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My Love Eun Dong ~ Episode 9 Recap

EunDongaaaaahWe passed the midway ground and we’ve already moved towards the second half of My Love Eun Dong, it’s a sign which shyly points towards the falling curtains of the drama in three weeks from now. Is it just me or time flies quite fast lately? I thought the time i spent with Heard It Through the Grapevine would last a lot, but the end arrived sooner than expected even if it was 30 episodes long. School 2015 waved goodbye to its audience after 16 episodes and i have already started preparing myself to bid farewell My Love Eun Dong. Time is relentless, even in dramas. Ratings aren’t a cable channel’s best friend when it comes to dramas, but not always. However, My Love Eun Dong appears pretty strong, especially during the last 4 episodes since it found itself between 1.386%-1.549%. The 9th episode achieved a more than welcome 1.406% and since it still remains inside the 1%-2% safe zone it’s doing pretty well.


bscap0899Eun Ho and Jung Eun are at the park where they first kissed outside of the cinema. They revisit the emotionally fortified awkwardness of the moment with their hands leaning towards the same direction. Eventually they reach their destination as they’re walking hand in hand towards the spot where the legendary phone booth used to be. Once he tells her that the hand he’s holding at this very moment was his ten years ago both of them smile at each other. But they are not alone, Seo Ryeong’s sex toy’s nearby and he’s once again in the role of the shady paparazzi with the sharp as a knife stare and a non-existent smile, of course, he’s in a costume!


bscap0904The phone booth may not be there anymore, but all that matters is their very own presence at the exact place where Eun Dong and Hyeon Soo kissed for the first time. Eun Ho states that had people known this is the place where Eun Ho had his first kiss they wouldn’t have gotten rid of the phone booth. Eun Ho refers to Eun Dong 10 years ago as a fox who seduced his innocent self back then and he’s pretty certain she had planned it all beforehand! Jung Eun thinks that he shouldn’t accuse someone innocent making Eun Ho happy since he thought that her memories had already started coming back, but that’s not the case here, she deeply believes Eun Dong wasn’t like that!


bscap0901She was Hyeon Soo’s personal seductive injection and he refers anew to the renowned by now phrase that he should proceed at all costs making Jung Eun say that it is because it was fine back then, making him question her if he should do the same at this very moment. Jung Eun says she was talking about Eun Dong and not herself as Eun Ho wonders if this makes her feel relieved if she’s talking about herself in the past and herself at the present as two different people. It’s not something that can happen overnight since she’s not familiar yet with her memories as Eun Dong. Their conversation is playful and she’s taking the lead just like the fox she used to be in the past!


bscap0909The next step is the restaurant where they used to eat and he doesn’t go unnoticed by other people! He’s not willing to eat since later on he will have to film a scene where he’s eating late at night and he needs to have an empty stomach for the scene to look more realistic. Eun Ho can’t take his eyes off Jung Eun as she’s eating and he finds the right moment to place a ring on her finger, it’s the ring that belonged to her mother. One after the other, the stories of the recordings turn to life before her very eyes. Things had just started getting emotionally fortified until Jung Eun received a message from Dong Gyu so that Eun Ho won’t be late at the filming sight!

 bscap0911bscap0908 bscap0912bscap0917bscap0915

bscap0918Seo Ryeong receives the photographs from her sex toy and she doesn’t look that pleased with the outcome. Hyun Ah is the next recipient of a message, it’s one of these pictures and guess what, she’s not pleased either! Jae Ho can finally use his hands to a welcome extent, it’s something that makes him happier and more functional in his daily life. Ra Il’s already fallen asleep and Jae Ho moves towards the playground where he receives a phone call from Hyun Ah. Right before arranging a family meeting he notices Eun Ho bringing Jung Eun back home and he loses the world underneath his feet. She notices that something’s not right and he lets her know that his wife’s with another man. It’s something he can’t withstand, but he can’t hate Jung Eun either. Jae Ho hid so that he would go unnoticed as he was crying in silence as our lovely couple’s nighttime was reaching the end.

bscap0922bscap0921bscap0923bscap0924 bscap0925bscap0926bscap0927

bscap0933Seo Ryeong’s sex toy arrives at her office to get slapped and get questioned whether he likes her or not. He wants her to get rid of Eun Ho from her life since he doesn’t love her. In fact, he’s more than a sex toy and he did start to like her as he intends to do just anything for her if she’s willing to forget Eun Ho once and for all. Was it an order to get pictures of them or he acted on his own? His one-sided love’s unveiled background points towards the second direction.

