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“There’s a hole in her heart, so she has to patch it up with something.
Some people cling onto work for that purpose…
And some let it go through drinking.”


∠ ~ The mission’s progress.


Before everything started moving forward Heung Sam had to meet Man Chool in order to conceal all suspicion. Man Chool is an ecstatic old man who holds grudges and he was ironic to the point of talking in the exact same way Heung Sam was talking to him during the previous time they ate together! Heung Sam appears apologetic, but Man Chool can’t believe him since he’s a man who would stab him in the back anytime. Heung Sam’s loyalty towards Chairman Wang’s orders to progress his loan-sharking plans and the fact that he brought a part of Tae Ho’s body didn’t work properly, but they had their own slight impact on Man Chool. Being looked down upon by Man Chool because of a simple apology was something that outraged Heung Sam, but his real concern is Tae Ho’s plan.


Tae Ho keeps an eye on Man Chool’s moves and Hae Jin will attempt to meet him for the first time. He’s doing his best to catch Man Choo’s interest and he succeeds in it! Daniel Park’s in the game and the VIP table suits him best! Young Chil will forge the ghost company’s webpage and president Jo as Chairman Bernard Park is already in the right mood! Hae Jin bluffed and baited top secret documents of the company and of course he lost in order for Man Chool to acquire them! Everything’s flowing according to plan and Hae Jin will have to head towards the hotel in case they follow him!


The mission’s success is a matter of life and death and Heung Sam supports it both financially and with backup plans to the fullest. Mi Joo will have to sleep with Congressman Moon in order for Praying Mantis to get some pictures of them together. Heung Sam wants her to forget about Jong Goo since he will never look at her as a woman and if the plan is successful he will take her to Saipan Island for a few days to celebrate together his victory. She may not have slept with congressman Moon since Jong Goo took her with him, but Praying Mantis got the photos he needed.

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Hae Jin brought the money to get back the documents and since Man Chool checked them he intends to deliver them personally in order to meet his father. Before leaving he got to put a device underneath Man Chool’s table so that Tae Ho and the rest will be able to overhear his conversations. Man Chool found out more about the oil extraction procedure and he did a background research on Daniel Park’s company. Everything seems like he found a goose that lays golden eggs and meeting the chairman is essential!


Tae Ho met Heung Sam and he got the photos of congressman Moon with Mi Joo. Everyone behind Man Chool will start falling like dominoes. However, this meeting was more than important since Tae Ho had overheard Man Chool’s intentions to take out of the picture the one causing problems in director Choi’s field and he informed Heung Sam right away. It was more than apparent that Heung Sam himself was way too concerned about someone else and he managed to deliver the news towards Se Hoon.

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President Jo’s temperament managed to make Man Chool eager to arrange a meeting with him at all costs and the day has arrived. Congressman Moon’s already there and he has to stay until Man Chool arrives. The congressman is losing his mind over the pictures and he’s well aware that the citizens won’t believe that nothing happened that night. President Jo acts as if the congressman’s father was one of his son’s teachers back in the days and for the good old time’s sake they will bury the incident as long as he cooperates! Everything was flowing well, but the fire alarm check awakened president Jo’s trauma. Man Chool may have witnessed congressman Moon’s presence, but he’s out of the door while president Jo isn’t in the right mind to progress the plan.

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∠ ~ Love’s lonely children.


Tae Ho would like to inform Na Ra and Jong Goo that he’s still alive, but he can’t for the time being since he has to be successful at all costs. Na Ra is losing herself in her own thoughts as she enters the room Tae Ho used to sleep and she recalls the short-lived but precious moments they shared that rainy day. Tae Ho’s absorbed by the mission against Man Chool whereas Na Ra works hard every day trying to forget Tae Ho’s death.

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Jong Goo kept his promise and went with Mi Joo to buy a suit. The saleswoman didn’t treat him with due respect as she thought he was a beggar, but everything changed once Mi Joo appeared by his side. The one who really changed was Jong Goo himself in his new suit! Mi Joo wants him to look perfect when he’ll meet Eun Ji. Everything was flowing well and they’d go out to eat until Heung Sam ordered her to visit him for the congressman part of the plan. She didn’t want to go, but it was beyond her powers. In the meantime, Jong Goo managed to preserve the 50-50 ratio Tae Ho had established in his area. Sergeant Bae doesn’t seem that pleased, but he has to obey since Heung Sam had approved himself of Tae Ho’s changes.

