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Episode 27 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

InSeoShipHeard It Through the Grapevine recently surrendered to the second place even though the latest episodes point towards the ending direction of the drama without setting aside the plot twist factors which are one of the drama’s strongest cards alongside the storyline, the acting and the cinematography. The 27th episode reached 10% whereas Hwajung hit a bit higher rating, 10.4%, while School 2015 achieved a humble yet strong enough 6.8%. As for the reasons why Heard It Through the Grapevine’s ratings are not as strong as they used to be? It could be the fact that it’s many episodes and people are searching for something shorter, it could be School 2015’s steadily growing ratings, etc, as for me, i can’t help it but remain faithful to this beautiful drama journey. Well, kind of. I have to admit that if Heard It Through the Grapevine is my dramarriage, School 2015 is my extradramarital affair and secret passion!

bscap0801Attorney Han returns back home and he’s not pleased at all, on top of that, he doesn’t find In Sang to greet him as he’s got a dinner meeting with his friends. Madame Choi gave her approval for him to realize his status while Yi Ji ironically wonders which could his status possibly be! Madame Choi notices that attorney Han is not at his finest as he seems lost in his own thoughts, his reactions betray him and he points out it’s all about money. He refers to people like Seo Bom’s uncle who cry for justice and human rights, but in the end of the line it’s always about money and profit. I wouldn’t expect anything less from someone who has all the money in the world and makes justice and human rights dance to the rhythm of his actions. Even though she’s mad at him in times like these, madame Choi can’t help it but feel sorry for him having to deal with such ignorant people and eventually get exhausted! “The clouds make it rain, not man, they should complain to the clouds instead of me”. It’s apparent he’s lost his temper and he can’t think logically, or in a rationalistic tone to be more precise, let’s not forget who he is. If a man in South Korea can make it rain, it’s you, so stop complaining and start seeing things slightly differently, it’s for your own benefit, the mental one more specifically!

bscap0803 bscap0806bscap0805

bscap0808The house personnel is worried for having to break the contract they were already discussing with secretary Yang, but it was for the best at this very moment since Hansong is going through turbulent events. Teacher Park warns In Sang that his father may currently be out of his mind, but he eventually accomplishes his goals. He urges him to be patient and prevent himself from seeing Seo Bom and letting her know of his own plan for the time being, the balance is too fragile at this very moment and pretty much anything could change. In Sang’s drinking beer with Min Jae by the Han river at the renowned by now spot!


bscap0810Seo Bom’s working at the convenience store and Cheol Shik ahjussi’s nearby to keep an eye on her. He wants to install an alarm bell that would be connected to their humble house in case anything happens, but Seo Bom thinks it’s quite safe and he should just head back home. A customer arrives and it’s no other than Hyeon Soo who wonders if by any chance she could be the reason behind their divorce. It was bothering her since she acted as if she was really close with In Sang, but she has nothing to do with it even though Seo Bom wasn’t that pleased with it in the first place. Even though the divorce is a palpable reality Hyeon Soo still can’t believe they’re breaking up. As for In Sang, all this period he looked quite pathetic, unlike his usual confident and bright self. Seo Bom has work to do and she would like Hyeon Soo to leave as soon as possible, in addition, she shouldn’t talk this way about In Sang, even though she refers to him as her ex-husband!

bscap0813  bscap0816bscap0814 bscap0817

bscap0818He’s put his feet inside water which might not be clean, but it’s not cold this time of the year! In Sang wonders whether he would have jumped inside the Han River had it been warmer and not as cold as it used to be back then, but Min Jae pretty much doubts it and In Sang agrees, he’s the kind of man who only dips his feet inside water afraid of embracing it any further along with the dangers it may be hiding. Later on he went at Seo Bom’s convenience store and once Seo Bom came out of it In Sang started walking as fast as possible to avoid meeting her; now that’s a priceless walking style! The car followed him and eventually they left to return back home!

