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It has been a busy period in dramaland. Too many releases both in Japan and South Korea and so little time for the dramalovers. That is why in such a world you have to pick wise, which drama is gonna be your next. I personally have my eyes on “Death Note”, “Scholar who walks the night”, “Oh my ghost” (that Kwon wrote about it) “High Society”, “Orange Marmalade” (which will be over soon) and “The Time We Were Not In Love”.In this world full of dramas, like I previous said, “The Time We Were Not In Love” might have not been the best choice and I’ll be explaining my thoughts.

I’ve seen many works of Ha Ji Won and really like her as an actress, she was the reason I started this drama. If it was not for her maybe I wouldn’t have noticed it at all. Many people already knew about it, because of the Taiwanese series “In Time with You”, the drama is based on. I haven’t watched the Taiwanese version so I don’t have an opinion about it. But for the Koreans to make a drama based on it, the drama must have been a success.

The production of the korean drama has been through changes in directors and screen writers. Is that the reason the drama is not doing well? Well surely changing such important members must have had an impact on the drama.

The plot is an easy going one, about two friends that have been together since school. Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) has been in love with Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won), but has never confessed his love throughout the years. It seems like Oh Ha Na after a troubled dating life at the age of 34 is starting to realise, that maybe her best friend is the most suitable partner for her in life. I have seen the most simple plots become a masterpiece in the hands of korean writers, but that was the result of amazing characters that I think this drama is lacking of.


-contains spoilers

Oh Ha Na is a very plain character, but not plain meaning good here. She is 34 years old has a good job, lives with her parents and has been through many break ups. She easily falls for the wrong guys and her life pretty much revolves around Choi Won. They talk on the phone day and night and they always do things together. That is why, its a bit stupid how a woman hasn’t realized the love of a guy, that its obvious at many points. When they were at school, I get it for her not be aware for his feelings. But it has been so many years. I wont talk about how when you spend so much time with a male friend you tend to develop feelings about him, but from what I’ve witnessed in life this happens more from the male’s side, like Choi Won.


Choi Won is a fly attendant, his character is pretty plain too. He is all about Oh Ha Na, which sometimes turns out to be annoying. Despite his big love throughout the years he has never managed to confess. I have to say Lee Jin Wook’s face is very unique and more suitable for melodramas, although he did well in “I need romance 2”, where his character was very suitable for his physique.


The point is both Oh Ha Na and Choi Won is nothing interesting and when the drama is all about them, then that is a problem. I don’t think the actors don’t try their best but the writing doesn’t help.

I find my self being more interested in the second leads, the famous pianist Chae Seo Hoo (Yoon Gyun Sang), Choi Won’s coworker Lee So Eun (Choo Soo Hyun) and Ki Sung Jae (L).
I don’t know many things about Cha Seo Hoo yet but, the mystery he has around him makes me wait for the scenes with him, so I can escape the boredom of the other ones. Lee So Eun is a nice girl, she is plain too ( I definetly don’t mean it for her looks ), but her determination for Choi Won’s love and her positivity makes the good plane. I sometimes root for her and prefer the ship between her and Choi Won, like I prefer Oh Ha Na with Chae Seo Hoo.



The development is another important falling of the drama. Six episodes have passed and we are still in the beginning, except of Chae Seo Hoo’s appearance and Oh Ha Na slightly realising she has feeling for Choi Won. To put it simple all we have between the main leads is them spending time together, have thoughts on each other that never reveal, judging each other’s love interests, flashbacks, fights but they always end up together because they only have each other. For me at this point the drama irritates me, the same way like a conversation with my friend on the phone that keeps on whining about things he/she will never change as much advise as I give them.


I would say, we should wait , but six episodes are already enough and with the problems in the production, I don’t see this drama changing anytime soon.
If I didn’t have my drama ocd for finishing everything I start, I might have already dropped it, but for now I’ll keep watching, probably I’ll skip many parts.

