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Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 10 Recap


Oh My Ghost captivates more and more as time passes by and it follows its threefold road depending on the occasion following the three precious “h” rule; heartwarming, heartbreaking or humorous. At this point we already know a lot about Bong Sun and Sun Woo’s backgrounds, it’s time for Soon Ae and Sung Jae’s characters to unveil more of everything they preserve. I’m referring to Soon Ae’s gradual transformation while Sung Jae is steadily revealing his cards one after the other. The way both of them will affect Bong Sun’s life in the first place and eventually Sun Woo will be crucial. The roles in the “let’s do it” crusade are about to be reversed!


Sun Woo and Bong Sun are back home and they’re relaxing on the yard’s bench while holding hands. Her happiness is immense and she can’t hide it as Sun Woo emphasizes once again on them walking in slow pace relationship-wise. Her rush is being compared to indigestion due to fast eating while a heart’s indigestion can be more frightening. She refers to lack of time, but she can’t explain what’s really going on. At that point Sun Woo notices that her hand is colder than expected and his mother arrives as they pretend nothing really happened! Bong Sun had to run away since his mother doesn’t know that she lives in the room next door! His mother has already started suspecting something and he tries to cover up the whole truth with whatever excuses! Things get more awkward once she mentions contraception and the cougar within tries to analyze her assumptions!

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Bong Sun’s back and along with her the place gets filled with explosive cuteness! Since she slept at the motel she’s so energetic at this point and she wants to follow him inside his room, but it won’t work! Sun Woo’s mother expresses her concerns about Bong Sun to Eun Hee, but her daughter supports Bong Sun all along the way when it comes to her personality! Soon Ae’s left Bong Sun’s body and she’s inside Sun Woo’s room by his side. She’s enamored by Sun Woo’s presence and she’s going through all the feelings that pace hand in hand with dating, something alien to her ghost nature.


Bong Sun is thankful towards Soon Ae because she doesn’t see ghosts lately and her sleep has gotten better, but Sun Woo came out of his room asking her why she’s talking to herself late at night! He fixes the fan for her in case it’s too hot and she can’t sleep and she’s so cute wiping away his sweat while Soon Ae suddenly feels out of place.

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Everyone’s working hard at the restaurant in the morning, except for Sous Chef who’s a king in his domain until the real king’s around! Sun Woo secretly gives Bong Sun some ginseng since the day’s going to be tough, he always takes care of her! All cuteness reaches an end once Seo Joon informs Bong Sun that someone’s looking for her on the phone! It’s Sun Woo’s mother who wants her date of birth, but at this point she gave her own information instead of Bong Sun’s! Suhbingo tells her she’s dead but once she finds out the girl’s name everything makes sense as she tries to avoid any further information while she still tries to find out more! She also brought Seo Hyeong’s information and Suhbingo said she’ll find her perfect match after the arch misfortune! Sun Woo’s mother is routing for Seo Hyeong in her son’s life and she tries to push her towards his direction!

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Eun Hee and Sung Jae are at the restaurant and he notices that Bong Sun sings the exact same song Soon Ae used to sing back in the days! He brings forth all the recent memories which are Soon Ae related and he does a background research on Bong Sun!

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Sous Chef is going crazy all over again as he’s immature enough to keep the art of whatever flowing until Sun Woo appears and takes Bong Sun with him to the market! She urges him to drive with one hand so that they’ll be able to hold hands!

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He teaches her how to pick fresh mangoes and the ahjumma at the store praises them as a couple! Soon Ae’s father was passing by and she introduces him to Sun Woo! She’s still concerned about his health and she takes him to the car with them! Sun Woo’s not that pleased with the restaurant, but he tries to hide it. Soon Ae’s father refers to his deceased daughter and that everything changed inside the restaurant after her sudden departure. Bong Sun forces Sun Woo in her own way to connect the hose and she actually knows more than him! Her father treats them to rice and other dishes and even though Sun Woo doesn’t eat rice he tastes it! Soon Ae’s brother arrives and he’s glad to see Bong Sun, but he’s not that happy Sun Woo’s by her side!


