30 Aug 2015

Adolescence Medley ~ review

“Adolescence Medley” or “Puberty Medley” or “Medley of youth”, is a 4 episodes drama that aired on KBS2 during 2013 and anyone can find on KBS youtube channel to watch it with english subtitles. It’s the story about Choi Jung Woo a high school boy, who because of his father’s

28 Aug 2015

Yong Pal ~ Episode 8 Recap [TriAngle]

“Star-crossed lovers always seem to find one another and fall in love; The kind of love nobody dreams of.”

27 Aug 2015

Yong Pal ~ Episode 7 Recap [TriAngle]

“Well, you can’t see any stars in Seoul, but… How does it feel coming out for air after three years?”

26 Aug 2015

Last ~ Episode 10 Review [TriAngle]

“They say that everyone is born with two wolves fighting within them. One wolf represents greed, jealousy and pride While the other one represents righteousness, sacrifice and morality. Those two wolves fight inside the person’s heart until that person’s dying day. The wolf you feed the most will be the

26 Aug 2015

Koinaka episode 5 ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers there are two things, that the fifth episode of Koinaka made us wonder “Why does life have to be this complicated?” and “Why do things have to be complicated?”

25 Aug 2015

Last ~ Episode 9 Review [TriAngle]

“After breaking through my own gilded surface, I saw that what was inside of me was actually worthless.”

24 Aug 2015

My Heart Twinkle Twinkle ~ Review

“Either good or bad, rich or poor, If humans possess at least one more thing than others, They wield that power mercilessly. Even poor people are like that, They’re cruel and severe to those poorer than them. That’s how people are.”

24 Aug 2015

Death Note episode 6 ~ review.

Hello Dramajjangers I was waiting for episode 7 of Death Note to come out, that way I could do a review for both episodes 6 and 7, but it seems like the subs are not out yet. You are only getting episode 6 now guys.

23 Aug 2015

Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 16 Recap ~ END

Oh My Ghost closed its curtains with its swansong episode placing everyone inside a cloud of bliss. It bid us farewell with an imperial 7.337% in terms of ratings and the audience was rewarded with a masterpiece of an ending episode. Both the journey and the destination were worth each

22 Aug 2015

Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 15 Recap

The 15th episode was one of these bright examples which resemble perfection to my eyes. It had concrete flow, but most and above everything else, all feels beamed like laser right through my forehead pulverizing my remaining brain cells. The 15th episode achieved Oh My Ghost’s second best ratings to