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My Love Eun Dong ~ Episode 13 Recap

EUNDONGAAAAH RAILAAAAAAAAAAAHHm, we are only one week before My Love Eun Dong reaches the end and so far i like the direction it gradually follows; step by step. Three episodes before we bid the drama farewell many things can happen and i really do hope they won’t since the ending in my eyes can be only one. Everything that was viciously stolen has already been resurrected, there’s only the child factor to be processed and since it’s a fragile subject given the circumstances in My Love Eun Dong i am really curious how the writer will deal with it. It will probably be the decisive factor of how My Love Eun Dong will drop its curtains, hopefully in the most desirable way.


bscap0000The reporters are having a meeting on whether they should conduct an article on the latest information they received concerning Eun Ho or not. Chances are high not everything could be true, but such news won’t go unnoticed so they take the risk to move on with the article. Hyeon Soo and Eun Dong are at her grandmother’s resting place and Hyeon Soo reassures her grandmother that everything will flow well while Eun Dong misses her very presence.


bscap0006Eun Dong is entranced by Hyeon Soo’s presence in her life anew and she recalls the moments when he looked the coolest to her eyes. The first time was when she was waiting for him outside of his school and the second one when he was released from court and went to find her. She recalls every single memory in detail from what he was wearing to how he was feeling! Hyeon Soo receives a message from Mi Soon informing him that Ra Il is quite ill and they head towards her house. Eun Dong returns back and reassures Hyeon Soo that everything’s going to be fine and nothing’s going to change, so he shouldn’t worry.

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bscap0012Eun Dong doesn’t talk to Jae Ho and stays by Ra Il’s side. Eventually she asks Jae Ho what happened and he lets her know that he was feverish. She’s thankful towards him for taking care of Ra Il and he asks her to follow him to the US alongside Ra Il. Eun Dong’s decision falls upon him like a rock, she wants to break up with him, it’s the only thing that could happen between them at this point. Losing Eun Dong means that Jae Ho would eventually lose Ra Il’s presence in his life as well. Eun Dong informs Hyeon Soo that everything’s fine and asks him if he would like to meet Ra Il at some point.

bscap0011bscap0010 bscap0016bscap0015bscap0018

bscap0019Dong Gyu calls Hyeon Soo and informs him that things are getting slightly dreadful in his absence but Hyeon Soo’s not that worried, all he wants from Dong Gyu is to visit the drama’s writer who is no other than Go Su Hee (Han Gong Joo from Angry Mom). She thinks Dong Gyu’s all alone but Hyeon Soo appears all of a sudden and makes the whole ambiance more playful! He wants her to take Eun Dong under her wings and teach her! He doesn’t invest on details, all he wants from her is to help him and Eun Dong at all costs and she eventually agrees since Hyeon Soo’s complimenting temperament can’t be ignored even though he doesn’t necessarily believe in his own words! Hyeon Soo doesn’t intend to visit the company for today even if Dong Gyu lets him know that the whole situation is quite serious.

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bscap0029Nighttime has arrived and Eun Dong’s sleeping with Ra Il whereas Hyeon Soo can’t sleep well in her absence and rotates on his bed! He decides to sleep in Eun Dong’s room while hugging her pillow! He can finally sleep happily! The next morning Ra Il wakes up and he has already started feeling better. She will take him to school and afterwards they will visit his grandmother. Ra Il wants the lavender pot with them in order to quench its thirst and treat it well since it will bring good luck to his father in order to walk again soon. She lets him know that Jae ho will take care of the lavender pot on his own and that he won’t be joining them. Ra Il’s negative since Jae Ho won’t be following them.

bscap0031bscap0028bscap0032bscap0034 bscap0035

bscap0036Hyun Bal and his assistants are trying to take care of the company’s documents and a new problem arises. The article about Hyeon Soo’s book being a lie has come to the surface and all hell’s about to break loose. People inside the company have already started talking about the new scandal and Hyeon Soo and Dong Gyu notice that something’s not right while Hyun Bal demands some explanations concerning the one-sided nature of the article. Seo Ryeong notices the article and she’s quite happy about it since it’s helpful when it comes to her own plans.

bscap0037 bscap0039bscap0038 bscap0042

bscap0043Hyun Ah reads the article too and makes a decision, she calls Jae Ho right away and asks him to send Ra Il to her house since Mi Na would like to finish the color work they had started the other time. Hyeon Soo notices that it was Eun Dong’s father the one who spread all these fake rumors and reporters have already gathered at the company demanding explanations. Hyun Bal stands by Hyeon Soo’s side and says that the whole article is fabricated and doesn’t abide to reality. He urges them to find out why her father gave a false statement and stop jumping to assumptions if they want to be called reporters.

