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My Love Eun Dong ~ Episode 12 Recap

EUNDONGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHI adore great plot twists that grab your brain and squeeze it until grains of sand fall from the cogwheels within. The last two episodes of My Love Eun Dong offered the most precious gift i could ever ask for during this period of my life. The 11th one started with Eun Ho shouting EunDongaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah and the 12th one ended in a like-minded way. However, what once was floating all over the place up to the previous episode, by the end of the last one entered the sphere of legend because it echoed in such a grandiose way when they were on that bicycle i could have left my final breath on this earth had the scene taken place a few seconds ago while i was drinking water. Setting aside the personal risk and without taking into consideration my own life i can say i love this drama even though its name should be My Myocardial Infarction Eun Dong.


bscap2206Everything takes us back to that blissful morning Eun Dong woke up next to Hyeon Soo and it felt like heaven. We’re diving in little Eun Dong’s world in Hyeon Soo’s absence right before leaving home while he was at the hospital. The renowned by now line that every time she was seeing him her heart was getting cramps floats all over the place. Ever since she lost him the cramps were replaced by a lump making the whole experience quite painful and suffocating. Only the longing remained until she would see him again and recognize him from his warm back. At the present, the urge to reclaim their stolen moments feels like the only option. Living for Hyeon Soo and trying to make him happy is where her heart’s compass points at.

 bscap2209 bscap2210bscap2207  bscap2208

bscap1977The alien vampire avenger rides on his car after Jae Ho put an end to his phone call with Eun Dong. Sensing her distress has fueled him even more. In the meantime, Hyuan Ah progresses the DNA test process. Mi Na and Ra Il are inside the car and the grandpa’s driving it. Ra Il who’s proud of his “father“ intends to give the flower to Jae Ho in order to bring him luck. Jae Ho goes downstairs to pick him up and he’s apologetic towards Eun Dong who simply ignores him. Jae Ho gets the flower that will make him feel better and he’s thankful towards Mi Na’s grandfather for everything. By the time he was leaving the grandfather noticed Hyeon Soo’s car that had just arrived. Hyeon Soo calls Eun Dong and if she won’t come down he will invade their apartment! She would like to see him tomorrow once things have calmed down, but it’s not an option. Jae Ho’s with Ra Il at the playground nearby and he notices Eun Dong entering Hyeon Soo’s car.

bscap2212bscap2214 bscap2215 bscap2217bscap2218bscap2219

bscap2220Hyeon Soo can clearly notice that she was crying and wonders whether Jae Ho’s making her life difficult or not. He’s well aware that her life has not been easy ever since she met him anew and once he notices her wound he loses his mind! Jae Ho urges Ra Il to play hide and seek with his mother while Hyeon Soo’s not there and wants him to go find her inside the car! Hyeon Soo enters a pharmacy to get medicine and the working personnel can’t believe that Eun Ho just passed the gates! He signs on the back of their scrubs and rushes to find Eun Dong! Ra Il’s at the side of the car and calls his mother on the phone asking her whose car is this and then he appears in front of her as she notices Jae ho in the distance who just made her life way more difficult. You’re playing a dirty game, Jae Ho, a very dirty one. Once Hyeon Soon returned back Eun Dong was nowhere to be found.

bscap2221bscap2222 bscap2223bscap2225bscap2226bscap2230bscap2231bscap2233

bscap2235It’s time for yet another encounter between Jae Ho and Eun Dong. If she wants to go to Hyeon Soo she should go, but he will keep Ra Il. Hyeon Soo calls her on the phone and she doesn’t want to pick it up, but Jaeo orders her to do so. Hyeon Soo wants to talk to Jae Ho right away, Jae Ho notices what’s going on and accepts the challenge by holding out his hand. Hyeon Soo urges him to not let Eun Dong get hurt, if he hurts her one more time it will be the end of him. It’s Jae Ho’s turn to remain silent and Hyeon Soo ends the phone call.