bscap0820 bscap0821bscap0819 bscap0823

bscap0824The ambiance inside the household is thick and alienated, it’s a foreign place for everyone. Attorney Han has worked on a contract and showed it to In Sang. Seo Bom will have custody of Jin Young, there will be no alimony and no mediation or cooling-off period as the divorce will be completed via suit. Jin Young’s grandparents will only have visitations upon In Sang and Seo Bom’s approval, but there’s a more important factor attorney Han didn’t take into consideration out of all he mentioned! In Sang wants to write it down on his own, Jin Young’s grandparents will not contact Seo Bom privately. Attorney Han agrees and he’ll start the inheritance procedure as soon as they have a ruling. Madame Choi questions In Sang if he’s happy now that he let her keep her pride and of course he is!

bscap0825 bscap0827bscap0828 bscap0831bscap0829 bscap0832

bscap0833Seo Bom’s playing with Jin Young, she doesn’t care about resting and she prefers investing in some time with her beloved son! Eventually she surrenders to her parents’ attempts to play with Jin Young so that she’ll finally get some rest! In Sang had contacted her and let her know that everything’s flowing according to plan, she should expect their lawyer soon without worrying. She’s thankful towards In Sang and she would like him to inform his parents that she’s grateful to them. In Sang tells teacher Park that he achieved his first goal which was to relieve Seo Bom from a part of her burden, as for the inheritance, he will just receive the things he wants and what can’t be turned easily into cash will be rejected. Teacher Park points out he will be accepting only secure aspects of the inheritance that could get him into trouble while his inheritance is still increasing in various ways with everyone knows from where all this money comes from. Even though his father will keep everything safe, he can’t always be perfect and there could always be a blind spot. Henceforth nobody knows what will really happen to all this money. In Sang’s leaving, but teacher Park tells him that soon enough he will have to choose between Seo Bom and the money, but he doesn’t pay that much attention for the time being.

bscap0834 bscap0835bscap0836bscap0841bscap0842bscap0839

bscap0849Secretary Min arrives at Hansong and secretary Yang wants to see her. Attorney Han didn’t accept her resignation letter, but this is the least worst that could happen. Secretary Yang met secretary Min’s brother, Joo Hwan. The decision he made was that he’d receive $800.000 and if any family member objects to his agreement her brother will be subrogated! The papers have already been signed and the money were deposited as a lump sum; you can sense the fear in secretary Min’s eyes! She wants to talk to attorney Han directly, but secretary Yang points out this is only the beginning of things to come. Attorney Han acts as if he doesn’t have a lot to do with everything that happened and puts all the blame on Daesan Group and their subordinate companies. Secretary Min intends to prove that everything was done under extreme pressure forcing her brother to sign the papers, but attorney Han doesn’t quite agree and he would like her to step back while taking into consideration his generosity. Secretary Kim is worried about himself and secretary Yang points out it’s up to him. While she was leaving, secretary Min found attorney Yoo at the elevator and there’s no need to be cautious anymore, she should release the floodgates immediately! Attorney Han’s always one step ahead and finds attorney Yoo at the corridor, she should start considering a few days off and go on vacations before quitting, implying that he wants to keep her out of the case.


bscap0850Attorney Yoo points out that attorney Han has started his large-scale reorganization procedure and his forces are advancing in all the fronts. She informs Je Hoon of everything going on and he will be receiving all the necessary information from secretary Min. On top of that he should be keeping a close eye on president Song, he could be useful at some point. And there he is and Je Hoon wants him to tell him everything since he’ll get benefited big time in the future! He meets with Cheol Shik ahjussi and secretary Min and they have to find a way to prove that her brother signed the papers under duress. Her brother was already ill before the fire, but the fire pretty much ruined his life and most of the time he’s asleep. Secretary Min and her mother are breaking apart due to Joo Hwan’s ill-natured fate. Secretary Min wants to move on with the accusation plan since the hospital records say her brother’s been in the same condition for the last few days. The mother disagrees, she can’t go through all this flow of events once again, she’s tired of all this and she admits she was the one to move Joo Hwan’s finger to sign the papers because she wanted to put an end to this. It only gets emotionally tougher witnessing attorney Han’s true inhuman entity. Secretary Min is apologetic and she would like Cheol Shik ahjussi and Je Hoon to keep the deposited money as evidence. Secretary Min’s crying scene even though it was just for a few seconds it possessed all the feels necessary to crack you inside. This family has suffered a lot, they had to go through many struggles, hopefully enough the moment of redemption will arrive soon enough.

