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My Love Eun Dong ~ Episode 14 Recap

EunHoDongahAs it approaches the end, My Love Eun Dong appears strong in terms of ratings while taking into consideration that jTBC is a cable channel. The 14th episode, one of the most multifaceted ones of the drama since it had pretty much everything, found itself in 1.408% and my feel-o-meter tells me the last 2 episodes will reach the drama’s greatest ratings to date. The ending of the 14th episode suddenly blocked the tremendous amounts of bliss leaving many pathways open in the way My Love Eun Dong will close its curtains, but that’s what we live for when it comes to dramas, the electrifying uncertainty while praying for the ending we want to cherish! We are 3 days away from the 15th episode and i can’t help it but already feel incomplete once i think that after this Saturday’s episode something that united us all will be silenced forever: EunDongaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


bscap0708Jae Ho’s all alone staring at the lavender pot of Ra Il and Hyeon Soo appears. They stare at each other and Hyeon grabs a chair and sits right in front of him. He announces his intentions to take back his woman and his son. Jae Ho doesn’t believe that Hyeon Soo actually claims Ra Il as his own son. Hyeon Soo’s thankful towards Jae Ho for raising him throughout the years and Jae Ho points out that Ra Il became his son while treating him like his own and taking care of him throughout the years and wonders how could he become someone else’s son overnight. Hyeon Soo points out he didn’t come to negotiate but to let him know of his real intentions. Jae Ho wonders what did he ever do for Eun Dong and points out that he was just waiting while gaining fame and money and enjoying everything in this world. It’s something that made Hyeon Soo question him if he knows how his last ten years were like.

bscap0712 bscap0711bscap0710  bscap0713bscap0652bscap0651

bscap0655Jae Ho spent Hyeon Soo’s life by his son and his woman’s side instead of him with with all these lies and fraud. Money and fame meant nothing since he couldn’t share them with the woman he loved and urges him to stop talking about things he will never understand. Jae Ho grabs him by the neck and stands on his feet as much as he can letting Hyeon Soo know that he won’t be able to get take his son and wife away. Jae Ho questions him if he’s willing to leave everything behind for Eun Dong just like he did and Hyeon Soo urges him to watch what he’s about to do in the near future.


bscap0721Hyeon Soo’s back inside his car and he’s apologetic for not realizing earlier Ra Il was his son and she’s curious about how he found out. He was staring at him at his sister’s house and he had started having all these weird thoughts about it and at that point he lets her know that his sister is Hyun Ah, Jae Ho’s doctor. He unveils his heart one more time and he lets her know that he will love her even more as he intends to make her even happier; more than anyone else. Not only her, but Ra Il as well. Hyeon Soo’s in a rush, but Eun Dong points out Ra Il needs time to adjust to the new reality, but he doesn’t seem to understand and acts like a child! He can’t do otherwise but eventually obey Eun Dong’s insightful thoughts!

bscap0723 bscap0725bscap0724 bscap0728

bscap0730Eun Dong enters the house to get Ra Il’s bag and clothes and Jae Ho tries to hide his tears. She wants him to understand and let everything flow step by step so that Ra Il won’t get hurt. Back inside the car Hyeon Soo can’t hide that he’s afraid of what may lie ahead, everyone would feel the same way had he been in his shoes! Eun Dong refers to him as her childish oppa and it’s one of the greatest truths in My Love Eun Dong, especially now that he found out he’s a father! She informs him that Ra Il is different from him and that he needs some time to adjust. Hyeon Soo still can’t believe that Eun Dong gave birth to his own son and that he’s a father!

bscap0731bscap0734 bscap0733

bscap0737By the time they return back to Hyun Ah’s house Hyeon Soo can’t hide his enthusiasm and rushes inside the room where Ra Il’s already fallen asleep! He sits by his side and holds his little hand, everything now is more palpable and you can sense the emotion in Joo Jin Mo’s stare. Hyun Ah appears and she lets him know that she did a DNA test. She wanted to tell him everything earlier,  but she need some time to make things right in her mind. Hyeon Soo would like her to leave in order to spend some time alone with his son and lays back right next to him.