Of course they were late and they use a variety of excuses as the restaurant is full of customers! Everyone’s working hard, but Sun Woo doesn’t feel well. Sung Jae wields Soon Ae’s broken phone and he was chasing her that night! Her phone was ringing while she was anesthetized in his bathroom. He put the phone inside a box Eun Hee can’t reach, a box filled with broken CCTV cameras and other evidence that could betray him anytime!

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Bong Sun wants to poke his finger to get rid of indigestion and he’s so scared like a little child! Of course she succeeds and he starts feeling better. He shouldn’t have eaten so much rice since he doesn’t like it. He was being polite and he feels for Soon Ae’s father’s sad story. After the pharmacy they are on their way back home and he definitely feels better for now! Bong Sun’s having fun at the playground while Sun Woo tries to maintain his mature self! Eventually he falls for Bong Sun’s tricks and he chases her all over the place until she falls and he takes care of her!

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The more he treats her better the more Soon Ae through Bong Sun falls for him. She expresses how much she likes him and she’s happy she was able to walk hand in hand with him, play with him and do the bicycle together since she wasn’t able to do that before, since she was a ghost all this time, but she’s thankful for everything. She hasn’t experienced many things and a trip is something she’d love and Sun Woo intends to turn her dream to life.


Sun Woo started preparing the nighttime trip and he’s so excited he doesn’t know what to do, reserve a room or act naturally? Bong Sun’s by her room’s wall. Soon Ae scared Suhbingo to death as she appeared while she was sleeping! She informs her on the overnight trip and Suhbingo points out it will be a good opportunity, but even though she may have the chance to resolve the grudge she doesn’t feel happy. She has already started liking Sun Woo, she loves every little detail and everything he does for her, but she also acknowledges she’s not Bong Sun. What hurts her the most is that she experiences all these feelings now that she’s a ghost and not when she was alive. And this is the most dangerous part in a ghost’s life, experiencing feelings that will make it greedy eventually. She could turn into an evil spirit out of all this greed and she’d want to stay on earth forever, but evil spirits are nothing compared to ghosts possessing human bodies. The shadier the people they possess the greater the crimes will be. All she has to do is resolve the curse and ascend blissfully into heaven otherwise it’s going to be devastating and eventually darkening for her.

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The day’s going to be tough at the restaurant, but Sun Woo intends to work hard so that he’ll finish as soon as possible and their journey will begin. Soon Ae through Bong Sun is rather thoughtful and in case the grudge gets resolved she goes to meet her father. Sous Chef tries to convince his boss to follow them later on that night, but he tries hard enraging Sun Woo whose nighttime will be filled with Bong Sun! Soon Ae helps her father in the kitchen and proposes a variety of dishes that would appeal to the customers. He recognizes she’s acting strangely, but all she wants from him is to be fine and take good care of himself since she may not be able to see him again.


Suhbingo treats Sun Woo’s mother because she doesn’t feel well for the secrets she kept from her. Sun Woo’s mother can’t afford to lose her since she’s her only friend! Sun Woo will get ready and Bong Sun too as soon as she finishes work in order to leave! Soon Ae tries to see the bright side of “life” and she tries to think of resolving the grudge and not everything she’ll leave behind! Sun Woo’s mother got drunk and he’ll rush to her aid, but after everything gets resolved he will meet Bong Sun. Soon Ae recalls everything she treasured with Sun Woo through Bong Sun’s body and she heads towards the meeting point. Sung Jae arrives and he enters Bong Soon’s room which is filled with talismans! Of course, his negativity is all over the place for one more time!

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His mother was faking it once again and it was all about a blind date she arranged for Sun Woo and Seo Hyeong! She’s definitely lost her mind! Seo Hyeong and Sun Woo are going for a walk. She had noticed him before she started liking Chang Kyu, but she thought he didn’t like her back. Sun Woo takes the upper hand in the conversation and lets her know that he likes someone else who is no other than Bong Sun. Seo Hyeong just got rejected and leaves in shame!


Sun Woo calls Bong Sun on the phone, but she doesn’t pick it up as she doesn’t intend to resolve her grudge yet. Soon Ae wants a little more time and it’s the beginning of all things greedy. He eventually finds her outside of their rooms and he prepares a special meal for her, snowing steak, along with a romantic cocktail to melt her heart! She loves his dish and she urges him to make her favorite dish! He promises to do so in order to be forgiven for today even though he was unaware of her final intentions against the trip.

