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My Love Eun Dong ~ Episode 11 Recap

1You know an episode is going to be perfect if it starts with “EunDongaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” The rain is here, it poured down with utter love and bliss and the theft of a decade’s longing reached the end within a nighttime’s completion. The past’s most beauteous perfume may have come to the surface, but the ominous shades of the past aren’t willing to surrender at the present either. The rain now beholds a two-fold essence, the one of purity and the one of demise and both sides made their appearance during the 11th episode which managed to achieve the drama’s best ratings up to this very moment (1.643%) for all the love and all the hate which was lying in its fragile world.


bscap1776It’s a whole maelstrom of massive memories making Eun Dong feel dizzy at the present, it’s an emotional overload that makes her collapse. The only thing she can utter is “Hyeon Soo oppa” just like back then on the day of the accident while she was lying on the ground before losing consciousness and eventually her precious world. She gets transferred to the hospital and she wakes up with Jae Ho by her side. This time, after memories have come to the surface, she’s negative towards him and she wants to be alone. Back in the days she had overheard her father’s conversation with Jae Ho on the phone urging him to take her with him to the US. It was the night she left home to go on vacation with Hyeon Soo to love themselves to death.

bscap1778bscap1780 bscap1782bscap1783 bscap1784

bscap1786Once Jae Ho returned back to the room she had already left. In the meantime, Eun Ho was filming and break time has arrived. Dong Gyu informs him on Mi Soon and Eun Dong’s journey and suddenly Eun Ho’s mind starts swimming in the waters of Jeboo island. Mi Soon and Eun Dong had already arrived and the scenery is so beautiful! Seo Ryeong hasn’t given up and she wants Hyun Bal to become a part of her forthcoming plan, it seems like a tough decision. However, he seems to be getting closer to the girl he auditioned and he asks her what she would choose between money and a friend and her answer was rather insightful. He should choose the one that would make him happier! In case he can’t decide he should measure the impact of one’s absence from his life and choose accordingly.

bscap1788 bscap1790bscap1791bscap1789

bscap1793Jae Ho’s reading a story to Ra Il until he’s fallen asleep. The stormy weather doesn’t intend to leave Jae Ho at ease and he dwells in the past when Eun Dong declared that a closer relationship can’t happen between them emphasizing on the fact that their lives are separate. It wasn’t only her father’s ambition fueling Jae Ho’s feelings, it was also Jae Ho’s fault the accident happened in the first place. He’s not the only going through thoughts, Eun Dong dwells in the past as well as Eun Ho’s words echo in her mind and the beautiful memories they shared gradually come to the surface. What a lovely kiss and they were always choosing to treasure each other to the fullest the whole time, as for the sea? They’ll see it later! The scene at the rooftop had a majesty of its own, but had they fallen down they would have literally loved each other to death!

bscap1795 bscap1797bscap1799bscap1801 bscap1800bscap1796bscap1802bscap1803 bscap1804bscap1806bscap1805bscap1807bscap1808bscap1829bscap1810bscap1811bscap1812 bscap1813bscap1814  bscap1816bscap1818bscap1819 bscap1820bscap1821 bscap1822 bscap1823bscap1825 bscap1826bscap1827bscap1828

bscap1831Eun Ho goes through his conversations with Eun Dong and he receives a phone call from her! She refers to him as “Hyeon Soo oppa” just like the good old days and the past haunts him with bliss at the present as she’s crying her heart out! The moment for him to go to Jeboo island has arrived! The stormy weather has a different impact upon our three characters, but I don’t care about Jae Ho, the rain has arrived for those who deserve it! Dong Gyu’s worried about Eun Ho, but he can’t reach him on the phone and he calls Mi Soon who’s already fallen asleep. Eun Dong can’t sleep and it was worth it since she notices Eun Ho waiting for her in the garden! Eun Ho’s enamored by her whole presence and Eun Dong’s in the same state of both heart and mind!

bscap1833bscap1832bscap1834bscap1838bscap1837 bscap1843bscap1840 bscap1844

bscap1845They hug in the rain and they can’t hold back their tears of happiness, but it doesn’t matter anymore! They stare at each other with so much love and the longing reaches the end as their lips entwine with so much passion! What a kiss, that’s a kiss! If drama bliss could be described within a scene then that’s the one! Both of them waited for a long time but it was all worth it, they live for this moment! The scene is so angelic, it’s like they’re floating in unparalleled heavens of passion and they can love themselves to death anew inside his car this time! Do you feel it Jae Ho? Having nightmares again? But he moved his leg, that’s positive for his health!