bscap0044bscap0045 bscap0046

bscap0048Eun Dong has returned back home and her mother tries to calm her down due to her anxiousness as to why her father acted this way. She wants to see her father right away, as for Ra Il, he’s Hyeon Soo’s son. She lets her mother know that all of her memories have returned, but Hyeon Soo doesn’t know about Ra Il being his son yet. She hasn’t told him the whole truth yet because she wants to protect Ra Il since his love for Jae Ho is strong. In addition, had Hyeon Soo known Ra Il was his son things would had gotten worse.


bscap0052Hyeon Soo calls her on the phone and asks her if her father ever abused her. Eun Dong’s at loss for words and Hyeon Soo lets her know that it was the only logical explanation he could reach by reading all these lies. He would like to know how she lived all these years, but she tells him that he doesn’t have to meet her father, it’s something to do herself. Both of them will take care of their problems on their own at this point and encourage each other.


bscap0056Hyun Bal and Dong Gyu join Hyeon Soo. If they let a legal search in the company it’s going to be troublesome since there are many wrongdoings hiding in the background. Hyeon Soo’s positive on the search warrant but Hyun Bal lets him know that one of them might be arrested due to the scandals lurking in the background. Dong Gyu informs Hyeon Soo on Seo Ryeong’s intentions to ruin him, but he also says that Hyun Bal appears to be by their side at this very moment.


bscap0059Everyone’s talking about Hyeon Soo’s scandal and the time for Eun Dong to meet Dong Gyu has arrived. He lets her know that the only problem in the whole story is that she’s married at this point in her life. Eun Dong intends to meet her father and the reporter as well in order to make things right without overburdening Hyeon Soo who mustn’t find out about her real intentions since he’s overly worried about her. If something goes wrong Hyeon Soo will find himself in a very difficult situation. Dong Gyu refers to Seo Ryeong and the background she shares with her company and DM Entertainment. If the search takes place it’s going to be very troublesome for Hyeon Soo and the whole company.


bscap0067Eun Dong visits Seo Ryeong right away and the whole climate isn’t fertile. She wants to know the reason why she tries to bring Hyeon Soo down. Seo Ryeong wants Eun Dong to beg her so that she won’t ruin him, but it’s not going to work either. If she wants to help Hyeon Soo she should go back to the US with Jae Ho and Ra Il. Eun Dong lets her know that if she harasses Hyeon Soo she won’t stand still, she’s willing to let the whole world know about everything Seo Ryeong did in the background to keep Hyeon Soo by her side. Seo Ryeong feels threatened and if she conceives it this way then a threat it is. If she harasses Hyeon Soo Eun Dong won’t let it slide.

bscap0066bscap0060bscap0061 bscap0062

bscap0068Dong Gyu informs Hyeon Soo that Eun Dong’s willing to solve the problem with her father on her own and Dong Gyu expresses his dedication towards Hyeon Soo no matter what may lie ahead. Dong Gyu impersonates another actor in order to make Hyeon Soo’s mood brighter and he succeeds in that! Quite a hilarious scene! Huyn Bal moves on with another plan and delivers his own part of the story since he was the one closest to Eun Dong and Hyeon Soo’s relationship all these years. Seo Ryeong gives her own interview and strengthens Eun Dong’s father’s opinion as Jae Ho’s father-in-law. Once she’s being cornered a bit she supports the fake article in full force.

bscap0075bscap0069bscap0070 bscap0072bscap0073 bscap0076

bscap0081When Eun Dong was being hospitalized after the accident her parents were the first ones to find out she was pregnant. Her father met Jae Ho who found out she was pregnant and he said it was his own child back then. Jae Ho still considers Ra Il his own son and he did it because he loved Eun Dong back then and he still loves her. Eun Dong’s father would like him to prevent himself from being affectionate towards Ra Il towards her. Jae Ho can’t believe how he never took Eun Dong’s side and he was always supportive towards him. Even though Ra Il never was his own son, Jae Ho was always acting like a paternal figure towards him whereas Eun Dong’s father never acted this way. He was seeing himself in Jae Ho back then and that’s the reason he was so supportive towards him.

bscap0079 bscap0084bscap0083

bscap0085Hyun Bal lets Hyeon Soo know that he took care of pretty much everything, but obstacles haven’t ceased appearing. Hyun Bal recalls the old days and he lets him know that he doesn’t intend to go back to his wife since he has fallen in love with Eun Shil. He’s no longer Hyeon Soo’s shadow when he’s with her, he feels like being someone special. Just like Hyun Bal didn’t persuade him to leave Eun Dong behind, he doesn’t want Hyeon Soo to persuade him leave Eun Shil as well.

