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My Love Eun Dong ~ Episode 5 Recap

DongHoOkay, first of all i would like to apologize to everyone for not having replied to the latest comments here, but the first exam is on Monday and my computer/drama/blogging time became limited in a blink of an eye. You may have my silence for now, but you always have my love! However, i managed to steal away some time while taking a break from the whole studying process and exhaustion and wrote down my thoughts concerning the 5th episode of My Love Eun Dong. The forthcoming article isn’t being followed by an extended recap part, it’s just my thoughts throughout its whole duration with a slight recapping tone.


bscap0893One thing is for sure, my divided mind moves towards two certain directions at the same time. My Love Eun Dong holds two parallel worlds, the one of warmth, feels and longing and the one of pure unrefined hate towards many specific figures. My left foot is here and the right one is there and the soothing crossroad seems so far away since we’re gradually reaching the drama’s 1/3 check point progress-wise. The 5th episode strengthened all these vibes that attract me more and more to My Love Eun Dong’s world, but it also intensified my boiling nerve system.


bscap0871Let’s be honest, both parameters are more than welcome, the first one for more than apparent reasons and the second because i want to see all these hard to digest figures getting punished one after the other since i can’t punish them myself. Now that i think about it, who needs a time-traveling machine? All we need is a drama-traveling invention that could transfer us into a certain drama’s world where we could punish all these villainous figures and of course, become our drama-crushes’ midnight summer dream or worst nightmare, it will depend on our interactions! Are you with me? I guess you are, i don’t think a drama addict would say no to such a more than welcome invention, but let’s dive back into My Love Eun Dong’s world!


bscap0884Throughout the whole duration of the episode Eun Ho desperately wanted to meet his ghostwriter, Jung Eun. It’s not like he suddenly got overwhelmed by the world of a woman other than Eun Dong, it’s because all the signals point towards Jung Eun’s direction as the one and only Eun Dong. At times it feels as if he was hallucinating, but he can’t take it out of his mind. It’s all about all this indirect evidence he receives while interacting with her through the phone and the more he can’t meet her the more he wants to get a glimpse of her in order to silence his assumptions or embrace her once and for all.


bscap0875Calling her in the middle of the night and trying to arrange a meeting with her even through his manager shows the everlasting longing within his heart, the one always connected to the one and only person living in his memories. He’s not the only one getting overly emotional through their phone interactions, Jung Eun’s feeling the same way as blurry memories trespass her harmony and she’s gradually heading towards a heart-awakening moment that will bring her back to that day and everything she forgot, everything she has to remember and reclaim her life, even though it means that Jae Ho and Ra Il will get hurt.


bscap0878Jung Eun’s always caring towards her husband and affectionate towards Ra Il, but it’s more than apparent that the shadows around her, at the cost of her remembering everything, are trembling in fear. Jae Ho emphasizing on her name, Seo Jung Eun, and the “beauty” it beholds is just a moment of enforcement at the present in order to silence any possible attempts of memory recollection. All this emphasis on who she is, but never was supposed to be in the first place, is yet another frail preservation of the ongoing present.


bscap0881Eun Ho’s sister is the only one supporting her in regaining her memories. Of course, Jung Eun is afraid of the past that lies in the shadows between everything she was and everything she became. It’s the constant void between the past and the ongoing present since that day, the day of the accident which was divided in the time she spent with Hyeon Soo and the fact that she never returned and eventually became someone else. Even though all the information around Jung Eun points towards the direction of another person, Eun Ho’s heart always lingers around her figure and longs to meet her and it’s actually the first time within the past ten years that he felt her presence more than alive around him.


bscap0873Seo Ryeong doesn’t intend to lose Eun Ho to another woman, even if she is Eun Dong. She decides to meet her at the clothing store she’s working at as a part-timer. All she wanted was to see how that woman looks like and gather information about her. Being married with a child for the past ten years was a sign that she had moved on with her life and her cold and relentless personality was pleased for the time being. No matter how hard she tries, Eun Ho can only see her as a friend. The drama where Seo Ryeong witnessed him for the first time and established his name in the acting pantheon wasn’t because he was acting, it was the presentation of his ongoing reality through his deep longing. Pouring his very soul and essence into a role gave him the chance to become famous and search for Eun Dong under a different perspective with more possibilities to find her.


bscap0889In one hand we have Seo Ryeong who gradually enforces the information she received from Jung Eun. Even if Eun Dong is married with a child there’s nothing in the world that would change the way Eun Ho feels about her, but there would be nothing he could do about it. On the other hand we have Jae Ho who gradually shows his discomfort due to Jung Eun’s interactions even with Eun Ho’s manager and always restrains her from meeting Eun Ho himself because he knows that at that very moment she would meet her past as well.


