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“For guys like you, there’s nobody else but yourself.
You have to do evil things, but you want to do nice things too.
It’s a headache trying to balance those two, isn’t it?
Whether you choose to be the hero or the villain, choose one.”


∠ ~ Blast from the past.


Back in the days, Heung Sam was accompanying the girls so that they wouldn’t escape, but it was assigned to Jong Goo from a moment and on in order for him to payback his debt. He had to comply for his own daughter’s sake. Many things changed since Jong Goo started being in charge of the girls as he was always there for them, especially whenever Mi Joo was in trouble and that’s how their mutual caring was established. Mi Joo wanted to run away with him, but he didn’t want her to live as a runaway outcast and convinced her to stay.

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Jong Goo was Heung Sam’s role model, the figure that infused him with ambition and the urge to become the best so that nobody would ever dare to look down on him. Had Jong Goo and Mi Joo ran away that day their debt would become his own. Gladly for him, Jong Goo returned back with Mi Joo and he was only beaten up. Heung Sam was providing Jong Goo with drugs and his journey to the top had already began. Jong Goo had warned him that being at the top isn’t as great as it appears to be, it’s always easier to roll back at the bottom no matter how hard you may have tried to acquire the highest peak. Things were different, Heung Sam intended to establish himself at the top once and for all, unlike Jong Goo who couldn’t maintain his boxing throne.

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The boss intended to make Eun Ji a part of his “business” since Jong Goo hadn’t paid back a part of his debt, but Heung Sam resisted to his decision. He started a fire and a fight erupted, by the moment Jong Goo arrived Mi Joo was hurt trying to protect Eun Ji. Jong Goo’s priority was his daughter and before going back to help, Heung Sam was already on his way out piggybacking Mi Joo who had lost her senses. It was the day Mi Joo decided to follow Heung Sam as she felt indebted to him.

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∠ ~ Together/Apart.


Tae Ho would like to meet Na Ra right away, but he could only stare at her from a safe distance for a while. Instead, he met Jong Goo to deliver Heung Sam’s money-shaped gift and announce his intention to help him find his daughter. Instead of that, Jong Goo urged him to find himself first. Hae Jin, Young Chil, foreman Oh and president Jo were celebrating at the grandmother’s restaurant and Na Ra was quite happy to see them all! Everything was flowing well until president Jo mentioned Tae Ho’s name. Tae Ho could only appear in front of her, but she wasn’t in the mood to talk to him. He sincerely apologized and even though Na Ra was glad that he was still alive she couldn’t help it but feel kind of deceived. Tae Ho urged her to not overwork herself and that’s when she realized he was the one who left flowers by her side at the hospital. She can’t hide her emotional discomfort, but deep within she was happy to see him again.

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Heung Sam wants Mi Joo to console Jong Goo and asks her be more lenient on him! Jong Goo wants to know how did Heung Sam made her change her mind. She tries to push him away by telling him what she’d been up to, but he can’t explain her sudden change of hear. Mi Joo keeps lying that she can’t leave behind her luxurious life, even if they ran away together they may had been happy at the very beginning, but bitterness would take charge of the situation in the end. Jong Goo understands that she doesn’t believe everything she said and urges her to leave with him right away, but it’s one of these times a wrist-grab won’t work since the choices have been made.

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∠ ~ Reckoning/Redefinition.


Heung Sam’s back at his headquarters and Mi Joo’s by his side. Heung Sam is aware of Jong Goo’s daughter’s location and Mi Joo intends to do everything he wants so that Jong Goo will get to see his daughter again. Man Chool was about to leave, but Praying Mantis caught him at the airport and brought him to the factory. Tae Ho didn’t get to meet him before his “disembarkation”, but Man Chool left behind a King and a Joker for him. It was the King’s time.

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Chairman Wang admits that Man Chool met the fate he deserved, but he also warns Heung Sam to tolerate his greed without forgetting Man Chool’s unwelcome course. Man Chool’s men will inherit half of his “business,” Congressman Moon will remain in the shadows for a while, the other project will progress alongside congressman Kim and director Choi will get dismissed. Heung Sam was successful, but chairman Wang thinks that he just dag up his own grave!