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He places a travel tent outside of their rooms! It may not be a trip but it feels like one and he lets her know that he met Seo Hyeong who became aware that he likes someone else. He was finally able to put an end to that lasting story from the past and he asks Bong Sun to take responsibility for him; leaving him is not an option. Soon Ae through Bong Sun caressing his face and Sun Woo kissing her hand could only lead towards an affectionate kiss with both of them laying back inside the tent. Sun Woo takes the lead as he feels the urge to take their relationship to the next level of intimacy.


Thoughts: What an episode and from where to start and where to end, but in this love triangle of souls all of them are happy. However, Soon Ae’s happiness has an expiration date, Bong Sun’s doesn’t, unless something disastrous happens. Sun Woo is definitely the happiest of all in his own unawareness of the underground events.


It was more than apparent that the time Soon Ae spends with Sun Woo through Bong Sun’s body would never be enough. She may be herself, but it reflects through the face of someone else. Even though Sun Woo can’t see, hear and feel her Soon Ae needed to be by his side and the most representative moment was when he was sleeping.


You can sense her bleakness every time she witnesses Bong Sun as herself being with Sun Woo, it’s the step by step healthy relationship in the making she will never have. If it’s not jealousy, it’s extreme sadness and desolation because she knows that everything she’s living through Bong Sun’s body may be hers up to an extent, but it never will be hers as a whole.


One thing i could easily point out is the mutual caring Sun Woo and Bong Sun/Soon Ae express towards one another. It’s either the manic or depressive side of Bong Sun for him, it’s Bong Sun or Soon Ae towards Sun Woo for them in the divided time they share with him and every time the caring is sincere. Bong Sun always had it, Soon Ae developed it in the process.


The more Sun Woo treats Soon Ae better the more she falls for him through Bong Sun or without her. She openly expresses how much she likes him and she’s thankful and happy for all the first times he offered her. She never had the chance to walk hand in hand or play with someone special and ride the bicycle together. It was her violent departure that fuels the urge for more and the emotional shock must be immense now that she’s experiencing everything she never had the chance while she was alive.


And this is the most dangerous aspect in a ghost’s life, the more these feelings vibrate its airy presence the greater the greed for more. She could turn into an evil spirit wanting to stay on this earth forever, but it’s not as easy as a body possessing from a ghost. The shadier the person an evil spirit possesses the greater the crimes will be and we all got to experience just a glimpse of it through the forging puzzle of Sung Jae. All she has to do is to resolve the curse and ascend blissfully in heaven otherwise it’s going to be devastating and eventually darkening for her and Bong sun eventually.


I think that Soon Ae loved getting the chance to meet Sun Woo to her father, even indirectly. In her “heart” it must had felt quite official when you take into consideration her feelings and the fact that she will never have the chance to meet someone she deeply loves to her father. Rushing to see her father before the nighttime trip was essential, it could be the last time if everything was to progress according to plan. Soon Ae’s tears are sincere and they burn twice as brightly given the circumstances.


Soon Ae has already started mistaking her temporary co-existence to real life while it has nothing to do with it. Being able to love someone? Getting to see her beloved father again? It almost feels like heaven on earth, but it’s like the most abhorrent form of one-sided love since she’s nonexistent to them.


Greed is already here and it appears in its purest form for the time being, but the little more time she needs for now could transform into something more violent and “everlasting.” It’s only the beginning and i am curious how greed will affect Bong Sun’s character through Soon Ae’s possession. Don’t forget that we’ve already witnessed a glimpse of the potential evil spirit within during the ritual!


Soon Ae had her own distinctive personality, as time passes by she remains quirky, but she adapts some of Bong Sun’s characteristics which resemble Bong Sun’s feelings for Sun Woo in the way she expresses them. It’s life’s diffusion within her airy veins and it flows like poison, the poison of love and life she will never be able to reclaim. Postponing the resolving of the curse could lead to a delusional condition pointing towards the evil spirit’s direction.


A nighttime trip is something Soon Ae craved for some time now and Sun Woo intends to turn her dream to life. Bong Sun/Soon Ae softens his heart, she melts his ice. He gradually deteriorates even more and he’s willing to turn to reality anything she wants to. His excitement while organizing the trip was omnipresent, it was the first time he loved and felt loved at the same time.


