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My Love Eun Dong ~ Episode 10 Recap

EUNDONGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHThese post-exam moments are kind of traumatic, especially when you have to wait for the outcome while hoping it will be the one desired. It’s like a constant anxiety shock waiting for you right in the corner and you get the impression as if someone thought your heart was a gong making it pound that way so you can feel each and every heartbeat’s pressure inflicted upon your body. It’s like an ongoing earthquake that doesn’t leave the boundaries of your body. It was difficult trying to write down my thoughts on a single episode throughout all these mood swings from one edge to the other to eventually fall inside a pit of uncertainty. Well, this longing may not be compared to the one of Eun Ho, but it’s still a sense of longing.


bscap1066Eun Ho arrives at the hospital and heads towards his sister’s office. On his way there, he meets Jae Ho at the elevator and both of them can’t believe they actually met face to face. Time stood still for a while and both of them eventually moved on. Hyun Ah boasts about Eun Ho being her brother and we all know that it’s only the beginning of everything she has to say. She refers to Jae Ho’s condition and the emotional struggle he has to go through ever since her brother acknowledged Eun Dong in Jung Eun’s face.

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bscap1531Eun Ho can’t believe that his sister is Jae Ho’s doctor, but most and above all he can’t accept the fact that Hyun Ah has chosen the opposite side and she doesn’t want Jae Ho to be separated from Jung Eun, especially not during the rehabilitation process. Eun Ho wants to know if Jae Ho can get intimate with Jung Eun and as soon as the answer is negative he leaves feeling kind of relieved.

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bscap1535Hyun Bal actually accepted the girl after the audition and after he finds out she’s playing the piano he intends to follow her and see for himself! Before that, he meets Jae Ho who just arrived at the company. He’s complaining about the fact that Eun Ho keeps seeing his wife more than required when it comes to work matters and he lets Hyun Bal know that he won’t stay still if this keeps going on. The message has been delivered and Hyun Bal feels uneasy about it.

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bscap1540Eun Ho’s parents alongside Mi Na visit Jung Eun at the clothing store and Mi Na recognizes her surprising everyone! The father seems to have sensed something familiar and warm in Jung Eun’s very presence. Jae Ho keeps up his self-pity campaign and meets Seo Ryeong right away. After all the necessary introductions she gets on point and refers to her interest towards Eun Ho. Jae Ho just found the right ally so that he will proceed towards Jung Eun and Seo Ryeong towards Eun Ho respectively.

 bscap1543bscap1541 bscap1546 bscap1551bscap1550 bscap1552

bscap1553Filming has reached an end and Eun Ho’s not in the mood to sit with the others as he sings his way out. He recalls Jung Eun’s not so positive words the last time they met. Jae Ho returns back home and it’s the first time he shows Jung Eun that his hands are actually functioning anew. He lets her know that it’s been some time he started getting better and he didn’t let her know because he didn’t want to lose her. Once again he makes Eun Ho look like a mean person that has his own impact on Jung Eun’s personality. Jung Eun reassures him that nothing has changed and that all she needs is time. Jung Eun says that Eun Ho is meaningless to her and she doesn’t intend to keep talking about him, but Jae Ho orders her to refuse receiving money from him from now on. Jung Eun complies and the whole climate inside the house isn’t vibrant.

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bscap1562Hyun Bal lets Eun Ho know that Jae Ho appeared at the company and he gets enraged with everything going on lately! Jae Ho can’t get out of his mind Eun Ho while at the same time Jung Eun receives a phone call from him. None of them is in a fine mood. He refers to her as Ji Eun Dong and he wonders what happens now that he can’t give up on her, the one and only woman he ever loved. He wants to see it to the very end until one of them passes away. She keeps referring to him as Eun Ho without being able to say anything else and he interrupts her by referring to himself as Hyeon Soo just like Jung Eun isn’t Jung Eun but Eun Dong.

bscap1477bscap1560bscap1561 bscap1563 bscap1570bscap1571 bscap1572

bscap1577Seo Ryeong recalls the first time she met Eun Ho and how astonished she was in the first place. During their handshake and while everyone would think it would be either an autograph or his phone number he was letting her know that she should change the barista since the coffee was horrible! It’s always about Eun Ho’s excellent communication skills!