Am i the only one who wanted to place a dynamite there, take Eun Dong and leave?

bscap2238bscap2241bscap2242 bscap2243

bscap2245Hyun Ah’s hair can’t be used at the DNA test process because there’s no Ψ chromosome and since she intends to remain silent for the time being she will use one of her father’s hairs. Dong Gyu tries to reach Hyeon Soo unsuccessfully and the meeting apparently can’t take place. Dong Gyu pretends to be talking to him on the phone in front of the director and then his phone rings; the embarrassment! The director’s not pleased at all and Eun Ho’s career just started being in danger.


bscap2248Seo Ryeong welcomes Hyun Bal at her office. Her plans have changed and so did her attack tactics, she intends to make him kneel in front of her. Hyun Bal lets her know that Eun Ho won’t go down that easily, but she has Hyun Bal in her hand as well with many hidden scandals. She wants him to cooperate with her and follow her lead if he wants to survive, as for Hyeon Soo, she intends to make him get hit by a different kind of rain, not the one that entrances him.

 bscap2250bscap2249 bscap2251

bscap2255Eun Dong intends to take Ra Il with her and once Jae Ho asks her with what right she intends to do so she refers to Eun Ho whom Jae Ho intends to ruin once and for all at all costs. As for Eun Dong, he wants her to live with him in misery and agony. Eun Dong insists that he stole her whole life and that he was far worse compared to her worse side when it was about him. Jae Ho thinks he was her only choice before Hyeon Soo re-appeared in her life back in their 20s, where are you living dude? You were never a choice, never. If he has to hear it so be it and it echos straight from Eun Dong’s mouth, she never loved him, the only man she ever loved was Hyeon Soo. Once again, he says she’s the one who made him this way, but Eun Dong clearly states it was only himself who turned him this way.


bscap2260She doesn’t need anything, neither a house nor a car and even if he won’t have anything nothing will change. She refers to everything that happened ten years ago when Jae Ho had everything and Hyeon Soo had nothing, back then Hyeon Soo was her one and only choice and right now nothing has changed. Jae Ho’s mother appears like a musketeer to protect her 5 years old son and she slaps Eun Dong. She directly accuses her of everything. She takes charge of the situation and throws her out of the house. Jae Ho rushes to find her, but he can’t locate her. He calls Mi Soon right away and wants her to inform him right away and stay with Eun Dong if she appears.


bscap2267A family meeting without Hyeon Soo takes place and his mother would like to find him a suitable bride for him while she still can’t believe how beautiful Eun Dong can be keeping her son entrapped in her lovely web. Once her mother wonders whether Hyun Ah has seen her face or not she replies positively without thinking, but she takes it back. Hyun Ah wants a hair of her father without investing in further details and her father mentions that he had noticed Hyeon Soo in front of the apartment where Ra Il leaves.


bscap2268Eun Dong calls Mi Soon to come and get her since she’s not at her finest. Jae Ho keeps searching around but everything seems pointless. Hyeon Soo receives a phone call from Hyun Bal and he’s not interested in anything even though it’s urgent. He receives another phone call and it’s Mi Soon this time informing him on everything. She’s eating with Eun Dong who doesn’t know what’s going to happen, but everything she had already thought of progresses. She misses her grandmother and Hyeon Soo too. She was a little girl who had nothing and he was the whole world to her. Mi Soon informs her that he’s on his way and once she receives a phone call from Jae ho she goes outside to answer it. She lets him know that she’ll stay at her place, returning back home is not an option for the time being. Jae Ho calls his father-in-law right away and informs him that Eun Dong will probably leave him, it’s something that enrages him in his sleep. Jae Ho wants his help just like he helped him back in the days. It’s “homework” time!