His dissolved feelings for Seo Hyeong needed closure and that’s what happened. They were always amiss and the timing never worked for them and it never will. However, even though he couldn’t express his feelings in the past, he was sincere at this very point and she was the very first person to find out the whole truth. Sun Woo never said the name of the girl, but she could easily guess it. It was the first (in)formal declaration of his feelings for Bong Sun to someone else.


Sun Woo adores cooking, but cooking for someone else is like a sacred ritual. Not only did he offer her such a precious gift, he also made the trip happen even at the restaurant’s yard outside of their rooms. It isn’t necessarily the place that makes a trip alive, you can travel miles away with a very specific person without moving your feet. A tent was required for the scenery, the rest was in the magic between them and their feelings.


Bong Sun/Soon Ae gently caressing his face and Sun Woo affectionately kissing her hand were ultimate acts of affection. Sun Woo wants to take their relationship to the next level of completion, it’s something Soon Ae was craving for all this time, but her change of mind and feelings point towards the other direction for the first time. She’s not ready to say goodbye and we have yet to find out how she will deal with it to shut down his… fury! The fact that he wanted to proceed at this point wasn’t only due to the emotional climax of the moment, he was also free from the remains of feelings towards Seo Hyeong. His sincerity of emotion and his senses were… elevated.


As episodes pass by something tells me that i pay more and more attention to Soon Ae and Sung Jae as characters. Sung Jae senses Soon Ae in Bong Sun like a hellhound. He collects the pieces along the way and he’s not far from completing the puzzle and putting Bong Sun’s life in danger. If Soon Ae recalls the way she passed away, will it play a part in wanting to stay among the living against all odds even at the cost of becoming an evil spirit to get revenge from Sung Jae?


Sung Jae is a joyless egomaniac core of negativity. He was devoid of love in the past which was reflected upon the evil spirit who befriended him and eventually took control of his body. If one would like to compare it to reality, many people go through hardships in the early stages of their lives, sometimes it is more than they can bear, but not all of them let their scars bleed darkness converting their mind to the dark side. It’s always(?) a matter of choice, but it’s debatable so i will leave it here (take into consideration Gap Dong and White Christmas for more).


Sung Jae’s wounds bled poison which turned him into a source of ongoing negativity. The fact that he’s a police officer is to his advantage since he possesses the know-how to hide his crimes in an exemplary way. It’s the perfect alibi hiding behind the perfect mask of a seemingly prudish husband and kindhearted member of society. But he’s the spider on the web he secretly weaves in his surrounding environment.


Alright, classical music and sickening minds in the world of South Korean dramas and not only pace together. Having Soon Ae unconscious or dead inside his bathroom while drinking juice as her cellphone was ringing to the tune was making the scenery more deranged. I am really curious to find out why he killed her, could she be the one and only witness to the hit and run incident of Eun Hee? Or could it be something else? I love Eun Hee, i just want to share it with you.


Could it be the fact that Soon Ae liked him but the negativity wouldn’t let him blossom with something pure and he silenced her? He’s an interesting case with many issues which derive from his abused childhood which was filled with raging solitude and the evil spirit offered wholeheartedly the explosion he needed; towards the wrong direction. Ju Hwan paces perfectly well with Sung Jae’s pitch black nature. He’s the beyond any suspicion person whose seemingly bright and caring face suddenly darkens when he’s alone, he’s like the sun and the moon in other people’s presence and absence. Everything that glimmers in the darkness is his personal euphoria!


On the bright side of life, Oh My Ghost isn’t that dark, but i like to emphasize on its darker aspects since they are more interesting and they have more depth. Oh My Ghost is way too hilarious as well, but laughing is something you treasure on your own in full grandeur while watching our beloved dramas! Oh My Ghost is no exception to the rule, once something odd starts happening you simply can’t stop laughing!


Seo Joon is a troll, he knows what’s going on between Bong Sun and Sun Woo and he actually enjoys popping up out of nowhere seeing them pretend they were doing something else instead of caring for one another! Sous Chef is nuts, i would hang out with him for soju any time for the sake of whatever! The rest of the team has to offer lots of laughter as well and things are going to get quirkier now that the sensual beast of Sun Woo awakens as Soon Ae surrenders! Hours before the 11th episode will start airing i can say that i am more than ready to make it part of my eyes’ retina!