bscap1846 bscap1849bscap1847bscap1850bscap1851bscap1852bscap1855bscap1856bscap1858bscap1860bscap1863bscap1864bscap1865bscap1866bscap1869

It wasn’t a nightmare, Jae Ho, they loved themselves to death; again!


bscap1872Mi Soon has woken up and just noticed all the missed calls from Dong Gyu, but this time it’s Jae Ho who wants to know if Eun Dong’s with her and she lets him know that she’ll call him later on. Ra Il would like to sleep to Mi Na’s house, but Jae Ho would like her to sleep here. There’s a special connection between the two kiddos, Mi Na’s father passed away when she was 3 years old and he wants to be nice towards her now that his father gets better. Ra Il’s proud of his father, but he wants to go there by subway and not by riding a taxi since it’s something that makes his mother upset and Jae Ho thoughtful.


bscap1876Eun Dong wakes up inside his car and caresses Eun Ho’s face. Both of them are so happy staring at each other. The child within Eun Ho has awakened and he doesn’t want to go to work, there’s so much chemistry between them! She urges him to leave and go to work in order not to neglect his duties. Every time she calls him oppa he secretly dies and gets reborn in a cloud of bliss! She’s thankful towards him for waiting for her and I so love this couple! He’s like a child again and he intends to obey! They head towards the house holding hands and he lets her know that he’ll be back and she puts his life in a healthy program, always with love! Eun Ho states that he’s scared as if everything they cherished was a dream and she reassures him that it was reality. Another beautiful hug takes place and he wouldn’t like her to disappear again! He can’t leave, but he has to obey her orders! Both of them are so caring and overprotective towards one another! Have I told you already how much I love them?

 bscap1878bscap1877 bscap1880 bscap1882bscap1883bscap1984

When a “single” oppa can change the world.


bscap1902Dong Gyu can’t reach Eun Ho on the phone, he’s already late and he tries to cover him up. Her grandmother makes Mi Na ready to welcome Ra Il. Once they start talking about Ra Il’s father who’s in a wheelchair Mi Na’s grandfather seems quite thoughtful once he brings Jung Eun in the whole picture, could it be that he knows or assumes something? Jae Ho meets Hyun Ah, he’s worried and wants to have a child through artificial insemination. He hasn’t discussed anything with Jung Eun and he can’t accept the fact that he’s gradually losing her to Eun Ho to the extent of wanting to kill him. At that point Hyun Ah noticed that Ra Il isn’t Jae Ho’s son since he doesn’t have that something that would bind them together.


bscap1906Eun Ho has arrived at the filming sight and he intends to follow Eun Dong’s orders and eat well! Ra Il and Mi Na are reading a story and his grandparents take good care of them. Ra Il takes off his plate the scallions since he doesn’t like green vegetables since it gets slippery inside his mouth. It’s something that makes the grandfather even more thoughtful and at this very moment the mother starts noticing a connection to Hyeon Soo’s younger self.


bscap1913It’s yet another break for Eun Ho and he doesn’t want to eat kimbap since he can’t help it but keep following Eun Dong’s feeding orders! Mi Soon and Eun Dong are having fun at the sea and later on they enjoy their gracious meal where she lets her know that Eun Ho came last night! Eun Dong wants to live for him and make him happy, he’s the only one in her mind at this very moment, but Mi Soon points out it won’t be easy since there are Jae ho and Ra Il in her life.


bscap1921Eun Ho returned back home and he goes right away to his beloved sofa and falls asleep instantly. Jae Ho’s inside the stadium on his own and imagines how it would feel had the accident not happened with the crowd would be cheering for him. Seo Ryeong appears and she thinks it would be better if he goes back to the US alongside his wife. In case Jung Eun won’t agree she has something in mind.

bscap1924bscap1923 bscap1925 bscap1926bscap1927

bscap1930Eun Ho has 3 new movie proposals, but one of them is a martial arts one from a Chinese production early next year. The girl Hyun Bal auditioned appears once again and brings him a juice! An emergency meeting will take place tomorrow and he wants Eun Ho to be present as well. Eun Ho receives a message from Eun Dong asking him if everything went well and he asks her if she’s coming back tomorrow. The answer is positive, he calls her right away and mutual caring takes place! She wants to go with him at the amusement park. He calls her Eun Dong and tells her he loves her, it’s the first time he was able to utter these words. They are words he kept stored in his heart for 10 years and for the first time he can let her know how much he loves her. She can’t hold back her tears and they can’t wait to see each other tomorrow!