bscap0851bscap0852 bscap0853bscap0854bscap0857bscap0858bscap0859 bscap0862bscap0863bscap0864

bscap0865Madame Choi’s feeling well after the household is newly decorated and flowers have arrived, she would like to have tea with Ji Young Ra and it would be nice if she could bring Hyeon Soo as well! Hypocrisy spotted! Ji Young Ra acts hard to get and says that Hyeon Soo is quite busy with homework, but her daughter says she’s not busy at all in an attempt to ruin her mother’s plan! Ji Young Ra points out Hyeon Soo should refuse a few times and then visit madame Choi’s house, she’s so enjoying the feeling of having the upper hand against madame Choi, but Hyeon Soo doesn’t want to pace with her mother’s flow and intends to go to the almighty household now and Ji Young Ra can’t help it but move on with her daughter’s decision! Hyeon Soo doesn’t pay attention to everything her mother has to say and she will do it her own way without taking into consideration hints & tips. Ji Young Ra doesn’t want to understand that the more she tries to infuse her own ideas into her daughter’s mind the more Hyeon Soo retaliates in her own way and does everything she wants to!


bscap0869In Sang’s spending some time with Min Jae and they’re having a conversation on Hyeon Soo’s inheritance. If it’s related to her father’s embezzlement or malpractice she may never be able to get that money. She’s probably well aware of it since she knows that the foreign account can’t be hers. President Song’s investment club is a target as well and attorney Han has informed Ji Young Ra and her daughter to prevent themselves from visiting the luxurious living room for the time being. His stock recommendations have already started going downwards and teacher Park’s words echo anew in In Sang’s mind making things more apparent, his father is the center of South Korea’s money-making machine and he’s been dwelling way too deep in the stench of black and/or blood money for a long time now; his inheritance is in lockstep connection to his father’s actions. In Sang got there using the subway for the first time, it was yet another attempt to find out how common people live day by day as the burden of a far less luxurious lifestyle seems to have occupied his mind with thoughts and it’s always related to Seo Bom and their life together under different parameters. In Sang gets informed by Min Jae that Hyeon Soo and her mother will be arriving at the almighty household soon and he’s not pleased at all!

bscap0868 bscap0871bscap0870 bscap0873

bscap0874Madame Choi tries to get close to Hyeon Soo and since she’s majoring in fine arts she’s showing her a painting which was purchased the year In Sang was born. She would like to show her another one too, but Hyeon Soo would like to drink tea first while Ji Young Ra considers madame Choi quite desperate, but she won’t be the only one in a few minutes; and here it comes! It’s not about the paintings, it’s madame Choi who’s not Hyeon Soo’s taste! She feels insulted by both madame Choi and her mother for trying to get her involved in Seo Bom and In Sang’s relationship! Hyeon Soo, fighting! Both of them will never understand how could these two love each other so much since none of them ever loved someone in such a passionate way and they were never loved back like that! In Sang and Seo Bom sacrificed everything, body and soul, to be together and she’s well aware that madame Choi never felt thrilled with attorney Han and that’s the reason why she looks down on Seo Bom and In Sang’s relationship, but also her as well. Madame Choi’s world collapsed, she didn’t even know how to react! Nobody would ever expect this explosion and by the time she was leaving Hyeon Soo informed In Sang that he shouldn’t be worrying about anything since she’s not a puppet and she would never take Seo Bom’s place! Ha, I love her! She hit him with her bag as a mind-awakening moment while saying goodbye, she’s got the spirit! Aye, drink your medicine madame Choi. However, it won’t solve your problems and your grape-sized brain along with your cactus heart won’t start functioning all of a sudden.