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  1. August 7, 2015 at 3:19 am — Reply

    I’m not at all happy with Soon Ae. She is becoming more and more selfish. More than her, I’m upset with the writers. They are not giving BongSoon enough time. And the cuteness that I liked from SoonAe is annoying me now.

    • hariaharia
      August 7, 2015 at 7:56 am — Reply

      I don’t think BS is the actual heroine, though. The leading lady has her face and body but it’s certainly not her story we’re watching. The interactions between SA and almost every character in this drama are soooo obvious – as if in Ghost, Patrick Swayze could possess Woopi Goldberg’s body and she would act in his shoes. Besides she’s a virgin ghost, hence lustful and selfish, right? I think that’s how it works in terms of Asian culture.

      I really don’t care where the writers are taking us as long as we have fun. That’s why I don’t understand the reason for all this BS vs. SA conflict. I’m sure BS will have her own drama someday since she fits in with k-dramas’ stereotypes we all know and love. 😉

      • August 8, 2015 at 5:40 am — Reply

        LOL….actually I ahve no problem with Soon Ae’s character. It’s just that I feel that the writer should have balanced both the ladies’ arcs. As yes, Soon Ae has the major story here but if you want Bong Sun – Sun Woo as the end game, let them have their moments too. Which would make for more interesting conflict. Plus, now I find Soon Ae’s cuteness more annoying. Anyway, I root for Bong Sun. It’s not like we can’t have a shy heroine. I’m having fun…but what about the romance — I don’t feel like swooning over it…I want to but it happens only when there is Sun Woo and Bong Sun, howver small those moments are!

        • August 9, 2015 at 12:36 pm — Reply

          I think the balance will appear during these last eps, but still i am not sure about it either. I want Bong Sun and Sun Woo in the end game, i love their blog “interactions” 😀

          • August 9, 2015 at 1:26 pm

            IKR! I love each and every interaction they have, even if it has been so small…but oh-so-sweet 🙂

          • August 9, 2015 at 1:39 pm

            Yup, there’s cuteness overload in these moments!

      • August 9, 2015 at 12:34 pm — Reply

        A lustful ghost which exchanged its lust for a few more moments of feelings with all the dangers lying ahead 😀 Yup, it feels more like a Bo Young with more of Soon Ae and less of Bong Sun! Is there a generic BS vs SA conflict going on? Because after my personal experience through School 2015 i don’t check around what people say in order not to get disheartened xP

        • hariaharia
          August 9, 2015 at 5:23 pm — Reply

          You’re absolutely wise! I’ve only heard about epic “virtual” battles of keybord fighters before , never saw one. Nevertheless, this micro-conflict between the two female characters’ rights seems a bit awkward… It’s a comedy after all, right?

          • August 9, 2015 at 5:27 pm

            You’re wiser for not witnessing, they can ruin your drama-watching into overtime! 😀 Glad to know it’s a micro-conflict so far! Aye, a comedy with feels and fear! 😀 Aish, still haven’t finished the 11th ep recap, but if i leave on vacation tomorrow when when when when will i be able to write about the 12th one? XD

    • August 9, 2015 at 12:31 pm — Reply

      I understand her selfishness, she didn’t have the chance to go through all these feelings and vibes while she was living and now that she had the chance to cleanse herself of the grudge it felt tougher than her quirky self thought it would because the developed feelings towards Sun Woo couldn’t say goodbye just yet. But i want more Bong Sun time myself as i love this introvert lovely 😀

  2. August 7, 2015 at 7:19 am — Reply

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  3. hariaharia
    August 7, 2015 at 8:12 am — Reply

    This episode had everything: romance, comedy, supernatural, thriller and happy viewers everywhere. At least, I know I am. I could use a teeny-weeny extension of the drama but I’m not holding my breath either. I’m ready for an epic or a sad or a romantic or…whatever finale the writers’ have in mind. With so many dark and twisted dramas all week I treasure this little gem. tvN is doing a fine job once again! 🙂

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