bscap1931bscap1932bscap1936bscap1937 bscap1938

bscap1939The emergency meeting takes place and Hyun Bal refers to his friendship with Eun Ho for the past 20 years. Hyun Bal’s wife appears and she has pictures of him with Nan Shik! She kicks him right away in the fragile spot and this acoustic guitar chords in the background make the scene more priceless and… fragile! It was indeed an emergency meeting! She expresses his discomfort to Eun Ho as Hyun Bal struggles to get back on his feet! Once he tells her he didn’t pursue the pleasure with her she tried to make his smile as vast as Joker’s and the beating up moved on! They take Hyun Bal to Eun Ho’s place where he can find some peace of mind from all the pain and suffering! First they will eat under the military housemaid’s sleepless stare, then they will talk! Hyun Bal’s wife contacted Eun Ho who reassured her he’s with him! She also wants a picture as proof and all of them take a selca! This night Eun Ho and Hyun Bal will sleep together just like the good old days! Hyun Bal thinks they’re fated and tries to sleep close to Eun Ho like a couple! It’s something that enrages Eun Ho and his tranquility!

bscap1940bscap1941 bscap1943 bscap1945bscap1946 bscap1948bscap1947 bscap1949bscap1950bscap1985bscap1978  bscap1986bscap1987 bscap1988bscap1989 bscap1990

bscap1954Mi Na and Ra Il have fallen asleep and Hyun Ah can’t help it but stare at them with a more examining stare as she recalls Jae Ho’s words. Suddenly Ra Il feels closer to her and she got a hair from him to perform a DNa test probably. The morning has arrived and Eun Ho wakes up with Hyun Bal sleeping close to him and pushes him away! Once again he finds comfort on his beloved sofa! Both Ra Il and Mi Na spend some time together along with Mi Na’s grandfather who shows them everything inside the garden and teaches them the art of planting.

bscap1955 bscap1958bscap1956

bscap1957Jae Ho’s all alone at home and Eun Dong returns. Jae Ho asks her why she never contacted him back and she didn’t do so because she needed some time to think about Hyeon Soo, Jae Ho and herself. She lets him know that she met Eun Dong and that she’s aware of what happened ten years ago. Her memories are back and so is Eun Dong. She’s like a torrent of thoughts flowing and he breaks the mirror since he can’t stand everything she has to say. He asks her if she remembers how he messed up himself trying to save her and the child in her belly. He tells her that there’s no way she would remember since it’s only part of his memories. Jae Ho demands his life back and he lets her know he will never forgive her and Eun Ho, he wants them to suffer just like he did. The next time she will meet him he will make sure Eun Ho’s fame collapses.

 bscap1960bscap1959  bscap1962bscap1961bscap1963  bscap1979bscap1980 bscap1981bscap1982bscap1964

bscap1970Eun Dong gathers the pieces of the mirror in tears and gets cut. At that point she receives a phone call from Hyeon Soo who can’t wait to see her. She urges him to stop calling her and Jae Ho takes the phone from her hands and demands to know the reason why he calls his wife! As Eun Dong’s blood drips on the floor while she’s crying Jae Ho ends the phone call. Hyeon Soo’s inside his car and something tells me he’s heading towards Eun Dong! The avenger is here!


Thoughts: This is the type of a perfectly perfected perfect episode! There was bliss, there was happiness, there were feels, there was laughter, but there was also uncertainty, there was pain and there was hate too! All the necessary ingredients were there to forge the perfect recipe for our eyes only fellow citizens of Eun Dong’s constellation, fellow EunDongians! A sudden holler trespassed a nighttime’s harmony and everything started taking shape before our very eyes;     EunDongaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


Her memories are back, there’s no more Jung Eun, only Eun Dong. Once she woke up on the hospital bed everything started pointing towards the direction of the life she never had the chance to cherish, the life she was dreaming of, the life she would have treasured had she not found herself in the midst of lies and amnesia. The scenes of the past were adorable and there was cuteness overload, i wanted to enter the screen and clap my hands for them! Yoon So Hee managed to occupy a vast part of my heart and her interactions with Baek Sung Hyun were divine as they surrendered to passion’s utmost euphoria as Hyeon Soo and Eun Dong.


