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My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 10 Recap

birdmanAlright, Do Hyung’s the Birdman and the real Rooftop Prince; literally. Who needs wings when you have Do Hyung’s leap and parachute arms? If he starts wearing a helmet he’s going to be the ultimate killing machine in the form of a one man army that doesn’t surrender, doesn’t negotiate, doesn’t show mercy. If Joo Young’s fine, chances are high you’ll be fine too, if you harmed her in any way i would never guarantee anything about your physical integrity. Oy, My Beautiful Bride’s 10th episode achieved the drama’s greatest ratings so far, 1.112% and it was well-deserved since feels and action were blending together in a highly expressive way.

This moment had the potential to become the new EunDongaaaaaah; JooYoungaaaaaah! But Do Hyung was polite enough to refer to her as JooYoung-ssi in that distorted voice in slow motion that ruined the majestic sense of torment the scene was evoking as he sounded like an ecstatic cow in the middle of a flaming meadow!


Do Hyung jumps from one rooftop to the other and hides from Hyeong Sik who rambles about righteousness, justice, wealth and power while he’s a dirty cop, but all he can do is ramble and ramble through his immoral and unethical mouth. On top of that he has an inferiority complex! A grandma is pissed off with him shouting and at that point Do Hyung finds the chance to escape by jumping to another rooftop as Hyeong Sik points his gun at him, but he doesn’t fire a bullet as he witnesses Do Hyung in the role of the BirdMan; rooftop by rooftop!


Hyeong Sik must had been like: “My God, my Hero!” (Gap Dong)


Hyeong Sik gets informed that they have secured the perimeter. Do Hyung tries to walk away like a gentleman, but he feels trapped at this point. He finds his best friend, a bicycle and runs over the car blocking his way! The police force starts chasing him, but the bicycle avenger is talented enough as he bicycles through the alleyways one after the other! Hyeong Sik doesn’t intend to give up either, but all he finds in the is the bicycle! It’s not your property dude, don’t kick it; and you call yourself a cop!

bscap2214 bscap2216bscap2217 bscap2212

Do Hyung’s friend from the bank managed to save him right on time! He couldn’t find any information on the task he assigned him and at this point Do Hyung lets him know that Tae Gyu was a loan shark and Seryo Construction a ghost company. They need to find the trail of money as soon as possible. All Do Hyung has to do for now is find Jin Gi’s underling!


Hyeong Sik can’t believe he lost Do Hyung who becomes his priority for now. On his way to the hospital he calls Hye Jung to find out how did Do Hyung know about Jin Gi’s underling (Glove)! He urges her to take Glove out of the hospital and hide him as soon as possible. Jin Gi gets informed on the latest flow of events and he’s not that pleased. He calls Glove on the phone and orders him to get out of there right away!

bscap2224 bscap2222bscap2223 bscap2226bscap2227

Jung Yeon gives Yoon Mi the address of the hospital! Do Hyung arrives first and searches for Glove. Hyeong Sik and one of the useless cops are there as well! Do Hyung notices Glove inside the elevator and rushes to the stairs! Once he encounters the useless cop who runs away in fear Do Hyung finds out that Glove is about to leave! He grabs the hosepipe and jumps, but it’s not long enough to get him to the ground safe and sound and he falls on the top of a car after a maneuver! Glove pooped his pants for one more time, but he’s lucky enough since Do Hyung can’t reach him on foot! Do Hyung escapes as well and Hyeong Sik keeps searching for him up to late at night!

bscap2231 bscap2196bscap2198 bscap2200bscap2201 bscap2202bscap2203 bscap2232 bscap2233bscap2234

Do Hyung hass to get supplies, but some police officers enter the convenience store and once again he has to escape! He drinks water as if there’s no tomorrow and walks cautiously inside the alleyways. He knows it’s not easy to escape and he turns on his cellphone to call Yoon Mi to help him out. He has to find Joo Young and Yoon Mi tries to convince him to turn himself in, but this won’t work and Yoon Mi comes to his aid eventually.