Heung Sam’s having his celebration party at Mi Joo’s bar! He recalls how hard life used be, but he neither hid nor ran away, he restarted life and every day was an ongoing war until he reached the top of the hierarchy. Silencing Man Chool was the first great accomplishment and he’s thankful towards everyone, especially Jong Goo and Tae Ho who’s going to assist him to a wide part of his business from now on. He wants everyone to keep this in mind, but Crocodile, Poison Snake and Sergeant Bae don’t seem to agree. Heung Sam was the one to forge this hierarchy and whoever has a problem should leave instantly. The weather forecast says that Straw Cutter will be joining them soon since his time in prison reaches its end.

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Director Choi has been terminated from his position and Se Hoon will take care of his subordinates soon. It’s one of these occasions that even Jung Min can’t help him, but he urges her to be careful since Se Hoon’s too good to be true. The moment for Tae Ho and Se Hoon’s first official meeting has arrived and now that director Choi’s out of the picture Heung Sam will be able to progress with the Mi Rae City Hall project. Tae Ho’s well aware that Se Hoon is the man Jung Min’s currently dating, what he doesn’t know is that he was the one behind his plan’s destabilization. The partnership with Han Joong Group will progress and a shell company feels essential by now. Se Hoon praises Tae Ho’s capabilities even though he wonders whether they’ve met before or not. The same team that worked on the previous mission will be the one to work on the shell company.

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Tae Ho couldn’t work since Na Ra was all over his mind and Jong Goo kept practicing while still recalling Mi Joo’s words until Tae Ho arrived with a few bottles of soju! Jong Goo warns Tae Ho that Heung Sam may be needing him for now, but this doesn’t mean he’s irreplaceable. Tae Ho’s not bothered by working hard, what really bothers him is himself in other people’s lives. He’s apologetic towards his murdered friend, he can’t forget Jung Min and he’s worried about all the people he met here. Jong Goo can read through the lines and he urges Tae Ho to choose between the villain and the hero within and if he intends to follow Heung Sam’s footsteps he should never approach Na Ra differently. Tae Ho wonders which could be Jong Goo’s side at the moment since he quit drugs and alcohol due to Mi Joo’s influence, but regardless of the sides they will eventually choose Tae Ho would like both of them to have a happy ending.


Tae Ho was talking to Na Ra on the phone, but Heung Sam’s phone call alerted him on Sergeant Bae’s intentions. He was about to get stabbed, bu the stealth assassin named Praying Mantis took care of him. Sergeant Bae will be brought to the factory and Crocodile will be humble for a while. Heung Sam likes Tae Ho precise attitude. He’s well aware that Tae Ho’s greedy side is secretly staring at something Heung Sam possesses and it’s no other than his own position and fortune! He takes him into his personal bank vault and Tae Ho can’t believe his eyes! There are two options, Tae Ho will either climb up in the hierarchy the traditional way or he will help Heung Sam and eventually inherit everything! The question remains, which is the easiest way?

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◎ ~ Circular view.


There are bonds that tie Heung Sam, Jong Goo and Mi Joo together and keep them apart at the same time. The past itself and the circumstantial events nurtured this hierarchy and eventually Heung Sam took the upper hand. He became the prototype in Jong Goo’s fallen role model status. It was like music, Heung Sam had his influences, but he embedded them in such a way which helped him create his own sound identity.


Since Heung Sam is on top of the hierarchy he can preserve his own status toying around with everyone’s weaknesses to the extent of keeping them apart yet maintaining the unity he desires; divide and conquer. Mi Joo was aware that Jong Goo craves to find Eun Ji once again and she sacrificed herself so that it will happen some day. Jong Goo leaving both with his daughter and Mi Joo is not an option as long as Heung Sam lives and she chose the sacrificial path for Jong Goo’s well-being.


