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My Love Eun Dong ~ Episode 8 Recap

HoDongThenAndNowIf i am reading your mind correctly, you desperately want it to rain during the very beginning of the 9th one after the gracious ending of the 8th episode. It is about time the rain gradually embraces their lives anew, adorning them with that kind of warmth only they know; the way it did 20 and 10 years ago. The water had always been their very own element with the pouring rain always bringing them together or tearing them apart. And this time it’s going to be even more heartfelt but twice as vicious in the shadow of the circumstances as the magic steadily surrenders under the sleepless stare of reality.


bscap0221Jung Eun visualizes the past before her very eyes as the recent conversations with the employee at the university, Jae Ho, her mother, Eun Ho and most and above all herself overrun her mind. Nighttime isn’t easy for Eun Ho either since thoughts keep emerging to the surface. Back home, Jung Eun’s not her usual self and Jae Ho notices it. The next morning he went to meet Jung Eun’s father and informs him on the latest events and his emotional concerns. Stop dwelling in self-pity, Jae Ho, from what exactly are you protecting Jung Eun from? There was never a reason for her to be protected, especially from Eun Ho. Jung Eun’s father points out that Jae Ho has the strongest card which is no other than the fact Jung Eun, Ra Il and him are a family and that nobody can crack these bonds, especially now that lots of time has passed. Jae Ho thinks he’s the one who interfered in their relationship in the first place, but her father doesn’t have anything to say.

bscap0225 bscap0228bscap0227 bscap0226bscap0230bscap0231 bscap0229

bscap0233Jung Eun appears at the clothing store and the previous owner’s attitude has already changed. She’s trying to take advantage of Eun Ho’s ideal working environment and she wants her nephew to start working there. Even though she got fired, once she checked her bank account she noticed that she has more money than expected and she calls Dong Gyu instantly, it’s a reward for her hard work. She’s thankful for everything, but at this very moment she’s unable to call Eun Ho.


bscap0236Inside a bookstore she finds A Dog of Flanders which is the book she used to read to her dying grandmother, but it’s also the book which beheld its own symbolism between Eun Ho and Eun Dong back in the days. Inevitably, a flashback scene pops up as memories find their way in Jung Eun’s mind and shortly after she notices an Eun Ho advertisement for Him & Me which was kind of cheesy, but it served its purpose well; I guess.


bscap0237Eun Ho’s constant victim when it comes to the thoughts of a married woman has to be his make-up artist and it’s one of these times! He doesn’t necessarily receive the answers he’s been craving for, but his friend could easily misinterpret his intentions as well! So he asks her directly that if he should give up on the woman he loves if she’s married to another man and the answer he receives is positive because it’s illegal and an act of infidelity! Their conversations are priceless and a ray of laughter amidst the cracks! He receives a message from Jung Eun asking him to eat with her and he instantly questions his friend about the meaning of such a message to receive the hilarious answer that it’s something people do when they’re hungry!

bscap0182 bscap0183bscap0184

bscap0238Dong Gyu can’t believe that the previous owner fired Jung Eun to take advantage of the advanced payment conditions and orders her to make things right before Eun Ho finds out! Seo Ryeong pays a visit to Hyun Ah and she directly unveils her thoughts. She thinks Eun Ho’s been playing with fire lately, but it’s neither the first nor the last time he acts as an arsonist and a firefighter of his own emotions. It’s always about Eun Dong and Hyun Ah lets her know that she’s a special person to her brother. Seo Ryeong wants her to believe that something’s not right with him and lets her know that he bought the clothing store Eun Dong works at. Her strongest card is the fact that she’s married with a child, but Hyun Ah’s already aware of that and she’s burning all bridges or at least she thought so. Aware of her patient, she directly makes the whole scenery way more specific referring to the fact that Eun Dong’s husband is Jae Ho and she is suffering from amnesia due to a car accident. Seo Ryeong found the perfect ally by stepping on Hyun Ah’s humane side.

bscap0248 bscap0245bscap0242  bscap0247

bscap0249Eun Ho returned back home and he doesn’t care about the military housemaid’s dinner since he can only think of the forthcoming time he will spend with Jung Eun! He doesn’t intend to leave her alone though, he’s got some evil plan! And the surprise dinner company of the military housemaid are Dong Gyu and Hyun Bal! It’s going to be an astonishing night! On top of that, they can’t avoid it since it’s Eun Ho’s order! At least the food is magnificent and soon the overall ambiance gets heated up! A new love blossoms between her and Hyun Bal!