bscap0875 bscap0880bscap0876bscap0881bscap0878 bscap0882bscap0884bscap0885 bscap0887bscap0886

bscap0888Hyeong Shik ahjussi receives a message from the second greatest flatterer next to attorney Han, secretary Yang. After a few rivers of crocodile tears she wants his account number to make things much easier for both of them, putting him in great discomfort and internal discord. Secretary Yang informs attorney Han that she sent the message, but he hasn’t replied yet. It’s a difficult decision since he’s afraid he will lose something far too great if he accepts the offer. Attorney Han’s mind is unable to conceive such matters, as always. Even though secretary Yang is quite thoughtful of the methods they’re using, she can’t act differently but submit the petition without forgetting the secret condition. Secretary Min returns back to the office and she maintains her calm despite her shattered internal world, her next task is to report Baek Dae Hyun’s moves since attorney Han considers them related to Je Hoon’s case. She lets secretary Yang know that she intends to return her money soon, but she’s keeping them for the time being as evidence, but secretary Yang points out they will have to find out whether these money will serve their purpose as evidence or yet another trap.

bscap0889bscap0891 bscap0890

bscap0893Attorney Han’s having a meeting with Baek Dae Hyun at Hansong’s luxurious lounge. They’re talking about a subject that is related to his in-laws as well and Dae Hyun would like to suggest a solution. All the underground funds must be handled cautiously, if it becomes an issue again the foreign investment companies will sue the South Korean government. They’ve done their best so far to keep things quiet, but if a similar case pops up, like the one attorney Han’s dealing with, Hansong’s shady methods and every high official’s actions working with him will be revealed immediately. President Song is not only in the list of the investors but he’s also the prime minister’s Son! They have to start with him and attorney Han’s quite happy Dae Hyun brought it up first. They hold the prime minister in the palm of their hands with all the information they possess. President Song is only the beginning and his father is the real target. The successor will be decided by Hansong, but Dae Hyun doesn’t intend to become a high official again. He’d like to, but these aren’t peaceful times. However, he will keep an eye on the candidates’ list!

bscap0901 bscap0897bscap0895bscap0898

bscap0903Cheol Shik ahjussi is worried about Seo Bom after witnessing attorney Han’s latest methods and if by any chance she feels quite uneasy about anything she should let him know anytime! Madame Choi wonders how could a girl like Seo Bom ever seduce In Sang! It’s called love! There’s no explanation, it just happens and you follow willingly, but you don’t know what love, especially the mutual one, means! Attorney Han informs teacher Park and In Sang that he submitted the petition and from now on his son should only focus on studying while teacher Park should keep in mind the rules of the contract. In Sang should only think about politics, economics and society from now on since protesting has ruined many people’s works! It’s always a pleasure people like him getting ruined! The house personnel is worried since the petition has already been submitted. Yi Ji considers the almighty household a den of monsters and she’s so right! She wonders if the housemaid would like to leave this place, but she doesn’t have anywhere else to go. The house personnel is worried about In Sang’s desperation and the fact that most of his inheritance was forged illegally. Teacher Park points out that he could become penniless, but things like that don’t happen in South Korea! All of them agree with Yi Ji, it may be summertime outside, but winter reigns supreme on the inside. Seo Bom has to come back, they need her by their side, but this doesn’t seem like an option since she intends to leave the almighty household behind her. The housemaid asks butler Park if he ever thought of how could they make a living if they were to quit working there and he did think about it, but he never reached a conclusion.

bscap0905bscap0906 bscap0908 bscap0910bscap0909 bscap0911bscap0912bscap0913bscap0914

bscap0915In Sang returns back to their room and the “an unjust law is no law at all” portrait captures his attention anew as he recalls the moments he spent in this room with Seo Bom by his side while dreaming their future together. Once again, it feels so lonely and thoughtful being him and he can’t help it but contact Seo Bom. He tells her that they had the same dream once and she should never forget about it, but it’s one of these hours that dreams don’t blossom that easily and Seo Bom can’t accept it for the time being. Hyeong Shik ahjussi is lost in his own thoughts and informs Seo Bom that the lawyer’s papers have arrived. Seo Bom reads through the lines and notices that attorney Han’s ability to play with words to his own profit reigns supreme through the divorce papers and it’s yet another trap in order for Seo Bom to eventually lose Jin Young’s custody.

