesn’t care about hierarchy when it comes to justice, the one we all want to see.

bscap0867bscap0868 bscap0887

One of the most exceptional aspects of the drama must be the chemistry between Kim Hee Ae and the child actor who performs as Ha Eun. When they play together it’s bliss and you can sense their mutual longing to be together, but also the vast shades of reality that keep them apart. Ha Eun being proud of her mother being a police officer and eventually deciding to sacrifice their time together so that her mother will maintain the role model image in her eyes was beautifully presented.

 bscap1025bscap1024 bscap1031

Mrs. Cop can be a representative drama on the struggles a hardworking widowed mother can go through and i am looking forward to that direction. She has to work hard so that her daughter and sister will be able to live and chase after their dreams. She can’t have everything and working with passion is something that keeps her mind occupied. Kim Hee Ae’s multifaceted and expressive acting lives up to any expectation and she’s the core of the drama, not only because she is Mrs. Cop, but because she proves it with every passing episode.


You can witness the canvas of her face changing colors according to the situation and all the like-minded emotions are being portrayed with the emotional charge and tension or elegant bliss they’ve been asking for. But it’s not only her, everyone’s doing a good work whether they are leading or secondary figures and one thing i must point out is that there’s a flowing sense of chemistry that binds together all the figures in the storyline.

bscap0850bscap0851 bscap0849

Shin So Yul is more than cute through her explosive yet caring interactions with Young Jin and the sense of betrayal she unveils once Ha Eun forgets about her every time her mother’s around! Kim Min Jong is highly representative of the obedient to protocol yet fair detective Park Jong Ho and his interactions with Kim Hee Ae are one of a kind. When they are not tense due to Young Jin’s decisions they are utterly hilarious and both of them possess the attitude of friends and colleagues for years with all the quirky liberties between them in they way they express themselves!


As an extension of that quirky ambiance, the jeet kune do teacher of Heard It Through the Grapevine is a detective here and Heo Jeong Do is highly representative as the hilarious figure Jae Deok has to present! Lee Gi Kwang as detective Lee Se Won doesn’t appear much, but he seems to be doing fine and he’s actually more screen-friendly than many idols turned actors who ruin roles with more airing time.


Can’t wait to see more of Han Jin Woo’s story as his girlfriend’s loss is too much of a burden in his social life, but also in the way he keeps on living; day by day. He was hilarious as a traffic cop, he had the attitude as if he owned the streets, but what i’m really looking forward to is the way he will pace with the rest of the team! Lee Da Hee isn’t only beautiful, she’s also talented and she clearly depicts the freshness of a young detective whose role model, Young Jin, appeared in front of her very eyes but she failed to recognize her. After the misunderstanding was solved she’s more than glad being praised for her skills by the woman that inspired her!

bscap1035bscap1034 bscap1043

It’s not all that heavenly in a world of cops and criminals. It’s a corrupted world in which the chief of Young Jin’s police department is constantly being bribed by Kang Tae Yoo (Son Byung Ho) in order to protect his more than spoiled, senseless and eventually dangerous excuse of a son. Have i told you already how much i despise both of them whenever they appear on screen? I hope they won’t be around for many episodes.

 bscap1004bscap0917 bscap0998

The fact that Young Jin arrested him and put him behind bars placed her at the center of Tae Yoo’s attention. Things are going to get a bit more complicated now that prisoner 1057, Park Dong Il (Kim Kap Soo), will be getting out of jail soon. The past and the present will come to haunt Young Jin and sadly, but inevitably, her personal life, including her daughter, will become the target of old and new grudges one way or another.


Director Yu In Sik does justice to his lenses and the cinematography of Mrs. Cop’s world is acclimating itself to the surrounding environment whether it’s indoors or outdoors. It clearly depicts the flow of a field investigation whether action occurs or not, the warmth of a humble household or the more clinical ambiance inside the police department and the lighting factor plays its own part. The ratings of the drama are pretty strong and as time passes by they reach higher peaks.


Mrs. Cop has the potential to become one bright example of an action/crime drama infusing the sense of maternity as opposed to work life in a challenging environment, everything that derives from this ongoing collision and how both aspects affect one another. The undeniably great acting and intriguing characters are here, many hilarious lines parade in front our very eyes and the cinematography keeps Mrs. Cop’s world in motion in a highly representative way. All that remains is for the storyline to do justice to all the aforementioned factors and eventually complete one another!


