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School 2015: Who Are You? ~ Episode 10 Recap

shipAfter the emotionally fortified cliffhangers paved the way up to the 9th episode, the 10th one left us with an emotionally rewarding yet highly intriguing cliffhanger which waited for us right in the corner for the right moment to make its appearance! Was it a bit expected? Kind of, but you don’t believe it until you see it and that’s the occasion here. No matter how rewarding and relieving it felt, it never ceases preserving a cliffhanger’s very soul and essence by making Monday so distant once again! School 2015 surpassed yet another barrier reaching 7.1% in terms of ratings proving that it can only get better and win the hearts of a wider audience with every episode. Double digits are not that far but not so nearby either, hopefully enough it can only flow towards that direction!

bscap0966So Young can’t get rid of the people’s thoughts as they torment her mind, it’s more about what other people think and/or say rather than what she did to Eun Bi and that’s the reason why she contacted Yi Ahn in the first place in order to turn her own disadvantage into a violent playground that would appeal to her more. Yi Ahn can’t help but forget about the race and rush to school, but while passing the street he was hit by a car and got hurt on his shoulder. So Young stares at Eun Bi from the teacher’s stand and starts her speech saying that everyone’s having fun because of her and she actually enjoys it! She finds pleasure in massive negativity! On top of that, she has no respect for her victim making everyone wonder about her own mental health. She admits the truth, but she also refers to the outcast victim that died and asks them if they’re curious about how she looks like! She points out there’s someone inside the classroom who looks like the victim and shows everyone Eun Bi’s photo who looks exactly like Eun Byul and everyone can’t believe their eyes! Tae Gwang takes charge of the situation and asks her how long has it been since she got transferred to this school and points out that she doesn’t know enough about Eun Byul to be talking that lightly about this nonsense. He forces her gently to surrender step by step backwards with a grandiose smile carved upon his face and pats her shoulder in a not so friendly manner as he urges Eun Byul to talk to everyone about her family issue.

bscap0969 bscap0968bscap0967 bscap0971 bscap0977bscap0976 bscap0975bscap0979bscap0980

bscap0982Yi Ahn enters the classroom and will speak on Eun Byul’s behalf since her memories aren’t back. So Young asks him who he is to speak on her behalf and Yi Ahn asks the whole class if there is anyone who knows her better than he does! The answers are negative so he proceeds. When Eun Byul was 5 she was adopted by her mother and she recently found out she has a twin sister who was the victim they were reading about in the article, So Young’s victim. So Young tries to talk, but the overall climate inside the classroom is against her. Tae Gwang wants her to answer directly to his questions. He asks her whether the victim is Eun Byul’s twin sister or not, but she replies back that Eun Bi’s not dead and it’s Yi Ahn’s turn to speak urging her to give a proper answer about who died in her place if Eun Bi isn’t dead. So Young has no answer and everyone wonders how can she be so cold in front of Eun Byul without feeling remorse for her actions. The class’ sentiment has turned against So Young for real now and she left in fear. Yi Ahn collapses at the corridor as Eun Bi runs to his side and eventually he gets transferred to the hospital.

 bscap0983bscap0981 bscap0985bscap0984bscap0988 bscap0989bscap0990bscap0991bscap0992bscap0995 bscap0996bscap0998

bscap0999 Tae Gwang finds So Young and tells her that he had already warned her that the truth would strike her twice as badly, but she didn’t listen to him. If she keeps on insisting that Eun Bi is alive she will have to reveal that Eun Byul passed away and if Eun Byul died because of her the echo of the impact will be even greater. Her constipated grimace in opposition to Tae Gwang’s smiling face was a priceless contradiction! Yi Ahn’s rotator cuff has been ruptured, damaging his shoulder joint and during the impact the muscles and tendons of his shoulder joint were torn. However, the x-ray shows that he had injuries prior to the accident, but nobody was aware of that. The recovery time will be long, but he can start rehab one week after the surgery. The whole process will take about one year for full recovery. Both his father and his coach are devastated and there’s not even guarantee that he’ll return back to normal. The coach acknowledges that Yi Ahn is a strong kid and he intends to help him as much as he can during the rehab.

 bscap1001bscap1002 bscap1003 bscap1005bscap1004

bscap1006His father wants to be by his son’s side, but he can’t let him see his tears. However, the urge to be by his son’s side is always stronger and surrenders to his paternal instincts. Yi Ahn asks him if he’s disappointed, but his father would never feel this way, all he wants to know is the truth, but Yi Ahn points out he couldn’t think straight because a friend was in trouble. Yi Ahn’s apologetic, but there’s nothing to be sorry about, it’s not the end of the world anyway and he’s only 18. He’s not allowed to feel depressed and he should never surrender to these obstacles. Since things turned out this way he should rest for now without diving into the maelstrom of thoughts burdening his mind even more. Eun Bi went at the hospital, but she couldn’t afford to see Yi Ahn after everything that happened.

