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School 2015: Who Are You? ~ Episode 12 Recap

BiByul12You know the rest of the week is going to become a personal dramartyrdom the moment you realize that you have already watched Tuesday’s School 2015 episode and you have to hang in there for the rest of the days until it’s Monday again and the world will start spinning differently just for you. School 2015 seems to be establishing itself around 7% in terms of ratings and now that Heard It Though the Grapevine reached the end it will probably embrace higher peaks as it will start climaxing all of its forces one after the other towards the end. We are only 4 episodes before the drama closes its curtains and i deeply hope we are going to be left with a bittersweet taste, sweet for the whole journey and the destination, bitter for School 2015 will no longer be our companion on our Monday-Tuesday drama schedule and i really hope we won’t be left wondering that could be hiding behind these curtains.


bscap1992The hooded frightening figure appears inside the classroom and greets Eun Bi in a not so friendly tone! She wants her to experience on her own the feeling of being abandoned inside a dark, cold classroom which is only a glimpse of how Soo In must had felt almost one year ago! Teacher Jung left Eun Bi locked inside the classroom and managed to escape. Of course, in times like these a cellphone could change the flow of events since you can easily ask for help, but this doesn’t work in the world of South Korean dramas, at the most crucial moment you run out of battery and you’re left all alone unable to do anything! Something urgent happened and teacher Choi must leave and teacher Kim will take care of the school for the time being. In the meantime, Yi Ahn finds on his bag the note encouraging him to lift his spirit and regain himself!

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bscap2182Eun Bi’s locked inside the classroom and there’s no response to her plea for help until teacher Kim unlocks the door! Right before opening the door he noticed a figure running down the hallway and leaves right away with Eun Bi. Yi Ahn arrives at school and teacher Kim wants him to take her back home safe for now. Despite his injury Yi Ahn takes her bag and he can’t help it but hold her from her shoulder in order to comfort her! Tae Gwang arrives at Eun Bi’s house because he’s worried about her and then he notices Yi Ahn returning back home with Eun Bi.

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bscap2190Tae Gwang notices that Eun Bi isn’t in the finest mood but Yi Ahn points out that it wasn’t an emergency situation. Tae Gwang tends to differ and wonders if Eun Bi knows Jung Soo In, but he prevents himself from completing the name. Eun Bi was about get inside and Tae Gwang rushes her decision for her by grabbing her bag from Yi Ahn’s hands and handing it over to Eun Bi! Even when he’s hurt and caring he can be hilarious! Tae Gwang wants to know what happened but Yi Ahn doesn’t want to tell him. Tae Gwang points out that if he doesn’t like her then why doesn’t he answer his question? Since Yi Ahn doesn’t like her Tae Gwang wants him to stop bothering himself with her maters or at least prevent himself from making her cry.

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bscap2211The next morning teacher Kim investigates the case while talking to Eun Bi, but she didn’t see the culprits face. She points out that she was questioned about Jung Soo In’s case and lets him know that she was receiving messages from her for a while and that’s why she went to the classroom after receiving another message. Teacher Kim is apologetic for being unable to tell her anything for the time being, but he wants her to wait for him until he unveils the truth. If another message arrives she should let him know right away. Shortly after Teacher Kim’s watching the CCTV footage and witnesses the hooded figure, but at some point she took off the hood and teacher Kim became aware of the persona behind the shady figure; teacher Jung! And there she is appearing in front of him making him to halt his investigation for the time being!

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bscap2215Teacher Jung’s talking to the students and Eun Bi pays attention to her, her figure could actually be the hooded person who threatened her inside the classroom yesterday and she makes her own assumptions! Teacher Jung’s words echo inside Eun Bi’s mind differently and she makes all the necessary connections while teacher Kim is at loss for words and makes his own connections as well!

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bscap2227Tae Gwang contacts Eun Bi and tells her to meet him at the rooftop! Song Joo’s worried about the fact that Yi Ahn and Eun Bi don’t seem to be so close together lately and she wants him to think things over since she’s been struggling lately with the forced transfer of which he was unaware of! Hae Na points out that teacher Jung’s speech made her feel sick and she imitates her! Gi Tae’s friend doesn’t understand his signals and starts talking about the moment he got teacher Jung’s phone number. Hae Na gets enraged and starts searching throughout his contacts to find out that Gi Tae’s phone catalog is filled with female names such as Venus, Sarah, Sophia and Scarlet! He’s a poetic soul dare i say! As for teacher Jung’s nickname? It’s Jennifer and i burst into tears of laughter while Hae Na managed to deliver multiple blows upon Gi Tae’s head and back!

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bscap2235Tae Gwang wonders how could she go inside the classroom without being afraid of what could have happened, but she was curious to find out what happened to Soo In. Tae Gwang already knows that Eun Byul was the one to find first Soo In’s lifeless body through his father’s documents. He doesn’t invest in details for the time being, but he lets her know that Eun Byul was the one to have found Soo In. Tae Gwang wants Eun Bi to contact him right way if something like yesterday’s incident pops up, but she doesn’t reply immediately and feels kind of lost. He urges her to give him a positive reply and since she doesn’t intend to leave him she “forces” her to follow him because he doesn’t want to leave her all alone! On their way back they find teacher Jung and Eun Bi doesn’t let her touch her and she keeps a safe distance from her. Tae Gwang notices that Eun Bi was surprised to see teacher Jung but he didn’t receive a reply.

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bscap2249Teacher Kim keeps searching for teacher Jung’s personal information and makes a connection to Jung Soo In, but teacher Choi interrupts his investigation and sheds some light on the forthcoming career selection lecture. Shortly after, Teacher Jung finds teacher Kim and she would like to spend some time with him in the evening in order to get some teaching advice. Challenge accepted! In the meantime Yi Ahn’s all alone listening to music, but Eun Bi appears.Yi Ahn tells her that since he was nearby she should have called him last night and wants to know if she’s really getting transferred as Eun Bi wonders whether he wishes for her to leave or not. His silence brings a slight smile upon her face!