bscap0935bscap0934 bscap0932

bscap0937Jae Ho lets Jung Eun know that he’d like their family to visit Lake Park alongside Hyun Ah’s family and shortly after delivering a positive answer she falls asleep leaving him Jae Ho his own thoughts. Time doesn’t flow differently for Eun Ho either. Dong Gyu arrives and informs him on the latest news concerning the filming process, but he doesn’t seem to care at all. By the time he reads between the lines and notices that he won’t be filming his mood changes drastically and the weather is one of his greatest allies!

bscap0938bscap0939 bscap0941

bscap0944Jung Eun’s staring at her wedding ring and the ring of her mother, it’s a tough decision. The picnic journey is about to begin and Ra Il’s very excited about it! Eun Ho witnesses the whole family getting ready to leave and it wasn’t what he was expecting to see. His plans just got cancelled and he calls Jung Eun on the phone asking her to meet him, he urges her to leave her family behind, but it’s not something she can do right now. They arrive at Lake Park and Eun Ho’s disheartened stare is watching from a safe distance. Eun Ho won’t stop calling her and he lets her know that he wants to see her at the parking lot. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Jae Ho who urges her to follow him, but she decides to meet Eun Ho for a while. He wrist-grabs her and eventually she follows his lead.

bscap0946bscap0947bscap0953bscap0951bscap0957 bscap0954bscap0956bscap0958

bscap0961Hyun Ah welcomes Ra Il and Jae Ho at the park and they try to make the whole ambiance more pleasant in Jung Eun’s absence. Mi Na and Ra Il are playful the way kids should be as Jae Ho lets her know that the first thing he would like to do once he starts walking again would be to walk around barefoot the whole day until his feet start to bleed! He wonders whether Jung Eun will come back if he starts walking again, but Hyun Ah’s at loss for words since she’s aware of the whole truth. If Jae Ho could sell his soul in order to be with Jung Eun he would definitely do so and Hyun Ah refers to the day of her husband’s funeral. The only person who stood by her side at that time was her brother who was the only one to support her along the way even though her parents never approved the pathway she chose to walk upon. Her love for her brother is beyond words, but even though she’s glad he’s in love and she needs to support him she finds it tough because she thinks that Eun Ho’s point of view is rather selfish without caring about other people getting hurt or not. Jae Ho says that he understands her brother since this is what happens when one’s in love as he starts to realize that Jung Eun may not be coming back, at least for today.


bscap0972Eun Ho lets Jung Eun know that once he finds Eun Dong, meaning once she recalls her memories, he would like to run all over the place with her while holding hands, go on a date and travel with her, but he became too famous! This is the reason why he bought that villa in order to be able to run and play with her far away from other people’s stares. It’s all because of Eun Dong, his life had always been Eun Dong oriented. He waited for her for ten years and waiting even more isn’t that hard. However, there’s a major problem, in case he keeps waiting there’s always the chance of Jung Eun never becoming Eun Dong again. He lets her know that he wants to keep seeing her as Jung Eun as he plans to start anew his approach on their present selves as Eun Dong and Hyeon Soo.

 bscap0966bscap0965 bscap0970

bscap0975Jung Eun would like to know how did Eun Ho know that she knew she was Eun Dong and he found out when she accepted the money he gave her without complaining and it’s his own turn to ask her how did she find out she was Eun Dong. It was all about her heart trembling whenever she saw him and she wants to put an end to it since she doesn’t want her heart to keep wavering at his very presence. Whether she recalls the past or not, she’s still her husband’s wife and her son’s mother. Eun Ho wonders whether she loves her husband or not and as she’s touching her wedding ring she replies positively and announces the end between her and Eun Ho.

bscap0968bscap0969 bscap0967

bscap0978It’s something that angers him and he can finally explode as he sees Eun Dong in her overall approach as he thinks she played with him back then, shaking his heart and then suddenly disappearing. Jung Eun’s apologetic as Eun Ho cries his heart out urging her to live well so that he can finally give her up, he can’t accept that she’s living like that after she ruined his heart and disappeared. Jung Eun’s raw realism unveils itself as she points out that he can’t date a woman with a husband and a child. She decides to leave unable to hold back her tears as Eun Ho shouts at her that she needs to face hardships he’s already been through in order to sense the amount of pain that has overran him throughout the years in order to understand the way he feels about her.

