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Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 9 Recap


We have already passed the drama’s midway point and Oh My Ghost progresses in a powerful way when it comes to feels and laughter, but ratings as well. It’s quirky as a circus and it’s emotional as a pounding heart can get. Eventually, things will get more serious as the background stories have already started lining up to make their appearance in full grandeur. Our weird love triangle walks step by step, but it can’t be blissful all the time as two bodies and three souls are being blended in love’s violent playground while a pitch black figure lurks in the shadows enforcing his kindhearted mask.


Something inside Sun Woo has already started changing and a silent emotional tension between them is being forged! He pulls her close to him and kisses her! Kiss and bliss and while it was taking place Soon Ae actually surrendered and left Bong Sun’s body so that she’ll treasure the magic of the moment, but the sadness in her stare is omnipresent. Bong Sun’s apologetic self is back and she runs away, but Sun Woo reassures her that it wasn’t a mistake, not this time! It was the sincerity of his feelings which led to this kiss! He can finally confess in full force that he likes her and a hiccup of awkwardness on Bong Sun’s behalf welcomes the news!

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Sun Woo doesn’t really know when it all started changing deep within, but he knows the outcome of that change which is no other than feeling to urge to see her! Bong Sun’s at loss for words, but Sun Woo desperately wants her to say something! Well, she’s thankful at first, but Sun Woo helps her say that she likes him too and she finally does so! A more than lovely hug is her reward and you can sense her gradual relief as anxiety fades away! We can’t say the same for our lovely Soon Ae who stares from a distance and it almost feels like the moment when Bong Sun witnessed the kiss So Hyeong forced on Sun Woo. Soon Ae’s at the playground on her own and she tries to come back to reality since she’s Soon Ae, not Bong Sun.

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Bong Sun was mopping the floor and Sun Woo took care of it since he wouldn’t like her to get exhausted! He gently dries her hair with the fan and he’s deeply enamored by her very presence comparing her to a little chestnut and a puppy while praising her for looking so happy! A lovely behind-the-wall conversation takes places and Sun Woo wants her to take good care of herself so that she won’t be tired tomorrow and she can only comply with such a cute voice to everything he has to say! Sun Woo’s so happy for the first time before our very eyes while Soon Ae appears in front of Bong Sun who still can’t believe that all this is real! All that remains is for both of them to accomplish their goals and Soon Ae wants Bong Sun to follow her footsteps!


The morning has arrived, Soon Ae’s back inside Bong Sun’s body and she’s already started thinking of the big event! Sun Woo says that he slept really well despite his immense happiness, but his eyes actually betray him! Bong Sun’s so happy and she can’t hide it! Sun Woo wouldn’t like her to be so obvious in front of the kitchen personnel! Look who’s talking, happiness incarnate! Bong Sun would never be able to control her explosive happiness and everyone notices that something is odd once again, only Seo Joon can guess the real reason!


Since she can’t just express her feelings she contacts him via messages and he gets so distracted he can’t finish a sentence as she sends messages one after the other! He has to talk to her personally so that he will bring her back to reality! He has special plans for tonight, eating together as a part of a lesson, but she wants his plans to be more special! It could be a romantic trip that would lead them to a motel to sleep; not! Sun Woo doesn’t want to progress too fast, but Bong Sun considers all these self-restrictions senseless! However, if she wants to date Sun Woo she has to pace with his tempo, the problem is that Soon Ae doesn’t have that much time!

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On her way back she notices Suhbingo who’s not there to catch her! She had been starving lately because of Soon Ae, but she’s also curious about what’s going on. She lets Suhbingo know that she kissed the man of vitality and she believes that her grudge will be resolved soon! It’s not only that Suhbingo’s been starving lately, the fact that she helps a ghost may mean the end of her own powers! Sun Woo’s mother is Suhbingo’s next destination! She had a weird dream last night, she saw Sun Woo walking through meadows of dead flowers and he didn’t reply back when she called him. Suhbingo reassures her that the meaning of the dream is the opposite of the dream itself and she’s relieved.