bscap1576bscap1575 bscap1581bscap1579

bscap1584Eun Ho’s by the sea and he calls Eun Dong right away, but it’s Jae Ho the one to answer the phone call disheartening Eun Ho who’s at loss for words. Jung Eun returns back home and Jae Ho wants to make sure she will come with him tomorrow. She may not be that pleased that her father will be present too, but she will follow Jae Ho who lets her know that Eun Ho had just called. He’s displeased with the fact that Eun Ho called his wife and on top of that he didn’t say anything over the phone. Dong Gyu meets Eun Ho whose discomfort is omnipresent.

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bscap1591Seo Ryeong progresses the Eclipse event and everything’s flowing according to plan. She receives a phone call from Jae Ho who lets her know that he would like Eun Ho to be present as well for a face to face confrontation. Seo Ryeong likes the whole idea and wants Hyun Bal to arrange Eun Ho’s presence at the event. Jae Ho’s at the stadium watching the training process while Jung Eun eats with Mi Soon who notices that something’s not right. When it comes to food and the way it’s people-oriented she offers a diplomatic answer, instead of Jae Ho or Eun Ho it brings forth Ra Il’s presence in her life. Mi Soon invites Jung Eun to Jeboo island and she likes the idea, once Jae Ho’s event will be over they can get there.

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bscap1595The grandmother from the Korean classroom calls her on the phone and by the time they meet she refers to her as Eun Dong teacher. The grandmother’s really glad to see her and Jung Eun lets her know that she lost her memory. She finally found the letter and hands it over to Eun Dong. She keeps it safe inside the book which has the same title as the writing on the letter, My Love Eun Dong, but she doesn’t intend to read it yet.

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bscap1602Eun Ho’s by the seaside and the scenery by sunset is enthralling! The Eclipse event preparation has almost reached the end and Jae Ho who’s accompanied by Jung Eun are about to arrive. Eun Ho’s heading there as well, but he doesn’t know the details. Seo Ryeong greets Jae Ho while Jung Eun can’t believe her eyes, but Seo Ryeong unveils her civilized mask by praising her beauty as if nothing happened in the past. Hyun Ah arrives as well and Eun Ho’s getting ready for his appearance. Hyun Bal’s aware that Eun Ho’s going to be quite pissed off and he lets Dong Gyu know about the event’s real nature. Hyun Bal wants Dong Gyu to help him in order not to face Eun Ho’s wrath, but it’s too late, Seo Ryeong already managed to inform him and he’s at loss for words. It’s one more way to keep Eun Ho by her side, or at least she thought so, because Eun Ho doesn’t intend to see it happening.

bscap1599 bscap1604bscap1603 bscap1605bscap1606 bscap1607 bscap1609bscap1608 bscap1611bscap1610bscap1484bscap1485

bscap1618Eun Ho enters the event area and he exchanges stares with Jung Eun. She’s being overran by discomfort while Eun Ho maintains his calmness. Jae Ho’s display of power is ill-natured and it doesn’t possess the grandeur it should. The crowd applauds Jae Ho’s presence on stage and refers to his background story with some sort of humor and praises his wife who was by his side all this time. Once he refers to fate and the power of love between them Eun Ho’s face changed thousands of colors in a blink of an eye. Jae Ho mentions that he’s willing to do just anything to protect his marriage and he calls Eun Ho to start his speech. It’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for a wide variety of reasons.

bscap1614bscap1615 bscap1617bscap1616bscap1486 bscap1621bscap1620

bscap1487He maintains his calmness and his grandeur shines through declaring his own fair play that only a few can understand for now. He won’t give up, but he won’t use foul methods. Eun Ho won’t give up until he reclaims all these lost years, as for Jae Ho, he hopes he will recover soon! Not exactly what everyone was expecting as a speech, but Eun Ho delivered all the necessary messages and the recipients have started losing the world underneath their feet! Jung Eun tries to leave, but Jae Ho wrist-grabs her and forces her to sit down, but she eventually manages to escape. Eun Ho wants to leave as well, but Dong Gyu restrains him and the most heroic moment of the drama arrived with Eun Ho crying out her name in the middle of Seo Ryeong’s speech as Dong Gyu tries to cover everything up! Eun Ho leaves and Jae Ho lies defeated in his own territory. Seo Ryeong tried to call him on the phone, but he deactivated it to find some peace of mind.