bscap0739bscap0740  bscap0742bscap0743 bscap0745

bscap0749Eun Dong is about to leave and it’s an emotionally charged scene, Ra Il is Hyun Ah’s nephew. Before leaving Eun Dong enters the room and finds out Hyeon Soo’s fallen asleep next to his son. Hyun Ah receives a phone call from Jae Ho who asks her if Ra Il’s sleeping well. The tone of Hyun Ah’s voice is different this time, but she reassures him that everything’s fine. Jae Ho tries to stand on his own feet and falls on the floor.

bscap0748 bscap0751bscap0750 bscap0755bscap0754

bscap0756Hyeon Soo wakes up next to Ra Il and caresses him. By the time he wakes up Hyeon Soo smiles at him and Ra Il greets him. Ra Il asks him why did he sleep there and Hyeon Soo offers a diplomatic answer, Hyun Ah and Mi Na slept together as girls and the boys slept together as well. He didn’t sleep at his house because he was too tired to return back home after a nightly conversation with Hyun Ah. Ra Il calls his father on the phone to ask him if he watered the lavender pot, making Hyeon Soo thoughtful for the time being and shortly after he took him to school. Ra Il referring to him as ahjussi instead of father sounds a bit painful for now.

bscap0759 bscap0761bscap0760

bscap0763Jae Ho’s words echo once again in Hyeon Soo’s mind on whether he’s willing to lose everything for Eun Dong or not and he asks Dong Gyu if everything’s fine concerning the press conference. One of the problems they have to go through is the search and seizure warrant and Hyeon Soo’s press conference where he has to make things clear in the most sincere way. One thing is for certain, Hyun Bal and Dong Gyu must protect Hyeon Soo.


bscap0765Jae Ho’s at the hospital and visits Hyun Ah who notices that he’s not at his finest. He refers to all the stress he’s been going through all this time and Hyun Ah lets him know that Hyeon Soo is her brother. She wanted to tell him many times but the timing never felt right. She acknowledges he may be in shock right now, but the greatest shock both for Jae Ho and us, the audience, was the fact that she was by Jae Ho’s side except for the fact that Ra Il is Hyeon Soo’s son and her nephew. She wants him to stop intruding in Hyeon Soo’s path between Ra Il and Eun Dong. She lets him know that Ra Il’s at school now and that last night Hyeon Soo slept by his side. Jae Ho feels like he can’t talk to her anymore about his pain, but Hyun Ah doesn’t intend to give up on him. Later on Jae Ho’s inside his car crying his heart out.


bscap0767Hyeon Soo calls Eun Dong on the phone and informs her that everything went fine with Ra Il, he ate breakfast well and then he took him to school. Eun Dong’s with her mother and they seem to be in a more playful mood together this morning. Hyeon Soo intends to pass by her mother’s house once he takes care of his business. Her mother doesn’t want Hyeon Soo to bring anything with him, all she wants him to do is to keep treasuring his daughter. He wants Eun Dong to bring Ra Il as well and she lets him know that Jae Ho asked to spend some time with Ra Il for the following two days. Hyeon Soo’s negative, but Eun Dong points out that Jae Ho is a precious person to Ra Il and they should be careful on their approach, they can’t separate them in a blink of an eye and Hyeon Soo complies. Hyeon Soo tells her he loves and she tells him she loves him back and I love those two together in addition!

bscap0770 bscap0772bscap0768 bscap0774bscap0773bscap0670bscap0671

bscap0775Hyeon Soo’s press conference moment has arrived. He stands in front of all the reporters and opens up his hearts with sincerity. He refers to his previous conference and the book that was about to be released. He tells everyone that he found Eun Dong and he’s here to tell the whole truth and counter the fake article. It’s true that Eun Dong is married and has a child, but that child is his own son. He intends to take back his woman and his child and he’s willing to pour his soul into them from now in order to reclaim the ten years of bliss that were stolen from them.