Last night Sung Jae was with Eun Hee and his mother-in-law and rushed to the hospital after getting informed about what happened to his colleague! Yeah, like he didn’t know! He even stole his purse and phone in order to make it seem like a burglar’s work, an insightful burglar’s work since he managed to get the CCTV footage too! The next morning Sung Jae visits his colleague and he’s not there to see how he’s doing, he tried to end his life, but his sister came back in time! Jin Goo regained his conscience and Sung Jae’s relieved to find out he doesn’t recall anything! He pretends he’s glad that the surgery went well, but at that point Jin Goo remembered the watch of the one who hit him which is the same as Sung Jae’s!


After Sous Chef’s idea to go on a trip together while the rest had to cancel their plans everyone tries to avoid him as much as possible, the threat of something like this happening anytime soon is real! The time for Sun Woo to meet Bong Sun arrives and both of them are so excited! He gets ready while she tries to come up with a plan to seduce him as she gets pretty! She’s so hilarious every time she fills the whole room with air freshener and the way she expands it all over the place is even more quirky! Sun Woo’s slightly conservative self started coming to the surface once he noticed her short skirt, but since she got pretty for him he can just give up!

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She tries to seduce him by touching his foot with her own inside the restaurant but it doesn’t seem to work! She’s dangerous, anytime anyplace is the right time and the right place, it doesn’t matter if he’s driving, if she thinks it’s okay then it’s okay! Going back home isn’t an option, she convinces him to stay out with her in order to seduce him! She was supposed to take him to eat shaved ice, but she took him there where motels blossom!


Sun Woo doesn’t want to comply to her lustful explosions, but he’s not in his right mind either! He doesn’t know what to say to her under these circumstances, he can’t believe she wants that badly to seduce him at all costs! He doesn’t want to move on in a fast forward way because he’s conservative when it comes to relationships, one step at a time! What a scene, her fast talking trying to act in a more obedient way is way more threatening that the ongoing seductive mission! No matter how hilarious Bo Young’s fast talking and loud voice are, Sun Woo is a hero for hanging in there!


Eun Hee is relieved to find out Sung Jae’s colleague is getting better, but she also thinks that the culprit should be punished, if not by human laws then by the heavens! He’s always tense when people around him talk about punishment as they are unaware that he’s behind the incidents they’re talking about! His gentle mask fell for a while inside the living room when he was opening the wine, but he managed to resurface the fake kindness. They go for a walk and she recalls her good old school days which were carefree. Sung Jae doesn’t talk about the past, but we get to know that he was raised in an orphanage. So, he was adopted even though he denies it and once his foster parents gave birth to their own child he was left in a corner. He was being abused at home and he was getting into fights, he was literally on his own and in constant pain. That’s when the evil spirit visited him for the first time. After the accident Eun Hee tried to end her life, it was unbearable for her to keep on living, but Sung Jae prevented her. It was the day she started thinking of him, if only she knew.

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Sun Woo and Bong Sun are back at the restaurant and she leaves him behind as she bid him farewell in a Joseon-oriented way; priceless! He tries to encourage himself while Soon Ae can’t believe he’s so old-fashioned while time isn’t on her side! Bong Sun agrees with Sun Woo’s point of view, none of them is in a rush, especially our introvert Bong Sun who starts romanticizing over Sun Woo’s personality! Soon Ae retaliates until Bong Sun wonders if she doesn’t like him, but that’s not the case here! Sun Woo would like Bong Sun to appear at the yard, but Soon Ae urges her not to go out since he acts hard to get and she just steals a few stares from him!

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The big day has arrived, it’s Sous Chef’s birthday and everyone gets horrified at any possible preparation and they decide to pretend as if they don’t know! He tries his best to make them recall his birthday and he thinks they’re already preparing a surprise party! He puts them in a line and examines them one after the other as he tries to punish them for not wishing him happy birthday! They eventually decide to give him a fake belt Seo Joon won with the jeans he bought in order to be free from this ongoing Sous Chef torment! These birthday beats were so crazy! Once he believes it’s a leather belt he starts dripping honey and Sun Woo will pay for the party! Congratulations!