bscap2271 bscap2273bscap2274 bscap2275bscap2276bscap2277bscap2281bscap2282 bscap2284bscap2285

bscap2287Hyeon Soo calls his make-up artist friend and tells her to bring clothes and underclothes for women at his place! Of course, she misinterpreted everything! Mi Soon lets Eun Dong in Hyeon Soo’s caring hands and he’s deeply thankful for everything. The moment they enter the car the first thing he does is to take care of her wound. If she gets hurt he hurts more. You have to love Kim Sa Rang’s slight smile while he was taking care of her wound, it was an Eun Dong in her 20s déjà vu; once seductive forever seductive.

 bscap2290bscap2291 bscap2293bscap2296bscap2297bscap2299

bscap2300Eun Dong enters Hyeon Soo’s house for the first time, she’s entranced by the fact that he was living well. Smiles have returned to their faces and he shows her the whole house! There’s the kitchen where he eats thinking of her, the bed where he sleeps while thinking of her when he’s not drinking or sleeping on his beloved sofa! And of course, there’s the renowned place where he poops while thinking of her! There’s also the balcony where he gets some fresh air while thinking of her, it’s always about her; everywhere. There’s also a room he made while thinking of her. She can only be thankful towards Hyeon Soo for waiting for her and living well all these years. He’s also thankful for her appearing in his life anew.

 bscap2303bscap2301bscap2306  bscap2308bscap2307 bscap2309bscap2310bscap2304

bscap2312Seo Ryeong’s sex toy appeared and he informs her that they are together at his place and she doesn’t intend to inform Jae Ho for the time being since he would ruin her plans at this very moment. It’s time for Eun Dong to cook for Hyeon Soo who’s excited by her cooking skills and that music in the background makes it feel like a quirky medieval fairytale! The bell rings and it’s his make-up artist friend who’s ready for everything! He holds out his hand to get the clothes and she places her palm in his own, he takes the clothes and closes the door leaving her standing still! The epitome of misinterpretation lies between them! He gives Eun Dong the clothes and lets her sleep in a playful mood while he still can’t believe she’s in his house in the room he made for her!

 bscap2319bscap2318 bscap2320bscap2321bscap2323 bscap2326bscap2325bscap2327bscap2328 bscap2330

bscap2331The clocks ticking and ticking and Jae Ho’s all alone. In the meantime, Hyeon Soo tries to sleep but he can’t achieve it even though he tries just anything inside his room! He tries to head towards Eun Dong’s room, but it’s not something easy to him! He’s not the only one, she’s waiting for him to appear as well! Time passes by until he finally decides to go see her and finds her sitting on the stairs in the middle of the route! Steady pace while staring at each other and there’s a deeply passionate kiss taking place on the stairs! And yes, you guessed correctly, they loved themselves to death once again in just a few days in less than ten years this time!

bscap2332bscap2333 bscap2334bscap2335bscap2336bscap2337bscap2338bscap2340 bscap2343bscap2342bscap2345bscap2346 bscap2347bscap2349bscap2350 bscap2351bscap2353bscap2354bscap2355

bscap2356The next morning he wakes up alone to find her cooking in the kitchen! He can’t believe this is happening and he can barely prevent his tears from falling! He can never get enough of her! Jae Ho’s at home and Ra Il’s eating. He receives a phone call from Eun Dong’s father who calls a reporter shortly after. Her mother overhears his conversation, but she can’t reach Eun Dong on the phone. He lets the reporter know that Eun Dong is his daughter and that the book “My Love Eun Dong” is a lie. He says that his daughter and his son-in-law are suffering because of Hyeon Soo was simply a stalker whose love was one-sided. Not everything makes much sense to the reporter’s ears, but the message was delivered.