bscap2237bscap2238 bscap2239 bscap2241bscap2242

Hyeong Sik calls Yoon Mi trying to uncover more information but she doesn’t betray Do Hyung. Do Hyung meets Yoon Mi and she passes through the police checkpoint. She was hiding him in the trunk and Do Hyung can only be thankful. She would still like him to turn himself in, but he doesn’t have time for that, they must find Joo Young who’s been captured by the Shadows. Yoon Mi points out that he shouldn’t necessarily trust Tae Gyu, but he recalls the Glove’s words and everything points towards the direction that Tae Gyu was right and they must find him.

bscap2243bscap2245 bscap2246 bscap2249bscap2248bscap2250bscap2251

One very specific useless cop informs Hyeong Sik about Yoon Mi’s moves. He calls her right away and for one more time she protects Do Hyung. She will head to the police station and Do Hyung will try to find Tae Gyu. Back to the police station Hyeong Sik wants to know Do Hyung’s location from Yoon Mi who’s apologetic. He tries to convince her how wrong it was to help Do Hyung, but she finds it unnatural that an innocent victim like Glove disappeared in a blink of an eye! She points out that capturing Do Hyung won’t lead them anywhere and she can’t take out of her mind that Glove is a Shadow who’s aware of Joo Young’s location. Once again, Hyeong Sik tries to distort Yoon Mi’s thoughts, but she’s rock solid to her beliefs about Do Hyung!

bscap2252 bscap2255bscap2256 bscap2261bscap2260

Hye Jung can’t believe Joo Young ended up this way after causing so much trouble and bringing Do Hyung in the game. Joo Young asks her to let her go just once. This is not an option and she becomes slightly violent as she doesn’t intend to offer any help.


Glove is apologetic to Jin Gi who acts calm but he can’t hide his wrath and lets him know that this is his last chance and orders him to find Tae Gyu who’s inside a room. Tae Gyu’s unable to do anything as he’s being chased by everyone. His previous underlings are hiding him and they inform him that the cops have the blade with his fingertips. Tae Gyu’s going crazy and Jin Sook gets informed that they found Jung Hwa’s location. She gets kidnapped and they bring her in front of Jin Sook who wants to know Joo Young’s location, but nobody knows where she is. Jung Hwa wonders whether she went to see Do Hyung or not, making Jin Sook thoughtful.

bscap2272 bscap2270bscap2271 bscap2273bscap2274bscap2275bscap2277bscap2278

Do Hyung visits Tae Gyu’s arch hideout! Tae Gyu asked his underlings to find some men to help him save Mi Sook but he can’t help it but laugh at the grotesque figures they brought in! Saving Mi Sook with those men is not an option! The bell rings and he’s more than glad to find out that Do Hyung is here, but he’s not as friendly as he thought he would be! All that matters now is Joo Young’s location!

bscap2279bscap2280 bscap2281bscap2282

Jin Gi’s not pleased with everything going on and he’s about to pay back Joo Young. His underlings forces Joo Young to go take a shower, but she doesn’t intend to do so and fights back! Soon enough she’s on the run again, but she’s been surrounded and gets locked inside a room. Tae Gyu and Do Hyung are on their way, but Jin Gi arrives first. Joo Young notices him and places a locker in front of the door. Soon Jin Gi finds out the door won’t open and orders his underlings to open it at all costs. One after the other they hit the door and eventually they pave the way for Jin Gi. Joo Young breaks a bottle to defend herself, but Jin Gi receives a phone call from secretary Kim who orders him to return back to his office since president Kang’s there. Joo Young was lucky this time as her torment has been postponed.

bscap2284 bscap2285bscap2286bscap2287 bscap2288bscap2289 bscap2291bscap2290 bscap2205

Mi Sook talks about her own story with Tae Gyu to Joo Young who recalls the past and how she was watching the news alongside Do Hyung since he liked to do so. Joo Young thinks that it was a good choice that Mi Sook and Tae Gyu didn’t buy an apartment since the interest rates never drop that low. Back in the days she was searching for information in order to know what Do Hyung’s monetary world feels like.

 bscap2294bscap2206bscap2298bscap2299 bscap2297bscap2296 bscap2295

Do Hyung and Tae Gyu have arrived and it’s the right moment to strike now that everyone’s asleep. Mi Sook and Joo Young will try to escape as well by using the lighter. Mi Sook’s free and Joo Young urges her to leave and inform the police. A fire erupts and things get dangerous!

 bscap2293bscap2292 bscap2301

The struggle is real.