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Jong Goo wouldn’t stand still, he followed Mi Joo and he took her with him before doing anything with the congressman. It’s all the crab stew’s fault even though Heung Sam won’t be happy about it. Mi Joo’s burn occurred years ago when she protected Eun Ji in a fire. Jong Goo still feels guilty about it, but she doesn’t want him to since it was an accident. He can’t help it but keep thinking that it may not had happened if he had followed her at the train station that day. He intends to leave Seoul Station alongside Mi Joo after he finds his daughter. She can’t hold back her tears and though she doesn’t offer a direct answer the liquid crystals in her eyes are more than representative. Later on he took her to Na Ra’s grandmother who sensed the vibes between them and it instantly soothed their concerns! Jong Goo calling Mi Joo his woman was something that caressed her heart for sure, but i can’t say the same for Sergeant Bae and Crocodile who witnessed them together.

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∠ ~ Se Hoon’s course.


Se Hoon is fully aware of director Choi’s intentions and he wants to investigate his personal activities by getting rid of everyone standing by his side as well. Chairman Yoon warns him that Jung Min is very fond of director Choi and treats him like a blood relative, she won’t like it even if it’s for the company’s benefit. Chairman Yoon will take care of director Choi once he returns back and Se Hoon will have to gather all the necessary information if he doesn’t want to be the one to fall. The attitude towards him has changed at the company and he’s eating alone until Jung Min sits with him. Se Hoon wants to let chairman Yoon know that he’s dating his daughter, but in order to do that he can’t afford losing to director Choi. Even though she believes people will think he’s a social climber regardless of his skills, all he wants from her is to take his side.

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Tae Ho’s information made Se Hoon aware of Man Chool’s men through Heung Sam’s phone call moments before they arrived. He informed them on the CCTV cameras around and they will either have to retreat quietly or cause a ruckus making the cops go after them. Jung Min appeared at the right time as well and both sides had to leave. She’s well aware he’s hiding a lot of things from her but she doesn’t seem that innocent either when it comes to her connections. He went to meet Heung Sam who was actually worried about his younger brother, Heung Soo! Heung Sam had ran away from the orphanage and he was starving until he decided to become someone who would eat up all these glamorous lights one after the other. He was paying for Heung Soo’s school, daily expenses and study-abroad fees and chairman Yoon must notice him at all costs in order to be successful.

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◎ ~ Circular view.


I am loving this drama, it has many great lines which suit the occasion and more than most they suit the mouth which utters them. All figures breathe their own distinctive air and as episodes pass by they become more specific while progressing still along with the storyline. The cinematography’s alive in its own way and it’s on the move whenever it has to, but it emphasizes as well with representative closeups depicting the characters’ feelings.


Heung Sam is a human cartographer, having started from point zero and having decided to conquer this world and eat up all these luxurious lights on the horizon made him see through people’s weaknesses and use them depending on the occasion. That’s how he cracks Mi Joo’s hope to be with Jong goo in order to keep her inside his web, that’s how he keeps Jong Goo enchained to his own demons to a wider extent than he already is and that’s how he tries to manipulate people in general in order to crush his enemies and forge his own environment of loyalty.


He’s got one emotional weakness which is no other than his brother, Heung Soo; Se Hoon. The moment he found out he will be in danger he called him right away and one could sense his agony. He wants to protect him at all costs from the chaos he lives in, just like he did all these years, he doesn’t want his world to become an obstacle in Heung Soo’s successful course. Just like Heung Sam heads towards the peak of the underworld, he wants Heung Soo to take the lead in high society’s business world. Heung Sam’s only at the very beginning of his hunger and we can say the same thing for Heung Soo!


I just ship so badly Tae Ho and Na Ra together, their mutual absence at this very moment makes me appreciate what’s in the making even more and i’m looking forward to the moment they’ll meet again! When it comes to Jong Goo and Mi Joo, the changes and progress are more than apparent. He’s gradually trying to warm up his feelings in Tae Ho’s absence, his loss had a bigger impact upon him even though he doesn’t refer to it. Under any other circumstances he wouldn’t care less about Tae Ho’s district and he would had been buried in his own painful memories in oceans of alcohol.


On the contrary, he’s drinking less and he’s more combative when it comes to his feelings and he’s willing to go against Heung Sam’s orders for Mi Joo’s sake. He wants to spend more time with her and his only dream is to find his daughter again. After that, he would love to leave Seoul Station with Mi Joo by his side. Her emotional struggle is there just like her love for him, she’s well aware it’s not going to be easy as she knows how hard it will be for both of them to escape. I personally sense a bitter end in this heartrending yet blissful romance, but i will be shipping it to the very end, the tide is too strong for me to resist. After all, we are all sailors in a world of ships, some of us drown, some others see land on the horizon.