bscap1009 bscap1007bscap1008 bscap1011

bscap1012Song Joo decides to talk to Shi Jin and wonders how could Tae Gwang know about Eun Byul’s twin sister instead of them and Tae Gwang appears out of nowhere wondering whether they insulted him or not! Talking nicely about Yi Ahn makes Tae Gwang mad! Min Joon’s mother continues with her consulting sessions to brighten the horizons of other mothers when it comes to their children’s tutoring for a successful future! Money always does matter and they determine the children’s course alongside the best tutors, after all she’s a mother herself and her son’s team is renowned for their knowledge achievements. I felt quite uneasy and disgusted seeing her talking about the virtues of maternity and Min Joon who was eavesdropping the conversation would pretty much agree! So Young let her mother know about the current turn of events and that pretty much everyone knows about her at school and she urges her husband to do something! So Young promised she won’t do it again, don’t do what? Killing another person? She almost succeeded in killing Yi Ahn, she can do it anytime, there’s no turning point! Her mother will be in charge of the situation and So Young acts all cute and apologetic, but we all know she didn’t learn anything from her lethal mistakes.

bscap1013 bscap1014bscap1015 bscap1016bscap1017bscap1018 bscap1021bscap1019bscap1023

bscap1024Eun Bi wants to contact Yi Ahn, but it’s tough being her at this very moment, people around her have been hurt because of her and it wasn’t just anyone, it was Yi Ahn. She decides to visit him at the hospital and Yi Ahn found her at the corridor, since she’s there she should come inside. She’s deeply thankful for yesterday and wonders if she could be helpful. Yi Ahn doesn’t want to talk to her anymore and Tae Gwang appears and tension rises between them, but Eun Bi restrains him since Yi Ahn is hurt. It’s an awkward moment, but emotional still, having its own depth and void at the same time. Tae Gwang wonders whether Eun Bi’s worried about Yi Ahn and of course she is, he put his life in danger for her. Tae Gwang is kind of jealous and wants to stay in her place at the hospital, but Eun Bi intends to stay and it’s one of these moments when Tae Gwang gets left behind.

bscap1025 bscap1026bscap1027bscap1032bscap1034 bscap1030bscap1033

bscap1054The coach informs Yi Ahn that it’s going to take one year until he recovers and tells him that many famous athletes have been there before him and emerged victorious after their recovery. Yi Ahn’s devastated, but giving up is not an option according to his coach, unless he considers leaving swimming behind once and for all. Yi Ahn can’t hold back his tears, but he had to leave the stadium at that point, it was highly important to him. Eun Bi bears witness of their conversation and she can’t hold back her tears either. His first night at the hospital is tough, he can’t even open a bottle of water himself and he throws it away, but Eun Bi hadn’t left because she couldn’t leave and stands by his side. Then again, he throws the bottle away, he doesn’t want her by his side, he can neither afford to see her face nor listen to her voice, it’s even more painful than his injury. Eun Bi’s not the only who didn’t leave, just like she couldn’t leave Yi Ahn alone. Tae Gwang couldn’t leave her alone either and as he witnesses her in tears he stands by her side silently for a while placing her face with love on his shoulder as he tries to hold back his own tears. Yi Ahn’s solitude is loud as well inside four walls, that night left three people wounded.

bscap1041bscap1039bscap1042  bscap1044bscap1043 bscap1046bscap1047bscap1050bscap1049bscap1052bscap1053 bscap1054bscap1055bscap1056 bscap1057bscap1058bscap1059 bscap1063bscap1061bscap1065 bscap1064

bscap1072Min Joon doesn’t feel well on his way to school, the world starts turning differently and he decides to leave behind his student duties for today. Teacher Kim notices that Min Joon’s not there, he had already asked him to not inform his mother about his absence. Gi Tae and Tae Gwang are in front of the English teacher, Yi Ahn managed to inevitably escape this meeting since he’s at the hospital. She wants to talk to them about their project which got the highest grade! Both of them are so excited since they worked hard; not! Gi Tae acknowledges that the teacher must had been quite surprised and she was excited until 10 minutes ago when she noticed a logo in the center of the brochure! Their team was called Fail Team, now that’s the most representative name they could choose! Teacher Jung was the one who noticed it and Gi Tae can’t believe she betrayed him! Instead of the greatest grade it’s zero, plain zero!

bscap1069 bscap1070bscap1075 bscap1074bscap1071 bscap1073

bscap1077So Young has already noticed by now that Eun Byul’s presence at school is quite strong, but So Young wants Eun Bi not to be mistaken since she’s not Eun Byul. They’re in the same level now, everyone knows about So Young as well! So Young tells her that even if Yi Ahn acted this way this time, he won’t be doing so forever and soon he won’t care about what might happen to her. Song Joo bears witness of their conversation and she finds out that So Young intends to make people leave her side one after the other, but Eun Bi points out she should be worried more about herself at this very moment. Eun Bi’s eating with Shi Jin and Song Joo chooses their table over So Young and refuses to greet her back. Who’s the outcast now? Song Joo finds herself in a great dilemma since she was informed that the contract papers are ready and she should bring her parents’ consent form to complete the process.

