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Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 6 Recap

BongWoo Oh My Ghost is currently the leading cable channel drama brigade in terms of ratings as it has established itself over 3% which is a quite remarkable achievement. It’s all thanks to its quirky air which breathes on the surface while the stories lurking in the background gradually appear one by one whenever the circumstances demand their very presence. It’s also thanks to Park Bo Young and Kim Seul Gi’s power duet which shines all over the place through their weird sense of chemistry which is more than apparent when the ghost occupies Bong Sun’s body and Bo Young has to be Seul Gi in Seul Gi’s place.


Bong Sun became the owner of her body anew, but the impact Soon Ae’s possession left upon her was immense. She didn’t only lose herself for a while, she also appeared as someone else in front of everyone, it’s something that caused major problems in her peaceful, introvert life. She didn’t have enough time to adjust to reality under the new parameters since Soon Ae possessed her body once again in such a short period of time. Soon Ae’s struggle to help her unconscious father when Bong Sun couldn’t comply to her heartfelt request led her to take control of her body in order to call 911 immediately and ask for help.

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Sun Woo’s unaware of the soul-exchange process and tries to calm down Bong Sun so that everything will be less tense for her. Shortly after she finished shooting her part she had to rush to the hospital to find out information about her father’s health who’s in the early stages of hepatic cirrhosis. Poor liver, remain strong for soju’s sake! She can’t explain how she found out he was at the hospital, all that matters to her is for him to get better. The more time they spend together the more she reminds him of Soon Ae and she would like him to think of Bong Sun as his daughter. She orders her brother to get his mind straight and help his father, Soon Ae’s quirky and explosive temperament is back in the game!

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Everyone was excited with bean powder salmon pancake, but So Hyeong informs Sun Woo that the production doesn’t want Bong Sun to be his assistant anymore due to the last incident. Sun Woo supports Bong Sun all the way and if she’s out, he’s out too. He also gave her full credit for the recipe. Sun Woo truly cares about his employees’ welfare and if six months prove they are not compatible with his restaurant’s vision he always tries to find something else for them.


Soon Ae’s not as thoughtless as she appears to be in order to accomplish her dream. This time she’s actually apologetic for occupying Bong Sun’s body since she had to save her father. We have a naughty ghost with emotional climaxes when it comes to her loved ones, but there’s also a sense of developing conscience concerning the way she uses Bong Sun’s body! All these great mood swings make Sun Woo worried about her, but soon enough his worries turned into a most unwelcome interaction with Soon Ae’s quirky extrovert self in a non-stop talking mode! Lying with him on the bed even for a little while is not an option and helping her accomplish her dream which is no other than doing it with him isn’t a part of his program either!

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Despite all these emotionally technical difficulties, Sun Woo acknowledges her cooking talent and wanks to train her in order to become a proper chef! The first step will be the art of knife work on how she should treat each and every vegetable according to its own nature and characteristics! Soon Ae’s explosive and all over the place when it’s about Sun Woo and he can’t necessarily control her since she’s not willing to control herself ever for a little while! If she can’t do it with him, she can actually daydream about how everything would progress if she keeps learning how to cook next to him! Sun Woo’s insightful enough to lock the door and even the door ignores her as a silent protest to poor Sun Woo!

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Soon Ae’s nightly knife work would never be set aside and the Sous Chef is not that pleased with the change of the special recipe of the day! Sun Woo protected her and said it was his own decision, but he also wants her to keep his tutoring a secret! Eun Hee can’t help it but notice Bong Sun’s drastic change in the way she reacts since she’s so bright and energetic at this point! Sung Jae’s at Soon Ae’s father’s restaurant and nobody knows who found him in the first place, even though the arch report said it was his daughter! There’s a certain reason he keeps coming back to the restaurant even though he doesn’t like being there. Soon Ae’s father is always kindhearted towards Sung Jae, but i can’t say the same thing about his dreadful attitude when his mask falls off when he’s all alone by himself.

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The Sous Chef and his assistants have already started noticing that Sun Woo treats Bong Sun differently these days. This time he took her to the fish market to learn differentiating between fresh and out of date fish! Since she’s hungry, the next step is teaching her the way a chef eats, always with his eyes, nose and mouth in order to forge a complete opinion! At that point he met an old classmate and offered to treat all of them at his restaurant, but he still doesn’t want to talk about the past as it still haunts him.