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bscap2261Gi Tae wants to calm down Hae Na and he’s working on a T-shirt that has their photo on it! Tae Gwang doesn’t look like his normal self lately and Shi Jin notices that he doesn’t eat that much these days. Tae Gwangs puts more food inside Shi Jin’s dishes and tells her that she’s prettier when she’s eating, but she tells him that she’s not interested in him! Gi Tae notices their conversation and teases Tae Gwang!

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bscap2268So Young’s eating with her parents and her mother wants her husband to meet the principal to fast forward Eun Bi’s transfer. Her father asks her if she’s like that because of her and So Young points out she wants to get transferred in another school where she won’t know anyone, but her father doesn’t approve of her weak reaction! She should persevere for the time being and if he has to interfere so that the transfer will be complete as soon as possible so be it; what a happy family! So Young’s fake innocence in front of her parents seriously pisses me off.

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bscap2271Teachers Jung & Kim are at a bar and he recalls that when he was an intern he had the same energy as her, but throughout the years he it abandoned him. She wants to find out the reason that changed him and he unfolds his heart. Last year one of his students passed away and he couldn’t protect her neither alive nor dead because he acted like a coward who couldn’t take responsibility. Teacher Kim who was faking his drunken attitude and i believed him pretends to have passed out and once she tried to stop her cellphone from recording their conversation he grabbed her phone.

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bscap2279Tae Gwang’s watching his renowned selca with Eun Bi and then his mother’s picture; too many thoughts! He visits his father and wants to find the connection between Soo In, Eun Byul and him and see through his father’s fear when it comes to Soo In’s death which forces him transfer Eun Byul who’s the only witness. His father doesn’t want Tae Gwang to be curious or keep digging this story since Eun Byul’s transfer has nothing to do with her presence in Soo In’s death. Since he doesn’t intend to answer him Tae Gwang intends to go around asking people until he finds the truth. If his father doesn’t want him to keep digging this story’s background he should prevent Eun Byul from getting transferred unjustly, after all it’s the first time he asks him to do something for him.

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bscap2306Teacher Kim leaves teacher Jung’s cellphone on the table and keeps talking while it’s still recording their conversation. Although he can’t apologize with just one word, he’s deeply sorry and asks her if she’s Soo In’s older sister. The answer can only be positive, but she thinks it’s too late to be sorry. Teacher Kim wants to know if she’s the one who called Eun Bi at the classroom, but he knows the reason why so she doesn’t have to explain anything. Teacher Kim doesn’t care what will happen to him, but she doesn’t want her to hurt young students. She becomes ironic and she can’t believe he was so caring towards his students. Even though he understands how she might be feeling he doesn’t approve of her methods. Teacher Jung didn’t wake up one day and plotted revenge, she tried any possible way from the police to the reporters but nobody helped her. She finds nothing wrong in wanting to see the people who did wrong start paying for their irresponsibility. Teacher Kim wants her to give him one chance and he’ll make things right. She wonders how could she ever trust a person like him, but all he asks for is one chance and if he doesn’t live up to his promise he won’t say anything about her methods. Letting her record their conversation sealed his promise as teacher Jung was losing herself in her own tears.

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bscap2309Tae Gwang keeps thinking of his mother and he can’t help it but call her on the phone. He couldn’t afford to talk to her and he said he called the wrong number, but his mother realized it was him on the phone. He almost called her mother, but he couldn’t eventually talk to her even though she had a lot to say. So Young wonders what’s wrong with his expression and starts making her own assumptions as she wonders if he’s depressed due to Eun Bi’s upcoming transfer. So Young alerts him that not everything has been exposed yet making the overall ambiance even more ominous!

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bscap2321Teacher Kim meets Tae Gwang’s father whom he really respected when he was in high school. His family was poor and when he lost the class fees his classmates thought that he had stolen them. Tae Gwang’s father neither paid on his behalf nor covered the incident, he helped him move all the desks in front of the storage in the pouring rain until they found the money. It was a lifetime lesson for him and he always wanted to become a teacher like Tae Gwang’s father. Teacher Kim wants to stand proudly in front of his students and wants Tae Gwang’s father’s help, but he points out that they were different times back then and he could be in a position where he could thin of him and his burden, but now times have changed. Teacher Kim intends to make things right this time, even if he has to fight on his own.

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bscap2327Eun Bi wants to talk to teacher Jung and they’re having a conversation inside the same classroom that everything happened. Eun Bi has some questions and teacher Jung is the one who sent her all these messages because she’s Soo In’s sister. She remembers Eun Byul and reminds her that they were really good friends back in elementary school and they’d be always together. If teacher Jung doesn’t move on with her own plan then nobody will remember her younger sister.

bscap2328bscap2330 bscap2331 bscap2337bscap2336 bscap2338

bscap2352One year ago Eun Byul and Soo In met each other for the first time since elementary school at Sekang High School and both of them were really happy. One day Eun Byul noticed that some girls were bullying Soo In but once they saw Eun Byul they managed to stop. Gradually Eun Byul started keeping a distance from her and the day of Soo In passed away teacher Kim left the classroom and cancelled the classroom’s last hour. Everyone thought Soo In was sleeping, but she was soaking in her own sweat. Nobody cared about Soo In except for Eun Byul who eventually left as well without paying more attention. Soo In was left there for hours and passed away from encephalomeningitis all alone like that, ill and helpless during teacher Kim’s last class because nobody cared. If at least one had cared and had asked if Soo In was fine she wouldn’t have passed away. Since justice wasn’t served, teacher Jung doesn’t intend to stand still in front of all those who promised not to say anything back then.