bscap1076 bscap1079bscap1078bscap1080bscap1081 bscap1082bscap1083 bscap1084

bscap1086Teacher Jung wants Teacher Kim to help her with the program and I like the way they look together, but the gym teacher managed to put an end to my shipping journey! However, my sexy noona teacher finds office-dating exciting, even though it’s prohibited! It’s not going to be so easy and teacher Kim found a school book at his desk and it belongs to Soo In. He rushes to Tae Gwang’s father’s office and asks him if he knows anything about it. It’s the book that was on her desk the day Soo In died. Teacher Kim thinks they should have received their punishment back then, but now the past has come to haunt them. Tae Gwang’s father doesn’t intend to stand still and he calls a detective.

bscap1088 bscap1087bscap1089 bscap1092 bscap1096bscap1095

bscap1097Shi Jin wonders how is Yi Ahn and Eun Bi lets her know that he’s not at his finest at this moment, but he’ll recover. She wants Eun Bi to take good care of him, making Tae Gwang explode telling her that if she’s worried that much she should take care of him on her own! But why is he bothering her that much lately, could it be because he… likes her? Awkward moments are awkward! Eun Bi leaves to rush to the hospital and Tae Gwang’s left all alone with Shin Jin who tells him not to follow her! Min Joon’s wandering around the city and he’s more than lost in his own thoughts, the world he preserved all this time which in fact was never his own has already collapsed. Eun Bi arrived at the hospital and Yi Ahn pretends to be sleeping, but she wants to take a walk with him since the weather is nice. It’s another emotionally complex moment for Yi Ahn, he doesn’t even know how to call her and he’s even scared to look at her, telling her to leave was the only option for him at that point. Since it’s his decision, she will leave, but no matter what he says she will be back again tomorrow and if he doesn’t want to see her keep coming he should get better soon.

bscap1098bscap1099bscap0962bscap0963bscap1101bscap1102 bscap1100bscap1104bscap1105 bscap1106bscap1107 bscap1109

bscap1108She’s out of his room and talks as if she would talk to him. Why didn’t she tell him the truth when her memories returned? She knew this would happen had she told him the truth, so she was urging herself to hang in there for one more day and then reveal everything, but the moment of truth wasn’t easy and the days were passing by. She doesn’t feel well for everything that happened, but this isn’t the reason why she keeps coming to see him. Yi Ahn’s been listening to everything she had to say all this time, but a wall is always a wall between them.

 bscap1116bscap1110bscap1111 bscap1112 bscap1117bscap1114 bscap1115

bscap1119The next day Yi Ahn decided to leave the hospital and he’s heading toward school. Teacher Kim takes his school bag and congratulates him on his discharge. He acknowledges that it must be tough due to the injury as an obstacle to his dreams and tries to cheer him up and eventually strengthens him with courage. Even though he’s going to be a bit late for the time being, once the hardships pass it will turn out it wasn’t that bad at all.


bscap1122Teacher Kim’s having a conversation with Min Joon who was absent without permission. He had lots of time, but nowhere to go, it’s more than representative of what he goes through every day. When he studies time goes by really fast and he went to the library so time would pass. Teacher Kim asks him if he would like him to talk to his mother if he’s having a hard time and his embittered smile was depicting his internal world. Back home, he considers filing a report for high-priced illegal tutoring and teacher Kim’s words echo inside his room and then he recalls his previous interaction with his mother who wanted to exchange his silence with more studying.

 bscap1124bscap1123 bscap1125

bscap1127Song Joo meets So Young and she wants her to get straight to the point. So Young acts emotionally telling her she thought they were friends, but Song Joo acknowledges she was used to cause trouble to Eun Byul. So Young brings up the contract factor and Song Joo urges her to ask her uncle directly about it. Song Joo tells him directly on the phone she doesn’t want to sign a contract with him, as for the reason he should ask So Young! Song Joo really wants to become a celebrity, but she has more pride towards her friends and she can’t betray them and become a part of So Young’s intentions to take Eun Byul’s friend one by one away from her. Your plan doesn’t seem to be working So Young, right?

 bscap1131bscap1128bscap1129 bscap1132

bscap1133A tutoring session with Min Joon and Shi Jin’s team takes place and representatives of the ministry of education from the private tutoring regulation branch have appeared to investigate! Min Joon finally filed the report. Min Joon’s father is enraged since his wife’s name has appeared everywhere in this investigation and she’s putting his career on the line since he’s a police officer. And it’s true, Min Joon was the one who turned her in and the only thing she has to say to Min Joon is to wash up, eat and return back to his studies; she didn’t learn anything.