bscap2357 bscap2359bscap2360bscap2364bscap2362bscap2366bscap2368bscap2367bscap2371

bscap2373Hyun Ah receives a phone call from the doctor and the results are positive, Ra Il is Hyeon Soo’s father and her father’s grandson. Hyeon Soo’s riding in the car with Eun Dong who doesn’t have to go to the clothing store! He simply can’t let go of her hand! They are at the same place where they sat in their 10s! It’s a place blessed with their promise that they would find each other no matter how many years would pass. There was also another promise on Eun Dong’s behalf she never had the chance to tell him until now; to marry him. She’s apologetic for being unable to keep her promise and for getting hurt despite his wish. There’s no time for tears and Hyeon Soo revives their playful attitude! They’re riding a bicycle and she doesn’t mind if she gets hurt since it has already happened, all that matters is for him to not getting hurt. Hyeon Soo doesn’t care if he gets hurt either, all that matters is that he’s with her, it’s all about the speed; the intensity.

bscap2374  bscap2377bscap2375 bscap2381bscap2378bscap2380bscap2387bscap2388bscap2386bscap2393bscap2383bscap2394bscap2391bscap2389bscap2396bscap2397bscap2410bscap2401bscap2399bscap2407bscap2154bscap2155



Thoughts: Two different types of rain are shaping upon Hyeon Soo and Eun Dong. The first one has to be the rain only they treasure and the other is the one Seo Ryeong has already started preparing to start pouring viciously upon them. While the first one falls graciously adorning them with its cleansing waters of renewal and remembrance the clouds of the second one lie far above their heaven waiting for the weather forecast to violently change.


Hyun Ah’s predictions and assumptions turned to life before her very eyes, now she knows Ra Il is her brother’s son, her nephew. All that remains is to find out how she intends to use this information and if she’s willing to remain by Jae Ho’s side or finally support her own brother in full force. Her father’s role in the whole story has still yet to be found, he’s either farsighted or he knows something we ignore. Seo Ryeong started preparing her final assault, if she can’t have Hyeon Soo she’s willing to see him helpless on his knees right in front of her. This isn’t love, it’s a sickening obsession dancing violently in the outskirts of her selfishness and broken pride.


Hyun Bal has found himself at the utmost crossroad, he will either choose Hyeon Soo and probably lose everything by his side or he will follow Seo Ryeong’s lead to at least save his own ambitions. I wasn’t expecting anything less from Jung Eun’s mother-in-law, i understand she’s a broken figure due to her son’s condition, but she’s one of those that stole Eun Dong’s life and even now she’s not willing to surrender and acts violently and in a selfish tone.


The same applies to Eun Dong’s father as well, he may have human shape but he’s devoid of principal human emotions, hence he’s no human. His brain is functioning as if he was a unicellular organism living in immense depths while caring only for his own survival. Just like Jae Ho helped him back then with an incident and eventually he became the coach he is today it’s his turn to pay back the price for his own daughter’s sacrifice by sacrificing her anew. He intends to keep the past hidden while the present should be heading towards the future he’s willing to see. He’s neither driven by guilt nor love, he’s only getting fueled by the will to keep the current status burning at all costs. Uttering all these lies in front of the reporter who craves for such news and scandals wasn’t fair play at all. Declaring My Love Eun Dong as a book filled with lies was the utmost level of hypocrisy by someone who forced Eun Dong to live in a world of lies.


Jae Ho keeps up his pace, especially now that his mother kicked Eun Dong out of the house in the worst possible way. He’s contacting all of his allies in order to move on with his own plan which is no other than keep Eun Dong chained by his side even at the cost of losing her soul once and for all this time. He’s a selfish and pitiful person who was not afraid to use Ra Il to restrain Eun Dong from seeing Hyeon Soo even further that day. The only one using fair play here is Hyeon Soo even though she’s married with a child. Jae Ho is always moving in the shadows weaving Hyeon Soo’s demise and using Ra Il’s made me hate him even more; to the point of no return.


Only Mi Soon acted like a real friend under the burden of the circumstances. She weighed both options and she knew than only Hyeon Soo would make Eun Dong feel at ease after getting kicked out of her house. In addition, Eun Dong’s mother had already broken her vow of silence and this time she tried to inform Eun Dong of everything that’s about to happen due to her father’s intentions. The camps are gradually forming themselves and right in the eye of the storm lie Hyeon Soo and Eun Dong.


