Last ~ Episode 5 Review [TriAngle]


 “They are not people who were born with no name and without identity.”


∠ ~ War/Aftermath.


After the excessive beating up at Jung Man Chool’s brother-in-law’s alcohol-selling company all hell broke loose. Everything seemed to be flowing well but Heung Sam’s men were outnumbered. Tae Ho’s nowhere to be found and the war rages on as legions of homeless protect Heung Sam’s headquarters. Everything will end once one side goes down. Even though Heung Sam ordered Tae Ho to take Jung Man Chool out of the picture it was Tae Ho’s inability to silence him once and for all which led to this frightening outcome and Praying Mantis has to find him at all costs.


Jung Man Chool wants to destroy Heung Sam’s hotel headquarters and more combative minions are being gathered by his side. He intends to capture Mi Joo to enrage Heung Sam, but her bar is being guarded by Sergeant Bae and his men. The whole sight isn’t that attractive and customers leave one after the other. Once Jong Goo appears he urges them to leave and he intends to keep Mi Joo safe all alone by himself. Once Sergeant Bae and the rest left Jung Man Chool’s men made their move. Jong Goo was hit many times, but he delivered more hurt than was inflicted upon him and he managed to escape with Mi Joo! Mi Joo’s relieved he’s not hurt badly, but his pain gets soothed with her presence by his side.


Jong Goo doesn’t really care about the Seoul Seven hierarchy and it doesn’t make a difference whether he is a part of it or not, he would live in the exact same way regardless of the position he possesses. He doesn’t really care about anything except for his own daughter, Mi Joo and Tae Ho since the later one reminds him of himself back in the days. Jong Goo intends to follow Heung Sam’s orders and put an end to Jung Man Chool under one condition, once he succeeds he will have to let Mi Joo and Tae Ho go.


Jung Man Choo gathers his men in his own ecstatic way whereas Heung Sam unveils his inspirational speech in front of his own hordes of fighters! However, chairman Wang was aware of what was going on and the whole coalition’s leaders appeared in a meeting. He scolded both Man Chool and Heung Sam and he entrusts them new “projects.” Man Chool intends to surrender since it’s the chairman’s will, but Heung Sam doesn’t intend to cease fire. Once chairman Wang threatens him that he will be all alone by himself against the rest he had no other option but to comply.

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∠ ~ Tae Ho in hiding.


Tae Ho was lying wounded in Foreman Oh’s hideout and Na Ra rushed to his aid. Tae Ho isn’t the type of person who can openly trust anyone who appears his way, but Na Ra’s sincerity and caring helped him open up and express his fears and concerns of what’s going on in his life. It’s all about survival and what frightens him the most is the fact that he almost murdered a person in order to survive. He can only be thankful towards her and he wants her to inform Hae Jin.


Tae Ho gets informed on the latest events and right after Hae Jin left Praying Mantis captured him in order to find out Tae Ho’s hideout. After their first meeting under the new circumstances Hae Jin never came back with the medicine and Tae Ho started becoming more suspicious. He went to find Young Chil and he became aware that Hae Jin had more money than expected and a cellphone lately. Hae Jin had already earned Tae Ho’s trust and for the first time he wouldn’t betray him, but he was tortured by Praying Mantis and he eventually revealed everything in order to survive.


By the time Tae Ho returned to his hideout he found Praying Mantis beating up Foreman Oh. Tae Ho decides to follow Praying Mantis who keeps him imprisoned with Hae Jin who’s badly hurt. He’s apologetic for everything, but Tae Ho can only be understanding as Hae Jin didn’t have any other option left. Foreman Oh informed Jong Goo about everything that happened and he rushed to meet Heung Sam asking him to let Tae Ho go. Heung Sam doesn’t want to listen to anything he has to say. Jong Goo’s well aware that he will end up like Tae Ho sooner or later and all he wants from Heung Sam is to let Tae Ho know he’s sorry he couldn’t help him even further.


∠ ~ The mission.