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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. August 20, 2015 at 12:43 am — Reply

    Thank you for the great review and recap photos. I agree with your positive and negative points on the show. I’m in love with it because of the amount of emotions it triggers in me and though the overhead villains and the writer’s diverting ways drive me insane at moments I’m still loving it.
    To get to know an actor at 42 when he’s been acting for 27 years is a bit unfair, don’t you think? The positive things about getting to know Kim Min Jong here are his fun and interesting character, his lovely hairstyle and his absolute adoration for Kim Hee Ae which always ends up as a joke -when we know for him at least it isn’t-. The negative aspect which is literally driving me up the wall is that the writer introduced him as a main character and as Choi Yong Jin’s life friend and partner and u can see he is but she suddenly forgets about him. In ep 5 he appeared for almost 2 minutes. Somebody must have reminded her of him in ep 6 so she increased the minutes. It seems like she had a plan for him then forgot all about it once she started writing. I know the drama is about CYJ but everyone else gets more time than the first male lead. Doesn’t make sense at all!!
    Sth else, I’m sorry to announce this but I can assure you -with my drama intuition- that the father and son villains r gonna last till the very last ep and gonna do all the dreadful things while no body catches them.. in the preview of ep 7 CYJ starts chasing after them for real but i know she’ll keep doing that for the next 12 eps.. (with the help of the killer -with many secrets- Kim Gap Su-.
    And in ep 5 i guess or was it the end of 4, the father villain asks his secretary to look into CYJ.. what does that mean? it’ll get dirty and will include the little girl.. so the little boy was mere foreshadowing!!
    I’m loving the show so much bcoz of KMJ and hating it for the same reason. Will pray that the writer will pull her act together and do some steady job before i book the first flight to Korea, smash her head and write the rest of the script.

    • August 20, 2015 at 9:25 pm — Reply

      Yuei yuei!! Thanks a lot twin! 😀 Same here, i’m loving it even though some aspects make me want to break something! They think we’re pabos or something, but we ain’t! XD
      I don’t feel ashamed getting to let him now, it’s not like he will ever become my noona, so it doesn’t really matter to me! XD But i’m looking forward to learning a part of his acting capabilities! So far i like what i see, he’s representative as that detective’s personality! Love his chemistry with Kim Hee Ae, they can talk about anything and joke about anything since they know each other for such a long time, that’s what friendship is! XD
      Haven’t watched eps 5 and 6 yet, probably up to Sunday, but only 2 mins in ep 5? o.O And a few more during the 6th one? That’s nasty! XD
      That’s what i believe, sadly :/ These two will be with us for a long long time, i can’t stand them, it’s going to get nerve-shaking, don’t you think?! I have put my hopes in Kim Kap Soo, he always has that lifeless stare that stands out! 😀
      Ye, the little boy was killed just to shock even more in this makjang bloodshed -.- Aish, so many feels during the first 2 eps, but so much of whatever!
      “Will pray that the writer will pull her act together and do some steady job before i book the first flight to Korea, smash her head and write the rest of the script.” I can imagine it, really! XD

      • August 21, 2015 at 5:47 pm — Reply

        let’s wait and see what happens in the next two episodes.. a romance will probably blossom between Lee Da Hee and Son Ho Jun.. she might be the one to help him heal his wounds.. looking forward to that one as well

        • August 21, 2015 at 6:00 pm — Reply

          I’m rooting for this romance, he has to get out of love’s death row! Lee Da Hee <3

          • August 21, 2015 at 6:41 pm

            i would fall for her XD
            Twin; u haven’t watched A Gentleman’s Dignity? not Athena either?

          • August 21, 2015 at 6:44 pm

            I have already fallen for her XD She carries me with her every day in her pocket! 😀 Nope, at some point i wanted to watch the first one, but i didn’t invest more, the second one hadn’t been in my plans! XD

          • August 21, 2015 at 6:50 pm

            well both r great ones.. the first is awesome comedy and the 2nd is thrilling action.. KMJ did a great job in both.. i think u should watch them at some point.. Soo Ae is so hot in the second 😉

          • August 21, 2015 at 7:53 pm

            Will keep them in mind for the moment they will do the chincha dance in front of my drama eyes! XD Soo Ae’s hotness is a plus and you know it, you’re playing dirty games! XD

          • August 21, 2015 at 7:59 pm

            hhhhhh i don’t know how u feel about Kim Ha Neul bcoz she was so sexy in A Gentleman’s Dignity and she and Jang Dong Geun had their share of hot scenes

          • August 21, 2015 at 8:21 pm

            There are sassy vibes on the cover artwork of the drama that make her intriguing! xP

          • August 21, 2015 at 8:22 pm

            ahem ahem.. not gonna tell u anymore.. but lemme assure u, the two dramas r utter brilliance.. *walks away*

  2. bmore
    August 20, 2015 at 12:52 am — Reply

    by ep 6 I am finally on board. It almost seems like there is a new writer. I can stop bitching ( I hope), sit back and enjoy the ride.

    I so agree. This cast is wonderful and they mesh very well so far. The horrid writing of roll your eyes scenarios that have cops doing things no lay person would be dumb enough to do, seems to have stopped. For now at least. I am praying it does not rear it’s ugly head. I am still beside myself though over the killing of that child. In NO universe would she not be fired and subject to public scorn and probably criminal charges…at the very least civil. I cannot imagine the outcry in this country if a police officer took a civilian, much less a child, in their vehicle to check out a lead on a criminal (much less a serial killer) and that resulted in that child’s death. On top of that, there was absolutely NO necessity for her to have gone there. She could have called in her teammates and the entire police force…it would have made much more sense! It was perfectly obvious who was in the picture and she asked the clerk nothing that could not have been asked on the phone. If she had done what any rookie cop would have done, there would have been an army of police surrounding that hotel when he came out. The death of that child is on her head and they completely dropped the ball on that story line…and rightfully so since it was completely indefensible and Incomprehensible. The serial killer sues her? What about the father of that child? What happened to him? UGH. Just thinking about this scenario gets my blood boiling again.