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It’s one of these rare times Soon Ae’s brother accompanied his father to the grocery market. Her father left an apple on the spot where possibly Soon Ae passed away while cursing at the man who did this to his daughter. Of course, Sung Jae’s there keeping an eye on them! He notices his shoelaces which have been tied in the exact same way Soon Ae used to do it and her father let Sung Jae know that Bong Sun tied them this way! Later on party time has arrived and everyone will go out except for Sun Woo whom Bong Sun considers a conservative man! Sous Chef is glad that Sun Woo won’t come since it’s his own birthday and he would probably steal all of his glory! Seo Joon thinks he shouldn’t be talking like that since Sun Woo gave him his card! Congratulations! Sung Jae’s keeping an eye on Bong Sun from a safe distance!


Since it’s Sun Woo’s card, chicken and beers monopolize their interest and from a point and on they’re all drunk and too heavy to walk! Sous Chef pretending to be a crane was so hilarious! Bong Sun’s talking to a motorcycle and Seo Joon takes care of her drunkard self! It’s Soon Ae talking on behalf of her friend, Bong Sun, and she asks Seo Joon why her boyfriend won’t do it with her friend, it’s either because she’s not pretty (ordinary guy) or waits until more trust has been built in the relationship (good guy) and he’s thinks that’s the case here! However, he wonders why she’s not holding his hand lately and she does so!

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Sun Woo wonders why his favorite blog isn’t updated lately and he actually misses Bong Sun’s blog posts! The whole kitchen team is definitely crazy, especially inside the karaoke bar taking turns behind the microphone or singing as duets or dancing altogether! They feel more like their real drunken selves rather than acting, they must be having fun while shooting! Sun Woo wonders when Bong Sun will return and he’s jealous she’s out with all these guys! Nighttime doesn’t work for him and he’s doing pretty much anything instead of sleeping. It’s like studying, you always do anything else when you really have to study!

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Once she sent him the location of a motel he rushes over there to find out everyone has passed out! He wakes her up and she’s in her usual seductive playful mood, he tries to calm her down in order to take her with him and he bribes her by taking her in his arms! She wants to go for another drink, but he gets her some water and medicine to get back to her senses!

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Of course they would have one of their renowned by now conservative-liberal couple quarrels and she made things flow her way so that she would stick to him! She’s a seductive machine in non-stop lust-promotion! On their way back home he takes her hand in his and asks her to take it slowly together. Sun Woo wants them to stay like this for a long time, it’s something that leaves Bong Sun enthralled.

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Thoughts: Sun Woo opened up his heart, the first kiss was an accident while he was hallucinating under the veil of fever. Now it was different, it was all about his one and only truth. He doesn’t know when everything started changing deep within, but it did start to change step by step and his feelings are the definitive outcome of everything he confessed to her. Our introvert Bong Sun was at loss for words and Sun Woo helped her express her own feelings which were breathing long before Sun Woo started seeing her differently.


It was the explosive Bong Sun through Soon Ae’s temperament that made him notice her in the first place, but it’s Bong Sun herself he always knew. As they share the same beliefs when it comes to a relationship, i think it’s Bong Sun he likes the most and not Soon Ae through Bong Sun. Of course he enjoys her brighter and more lively self, it’s these cute conflicts between them that fuel this relationship even more! If Bong Sun is the essence, Soon Ae is the salt and pepper of everything going on between them and Sun Woo!


Sun Woo thinks she’s bipolar manic depressive, but he loves and respects both sides as he tries to uplift our introvert Bong Sun and bring down to earth the manic explosion of Soon Ae! It’s an amusement park of love that keeps the interest at high levels as the characters progress before our very eyes! You have to love Jung Seok’s chemistry with Bo Young whether she acts as Bong Sun or Soon Ae walking in a representative way in Seul Gi’s shoes!


Bo Young and Seul Gi are a tremendous duet to the point that i consider them inseparable in terms of madness and interactions! But everyone’s doing an exceptional work, the whole kitchen team is crazy and all of them poor themselves in their roles. They are hilarious all the time and Seo Joon’s affection towards Bong Sun’s face is a ship secretly sailing under the radar because they look so cute together!