 bscap0089bscap0088 bscap0090

bscap0091Eun Dong meets her father on her way back home and she demands explanations. It’s time for her to erupt in front of him about all the time she lost with the man she loves and how unjustly victimized she had been all this time. The people who separated her from Hyeon Soo was Jae Ho and her father who still supports Jae Ho by saying that he’s not greedy and obsessed with his daughter, it is Eun Dong and Hyeon Soo who are obsessed and greedy about each other. She finds nothing wrong in herself and Hyeon Soo loving each other and her father succumbs to the same reasons she should be thankful for being raised by him. She had nothing as a little girl and Hyeon Soo was her only reason to keep on living for another day so that she may had been able to see him again. That’s why she endured getting beaten up and being hated by her own father, that’s why she was dating Jae Ho, in order not to be abused anymore. She wants him to tell the reporters that he lied or else she will be the one to tell the whole truth. She says that she doesn’t intend to forgive anyone who may try to ruin Hyeon Soo and leaves right away.

bscap0094bscap0095 bscap0096

bscap0097Mi Na and Ra Il are playing together and Hyun Ah returns back home. Hyun Ah hugs him for the first time as her nephew and asks him to sleep there tonight. She calls Hyeon Soo and asks him to pass by her house and there he is. Mi Na greets him and he meets Ra Il for the first time! They eat altogether and the overall climate is quite awkward! When Ra Il grows up he wants to become a baseball player just like his father and his dream is for him to walk again. Ra Il and Mi Na keep playing and Hyeon Soo can’t take his eyes off Ra Il. Hyun Ah is about to tell him the whole truth but she receives a message from Jae Ho asking her to take care of Ra Il. Hyeon Soo keeps staring at Ra Il and he can’t help it but recall various information. Jae Ho had turned the handle to protect Eun Dong who was already pregnant back then. Hyun Ah remains silent and he doesn’t want to hear anything, he knows what she’s about to say, but he wants to hear it from Eun Dong’s lips.

bscap0098bscap0099 bscap0102bscap0101 bscap0103bscap0108bscap0110bscap0112

bscap0113Eun Dong states that Ra Il isn’t Jae Ho’s son and he can’t believe what she just said without taking into consideration their special relationship. She wants Heyon Soo to find the whole truth, but Jae Ho doesn’t agree. She’s thankful to him for loving Ra Il throughout the years and she insists that he’s not his son. Even if they lived together as a family and she took care of him for ten years while her only wish was for him to walk again it doesn’t matter anymore. If this family kept going on was thanks to the fake memories of them loving each other. Jae Ho’s left all alone in tears and Eun Dong leaves while Hyeon Soo’s on his way. He calls her on the phone and shortly after she appears.

bscap0117bscap0115bscap0116 bscap0119

bscap0120He asks her directly whether Ra Il is Jae Ho’s son or not and she tells him that she never loved another man besides him. Ra Il is Hyeon Soo’s son, the whole truth has been revealed between them and Hyeon Soo can’t believe she didn’t tell him anything earlier. He can’t believe Ra Il’s his son and he can’t hide his immense happiness through his volcanic eyes! Jae Ho didn’t only steal his one and only woman, but his son as well. Eun Dong tries to restrain him but there’s no way she could ever stop him. Jae Ho’s all alone staring at the lavender pot of Ra Il and Hyeon Soo appears. They stare at each other and wear your seat belts, the 14th episode is on its way!

bscap0121 bscap0126bscap0124bscap0127bscap0130bscap0128bscap0129bscap0133bscap0132bscap0134bscap0136

Thoughts: The visit at her grandmother’s resting place was essential. It wasn’t only to receive her blessing, it was also for Eun Dong to feel closer to her anew after she regained her memories. There were only two figures dear and close to her heart when she was a young girl, he grandmother and Hyeon Soo. Now she could be with both of them at this very point with her grandmother living forever and always in her memories.


Hyeon Soo ultimately cares about Eun Dong and that’s why he wants to help her achieve her own dream. Being taught by his drama’s writer feels essential and with his playful and complimenting temperament he managed to earn the help of a seemingly ice queen! Ever since Eun Dong became a part of his life his sleep is always Eun Dong oriented. He can’t sleep on his own and he always craves for her by his side. If he can’t have Eun Dong sometimes her pillow will be a more than fine equivalent!