I love how flowers always make Na Ra a part of Tae Ho’s thoughts. She entered his life as vigorously as a gentle breeze and the engines of love are steadily getting heated up. He entered her life as a visionary homeless to her eyes and her ongoing caring attitude transformed into a gradually blooming garden. Her discomfort was justified, she woke up one day to find out he had passed away and she can’t wake up yet another day to find out he’s still alive.


Of course she would be happy he’s still breathing, but she can’t redirect her recent mourning thoughts into a midnight summer dream in a blink of an eye. However, Na Ra is a person that could find herself in the eye of a lethal cyclone depending on Tae Ho’s decisions. Heung Sam could easily transform them into yet another ill-natured relationship in the vein of Mi Joo and Jong Goo. Tae Ho can’t be a villain and a hero at the same time and Jong Goo talks through his own experience.


At this point in Tae Ho’s life it was of utter importance for him to pick up the King instead of the Joker. He was on a crossroad and the King card worked as a self-confidence boost. On top of that, the Joker had cost his friend’s life and almost his own, it was a sense of closure. At the end of the day, it’s a life he’d been putting on the line all this time in order to survive to the extent of surpassing himself countless times. He can neither afford to lose it nor look back anymore.


Sergeant Bae’s hubris led to Heung Sam’s nemesis. Praying Mantis’ serpentine stare had already foreseen his intentions and once the moment was crucial he silenced him once and for all. Now that Sergeant Bae’s out of the picture and Crocodile will calm down the timing was more than right for Straw Cutter to become a part of the puzzle. I am curious about this figure as he reminds me of a younger version of My Beautiful Bride’s president Kang!


Tae Ho found himself closer to Heung Sam’s weakness, Se Hoon. Both of them “know” each other and they’ll get to know each other better as Tae Ho doesn’t intend to let this opportunity slide. Heung Sam is aware of Tae Ho’s greedy side and he’d been reading him all this time, he won’t give it a rest until he reaches the top of the hierarchy. There’s a rock and a hard place and there’s an easy way up but nothing’s really as easy as it sounds.


Dueling all along the way means that Tae Ho could lose anytime and staying by Heung Sam’s business side could lead to a point when Tae Ho would be no longer needed. Heung Sam can take him out of the picture anytime and Praying Mantis would be more than glad to do so. Heung Sam’s hand-scale was as crafty as his course. The real question relies in Tae Ho choosing the bloodshed’s playground, does he intend to bleed by Heung Sam’s side or bleed on his way upwards?


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

elles viennent
autres et pareilles
avec chacune c'est autre et c'est pareille
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est autre
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-


  1. bmore
    August 19, 2015 at 2:37 am — Reply

    Exactly what you said!

    This was a pivotal episode and thus my increased level of stress knowing the next week is going to be extremely long. Though I don’t truly expect next week to give us definitive answers, I am left this week with such a sense of foreboding that I want 2 more episodes NOW! I fear that place Tae Ho is at right now. Heung Sam is the spider to his fly and he knew exactly how to enmesh him. He has stepped all the way into the maelstrom and I fear there will be no escape for him. Or, that the only escape left to him will be the death of Heung Sam. He has been on the periphery of at least 3 deaths now (not counting the fight scenes). Not being a direct cause, but being instrumental in the events that lead up to their murders. If he steps fully into this and ends up planning the death of Heung Sam, it is also going to have to include Praying Mantis and Heung Sam’s brother. The body count continues to rise and with it the chances of Tae Ho ever being able to leave this world behind become nearly impossible. I don’t know what will happen at the end of this road, what decision he will finally make, but Tae Ho being seated in the dead Heun Sam’s chair, alone, is a possibility I am preparing myself for. In a way, it makes the best sense, but it will surely break my heart. I am going to trust this writer and director that whatever happens, it will make sense. I don’t know how the original comic ended…and don’t want to!

    Feeling lucky yet again…one after another great dramas!!! Food for the mind and the emotions.