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bscap2369A blog post appears about Jung Soo In, the girl who became lonelier after her death a year ago and Tae Gwang’s father becomes aware of it. Under his command the vice principal wants the teachers to make sure the students won’t have access to that post and they should try to find the one who uploaded it. The post was deleted, but it had already spread online and reporters have already started their own investigation. So Young’s father called Tae Gwang’s father and let him know that he blocked the re-investigation for now; it’s all about connections! All he wants from the principal is to progress Eun Byul’s transfer as soon as possible since her daughter is struggling a lot as the past haunts her every time she sees that girl! Poor So Young, you’re such a traumatized soul! By the time Tae Gwang’s father gets out of the school building reporters bombard him with questions, but he evades them and leaves immediately as Tae Gwang was witnessing his father’s escape.

 bscap2374bscap2372 bscap2376

bscap2377Back home, it’s Mi Gyeong’s turn wanting to sleep with her daughter! The bond strengthens even more! She lets her mother know that she hasn’t finished yet what she’s up to and once she completes her task Mi Gyeong wants Eun Bi to let her know so as to transfer her as soon as possible. Not as Eun Byul, but as Eun Bi. Mi Gyeong’s apologetic for her selfishness and acknowledges that Eun Bi must had suffered a lot, but what she proposed was something Eun Bi already wanted to ask her. However, she was preventing herself because she didn’t know what her mother would think of her and she was afraid of scarring her deeply. Such a heartfelt and sincere scene with both of them being unable to hold back their tears! Both of them acted like mother and daughter and made the scene blossom!

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bscap2388Tae Gwang intends to go to his mother’s wedding while Eun Bi’s getting ready to see Yi Ahn since she has a favor to ask him. Tae Gwang appears at the wedding celebration and stares at his mother from a safe distance, but she notices him and memories blossom as she recalls moments she shard with little Tae Gwang. The promise she made that his parents would never leave him never lasted and Tae Gwang’s combination of sad eyes and happy smile while trying to hold back his tears was yet another powerful and heartfelt scene!

bscap2390  bscap2396bscap2393bscap2395bscap2392 bscap2400bscap2399 bscap2404bscap2402

bscap2405Yi Ahn meets Eun Bi and she wants him just for today to stay with her like before. All she wants from him is to do everything she asks him to just for one day even if he may not like it. The answer was positive and a candyfloss heaven takes place and then they’re bicycling together! The last destination is N Seoul Tower’s renowned love-lock “garden”, a place she always wanted to visit. She hands him over a medal and lets him know that there was a time when she wanted to throw everything away and there was nobody by her side. If there was a friend like Yi Ahn by her side she wonders what would he have told her.

bscap2409bscap2406bscap2407bscap2410bscap2411 bscap2413bscap2414 bscap2416bscap2415

bscap2417She can’t imagine how important swimming is to him since the only person who knows the answer can only be Yi Ahn himself, but she wants him to understand what he really wants. Eun Bi’s aware that it’s hard for him every time he sees her face, but he’d like Yi Ahn to recover quickly and return to his good old self. She will try to help him no matter what, even if it means she should have to disappear. Kim So Hyun’s eyes were shining with emotional grandeur during her heartfelt flow of thoughts! Bidding him farewell behind the bus’ glass felt like like a goodbye; or a new beginning. Inside the bus she received a message from Yi Ahn, it was hard for him lately because he didn’t know what to call her, but all he wants is for her to be safe and once again Kim So Hyun’s eyes made it happen!

 bscap2420bscap2419bscap2422bscap2421 bscap2423bscap2424bscap2427

bscap2436Tae Gwang sent to his father a message with a picture his mother wearing the wedding dress letting him know that he went in his place and left money as a wedding gift since it would be too burdensome for his father to go there! Tae Gwang wants to know if his father is fine with everything going on lately, but for one more time his father misinterprets his son’s caring side and calls him immature anew. He thinks Tae Gwang was the one who uploaded the blog post in order to force his own father to cancel Eun Byul’s transfer. It wasn’t Tae Gwang but his father won’t believe him. His words are hurtful towards Tae Gwang who points out that his father’s wrongdoing was going to get revealed anyway someday. As for Eun Byul, she’s going to get transferred immediately tomorrow and he wants Tae Gwang out of the house. He may have ruined his father’s life since he can’t think differently, but going against the people around him instead of him is foul play and he’s pretty much aware of what may happen if he can’t control his temper. Tae Gwang’s embittered smile climaxed the scene the way it was craving for it.

bscap2288bscap2437bscap2435bscap2441 bscap2440bscap2438 bscap2443

bscap2444Tae Gwang is out of Eun Bi’s house and there she is! He says he was just passing, but hurt is carved all over his face due to the whole emotional information overload. He’s not playful this this, he’s not thinking of anything, he’s just staring at her, he think when he’s not staring at her. Eun Bi wants to say something, but he already knows what she wants to convey and even though whatever he might say will sound useless, he still likes her. A straight forward confession, but Eun Bi’s apologetic and heads back home, but a tender wrist-grab takes plaqce and all he needs is a hug and just for a moment he wants to stand still. Time stood still for Tae Gwang, but for Eun Bi as well who didn’t hug him back eventually. Tremendous amounts of feels and shivers down the spine are just a few vibes that could describe the scene!

 bscap2446bscap2445bscap2451 bscap2448bscap2449 bscap2450bscap2456bscap2457 bscap2455 bscap2459bscap2460 bscap2461bscap2464bscap2465bscap2470

bscap2474The disciplinary committee’s taking place and they point out that Eun Byul was absent during the school trip and that she threatened a karaoke bar owner and she got involved in the locker theft incident. Teacher Kim points out that Eun Byul got into an accident during the school trip. In the meantime, Eun Bi’s at the rooftop and stares at the whole school probably aware of the outcome while Tae Gwang’s father is keeping a close eye on the meeting in discomfort. It’s time to determine the result of Eun Bi’s case’s outcome with voting, but teacher Kim won’t be able to partake in it since he’s the homeroom teacher. Tae Gwang’s father appears before the vote begins.