Don’t put your finger in there, hyung!

bscap0251 bscap0252bscap0253 bscap0255 bscap0266bscap0263bscap0270

bscap0262Mi Soon will prepare Jung Eun for tonight and she urges her to make her a piece of art. Mi Soon can’t help it but notice that something’s not right. It’s probably one of the few moments she ever had that much money to spend for herself. Once Mi Soon finds out that she’s doing all these preparations for Eun Ho she can’t believe her ears! Jung Eun eventually bursts into tears since she can’t explain what’s going on in her mind and in heart, all she wants from her friend is to make her look pretty without having to talk about anything.


bscap0272Jung Eun walks in and she’s such a sight to Eun Ho’s eyes! I loved Jung Eun’s majestic simplicity in her stare the moment she walked in leaving Eun Ho stunned! Due to the money she received, she wanted to treat Eun Ho properly. Eun Ho becomes aware that Jung Eun got fired and that she already started trying to find a new job when it comes to publishing. She will start working next week making Eun Ho wonder what happened to her dream which was to become a writer making Jung Eun wonder how could he ever know such information. The answer to her question is easy, he can read through her heart’s lines, but he unveils his source of information who is no other than Dong Gyu!

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bscap0279I love their emotional contrast with Eun Ho being quite calm yet enamored while Jung Eun’s emotional tension can’t really remain hidden. Eun Ho points out that Jung Eun may had been thinking about things that shouldn’t be discovered and as always, he’s spot on. She would like him to eat properly and take good care of himself as Eun Ho wouldn’t like her to start working for the publishing company since he intends to help her. It’s always about fate and he refers to Eun Dong’s dream of becoming a writer and the insightful ending she conceived of A Dog of Flanders. Jung Eun loved watching Eun Ho’s drama and she would like to write about something inspiring herself with Eun Ho urging her to write about her first love.

bscap0277 bscap0281bscap0285 bscap0284

bscap0288It’s something she can’t do for the time being since her mind is devoid of memories and Eun Ho would like her to think of him as her first love. Things had already started getting emotionally fortified and she manages to escape for a while until she finds some peace of mind. Jung Eun’s husband’s not aware of her meeting him and Eun Ho wants her to keep it a secret, but she doesn’t intend to do so making Eun Ho be at loss for words. Seo Ryeong’s sex toy was waiting for them to appear in front of the restaurant and managed to get a few shots.

bscap0293 bscap0290bscap0291 bscap0296

bscap0297Inside the car, Jung Eun would like to know why Eun Ho can’t forget Eun Dong and he pulls over the car. Sleeping with her, it’s something he can’t forget. It was during their trip when we witnessed them inside the bus where she reminded him of their song. Asking her if she remembers didn’t have only a recording-oriented essence, it possessed an internal grandeur of its own. Jung Eun is at loss for words, but Eun Ho emphasizes on her already knowing things he never mentioned, so that much information shouldn’t be confusing her by now. He invests in more details and Jung Eun doesn’t want to listen to what he has to say, but he does refer to everything they treasured entwined during these 2 days with Eun Dong disappearing on the third one. So many simplistic yet powerful lines in a row but the stronghold of his pounding heart echoes as he urges her to find Eun Dong for him.

bscap0300 bscap0301bscap0305 bscap0304

bscap0320Eun Ho could finally erupt once Jung Eun wants him to remain patient, but he can’t do that since she’s already married with a child and on top of that, she can’t remember him. They can barely prevent the tears from falling and once Jung Eun starts leaving Eun Ho would like her to stay a bit longer with him and she would like to go somewhere with him the next time he won’t be filming. Once again, he has another request, he doesn’t want her to sleep with her husband tonight, but she can’t comply. Eun Ho can only watch her leave for one more time.