The article exploded like a sleeping volcano and concealed the whole horizon with its ashes. It is only the beginning and Seo Ryeong intends to make the lava keep moving since the arch explosion worked to her own benefit. Hyun Bal chose Hyeon Soo over Seo Ryeong even though it may lead to his own demise. His life changed ever since Eun Shil appeared and she played her own part in making him realize that money and power can’t be compared to the value a friend possesses. He weighed the loss of each option and Hyeon Soo’s absence was more powerful than Seo Ryeong’s fuel for ambition. Dong Gyu’s life is always Hyeon Soo oriented and he’s willing to follow him to the highest peaks of success but at the same bottomless pits as well.

bscap0065Eun Dong’s mother finds out she recalled all of her memories and that she doesn’t intend to keep preserving this sickening family status. It’s her way or the highway. Eun Dong during this episode appears quite decisive and determined, nobody can stand in her and if anyone dares to do so she won’t stand still. She wants to face the ones she wants to on her own, without Hyeon Soo’s aid, but he will also have to give his own fights in order to emerge victorious from the threatening skies that rise above them. They may live for each other, but they don’t neglect their very own personalities.


Eun Dong won’t remain silent in front of Seo Ryeong’s menace. Whoever will try to bring Hyeon Soo down is automatically her enemy and will never be forgiven. It doesn’t matter if Seo Ryeong has wealth and power by her side, Eun Dong’s always driven by her pure and sincere emotions and she’s willing to do just anything by simply exposing Seo Ryeong’s web. Hyeon Soo and Eun Dong are one another’s everlasting support, the dam which keeps the tide away.


Jae Ho lied in the first place by saying that the child in Eun Dong’s belly was his and her father always stood by his side and supported him all along the way whereas he never did the same thing for Eun Dong; not even once. At least Jae Ho acknowledges that and his love towards Ra Il is immense even though he’s not his own child just like Eun Dong’s father was never her biological one. Jae Ho managed to forge a strong bond with Ra Il while at the same time Eun Dong’s father never moved towards that direction with his own daughter.


The reason why Jae Ho is like this today isn’t the fact that he turned the handle to protect Eun Dong,  it’s because he wasn’t paying any attention while driving as he was being overran by his negative feelings. Eun Dong would never love him back and he knew that, it was all in his mind that they could had been together had Hyeon Soo not appeared back then. All this imaginary world in his mind became his reality and the cost Jae Ho and Eun Dong had to pay was more than both of them could bear.


At this point Jae Ho pays for his emotional crimes and Eun Dong found the bliss she was missing for the past ten years. All these years were nothing but a lie, there’s nothing real that could keep them together at the present and all these fake memories vanished all of a sudden and distorted everything that happened all this time. Their fake lives have reached an end and Eun Dong follows the path she was destined to walk upon and Jae Ho has to start from when Eun Dong clearly stated she never loved him. It had always been this way and that’s how it has to be to make things right.


The face to face confrontation with her father was something Eun Dong should do to feel better, she owed it to herself. His guilt-infusing approach doesn’t work anymore and he has no power over her at this very moment. Eun Dong had been constantly abused in the past by him and she had found shelter in Jae Ho’s company to ease the burden on her shoulders since her father was always leaning towards Jae Ho’s direction. Even now he doesn’t understand a thing Eun Dong has to say and his point of view when it comes to Hyeon Soo is still negative. He was only caring about himself and he never approached Eun Dong as a father. If he doesn’t want to lose her once and for all from his life he’d better make things right. It may be too late, but even now he could finally act like a father.


Hyun Ah finally took her brother’s side and “forced” gently a meeting between Ra Il and Hyeon Soo. Paying close attention to his instincts and sparse thoughts of the recent past he gradually got the point of Hyun Ah’s plan. He wants to hear the truth from Eun Dong herself, he lives up to my personal expectations by only believing in Eun Dong when it comes to an Eun Dong oriented matter. It’s all about everything Eun Dong has to say and she’s always the one and only truthful source of herself.


Eun Dong protected her own son all along the way and that’s why she didn’t say anything to Hyeon Soo earlier. She’s well aware that the bond between Ra Il and Jae Ho can’t be easily shattered, but at this point she couldn’t hold back. Hyeon Soo’s realization is more than he can bear, he doesn’t know how to react. He’s definitely happy, but he’s also enraged for not having treasured Eun Dong and their son for the past ten years. His life was stolen, he couldn’t be a father and a husband whereas someone else had the chance to fill in his position in a fake family condition based on falsified memories. A confrontation with Jae Ho is on its way for everything he stole from Hyeon Soo, Eun Dong and Ra Il. Jae Ho may have loved Eun Dong, but he loved her in the worst possible way that counters all signs of love on the horizon.


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