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My Love Eun Dong ~ Episode 15 Recap

EUNDONGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHI should had been more cautious, the black & white opening blinded me with feels instead of preparing me for what would follow. There was a fragile balance throughout the whole duration of the episode and we could barely walk upon it until a tsunami of noble idiocy and idealization torn apart the dam of feels. It wasn’t only the ending of the 15th episode that left a great part of the audience wounded, it was also the preview that was pointing towards a wide variety of directions with most of them being quite unwelcome. All of us were aware that it wasn’t going to be that easy, Hyeon Soo and Eun Dong too, but noble idiocy wouldn’t dare to come to the surface, especially when our main figures were part of a scene. It was too good to be true and the writer kept all these rhetorical questions, ethical dilemmas and universal truths for the last two episodes with the route of all evil being the end of the 13th one. I can’t hide the fact that i am disappointed because i am, but i can say that i haven’t lost all hope, i know it’s there, it has to be there, it lingers in all these feels we treasured throughout the previous episodes and it has to be a part of the falling curtains or else i will be shouting for all eternity my sullen lamentation. Yes, you’re right; EunDongaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


KWONSANGSEUNGIMNIDAHyeon Soo takes Eun Dong to the hospital as both of them recall a variety of recent memories with Jae Ho and Hyeon Soo can’t help it but remember the day Eun Dong never returned back in their 20s. I loved the black & white filter through which the car scene was presented, the sense of grey was representative of what could follow. Hyeon Soo wants to follow Eun Dong inside the hospital, but it’s something she must do on her own and she urges him to wait for her inside the car, he shouldn’t worry about anything, she’s Eun Dong after all.

 bscap1519bscap1518 bscap1522

bscap1523Eun Dong stands in front of Jae Ho and Hyun Ah informs her that he didn’t only slit his wrist but he also devoured a strong amount of pills. Hyeon Soo’s still inside his car and time doesn’t pass pleasantly and decides to call his sister on the phone. Hyun Ah doesn’t think it’s a life-threatening condition, but they have to wait and see. She lets him know that Eun Dong and Ra Il are everything he ever loved and Hyeon Soo loses himself in thoughts and the uncertainty of the moment.


bscap1533Hyeon Soo decides to enter the hospital and witnesses Eun Dong by Jae Ho’s side from a safe distance. He goes to Dong Gyu’s house and Hyeon Soo lets him know that he has no place to go due to the reporters who are after him and on top of that he doesn’t know what to do after the sudden turn of events. Dong Gyu tries to ease Hyeon Soo’s burden since he doesn’t think Hyeon Soo is responsible for what happened to Jae Ho. Hyeon Soo can’t help it but wonder why things are so difficult for him and Eun Dong with Dong Gyu pointing out that hoping for Jae Ho’s fast recovery is the most important for now, as for the rest they will talk about them later on.


bscap1541Hyeon Soo can’t conceive how unfairly he’s being treated as the one and only sinner of the story when he didn’t do anything wrong, all he ever did was to wait while still trying to find Eun Dong. Now the tables have turned and even though Jae Ho was the one to steal Eun Dong from his life in the first place, Hyeon Soo’s the one to feel guilty at this very moment. Dong Gyu wouldn’t like him to keep nurturing such thoughts since they are not helpful at all. The night will pass in Dong Gyu’s sofa and the thoughts won’t cease flowing as Eun Dong is by Jae Ho’s side, Ra Il won’t call him father and life has become a complete mess.

bscap1542bscap1543 bscap1544

bscap1546Hyun Ah returned back home to find out that Ra Il’s at school and Mi Na at the kindergarten. She tells the whole truth to her mother who can’t help it but think that people will directly accuse Hyeon Soo for Jae Ho’s decision. Yes, Hyun Ah, it may be a matter of life and death to Jae Ho, but it is the same for Hyeon Soo, you know. You and your helpless and often thoughtless humanitarian spirit. Hyun Ah has taken care of everything and nothing has appeared on the news yet. However, the morning isn’t flowing well for Hyeon Soo and even though he’d want to, he doesn’t contact Eun Dong.