bscap0776Revealing the whole truth, he thinks it was the right thing to do, especially towards his fans and he announces his retirement as an actor. Anyone who violates the privacy of Eun Dong and his son while trying to dig information about him he will confront them face to face by any means necessary. He looks straight into the camera and he talks face to face to everyone who tried or may try to place an obstacle on his way, this is his fair warning and the message gets delivered. Concerning the company matters there will be a separate announcement. Seo Ryeong wasn’t pleased with the press conference and Jae Ho’s all alone at home and he’s not at his best either.


bscap0779Hyeon Soo’s inside his car and acknowledges how hard Dong Gyu worked all this time and all the trouble he had to go through because of him. Dong Gyu wonders whether he was just a manager and nothing else to him, he was willing to do anything for him and his feelings towards him had always been sincere, he can’t believe he simply retired without informing anyone. Hyeon Soo says he likes Dong Gyu too and he asks him to prove it! He wants him to take over the clothing store, it’s the only thing he can do for Dong Gyu at this very moment.


bscap0783Hyun Ah reads the news about her brother’s press conference and she feels like Hyeon Soo has become a teenager once again! Her mother calls her on the phone and wants her to pass by the house immediately! She’s pretty certain both of them are conspiring against their parents, Hyun Ah in the past, Hyeon Soo at the present! She keeps rambling and rambling and as soon as she notices that Ra Il could be Hyeon Soo’s son Hyun Ah reassures them that Ra Il is indeed their grandson. In such a small period of time they got to see both of their grandchildren!

bscap0675bscap0785bscap0788 bscap0787

bscap0791Dong Gyu arrives at Hyun Bal’s office and lets him know that Hyeon Soo will be there in the evening. Seo Ryeong calls Hyun Bal and informs him that the deadline is reaching the end and asks him if he’s emotionally ready. He gives her his final answer, he followed his friend Hyeon Soo so far and he’s going to see it to the very end even if prison awaits!


bscap0793Hyeon Soo arrives at Eun Dong’s house and her mother is apologetic for the emotional crimes she, among others, committed. Hyeon Soo’s hunger and more playful attitude make her feel at ease and his eating excursion begins! He would like Eun Dong’s mother to go on a trip to Greece with her closest friends for a few days; you are more than welcome here! She says that she’d like to go there with Eun Dong, but this is not an option since she has to stay with Hyeon Soo! All she has to do is to inform her friends and he will arrange everything else. This year it’s Greece, next year it’s all about Italy and I concur, only love for such precious neighbors! Hyeon Soo’s aware that there are many things that have to be sorted out, but he will take care of everything and he will indeed treasure Eun Dong, but he wouldn’t like her mother to find herself in the middle of everything that’s about to happen and a trip feels essential. Eun Dong lets her know that both Hyeon Soo and Ra Il like and dislike the same things and an in-law relationship has just been born!

bscap0796bscap0797 bscap0798bscap0678bscap0679

bscap0801Hyeon Soo asks Eun Dong if she saw the news, but she’s not aware of anything. He lets her know that he quit acting and revealed the whole truth. She thinks he’s acting rash like a child and he’s about to introduce her to his drama writer, but she can’t believe he quit acting without consulting her first! She can’t believe he’s quitting in order to protect Eun Dong and their child, but what she can’t imagine is that Eun Dong is right in front of her since she introduced herself as Jung Eun! Once she refers to Eun Dong as bitch and demands from him to bring her in front of her he can’t help it but tell her that he did bring her with him and points at Eun Dong who smiles. Awkward moments are awkward!

bscap0800bscap0799 bscap0803bscap0802bscap0681bscap0682bscap0684bscap0683 bscap0686

bscap0805Inside his car Hyeon Soo points out that the writer has never been in love since she always progresses her stories in that way so that the main couple will always split up! Hyeon Soo thinks Eun Dong will do just fine since she has experienced love to the fullest! Eun Dong points out that she returned back in time, ten years ago, when she told him she would become a writer to support him!

bscap0806 bscap0810bscap0808bscap0807

bscap0811The search and seizure warrant has turned to life inside the company and everyone’s devastated. Jae Ho went to school to take Ra Il. Ra Il’s grandparents are watching from a safe distance and Hyeon Soo’s mother’s in tears unable to conceive the whole background story. His grandfather doesn’t look so well either, but he tries to prevent his tears from falling. Jae Ho and Ra Il are at the playground and both of them are playful, until Ra Il mentions that last night he slept with Hyeon Soo. Ra Il neither likes nor dislikes him, he’s just interesting to his eyes, but it was better seeing him live than on the TV. Jae Ho wants Ra Il to be close to Hyeon Soo and that was quite a change!