Hyeon Soo won’t accept any further harm inflicted upon her by Jae Ho or anyone else and he made sure the message was delivered and the recipient wasn’t pleased. He will do just anything to protect her now that he found her, at all costs, unconditionally, always with love. Showing her his house, his own safe heaven, his precious microcosm was the personification of how his days were passing by while thinking of her in the absence of ten years.


He even had a room decorated awaiting for her presence regardless if it would happen or not. That room was waiting for Eun Dong just like Hyeon Soo was craving for her. Oddly enough there’s a lot of sparse toilet humor in My Love Eun Dong and for some weird reason it paces quite well with the whole ambiance! It makes it quite hilarious and bright and it always brings a smile upon their faces. However, i couldn’t help it but think of Hyeon Soo in vicious moments of indigestion shouting EunDongaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah before getting rid of the demon within! It would had been passionate, desolate and more baritone at the same time!

-There’s not a single time i pooped without thinking of you!
-Saranghae, oppa!


You have to love their mutual awkwardness ever since they said goodnight. Apparently, sleep wasn’t an option especially now that they found themselves under the same roof. Both of them wanted to see each other and love themselves to death for one more time after a few days and not after a decade, but for some reason the whole experience was delayed by their shy approach. They needed time to embrace the new reality and take into consideration that it wasn’t a dream. It was real, they were at the same place, at the same time, under the same roof and they met in the middle of the distance to find themselves entwined with love and passion once this lovely awkwardness surrendered.

bscap2313Seeing her cooking was like a dream to his eyes, he could barely hold back his tears. He couldn’t believe everything he was imagining for the past ten years was gradually turning to life before his very eyes. She was there and it was more beautiful than he would ever imagine. Eun Dong found shelter in Hyeon Soo’s embrace and he found life within her stare. It’s not going to be easy, but it was never easy in the first place, they do know what an obstacle means and they won’t let anyone get in their way.


While he was at the pharmacy and returned back to find Eun Dong wasn’t there his mind was stuck at that very moment he wanted to take care of her wound. And that was the very first thing he did once she entered his car. He wanted to ease her pain which is his pain as well. It may have seemed childish, but it was love.


The promise to him to not get hurt wasn’t kept under the violent circumstances, but Hyeon Soo intends to help her keep it from now on. The silent promise to marry him popped up to the surface and that’s when Hyeon Soo barges in to keep tears away. He feels like a child next to her and even at the thought of her getting hurt or losing her again turns him into a different man, an overprotective one ready for everything.


Calling her kiddo revived the good old days when everything was pure and platonic and so did their journey at the same spot in front of the field. It’s not only to recall the past in a more palpable way, it’s also to forge stronger new memories upon the old ones who have turned to life anew. What once had slightly faded can shine anew in more powerful tones. The preview indicates Hyeon Soo’s intentions to go to the US alongside Eun Dong and Ra Il, but we can’t be sure he knows already he’s his son or not. One thing is for sure, he would never like to separate Ra Il from Eun Dong. Seo Ryeong moves on with her plan and the invasion in DM Entertainment takes place, we have yet to find out which side Hyun Bal chose. She would like Eun Dong to beg her in order not to ruin Hyeon Soo, but it’s not begging she receives back. Just like Hyeon Soo is straight forward towards Jae Ho that’s how Eun Dong reacts in front of Seo Ryeong. In case something happens to Hyeon Soo she will have to face Eun Dong. At some point during the episode Hyeon Soo will become aware of his special relationship with Ra Il i guess. And the interview everyone was expecting will take place where he will present the truth in front of everyone; along with his decisions. I presume it’s going to be a heartfelt and heart-wrenching week with the next two episodes which will prepare us for the hopefully rewarding swansong of the drama. EunDongaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


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