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The brother found Soon Ae’s money and wants to take half of it and the rest will go to the father, but the father wants him to put the money back in her diary. The signs that Soon Ae’s presence is all over the place grow in numbers and he calls her on the phone just in case it would ring. Sung Jae shows his kind and hopeful face in front of Eun Hee who wants to become a mother, but he’s rather curious about Sun Woo and Bong Sun’s relationship since they never were that close before! He’s noticed that she forgets more often lately and he keeps track of her changes! Eun Hee found a broken cellphone which could actually point towards Soon Ae’s direction and the way she passed away.


The preparation for Sun Woo’s school friends’ table begins. He wants everyone and everything to be perfect in order to show off with his restaurant’s exceptional food taste and his own certificates! Among his school friends Chul Min is the greatest thorn from the past and the wound hasn’t healed yet. Sun Woo checks every little detail because he doesn’t want the past to pop up at the table, at least not in the way it used to be for him. He wants to silence everyone with his current grandeur which has nothing to do with his introvert self back in the days. Sun Woo is a king in his domain and once Chul Min appears he compares him to the past and how much he aged by not taking care of himself.


It’s a degrading process through all the bitterness from the past for all the inconveniences he had to go through. Sun Woo could become a successful businessman anytime, he has many offers, but he’s a dedicated chef and he’s obedient to his own beliefs and love for food. Times have changed and the cogwheels rotated differently for both men as Chul Min sells cleaning vacuums and at this point in his life he’s quite desperate. In the meantime, Soon Ae was becoming aware of everything Sun Woo had to go through in the past and the transformation that took place throughout the years. Even though Sun woo had his pompous revenge years later the past can’t get cleansed overnight and it’s something that bothers him still. It’s something that had its own impact upon his personality making him look cold and unreachable at times.


Sun Woo’s not in the mood for anything even though he was supposed to feel complete. He’s incomplete and it’s not what he was really searching for. Soon Ae tries to ease his burden and please her senses at the same time, but he can’t pace with her bright mood, but somehow she manages to enforce her delightful attitude in his thickening darkness. Since she has already passed away she knows how precious life and every moment are and she tries to be by his side. As expected, Soon Ae always finds ways to approach him in a more seductive way, but his defense mechanism always works in order to repel her sensual attacks!


It’s not only about Sun Woo, it’s also about her father. The more she talks the more she reminds him of his daughter and she tries to hide her real self. They go to the mineral spring together, it’s a place Soon Ae used to visit every morning and he never had the chance to go with her, it’s something he regrets. Sun Woo is thankful to everyone for their precious help and they will be rewarded. Sous Chef’s moment with Shrek pasta has arrived! Seo Joon has already received the vibes that something may be going on between Sun Woo and Bong Sun, but he doesn’t present his flow of thoughts. One thing is for certain, he wouldn’t like for her to get hurt in the process as hints of one-sided love have shyly started coming to the surface!


Sun Woo calls Chul Min who doesn’t want help from Sun Woo for the time being since his conscience won’t let him accept it. He’s apologetic about the past and it’s the closure Sun Woo actually needed, he needed to hear these words even though he pretends that everything had remained in the past. Nothing was buried, it was always there, but now he can forget as he can forgive after receiving a sincere apology. Sun Woo and Bong Sun will be leaving together and Soon Ae wants to get ready for the big night as she intends to see it to the very lustful end! She doesn’t like Bong Sun’s clothes and she makes all the necessary changes in order to shake afterlife’s virginal chains! Taking the hair off her leg with the tape was quite priceless and her more daring self is on her way to meet Sun Woo!

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Suhbingo already knows Soo Ae’s must be somewhere nearby, but she passes under her radar for some reason. The bell sound was a mind-awakening moment and there she is in front of Bong Sun who’s possessed by Soon Ae! The bell rang once again and Suhbingo starts chasing Soon Ae in her renowned way and at some point Soon Ae leaves Bong Sun’s body to enter a bus in order to escape! Bong Sun’s the owner of her body once again, but she feels rather lost, especially when she meets Sun Woo!

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