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

elles viennent
autres et pareilles
avec chacune c'est autre et c'est pareille
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est autre
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-

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  1. bmore
    August 17, 2015 at 4:38 am — Reply

    I’m with you, loving every minute of this. Every character is one you want to know more about because all of them seem to have a story. No throw aways here..except poor original #7! It’s a fascinating and unique world this drama is exposing us to. I’m already thinking 16 episodes is not going to be enough. I’m doubly thankful for the terrific writing on this after just enduring the first 2 1/2 episodes of Mrs. Cop. I’m afraid I may get yelled at by someone for my foaming at the mouth rants in the viki comments pages (though it appears I am not the only one thinking the writing in it is beyond moronic!) Lord…are cops in Korea really that horrible that every single kdrama has to depict them as complete idiots. ugh. Must stop. How that cast ever accepted that drama is beyond me.

    • August 17, 2015 at 12:54 pm — Reply

      The Snake Eye is poor number 7? XD He got out of the picture fast, his mouth was bigger than his fists XD Lately i agree with you severely on the number of episodes, just like in My Beautiful Bride, when we enjoy a drama so much 16 eps don’t seem to be enough XD I just started Mrs Cop, i’m in the first minutes XD Oh, once again idiot cope?! If i will be able to write about it, i will offer you a free-ranting space here XD

      • bmore
        August 17, 2015 at 3:06 pm — Reply

        yep….it’s the all cops are idiots cliche. Honestly….it’s all writers of crime dramas (almost) in Korea assume their audience are idiots cliche. I am strongly leading towards dropping after 4…but that cast!!!! 🙁

        • August 17, 2015 at 3:33 pm — Reply

          I just entered the second ep and Hee Ae <3 Also the teacher from HITTG is hilarious here as well XD And the chemistry between Hee Ae and her daughter 😀

          • bmore
            August 17, 2015 at 4:05 pm

            oh yes, the cast is fabulous as is the acting. I am just SO disgusted with her inept police work…She is a captain and head of her unit and so out of control like that? Being a bad mom and having to find a way to overcome that is one thing, but making the kinds of mistakes she makes as a supposed veteran and elite cop is inexcusable. She sits down to rest while her teammate is arresting a violent serial rapist and murderer???!!! He has killed 5 people already!! WTH! Who does that? It’s just basic that no matter what, you go to assist immediately during such a dangerous apprehension. You never leave a teammate alone during ANY kind of apprehension because you never know what is going to happen. And she should have been on her phone immediately and called in all of the teammates to converge on the apprehension scene also! Where are their communicators? Everyone should have had radio communication devices. This wasn’t a sudden spotting. It was a planned and coordinated stakeout! It’s just idiotic! SO frustrated.

            And that chief. She knows what he did, knows he is sending a petty thief to be falsely accused of being a serial murderer and lets it slide? She makes empty threats and walks away on an innocent citizen? And…as you will soon find out…even worse is yet to come.

            geez…here I go. I LOVE LAST!!! No ridiculous writing in that!

          • August 17, 2015 at 7:05 pm

            The police work was just whatever! The scene you describe was the epitome, 1 “man” was toying around with a whole police department and a corrupted and useless chief of the police XD I am about to enter the 4th episode! The cast plays really well, but there’s too much corruption and too much of the “renowned” kdrama police force XD Relaxing while the colleague tries to capture a criminal everyone’s searching for, no radio communicators was a no-no XD The chief pisses me off completely! But that rich father-son duo should rot in hell chincha! I somehow enjoy Mrs Cop even though it pisses me off XD Last is another part of the story x)

          • bmore
            August 17, 2015 at 7:21 pm

            “I somehow enjoy Mrs Cop even though it pisses me off” LOL!!! Thanks, I needed that. Yeah, me too. I cannot give up on the cast. First time screenwriter and he gets actors like this? Saving his ass!! sigh. It’s odd too…virtually every site has a different episode count…16, 18, 20. MDL says 18 though and they are usually pretty accurate. Viki is showing 16 but To Be Confirmed. Anyway…it’s getting some better now and I like the fact that we aren’t going to be looking at chasing the same criminals over and over again. They are actually going to catch some bad guys! Though I’m sure we will also see some failures. But that’s okay too. On to Yong Pal now.

          • August 17, 2015 at 7:26 pm

            I see what you’re doing there, you wanna get ready for Wednesday’s Yong Pal 5th episode x) You’re welcome, yup, you simply can’t give up on that cast while praying it’s gonna get better story-wise! It gets better yup and more figures enter the game, i just hope they won’t keep that father-son evil duo up to the very end, they are already nerve-shaking, i won’t stand them for 10+ more episodes! XD

          • bmore
            August 17, 2015 at 7:51 pm

            I bet we are stuck with them…. I think the dad is listed on most sites as additional cast, so he’s gonna be around for a while. Probably show up in every episode for a few minutes for now and then later a bit more? Playing dirty tricks and working our nerves, doing the cat and mouse thing, working behind the scenes to get his precious son back. It’s what they do, kdramas. Just when you think it’s all good, our guys are gonna win one, they pull you back down to the depths again.

  2. August 18, 2015 at 8:16 pm — Reply

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