    I am curious as to the relationship between the chief and Kang Tae Yoo. The chief does not seem adverse to telling off KTY, nor does he seem to be afraid of him. This seems to be in conflict with a character who is being bribed. In most dramas they are quite subservient to their string puller and live in fear of being found out by their co-workers. The chief seems to go completely against this stereotype. There is something in that relationship yet to come to light.

    I am going to miss that little tyke who played Young Jin’s daughter. She was quite the little actress. I am constantly amazed at the depth of talent shown in these child actors in Korea. This is not the first nor 10th time a child actor has blown me away! The new child is also very impressive and just as adorable.

    There is lots of story ahead. It appears we will have some reoccurring characters, good guy and bad guy, with entire stories for each of them to be developed. In addition there will be new cases every couple of shows. And our reoccurring cast of characters have so much left unknown about them also. So I am crossing my fingers for good things ahead.

    (And I have no such reservations about Yong Pal!!!)

    • August 20, 2015 at 9:06 pm — Reply

      Haven’t watched yet the 5th and 6th episodes, probably up to Sunday i will be able to watch them and write about them 😀
      Had i been a cop without training i would had done way better than them altogether during the first 2 episodes! Unforgivable! XD I didn’t even want to mention that child’s death, my article would never reach an end. In one hand, it was SO sad, on the other hand… it was part of the makjang bloodshed i referred to, didn’t want to invest more of my thoughts on that because it was too sad and too idiotic. Young Jin said she couldn’t withstand meet his father before catching the serial killer, but she never met him lol. The child died, she cried her heart out and this was it. No further investigation, no punishment for the way she acted, nothing XD It was as if it entered from the left ear and left from the right one XD
      The chief is an intriguing figure, he’s being bribed and tries hard to progress the investigations towards the direction he wants to, but when he can’t do anything, he remains rock solid XD That relationship is an odd one, he had mentioned the chief’s daughter and that their families are connected in a way, i am eager to find out that “deeper” connection.
      Child actors and actresses these days are so diverse in expressing their feelings! And because they are children their acting feels more sincere!
      “So I am crossing my fingers for good things ahead.” Me too and i hope the 5th and 6th episodes will lean towards that direction for me! And the next ones even more! 😀

      • Myra
        September 3, 2015 at 10:01 pm — Reply

        Oh yeah!! I forgot about the child’s death 😮 I was like: if that was an American TV series, they would have already shot the guy twice in his legs or elsewhere. 2 eps to catch a criminal?? Seems like the cops didn’t want to shoot in front of the crowd, and they really took a lot of time before using their guns for real…*SMH* This and the fact that she left a child alone in her car..?? Couldn’t she go to his house first? But you guys said it way better ;D

        • September 3, 2015 at 10:07 pm — Reply

          It was just for the makjang bloodshed’s sake XD He was just toying around with the whole police force for 2 episodes and he killed so many people including the child and ridiculed the police and the detective was degraded! XD She even wasn’t a police officer at that point due to her letter or resignation and she went with someone else’s child and without a gun to catch a serial killer XD *pew pew laser* XP

  3. August 20, 2015 at 8:07 am — Reply

    […] Episodes 01 to 04 […]

  4. Myra
    September 3, 2015 at 9:52 pm — Reply

    I’ve watched 3 eps and I really like it so far. I already knew the actress but I didn’t know she would play in this drama. Nice surprise 🙂
    I can’t find a major flaw, I just wish that dramas would stop holding women to such ethical selfles standards sometimes, and give us more dramas about women fighting for themselves, for their career, their health, their individuality, their own interest. In a positive light. But if you know some dramas like that, please tell about them. (No, I didn’t like “I Can hear Your Voice”)

    • September 3, 2015 at 10:05 pm — Reply

      It’s great when such surprises appear before our very eyes and i am glad you are enjoying it! I’ve watched up to the 5th episode and it only gets better *have to catch up a bit*
      The only flaw i could point out was concerning the police presentation during the first two episodes, but i had a backup explanation since the police work gets better from the 3rd one! I want more combative women in dramas too, i like the cuteness kdrama presentation, but if it gets overused there’s no food for thought, just shipping, drooling, etc, not that it’s bad, but we need the real thing too!
      Hm, The Greatest Wedding/Best Wedding is a drama i loved, it’s exaggerating a bit, BUT such dramas need to exaggerate to deliver the message, it’s about extreme societal discrimination against single mothers who have to work hard for their child’s well-being in a deeply patriarchal society and everything which derives from the aforementioned aspects. There’s Park Si Yeon whom i love, Bae Soo Bin who’s a great hyung lol and No Min Woo among others.

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