bscap0812bscap0813 bscap0814bscap0815 bscap0818bscap0819

bscap0820Hyeon Soo and Eun Dong are by the river and both of them are so playful! Especially Hyeon Soo is like a child once again and he makes Eun Dong feel like a child as well as she can’t help it but follow his lead! He plays the guitar for her and this is so old school, but so good old school by sunset! Hyeon Soo had been thinking if all of them should live abroad, especially for Ra Il’s sake. Since Ra Il and Eun Dong entered his life all of his senses are hyper alert and for the first time in his life he can make long term plans while being more responsible than usual! I love that scene, she has laid back on his feet while reading her book like in the good old days! Eun Dong doesn’t want to go overseas since her senses are hyper alert as well and she wants to be sure he won’t start doing something rash and idiotic once again! I love this playful “quarrel,” they look so beautiful together! She wants to read his hand and says she will be nagged to death and he points out that he will have wealth and longevity!

bscap0821bscap0822 bscap0823bscap0824bscap0827   bscap0828 bscap0829bscap0830bscap0832 bscap0833bscap0834

bscap0837Ra Il will write to his filial diary and today he’s the one to wash Jae Ho’s feet. Jae Ho tells him that filial means he should listen to his mother. Ra Il thinks that Jae Ho should listen to Eun Dong as well, then they shouldn’t have to fight, but Jae Ho tells him they didn’t fight. Ra Il draws the outline of Jae Ho’s foot and puts his own foot inside the outline and says he’s got a long way ahead until he reaches Jae Ho’s foot size while outlining his one foot in there as well.

 bscap0841bscap0842 bscap0838

bscap0844It’s barbeque time and Hyeon Soo prepares everything, I am hungry too for BBQ’s sake! Good food, good wine and good company, what else could they ask for? They feed each other as if they just fell in love, but Hyeon Soo’s mind wanders around Ra Il. Eun Dong thinks he still needs some time, but Hyeon Soo would like him to be there eating with them and Eun Dong tells him that Jae Ho’s mother will prepare their meal for tonight. She’s probably one of the few that don’t know that Ra Il is Hyeon Soo’s son and not Jae Ho’s.

bscap0843 bscap0848bscap0846bscap0845 bscap0847bscap0851 bscap0852bscap0853

bscap0854Jae Ho’s reading the Little Prince to Ra Il who makes a comparison with the little prince and the roses being like them and their responsibilities and preciousness towards one another. Hyeon Soo and Eun Dong have fallen asleep until Jae Ho calls her on the phone telling her to come and get Ra Il. Hyeon Soo agrees, but Eun Dong thinks Ra Il’s going to be shocked seeing them together and Hyeon Soo proposes that Hyun Ah should bring him to her house.


bscap0863Jae Ho bids Ra Il farewell and he wants him to tell Hyeon Soo to read for him the latter part of the Little Prince. Jae Ho hugs Ra Il tightly and lets Hyun Ah know that Ra Il will be appearing soon. Hyun Ah asks Ra Il what did Jae Ho tell him and he let her know that he simply told him to get close to Hyeon Soo who should read for him the Little Prince. She receives the vibes and calls Jae Ho right away, but he doesn’t answer his phone as he’s sitting in front of the renowned by now window. He recalls the memories when Ra Il brought him the lavender pot.

bscap0864 bscap0866bscap0867bscap0869

bscap0870Hyun Ah wakes up Ra Il and asks him his house code and rushes to his house. She rings the bell and knocks the door but he doesn’t reply, she finds him in front of the window as blood has has formed a lake on the floor. Hyun Ah calls Eun Dong on the phone and urges her to come to the hospital letting her know that Jae Ho tried to end his own life. The ending lines of the episode belong to Jae Ho who feels sorry for loving Eun Dong. Sad, just sad.

bscap0873bscap0871bscap0872bscap0874 bscap0875bscap0876bscap0878

Thoughts: The 14th one was highly representative as the episode which leads towards the ending week of My Love Eun Dong. It had everything from feels and bliss to laughter and from hate and anger to devastation without betraying the direction towards which the drama intends to walk upon in the forthcoming episodes. My Love Eun Dong has its own devout audience and i am glad for this, sometimes it’s better this way.