The rain was there just like it should be, it should be there, the rain owes them, fate owes them, life owes them, the universe owes them. Everything conspired to be together and all these bright smiles, all these tears of happiness, all these passionate kisses and all these heartfelt hugs with their hearts pounding as one were highly representative of the scene’s grandeur. Kim Sa Rang and Joo Jin Mo made it happen, they perfected the whole scene with their vibrant and more than alive acting pouring themselves in their roles.


Inside his car they could love themselves to death once again under new parameters and difficulties that were nonexistent at that very moment that seemed liked a thousand years. The whole scene was dreamlike and highly representative of all the longing reaching completion. It was as if they were floating in a dream within a dream while countering reality with their very own and most unique sense of reality which is no other than being together against all odds. The next morning their mutual caring came to the surface which was yet another proof of how much they live for each other and how incomplete they will be had one of them managed to disappear anew.

*vroom vroom*


I love this couple, they are the personification of shipping and i am glad My Love Eun Dong presents them in a more palpable and natural way with more passionate kisses and not a mere lip-touching. People also get closer together due to their fiery passion and babies don’t fall from heaven out of nowhere during rainy baby season. Something actually happens and that something happened many times 10 years ago and happened again during the 11th episode!

Who cares about the sea when you are with EunDongaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah?!


Having cherished their short-lived but everlasting heartfelt and eventually heartrending crescendo in their 20s and having dived deep at the present’s one night’s heaven i can’t help it but root all the way for them to the every end. Everyone who goes against them will be my sworn enemy and Jae Ho entered that team from the previous episode already, so no hard feelings.


What are you going to do now Jae Ho? Why are you thinking of artificial insemination without consulting her first? Who do you think you are to tie her and her life to your own misery? You are responsible for your actions and your condition and if you had any dignity left you should had let her go now that she can be alive once again! My sympathy has already reached the end towards your face, my hate has already began and you’re not helping me to calm down!


Are you going to sneak in her bedroom and inject semen into her womb while she will be sleeping? Are you the baby-bringing needle of revenge or something? Just step back and let them live the life you stole from them so viciously! You are paying for your emotional crimes already and at the same time your health gets better, take it as your last chance because you are already questioning the humanity within me.


Hyun Ah has already noticed that there’s no way Ra Il would ever be Jae Ho’s son and the fact that she got a hair from him is to do a DNA test and see if he’s Eun Ho’s son. Eun Ho and Hyun Ah’s father seems to be aware of something, is he really aware of the whole truth or he’s assuming things pointing towards the right direction? Time shall tell!

bscap1914And what does Seo Ryeong have in mind in order to entrap Eun Dong in Jae Ho’s life once and for all and what does Jae Ho has in mind which is always Seo Ryeong oriented? They will try to bring down Eun Ho’s acting reign through the photos Seo Ryeong’s sex toy got by creating a scandal? Anything they have in mind is already disgusting and my wrath awaits for them in the corner!


Jae Ho senses the end is near and he will do just anything in his despair. We don’t care about you, the only thing that matters to me is for you to get better and walk again, other than that you don’t want to know what i truly think about you! You ruined your own and Eun Dong’s life as well, you stole her life, her dreams and you act as if you have justice by your side to act like a spoiled little kiddo who just lost his ice-cream! Keep in mind that Eun Ho’s already on his way and he looks like an alien vampire avenger on a homicide mission. Eun Ho’s on a crossroad now, the one road leads towards Eun Dong and the other one leads towards Eun Dong, what don’t you get already?! Time to dive into the 12th episode and i hope my nerves won’t erupt any further!



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      I could easily forgive her on that aspect because Jae Ho caused the accident due to his selfishness and inability to accept the fact that she would never see him as the one and only. After the accident, for which he was responsible and for his condition and her amnesia as well, everyone tried to hide her past and forced upon her another fake life with fake memories. It’s not some sort of revenge, it’s reclaiming the life they stole from her; Jae Ho, her father, her mother with her silence and her mother-in-law. She’s still married, as Jung Eun, but she’s Eun Dong and Eun Dong would have never married Jae Ho. Sin is sin, but justice is justice as well XD Each one to his/her own views! 🙂 There’s always one thing that unites us all in this drama, every time Eun Ho shouts EUNDONGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH XD

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