bscap0981bscap0973bscap0974 bscap0983

bscap0985Both Eun Ho and Jae Ho are waiting for Jung Eun to return, Eun Ho eventually met his housekeeper and Jae Ho earned Jung Eun’s presence since she had reassured him she would come back and he’s actually quite happy. Jung Eun’s mother finally erupts in front of her husband since she can’t stand his approach on Jung Eun anymore. I used to get the same impression, that he cares more about Jae Ho and treats him like a son rather than being a paternal figure to Jung Eun! She has already started reconsidering her opinion since Eun Ho hasn’t given up on Eun Dong, on top of that he’s a billionaire and despite being one he never gave up his first and only love! Her husband refers to Eun Ho as trash and he thinks his wife is dazzled by the money; look who’s talking! He’s not pleased with his wife lecturing him and she urges him to read just a few pages of the book she wrote in order to understand her, but he’s not willing to comply to any of her requests.

bscap0984bscap0989 bscap0988 bscap0991bscap0992 bscap0882bscap0993bscap0994

bscap0997Mi Soon arrives and both Jung Eun and Jae Ho greet her at their house, she’s here to take care of his hair! They talk about this and that and Mi Soon’s indirect cause is for him and the rest of the family to return back to the US since she’s well aware that Jung Eun is seeing Eun Ho. Hyun Bal is pleased with Eun Ho’s drama’s progress, but his mood changes as soon as Eun Ho informs Dong Gyu that he’s going to get drunk tonight and needs his aid. The whole team rushes to support him! By the time they arrived people had already started taking photos of Eun Ho. Eun Ho feels quite lonely after his last encounter with Jung Eun, so lonely he can’t find the proper words to express it.


bscap0998Hyun Bal’s approach isn’t helpful and Dong Gyu mentions that everyone’s lonely in his/her own way. Eun Ho wonders whether he should marry Seo Ryeong and have a child with her since she’s the daughter of Yong Seong Group, he could easily give up everything by then. Of course, Hyun Bal would concur in this turn of events and pours him more alcohol! Lonely days like this crave for the first love’s remembrance, but it’s not something Hyun Bal can do since his wife was his first love and these memories have faded by now as reality has taken charge of his life. Had Eun Ho gotten married to Eun Dong this would have happened to him as well and he thinks Hyun Bal may be right at this moment.


bscap1005However, he wishes he could have lived with her like that whether it would feel like heaven or it would have turned into utter hell. He acknowledges that even though she can’t remember him her attitude hasn’t really changed and he can’t conceive reality’s parameters and the fact that she’s married to someone else with a child in between. He wishes she would had put an end to everything they shared before disappearing. He’s highly representative of a broken man in love, nothing makes much sense but everything makes sense perfectly well, his complaints are always being followed by tremendous amounts of love towards her face and alcohol keeps flowing.


bscap1007Jae Ho and Ra Il are at the playground talking about Jung Eun and Mi Soon’s friendship and at some point Ra Il’s ball heads towards Jae Ho’s direction and it’s the first time for him after all these years to hold a baseball. It’s something that makes both of them extremely happy! Mi Soon and Jung Eun are eating together and Mi Soon feels uneasy about recommending Jung Eun as Eun Ho’s ghostwriter. Both of them get emotional as Mi Soon lets her know that she’s aware of everything. Jung Eun doesn’t know what to do, she can’t help it but keep loving Eun Ho and her heart never lies, it’s something that makes her daily life some kind of torture. Every time he’s around her he finds his own way into her heart. He always finds a way in without knocking the door and she can’t help it but love that feeling. Jung Eun crying her heart out after such beautiful lines made that scene a personal favorite alongside Eun Ho’s drunken self a while ago.

bscap1008 bscap1012bscap1010 bscap1011bscap1013bscap1014bscap1015 bscap1016

bscap1022Her mother calls her on the phone and lets her know that she’d like to meet her. Hyun Bal and Dong Gyu return Eun Ho who’s about to pass out back home and he salutes the military housemaid! They were about to leave, but her cooking caught their attention! She doesn’t like drunkards for sure! Once Eun Ho becomes a human again she will treat him accordingly and Dong Gyu and Hyun Bal’s condition don’t go unnoticed either, they are between being human and getting wasted and shows them the way out!


bscap1024Seo Ryeong has already started moving towards the baseball field and she wants her sex toy to work on something as she refers to Jae Ho’s background. She intends to support a baseball sports center for handicapped people and it doesn’t look that innocent to my eyes at this very moment. Eun Ho wakes up and he’s got a long way ahead to come back to reality in full force after a night swimming in oceans of alcohol. He gets off the bed and rushes to his beloved sofa, but it doesn’t last long since he has to throw up!