bscap0307 bscap0312bscap0311 bscap0316

bscap0321Jae Ho had been waiting for her and Jung Eun just returned back home, but she’s not in the mood for anything either. Jae Ho doesn’t feel comfortable since she met Eun Ho even though he told her not to do so and she wants to know the reason why he wanted to prevent her from meeting him since it doesn’t make sense him being afraid of Eun Ho being interested in an ahjumma in her 30s with a husband and a child. Once again she doesn’t receive any proper answer and he refers to Ra Il and that she should take him into consideration, but Jung Eun can’t hold back and asks him if he knew who Eun Dong was and why he pretended he didn’t know. She really can’t believe nobody ever dared to tell her the truth about the past even at the cost of finding her pitiful due to her memory loss, but Jae Ho points out there is no meaning in that since it’s all over and he puts all the blame on her for being this way all this time. She wants know everything Jae Ho knows, especially when it comes to love’s vicious playground as she wonders if Eun Ho’s book is filled with lies. Jae Ho questions her which one she’d wish it was a lie, the book or the life she was living through everything other people told her, but this is the end of their conversation since both of them are broken.

bscap0328 bscap0326bscap0203 bscap0329

bscap0332Eun Ho was in solitude and he couldn’t hold back but send Jung Eun a message which was read by Jae Ho in her absence and eventually it got deleted by him in his own discomfort. Eun Ho arrives at the company and wants to talk to Dong Gyu who’s astonished by the fact that Jung Eun simply accepted the money they deposited in her account and tries to deliver a deeper meaning to her actions, it’s something that tires Eun Ho big time. On top of that, he’s enraged by the clothing store owner who fired Jung Eun and he wants Dong Gyu to fire her!

bscap0333 bscap0334bscap0335

bscap0338It’s something that eventually happened and Jung Eun’s back at work with the previous owner trying to make her own assumptions on age, body and beauty parameters as to why she got fired instead of Jung Eun! Eun Ho messages Jung Eun and asks her why she ignored his message last night, but she tells him she never received anything and he calls her right away since he doesn’t believe her and for ignoring his text as well! Eun Ho wants to eat with her and he does it in his own way since he was filming and both of them exchanged pictures of their food to feel closer together making everyone around him wonder since when was he uploading photos to SNS or taking selcas! He feels like a child again and Jung Eun as well in a way, but she’s more thoughtful.

bscap0339 bscap0342bscap0341bscap0347bscap0345bscap0346 bscap0348

bscap0350Jae Ho’s going through his own struggle and the outcome is positive. His condition can only get better and he always has by his side Hyun Ah who urges him to try to try the electric bicycle. The first hints of noble idiocy have already started popping up as Hyun Ah wants him to recover as fast as possible in order to protect Jung Eun from Eun Ho’s villainous love; okay. A girl named Oh Nan Shil (is she the same actress who was Seo Noo Ri’s colleague in Heard It Through the Grapevine?) would like Hyun Bal to audition her and he takes her effort in seeing him into consideration. She can pretend as if she was speaking French and she’s giving it a priceless shot somewhere between English with French accent, generic French and Korean! She can draw well and she can sing also, but it doesn’t seem like Hyun Bal was pleased.

bscap0351 bscap0353bscap0207

bscap0356Jung Eun met her mother who’s trying to avoid any conversation referring to the past and she starts talking about Ra Il, but Jung Eun is very specific on what she wants to talk about. She’s thankful for being raised with care by her throughout the years and even though she wasn’t her biological mother she sees her this way. Her mother would like to know how much she knows and Jung Eun refers to herself as Eun Dong, the girl Eun Ho was searching for all these years. She wants her mother to help her since she’s the only who could do so. Eun Dong states that she wants to start anew from that moment, the day before the accident, the day Hyeon Soo was waiting for her. When she stares at Eun Ho her heart trembles and asks her mother if she should be more honest in front of her in order to convince her that’s she’s more than serious this time.

 bscap0358bscap0357bscap0211 bscap0212bscap0213bscap0364

bscap0366Eun Ho stares at the picture of Ra Il. He asks Dong Gyu if he knows Jung Eun’s exact schedule and he lets him know that she must be working at the clothing store by now and there he is! He wants her to follow him so that they’ll eat together but she resists since she has work to do and right before leaving a customer appeared and Jung Eun hid him inside the changing room! He opens the door to stare at her and she urges him to close it back anew so that he will go unnoticed! By the moment the customer leaves Jung Eun informs him about it, but there was no response. Once she opened the door the hand of love pulled her inside! Boom, it’s kabedon time!