Hyeon Soo and Jae Ho’s encounter was essential. It was Jae Ho’s last chance to unveil his thoughts and threats in front of Hyeon Soo, but he was at fault since the very beginning and Hyeon Soo didn’t only have a direct answer for every question, he was determined to deliver the message at all costs in a way that wouldn’t leave misinterpretations floating around.


It’s time for him to set aside the thievery of ten precious years and stare at the future while still shaping the present and it was time for Jae Ho to gradually start bidding farewell these ten years that were never his own in the first place and the cost is more than he can bear at this very moment, especially because of Ra Il whom he raised like his own son.


Hyeon Soo’s extreme enthusiasm and rushed attitude for being a father is something everyone should expect, especially when we take into consideration his Eun Dong oriented personality. It’s all the longing and the sudden emotional information overload that makes his thoughts run in the speed of light without thinking any further. It’s the moment that counts, but that’s when Eun Dong comes into play and brings him back to reality, because Ra Il needs his time to adjust inside the new reality that’s being shaped in his unawareness.


Sleeping by Ra Il’s side was a precious gift to Hyeon Soo, it was just a glimpse of everything they could had been all these years had Ra Il grown up by his side. Hyeon Soo and Jae Ho are the two opposites at this very moment, Hyeon Soo’s sailing in oceans of utter bliss whereas Jae Ho is ultimately devastated, he’s lost the whole world, even though it was built upon lies in the first place. One thing is for sure, Hyeon Soo deserves every second by his son’s side.


Eun Dong’s mother has been forgiven by me and she’s walking towards the right direction by accepting Hyeon Soo as her son-in-law and Eun Dong for who she is, her daughter who loves Hyeon Soo. He doesn’t invest much in the past, after all he wants to forget all these abhorrent memories in Eun Dong’s absence and all these lies that caused harm to them. Hyeon Soo intends to protect Eun Dong’s mother by sending her away. It’s Greece this year and they are more than welcome here and then next year it’s going to be my precious neighbors in Italy! All that matters to Eun Dong’s mother is for him to love Eun Dong and nobody can question his feelings!


Before taking a brave decision Hyeon Soo always tells Eun Dong that he loves her, especially now, right before the press conference. He was willing to lose everything for her just like Jae Ho wondered whether he would be able to do so or not. Acting was everything Hyeon Soo was preserving in his life just like baseball was Jae Ho’s everything, if you set aside Eun Dong of course. He didn’t only quit as an actor, but he also delivered all the necessary messages. This time he’s polite and straight forward, the moment he realizes that reporters or anyone else is willing to violate Eun Dong or Ra Il’s privacy in order to get more information concerning himself he’s not going to be friendly anymore. By all means necessary means by all means necessary when it comes to Hyeon Soo and we all know it, especially when it’s about his woman and his son.


Dong Gyu remains caring even though his world turned upside down, his friendship was always pure towards Hyeon Soo and he wasn’t just a manager to him. The same applies to Hyun Bal, he chose friendship over wealth and power under Seo Ryeong’s protective veil, but he also chose love in the face of Eun Shil who played her own part in his important decisions. Seo Ryeong’s obsession won’t let her give it a rest, if she can’t have him she intends to ruin him, she’s one-dimensional all the way to the very end.


Hyun Ah couldn’t avoid her change of heart, she would have supported Jae Ho all the way to the end had Ra Il been his son, but him being her own brother’s son is something she can’t set aside, but this doesn’t mean she will leave Jae Ho alone as a doctor or a friend. Jae Ho had already started changing, but i think Hyun Ah’s revelation that she is Ra Il’s aunt and Hyeon Soo’s sister had its own impact upon him, she was his last vanguard and their conversation was a mind-awakening moment, probably more than Hyeon Soo’s words because she was close to him. Hyun Ah was the one to notice that Jae Ho wouldn’t be fine and ran to his aid, she could see the signs on the horizon.