bscap1142So Young’s mother has come to the teacher’s office to meet the board director. She doesn’t even follow the procedures and goes to meet him directly, it’s a privilege of high society i guess not abiding to rules and regulations. So, she doesn’t have a name under these circumstances, she’s the prosecutor’s wife! She shows him all the evidence about Eun Bi and reverses the truth saying that she was the one bothering her daughter who has to deal with her twin sister, making things hard for So Young. Both of them being in the same class is a no-no and whether it’s a withdraw or a transfer it doesn’t matter as soon as it gets resolved. She wants him to remove Eun Byul from the school, but first he wants to find out what’s going on.


bscap1143Yi Ahn’s sitting with Shi Jin and Song Joo and Eun Bi sits next to him while Tae Gwang sits on the other side of the table. Eating is not easy for Yi Ahn at this moment and Tae Gwang put some food on his spoon, but he let it fall! Then he gives him his water and Yi Ahn eventually decides to leave. Awkwardness! The detective Tae Gwang’s father wanted to see is actually Min Joon’s father and he brought the list of everyone who was there during the Soo In case, but the only student was Eun Byul.

 bscap1147 bscap1150bscap1149 bscap1148 bscap1153bscap1154

bscap1155The teachers are having a small conversation on the missing notebook case in his class and they talk about grades and rating and how they affect students’ lives. The principal wants to see teacher Kim’s class’ attendance book and teacher Jung volunteers to bring it to him. She notices that the papers on the table refer to her sister’s case and Min Joon’s father seemed to have recognized her or at least recalled that he had seen her before. She calls her mother telling her to wait a bit longer, their plan moves on and soon it will reach completion.

bscap1158 bscap1163bscap1161 bscap1164

bscap1166So Young’s mother’s lies echo in the principal’s ears once again and he started the transfer procedure right away without even questioning the student herself if all this is true or not. Teacher Kim is enraged and rushes to meet him, but the principal says that being absent without permission from the school trip, threatening a karaoke owner and getting involved in the locker theft incident are enough reasons to proceed.

bscap1167 bscap1168bscap1169

bscap1171Tae Gwang wants Eun Bi to get on that automatic next generation monocycle, but she’s not that pleased with the idea. The loser of rock paper scissors will carry it to the bus stop and she can’t disagree! At that moment Tae Gwang’s father notices that his son is in good terms with her. And… Guess who’s alive, yes, you guess correctly as you’ve been assuming correctly all this time, Eun Byul. She visits Eun Bi’s memorial which was supposed to be hers and witnesses Yi Ahn’s medal behind the mourning glass.


Thoughts: So Young’s plan to condemn Eun Bi in solitude inside a new outcast status failed tremendously. In reverse, it had the opposite outcome than the one she desired and eventually she surrendered to her precious parents’ help. It doesn’t matter if she forced one oh her classmates take her own life, her prosecutor father had already managed to fix the whole story to his own measures in order to preserve So Young’s well-being while equally neglecting his duties as a prosecutor, a father and a human being. It doesn’t even matter if Yi Ahn could had easily been her second victim had the accident been even fiercer and it doesn’t matter either if his dreams have been put in the ice for now. All that matters is So Young to live long and prosper and do anything she wants to do with her parents’ backup concealing all human emotion.


So Young thought she would expose Eun Bi and everything would be fine since everyone would neglect the fact that she was the one to cause lethal harm on a classmate and would start talking about Eun Byul actually being Eun Bi while finding out that Eun Byul could be the one to had possibly passed away in Eun Bi’s place. She didn’t expect that both Tae Gwang and Yi Ahn especially would support her to the fullest. Even Song Joo turned her back both on her and the contract because a friend’s life is way more precious than a paper promising fame. Song Joo and Shi Jin’s relationship has been partially restored and Song Joo under the sudden turn of events finally got to see the truth and place friendship above everything else, even though she still can’t believe how could Eun Byul hide from them the fact that she had a twin sister.


Once again we witness various contours of parents. Yi Ahn’s father is an exemplary father and cares about his son’s health and well-being more than anything else in the world. Even though it breaks him apart seeing him on a hospital bed with his dreams lying shattered on the ground and even though he can’t hold back his tears he stands by his son’s side encouraging him to the fullest. Tae Gwang’s father intends to fulfill So Young’s mother’s request without consulting Eun Byul to find out the truth, it was a decision based on connections and excuses of events. However, witnessing Eun Byul being under such good and playful terms with his son might had put him in a thoughtful mode. If Eun Byul has the power to help his son become a proper young man instead of an outcast it would be a fatal blow on their already shattered father-son relationship. I deeply hope he will start seeing things differently and logic and emotion will preserve over sheer blindness, careerism and connections.