bscap1027Jung Eun visited her mother and the moment of truth has arrived as she takes her to her old room. Jung Eun opens up her box and finds her renowned hairpin and her pair of shoes as memories erupt. There’s also Hyeon Soo’s book with their photographs inside. There so many feels as we go through Hyeon Soo reciting the poem inside the hospital room and then we head towards Eun Ho’s recording with his voice getting united with Eun Dong’s own words! She finds her old diary and witnesses her other wish, the one to marry Hyeon Soo alongside finding her mother. Eun Ho’s words from the last time they met keep echoing and she can’t help it but unveil her most heartfelt tears to date.

bscap1028 bscap1032bscap1031bscap1033bscap1035bscap1036 bscap1040bscap1038bscap1043

bscap1044Eun Ho’s playing with the yolk and once he decides to eat everything points towards the direction that he shouldn’t have drank that much! He doesn’t remember anything and he starts cutting his toenails as he hallucinates with Eun Dong being all over the place in his life! She’s going crazy over everything, but it feels like heaven to his eyes and eventually tears follow when reality takes over.

bscap1050bscap1046bscap1048 bscap1049bscap1053bscap1057

bscap1061He’s lying on his bed and once he receives a message he rushes to read it, but it was Hyun Ah urging him to pass by the hospital tomorrow. Jae Ho’s going there as well and Hyun Ah is pleased to know that he will be a part of the baseball center. Eun Ho arrives at the hospital and heads towards his sister’s office. On his way there, he meets Jae Ho at the elevator and both of them can’t believe they actually met face to face.

bscap1064bscap1065 bscap1066 bscap1068bscap1069

Thoughts: On the 9th episode there was a wide variety of emotions and the prism through which they were being filtered had a variety of its own as well. Commemorating the second half of the drama, the 9th episode was a milestone for My Love Eun Dong’s emotional progress since it managed to convey the strict opposition between reality and a steadily outspreading bliss.


South Korean dramas have some sort of affection when it comes to hand portrayal. It’s not emphasis just for the sake of it, the hands work as an extension of the characters’ personalities and internal world during a scene and they display in a more apparent way everything going on in a figure’s mind at that very moment. In My Love Eun Dong hands hold a deeper symbolism than a generic expression of affection, love or discomfort. Every time we witness Jae Ho’s hands moving with one of them being more functional and the other one struggling to achieve at least as much as the other one can it’s a slight but deeply meaningful presentation of his progress after having worked hard to get better.


Eun Dong’s hands have to be the drama equivalent of a crossroad. There’s the wedding ring and there’s also the ring which belonged to her mother, but it is absolutely related to Eun Ho. Having to choose between the life she had been living for the past ten years and the life she was dreaming before losing her memories is being depicted on her hands somewhere between the ring which enforced Jung Eun upon herself and the ring which holds everything Eun Dong was craving for; her mother and Eun Ho.


At the spot where the phone booth that made everything more palpable used to be there was nostalgia on Eun Ho’s behalf, but there was also an attempt of memory recollection for Jung Eun and that makes it even harsher for her. She wants to treasure all these memories, but she can only caress their distant contours making the whole process blissfully traumatic. Only her heart recognizes everything her mind refuses to see for the time being.


Even though i would never say it had been easy for Eun Ho all these year, it’s easier for him to demand Jung Eun’s presence in his life. However, it’s something that can neither happen overnight nor progress that easily when it comes to Jung Eun, she’s married with a child. She can neither erase the past ten years nor keep in silence her past before the accident. Eun Ho’s pain throughout the years had been immense and all this longing was mainly embittered and that’s why he explodes at times, but he never gave up hope.


Now that Eun Dong’s in his life anew he wants to treasure everything with her without taking into consideration reality’s parameters or anyone else’s feelings, it’s only him and Eun Dong. You can sense his desperation in Jin Mo’s stare even at the thought of losing her anew after he just found her. My hyung is doing an immense work on depicting all the internal conflicts of Eun Ho’s personality.


The whole way of thinking is selfish, i know, but i would had done the same and you would probably act this way as well had you tried walking in his shoes, fellow reader. Right now i felt like trying to convince a court on my client’s innocence, excuse me ladies (and few gentlemen). Just take into consideration these manly tears below.


Eun Ho’s drunken scene was an emotional masterpiece, as a man myself i can deeply dwell on that very moment. Not everything he said was making sense, but at the same time everything was more than meaningful. All these incoherent thoughts of trying to push her away in his mind for the time being was a failed attempt to regain his senses and slightly embrace a different reality. However, everything that didn’t pace with his Eun Dong oriented world was always being followed by the “but” factor that was doing justice to his own feelings towards her which are no other than his everlasting love and ceaseless craving to be around her. Wondering how can she be so pretty even now was the perfect closure for such a scene. His slight smile and rainy eyes depicted in the utmost way his love for her in comparison to his own struggles that haven’t reached an end even though he finally found her. Bittersweet was never so alive in such a shot.