Hyeon Soo and Hyun Ah’s parents couldn’t believe that their son quit being an actor, but the fact that Ra Il is one more grandchild they were unaware of broke them apart. It’s been ten years and at the present they didn’t only get to meet Mi Na, they also found out they have yet another grandchild from the side of Hyeon Soo! It’s desolate for everything they had been missing yet blissful enough for everything they found, quite an emotional information overload dare i say!


Jae Ho’s indirect farewell to Ra Il was exceptional and Ra Il washing his feet was showing how much he loves him as a paternal figure, but the little prince must return to his precious rose. There was so much selfishness and obsession in Jae Ho’s life, but there was love as well. His most precious love was always being reflected towards Ra Il who wasn’t his biological son, but he treated him like one. Once he set his ego aside and saw outside of his selfish prism he could finally let Eun Dong go, but the cost of bidding Ra Il farewell was more than he could bear.


At this point i can’t see his suicidal act as a last attempt to keep Eun Dong and Ra Il close to him, it could be that as well, but i can’t see it that way. The internal pressure was more than he could withstand as he was losing everything. Even though everything was based upon lies in the very beginning, eventually there was meaning to his eyes, especially when it came to Ra Il. He was there when he was born and he was there to see him grow up.


It wasn’t the same as Eun Dong who became his wife in a blink of an eye, he was there in Ra Il’s life up to that moment. I couldn’t hate Jae Ho on this episode, his approach throughout its whole duration was way more humane, the changes were drastic and the ending was so sad. It was the first time there were feels for him through the whole duration of the drama.


On the other side of the fence, when it comes to Hyeon Soo and Eun Dong there was utter bliss. Both of them were playful at the countryside, but it was the child within Hyeon Soo who took the lead and eventually Eun Dong followed. It’s the Eun Dong effect, he always feels like a child when he’s by her side and she’s always there to counter the negative effects of such an attitude. Eun Dong is the reason of majestic imbalance and insightful balance at the same time in Hyeon Soo’s life. Had she let him loose he would had flown to the moon and back countless times, not that he hasn’t, but okay!


Except for the the hand position which is of high importance, symbolism and presentation of affection and deeper feelings My Love Eun Dong has another secret expressive weapon. The reflections in the mirror, in this episode it was Hyeon Soo sleeping by Ra Il’s side, in previous episodes it was before Hyeon Soo loved to death Eun Dong for one more time in a safe environment, in his own house, inside the room he decorated for her. This time he was inside another safe environment, inside his sister’s house with his son by his side for the first time.


My Love Eun Dong is like good old wine, it’s like a good old school drama with all the cliches that oddly won’t bother you, on the contrary, the ones you have to love you will love them! It’s only the nowadays cinematography that differentiates it from the past. We all know that old school dramas usually possess a heartrending finale, i deeply hope My Love Eun Dong won’t shatter our hearts leaving us behind with midwinter tears in our eyes in the middle of summer!


Who’s the bitch now?


Screw EunDongah, let’s raise Ra Il together, oppa!
-Most freaking awesome thing i heard lately!


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    Another wonderful recap and review. Thank you so much. The two mirrors, reflecting Eun Ho with his two loves — I did not pick up on this detail until you brought it up. With so much symblism and echoing of romantic classics I’m feeling the “analysis – paralysis” a writer in the Soompi forum mentioned. “The Little Prince” story alone is so full of meaning for understanding the relationships in the drama. But I’m finding it to be harder ti figure out than I’d expect of a so-called “Children’s book”. I read that it is a fable — but not an easy one! I’m looking forward to your recaps & reviews of the final 2 episodes!

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      Thanks a lot for one more time, i can never be thankful enough! XD I am glad i could point out something your drama-sharp eye didn’t pick up 🙂 There’s lots of classic romance in there indeed, the analysis-paralysis is the EunDongah syndrome or something! I am really curious how they will deal with our little prince in here, Ra Il, there are so many emotions he could go through in just 2 remaining episodes!

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