What are your thoughts on “The Time We Were Not In Love”?

p.s I forgot to say I’m pretty annoyed with Choi Won’s character for going out with Lee So Eun, when he realises her feeling and he knows that he gonna end up ignoring her for Oh Hana.


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  1. July 19, 2015 at 10:11 am — Reply

    […] Episodes 01 to 06 […]

  2. July 20, 2015 at 3:44 am — Reply

    Hello! Just noticed that you are starting to watch this drama. I am also following it — partly due to looking for escapes from MLED trauma! My personal recommendation about the Taiwanese version ? SKIP IT. I also have that OCD thing and made myself watch until the end!
    If you find this one slow, You will pull your hair out with the other one!
    I like Ha Ji Won — wonder WHY she picked this one! I think the actor is really handsome! And am liking seeing him duplicate the role of the Taiwanese guy! Very stupid behavior for both guys! I’m up to episode 7 and JUST CAN NOT STOP NOW! Even though I know where the story is going, I need to see how these guys will do it!
    But I still might find something better.
    The Taiwanese dramas drive me nuts with all the interruptions, but I mastered the “skip over them” technique finally! I love to see different versions of the same story. (It Started with a Kiss, Absolute Boyfriend, Boys Over Flowers, Na Il’s Cantabile, etc.)

    • July 20, 2015 at 1:36 pm — Reply

      I understand how you feel, there so many good dramas and I don’t want to waste my time, I’m gonna skip a lot of parts. I’ve seen all the dramas you mentioned for BOF and it started with a kiss the korean version, Nodame Contabile and Absolute Boyfriend japanese version.

  3. July 20, 2015 at 7:00 pm — Reply

    Hey, In Time With You was a hit, Ariel Lin even won an award for her performance.

    Really enjoyed your post. I think Hana can’t read men, this is why she may look “stupid” but I can relate to that side of her that can’t see when a guy is interested if he doesn’t say it. The reason being that some guys are nice to you without seeing you as a woman, and some are not that demonstrative but are interested in you. I never understand people unless they speak precisely. I have never dated jerks though, I can spot them really easily. Won is the one who always “friendzoned” her, at some point I understand her “moving on” attitude. He said himself he would never love her.

    I find myself more interested in the leads, but I agree with you that Won was a moron for using So-Eun (strong word but that’s what it seemed to be to me) for an ego boost when he knew he was never interested. Makes me wonder if he wasted the time of all of his girlfriends, because unlike Hana, he was aware of his feelings for Hana from the start! So-Eun is too clingy and desperate and this is why I’m tired of her. Seo-Hoo needs to tone it down when it comes to so-called confidence. He is arrogant and what he says goes, in his mind. I think he’s a jerk and the contrast with Won in way they treat the woman they love is … to say the least… gigantic.

    I actually fell in love with the show, even if it is not popular. I think the writers focus more on the characters’ history, fear of getting out of their comfort zone and insecurities than anything else. But you’re right that they’re hurting other people, I’m not sure Hana is aware of it, as for Won I guess most of the time he is. Anyway, Hanakimi if at some point the show irritates you, maybe you should drop it? It is not a good sign when you find yourself bored or irritated. A few times I have finished dramas that annoyed me, only to wonder why I wasted so much time, now I’m becoming more selective. 😉

    • July 21, 2015 at 12:38 pm — Reply

      That’s is why, I always say that the viewer’s personal experiences have to do, with how the drama is gonna affect someone. The same happens with the characters. I totally see why you like “The time we Were not in Love” and I respect that. You have given a different meaning and you have given thought into it. But I can understand those who say the drama is boring too. It’s one of the dramas that you can not say it’s objectively good, it depends on the viewer’s taste. I really have a problem with finishing what I started, it’s not a joke, but sometimes I think that even though I might not like a drama. Watching some scenes of it, you’ll always gain something art is art after all.

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