bscap2480Mi Gyeong stands up and says that she’s here because she thought there would be a slight chance to convince the disciplinary committee on her daughter’s innocence, but the more the procedure progresses the more ridiculous it sounds to her ears. She will voluntarily transfer her daughter who used to be an exemplary student with outstanding grades and she doesn’t understand why they’re trying to kick her out of school, but she doesn’t intend to send Eun Byul to Sekang High School anyway. I seriously thought Tae Gwang’s father would do something, but except for nothing all he could was to just listen. Eun Bi’s inside her room acclimating herself in the new reality that unfolds before her very eyes while Mi Gyeong heads towards the door since someone rang the bell, someone who knew the electronic lock password too! Of course, it’s Eun Byul! Welcome back, girl!

 bscap2482bscap2481 bscap2484bscap2483 bscap2491bscap2489 bscap2492

Thoughts: The 12th one was quite an insightful episode when it comes to the past and the way it relates to the present while still progressing the storyline. As expected, another grandiose cliffhanger stroke us like lightning in the open and this time it’s almost unbearable having to wait until the 13th episode starts airing. At this point i will have to admit once again that i am amazed by School 2015’s cinematography, the sense of distance between the characters is distinctive and whether it diminishes or expands it’s always apparent through angles and perspectives, but also through closeups that depict perfectly well the characters’ feelings in this ongoing emotional roller coaster.


It didn’t take forever, neither for Eun Bi nor for teacher Kim, to find out the identity of the hooded figure that threatened her inside the classroom. Jung Min Young is not a highly qualified commando or a one woman army trained to pass under any radar, she’s a daily human figure and a teacher who didn’t take into consideration all the security parameters as she was going through her own emotional struggle. It was easily noticeable for everyone involved in the classroom incident that it was her and she didn’t try to hide it either as soon as the signs were pointing towards her direction.


Eun Byul and Soo In were really good friends during elementary school and Eun Byul used to visit her house quite often. At Se Kang High school they met anew and everything seemed like this friendship would blossom even further and move on. Soo In was like Eun Bi, she was getting bullied and she had started losing herself inside her own problems. In addition, Eun Byul gradually started keeping her distance from her and eventually they became some kind of strangers, without this meaning that Eun Byul wasn’t caring for her up to an extent. The day she passed away all alone from encephalomeningitis it’s true that nobody cared about her lying on her desk and the school should take responsibility, something that never happened. There are many people to share the blame such as Tae Gwang’s father who was the principal, teacher Kim for being her homeroom teacher and abandoned his class and eventually Soo In, but also her classmates who didn’t care about her, they didn’t even bother to wake her up in case she was sleeping.


She passed away during teacher Kim’s last class, the one he skipped because he had to leave school. However, if she was already ill then why did her mother and sister let her go to school that day instead of take care of her at home or even take her to the doctor or the hospital? Why didn’t they bother to contact her in the first place since they noticed time was passing by but she wasn’t returning back home? Of course, i don’t mean that it’s their fault Soo In passed away since they had entrusted her life and physical presence to her school and nobody took responsibility for the incident. One life was lost, nobody took the blame and life moved on for everyone, except for Soo In and her family. Choosing revenge as the only sense of justice felt essential in their traumatized world since justice wasn’t served, but since it’s the world of dramas i made a deal with myself to accept the whole revenge plan as something not exaggerated since it’s a drama and pretty much anything can happen.


Except for Soo In’s incident, Kim Joon Seok is exemplary as a teacher and he’s always by his students’ side trying to protect them and lead them to the right path. Apologizing to teacher Jung was like a humble redemption for him since he never had the chance to talk openly about Soo In’s incident. However, this was only the beginning since he intends to shed light on the case and make everyone pay the price for his/her silence and not only, including himself; always legally. His role model teacher was Tae Gwang’s father who probably was an exemplary and righteous teacher as well. His divorce and his social upgrowth corrupted his mind and his views upon the world turning him into a completely different person unable to be a parent. Years ago he cared about serving justice, nowadays it’s always about burying an upcoming scandal even at the cost of sacrificing a student’s life and her memory eventually.


Tae Gwang’s father didn’t learn anything, neither from teacher Kim’s memories nor from his son’s thoughts. So Young’s father’s phone call was the key point which helped him make the wrong decision once again instead of at least preventing Eun Byul’s unjust transfer and eventually joining forces with teacher Kim to restore Soo In’s memory even at the cost of losing his position. Wealth and power are always more precious than justice, especially when it involves consequences. Instead of acting like a father for the first time in his life during the latest years he chose the path that could shatter irreparably his relationship with Tae Gwang.


So Young uses her most powerful weapon this time, her father.  In front of her parents she acts as if she was the victim and her innocent side literally irritates me to the point of no return. The latest flow of events gave her the chance to act superior even in front of Tae Gwang, Eun Bi’s guardian angel and the circumstances let her plant the seeds of fear inside him. It’s all about the fear of losing Eun Bi due to her getting transferred and eventually it’s always the fear of So Young revealing a whole lot more during Eun Bi’s absence. She never gives up, she may always be one step forward two steps back, but when she moves on by one step  it’s a big one and it’s quite offensive and threatening. She takes after her mother’s temperament and her father’s superiority, she’s definitely a mirror of their household as their one and only offspring. Jo Soo Hyang is stellar in School 2015 and the way her facial expressions dance to the contours of her face is exceptional.


Mi Gyeong is highly representative as a mother in a more palpable tone as episodes pass by both in front of the disciplinary committee and Eun Bi. She no longer sees Eun Byul in Eun Bi, she’s Eun Bi to her and she sees her as her daughter while still learning one another. Their common phobias of hurting one another are gradually fading away and if Eun Bi was the first one to sacrifice herself for Mi Gyeong by “becoming” Eun Byul, it’s Mi Gyeong’s turn to sacrifice herself and finally accept her as Eun Bi in her life. What once was an emotional deal becomes more humane. And that’s when Eun Byul appears!