Min Joon’s life out of the world of books is empty. Taking one day off proved how lifeless he had been all this time and it was his mother’s fault who was the thief of her own son’s life in order to accomplish her own goals. Filing a report wasn’t just a mere excuse of revenge, it was a lesson towards his mother since she never intended to listen to him in the past, but she didn’t seem to have learned anything, but maybe, just maybe something has started popping up to the surface. Soo In’s mother alongside her other daughter, teacher Jung, move on with their own plan of revenge. The ultimate sense of mourning has turned into blind rage with or without cause and they intend to make everyone around Soo In’s death pay the price of their actions. We have yet to find out the background story of Soo In and how everyone was involved in her passing away turning mother and daughter into the living ghost of Soo In seeking revenge.


Yi Ahn’s emotional dilemma is omnipresent. Even though he was devastated finding out that Eun Byul was Eun Bi and taking into consideration that Eun Byul was dead he couldn’t prevent himself from not helping Eun Bi and he preserved it to the fullest, even while being hurt. However,he can’t see her face and he can’t withstand listening to her voice because they are a reminder of Eun Byul whom he thinks he lost forever and recently got to mourn silently in front of her memorial. He can’t even listen to his name coming out of Eun Bi’s lips because it sounds the same yet so different. Eun Bi’s indirect confession while breaking apart in front of his hospital room with Yi Ahn bearing witness of everything she had to say was a heartfelt scene and it was as powerful as the wall between them.


Eun Bi won’t leave Yi Ahn alone no matter what even though he pushes her away, even at the cost of pushing away Tae Gwang at times. Tae Gwang is used to it even though it hurts. He realizes it’s essential for Eun Bi to be honest towards Yi Ahn after the truth was revealed, especially know that he put his life on the line to support her. Tae Gwang’s love and caring are unconditional and deeper than jealousy, even though he can’t help it but be jealous at times, making the overall ambiance more hilarious and comical with Sung Jae’s priceless facial expressions. Tae Gwang’s loving hands and ironclad shoulder are always there for her to forge an emotional barrier for her tears. It’s not a coincidence Eun Bi can only portray her most sincere smile in front of Tae Gwang simply because he is the one to evoke its most delightful essence among the overly gloomy ambiance.


Eun Bi’s swimming in a lake of guilt. First of all she considers herself blameworthy for stealing away Yi Ahn’s memories and planting the seeds of fake hope within his heart. Then, he got hurt in an attempt to stand by her side at the most difficult moment of her new life. However, she didn’t keep going to the hospital out of pure guilt because she felt obliged visiting him, the “so…” part of the sentence she didn’t get to complete left an inkling as if she has started seeing him differently, but i wouldn’t place my hand in the fire that this is for sure, it’s just a slight assumption. All three of our main characters are in emotional dilemmas  due to the fast forward turn of events with Tae Gwang keeping his own deeper on the inside, he has to be strong, always for Eun Bi.


I highly enjoyed the fact that we got to see some characters through their reversed reflection. Of course i’m referring to teacher Jung through the principal’s table, So Young at the table of her living room and Min Joon’s silent opposition to his mother at their own table. It was showing the sudden turn of events in their own lives with teacher Jung moving on with the plan and steadily coming to the surface, So Young being unable to step back from hurting Eun Bi even though she pretended to be a kind daughter, Min Joon realizing that being a studying machine isn’t his goal in life and the world of her mother collapsing in a blink of an eye. Eun Byul’s presence was essential because it was a sparkle in the dark preventing us from making assumptions on whether she was alive or dead. She’s pretty much alive and kicking even though we have yet to find out her moves in the background and witness her presence at the very present and in the way she will interact with all of the other figures. I guess the purple handkerchief will be the distinctive point between Eun Bi and Eun Byul from now on. If i said i am not looking forward to the next episode of School 2015 i would be lying, it’s the reason that brightens Mondays!



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    May 27, 2015 at 4:01 pm — Reply

    Am i the only one thinking that Yian sacrifice is so unneeded and actually make thing worse? If Yian didnt come, Eunbi will be the one who tell the story and take revenge just like how Taekwang suggestion. We don’t need Yian to do it for her. I feel with Taekwang, eunbi can be more stronger because he never intervene with her business but always make sure that he’ll be there when needed. While Yian always try to do things for Eunbi/Eunbyul as he likes while ignoring their opinion.