bscap1547 bscap1548bscap1549

bscap1550Seo Ryeong’s sex toy informs her about Jae Ho’s condition. He is getting better and Eun Dong signs as his legal guardian. Seo Ryeong didn’t miss her chance and appeared right away bringing gifts for fast recovery! Alright, I knew she wouldn’t be there for good and she points out that Jae Ho’s current condition is the outcome of Eun Dong and Hyeon Soo’s ultimate love! It was love between them, but to Jae Ho it was adultery and the whole world will see it this way. She points out that Eun Dong was willing to stand by Hyeon Soo’s side no matter what and that she wouldn’t stand still if anyone tried to harm him, but what would happen had Eun Dong been the person to hurt him more in the end? This is a shipwreck of a scene, Jae Ho’s mother is here right after Seo Ryeong started leaving and for one more time she puts all the blame on Eun Dong demanding from her to bring Jae Ho back to life. Hyun Ah tries to calm down the outburst of the moment and eventually Eun Dong leaves unable to withstand the emotional devastation of the moment. Seo Ryeong wants her sex toy to inform the reporters.

bscap1555 bscap1553bscap1552 bscap1558

bscap1560Eun Dong returns back home and blood is all over the floor making the apartment an even more alienated environment. She collapses on the floor as she’s crying her heart out. Hyeon Soo is informed by Hyun Ah on the latest events and rushes to Eun Dong’s aid. She’s still trying to clean all of this bloody mess and Hyeon Soo lets her know that this was only the beginning, misunderstandings and criticism lie ahead and they must overcome each and every obstacle. Hyeon Soo reveals his intentions to save Jae Ho’s life at all costs and they leave.

bscap1561 bscap1566bscap1565bscap1567 bscap1568bscap1570

bscap1571One after the other the slaps of reality visit Hyun Bal’s face, at first it was the prosecution and now it is the news about Jae Ho’s suicidal attempt. Hyeon Soo receives a phone call from Dong Gyu and gets informed on the chaos the article caused, but he wants Hyeon Soo to remain strong even though not many stand by their side at this very moment. The reporters are waiting for Hyeon Soo and Eun Dong , but they are safe for now inside Hyeon Soo’s house. Eun Dong’s still asleep and Hyeon Soo wants the military housemaid to take care of her once she wakes up.


bscap1587Seo Ryeong’s going through all of the articles and her sex toy informs her that Hyun Bal accepted only the bribery accusations and denied everything else. She’s amused at how loyal Hyun Bal is to Hyeon Soo and she’s actually quite pleased at how things are flowing! Hyeon Soo arrives and all she wants is him, not their company. Hyeon Soo wants her to help Hyun Bal, but now that the case is in the prosecutor’s hands it’s too late. He lets her know that he intends to live with Eun Dong and Ra Il and there’s nobody that could stop him. He wants her to take their company now before it collapses even further, as for falling, Hyeon Soo’s not afraid of it, all that matters is how he will protect Eun Dong and Ra Il. Hyeon Soo intends to inform the company’s lawyer about President Hwang’s case, but if that happens chances are high Seo Ryeong will get investigated as well since she’s behind him.

bscap1590 bscap1595bscap1592bscap1596bscap1597

bscap1598Hyeon Soo was minimal and spot on and he left since he has to take Ra Il from school. He stares at him from the class window and he’s captivated by his son’s vibrancy and very presence. The attempts to call Jae Ho right away begin, but he can’t reach him on the phone. It’s the first time Ra Il enters Hyeon Soo’s house and both of them get informed that Eun Dong’s still asleep, but Ra Il wants to see her and eventually wakes her up since he’s curious to find out why she’s sleeping there. He wants to see Jae Ho and he’s negative with their presence at Hyeon Soo’s house. On top of that, his classmates have already managed to deliver the news that his mother and Hyeon Soo are committing adultery. He doesn’t know what adultery means and they can’t explain him the whole situation either.

bscap1599 bscap1601bscap1600bscap1603bscap1610bscap1611 bscap1612

bscap1616Eun Dong informs Hyeon Soo that she will let Ra Il know that he’s his father after he wakes up and for the time being she intends to go to the hospital, she doesn’t want to avoid reality. Hyeon Soo’s apologetic, but he shouldn’t be and Eun Dong wants him to remain strong so that both of them will overcome this hardship. Ra Il tries to contact Jae Ho but he can’t reach him and he messages him telling him how much he missed him. According to Jae Ho’s condition, more tests must be done and the real problem is the fact that he hasn’t woken up yet and it feels as if he was refusing to do so. Hyun Ah’s colleague refers to a similar incident and everything points towards the importance of Ra Il’s presence at the hospital. Hyeon Soo’s mother would like to meet Eun Dong and learn the whole truth, she doesn’t feel well since someone else raised Hyeon Soo’s son, but her husband points out that Jae Ho sincerely loves Ra Il and raised him well.