bscap0890The firing passion of so many people around Jung Eun preventing her from meeting Eun Ho can only make her suspicious that something’s not right. I hate the fact that he’s using his paralysis to restrain her and keep her a prisoner of her lost memories. Overworking himself in order to get exhausted and eventually pass out so that his wife wouldn’t meet Eun Ho’s manager was a no-no in my book, but i do recognize the physical and internal pain he’s going through. One thing is for certain, Ra Il is the most innocent victim inside this maelstrom of secrets two families masterfully crafted ten years ago.


bscap0887Eun Ho’s confession at the very end of the book was deeply heartfelt as he presents Eun Dong as his one and only reason to keep on living. Starting and ending the last paragraph with “My love Eun Dong” which is also the title of the book shows his infinite affection and deepest longing towards her face, a face that was filled with tears while completing her ghostwriting task. Eun Ho’s book got eventually released and it was bound to become a bestseller as people embraced it with warmth.


bscap0900Not everyone was pleased though. Seo Ryeong was unable to finish it since she couldn’t stand all this purity of emotion she will never cherish alongside Eun Ho, but Hyun Bal and his own ambitions weren’t pleased either. The same applies to Jung Eun’s parents, especially her father who is remorseless when it comes to the past, but her mother has almost reached the point of no return and she can’t keep nurturing all this sickening ambiance.


bscap0894Jae Ho’s emotional struggle is more than apparent as he reads through the lines and tries to hide it by urging Jung Eun to write her own book. However, without memories and experiences she can’t dive into her own stories and present them to the world. If her memory returns she could actually chase after her dream, but her memories would bring forth much more than expected. Even though he knows the truth and keeps it hidden from her, Jae Ho is apologetic towards Jung Eun’s face, but for their current status’ sake it’s the least he can do in order not to reveal the whole truth and ease his guilt for a while.


bscap0920Later on during the episode, while being in a playful mood with his son as he reads him a tale you can’t help it but see that he’s not in the same category as his mother, Jung Eun’s parents, Seo Ryeong and Hyun Bal. He’s a person with his own traumas living in guilt for hiding the truth from Jung Eun, but he can’t help it but keep hiding it from her since things turned out this way. After all he has to protect his own son who will get deeply hurt after he finds out that Jung Eun isn’t his real mother who probably died at the car accident ten years go. Jae Ho is a victim of the circumstances as well and even though he partakes in the whole dissonance and confusion around Eun Dong’s memories you can’t put him in the same irritating category as the aforementioned people, even though he becomes a bit irritating at times.


bscap0899Talking about people belonging or not in the irritating category, Eun Ho’s mother isn’t one of them either, even though she has her own faults. The fact that Hyun Ah had to leave home in order to feel alive and follow her own path proves that it never felt like home to her, at least not in the most crucial crossroads in her life. Eun Ho wants his mother and sister to meet anew and even though his mother pretends she doesn’t want to, she craves for the presence of her daughter and granddaughter in her life. All in all, we have victims and perpetrators, victims of fate since the drama circulates around this factor and victims of people as a more palpable aspect of the factor named fate.


bscap0901Eun Ho taking Seo Ryeong to the place where he saw Eun Dong for the last time was a symbolic scene in order to let her know once and for all that he will never have feelings for her no matter how hard she tries. It’s the place where he enters another world within the existing one, a world that doesn’t abide to the world of other people. It’s his personal Bermuda Triangle, the place where he finds and loses himself anew. He can stare at the past but he can’t touch it; a distant lasting memory.


bscap0914Eun Ho being unable to meet Jung Eun was an unwelcome situation that forced his manager to take a picture with her, but Hyun Bal was aware that such a picture would ruin his ambitions and deleted the photo. Have i told you already how much i hate this careerist piece of crooked breath? The good part of the story was that Jung Eun got Eun Ho’s autographs and delivered them to their rightful enthusiasts! Inside the classroom where she used to teach Korean the silent echo of memories starts blossoming. She recalls the moment she was uttering the four seasons starting from spring when everything blossomed, moving on to summer when they warmed up their hearts with the memories stopping during autumn. It’s the place she’s found herself ever since, a grey autumn and the emotional winter hasn’t even started yet. I really do hope at the end of the cycle she’ll embrace spring anew.


bscap0915She’s revisiting her past in her own unawareness, everything feels like drops of memories inside her amnesiac void. Witnessing a picture of her back from 2005 it made the torrent of blurry memories more powerful. Taking into consideration the cloudy horizon in her mind along with recent memories with so many people preventing her from seeing Eun Ho can only point towards a direction after all this collision has reached an end.


bscap0918Eun Ho was probably the only person who didn’t read his book, but he had no reason to, he knows it by heart; or at least he thought so! An interaction with a reporter was quite insightful since Jung Eun implemented inside the book memories that were rising to the surface from her subconscious world while she was interacting with Eun Ho’s recordings. She managed to blend Eun Ho’s reality with her own without noticing from a moment and on which information she received from him and which appeared out of nowhere as she was getting devoured by her own memories lying in the dark side of the moon.