    For next week, I hope Yian stop being an ass after next episode or at least less of that scene when Yian treat Eunbi badly. It’s tiring. I also hope Eunbi will get her act together and be a stronger Eunbi like before Yian found out. I hope we’ll focus on Eunbyul too since we know she’s alive now. Where she’s been all this time and what’s her plan. Also I like that it seems the show working on the mystery with Soo In. Hope for more focus on that next week

    • May 27, 2015 at 4:11 pm — Reply

      Ya! First of all thanks a lot for your kind words on previous comments and of course for sharing your thoughts! 🙂 Sorry for haven’t replied yet to previous comments but the previous days were tough and since Monday i focused on writing the reviewcaps, but soon enough i will get to answer! 🙂 You have a strong point here, it would had been stronger had Eun Bi told her part of the story as Eun Byul instead of Yi Ahn saying it for her, that’s one part of the story. On the other hand i think it was important because it showed So Young that there are people willing to sacrifice everything to protect Eun Byul (Eun Bi) and if someone is alone in this, then it has to be So Young. That’s Tae Kwang’s unconditional part of the story, in one hand he interferes, but without forcing his views, he always lets her do anything she feels like doing, on the other hand he’s always nearby just in case he needs him. They are such a shippable couple together and they understand each other to a higher level as Eun Bi used to be an outcast and Tae Gwang is an outcast too. Yi Ahn has a more “forced” way of showing his interest, but it’s his own way of showing his caring side.
      Being an ass was an essential part on Yi Ahn’s character for the time being, he still can’t conceive that the girl in front of him is not Eun Byul and thinks that Eun Byul is dead, so it’s hard for him seeing Eun Bi no matter how kind and sincere her intentions may be. I also want Eun Bi to get stronger, she already has shown hints that she’s moving towards that direction and Tae Gwang is the one nurturing her stronger self without forcing it to come to the surface. I also hope Eun Byul will make her appearance in front of Yi Ahn, both her and him need it, but i’m also curious to find out where she’s been all this time and what she was up to 😀 Soo In’s mystery will be getting resolved step by step and i’m curious to find out what actually happened and what part everyone played in her death! 😀

      • be
        May 27, 2015 at 5:01 pm — Reply

        No worries, I’m a bit obsessed about this drama so sorry for a lot of comments XD. I get your point, It makes sense about Yian wanted to show So young that he’ll be n Eunbi’s side even after he knows the truth. Also this is actually the first time that Eunbi need help to take care of soyoung so I think i need to give her a pass. She’s currently in mental breakdown and full of guilt so she definitely need the support. I guess since she was usually handled it beautifully by her own, I was thinking that she doesn’t need the boys to do the work for her. She’s strong woman.

        Btw forget to mention that I loooove the comedy moment between taekwang and shi jin XD. So funny and superb chemistry haha maybe i should start shipping them XD. I love too see more cute friendship like this next week.

        Thanks for the recap as always really appreciated it. Agree that this drama grow on Korean viewers too just like it grow on us. I’m so amazed how it getting better and better. Not many drama like this. Though I’m worry that the station will order extension for hope of better rating and sacrifice the quality. Rather have 16 eps with quality content than more eps with less quality and dragging plot

        • May 30, 2015 at 5:47 pm — Reply

          Nah! No need to be sorry for the comments! Feel free to express yourself in any way you like as much as you like! XD This drama is definitely an obsession and an addiction at the same time! Eun Bi needed help, she’s in an information and emotion overload period since she has to act as Eun Byul without losing the Eun Bi within and at the same time she has to handle her inner demons with So Young as Eun Bi while Eun Byul’s past haunts her as she’s being considered to be Eun Byul! It’s a tough cross she has to bear XD BUT, she’s strong indeed!
          Yush, the comedy moment between Shi Jin and Tae Gwang was ultra funny XD This drama has many shippable moments XD We are School 2015’s slaves lol
          you are very welcome and i’m deeply thankful that you share your thoughts! 🙂 It can only get better and i am glad it’s apparent in the ratings too, it deserved all the way from the very beginning, but for some reason k-audience didn’t put its trust on it since the first week. While replying to another comment a bit earlier, i am divided now, there are many things going on in the background and a slight extension could be helpful IF it doesn’t drag, but 16 episodes will be just fine IF it’s not rushed XD Ottoke!!!

  2. May 27, 2015 at 6:46 pm — Reply

    i agree that it was necessary to show that Yi An was ready to help out Eun Bi even while knowing the truth. Howevrrrrrrrr xD the writer goes about it in a very dramatic unrealistic way that doesn’t make me want to sympathize when he’s actually a good character!! i do feel like yi an from the get go is “the one who has to suffer’ so the writer comes up with every unoriginal way possible to torture him to make Tae Kwang shine.

    Side note: I don’t understand how distances and space continuum work in this drama, but even if Yi An HAD to have an accident, although his shoulder was already in bad condition anyway so the whole 1-year recovery thing would have worked without him being more physically hurt, I don’t get how he goes to the swimming center by bus and what makes him think he’ll be fast enough to stop So Young by running over there… I’m sorry. I rolled my eyes the first time at the end of epiosde 9 and I laughed at the beginning of episode 10 b/c he actually didn’t make it “on time”… I can think of 10 different ways to have Yi An openly stating tthat Eun Bi is Eun Byul in front of everybody, So Young being crushed and without him ditching AGAIN another important race for his career!! At least now, he can’t go swim for at least a couple of episodes, the writer can’t use this trope a third time.