bscap1622bscap1623 bscap1488bscap1624bscap1625 bscap1626bscap1627bscap1630bscap1631bscap1632bscap1633

bscap1634The moment for Eun Dong to read the letter amidst memories through Eun Ho’s narrative voice in his 20s has arrived. The accident wasn’t the first time Hyeon Soo and Eun Dong met, they had met before when he had parked his motorcycle to help Eun Dong and her grandmother. It was the first time Eun Dong started falling for him and she eventually helped him get rid of the accusations that were coming his way after the accident. And she was the one who spotted Hyeon Soo in Seoul first and started searching around for him. Everyone thought of Hyeon Soo as a loser back then, but Eun Dong’s dream was to become a writer and support him in his acting attempts. Even for the short time they were together she was always supportive, loving and caring and she never took into consideration Jae Ho’s feelings.

bscap1636 bscap1637bscap1638bscap1639 bscap1646bscap1645bscap1643bscap1647bscap1649bscap1650bscap1651 bscap1652

bscap1654It’s not only the distant past she steadily recalls, it’s also the recent past with Eun Ho in her life that goes through her mind. And it was Jae Ho’s fault they got into an accident because he couldn’t accept the fact that Eun Dong would never love him while he was having her father’s support who was using the fact that he was providing her everything she needed. He wasn’t only useless as a father, he was also an abusive subhuman trying to force Jae Ho in her life. It’s a whole maelstrom of massive memories making her feel dizzy at the present, it’s an emotional overload that makes her collapse. The only thing she can utter is “Hyeon Soo oppa” just like back then on the day of the accident while she was lying on the ground before losing consciousness and eventually her precious world.

bscap1642bscap1658bscap1659 bscap1661 bscap1663bscap1664bscap1666bscap1670 bscap1671 bscap1498bscap1502

Thoughts: The first half of the episode was testing my already fragile nerves. It was Jae Ho’s self-pity campaign to get Eun Ho out of the way and he met with every possible person that could actually help him. At first it was Hyun Ah, then Hyun Bal and eventually Seo Ryeong. Each and every one of them did their best to compose the perfect symphony of decomposition in order to create the ideal environment that would evoke major discomfort in the ranks of Eun Ho and Eun Dong.


The plan seemed perfect and everyone was gradually paving his/her own way, but they didn’t take into consideration a factor of utter importance, Eun Ho’s unparalleled love and longing. You simply don’t mess with a man’s feelings, especially while he was nurturing them for the past 20 years inside an ocean of loneliness with tiny islands of bliss in between. If Eun Ho mastered loneliness and managed to forge a distant yet loved social figure then he will use all means necessary in order to put all this longing at ease and transform it into palpable fields of love, even if he has to maintain his calmness despite the fact that it would seem an unreachable goal given the circumstances.


Jae Ho played in his own field and lost to Eun Ho’s skillful approach. He may not have lost the war yet, but he lost an important battle. They may have the same destination, but their kickoff point and the progress in between can’t be compared. Jae Ho stands for one-sided love, lies, obsession and among others he’s yet another thief of someone else’s life. If you might have guessed correctly, my sympathy towards Jae Ho’s face reached the end, he crossed the thin red line and entered the area of irritating figures that deserve to be punished. Crying around like a neighborhood gossip princess and plotting like your average middle-aged ahjumma while using his disability to his own advantage without preserving his self-respect while badmouthing Eun Ho and stepping upon Eun Dong’s life is something i cannot accept anymore.


Everyone belonging to the same league of irritating people was taught a lesson that night, that not everything can flow according to their malevolent plan all the time and that they can’t turn love’s purest form into a violent playground in order to progress their own selfish plans. It’s all about Eun Ho and Eun Dong’s common kickoff point and Eun Ho masterfully presented all the love and all the longing just for those aware of everything going in the background without taking into consideration the rest of the audience. If some people wanted to play with him he played back and the message was delivered.