Had he married Eun Dong back then their entwined lives may had turned into a daily routine, but even then he would never want to miss this chance of going through that blissful “hell” despite not being the heaven it would had been in the past. His hallucinations inside his house during the abhorrent hangover process were that aspect of Eun Dong that would point towards that direction of “hell”, but even then, he would never ask for anything else. Even though he may have idealized Eun Dong’s very soul and essence throughout the years, especially during her absence, he knows what he wants and his life will only be complete with Eun Dong by his side.


Jung Eun chose raw realism over emotion and memories and tried to embrace the life she had been living for the past ten years, but it wasn’t easy to erase the past even though it remains hidden in the corridors of her mind. In one hand she declared the end of an era to Eun Ho, on the other hand, in front of Mi Soo, she could utter the whole truth and that her heart can only point towards Eun Ho’s direction. Her heart’s always an open door for Eun Ho to enter any time he wants to and he’s more than welcome to do so despite the ominous circumstances. She doesn’t know what to do at this very moment and i can totally understand her. She can’t leave Jae Ho and Ra Il behind in a blink of an eye, but she can’t become Eun Dong out of the blue either. Her crossroad is tough and the whole truth hasn’t come to the surface yet.


It wasn’t easy talking this way to Eun Ho at the villa he bought for them, but it wasn’t easy lying to her own feelings either. The box of memories beheld tremendous amounts of feels and you could sense her emotional struggle through Sa Rang’s vivid interpretation. Everything she was hearing from Eun Ho’s recordings and everything she wrote about was there.


All these legendary items, after her mother’s ring, started parading in front of her weary eyes one after the other, her emotionally fortified hairpin, her shoes which were Eun Ho’s first unconditional present towards her, his book and their photos and last but not least, her very own thoughts when she was still a little girl. The compass was always pointing towards Eun Ho’s direction and the mist surrenders, step by step. Emotion could finally overwhelm realism and her most sincere tears to date came to the surface.


Her mother played an important role. At first she defied her husband who’s a major ash-hole and i want him to suffer as much as possible. Then, she managed to take that mighty step ahead and let Jung Eun get a more palpable glimpse of Eun Dong. I don’t know where all this hate towards Eun Ho’s face derives from when it comes to Jung Eun’s father, but i hope there’s a good explanation about it, not that it would make him look less guilty to my eyes, but okay. And why does he care about Jae Ho that much as if he was his one and only son instead of delivering even the slightest sense of love towards his daughter instead of ongoing guilt? My fists are always ready for you, “ahjussi.”


I can’t see Seo Ryeong as a philanthropist and the baseball center has nothing to do about it. Bringing Jae Ho in her own field can only be Eun Ho oriented and she knows that she can only rely on Jae Ho and Hyun Ah at this very moment. Hyun Αh has found herself in a tough position and Seo Ryeong definitely played a dirty game with her. In one hand she wants to stand by her brother’s side the way he supported her throughout the years and she deeply knows more than anyone else everything he went through.


On the other hand, she can’t give up Jae Ho, her humane side can’t let it happen and talking to him about her husband and her brother wasn’t only Eun Ho oriented in order to deliver the arch signs that he is her brother. She also wanted to know his opinion in the way he would feel had he been in her brother’s position and on top of that, she always makes a connection to him with her husband since both of them went through hard times. Her husband didn’t make it, but he treasured love with Hyun Ah and eventually Mi Na was born. She doesn’t want Jae Ho to end up alone because of her brother’s everlasting love and never-ending focus on Eun Dong. It makes sense, but i still see it as noble idiocy.


One thing is for certain, she probably wanted Jae Ho and Eun Ho to meet at the end of the 9th episode, even indirectly. Hyun Ah has something in mind, but i can’t say what for now. We witnessed Jae Ho’s happiness as his hands become more and more functional and gradually he will be able to walk again, we sensed his relief once Jung Eun appeared at the park, but we also went through his silent tears and boiling discomfort. The meeting at the end of the 9th episode was a powerful scene as both men silently weighed their dynamics in front of each other.


However, witnessing Jae Ho face to face for the first time could be Hyun Ah’s plan to make Eun Ho’s selfish part surrender; at least for a while. It’s time to enter the world of the 10th episode, one thing is for certain, My Love Eun Dong only gets better and the feels grow more powerful with the passing of time!

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