Jin Gi enters his office to find out there’s a cooking soiree for president Kang! Oh, this one used to be Hak Soo’s office! To president Kang’s eyes Jin Gi’s a greedy pig and orders his men to barbeque his head as he considers Jin Gi the one responsible for Hak Soo’s death! Even though his face got scarred a bit he doesn’t confess the truth, instead he has to bring Joo Young unharmed! Jin Gi receives a phone call to find out the factory’s on fire and he can’t believe he ran out of luck!


Do Hyung and Tae Gyu try to find a way in but it’s hell on earth! Do Hyung won’t leave Joo Young alone and runs into the fire as he recalls how hard she worked to understand his world. I give my life for such scenes with epic music and a self-sacrificial tone! Tae Gyu calls 911 while Do Hyung wanders among the flames to notice Joo Young trying to escape as the rooftop collapses piece by piece. He cries out her name and time stands still in the midst of flames until Do Hyung gets hit by a flaming piece of wood and collapses, but Joo Young’s fate isn’t any better.

 bscap2313bscap2312 bscap2314bscap2316bscap2319 bscap2318 bscap2324bscap2322

Thoughts: Do Hyung’s on constant turmoil. Do Hyung doesn’t walk, he flies, he floats on thin air and maneuvers aristocratically even when the flight goes wrong! He even made Hyeong Sik question himself if he should shoot him or not because he didn’t know whether it was Do Hyung hunting season or not! When he doesn’t fly he’s the bicycle avenger, it’s his personal tank in two wheels that paves the way even if a car is on its way!


Hyeong Sik has only one goal for the time being, all he wants is to catch Do Hyung. The more Do Hyung gets involved in the Shadows’ case the more Yoon Mi finds out and the investigation progresses. He must stop him at all costs since he intends to see it to the very end and if he does so it will be the end of Hyeong Sik. His dark past and present will come to the surface and he’ll find himself behind a cell in the best case scenario.


The hospital scene was exceptional, it proved how much cops and villains are afraid of Do Hyung for a wide variety of reasons, but the outcome will always be the same, they will all get beaten up and/or ridiculed! People use hosepipes to put out a fire, Do Hyung uses it to leave a building and find himself on the ground in no time, the top of a car works just fine as well if the hosepipe is not long enough. Kim Moo Yul pushes himself to the edge and he appears even more exceptional with every passing episode, he never ceases to amaze.


Yoon Mi put her trust in Do Hyung and offers him direct help by taking him away from the police force checkpoints. She even hides his location from Hyeong Sik and the site that steals articles from dramajjang and other sites and blogs of our community. Hyeong Sik finds himself in discomfort because he can’t control Yoon Mi’s thoughts. Lee Si Young’s penetrating stare crucifies me with love every time these puppy eyes appear on my screen.


Even though he tries to distort her logical and righteous detective mind in an ongoing attempt to disorientate her he doesn’t succeed in it. His flaming passion to lead the whole investigation process towards the wrong direction will make the rat’s direction way more specific in the near future in Yoon Mi’s eyes, even though she won’t want to believe it.


Many people “care” about Joo Young, Jin Sook would never put her life on the line to protect Joo Young at all costs if there won’t be a price. President Kang is eager to see Joo Young safe and sound in front of his very eyes as well. My mind keeps pointing towards a direction where Jin Sook, President Kang and Hye Jung are in the same sphere of influence and exchange information somehow.


Jin Gi thought he was deceiving president Kang quite well all this time, but his ego and monstrous personality wouldn’t let him read between the lines which are written all over president Kang’s face. He doesn’t trust anyone because he’s well aware that nobody can be trusted in the underworld, especially after Hak Soo was taken out of the picture.