That was one part of the twofold meaning of a message during the episode, the other part was Eun Ho’s letter which the grandmother finally brought back to the surface and Eun Dong had the chance to dwell deeper in the realms of her lurking memories. Eun Dong’s platonic affection and deeper longing towards Hyeon Soo’s face started before Hyeon Soo started nurturing his own feelings. It was before the accident, but Eun Dong never forgot about him and life brought it this way so that they would meet again and Eun Dong would protect him from getting into trouble.


After they met again in their 20s Eun Dong was the first one to notice Hyeon Soo and wanted to approach and seduce him in her own playful way, making sure they would be together ever after while nothing would be able to keep them apart. Everyone kept accusing her for Jae Ho’s condition and infused tremendous amounts of guilt in her traumatized soul while it was Jae Ho’s one-sided obsession and carelessness which harmed both himself and Eun Dong. Judging from Eun Dong’s attention stasis in front of her father she was probably being abused by her father both as a little girl and a young lady  and he was filling her with guilty before the accident.

Who needs Transformers when you have trucks?!


Back then it was the fact that she was living in his house and that he was giving her food and clothes to survive and he wanted her to get married to Jae Ho at all costs. After the accident and the fact that she couldn’t remember anything it was the falsified life which brought her in Jae Ho’s life while her own had remained buried by time and dust. Her mother is yet another victim to her husband and at this very moment i can’t put the blame on her; except for her silence all these years.


What was hiding underneath many layers of lies has finally emerged to the surface and the shock was immense. Eun Dong didn’t only lose her physical balance but also her emotional one since everything shattered before her very eyes. She was aware that many things were not right during the flow of the episodes, but her own memories had a different and more powerful weight upon her at this very moment. Through Hyeon Soo’s simplistic and slightly poetic letter of love, longing and dedication memories stroke her like a torrent.


The preview was rather insightful of what to expect. Our two wounded love pigeons will finally meet each other as Hyeon Soo and Eun Dong and they will treasure their stolen lives and all these ten years of absence will reach an end. A circle ends for yet another one to begin. Both of them have waited for a long time to feel complete in each other’s embrace and the passion will get multiplied. On the other side of the fence, Ra Il is not Jae Ho’s son and he wants a child to tie himself and Jung Eun together. He doesn’t seem to have learned a single thing throughout the years and what he shares with Eun Dong isn’t love but some sort of the Gordian Knot. However, Eun Ho’s not here to cut it, but untie it just like he masterfully progressed towards Eun Dong; step by step, episode by episode, memory by memory.


Oh well, i give my life for such drama letters, they usually possess a different type of emotional dynamics and Hyeon Soo’s letter back in the days definitely had a glimpse of what i expected. Nobody messes with a man when the whole universe is so powerless compared to his feelings for a woman and if the universe conspired to keep them apart, it’s time to pay them back.

My Love, Eun Dong.
I was the most fearless boy in the world.
Ten years ago, when I first met you, I was like that.
But after losing you, I became a coward.
The only thing I’m scared of in this world is losing you.
Eun Dong, like ten years ago, I became a coward.
I’m scared that I will lose you again.
Eun Dong, no matter what happened to you,
No matter what you were thinking,
I will understand everything and wait for you.
So please come back.
Is it that man? Is that why?
Are you with that man that remained in your time while I lost you?
Even if somebody gives me the whole universe, I wouldn’t trade it with you.
I’m going to wait until you come back.
Even if that takes a year, two years or three years.
I’m going to wait until I find you.
Even if that takes ten years, I will wait for you.
We will meet again.


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Kwon Sang Seung

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    Another great recap, thank you! And I love seeing that letter printed out and arranged so beautifully on paper, like a precious piece of art that it really is. Doesn’t it makes a great piece to accompany the picture you posted of Junior, as the 10s Eun Ho, in that tender kiss scene with the 20s Eun Dong? That scene went by so very fast in the video! Always enjoy reading your recaps. Now, I’m less than 12 hours (as I write this) from Episode 11 — hasn’t it been like “forever”?

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