bscap0367bscap0215bscap0368 bscap0216 bscap0369bscap0370bscap0373bscap0372bscap0217

bscap0376He keeps staring at her face to face as she tries to avoid his stare and as he lets her know that she’s not scared because Eun Dong was like that as well, unafraid of everything when she was with him and that’s the reason why she doesn’t have to be afraid of anything. Jung Eun’s not afraid of him, she’s afraid of herself and she tries to leave, but Eun Ho prevents her and asks her if she knows who she is and if she understands how much does Eun Dong mean to him. It’s the first time he refers to her directly as Eun Dong and time stands still between them; until a customer arrives.

bscap0374 bscap0378bscap0379 bscap0380bscap0382bscap0383 bscap0384

bscap0387Eun Ho helps her with her work and she’s curious if he ever dated a woman after he got separated from Eun Dong. It’s something he never did because it felt like Eun Dong would do the same and just like he didn’t date anyone else he didn’t want Eun Dong to see another man as well. Until he listens to the whole truth from Eun Dong’s lips he’s not going to make any assumptions. The answer to why he thought she would never see another man gets him hilariously enraged as he throws up in the air everything she had been packing! He wants to take her to the place she wanted to visit with him but she’s negative since there is more work to do! Eun Ho says that the owner is his friend and takes her with him!

bscap0388 bscap0390bscap0391 bscap0392

bscap0394That place is no other than the park where they first kissed outside of the cinema. They revisit the emotionally fortified awkwardness of the moment with their hands leaning towards the same direction. Eventually they reach their destination as they’re walking hand in hand towards the spot where the legendary phone booth used to be. Once he tells her that the hand he’s holding at this very moment was his ten years ago both of them smile at each other and i caught myself wishing for the rain to make its appearance!

bscap0395bscap0397 bscap0398 bscap0400bscap0401 bscap0402bscap0403bscap0404 bscap0409bscap0408bscap0407bscap0413bscap0412bscap0416 bscap0418bscap0421bscap0415bscap0419 bscap0420

Thoughts: Noble idiocy spotted, major noble idiocy in the making. It’s not always bad, but it’s usually nasty and it’s going to get pretty nastier as the drama will be flowing. There are many figures that deserve to be placed in a line and get punished for their atrocious personalities and/or actions. First of all Jung Eun’s father who enforces guilt upon her shoulders while he had his own benefit through the whole background story. Then it has to be her mother, she may not necessarily agree with her husband and she thinks that they deserve punishment for everything they did throughout the years, but this doesn’t change the past or the fact that even now she refuses to open up her mouth to utter the truth.


Seo Ryeong is way too deep in the one-sided territory of love to the extent that it isn’t love anymore but an unwholesome obsession with a mission that should be accomplished at all costs which is no other than gaining Eun Ho even though he will never treasure her the way she craves for. Jae Ho is somewhere in the middle, we still don’t know the exact conditions under which the accident took place and why he considers Jung Eun responsible for what has happened to him, but directly accusing her while not delivering any further information whereas at the same time he tries to keep her memories locked in a cage is something gruesome. And all this thirst to protect Eun Dong, protect her from whom? Herself or Eun Ho? But why do i feel that they want to protect her from finding the whole truth since it’s something that would leave everyone defenseless in front of her very eyes? Isn’t it some sort of transformed self-protection in the form of forced protection and ongoing guilt?


What has happened to him is definitely devastating, i can deeply sympathize with him and i am glad that his condition gets better and better day by day. However, there’s this side of him willing to keep Jung Eun by his side at all costs even though she never loved him in the first place while he’s well aware of that. It’s kind of selfish and heartless, don’t you think? He’s in an ongoing internal conflict, there’s that part urging him to keep Jung Eun by his side at all costs no matter how immoral and pitiful it may seem, the other part is the one knowing the whole truth and it’s something that shatters him within, but the first one isn’t any less destructive either. The only positive rays of light in his life have to be Ra Il, Hyun Ah and the fact that he will probably walk again, but then again, even though he loves Ra Il, he’s his strongest card that binds him to Jung Eun’s life. I’m rather confused, sympathetic and negative at the same time when it comes to Jae Ho.