He remained silent and indirect in the ways he was expressing himself all this time, but the moment arrived to show a part of his grandeur by using Jin Gi’s face as barbeque pig-face delicacy. Secretary Kim remained still watching Jin Gi being tortured in front of his very eyes and he’s been humiliated by president Kang as well. Jin Gi’s rage proves that both of them won’t stand still if they want to reach the top of the pyramid’s hierarchy and remain safe.


Do Hyung had no other way but to find Tae Gyu if he wanted to save Joo Young. It’s one of these rare moments a villain and a commando good guy join forces for their women’s well-being. It’s not like Tae Gyu would be of great help in terms of physical strength, but he knew the location of the factory and the rest of the process would naturally be left in Do Hyung’s hands, feet, head and anything that could turn into a weapon.


It wasn’t needed this time, the fire served its purpose well up to an extent. However, it made the whole environment more than threatening for Joo Young and Do Hyung’s lives. Do Hyung would never put his own life over Joo Young and in case something went wrong he wanted her face carved on his memory right before entering the flaming chamber.


The memories of Joo Young trying hard to invest her thoughts in getting to know Do Hyung’s world even though it would never be necessary meant a lot to him. It was a part of her love towards him, a love he deeply treasures. It’s all part of their mutual and unconditional love to the point of self-sacrifice for one another’s well-being. Do Hyung decided to enter the flames for Joo Young’s sake and found himself wounded on the floor whereas Joo Young couldn’t believe her eyes that Do Hyung was there as she was afraid for his life as well.
bscap2283Both of them are lying on the floor and i think Tae Gyu’s call on 911 will play its own part, unless Do Hyung exaggerates himself and gets on his feet to save Joo Young at all costs to eventually collapse anew. I am curious how the police force will deal with Do Hyung after all the ruckus he caused, Hyeong Sik won’t be at ease whereas Yoon Mi will try to get Do Hyung out of trouble. This collision will lean towards Hyeong Sik’s real nature. We are left with a great cliffhanger which has to do with Do Hyung and Joo Young’s lives, but there are also many possible pathways on how the story will progress. Except for the 10th episode’s tension which succeeded the 9th one’s dynamics in a representative way i shouldn’t forget to mention that the lighting factor and the cinematography were exceptional as they were painting My Beautiful Bride’s canvas with their thick and descriptive colors.


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    lmao, I immediately thought of EunDonGaaaaaaaaaah too, it’s something that will stick around for a while!
    I have really enjoyed the action aspect of the last couple episodes but really, I want to smack the beautiful, yet silly, bride on the head; here’s an idea beautifulsillybride, if you want to cut ties with your man, DO NOT CALL HIM. Seriously, the previous episode had me fuming. I don’t get the angst either, since her guy is all meddled up on that mess, so how the hell is she protecting him by leading him on and then walking away since she knows that Mr. I-Do-My-Own-Stunts will follow her through hell to get her. Just get together, plan an elaborate plan with the police (I’m reaching I know, this police is incompetent but yeah) and catch those ffffffckers.

    I feel like it’s getting repetitive a bit at this point; still action and cinematography and Terminator keep me up so yeah. Yoon Mi needs moar scenes though.

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      EunDongaaaaah should had been there!!! And not with that voice XD
      Yeah, the bride got stuck on that i-am-not-good-enough-for-you-and-i-only-cause-you-pain part of the story, but she’s always around Do Hyung somehow! XD Do Hyung will kill them all in the end, including the bride and then he will kill himself lol! I want more Yoon Mi scenes too, without her and the other girl in her team the police would be totally useless or corrupted. In the next eps we must see Do Hyung in underwater action fighting sharks and loan sharks!

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    Excellent recap. Awesome way to tie in the thievery that happened to your site

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      Thanks a lot for one more time, in another recap such lines were taken as well, so it proves that the people behind that site don’t actually read the recaps, they just take them away without asking XD

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