30 Jul 2015

My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 11 Recap

My Beautiful Bride’s 11th episode may not have appeared as the drama’s most exciting one and it’s the drama’s fault partially. We had gotten used to tremendous amounts of feels, a form of extreme yet well-expressed tension and an intriguing sense of action that were taking My Beautiful Bride to

28 Jul 2015

Orange Marmalade ~ The End

Hello Dramajjangers Are you spending your summer time well? It has been a really hot summer in Greece and the heat has made me dysfunctional. All I wanna do is lay on the beach and sleep on the water if that makes any sense. But seriously I spent most of

26 Jul 2015

My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 10 Recap

Alright, Do Hyung’s the Birdman and the real Rooftop Prince; literally. Who needs wings when you have Do Hyung’s leap and parachute arms? If he starts wearing a helmet he’s going to be the ultimate killing machine in the form of a one man army that doesn’t surrender, doesn’t negotiate,

26 Jul 2015

My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 9 Recap

The trails of the underworld start gradually coming to the surface and the more our main figures keep searching for Joo Young the more the pieces of the shady puzzle come together one after the other. Do Hyung has found himself in the middle of the storm as he’s surrounded

25 Jul 2015

My Love Eun Dong ~ Episode 16 Recap ~ END

Given the most unwelcome circumstances and with due respect to all the people who shared the same passion for My Love Eun Dong, expressed themselves through comments or read my recaps after my first impressions article, the only thing that felt more than right was to give a personal closure

23 Jul 2015

[Important Message] ~ The Art of Time Traveling, Editing, Copy/Paste and more Dramaland Stories.

They definitely know what they are doing and it slightly gets darker. They are not as naive as they appear to be, they are rather methodical in their moves and the way their copy/paste interactions with the articles of sites and blogs progress. Not only do they copy/paste the articles

22 Jul 2015

[Important Message] ~ The Art of Copy/Paste and other Dramaland Stories.

We started this blog, dramajjang, out of love for dramas and because we didn’t want to keep our thoughts to ourselves, we wanted to share them with the rest of the fellow adventurers in the vast sea of dramas. It’s difficult finding people in real life who share a like-minded

22 Jul 2015

Scholar Who walks the Night ~ episodes 1-4 ~ first impression

Hello Dramajjangers Many vampire themed dramas came out this year. Should we call it the year of the vampires? “Blood” was a disappointment, “Orange Marmalade” turned off my expectations (it had to come to the 11th episode to get somewhere, but I’ll be talking about this on an other article.). I’m

19 Jul 2015

Death Note ~ first impression ~ no spoilers

Hello Dramajjangers “Death Note” is one of the most famous mangas and animes, that people know about . I personally haven’t read the manga and I’ve just watched some of the anime episodes. But I’ve seen the movies. I pretty much know some things, about everything that has to do with “Death Note”,

19 Jul 2015

My Love Eun Dong ~ Episode 15 Recap

I should had been more cautious, the black & white opening blinded me with feels instead of preparing me for what would follow. There was a fragile balance throughout the whole duration of the episode and we could barely walk upon it until a tsunami of noble idiocy and idealization