Yi Ahn’s approach on Eun Bi was steadily becoming softer throughout the episode, but it was Eun Bi the one to melt the ice between them through her constant struggle to awaken Yi Ahn from his traumatic slumber. Yi Ahn chose to follow her step by step and clean his overshadowed horizon. Not only had he lost Eun Byul, he was also finding himself in an emotional awkward situation every time he was staring at Eun Bi and on top of that his accident shattered his wings for the time being. It’s more than apparent that he was lost inside murky waters and he needed a patient hand to pull him back to the surface and that’s what Eun Bi did.


There might not had been a love-lock, but there was a promise which is always stronger. Material things may remain untouched and unaffected by time, but words sometimes possess a greater meaning, especially when they turn into actions and Eun Bi was highly representative of everything she preserved towards Yi Ahn. Yi Ahn seems to be moving towards the direction of a friend when it comes to Eun Bi and she probably sees him the same way since she referred to him as a friend. However, i wouldn’t place my hand in the fire because there had been a few hints that were pointing towards the opposite direction and her tears inside the bus when she received Yi Ahn’s message could mean that she should start accepting the fact that they can only be friends. Anyway, i am not quite sure about each other’s feelings when it comes to Eun Bi and Yi Ahn, but i definitely cherish their sense of friendship and the whole background story which made it complicated in the first place. One thing is for certain, she definitely sees Tae Gwang as a friend while Tae Gwang can only see her differently and the fact that he knows could possibly point towards the direction that she actually had started liking Yi Ahn, but it could only be one-sided given the circumstances. Of course, these are my personal emotional assumptions and you should never take them for granted!


Many of our figures shared almost equally airing time and were always accompanied by tremendous amounts of feels. Teacher Jung for her sister’s loss and her ongoing revenge in the shadow of justice, teacher Kim for finally being able to apologize sincerely to someone who was close to Soo In and regret his past decisions as he tries to make things right at the present, Eun Bi and Yi Ahn during their interactions shared their own amount of emotional charge and sincerity, Mi Gyeong was finally able to acknowledge Eun Bi as Eun Bi and lend her wings anew to a more personal level, but Tae Gwang’s emotional struggle throughout the episode was the greatest of all.


As his mother’s marriage was approaching the more emotional he was feeling the greatest the urge to sense her nearby was growing. At first it was a phone call he couldn’t eventually withstand and then it was his presence at her marriage among memories and eye contact with his mother. His internal strength prevented the tears from flowing, but we all know that on the inside his lake of tears was overflowing with emotion and longing. Sung Jae’s seemingly happy smile and truthful yet saddening stare are a powerful combo.


We could also witness his caring attitude towards his father, he was aware that his mother’s marriage and Soo In’s incident were haunting him, but no matter how gently he tried to approach his father he didn’t achieve anything, there’s no common ground of communication and it’s his father’s fault. As expected, an emotional outburst in front of his father was omnipresent. Since he can’t act like a father or at least pretend to be one then he shouldn’t have any special expectations from Tae Gwang to act like a son either. The fact that his father eventually proceeded with Eun Bi’s transfer shattered Tae Gwang and he could only rush towards her and not only to avoid any further interactions with his father.


Tae Gwang’s fragile world couldn’t withstand another emotional surrender and eventually confessed his feelings towards Eun Bi even though he knew that there would be no positive reply. Not only his caring is unconditional, but his love for her is one-sided and sincere to a sacrificial point, he would do just anything so that Eun Bi would be fine and free of struggles. All he wanted from her was to stand still for a while in his embrace, to feel her close. Eun Bi didn’t respond to his hug, Tae Gwang and time stood still for a while to treasure the moment, but Eun Bi’s stillness was trespassing his harmony. It was a deeply emotional scene, but heartrending as well because it wasn’t only lying in the shadow of the latest accumulated events; it was also in the shadow of mutual love that couldn’t blossom.


 Eun Bi’s forced transfer has turned to reality, but she had already starting acclimating herself with the whole idea and her interactions with Yi Ahn and Tae Gwang felt like a goodbye. At this point, will Eun Bi get transferred and Eun Byul will return to Sekang High School and cause a ruckus with the whole truth around Soo In’s loss? I can already sense So Young’s smile losing itself in Eun Byul’s presence, but i am also curious to see the way she will interact with Shi Jin and Song Joo, but also with Yi Ahn and Tae Gwang and the changes that may be lying ahead. If we witness Eun Bi under a new high school environment something tells me we will get to see once again Seo Young Eun, the girl who was the classroom’s public wallet and they will start anew as friends. What was Eun Byul up to all this time? Could it be that she wanted to hide for a while with one of her thoughts’ parameters being to let her sister cherish a better life and then return and live together as a family and clean her past once and for all? Questions, questions and a major cliffhanger. Not that it was that unexpected, but it’s all about everything that derives from Eun Byul’s official appearance and chain reaction of interactions which are about to take place! Monday! Monday? Do you hear me? Come forth!

 BiByul   bscap2429bscap2439 bscap2464bscap2463bscap2471

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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

elles viennent
autres et pareilles
avec chacune c'est autre et c'est pareille
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est autre
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-

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  1. June 3, 2015 at 4:15 pm — Reply

    * not reading until i’m caught up * lalalalala

    • June 3, 2015 at 4:17 pm — Reply

      *pats head and presses the play button* XD

      • June 3, 2015 at 4:18 pm — Reply

        ha! you wish! i need to go and make pancakes first xD

        • June 3, 2015 at 4:18 pm — Reply

          *un-pats head and presses the pause button* For the full pleasure package! xD

          • June 4, 2015 at 12:00 pm

            yaaaaas to everything you said.

            so much feels. i’m really team no one b/c i think they all have too many issues to be in a relationship, although i always got the impression that Song Joo had a crush on Yi An. I want to believe she does (why not make it even more complicated ha!), but she’s enough of a good friend not to interfere b/c she knows he doesn’t see her that way.