I thought Hyun Ah would be by her brother’s side no matter what, especially since she knows everything he had to go through all these years. Seo Ryeong’s target was spot on and striking with full force right into the heart of Hyun Ah’s sense of humanity by revealing the whole truth which was related to one of her most treasured patients made that part of her mission successful. She may be mistaking her own experience with her deceased husband and the fact that they got married against all odds with Jae Ho’s part of the story. Knowing that her husband will eventually die was a fragile matter for her back then and it still is and the fact that she built stronger bonds with Jae Ho throughout the years made her feel like she has to protect Jae Ho, Jung Eun and Ra Il’s family at all costs like she did with her own family. To my eyes it’s definitive noble idiocy, but i can see the reasons why she could easily take his side on this matter, but in a blink of an eye denouncing her support towards her brother? I feel like placing a cannon at the balcony and start firing at a random direction!


Whose child is Ra Il and why did Eun Ho had a picture of him? Jae Ho loved her, but Eun Dong had eyes only for Hyeon Soo even when he wasn’t around because she was longing for his appearance. Back in the days, Eun Ho and Eun Dong didn’t intend to make rice cakes in heaven, it was all about their very own and passionate woof woof dance and there’s a high possibility Ra Il could had been their own son. Somehow, Eun Dong and Jae Ho found themselves in the same accident after the truck that ruins drama families appeared and behind this accident the whole background was built and it was based on Eun Dong’s loss of memory, Jae Ho’s paralysis and Ra Il who’s the most innocent victim of the circumstances.


Eun Ho gradually left behind his reluctant approach on Jung Eun and all the longing of all these years found its way to the surface. We also witnessed a more lively part of him revealing itself from the unfathomable depths it was lurking for years after his recent interactions with Jung Eun. There was a gradual progress on the pathway towards her heart and the moment to call her Eun Dong face to face for the first time had arrived.


There’s a multifaceted approach when it comes to Eun Ho throughout the episode, we witness the playful or astonished Eun Ho, but there’s also that side of him which unveils a whole era filled with a constant sense of loss which steadily reaches an end as the void within gets filled with her presence in his life. Everything was more than apparent through the gradual revelations that were coming out of Eun Ho’s mouth as the episode was progressing. There was love and there was longing, but there was also the taste of memories, the ones with her that were always being cherished in pain and agony due to her absence.


We have yet to find out his more possessive part, the one craving for more of Eun Dong in his life regardless of the circumstances and the consequences. The only truth he will accept is the one coming out of Eun Dong’s lips, the only lips he can trust. Eun Dong is Eun Ho’s very essence of life and he’s willing to help her remember everything for their short-lived yet everlasting mutual memories, but she’s also the sleeping source of the utmost and purest form of truth he’s been longing to hear all these years.


Eun Dong’s on an ongoing journey to recalling her memories. What once was dwelling in silence now has awakened in the form of distant and blurry flashbacks. There’s a long way ahead, but she’s willing to see it to the very end. There are many sources that could help her, but the only one willing to do so is Eun Ho. I hope Hyun Ah will keep urging her to recall her memories and she won’t become yet another obstacle at least in that factor. Life owes Eun Dong her memories and since life has progressed she deserves at least that much.


Eun Dong had been used liked a pawn on the chessboard of two families for the past ten years. She deserves her memories back; who she used to be, what she treasured with Eun Ho and there’s always Ra Il in the middle. During the episode we witnessed her for the first time feeling the heartfelt urge to look beautiful for someone. Along with her memories, the woman within fell asleep as well. I can see ten years filled with raising a child, taking care of Jae Ho and working all the time for the family’s well-being and all that while living a life filled with lies; the life of Jung Eun.


Both of them being to the place where they first kissed possessed a glowing beauty of its own as a scene, but there was also a rampant sense of bliss marching towards the surface. What was lying imprisoned is learning to breathe anew, but reality is always harsher and they are about to sense its sharp contours with bare hands quite soon. My Love Eun Dong is soulful and it gets better and better with every episode, it’s an ongoing journey with multiple yet related destinations. Eun Ho’s personality during the 8th episode was a probable sign of the vibes of the forthcoming episodes with the horizon darkening or getting filled with dazzling light within the same episode. Get ready for an emotional roller coaster!


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