    • August 20, 2015 at 8:39 pm — Reply

      Woo, time for a small drama-writing break to reply! 😀 All this head doesn’t help either! I simply agree and can’t wait for the next week’s episodes, suddenly the time we’ll get our eyes on yet another episode feels so far away! But it will be worth the wait i presume 😀
      Heung Sam lures Tae Ho even deeper in his web! He knows what he wants and he shows it in an openhanded way! One of them will have to perish so that the other one will emerge victorious. Heung Sam could kill just anyone and Praying Mantis would be pleased to do it and then take the body to the factory. He’s like a snake! XD Tae Ho is not ready to take one life yet, he couldn’t do it with Man Chool who had ruined his life, i can’t see him taking someone else’s life then. He’s too human to do it and if he will ever have to kill Heung Sam, he will have to kill Praying Mantis first.Se Hoon is the civilized version of Heung Sam, he works on the surface while Heung Sam in the underground, i don’t think he will get involved in physical action unless the circumstances get too extreme. Tae Ho becoming the next Heung Sam is a possibility, but i really can’t foresee the end, so many figures, so many stories and so many crossroads! I don’t know about the webcomic either, but i don’t wanna find out either, i don’t wanna spoil myself >.< At least we can talk about it, it's something that soothes our addiction!

  2. Gem
    August 19, 2015 at 12:10 pm — Reply

    This was a wonderful episode. It perfectly laid the groundwork for the final episodes and folded the first chapter of the show. Tae Ho has always been driven by greed, he is ambitious and he is a fighter. Heung Sam is playing a dangerous game. He is perfectly aware of Tae Ho’s interest in his position and yet is luring him in knowing it might just backfire on him. And Tae Ho, the guy is in a free fall. I don’t think he realizes just how far down the rabbit hole he has fallen, the body count keeps increasing and he is increasingly becoming comfortable with having people die around him. Sure, he hasn’t killed anyone as of yet but he is indirectly involved in all of their demise. Jong Goo was right to point out that Tae Ho can’t be a hero and villain at the same time. He will ultimately choose one over the other. I laughed when Tae Ho said, lets have a happy ending. I don’t think he realizes that how bloody the path is and what he might be forced to do. He wants to be Robin Hood of Seoul Station and Scrooge McDuck of the Seoul 7 at the same time, that’s not possible. That safe of money was amassed by the means of murder, blackmail, illegal organ harvesting, prostitution and begging. Will he be able to handle all of that and still stay the same?? Don’t get me wrong, I want Tae Ho at the top but that will ultimately turn him into someone like Heung Sam or maybe even worse unless the writers have something totally unpredictable up their sleeves like he is some sort of undercover cop on a huge mission. Anyway, lets see.

    • August 20, 2015 at 8:46 pm — Reply

      Heung Sam plays a different type of Joker and King game, he showed the King card to Tae Ho when he took him inside his money vault and he kept the Joker card hidden. His arrogance is such that he doesn’t believe Tae Ho could ever win against him, but Heung Sam is the type of person who would see such a person as a more than welcome challenge anytime. He wants his help for the time being and he’s looking to the future when things will get more complicated! He kind of finds pleasure in this silent chessboard!
      Tae Ho’s not fully aware of the dangers and Jong Goo tries to wake him up. The fact that the body count around him increases should be alarming him, but the fact that he couldn’t take Man Chool’s life himself makes me have faith in humanity! 😀 I don’t think he’s capable of killing and if he ever is it will turn to life with Praying Mantis and Heung Sam.
      I loved the scene when he said that both of them must have a happy ending, it was the acoustic chords in the background that made it have a dangerous sense of bromance! 😀
      “He wants to be Robin Hood of Seoul Station and Scrooge McDuck of the Seoul 7 at the same time, that’s not possible.” that was SUCH a great line, a gem of a line, Gem! 😀
      Tae Ho will either turn into the new Heung Sam or he will become an upgraded version of Tae Ho, dunno how, only the writers know how and if something like that will occur. We have yet to find out and i can’t wait! 😀 Thank you so much for the comment! 🙂

  3. August 20, 2015 at 7:59 am — Reply

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