bscap0921Eun Dong’s heart’s compass points towards one direction, Jung Eun; Eun Dong. He rushes to see her and calls her on the phone to inform her that he’s in front of her apartment waiting for her. The moment he witnesses Eun Dong alive in front of his very eyes he can’t hold back his tears in the whole magic of the moment. All these tremendous amounts of longing found completion in Joo Jin Mo’s heartfelt presentation crystallizing the emotional charge of ten years of absence reaching an end before his very eyes.

bscap0922bscap0924bscap0925bscap0857 bscap0926bscap0853bscap0869

bscap0862I love surprises and after the episode and the preview reached the end there was a flashback ride in the past back when Hyeon Soo went to the stable to bring Eun Dong some fresh milk! Referring to the goat as “chingu” or “punk” and chasing after them to get the milk was priceless! And the scene that followed with Eun Dong and Hyeon Soo was beautiful inside a deeply caring universe, even though it ended in a toilet big bang because Eun Dong couldn’t deny Hyeon Soo’s heartfelt offering. If during the end of every episode we get to receive flashbacks from Eun Dong and Hyeon Soo in their 10s and 20s i will feel more than satisfied, i am currently praying with both hands and feet that my personal thirst for such scenes will be quenched!

bscap0861bscap0927 bscap0865bscap0864bscap0866

bscap0062Concluding, i would like to point out that Eun Ho lives in 3 parallel worlds; the past he cherished, the ongoing present which is filled with both suffering and longing and the dreamlike future which is filled with Eun Dong all around him. The dream is about to reach an end for reality to unfold its winds before his very eyes.



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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. June 14, 2015 at 7:37 am — Reply

    […] Episode 05  First impressions (up to episode 04) […]

  2. Newbie
    June 15, 2015 at 5:04 pm — Reply

    I’m confused. Where did I miss the hint, that Ra Il is in fact Jae Ho’s son and not Jung Eun’s?
    I on the other hand thought Ra Il is the son of Eun Dong and Eun Ho. She was in the accident with Jae Ho, lost her memory and for some still unfathomable reason her adoptive parents chose to hide the truth and married her off to her now paralyzed almost ex-boyfriend.

    May I add, that this show is my crack right now? It is totally makjang, but in a good way. Joo Jin Mo’s performance is wonderful, I must admit, I love to see him suffer tearfully ㅋㅋㅋ, love the humor with his manager friend and how classy he looks dressed as a top star. Whatta man!

    • June 15, 2015 at 7:52 pm — Reply

      That was my personal assumption, i think Jae Ho is the man that was pulled out of the car that hit Eun Dong back then. That’s the reason why her father refers to her as a sinner and that’s the reason why her mother-in-law accuses her of being in the shape she is now whereas her son is paralyzed. I think that Eun Dong was in a rush to get a towel for Hyeon Soo and Jae Ho was trying to hit her, but he did a maneuver to avoid her and at that accident his wife died or something. Truth be told, i hadn’t thought about the scenario you presented, but it makes sense as well! Definitely agree, it’s the good makjang all of us want to cherish xD Especially if it flows in a like-minded way and it doesn’t become complete makjang xD Hahaha, he’s great when he suffers!

      • Newbie
        June 15, 2015 at 8:17 pm — Reply

        On YT you can find some teasers the producers released before the show started. Basically it’s most of the stories of the first two couples. It must have been within these teasers, that they showed Eun Dong in the car with another man (Jae Ho as we know now). They show the accident with a Truck of Doom and how she’s pulled out of the car. We also get a hint of a love scene between Eun Ho and Eun Dong, so his fatherhood is possible (this scene most definitely wasn’t aired within the show till now).
        I can’t remember right now whether the accident was part of ep 1 or 2 or not.

        Here you go.

        • June 19, 2015 at 12:02 am — Reply

          The scene with the truck of doom which has ruined many drama figures’ world i think i found it on the 3rd part, i was starting to get disappointed after i found nothing on the 1st and 2nd XD Thanks a lot for the link and the insight! This drama beholds even greater mysteries than the already flowing family secrets!! I’m eager to find them out!

  3. leon
    June 19, 2015 at 6:23 pm — Reply

    i think Rael is the son of endung and eun so per the love scene shown in the webisode. Anyhow, i would just like to say that “my love eundung” is so daebak…im in love with kim sarang..and the major actors are doing really great…thank u jtbc for producing high quality dramas….

    • June 19, 2015 at 6:31 pm — Reply

      This is information i will start rooting for, thanks a lot! As episodes pass by it becomes more daebak indeed! It just required a bit of patience in the beginning with all these irritating figures!

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