 bscap1618bscap1617bscap1621bscap1619bscap1623bscap1622 bscap1624bscap1625

bscap1627Eun Dong’s by Jae Ho’s side and his mother appears once again, but this time she’s calmer, maybe they tranquilized her! She was aware of Jae Ho’s one-sided feelings back in the days and the moment of truth has arrived, Eun Dong’s the one he loved and now she knows that Ra Il isn’t Jae Ho’s biological son. Eun Dong points out that she found the whole truth after she recalled her memories. Her mother-in-law lets her go and she will be the one to detach Jae Ho from his feelings for Ra Il. Eun Dong would like to stay there until Jae Ho wakes up and then she will fulfill her wishes.


bscap1631Dong Gyu informs Hyeon Soo that Hyun Bal will get imprisoned and that Eun Dong’s photos have been taken down, but the article is all over the internet. Hyeon Soo asks him for playing methods in order to spend some creative time with Ra Il and Dong Gyu points out it wouldn’t be hard finding out on his own since he’s almost at the same level as a young boy! Ra Il appears and wants to see his mother, but Hyeon Soo can’t tell him that she’s at hospital by Jae Ho’s side. Ra Il isn’t in the mood for anything, but he would like Hyeon Soo to read a book just like Jae Ho did. Hyeon Soo tries really hard, but monkeys are not to Ra Il’s liking! Hyeon Soo has fallen asleep, but Ra Il kept trying to reach his father on the phone and since he couldn’t he left a message expressing all of his concerns.

bscap1632bscap1633bscap1635bscap1636bscap1637 bscap1640bscap1641bscap1642bscap1643

bscap1645Hyeon Soo wakes up but Ra Il is nowhere to be found. Hyun Ah informs him that Ra Il told her he’s going back home since he can’t reach Eun Dong or Jae Ho on the phone. By the time Hyeon Soo arrives he finds Ra Il on the floor with the lavender pot within his hands. Hyeon Soo makes a brave decision by bringing Ra Il to Jae Ho. Ra Il can’t hold back his tears in front of Jae Ho and keeps urging him to wake up as Eun Dong tries to ease his tension. Eun Dong encounters the cleaning lady’s wrath, but she’s not a lady at all and she should be minding her own business.


bscap1657Hyeon Soo had fallen asleep inside his car and decides to leave. Dong Gyu informs the press that they will sue the news companies for defamation of characters. Hyeon Soo appears and he doesn’t intend to answer to their questions. The investigation on Hyun Bal hasn’t reached the end and Hyeon Soo decides the moment has arrived to liquidate the company. Dong Gyu’s worried about Eun Dong and Ra Il as Hyeon Soo thinks he makes things harder because of his presence in their lives.

bscap1658bscap1659 bscap1661

bscap1663Ra Il’s sleeping by Jae Ho’s side and the lavender pots have multiplied themselves so that Jae Ho will wake up faster! Jae Ho’s mother wakes Ra Il up, but he doesn’t intend to leave Jae Ho’s side. She doesn’t want Eun Dong and Ra Il to be by Jae Ho’s side anymore, but Ra Il’s negative, all he can think of is Jae Ho waking up. Ra Il’s grandfather was the one to fill the place with lavender pots after Ra Il requested it. He can’t hold back his tears and it was the least he could do for his grandson at this very moment. The doctors try to take Ra Il off Jae Ho’s side but Ra Il’s negative once again, but once the danger factor appears he gets on his feet!


bscap1668Ra Il’s grandfather is back home and his wife notices that he’s not at his finest. He’s proud of the way Jae Ho raised up Ra Il and he doesn’t want to separate them. Jae Ho seems to be just steps before waking up while Hyeon Soo’s losing himself in his own thoughts. He receives a phone call from his father who wants to go fishing with him once again. They recall the good old days when they were fishing together with Hyun Ah’s husband while Hyeon Soo’s mother didn’t know anything. The real reason for this meeting pops up and his father compares life to fishing; waiting and timing. Hyeon Soo gets the meaning and points out that he didn’t see Ra Il growing up for the past ten years, but he wants to raise him well. His father tell him that if he leaves far away won’t make Eun Dong and Ra Il happier since Jae Ho raised Ra Il with so much love.


bscap1680Hyeon Soo points out that Ra Il is his own son, but his father emphasizes on Ra Il’s feelings and that Hyeon Soo should take them into consideration. He caught the fish and let it into the water again as an example while urging his son to let Ra Il go towards Jae Ho. Hyeon Soo can’t believe his father’s words, but his father summons the authenticity factor that he knows how he feels because he’s a father himself; a son’s pain is always greater than the pain a father go through. He can’t accept Hyeon Soo taking Ra Il away from Jae Ho since it involves Ra Il’s happiness. Hyeon Soo remains true to his feelings, he wants to raise Ra Il at all costs, but his father points out that Hyeon Soo reacts this way because he isn’t a father yet, once he becomes one he will realize his father’s words.