            I liked that the focus was on taekwang’s emotional unrelated-to-eunbi journey. And at the end of the day, he goes to her b/c he accepted the fact that she doesn’t want him as a boyfriend. I’m very neutral about that final hug b/c dramaland teaches us that it’s so romantic to be grabbed by a hot guy under any circumstances… Just b/c he hurts and he’s sad and needs comfort means that it’s okay for him to hold her like that when she didn’t give him permission to. She actually pushes him away, but he keeps holding her and just asks for a moment, but she STILL doesn’t hug him back , so that is not romantic to me. And I’m sure that Eun Bi wouldn’t have hesitated to actually hug him anyway… because she had always been there for him in the past. * le sigh * but okay teen feels, teen angst.

            Soo In’s story was tragic, but I can’t help but wonder if there’s not something more to it. Soo In told her version, but it doesn’t add up to the previous elements we got (unless that’s one of the big unecessary loopholes the writers created): that girl who told Eun Bi that she received messages too and who said Eun Byul actually hated Soo In, Tae Kwang and Min Joon both confirming that Eun Byul is the one who discovered the body, although Min Joon didn’t seem aware of it and didn’t bother to go check out what might had frightened Eun Byul that night. But at this point, I think we just need to roll with it.

            So it’s clearly not the end of the Soo In’s mystery. Wait, I’m confused. What is Teacher Jung’s plan in the end? Is she just there to torture people (and basically only teacher kim and eun bi, although that girl from a previous episode also received text messages) or is she gathering evidence or… something else? I mean if what got the media interest was to post an anonymous message on the school board, what was the point of doing all that?

            As for So Young, I’m under the impression that her father knows quite well what she did. He’s not mad at her for doing what she did but for being caught. From what you say, she puts on the innocent act and they both believe it… I feel like the writers weren’t clear enough on that aspect.

            ANY-WAYYYY… Eun Byul is baaaaaaaaack! That is all that matters. Waiting to hear the explanations FOR EVERYTHING. Show, better deliver

          • June 4, 2015 at 12:45 pm

            You got bitten by the feelsquito too, aight? 😀 Team no one XD But yeah, there are many issues on every figure and if they can’t love themselves then how can they love someone else? But i’m team Eun Bi-Tae Kwang, even though she hurt poor Tae Gwang and made him steal this half-hug xD But yush, Song Joo has given me the same impression, that she has a crush on Yi Ahn but she was always backing off due to her friendship with Eun Byul.
            I liked Tae Gwang’s emotional part too, both with his caring attitude and eventually outburst towards his father, and the seemingly happy smile sad eyes combo at his mother’s wedding.
            Aye, the forced half-hug is one of dramaland’s mysteries xD *pushes away* *no, just stay still for a while, be my Eun Bi bear for a while* XD I just wanted to even hug him with one of her hands or something! Aish!
            Indeed, we have yet to find out the other people’s versions and see how the puzzle gets complete. Right now yeah, we just need to roll along with it until we find out what happened and about encephalomeningitis, i was too bored to search around for it, but it strikes right away and within a few hours you die? xD Doesn’t it have any symptoms that someone is ill? xD From what i had read on the news when people get ill from this they get transferred to the hospital with generic but more powerful flue symptoms, but it doesn’t erupt all of a sudden and then in a few hours one dies xD Unless i am wrong, but seriously i’m too bored to search around for it xD
            She either wants to make some noise about it and force the police and the reporters (something that already started happening with the reporters due to the blog post) to search the case once again, or… just torture people’s mentality? Or she wants to become a humble serial killer of a specific number of victims? XD That would be a troll part lol 😛
            Her father doesn’t want her to look weak no matter what she’s done, after all she’s his daughter, she’s supposed to be strong lol But i think as well that her father knows the whole truth, it must be in the South Korean way *tell me the truth before a scandal erupts and if it does we’ll deal with it*
            I am so glad Eun Byul is back and just like you, i also want answers! 😀

          • June 4, 2015 at 1:20 pm

            lol i wouldn’t call it “too bored to search around for it”, that’s being lazy or not caring enough XD XD. Meh, I agree. Show wanted to be dramatic about it, even me the big nipitcker is willing not to niptick on that aspect. we have more important feels to feel, you feel?

          • June 4, 2015 at 1:26 pm

            XD It feels like we have more important feels to feel, feels like i feel!

  2. Aoi
    June 3, 2015 at 7:11 pm — Reply

    I’m glad i found your blog while searching for School 2015 ep. reviews. Arigatogozaimashita!

    Currently stalking your blog for other reviews. 😊😉

    • June 3, 2015 at 7:15 pm — Reply

      Konnichiwa Aoi! Thanks chincha a lot for your comment and i hope you will find something you will enjoy!! 🙂

  3. June 3, 2015 at 7:56 pm — Reply

    […] Episode 12  Episode 11  Episode 10  Episode 09  Episode 08   Episode 07  Episode 06  Episode 05  First impressions (up to episode 04) […]

  4. June 3, 2015 at 8:56 pm — Reply

    Wow! I love reading your thoughts and analyzing the drama deeper. I’m also wondering if the real Eun Byul will return to Se Kang High School and punch down everybody who picked on Eun Bi (*cough* So Young *cough*) and become a badass person. Will she reveal everything to her friends?? Will the story focus on Eun Byul more now that she’s back? And how is Eun Bi gonna be interwoven into the path to resolving the Soo In case? So many questions… I can’t be productive with these thoughts blasting through my head every second of the day D:

    • June 3, 2015 at 9:02 pm — Reply

      Gomawoyo chinguya!!! 😀 ^-^ Questions pop up all over the place with this drama, this one was the worst possible cliffhanger for the time being, it leaves every pathway unblocked and you can neither predict which path it will follow nor which crossroads will take place! But i think Eun Byul will go Sekang for the time being to bring forth the truth when it comes to Soo In and kick So Young’s butt XD At least that’s what i want to happen XD In one hand she won’t have the same relationship with Tae Gwang, then the world will be brighter with Yi Ahn. Shi Jin and Song Joo will be at least confused and angry, at least in the beginning while Eun Bi will go to the school where the classroom pocket went to XD That’s what i think, then, i guess Eun Byul will be in the spotlight for now, but i’m really curious as well how Eun Bi will be a part in the resolving of Soo In’s case. This drama decomposes our brain with all these questions, assumptions and actual happenings!