Heung Sam intends to silence both Tae Ho and Hae Jin once and for all, but Tae Ho’s point of view made him change his mind in a manner of speaking. Tae Ho will help him catch Man Chool’s vast pocket by using his mind and not his fists. Tae Ho will still die by the hands of Heung Sam whether he succeeds or not, but Hae Jin will survive. Praying Mantis anesthetizes Tae Ho and the rest of the Seoul Seven are convinced he passed away. Soon, rumors started spreading about Tae Ho’s death and the background is set. Na Ra couldn’t believe the abhorrent news and she met Jong Goo right away. She always thought that people like Tae Ho and Jong Goo had they joined forces they would make the world a better place for the homeless since the positive changes under Tae Ho’s command had already started making their appearance. Going to the police doesn’t change anything since almost every homeless that disappears gets treated as a missing person case.


Tae Ho finally woke up in an abandoned yet safe environment and he has 15 days to accomplish his goal. He won’t be alone, Hae Jin, Young Chil, Foreman Oh and President Jo will be by his side! They will try to approach Man Chool with their oil-extracting “business” plan and they undergo an extreme makeover so that they won’t get recognized! Cleaning up, new hair, new clothes and brand new equipment are the ingredients of this pompous recipe and the mission is about to start taking shape!


◎ ~ Circular view.


The world of Last is raw and fragile at the same time and we’re going through both aspects with every passing episode. It’s a reality all of our broken figures would like to escape and they occasionally do, but it’s not something you can get rid of in a blink of an eye and the sharp contours of reality’s traces are always there to remind them of the harsh pathway they have to walk upon.


Who said pure feelings can’t blossom in the wilderness of a well-polished metropolitan dystopia? I wholeheartedly ship Jong Goo with Mi Joo and Tae Ho with Na Ra. The first couple has its own common background but their own burden to bear as well and it’s their shattered world which keeps them close but also apart at the same time. The second couple is getting closer together with every episode and there’s a climaxing warmth and a mutual sense of awkwardness. All four are not in the finest environment for a romance to blossom, but i love the seeds that have been planted.


Heung Sam’s speech was moving, but it doesn’t come from a person one could relate to the struggles a homeless may go through in his daily life. However, it was enough to fuel their passion to fight for a higher cause. Heung Sam isn’t really one of them, but he’s the living proof of achieving grandiose things even though he was homeless. The know-how of the way society treated him in the past and the way society keeps treating his brothers at the present outweighs his current status and forges a tighter bond between the Seoul Seven fractions.


If the world keeps looking down on them while those who possess wealth and power crave for more he’s willing to fight to the very end and everyone will follow him. Heung Sam’s mindset is quite complex, he’s not your typical villain and definitely not someone to be trusted. He breathes respect and unity and he enforces it whenever he has to, but he doesn’t forget where he came from and where he is at the present.


Tae Ho gradually opens up his heart to Na Ra and Hae Jin, Na Ra magnetizes him, Hae Jin delivers the right vibes even though he wasn’t meant to do so in the first place. Tae Ho’s well aware that he can’t succeed on his own and even though the plan may be successful he won’t be among the living after everything’s over. However, he keeps hoping. It has nothing to do with Heung Sam showing mercy upon him, it’s all about how useful he may appear to his eyes in order to make him change his lethal opinion.


You have to love Na Ra’s danger unawareness and idealist point of view. It’s not going to work, but someone has to utter these thoughts because it’s true, nobody gets born without a name and just because all these people lost their homes and their belongings it doesn’t mean they would be reported as missing persons had they disappeared one day. She’s well aware that ever since Tae Ho appeared the people at his district had been happier and she had faith in Jong Goo because she knows what kind of person he is, but she’s not aware of the violent machine moving in the background.


I can’t wait for both of them to find out Tae Ho’s still alive, it’s going to be an emotionally charged scene, especially for Na Ra because Jong Goo will deal with his reappearance in his relieved and kind of cool way. It’s a silent bromance in the making everyone’s looking forward to! Alright, i am ready to find out how the almighty mission will progress!


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

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