bscap0916 bscap0923bscap0924 bscap0925bscap0926bscap0921

bscap0928The only person she can turn to for the time being is Cheol Shik ahjussi since her father urges her to accept the divorce’s conditions. They are well aware that In Sang didn’t know anything about this and they forward the papers to Je Hoon! In Sang couldn’t drown in unawareness forever and now he knows! Butler Park and teacher Park hold him from both hands since he’s enraged! He should take the money first and then do everything he wants to; strategy and logic! They try to remind him of reality and how hard it is to live without money, especially when you have a family! He has enough reasons to complain since his father played tricks on him, but if he can live without $30,000 per month teacher Park will let him hunt his father down! They tell him to bring Seo Bom and Jin Young back first, but they keep holding him since his rage is immense and attorney Han is well aware of it!


bscap0932Jin Ae ahjumma tells Seo Bom that she expected this turn of events and that she has to do everything by herself since they are poor, but In Sang’s rich parents won’t let him decide everything on his own and it’s not easy for him, so she shouldn’t blame In Sang and she doesn’t. There are many people by their side so she should be more optimistic from now on no matter how tough their hardships might seem. Hyeong Shik ahjussi is spending some time with Jin Young and he’s probably thinking secretary Yang’s offer.

bscap0935 bscap0934bscap0933bscap0936

bscap0938In Sang managed to find Seo Bom and she tells him she knows he’ll eventually pace with his parents’ flow by accepting their money and letting them raise Jin Young. She expresses her disappointment, but In Sang wants her to come back to the almighty household even though it’s going to be hard. She must take into consideration the way In Sang himself treated her and that he never ignored her family or bragged about money. On top of that, the most important reason is that he never ceased loving her, she’s the only person he’s only cared about in his life, asking her to sacrifice herself for him once again. Instead of following him, she leaves as In Sang cries his heart out that he can’t live like this, not without her!

bscap0937bscap0939bscap0941bscap0942bscap0943 bscap0944bscap0945bscap0946bscap0947bscap0949bscap0950bscap0951bscap0956bscap0959bscap0960

Thoughts: Attorney Han’s multifaceted personality and great mood swings unveil throughout the whole duration of the episode. At first it was anxiety and nervousness due to In Sang’s boiling temperament and then it was the inability to read through the lines as attorney Han is drunk on the bitter wine of wealth and power while being entrapped in the past without remorse. He misjudged In Sang’s capabilities countless times, but even though he received the warning signs to stay out of In Sang and Seo Bom’s matter he misguided In Sang anew and mocked his humble decision to let them resolve things on their own.

The sickening aura of a mask and an idol.


Secretary Yang is the spear and attorney Han the hand which wields it, penetrating the weak and frail but also troubled and devastated human consciences that were brought at the edge of the cliff by his own wrongdoings, directly or indirectly. The divorce papers were not the ones he presented to In Sang and teacher Park, they were a mere excuse of humane papers to get infused with the prowess of words in order to devour Seo Bom once and for all. Degrading In Sang’s rage was a grave mistake because the more In Sang boils the greater and less tolerated his eruption will be. Attorney Han has commenced his grandiose attack on the vast battlefield towards each and every direction regardless of casualties and most and above all he placed the personal cost beyond deeper thinking. Striking president Song who is the prime minister’s son while indirectly targeting the prime minister himself is a weapon of mass destruction, his own, since Je Hoon will cooperate with president Song under these circumstances.

A lunatic’s overambitious ego and his blinding reflection hiding reality.


Madame Choi’s bubble didn’t last long in front of the blooming world of youth’s thorns and vibrant emotions. Hyeon Soo’s words were carved with a knife upon madame Choi’s and Ji Young Ra’s devoid of emotion hearts. They possessed all the necessary amounts of hurtful truth in order to burst two bubbles at once. Hyeon Soo has proven herself as an exemplary young lady setting aside her own feelings not only for In Sang and Seo Bom’s but also for love and justice’s sake.


The house personnel have found themselves defenseless without Seo Bom’s presence inside the almighty household. She wasn’t only the barrier for their struggles, she was also a sense of hope in this wintry landscape. The almighty household at this point is a cenotaph and it’s unbearable living there. Secretary Yang stroke twice and in a masterful way under attorney Han’s orders. At first it was secretary Min’s brother and we witnessed the emotional and physical ruin of a whole family after her brother’s accident with a mother being unable to go on like this and a daughter willing to fight to the very end as the brother is simply existing. Secretary Min’s devastation was immense and her scenes possessed tremendous amounts of feels. Then it was Hyeong Shik ahjussi, the maneuvering boat inside the humble house and secretary Yang’s text put him in a great dilemma. He should take the situation in his own hands at the cost of losing Seo Bom’s as a secondary attorney Han or let Seo Bom handle things on her own?