      • June 3, 2015 at 11:48 pm — Reply

        Wait technically Eun Bi is transferring under Eun Byul’s name, so will real Eun Byul be allowed in school? She’ll probably just barge in lol like the kickbutt girl she is XD ohhh I would like to see that “classroom pocket” girl again, she also needs to know the truth, haha. What has Eun Byul been doing this whole time?? How am I going to live until monday??!!? I agree this has been the worst cliffhanger yet, almost gave me a heart attack XP

        • June 3, 2015 at 11:54 pm — Reply

          If this happens, Mi Gyeong will transfer Eun Bi as Eun Bi and there will be a ruckus for Eun Byul to stay at Sekang i guess XD Or Eun Byul can probably become the battering ram kickbutt girl and teach them a few lessons XD Me too, she deserves to know the truth and she also deserves some love too XD She was probably doing pushups and working out to bring them all down in one blow, she has muscles underneath her villainous outfit XD Let’s survive together until Monday, follow me, breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out, cliffhanger go away, breath in… *boom* XD

          • June 4, 2015 at 1:40 am

            *head explodes into a million pieces* I’m ready for Eun Byul’s epic return!!!!

          • June 4, 2015 at 10:30 am

            This drama makes us ready only after something harmful has happened to us XD I’m ready too! :E

  5. alohacindy
    June 4, 2015 at 12:45 am — Reply

    Thanks! Been refreshing your blog!

    • June 4, 2015 at 12:50 am — Reply

      You’re very welcome and i am thankful as well!! 🙂

  6. GZsofia
    June 4, 2015 at 2:01 am — Reply

    Wow! Great recap and I can’t agree with you more that Tae Gwang’s emotional struggle was really palpable and most heartbreaking of all in this episode. Kudos to Yuk Sung Jae for the great acting.. I cried together with him and shed tears on his behalf when he was looking sadly at his mom while trying to smile at her. I cried again at his confession and one sided hug. It’s like feeling the pain of unrequited love again… I trust that despite Eun Bi’s rejection of his love, he would still be there for her and protect her as a friend. As of this time I’m really hurt for Tae Gwang that I kinda hate Eun Bi a little (LOL). anyways great episode and I can’t wait for Monday.. <3

    • June 4, 2015 at 10:36 am — Reply

      Thanks a lot!! 🙂 Sung Jae only got better after Plus 9 Nine, a drama i highly enjoyed and he was really good there too! The scene with his mother was powerful, but i seriously want to punch his father! Throughout the confession scene i was hoping that Eun Bi would at least hug him back, at least with one hand! I was so pissed off 😛 (so i can feel with you that you hated Eun Bi e bit xD ) She was as if she froze her with a cryogenic laser XD That’s what i think as well, Tae Gwang will never give up on Eun Bi, as a friend at least (while still keeping his feelings on the inside xD ) *tries to push the earth to turn faster so that Monday will come sooner*

  7. zealala
    June 4, 2015 at 12:32 pm — Reply

    poor taekwang..come to mama.. i can’t believe this.. i thought eun bi could see the pain that taekwang tries to hide.. and share the pain with him like he always did..but in eun bi’s eyes its always yi ahn yi ahn yi ahn..because yi ahn showed his pain and sadness obviously.. i think taekwang’s mom will show up and save him from his father..who knows..i just hope someone will shower taekwang with lots of love because he totaaaallllyyy deserved it

    • June 4, 2015 at 12:53 pm — Reply

      “come to mama” XD I also think Tae Gwang deserved better than that, at least a one-arm hug, even a finger-touch xD It was too hard at that point for him, she even tried to push him away, i mean, he’s been your support all along the way, you don’t have to kiss him or marry him right away, we know you only see him as a friend and Tae Gwang knows that too, but still, friends do hug as well and Tae Gwang needed a hug at that point! Of course it was the kdrama part -i don’t want a hug -yes you’ll have it, now you have it, stay still xD But it had feels and anti-feels 😛 Totally agree, Yi Ahn shows his pain, but Tae Gwang keeps it to himself, something that makes him more fragile, even though most of the people can’t notice it and think he’s just a weirdo. I hope so too that his mother will save him and i still have hope that his father for at least ONCE in his life will act like a father! Tae Gwang deserves many gallons of love and so far he’d been receiving rotten tomatoes. And that cliffhanger, this time it’s even more powerful!

      • zealala
        June 4, 2015 at 5:54 pm — Reply

        Yeah..all the flashback about taekwang childhood makes me wonder..how could he become someone so charming an understanding?? His upbringing and life is filled with loneliness and emptiness yet he understands eun bi from her perspective while giving her support and space to herself… and he even tried to console his father only to get rejected by that old man..and about his mother..i can tell how much he long for her but keep his distance just so she could be happy.. and the writer-nim cannot let him got a single touch from the person he cared?? Jebal writer-nim i’m begging you…stop with all k-dramas one sided love and let the good guy get what he deseved for once..

        • June 5, 2015 at 3:22 pm — Reply

          Sometimes people when they desire something so much and they can’t have it and miss it dearly they tend to adapt many characteristics of what they’ve been missing, i think that’s what happened to Tae Gwang, despite his void and broken self he could actually become fully supportive towards Eun Bi, after all they have a deeper understanding one another since both of them used to be outcasts and their non-outcast life began when Eun Bi appeared as Eun Byul. Writer-nim is a bit merciless with Tae Gwang indeed, at least once he deserves to be loved!!

  8. June 4, 2015 at 4:03 pm — Reply

    I can’t wait to see how everyone (who knows about Eun Bi being Eun Byul) will react to meeting the real Eun Byul. Will Yi An feels the difference of the girls, will he recognize the real Eun Byul?
    I have the bad feeling that beside Eun Bi and their mom no one will find out at the moment. And I don’t like that idea, because I have the feeling that if Eun Bi tries to keep a distance from Yi An or Eun Byul approaches Yi An without him knowing she is the real Eun Byul, this may confuse his feelings and he may start liking Eun Bi… ;/ I really hope he just sees her as a friend, but it is clear that she likes him as more than a friend… hopefully Eun Byul’s return will make Eun Bi let go of her feelings for Yi An and start paying more attention to Tae Kwang!