Go fishing they said, it’s gonna be fun they said.


Thoughts: The opening of the episode with Hyeon Soo taking Eun Dong to the hospital was overran by a mourning aesthetic. Even though it was flowing in normal tempo time simply wasn’t complying to any sense of normality. Blame it on the black & white factor, but the pace was funerary overburdening even more My Love Eun Dong’s world. In front of Jae Ho, Eun Dong was still unable to comprehend what had happened, the shock was immense, but time wasn’t really flowing for Hyeon Soo inside his car either, he simply didn’t know what to do and how to react.


Without being guilty, Hyeon Soo couldn’t help it but feel guilty even though he had done nothing wrong. The pressure of the events was immense and though most people aren’t at his side Dong Gyu is one who can deeply understand everything he’s going through and Hyun Bal keeps supporting him all the way to the end, even though he can’t be by his side with his presence. During the 15th episode Hyeon Soo finally got to find out who were truly by his side all this time, even though at times they were wavering.


Seo Ryeong remains one-dimensional as a character. Visiting Jae Ho at the hospital and orating in front of Eun Dong about the sickening love she preserved with Hyeon Soo and the harm both of them caused was disgusting coming from a person who orchestrated this dismal symphony of hurt. All the bliss she finds in other people’s misery is the fake exoneration she receives for her own wrongdoings as others progress her own plans and she’s not directly involved in all this chaos, especially when it comes to Jae Ho.


She’s a major hypocrite, she translates her one-sided love into pure hate since she can’t have Hyeon Soo, but she seems to forget that she’s the one who forced all this chaos unto other people’s lives one way or another, not quite directly, but she was there and infused her own seeds of hatred. Harvesting time is near and she will pay for everything with her bitterest tears.


Jae Ho’s mother’s emotional collapse was omnipresent. At first she could easily accuse Eun Dong for everything as she was nearly mourning her son’s loss. She could only think of the worse under such tense moments, but then again, after she calmed down and found the whole truth through Eun Dong’s mouth she acted differently. She doesn’t want to keep nurturing the bonds between Jae Ho and Eun Dong alongside Ra Il so that her son will eventually find some peace of mind as soon as he wakes up.


Eun Dong couldn’t withstand Jae Ho’s blood. The apartment was already a foreign place to her, but the bloodstained scenery made it even more alienated and she couldn’t hold back her emotional charge. Hyeon Soo stood by her side and soothed the tension within, even though he was aware it wasn’t going to be easy, he had to be strong for both of them. The only place she could be safe was his house, inside the room he had decorated for her and on their way there he even protected her from the ravenous reporters.


The meeting between Hyeon Soo and Seo Ryeong was essential. Hyeon Soo even now hasn’t forgotten about Hyun Bal and tries to help him at all costs, but his case has progressed and nothing can be done. Seo Ryeong no longer exists in his humane dictionary after all this chaos and he makes things clear. He intends to protect Eun Dong and Ra Il at all costs so that they will be able to live as a family altogether, something that was viciously stolen from them.


Hyeon Soo tried to approach Ra Il in multifaceted ways. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t reach his son’s emotional chords since Ra Il’s mind was always on Jae Ho whom he tried to contact countless times. Trying to play with him and reading a book didn’t work, the first one was always baseball oriented at the playground by Jae Ho’s side and the second one was in a like-minded vibe, but a more soothing one during nighttime. Ra Il feels like an unconquerable fortress in front of Hyeon Soo with the slight difference that Hyeon Soo doesn’t try to conquer, all he asks for is a slight approval so that he will be able to progress; always with love.


Ra Il running away and finding comfort in his lavender pot was proving how much he loves Jae Ho and how much he misses him as he’s unaware of what’s going on. Hyeon Soo made a brave decision and took him to the hospital to be by Jae Ho’s side. Ra Il and Eun Dong found themselves in tears for their own reasons and Ra Il wouldn’t intend to leave Jae Ho’s side.The lavender pots multiplied themselves as Ra Il’s pure heart thought that if one lavender pot was gradually helping his father to start walking again, many of them would definitely help him to wake up and resume his rehabilitation.