    Anyway, I think “School 2015” suffers from the same problem “School 2013” dealt with: the love triangle is taking screen time (=director just make cool shots last and last and last to bring out all the teen angst he can] that could have been used to build the mystery in a more prepared way and mostly to make the other characters shine a little bit more. I was actually thinking they would move from one subplot to another subplot to highlight each character… Well, then again, it would have been more in the “School” concept which is not what the drama is going for no matter what they claim xD It is sad that Min Jun is interacting with NO ONE. Like the only time he spoke to other students was b/c of the homework with Shin Ji and Soo Joo and the writer still didn’t make it about him. So, yeah, it is one approach. Probably to show that he’s very on his own, no one to understand him but the teacher which makes it a bit… I don’t know how to explain it, but I actually wish for the characters to be more fleshed out. It doesn’t have to be a lot more. It’d be in scenes like the Shin Ji and Min Jun working while waiting for Soo Joo one and Shin Ji is all “do you really enjoy studying so hard? I don’t get it”… or does no one care Min Jun, the forever good student, didn’t show up at school at all? Same goes for Song Joo, Eun Byul, Shin Ji. Their only scenes are at school. It’s like the writer doesn’t even try to make them interact outside. I mean, Eun Bi could refuse (scared to reveal the switch and everything, i get it) and Shin Ji/ Song Joo complain about how their friend doesn’t spend time with them (i get it too)… Or they could actuakky be having fun indeed.

    I do have positive things to say about this drama, though. I’m only nipticking b/c I do like it… The flaws here and there don’t stop me from enjoying it!

    I’m glad Song Joo’s friendship spirit won over S Young’s plan. It was a very satisfying scene brought to you by Coffee Bay. 😀 As for the mystery. I think the Director is transferring Go Eun Byul b/c she must be a key witness in Soo In’s suicide/homicide/murder. With her gone, he can be a bit more assured that his crime will remain a secret… I do hope the writer comes up w/ an explanation for NO ONE recognizing Soo In’s sister. Plastic surgery, studying abroad for the past 5 years… Just anything to explain how Korean working system that tracks down all your genealogy wherever you work is conveniently inefficient here… but then again, it is dramaland. Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow/.

    • May 30, 2015 at 6:19 pm — Reply

      Oooooooh, sunny lady! First of all i am sorry for replying too late, it was a tough week and when i wasn’t dealing with uni i was focusing on articles in my free time. BUT i always read the comments and was always thankful! Then, i am thankful for your words and sharing your thoughts, i know you do know it 😀
      I get your point XD I guess at the end of the 9th episode they presented a sum of everything that was going to happen during the 10th episode OR they realized that it happened way too fast and Yi Ahn must had been Flash the superhero to appear rapidly XD As for the car accident, well, it’s quite a cliche XD BUT i think the writer wanted to convey that So Young could make any person yet another victim, but this is only the way i see it XP And i agree now the writer can’t use this plot trope again for the time being thanks to Yi Ahn XD
      Haven’t watched School 2013 yet, but i intend to do so after this more than welcome dramasochist devil School 2015 reaches an end! XD But School 2015 pays more attention in the student factor, especially the leads, but it does give hints of other secondary student figures’ lives, their concerns, their thoughts, their devastation, their problems, so it doesn’t neglect its “school” aesthetic; well, not that much XD I do get your point though! And it’s good to nitpick about things we actually like because our brain functions differently then. I am really curious to find out what really happened with Soo In and what or who caused her death and i HIGHLY like your thought of Eun Byul being the key witness to whatever happened to her!!! I hope so too, i mean, it’s not like hundreds of years have passed since Soo In’s sister appeared for the first time in front of everyone when her sister died, how can they not realize her except for the cop who is supposed to remember faces XD In dramaland many things can be forgiven, things that would never apply in real life, we, the audience, are just the humble victims of this addiction :3

      • May 31, 2015 at 10:20 am — Reply

        That drama is making people that I know don’t usually overanalyze stuff actually ask valid questions because the writer created a whole universe with so many aspects that can turn into big loopholes in the end if she’s not careful about tying up the loose ends in the 6 episodes that remain. Depending of how many loopholes and how big they are, it can make or break this drama. I read the comments below. I honestly feel that, for once, if they get an extension, like 2 pisodes, I hope it’s only to bring more fluff and fanservice. If they don’t manage to resolve the mystery in a satisfying way in 6 episodes, it would show that the overall plot wasn’t well-prepared even when they started. * cough * I’m so glad for Kim So Hyun, though. That girl deserves to shine. I hope she takes English lessons because I can totally see her shine on the international scene too. If they are willing to make movies with Asian characters without using them as a comic relief… off topic: i always leave so many typos in my comments * pouts * sorry if it’s hard to understand me sometimes.