Seo Bom’s hardworking struggle for her son’s well-being is omnipresent throughout the episode as she sacrifices her nighttime in order to make an honorable living. She doesn’t want anything from attorney Han or In Sang’s inheritance, she’s a proud young lady and preserves her ideals to the fullest. Noticing the differences between In Sang and herself in terms of decisions and the different class struggles and pathways both of them had to walk upon in order to be together was to her honor.


She loves In Sang but she can’t move on being a part of the almighty household, it’s not a dilemma anymore, it’s a concrete decision and at the same time she tries to wake up In Sang from his slight slumber and make him realize that she’s not willing to return to the permanent frost. She was intelligent enough to read through the lines attorney Han masterfully crafted and his deception never worked, unless it was one of his plans just like the approach of secretary Min’s brother and Hyeong Shik ahjussi. We have yet to find out whether all these were a wider trap or the truth encrypted in the shape of a trap.


In Sang’s ill-fated obsession with the Han river made its appearance once anew. Apparently Seo Bom’s words had a huge impact on him as he tries to set his own path. During the episode we witness an attorney Han oriented inability to comprehend the signs on the horizon. Just like attorney Han can’t realize his forthcoming doom, In Sang was unable to see through teacher Park’s words and instructions. In Sang’s rage as the episode was reaching the end was the omnibus of a brave amount of silent anger towards his parents and it won’t remain silent for long. In Sang craving for Seo Bom to be back at the almighty household next to him was the easy way out. Seo Bom holds on to her wish that if someone has to be somewhere then it is In Sang at her humble house and not her at the kingdom of the deceased. Despite his sincere and heartfelt words of love and the fact that he can’t live with her, In Sang was asking Seo Bom for yet another sacrifice. If he can’t live without her he’s the one to make to sacrifice himself like she did sacrifice herself in the first place in the beginning; it’s In Sang’s turn and my turn to see the 28th episode!


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  1. May 27, 2015 at 6:40 pm — Reply

    I’m watching again…and hoping this marriage works out. I really loved this episode. I think this drama has been perfect but episode showed one glitch (in my opinion anyway.) I think the writers should’ve shown us the comatose brother sometime before now so we could’ve trusted our heroine/spy/infiltrator earlier. Of course, maybe the writers wanted us to feel uneasy about her throughout so I guess showing us her brother in the last few episode was also good. The state of her poor brother just brought home how many families CEO Han has destroyed and made Madame Choi seem really cruel and evil. Another surprise; Hyun Soo surprised me! And Seo Bom’s dad really made me angry; hasn’t he understood humiliation yet? And In Sang, please, give up the money before it becomes worthless. I’d rather you give it up now and truly sacrifice, than come back to her only after money fails. Love rules! Even so, is there a way In Sang could get his own money back, the inheritance his granddad gave him? Who has control over that? Would be so neat to have In Sang and Bom rich and CEO Han in prison with no rich powerful friend beside him…and having to live in his in-law’s house. One can dream, can’t one?

    • May 30, 2015 at 5:52 pm — Reply

      I guess it’s the second option, the writer wanted to make us feel uneasy with her and not trust her from day one about her intentions, after all it could just be a rumor and she might have had another plan. But eventually i liked the fact they showed him and her mother, the scene appeared to be filled with feels and it was all worth it. It was just a glimpse of how many families may have been ruined under Hansong’s reign indeed. We don’t see the whole Hansong picture, but the puzzle is getting complete by seeing hints from all the puzzle’s pieces that make the image complete in the end, i like this! Hyeon Soo was a great surprise and i didn’t see it coming! Hopefully enough Seo Bom’s father made the right decision on the 28th ep and relieved us from all the stress, for some reason i thought he would accept the money XD In Sang finally did the ultimate sacrifice and Lee Joon played exceptionally well throughout the 28th episode! We have yet to find out what will happen in the last two episodes! Of course one can dream and we share a like-minded dream! 😀

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