Soon Ae leaving Bong Sun’s body so that she’d cherish the kiss with Sun Woo was a humble sacrifice. Something is changing deep within and the more she gets entwined with Bong Sun the more she loses herself in Bong Sun’s world. Of course, she still hasn’t forgotten of the grudge she has to resolve before becoming an evil spirit in order to ascend to heaven peacefully and that’s the reason why she causes “problems” in Sun Woo’s daily life! He wants to keep it a secret for the time being, but she doesn’t have time for that and she’s all over the place with her gushy amounts of lust-evoking temperament!


Time’s running out and she has to rush against all odds, even though Sun Woo and Bong Sun aren’t in a hurry. One thing i forgot to mention is that i loved how Sun Woo was missing his favorite blogger’s posts and i can’t wait for the moment he’ll find out that the figure behind that blog is no other than our lovely Bong Sun! The fact that Sun Woo wants to cherish everything with her in slow pace as he intends to be with her for a very long time is something that overwhelmed Soon Ae and her fragile emotional part is not far from emerging to the surface.


Sung Jae’s darkness derives from his childhood past. He was raised in an orphanage and after he got adopted he thought his life would get better. But that wasn’t the case once his foster parents had their own child and neglected him to the point of his father becoming abusive. He was also getting bullied and he always had to fight back. All these events created an outcast personality and the more he was fading away from reality the more the evil spirit was getting closer to him promising comfort and revenge. He always sticks to people whose family members (Soon Ae’s father and brother) or even themselves (Eun Hee) were victimized by him.


I want to find out how Soon Ae and Eun Hee could be related, Sung Jae was the hit and run culprit and Soon Ae was a witness? Time shall tell, but he’s definitely a crime against positivity with so many issues! His colleague, if he deals with the overall subject well, will play an important role in revealing his real identity and Suhbingo will deal with the evil spirit within respectively. What concerns me the most right now is that he gets closer to Bong Sun since he has already sensed Soon Ae’s presence in her life.


Sun Woo’s happier than ever before, Bong Sun’s blissful in her own shy way and the emotional struggle is about to begin for Soon Ae. Needless to say that their wall conversations are among the cutest scenes of the drama! It’s time for the 10th episode i guess!


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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. hariaharia
    August 6, 2015 at 6:54 pm — Reply

    Thank you, KSS-ssi for a beautiful and lyrical recap! Your thoughts are so sane and organised 🙂
    Unlike in other blogs, you comprehend the whole story as it really is: a TV show and nothing more. No projections, no parallels to real life, no moral dilemmas. Just pure fun and superb acting not only by our “3-souls romance” but by the whole cast, as you very well pointed out.
    This is not one usual k-rom-com but I see it more like a com-rom. Comedy needs timing and those actors know exactly how to do it. The theatrical scenery, the fluent interaction between the leadind trio and the plot that has a universal flair rather than a strict Asian cultural background ( it has its Asian ID but it seems like a “dual-citizenship” to me) have turned this drama into a cool summer breeze 😉

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      You’re very welcome and thanks a lot as well haria*2-ssi ^-^ I can’t place moral aspects and political correctness in this drama, it will ruin it, i made a deal with myself in the very beginning that even though it may have seemed forceful in the beginning i will never look at it that way XD It’s something that would never happen in real life as it incorporates a lustful ghost, so i can’t take it seriously myself. xP I am free of any chains my mind could place, i am just eager to find out what will happen to the 3-soul romance, the 1 corrupted soul and the rest of the quirky cast! I so love Eun Hee, loved her in School 2013 too, i have one-sided love towards her XD
      Yup! Indeed! It’s more of a com and then of a rom and i have to agree with you for one more, it’s not strictly Korean! I could easily imagine myself in many drinking-whatever-having fun parts of this drama lol Loved this “dual-citizenship!” Aish, i need more summer breeze and i hope i will be able to go on short vacation next week >.<

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