I deeply hated the press and the common people like the cleaning lady. It’s easy criticizing others’ lives when you’re on the other side of the fence and you can’t know what’s really going on. But people are people and people talk too much because they care more about others’ lives in order to avoid a direct confrontation with their own wrongdoings. This is why this world will come to an end and not because Eun Dong and Hyeon Soo dared to take back their stolen lives. If everyone spent at least 5 minutes per day to get to know themselves and face his own dark dots in the mirror it would help filling all these blank pages that will never get filled with other people’s lives.


Throughout all these episodes My Love Eun Dong was too good to be true, but while we were losing ourselves in the bliss of the moment as we were witnessing our main couple’s paradise we forgot to see the vicious creature that was at its birth pangs. Of course i am referring to all this noble idiocy that fell like a comet on the surface of our precious drama land. All this idealization and the reference to a father’s authenticity cracked my heart’s contours and progressed my nerve system’s explosion.


Being a father isn’t something you are born with, it’s not a given, you become one step by step and everything begins before the baby gets born. You start becoming a father the day you find out that in a few months your child will be born and all these blissful explosions play their own part. It’s true that Hyeon Soo didn’t go through this and he can’t become an exemplary father overnight because he lacks all these feelings in the process that would gently shape his fatherly core, a core Jae Ho forged throughout the years. He was there to see Ra Il coming to life and he was there to see him grow up.


However, Hyeon Soo wasn’t a criminal, he wasn’t beating his wife and his child, he wasn’t a drunkard, he didn’t leave home, he didn’t go to jail, he didn’t fill the world with sins and one day he woke up and felt like becoming a father. His life was stolen, his life as a loving father and husband was taken away in a blink of an eye and he kept searching for Eun Dong unaware of his son’s presence. He has all the rights in this world to reclaim everything that was stolen from him and from them respectively. If someone’s a sinner here it has to be Jae Ho regardless of his current condition.


If it’s a sin for someone to love that much while being a victim of major emotional crimes then Hyeon Soo is guilty for all the reasons in this world and i am proud of him. Eun Dong and Ra Il are victims too no matter how much Jae Ho loved them. Everything was built upon lies and Hyeon Soo, Eun Dong and Ra Il’s reality was buried in the mud. Jae Ho scattered a whole family and the families behind them regardless of the faults of each and every individual and consecrated his own cause.


Judging from the preview and from the way he progressed during the 13th episode, Jae Ho’s attempt to end his own life wasn’t to keep Eun Dong and Ra Il by his side, it was to detach himself from them once and for all since he could never have them in his life as guilt was growing stronger within him, but he acted in a rush without taking into consideration the weight of such an action on his own life and the impact it would have on other people’s lives as well. In the end, it wasn’t the solution, it was reality’s distortion for one more time.


According to the preview of the last episode Ra Il will definitely want to stay by Jae Ho’s side while Hyeon Soo will keep wondering whether he is going to be a good father or not. People will still think Ra Il isn’t Hyeon Soo’s son and that he’s committing adultery. Seo Ryeong’s emotional collapse is omnipresent after all these wrongdoings and Jae Ho intends to tell the whole truth and bring back Hyeon Soo, Eun Dong and Ra Il’s stolen lives. Hyeon Soo’s thoughts will start pointing towards the departure direction, a departure from Eun Dong, Jae Ho and Ra Il’s lives so that Ra Il will stay by Jae Ho’s side. All signs point towards the most unwelcome direction, but i still have faith that the destination will be the desired one for it is the one and only.


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    • July 21, 2015 at 11:20 pm — Reply

      Thanks a lot once again! Indeed, nothing flows towards the right direction and it feels like it’s going to be all the way to the end an old school kdrama… with an at least odd ending.. you’ve probably watched the 16th ep, i haven’t yet, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow it is! I guess the whatever book was to point out that he doesn’t pace well with Ra Il and that he doesn’t understand what a child needs… writerniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim! XD

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        We had begun to fill out a DMCA takedown notice form, but we’ll give it a few more days. It has not posted any of our latest stuff yet, and that remains to be seen. If it does not comply then, we’ll be more aggressive about this.

        • July 22, 2015 at 4:52 pm — Reply

          Should i start writing a post? Because i’m definitely not in the mood to sit for hours to write a recap and see it posted on that thief den… Same here, not any of the recent posts, but then again, there weren’t any new recaps on my behalf… I will write 5 word reviews lol

  4. July 21, 2015 at 9:06 pm — Reply

    One more thing … We don’t know how much this will deter Zkpop, but we suggest making your text and images unselectable. At the very least, it’ll make it hard for the thief/thieves to cut and paste your content. We just implemented this action, and we hope it will be effective.

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