        • May 31, 2015 at 3:47 pm — Reply

          That’s true, we have a vast universe with many side-stories going on, main or secondary stories. It can either turn into a great drama or fall in murky waters xP I agree on that, there would be many shipping moments if they extend it, but if it needs to be extended and it’s done well without overabusing our shipping senses than i would like it to happen, only if it will be meaningful and necessary without making it draggy and ship-fluff. I share your meaningful coughing though ;P So Hyun is shining already and she deserves to shine even more, she can be our sun one day! Then would you become KiSoHyunny lady? XD XD That’s my greatest objection, that Westerner filming industries are making Asian figures comical and with no real reason, if she plays in a proper movie with the necessary role then i might as well watch it, even though i have stopped watching Western movies. *pouts* If i told you i don’t care about the typos in the comments would you believe me? *makes believe* I understand everything you write, a typo or two are not enough to seduce the meaning x)

  3. May 27, 2015 at 8:11 pm — Reply

    I have to say, I hope this drama becomes a bit extended, as there are only six episodes left and I don’t want the directors to rush it trying to wrap all the plot lines up.

    Tae kwang is like a puppy, Eun Bi earned his loyalty by being precious and having a good natured personality which just begs protection, and now she has his forever. I have a hard time imagining high school couples lasting, being older and seeing highschool as an irrelevant long gone period of youth but I wouldn’t mind if they lasted forever. I’m interested in seeing how she makes him grow. Provided his father acts like a decent human being and does not target her. I’m worried for mi young and the legal trouble this kind woman might face if eun bi was discovered in stead of eun byul.

    Great recap! And thank you for being so quick too, due to the fact, and I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, that I now read the recaps if I become too nervous watching an episode. This show is brilliant but boy does it tug at your anxiety, precisely because of so young and the fact that there are so many wildcats, but also hugely because it’s easy to get attached to the characters, especially our sweet lost eun bi.

    • May 27, 2015 at 8:20 pm — Reply


    • May 30, 2015 at 5:38 pm — Reply

      At this point, i think will have to agree with your beginning sentence, i think there are many thing going on in the background that crave for answers and a bit wider approach, unless it’s done masterfully within 6 episodes’ time!
      And i loved your approach on Tae Gwang, he’s indeed a puppy! He wholeheartedly offers his love towards his Eun Bi and obeys to her decisions! I hope as well his father won’t ruin the most harmonious and meaningful period of his life alongside Eun Bi, if he does ruin it, it will be the point of no return for their non-existent father-son relationship.
      Thanks a lot for your words, they are very much appreciated and i am very sorry replying late, it was a tough week and when i wasn’t into uni stuff i was diving in the episodes to write the articles!! Eun Bi is love, she’s been through a lot and even her slightly better present isn’t giving her the opportunity to rest a bit. It’s an emotional turmoil and you can’t help it but feel deeply for her! Such dramas turn drama addicts into dramasochists XD

  4. zealala
    May 27, 2015 at 10:32 pm — Reply

    I think the title who are you is not just about eun byul and eub bi..
    whike watching this drama i ask this question to almost all the cast.. taekwang being hidden director’s son identity..when will this truth will be exposed. As for yi an..he is the child who only love and know swimming..and right now he can’t swim, so he might questiining himself who are you? poor min joon..aside from being a book machine for his mother what is his reak self..even he cannot find the answer..and the biggest who are you for me is toward soyoung.. who she is?? why she never felt remorse at all..what makes her think that she is in the right path..hurm i guess being 18 years old this is the biggest question to ourselves..who are you ? tbh through this drama i hope i could understand my students better

    • May 30, 2015 at 5:33 pm — Reply

      Great point! The “who are you” part of the drama’s title affects pretty much everyone involved in its greatest secrets from the past! Everyone has his own secret trying to keep it buried, but gradually everything’s coming to the surface and everyone will start seeing one another’s real face. Definitely agree with your points on every figure’s “who are you” path. I am really curious to find out why So Young is such a colder than death kiddo with no reason(?)! Hope you understand them better indeed and you receive hints of the multifaceted answer on who one could be when he/she is 18 years old! After this one ends i will watch School 2013! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and i am sorry for the late reply!

      • zealala
        May 31, 2015 at 2:36 pm — Reply

        No..i should thank you for the reply..and i hope you could provide us with the quality recaps for the next next episode and hope you coukd find your time to watch the 2013 series..fighting!!

        • May 31, 2015 at 3:50 pm — Reply

          That one will be my greatest bet, especially now that HITTG is ending, if i can focus ONLY in one drama writing about it as a break from studying on Monday evenings (i will try to keep the Monday all-nighter ritual reviewcap of School 2015) and then studying on Tuesday with a more relaxing reviewcap on Wednesdays for the Tuesday’s episode everything is going to flow well! *feels like a strategist* XD And during July after the exams i will start School 2014! Fighting 😀

  5. May 28, 2015 at 7:31 pm — Reply

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