    I also can’t wait to see So Young’s face when she thinks she is talking to Eun Bi but she gets the don’t-mess-with-me Eun Byul! Ah, how good it would be if we don’t have to wait so long for the next episode!
    I like your thoughts on the episode, even though for me the last two episodes were very slow paced, like dragging… I wish the next episodes will pick up the pace…

    • June 5, 2015 at 3:20 pm — Reply

      It’s going to be hell on earth xD I really can’t wait as well to see Eun Byul’s interactions with everyone else who will be believing(?) that she’s still Eun Bi. I want to see whether Yi Ahn and Tae Gwang will sense the differences!
      What you’re saying has many good points, they may try to keep a secret for now, especially if Eun Byul will start acting like Eun Bi lol “I have the feeling that if Eun Bi tries to keep a distance from Yi An or Eun Byul approaches Yi An without him knowing she is the real Eun Byul, this may confuse his feelings and he may start liking Eun Bi” let’s hope they won’t find themselves in such an emotional complex 😡 Hopefully, yes, Eun Bi will probably surrender to Eun Byul’s past with Yi Ahn and she will either be good friend with both Yi Ahn and Tae Gwang or she’ll probably start seeing Tae Gwang differently. Let’s hope there won’t be an emotional mess 😛
      I really want Eun Byul to kick So Young’s ass! Wew’re two days away from the next episode, let’s remain strong chingu!! Thanks a lot for your words once again and for sharing your insightful thoughts. The last two eps had a slower pace a bit, but i guess they wanted to progress the storyline or something, but they did leave us with a great cliffhanger which is a great food for thought and assumptions XD

  9. bmore
    June 5, 2015 at 2:17 am — Reply

    So thankful, for a change, that my week has been so hectic and I just now got to watch both episodes. Now I ONLY have to wait 4 days! I hope how I feel about the romance angle of this will pan out: I want Han Yi-an to get his Eun-Byul back and Eun-Bi to open her heart to Tae-Gwang. I am hoping that Eun-Bi’s feelings are conflicted a bit at this point because she is a girl who has lived on the edge all her life and now she was being showered with love from a mom and a boyfriend. Now that both of them are accepting and learning that she should be Eun-Bi and not a Eun-Byul replacement, I hope that the new dynamic in the relationships will stabilize and start anew. The one with a loving mother and new daughter and the other with a loving friendship. Han Yi-An has loved Eun-Byul all his life and she him, so it would be pretty unfair if she comes back and loses him to her twin. So I guess I really can’t see that happening. I just hope Eun-Bi will open her eyes to the love and need Tae-Gwang has for her. They are 2 damaged souls who can heal one another. And here I am again getting emotionally involved in make believe relationships like they are actually real. I never ever learn. And. My mom heart just ached when she didn’t at least put one arm around him and pat his back. He deserved at least that….poor baby. He so desperately needs one person to love him and put him first! Who doesn’t? My son will get an extra hug tonight when he gets home from work to make up for it!!! 🙂

    • June 5, 2015 at 3:54 pm — Reply

      @bmore I agree with your way of thinking – ‘Han Yi-An has loved Eun-Byul all his life and she him, so it would be pretty unfair if she comes back and loses him to her twin.’ – I really hope that won’t happen!!! I hope that for one the writers will go with the viewers wishes and won’t decide to make things more dramatic…
      ‘I just hope Eun-Bi will open her eyes to the love and need Tae-Gwang has for her. They are 2 damaged souls who can heal one another.’ – I really like how you said it, its exactly how I think too.

      • June 5, 2015 at 4:04 pm — Reply

        I will get trolled to death if that happens, it could become an awesome makjang xD Eun Byul and Eun Bi getting into a catfight with Eun Byul telling Eun Bi “i let you into my life to find love and this is how you pay me back you careless girl?” XD If they make things more dramatic instead of tears they will bring out loud laughter 😛
        Definitely agree on the last one, two once-outcasts lovey dovey pigeons xP

      • bmore
        June 9, 2015 at 5:29 am — Reply

        🙂 thank you!

    • June 5, 2015 at 4:01 pm — Reply

      Your schedule took the right decision for you, sometimes real life no matter how hectic it may it can be helpful against cliffhangers! 😀
      That’s what i want as well Yi Ahn-Eun Byul and Eun Bi-Tae Gwang have to end up together after the obstacles get removed once and for all and they’ll finally be able to treasure each other’s world. I root for this direction as well, that Eun Bi’s world is conflicted due to the sudden amounts of love she received while back then at school there was only hate awaiting for her. The dynamics in the relationships had already started moving on forward, but Eun Byul’s presence i’m curious how it will rotate the cogwheels of feelings between Mi Gyeong, Eun Bi and Eun Byul, of course i’m rooting for the loving family direction ;D
      “when she didn’t at least put one arm around him and pat his back” she deserved at least that :/ The audience’s love isn’t enough, Tae Gwang needs love on screen too!!!
      “My son will get an extra hug tonight when he gets home from work to make up for it!!!” How many hugs did the hug-o-meter count? 😀

      • bmore
        June 9, 2015 at 5:34 am — Reply

        just an extra long one!

  10. June 6, 2015 at 11:59 pm — Reply

    only a day away from episode 13. im totally planning on watching this even without the subs cuz I’m too invested into the story. should i just sleep for a day and wake up on monday night? Hmmm *contemplating this crazy idea*

    • June 7, 2015 at 6:56 pm — Reply

      You’ll go commando all the way watching it raw! It’s an at least interesting approach! I will try to maintain my patience and watch the full package, but sleeping for a whole day and wake up at the exact moment the subs will come out for full School 2015 pleasure is a good option! XD

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